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  1. I'm guessing we'll find out! It's interesting that the clock doesn't have any hands. Maybe anyone that comes to the Time Variance Authority has to watch a 1950's style educational video about the negative effects of time travel, and the little clock is in the video.
  2. It's confusing because he doesn't look 12 in the video, and his mom said they were imitating characters from The Strangers: Prey at Night, which didn't come out until Caleb was 13. Although it wouldn't surprise me if his mom is lying. If they were just imitating characters from the movie, then Caleb's statement about bettering himself doesn't really make sense. I thought it was good that he wasn't trying to make excuses.
  3. This was my least favorite episode so far since I thought it dragged on a bit, but maybe that was the point, since it mimicked their turmoil of plodding through the desert. I still thought it had some really interesting moments. I wasn't worried about any of the family members, since I figure they're not going to kill any of them this early on in the show. I was worried for Chuy though, and I thought that he might betray the family, but I'm glad he didn't. Although I guess we don't really know yet who the people are that picked them up. I was annoyed that Allie wasn't asking the two men any qu
  4. I've been enjoying the show. I think it has good acting, writing, directing, and an interesting plot. I wish there was more discussion going on about it.
  5. Just popped in to say that I was really impressed with the three original songs. Normally I don't like when the contestants sing originals, but these had good melodies and lyrics. I do think Caleb should try to show a little more emotion, but I'm guessing he's not like that in real life. And I think he likes wearing a hat to cover up his eyes that are a bit off. So it could just be his age and insecurities that we're seeing on stage. I like Arthur, but I really wish he hadn't changed In My Place. I wanted him to win last year but didn't mind him getting voting off this time. I'm still hop
  6. So did Dispatches from Elsewhere on AMC. I'm sure there are more. I don't mind Jerri, but it would be nice if she had more to do.
  7. It is! I noticed he was wearing a Marquette U. cap, so I googled him, and he works there, and apparently the entire Fornetti family went to school there. I'm guessing he got some off-time due to Covid.
  8. It's interesting that on digging down, Marty said he didn't think any of the theories about Oak Island are correct, maybe partially. Craig said he thinks it has something to do with the British. Rick thinks the treasure might have already been found, but made a nice allegory about how the real treasure is how it has inspired people and changed their lives. So at least some of the guys are trying to be more practical, and aren't all TEMPLAR TREASURE!! The buried treasure story never made sense to me. Why spend so much time to bury something where no one can get at it, and then leave a marker te
  9. I feel like I missed something. When Cassie and Jenny went to check out the toxic waste dump, why weren't they more shocked to see human remains in the one barrel? The Kleinsassers are one crazy family. It's odd that Cheyenne is making plays left and right to take over things, when she doesn't even know what is going on!
  10. Tom is such a treasure. 🥰
  11. Although I am sure there are some planned moments in the show, they did say that the notes change as the season goes on. The thing that surprised me the most was how many production people are working on the show. And that the "cast" eats meals with them at craft service. I guess it took some of the mystique out of it.
  12. Ahh yes, I had forgotten she said that. And your deduction seems very plausible. I guess John Wayne is a good liar! I know Rand is cooking meth, but it doesn't seem like a large scale operation, so I don't think that's the big secret. The sister mentioned trucks coming and going, and it sounds like her family wants to keep her in the dark. The secret better be something juicy!
  13. It’s funny that some of you are calling John Wayne the good son since he just killed his brother. lol I don’t think the father raped Rosie since she seems to remember it was Rand. But the father did make a comment about her, so hopefully it wasn’t the both of them. John Wayne really did seem to think it was Blake, and he didn’t know about Rand killing that ranch worker, so he does seem to be clueless. He almost could have been a good guy but went and killed Blake. Since the family has horses on their ranch, could they be involved in the stolen horse semen from earlier? I don’t recall the show
  14. Maybe it's just my imagination, but it seemed like the comeback singers got more time to sing compared to the singers the night before, and that doesn't seem fair. I think one of the reasons why Chayce's version of 'Everything I do' wasn't that great was because of the tempo, which could have been due to trying to cram the song into 2 minutes. I like Arthur, but now I'm worried he'll make it through and take votes away from Chayce.
  15. I was just going to post that if people are missing the show, they could watch the season premiere of Expedition X, since Josh guest starred. On Josh Gates Tonight, he said new episodes of Expedition Unknown will air this Summer! About the WI werewolf, my bet is that it's a...
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