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  1. So only 6% of people had premarital sex in 1900. Interesting. I guess most shows are more concerned about what they think people want to see, and not what is historically accurate. I read a review, written by a man, that said the sex scene was practically sexless. From what I've heard from women, it was one of the best sex scenes they've seen on TV, and they liked that it was focused on the woman's pleasure without showing her nude. I guess some men want to see more. It also bothers me a little when men are so buff in historical shows/movies. I guess most actors are too vain to let themselves go a little and be seen that way on film. But maybe the place where John fences also has a workout room!
  2. I guess we don't know for sure, but I thought he was referencing what we saw on screen from last season. I had the same thought, which was a little icky, since watching a murderess have sex with her asshole boyfriend in an alley is a bit kinky, and I hate the idea that it's what made her seduce John. I was also wondering if Sara has ever even kissed anyone besides John. It's a big jump to go from a couple of chaste kisses to sex, especially back then. Hopefully neither Sara or Violet become pregnant. That'd be a plot twist!
  3. I don't understand either. I think she's using it for head pain management or is addicted to it. Maybe she takes too much, and knows she needs to dilute it before feeding the babies, hence the charcoal. I think Goo Goo's fetish is the only thing she needs to keep her lactating. 🤢 I was also surprised that they didn't take the baby to the hospital right away, but I'm guessing the Isaacson's examined it. And hopefully a doctor made a house call later. I realized that Libby really isn't very smart, stealing babies from such affluent families who have the means to track her down. I also think it's odd that she was working when she has a boyfriend like Goo Goo who seems to have money. It seemed like a crappy job, but she must have wanted to be around the babies.
  4. I thought it was a dream at first as well. That Sara was just imagining "what could be" while looking at John. Well played, show. I honestly was a little relieved when I thought it was a dream. I'm one of the few who doesn't really ship Sara and John. Their relationship has just always felt so one-sided and I think John deserves more.
  5. There's a lot to unpack here, I'm not sure where to begin. I'll start with thanking the director for the side butt shot of Luke Evans. 😆 I think it was to make up for him being fully clothed in his two sex scenes from last season. lol I wish all the previews hadn't spoiled that scene, but we probably could have seen it coming anyway. It was sweet and gentle, and awkward afterwards. I call BS on Sara using the argument of John being engaged as to why they can't just be together. Maybe she should have thought of that before sleeping with him. I still can't tell if she's truly in love with him, and I'd hate to see his heart broken. I see no reason why they couldn't marry, and for Sara to keep being her independent self. I really hope John doesn't end up with Violet because he'll feel obligated and he's too good of a man to spurn her. Still not sure what is going on with Libby. She seems to get off on breastfeeding, so I can't tell if it's about the sensation, or the babies, or both. Not sure what her father has anything to do with it either. At this point, I'm kind of more interested in the subplots. Very relieved that the boy who was into magic didn't die. I saw him hanging himself coming from a mile away. Hopefully Laszlo gets his institute back. I'm not really into the lady alienist. I want to like her, but something rubs me the wrong way about her. Laszlo seems pretty smitten though.
  6. A Lying-In Hospital is a maternity hospital, but I guess it also treats babies as well as mother's with mental conditions. I think we're meant to believe that society doesn't care about the women and children because they are lower class. I read a review that said although the doctor definitely has sketchy practices, he's also one of the only doctors actually trying to save the women's lives.
  7. Yep, they both do it, and it annoys me! They talked about it during interviews for the first season. Apparently that's how upper class people in that region, at that time, spoke. I find it pretty distracting.
  8. Woo, that's great! I'm happily surprised it was nominated for Best Drama. I doubt it will win, and I'm surprised at how many people are saying it shouldn't have even been nominated. I'm sad that Pedro wasn't nominated. He was submitted for Best Actor, when he should have been submitted for best voice over. But maybe that wasn't allowed since he showed his face. Taika was great, but I feel like Pedro's performance was better.
  9. I don't think John had that much more money last season compared to this season. He was living with his gran, and I think his dad basically disowned him and therefore probably cut him off financially. He probably doesn't have much saved, but enough to still hang with the upper class. Probably not enough money to furnish Violet with the lifestyle she's used to though. I do wonder where he's living. I would think that his gran would have left her house to him. But a large house requires a large staff, and maybe John can't afford that. I rewatched the scene where Sara tells Bitsy what drugs to look for, and then I googled it. The drug was used for pain relief and to reduce fever. Its use was discontinued because it was found to have toxic side effects, such as the deprivation of oxygen cells. I also read something really interesting, which might be a spoiler:
  10. I feel dumb that I didn't catch that until you said it! So she took poison, maybe inadvertently passed it along to the baby when she breastfed, and then tried to save the baby by giving it charcoal. When it died, she stole another. There has only been one dead baby so far, right? Hopefully she doesn't make the same mistake again. But I want to know why the hell she's taking poison to begin with, and why a doctor's office even has poison. Maybe it's just a drug used for something else, but you can OD on it? I guess I wasn't paying enough attention to what they said about it.
  11. Laszlo: John, it is my great privilege to be your friend. And as Voltaire said, ‘ Virtuous men alone possess friends.’ You are indeed a virtuous man. A free spirit, restless soul, blessed with kindness, bravery and passion. You are sometimes reckless, certainly careless, and occasionally hopeless. But, it is my sincerest hope, wish, that Violet sees you as we do, cares for you like we do, will know you as we have known you, and will love you like we do. Should she dare.
  12. Yes, she had black teeth, apparently from eating charcoal after taking poison. Bitsy remarked on it right before Libby stabbed her with the syringe. I'm a little surprised the show outed the killer so soon. I guess the rest of the episodes will be them trying to track her down and figure out her motivation. I did think Libby had something to do with everything. There was just something off about her. That engagement party was something else! I definitely felt bad for John. Even though he didn't want to admit it, it must have been embarrassing to have everyone laughing at him like that. I'm glad John stood up for himself with Sara, even if she might have been right. She definitely can come across as a bit condescending. Clearly Violet is jealous of Sara, and she thinks the way to John's heart his through his pants. Inviting Sara to the post bachelor party, in that part of town, was pretty ridiculous, and probably never would have happened back then. But I guess it was a plot device so that she could hear Laszlo's speech and realize that she has feelings for John. That was a really nice speech though, and Laszlo hit every adjective for John right on the head.
  13. I think it helps to be a child of the 80s. I loved Goonies, and still do. I even watched it at one of my birthday parties as a child, although I don't remember which one. Like most 80s movies, it's cheesy, but it's also heartfelt, has humor, adventure, good acting by child actors, great set design and a Cyndi Lauper song. 🙂
  14. Hmm, I guess that's one way to look at it. I guess I took it at face value, that John just doesn't like little dogs, but he's too nice to say anything negative about Violet, or her dog. To be clear, I don't think John loves Violet. I think he's settling, so he won't be alone. I don't think they'll end up together, but the question is, who will do the dumping? My money is on Violet dumping John, after she spends too much time with Sara. On a different subject, I hope they start looking into the husbands of the babies. I wonder if the Spanish dignitary guy has a mistress who got pregnant, and he was using the services of the lying-in hospital. And somehow taking his other baby is payback. I just don't see a connection between the two babies yet.
  15. Hmm, I don't get the impression that he doesn't care for Violet. Why do you think that? From the scenes of them together, he shows her affection. He would just rather be out tracking down criminals instead of sitting in a fancy restaurant listening to idle chitchat.
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