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  1. I just watched The 15:17 to Paris on HBO Max. I questioned having the real life guys play themselves, because the acting wasn’t great, but seeing them re-enact what they actually went through made it more touching. I was crying for about the last ten minutes. lol I think Spencer got very lucky with the gun jamming. I’m definitely rooting for this team now!
  2. I was a little underwhelmed by this episode. I am one of the few Boba Fett fans here apparently. He's always been one of my fav characters, simply because he was mysterious and had a really cool outfit and jet pack. When I was little, I would sometimes play with my brothers action figures, and he was always one of my favorites. I thought his helmet and jetpack were like a spacesuit, and allowed him to fly around in space like an astronaut. lol I'm not a big fan of Star Wars episodes 1, 2 and 3, and because I had my own head canon about who Boba Fett was and what he looked like, seeing him bein
  3. Guess they’ll have to change the name of the show to The Voices. 😉 I wasn’t surprised GNT won after the mention of so many of their songs charting on iTunes. They definitely are more marketable but I still don’t think the two guys have that great of voices.
  4. They're not judges though, like on American Idol, they're coaches. They coach during their one-on-one sessions, so I think once the live performances happen, they're just there to support and compliment and to try to get their team to the next round. I guess it's a been a while, but I don't really remember the coaches giving constructive criticism after live performances in past years. Perhaps Adam did. lol This was probably my favorite performance of Wendy's. Might be because of the song choice. I feel like she's technically gifted, but I think there's a lack of emotion or connection tha
  5. Exactly! If they tried to explain what happened to them, people would think they were crazy. They would arrive in 1988 essentially homeless with no money, no friends, no family, no job. I suppose they could try to contact family members, but would those family members believe their story? After a while I suppose they could become rich from knowing future events. But I think it would still be a struggle, and if they know there are people who are trying to rescue them, and they have family they want to get back to, I don't think it's strange at all that they would choose to stay in 10,000BC.
  6. It also drove me crazy that Gavin was in such a hurry to jump down the sinkhole, that he didn't bother to get any supplies. They didn't say anything about the portal closing soon, so they should have just taken 5 minutes to gather a tent, sleeping bags, food, clothes, matches, a knife, weapons... from the surrounding area. I was wondering that too. Sea levels were lower back then, so if anything, it would have made more sense for the 2021 sink hole to be by the ocean, and the 10,000 BC one to be in the woods. Maybe it's just confirmation that the portals can dump you out anywhere.
  7. I thought they sounded horrible last night with the Coldplay song. The guys sounded very off pitch when they were singing on their own. I thought the girl sounded good, until she had a really high note near the end. I’m not really feeling any of the singers this season. Paris is my favorite. I think Jim and Sasha are the most improved.
  8. Because the new Dawn was supposed to be a genetic copy of Cleon I, but then they found out that wasn't the case. Too bad for Dawn that they found out that info just a little too late. Is Demerzel going to want to kill Day and Dusk now, since they've both been genetically modified? I wonder if we'll ever find out, due to the time jump in season 2. There are definitely a few of characters I am going to miss. I really enjoyed season 1. I went into it knowing nothing about the source material, so I had no expectations.
  9. I thought it was a bit underwhelming, I think because we don't really learn anything new. We already knew that Boba was taking over Jabba's business. I think most of the scenes are from the first episode, so I'm not going to judge it too harshly.
  10. Maybe I missed something, but how does Day walking the spiral, or whatever it was called, supposed to prove that he has a soul?
  11. Maybe there are a lot of underground sources and wells, but they’re all contaminated with salt? One thing I forgot to mention in my first post is that I didn’t realize that the personal force fields the Brothers wear is just a bracelet that can be removed. Makes me wonder if Dawn was really trying to kill himself, or maybe he was just so distraught that he forgot to take it off, or didn’t think it would be able to protect him from that great a fall.
  12. I think some shows you can still watch for free, but you have to pay for the app to stream the Masterpiece shows. I wanted to watch Jamestown, which Stuart Martin was in, but only the first episode was free. I’m going to see if my library has it. PBS re-aired Miss Scarlet and the Duke a few months ago, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they re-air it again in a few months.
  13. As a layperson who does not study math and science, I really don’t care that the show doesn’t follow real world scenarios. All the math equations just seem like your typical, made up for Hollywood stuff. It’s science fiction and is filled with things that could probably never happen. I would assume most people watching are not educated in the complex theories the show is trying to portray. But I can see how it could be frustrating for people who are! I’m still more interested in the Brothers. The ledge scene with Brother Dawn and the gardener really had me worried. We didn’t see them gett
  14. The Terminus storyline seems to be dragging a bit, so I'm enjoying the empire storyline much more, especially now that the Brothers don't all seem to be on the same page. I especially liked seeing the deviations that Day is showing, like grabbing the wine with his left hand. He must be truly miserable if he tried to kill himself. That scene actually reminded me of Rapunzel, stuck up in her tower, locked away from the real world. He was afraid the botanist girl would tell someone about his suicide attempt, so he spoke to the army guy to see how the issue could be handled. I also feared for her
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