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  1. Hyundai must have paid a pretty penny for that! Loki driving my car is definitely something I thought I'd never see! 🤣 Is that canon now? lol
  2. New episode! And the first time the players got all the questions right! It actually made it harder to guess the hustler since so many of them were good with the trivia type questions. I thought the hustler was pretty obvious near the end, because of the way she was coming up with the correct answers, but then of course I always second guess myself, thinking maybe it's too obvious. At the start of the show, I thought it was the other woman, because she was making shifty faces and knew a lot of the answers. I never really thought it was any of the guys.
  3. I don't think she's trying to pretend to be him, she's just not going around letting the TVA know that they've got it wrong, that she's not Loki. Maybe she doesn't want anyone to know who she really is, so she's just letting people believe she's a Loki variant. I think I subscribe to what Wynterwolf wrote in the post right after yours. But I like that we don't really know for sure, so the show can keep us guessing!
  4. She didn't exactly admit to it. She said "Please, if anyone is anyone, you’re me.” Which doesn't necessarily mean she's saying they are the same. She could just be pretending to be Loki, or simply just not playing all her cards. As far as the part hidden behind your spoiler cut:
  5. pezgirl7

    Mewling Quotes

    Season 1, episode 2: Loki: I'd never stab anyone in the back. That's such a boring form of betrayal. Loki: Be free my horned friends! Be free!
  6. I don't post in this forum, because most people here seem to hate the show, but I enjoyed it and was sad to hear that it was canceled. I hope it gets picked up somewhere else so they can finish the story!
  7. I think some people consider it killing, when an entire branch is cut down, and all the people in the branch cease to exist. I can see if from both ways. Are they are actually rewinding time to before the branch existed? Or somehow removing the entire branch at a later point? Either way, a second variation of the people existed at some point, and now they don't, due to a group's decision that they should not exist. This could be seen as "killing", although I don't think that's the best word for it.
  8. The show Expedition: Back to the Future actually first aired on Discovery Plus a few months ago. I'm guessing they wanted some new shows for when the streaming platform launched. I'm a big fan of Back to the Future, but not as big as the fans they showed during the show. lol I'm sure Josh was geeking out the entire time!
  9. Did he shift into Steve more than once in this episode? I only remember the one time, and that part was originally in Endgame. You can watch it here. If this show showed him doing it more than once, I'll have to watch again to catch it! Which, who are we kidding, I plan on doing anyway!
  10. I can see Loki being more driven to try to change his own fate, and the fate of his parents, as opposed to trying to the rule the universe. But why not do both? lol Also, I'm still a bit confused about the timelines. Is the original Loki still in the original timeline, which means that variant Loki basically has to be vanished from existence (I forgot what they called it) because he doesn't have a timeline to go back to? I can't really see him being up for that.
  11. I would think the TVA only interferes when the change causes the new timeline to veer too far away from the sacred timeline, but they scooped up Loki as soon as he used the tesseract, so who knows. If they can see the future, maybe they knew Loki's future actions were going to be too disruptive this time. I'm not convinced yet that the person causing havoc in the timeline is actually Loki, since they didn't show his face. If it was Loki, I don't think they would have kept them hooded and their face out of view. Unless it was frost giant Loki, or lady Loki, or some other version of him tha
  12. I enjoyed this season and am sad it's over already. I watched this episode not realizing it was the finale. Although I'm curious about what the big mystery is, not knowing it doesn't ruin the show for me. Allie definitely looked a bit crazy at the end, and the daughter looked happy on the boat. Despite her breakdown on the beach, I think she takes after her dad. I think the government is after both of the parents, but I feel like Allie is definitely the linchpin and the one with the connections to Calaca.
  13. Thanks, I didn't catch that part. That's pretty crappy of them to make the daughter believe that her parents kidnapped her!
  14. I think he also could have just been happy to be there and having fun. I think he was the only one who didn't seem that stressed out, because he knew he'd be fine even if he didn't win the show. I liked how Graham kept looking at Chayce while he was singing with Sheryl, and Chayce seemed to really be getting a kick out of it!
