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  1. I don't hear a lot of the child coos either, unless I turn the sound up really high. But like you, I live in an apartment and try to be mindful of my neighbors. 🙂 I watch with the captioning on mostly because there will be made-up Star Wars' words that I don't recognize.
  2. The head is made of vinyl though. I want one that's 100% soft so I can squish it. 🙂
  3. I've see a lot of people online talking about how stupid that was. I'm just going to chalk it up to bad writing or directing. But maybe there was a part of him that wanted to get caught. I love the noises Baby Yoda makes! The close captioning calls it cooing, which just makes it even more adorable.
  4. Kuiil and Cara have different skill sets. It seems like Mando needed someone who was good at engineering, and maybe doesn't need a hired gun. Also, he met Kuiil before he decided to become a baby daddy. Maybe he doesn't want to put anyone else into danger. But I'm thinking he'll eventually realize that he needs some help.
  5. Talking about social cues, one thing I noticed while rewatching last night was that when Mando leans back on the sled to go to sleep, Baby Yoda also then leans back. It was super cute! And Mando lounging back was pretty hot. lol I hope that's Pedro in the suit. People on reddit were questioning whether or not it was really him, but I can't imagine it wouldn't be.
  6. He was trying to lay low, so I don't think he wanted to draw attention to his ship or where he was going to be staying. That's why he left it out in the woods, far from the village. Anyone that could track his ship could have found him instantly. I was thinking that particular frog was maybe poisonous. I thought Baby Yoda kinda made a blech noise after spitting it out. But the way it was filmed, it does seem like he spit it out because the kids were laughing at him. But that's how babies learn, taking social cues from others. Maybe it's time he learned not to swallow live frogs whole. lol
  7. My guess is that different tribes have different rules. Like if you equate it to Christianity. The Catholic tribe is more strict and doesn't allow priests to marry, while the Lutheran tribe does. I've read a few different comments, not just here, about how incredulous it is that the widow had the hots for Mando without ever seeing his face. Apparently they don't understand the sex appeal of that armor, or his voice! lol Also, the selection of good men in her village was extremely lacking.
  8. I don't think he had time to pull it out of the trash, but Pedro posted this on Thanksgiving. 😄
  9. They couldn't have them ready in time without possibly spoiling Baby Yoda's appearance on the show. All they've released so far are some not-very-good T-shirts. https://nypost.com/2019/11/29/why-you-cant-buy-baby-yoda-toys-this-christmas/ Fingers crossed that there will be some merch soon! I'm think they were brewing spotchka, made from the krill that they stole. Some of the guys outside the tent were drinking the glowing blue drink around the fire.
  10. Great episode! Mando was in full dad mode, although he's obviously still learning, because I had to question his decision of letting the baby follow him in the woods. Who knows what big bads were living there that could have lept out and eaten him! Also, baby Yoda has a lot of stamina; walking that distance with his tiny legs. 😊 I love that we got to see more of the baby's personality, as well as Mando's. And Cara referring to the baby as Mando's kid, and Mando not correcting her, hit me right in the feels. I'm gonna cry if they eventually have to part. Mando had a girlfriend for a hot second! I'm hoping that when the show eventually ends, the last scene is him returning to the planet to settle down. Although I love seeing him kick ass, you could totally tell that he was yearning for a simpler life. He shouldn't have to fight and kill his entire life. I'm also glad that they finally explained that the Mandos do take off their helmets. I'm confused though because I thought they could have families. Does that mean that they never show their face to their wives or children? I also loved seeing Cara kick his ass. So far, she's been the only one to really give him some trouble. I was worried when I first read that they cast Gina, because I had only seen her in the Fast and Furious 6, where her acting was very wooden. But she did much better here. And her character even elicited the first laugh from Mando (right after they took down the AT-ST)! Since we don't know how the trackers work, I'm going to assume it somehow tracks their DNA or something injected into their bloodstream that can't be removed. If it was an implanted chip, people could just have it removed easily.
  11. The doctor referred to baby Yoda as "he" multiple times. Since he's a doctor, I would think he would know. 🙂
  12. The cave thing was so ridiculous. They're running through the forest, and then all of a sudden there's a cave, and they just run right inside and then all fall down a giant hole? *insert eye roll*
  13. I'm guessing it will be a Mando that saves him. That's how he becomes a foundling in the Mando culture. Baby Yoda was too cute in this episode. Dropping down from his carrier, going after the ball, looking sad when Mando took it away. He's a totally chill baby, so hearing him actually cry when the doctor took him away was heartbreaking. I wonder what the sin that the episode title refers to is? Breaking the bounty hunter code? When I first heard the episode title, I thought, Oh no, he's going to deliver the baby, and that will be the sin. I'm guessing the trackers are still active, so it's going to be hard to keep baby yoda safe. I still wish we knew how the trackers worked. In typical Star Wars fashion, they can track someone galaxies away, but all the tracker can do is beep and flash when you're close. lol
  14. It's probably the thrill of the hunt. I would be excited too, just being able to be in the locations that he's allowed to go to. Damn this show for making me cry! I loved this last episode. I especially liked hearing from the artist, and him telling about the clues in the picture. And everyone's aha reactions! Since he's the last person who really knows anything about the locations, I hope he has a journal with all the info, so when he's gone, the info won't be lost forever. It does seem like all the casks have been hidden in public parks. Hopefully they don't get sued some day by the government! lol
  15. It wasn't just about them trying to determine if any of them had the same father. They wanted to know specifically if Dr. Hicks was the father. And because none of his living relatives would give their DNA to be tested, they had to exhume the body of his son. Although couldn't they have just have a private eye follow one of the cousins around to get a discarded water bottle or napkin or something? They do that on Law and Order SVU. lol They apparently don't need permission for that.
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