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  1. I'm hoping he goes to the core, just so we can see him in a more sophisticated world. How do people react to a Mandalorian on Corellia? Does Mando act differently in that type of atmosphere? I would assume he would feel out of place and awkwardness might ensue. : )
  2. I was also confused about that. I assumed he wanted it alive, because if we go back to episode 3, when Mando was listening in on a conversation with the doctor and the client, the doctor mentions that whoever they are working for wanted the baby alive. I'm assuming he was referring to Gideon. But then Gideon sends that guy in to torch the place, with the baby inside, so it really doesn't make any sense. My theory is that Moff wants to inject the baby's force into himself so he can become the new Vader. He was even dressed like him. Not sure how he expects to do that if the baby is dead.
  3. I just looked for Pedro's jacket, or for Christian, because he had that big beard. lol At one point, Pedro was sitting at the front of the Marriage Story table. I'm guessing he got up to talk during the commercial, and then didn't have time to get back to his seat. I loved the pics of him talking to Meryl. I don't know if they had met before, but Pedro seemed very happy. 😁 Pedro fans seem to think Erin and Pedro have been very good friends for a while, and she posted a pic of them at the event on her IG. I think you're probably right about her just having one of those faces. I'm not sure if he has a Sarah P. level of closeness with anyone else. Face licking and hand holding. Except maybe Oscar Isaac. πŸ˜‚ He's suppose to be going to Brazil to film Tropico soon. It lines up with the end of season 2 filming. But I'm still curious how much filming he's actually doing for season 2. It'll be interesting to see if we can spot a difference in Mando's appearance/movements.
  4. This was the only photo they took together. She had the same look on her face the entire time. Hopefully it was just nerves. Since Pedro was sitting near Christian Bale, I wonder if he got a chance to talk to him. Empire of the Sun is one of his favorite movies, so if he hadn't met him before, I'd like to think he was fanboying internally. 😁
  5. I was hoping he would wear a regular tux, but I kind of like that he was wearing a silver suit, Ñ la Mando. 😁 I posted a bunch of photos on my blog. This is my favorite... He was sitting at one of the front tables, next to Christian Bale's wife. His "date" was Erin Moriarty. They acted together on a TV show 8 years ago, when she was 18, so I don't know if they're actually dating or just friends. That's all I'll say about that. lol
  6. It is! One my favorite tumblr posts.
  7. Someone edited together a video of every line spoken by Mando in season 1. It's 16 minutes of heaven. 😁I'm actually surprised it's 16 minutes long, since Mando isn't a big talker. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zc7gtPBLkjY
  8. Hmm, I feel like maybe a lot of that stuff are just props being taken out of storage or put back. Doesn't necessarily mean they are using it to film for season 2. The burning trees is interesting. It doesn't look like Sorgan, and I hope it isn't! That would be super sad. And honestly wouldn't really make any sense, unless Moff is going after anyone that Mando has had contact with in the past. Like, I'm gonna keep killing innocent people until you hand over the baby.
  9. I am also super curious about this, and I honestly can't tell any differences. If I had to guess, Pedro was never in the suit in season 1, except for the face reveal. Someone on reddit who said they worked on season 1 claimed that Pedro was never on set. But then we have quotes from Brendan and Pedro which seem to contradict that. Although could they have been talking about season 2? Also in the Talk Art podcast, Pedro said he would be in London until the beginning of December filming Wonder Woman, and season 1 of The Mandalorian was filming for all of November. If he didn't do any filming for half the episodes, why even bother having him in the suit at all? Also, Mando looks very slim in pretty much all the episodes, and Pedro did seem a bit chunkier during that time and had a bit of a tummy. But I feel like the easiest way to tell would be by looking at the shoulders, because Pedro has such broad shoulders. Time for a rewatch!
  10. https://www.esquire.com/entertainment/tv/a30415770/baby-yoda-name-reveal-taika-waititi-jon-favreau-the-mandalorian/ Sounds like we might find out next season what the baby's name is. I'm hoping that Mando is the one to name him. πŸ€— But I feel like at this point, even once he gets a name, fans are still going to call him Baby Yoda. Unless the name is the most amazing, most adorable name ever.
  11. He loves elephants, Jane Eyre and Whatchamacallits? Can he marry me already? πŸ˜† I recently read this great article/interview about Pedro that was written by his cousin in Chile. It’s so personal, and makes me love him even more. His parents sound fascinating, and the story behind him changing his name is really interesting. Here's part of it, using google translate: He also said that in high school, he went by Peter. I'm glad he went back to Pedro!
  12. Wow! Good memory! I first saw him in Buffy way back in 1999, and I can vaguely remember his character. Kingsman: The Golden Circle is going to be on FX this Wednesday. His character is... quite the character! Only Pedro can look like Burt Reynolds, spout cheesy lines, and still be attractive. sigh
  13. I got a Baby Yoda ornament for Christmas that was crocheted. He's gonna be out all year round. πŸ™‚ I have a feeling Mando is going to change his stance about taking off the helmet, or we're going to learn that he can take it off in front of family. And Baby Yoda is his family. 😊
  14. On my rewatch of the series, I noticed right before Xi'an says "A lady never tells", Mayfeld asks her if Mando ever removes the helmet, and she shakes her head No. I think that right there tells the answer. I think she was just trying to be coy and sexy. If Mando was ready to die from an apparently treatable head wound, instead of letting someone close to him see his face, then I think it's safe to say that no one has seen it, especially that space tart. At some point, I think Mando is going to have to give the baby to someone else to take care of. And when that goodbye happens, I'm anticipating him finally taking off the helmet in front of the baby. And if he has tears in his eyes, I am going to lose it. 😭
  15. I just listened to a podcast that Pedro was on in 2018 called Talk Art. He kept saying that he didn't know anything about art, but he definitely does. But he also talked about other topics, like his early childhood, being depressed when he left home at 18, what is going through his head when he watches movies, and why his favorite color is purple. It's really a great interview, and listening to his lovely voice is a bonus. πŸ™‚ You can listen to it on spotify.
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