  15. I find some of the criticism of Chayce on this thread pretty ridiculous. The viewers pick the winner, so whatever that viewership is, the most popular person won. You might not think they are deserving, but the show is not being ruined by having the most popular contestant win. I doubt changing the type of singers that get put through will affect the demographic, thereby making the winner more deserving somehow. I thought there was a pretty diverse group of contestants this year, so if the viewing audience wanted someone other than a WGWG to win, it could have happened. Personally I'm glad Cha
  16. Oh, I didn't think it had anything to do with the website she visited, I thought the agents just had connections to all the webcams, and the software was able to find her through the webcam.
  17. Well, I like this show! I think it's fun and intriguing, even if it's totally improbable. And I like all the characters in the family, even the kids, which I normally can't say. So the daughter isn't actually Allie's daughter, they kidnapped her? I'm wondering if the group that they reached out to for help has something to do with the kidnapping. Like maybe after they kidnapped their daughter, they needed help, and Allie made a deal with this group, and offered to do something illegal for them. I'm guessing the US government is after them because of something bigger than a kidnapping. Also, th
  18. Am I only one who thinks 11 is too young to be watching this show? Maybe it's not for this day and age, but it just makes me sad that kids just can't be kids for as long as possible.
  19. Paul and Tom together are my tall, sexy, skinny white dude dream duo. I'm still hoping they do a film where they have a scene together. Elizabeth is a very lucky woman since she's played the wife of both! Two more videos: Loki in 30 Seconds | Marvel Studios’ Loki | Disney+ Tom Hiddleston Looks Back at 10 Years of Loki | Entertainment Weekly EW article with photos and video: Loki takes over: Tom Hiddleston on his new TV series and a decade in the MCU
  20. This was my favorite episode so far. Didn't know what was going to happen from one moment to the next. I thought maybe the Mexican teen was sent out with Charlie to kill him, and then near the end, I thought Charlie might kill him instead. I also was afraid that Charlie was going to pull the gun on Chuy, and was glad he didn't. Allie pissing himself was the first time we've really seen him scared of anything. Or maybe he's just good at hiding it and acting like he knows everything.
  21. I had the same thought. The big revelation of this episode for me was that Ronald was indeed wearing a wig, as opposed to the hair and makeup department just giving the character a bad wig that was meant to be his real hair. I'm guessing that his girlfriend knew it was a wig the entire time, and just didn't want to say anything. LOL at Cheyenne's white lion cupcakes. She doesn't seem like the type to bake. I would have eaten them though.
  22. I really liked Chayce's song, 23. I've listened to it a few times on Spotify. I know he sings some songs by country artists, but I don't really consider him to be country most of the time. More like Americana. I came across this music video from his old band. He had a totally different look and sound a few years ago! Also, here's a cool performance of Where Did You Sleep Last Night by Chayce and Casey.
  23. I'm guessing we'll find out! It's interesting that the clock doesn't have any hands. Maybe anyone that comes to the Time Variance Authority has to watch a 1950's style educational video about the negative effects of time travel, and the little clock is in the video.
  24. It's confusing because he doesn't look 12 in the video, and his mom said they were imitating characters from The Strangers: Prey at Night, which didn't come out until Caleb was 13. Although it wouldn't surprise me if his mom is lying. If they were just imitating characters from the movie, then Caleb's statement about bettering himself doesn't really make sense. I thought it was good that he wasn't trying to make excuses.
  25. This was my least favorite episode so far since I thought it dragged on a bit, but maybe that was the point, since it mimicked their turmoil of plodding through the desert. I still thought it had some really interesting moments. I wasn't worried about any of the family members, since I figure they're not going to kill any of them this early on in the show. I was worried for Chuy though, and I thought that he might betray the family, but I'm glad he didn't. Although I guess we don't really know yet who the people are that picked them up. I was annoyed that Allie wasn't asking the two men any qu
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