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  1. I really wish I was enjoying this show, and actually had something to discuss. Right now, I'm just toughing it out because of Timothy Olyphant and Jack Huston. I am curious on how and why Odis became involved with the mob syndicate. I have a feeling it's not going to end well for him. 😞
  2. I wasn't very impressed with any of the singers. I actually ended up fast forwarding through the first audition. I think my fav singer was actually Corey Ward who sang "Way Down We Go", but didn't get a chair turn. Maybe he'll be one of the comeback artists. I liked Gwen's t-shirt launcher. I don't care what people say, I think she and Blake are cute and fun together. 😊
  3. Same here. But we know the Mythrol is back! At least it looks like the same one from episode 1. I wonder how he got of the carbonite? I also wonder if Mando's line "I need your help. I've been quested to bring this one back to its kind" is actually pulled from a different scene. It wouldn't make sense for him to say it to Cara and Greef since they already know his quest.
  4. I really enjoyed this show. I knew nothing about it going in. I saw it on Netflix and thought it looked interesting and gothic, so I thought I'd give it a shot. I realized in the first episode that it was partly based on The Turn of the Screw, which I haven't read, but I had seen The Innocents. So a little bit of the mystery was taken out of it for me. But they added/changed plenty of the story to keep it interesting. It didn't scare me at all, it was just sad. So sad. Like Flora said at the end, it was a love story, not a ghost story.
  5. There's an article in Variety about The Mandalorian, that talks about the possibility of a film, and expanding storylines of certain characters. Nothing concrete, it just sounds like they're considering everything at this point. Also, they expect to be able to start filming season 3 this year...
  6. There's an interview with Pedro in Variety magazine. He talks a bit about The Mandalorian, and Jon Favreau is quoted as well. No mention of any kind of discord on set. πŸ˜‰
  7. Was Peter really killed by the lady in the lake? A strange way to die! At first I thought the lady in the lake was Rebecca, but I guess they're different people. I'm still trying to figure out the dolls and if they actually have any power, of if they're just part of Flora's imagination.
  8. I'm enjoying this show. A little disappointing that not many people seem to be watching it, and the couple of reviews I saw weren't that great. It has more sex in it than I was expecting from a Nat. Geo show! lol I had no idea that Shepard was such a philanderer, and I guess Gordo had an affair as well? Is that why his wife left him? I just assumed she had left because he was never around, but then the reporter mentioned a woman. I feel kinda weird talking about them as if they're just characters, instead of real people. I saw the movie a long time ago, but I don't really remember much about it. I visited my parents, and we watched the first two episodes together. They both enjoyed it too.
  9. I have no guesses for any of them, and I never would have guessed that Brian was giraffe. Was this filmed before he and Megan broke up? I had to laugh at Nicole's guess of Dale Earnhardt Jr. Even though the clues matched, I remember him singing in a Chevy commercial shown during the super bowl a while ago, and he's not a singer. πŸ˜…
  10. Wasn't it the police who were busting in? I'm assuming to apprehend the prison escapees. Maybe some of them eat the pie, and then regret it!
  11. Other than the crazy nurse, I'm not really interested in any of the characters. Hopefully Timothy Olyphant's character is awesome. I perked up when I realized that was him. And I do think the nurse is crazy since she seems to get enjoyment from killing the patients. Not sure what that syrup she put into the pie was, or what her end game is with the 16 year old girl. I guess I'm pretty disappointed in this season, since it doesn't have any of the charm of the other seasons, and I don't even know why it's named Fargo. Giving the nurse a Fargo accent doesn't seem like enough. I'm also not interested at all in the crime syndicates, which seems to be the main focus of the show.
  12. Ludwig and the orchestra finished recording the last episode of season 2 yesterday. Pedro posted some really cute photos of himself in the studio from season 1. Ludwig's wife, who is a violinist, replied "Congratulations to you Pedro! It is such an honor to be in the afterglow of the magic you bring to the screen. Cannot wait for Mando fans to see Season 2!" Then Pedro replied "they gonna lose their πŸ’©". Hopefully we'll lose our πŸ’© in a good way! πŸ˜„
  13. It’s possible, but then I think they would have gotten a younger actor to play him. Most Star Wars fans who have only watched the films think Boba died when he fell into the Sarlacc pit in Return of the Jedi, but it was never confirmed. He could have used his jet pack to escape. 😁 And I guess he appears later in some Star Wars comics.
  14. I hate how much it has snowballed, and how the rumors are being twisted into even bigger lies. It just all sounds like BS to me. Grace said she couldn't reveal the info earlier, because it would get her source in trouble. But if something happened with the main actor that affected filming, I'm pretty sure most people who work on the show would know about it. Otherwise, she's a shitty person for possibly getting the person in trouble by revealing the information, just to get video views. Also, she said her source had to check to see what the current situation is. If her source was really that informed, I'm pretty sure they wouldn't have to check (with another source?) to see what the current situation is. Anyway, I'm going to take all of Pedro's social media posts about the show as evidence that he will be back in Season 3. 😁
  15. Saw this on reddit: Temuera Morrison's CV on his talent agency website has been updated with the role of Boba Fett in The Mandalorian Season 2. So that's pretty much a confirmation that we'll be seeing Boba Fett! I'm hoping he and Mando will be adversaries at first, but then will team up for something. Or maybe if Mando and the baby still have a bounty on them, Boba will try to collect it, but then something happens that makes him change his mind. Either way, I hope he gets to wear his armor. It's also interesting that for the Director, it just says Various. That could mean a few things, but it might mean he'll be in more than one episode.
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