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  1. Hmm, I didn't get that impression at all. Throughout the show, Delilah has shown concern over Masha increasing the doses too quickly, and doesn't want another patient to die. That's why she's headed to the police. I kept expecting something bad to happen to her while she was driving away. But I guess the ominous music was for Carmel. I thought she took her contact out, to reveal the white eye. So she dressed up as a man, and shot Masha in the parking garage because Masha was having an affair with her husband? Didn't really see that coming! Since she has the hidden phone, I guess we are
  2. I went to art school, but only had to take one semester of life drawing, and we mostly had middle aged models. So the model question didn't really clue me in at all. Also, I think it's odd how some contestants assume that a person has to have kids in order to enjoy "childish" things, like The Little Mermaid.
  3. I only guessed the hustler right at the end when he lifted up his shirt. Just something about that act made me think it was him. I feel like he got spoken over a lot, which could be why he didn’t have a chance to steer the answers in the right direction. I found this group, except for the hustler, to be very loud and obnoxious. If you’re not the hustler, I don’t understand the strategy of talking so much during the questions. If you don’t know the answer, shut up and let others answer! lol I saw the part asking for contestants for season 3, so I’m glad the show will be continuing, althou
  4. To me it just looked like the guy grabbed Dog and threw him, which caused Daryl to yell. I thought Dog was dead, until he showed up later. I thought it was dumb that it took Dog forever to start attacking the guy, and then once he did, Daryl just sat on his ass and watched, instead of getting up and killing the guy. I also don't know why the Reapers are following Pope. Sure, they bonded in Afghanistan, but you'd think by now, after seeing his level of crazy, they would have chosen a new leader. Also, they have yet to explain whey they just go around sneaking up on people and killing them.
  5. Not sure if anyone is still watching Josh Gates Tonight. When I set my DVR to record new episodes of Expedition Unknown, the last couple of weeks it's been recording Expedition X followed by Josh Gates Tonight. I don't know if it's a trick to get people to watch the shows, or if it's just Spectrum that's messing up the title. On this past episode, I thought Josh's Godfather impression was really good!
  6. That was really funny. Mark seemed like John reminded him of someone he had seen in drag at some point. I'm curious to know what Deena's alter ego IG is about.
  7. Wow, the hustler got lucky with the older man guessing that last question right! I didn’t think it was him but the other two saying they didn’t know the answer made me think it was him. I’m thinking the reason she made him pick the answer is because he mentioned the coast guard earlier, so she was probably just hoping he’d stick with that answer. I feel like this was the nicest, most pleasant group of contestants we’ve had so far!
  8. Hopefully the ball isn't that white and blue color. Makes it look like an eyeball! lol
  9. There aren't enough shocked face emojis for me to reply to this comment. lol I think Luke Evans is one of the most handsome men on the earth. But I know people's tastes are different so I'll try not to take it personally. 😆 I'm glad Lars has softened since we first met him. He was pretty unlikeable at first. My guess is that by the end of the show, he decides he wants a kid (because his crappy childhood experience is not a precursor for his future child) and gets back together with his ex. Also, Nicole's face, wig and accent don't bother me at all. I also love her outfits. ETA: I th
  10. The very first scene we saw of Nick and Emma together, Emma wakes up in her bed, smiles, and talks to Nick who is off screen. Then all of a sudden he appears, and there’s a very romantic sex scene. The whole thing seemed like she was having a fantasy, so for most of the show I just thought she was just a crazy woman who was imaging she was in a relationship with Nick. I figured she sent herself the birthday gifts, but I suppose Dawn could have sent them if she really was in deep. I used to watch Catfish on MTV, and it’s amazing how many people consider themselves to be in a serious relationshi
  11. I'm glad that Adam won. I thought his work was always well thought out, cohesive, artistic and well crafted. I noticed he posted his audition video on his Instagram, and he comes across as the most interesting person in the world! I love that he wants to be a Disney Imagineer, and there was a quick shot of him dressed up as a Star Wars character while at Disneyland. :) ETA: Just noticed on another one of his posts, where he's dressed up as the Star Wars character (not sure who he is supposed to be, young Han, or Cassian? maybe an original character), a casting agent from NBC replied and t
  12. I wasn't trying to suggest that your speculation was sexist. I just thought it was kind of amusing because it reminded me of a moment in the show. Sorry that it came across as something else. I didn't mind Ryan saying that he thought the woman looked like she could be the wife of an owner, because I thought she did too. She kinda reminded me of the wife of a professional athlete, whose photos I see a lot of on instagram because I follow a lot of baseball players. But I also thought she could be the owner herself. The whole show is about guessing things about a person based off a very small amo
  13. Funny how you think his husband was the true owner, just like how he said the woman looked like she could be the wife of an owner. 😁 Here's an article that talks about him as the owner, and then an article explaining that he wasn't the sole owner. I had no idea Outstanding Series Message was a category, but then again, I've never watched the Daytime Emmys.
  14. All of this! I thought Adam's was visually the most pleasing to look at, but was pretty boring from an interactive standpoint. I was hoping Melanio would win. The bar was fun, but I also thought it was sloppy and not very visually cohesive. When they turned off the lights for Melanio's campfire, did anyone else wonder why they didn't turn off the lights for Jessie's lamp last week? I think it was the female judge who said it wasn't that bright, and I like, well duh, lamps are meant to be used in the dark! The skating rink was a fun idea, but didn't look that usable. I don't think dry
  15. The horse was War Story, and the hustler's name is Ryan Zamo. He's worth millions, so he could have owned the horse himself. He's acted on some TV shows, and here's video of his horrible audition on American Idol. I vaguely remember him! His skin care line is apparently well known. I read an article that said he wanted all his products to be under $15 because he was sick of paying so much for acne remedies. Well, at some point he raised the price! I was leaning towards Ryan throughout the show, for various reasons. I thought he looked like someone who did magic, and the way he sorta stumb
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