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  1. I think it was a quarantine video. She filmed it herself and then applied a filter to it. I did like the combining of the two songs, since I liked both song parts that that they used. I thought it was pretty obvious that she was going to choose Miracle, so the twist made it interesting. I thought it was funny when Bebe made a comment about how Ryan looked nervous after hearing one of the other songs.
  2. Makes sense to me! Pedro being in the suit more in season 2 could also explain why a man who has said in the past โ€œDo I look like I gym?โ€ has started going to the gym. ๐Ÿ˜† Brendan is very thin, so I think it might be noticeable to have someone who's not as thin in the armor.
  3. I'm in the "not getting enough details" camp. ๐Ÿ™‚ Although I loved seeing The Volume, I would have liked to have known more about the technology behind it. How many photographs do they have to stitch together, who took the photos, how long does it take to design/program a scene?, etc. I'm still amazed by how realistic The Volume looks on screen. I would never have guessed that they weren't filming in actual locations. One of my fav scenes is from episode 2 when Mando is cauterizing his arm wound. It's so pretty, and like they said on the show, being able to film a sunset for 7 hours straight is such an advantage.
  4. I'm bummed it was canceled. I've been enjoying it much more than The Goldbergs. Spoiler for the last episode:
  5. It was filmed today, because he mentioned that he took yesterday off for severe exhaustion. They didn't address it further, as least not that I heard. I wasn't paying 100% attention. I only recorded it because Arthur was suppose to be on, but he wasn't on. ๐Ÿ˜ž
  6. I loved Esther's sparkly green dress and matching eyeshadow! I feel like only Ryan Tedder has the balls to basically throw out all the lyrics and most of the melody of a song. He seems very particular about song writing, and definitely wants it his way. I wonder if it's difficult to collaborate with him. I think I liked "That's a Country Song" the best and was really surprised that they didn't choose it to produce. It was cool to hear "Long Way Home" on The Voice last night, although I still like the original version best. ๐Ÿ™‚
  7. I loved this episode! I like that they finally mentioned the doubles and that it's a group effort to bring Mando to life. My favorite part was seeing Pedro in ADR, and him holding a pillow in place of Baby Yoda. ๐Ÿ˜† I was wondering why he was also screaming into it, and according to a guy from Empire magazine on twitter, Pedro did it to make his voice raspy. I always assumed they did something to his voice in post-production to make his voice sound that way, but maybe not! I'm sure they still add a helmet effect, but maybe the deep raspiness really is all Pedro.
  8. Dropping Disney+ on Friday, May 15, 2020.
  9. I'm excited for Boba! I hope he gets to actually interact with Mando. I also hope he keeps his helmet on. Boba needs to keep some mystery about him. Going by the movies, he should look like Jango since he was a clone, but I have a different headcanon.
  10. Just finished the 4th season last night. I liked the new characters enough, but I couldn't tell you their names. I wish this season had more light hearted moments. I miss seeing Uhtred and his merry band of misfits having fun and joking around. Not that they were big talkers before, but I think Sihtric and Baby Monk had maybe 5 lines between them the whole season. As a Finan fan, some of my favorite moments were seeing him with the boy, especially that scene where they were playing with the toy boat. I thought more would come from him making moon eyes at that new lady. Maybe next year. Although they'll probably jump ahead in time, and we'll miss out on seeing him be a dork while trying to impress her. I do wish they would have given her a wig that matched her eyebrow color. Who knew all it took for Aethelred to be a nice guy was a traumatic brain injury. Someone should have clocked him over the head a long time ago. I was sad at the abrupt deaths of Beocca and Steapa. ๐Ÿ˜ž But I liked that we got to see more of Lord Aldhelm. I knew he wouldn't be able to kill Aethelfaed.
  11. I will love Ewoks until the day I die. ๐Ÿ˜ They hold a special place in my heart since ROTJ is the first Star Wars film I remember seeing when I was a child. How cute is this Baby Yoda mug that the season 2 crew received? https://old.reddit.com/r/StarWarsLeaks/comments/ge7d5a/mando_season_2_crew_gift_has_two_sabers_clashing/ Also, people are saying that the dark saber clashing with the regular light saber on the patch could be a season 2 spoiler.
  12. I don't really understanding Favreau comparing Baby Yoda to an animal, or the article stating "underline the idea that in the end, heโ€™s still an animal." Clearly the original Yoda was not an animal, and neither is Baby Yoda. Also, I hope they don't try to age him up.
  13. Not too much in the first episode all about the directors. I mostly enjoyed the few behind the scenes clips that we saw. More of that, please! I had the closed captioning on, and I thought it was pretty deceiving that during the egg scene, where the actor dressed as Mando was talking to the director, the CC said it was Pedro talking, when I'm pretty sure it was Brandon. Definitely didn't sound like Pedro. Maybe the person doing the CC'ing just assumed.
  14. โ€˜The Mandalorianโ€™ Season 3 Already in the Works at Disney Plus (EXCLUSIVE) https://variety.com/2020/tv/news/the-mandalorian-season-3-in-the-works-disney-plus-1234586103/#article-comments Not really a surprise at this point, but any news about this show makes me happy!
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