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  1. It looked hot pink to me! I didn't realize that Josh Gates Tonight premiered a few weeks ago. My DVR automatically records Expedition Unknown, but these new shows are just titled Josh Gates Tonight, so they weren't being recorded. Luckily the episodes are onDemand. I've only watched the first episode so far, but I really enjoyed the interview with Matthew McConaughey, and it was cute his son is a fan of the show. I don't watch Expedition X, but I'm looking forward to the episode they teased with Josh, partly because they'll be in my neck of the woods. I've never heard of that creature though. I'm guessing it's a cougar, which are pretty rare here.
  2. I agree about the whoops and cheers, but I blame the producers/editors. They could easily not show it, and edit out the audio. Or they could show it, but make the audio not as loud so it's not so distracting from the singing. I doubt the singers can hear it when they're performing, but we're hearing the audio from the judges' personal mics.
  3. I checked some local bakeries, and they seem to go for $2 each around here. But, you can buy frozen ones from Target: 12 for $7! 😆 However I really want to get some blue ones to give to some Mando fans I know. I guess I might have to try to make some myself! Getting back to the show, I discovered, thanks to Reddit, that the thingy the x-wing pilot gave Cara is a badge, that she then wears on her belt. Maybe it's some kind of New Republic police badge. I originally thought it was a communicator. I suppose it could also still be that.
  4. 12 macarons for $50?! That's a very pricey treat indeed. The other Stars Wars macarons and the Baby Yoda cookie they have on the site are also very cute, but again, too expensive for me. Smart of them to not use a screen cap of him throwing them up! 😆
  5. I think that's a perfect description of the show! Yes, Din's current quest is to find the Jedi, but I don't see that as what the show is about. It's called The Mandalorian, and it's about his journey in life. Mando's story is very much like Homer's The Odyssey. Heck, he even met a "cyclops" a few episodes ago that tried to kill him! Hopefully by the end of the show, Mando will have found a home for himself. Home not as an actual location, but a place in the world with people he considers family.
  6. Do I get points for being the only person in this thread to spell it correctly? lol To be fair, I googled the spelling before posting. 😆 I've never eaten one before, but now I want to try one. And I'm guessing bakeries will start selling blue "Baby Yoda" macarons now! They would make a cute Christmas gift for a fan of the show.
  7. I thought maybe this was a lead-in to Cara getting her own show, since it's been hinted at. But I wonder if that would happen now after the Gina drama. The helmets did look similar to Darth, but I don't know if they are clones. Darth Vader had force power, so I wouldn't think they would need to inject the clones with Baby Yoda's midichlorians. Unless midichlorians don't carry over in the cloning process. But a clone army of Darth Vader's with force power would definitely be scary! Whatever they're planning, it can't be good. ETA: apparently people on Reddit think they are Dark Troopers, aka battle droids. I really enjoyed this episode. I liked that those of use who thought, from watching the trailer, that they were breaking the blue guy out of prison were totally wrong! I can't even remember why they went on their little mission. I'll need to rewatch. Mando coming in and saving the day at the end was cool, but I agree that it was the quickest repair job ever! My favorite parts of the episode were with Baby Yoda. Mando has turned into such a dad, although he still makes very questionable choices, like letting the baby hold live wiring! I enjoyed seeing the baby using the force to steal the macarons. I think his powers are growing, so people better be careful around him! Many times, the baby doesn't seem to sense when he's in danger, so he just giggles like he's on an amusement ride. Unfortunately, the last ride was a bit too much for him! Seeing Mando use his cape to clean up the mess was such a dad move. I think my most favorite part was the baby and Mando drinking soup together, and the baby trying to get a better peek at Mando's face. At least now we know that the baby realizes that Mando actually has a face under the helmet!
  8. Pedro is one of People's Sexiest Men of 2020! I'm not sure if the order matters, but he's #6. Pedro posted it on his twitter along with the caption "Smack me, I deserve it." 😂
  9. Those first two 15 year olds did an amazing job, especially with their harmonies. I'm glad Kelly saved the opera singer, although I'm worried for him in the 4 way knockout. Does the audience chose the winner? Since this was filmed months ago, hopefully they don't have to wait months to find out who won. I think Blake's advisor is completely useless. I haven't heard him give any advice except for: be yourself and don't pay attention to what anyone says. lol And for some reason Gwen's advisor's choice to wear an open blazer with nothing under it just rubs me the wrong way. I can't imagine going to work and having a coworker show up wearing that. I guess I am officially old! 😆
  10. One of the reasons I don't chat much about this show is because I can never remember the contestants' names. Although I enjoyed the mom and daughters' performance better, I think this show should stick to solo singers. It doesn't seem fair otherwise. I was surprised that Gwen saved the country singer with the deep voice, instead of the earlier singer with the gravely voice who's hat looked like it was going to fall off. Maybe it had something to do with Blake.
  11. Regarding Mando's non-reaction to being told he grew up in basically a cult, I think he was just in shock. He needs time to process it, and his first thought was probably denial. The audience wanted him to ask more questions, but he wasn't ready for that yet.
  12. I'm enjoying the show, but I agree that none of the characters are coming off as that great. But maybe that's the point? Flawed heroes and all that. I'm glad that Alan's wife finally confronted him about his affairs. It was getting a bit ridiculous. We even saw him in a threesome this episode. I know he had affairs in real life, but the show makes it seem like he's a sex addict. I felt bad for Trudy when Gordo made the female astronaut jokes on TV. He knew he messed up and tried to call her. I read that in real life, it was actually John Glenn who testified before congress basically saying it would be a bad idea for women to be included in the space program.
  13. When Mando and the baby were leaving the frog family's place, and Baby Yoda was making a fuss because he wanted to play with the baby frog some more or take it with them, Mando said "I have enough pets". People took that to mean that he's referring to Baby Yoda as his pet. I do think it was an odd choice of words. "We don't need a pet, I already have my hands full" would have been a better choice IMO. Although even that brings us back to the whole egg eating dilemma (sentient being versus something else?), because the baby frog techincally would not have been a pet.
  14. My parents watched this episode, and my mom's review is that it was "stupid". She didn't like the spiders or the egg eating, and she actually said that "in real life" the pilots would have stayed with Mando until he could get his ship off the ground. I had to remind her that Star Wars is not real life. 😂
  15. Entertainment Weekly wrote an article about the egg controversy, with a twitter quote from the creative art director (who I don't think was even involved in the script writing) : So this show is horror now? 🤔 Although I didn't like the egg eating, I'm not gonna blow it out of proportion. I just won't rewatch the episode a million times like I do the other episodes! The article also has a photo of a new funko pop featuring the baby and the egg canister.
  16. I liked the last guy. I'm surprised John didn't save him, but glad that Kelly stole him.
  17. Plus he doesn't even grab a blanket for the baby or make sure he's ok. The baby has to cuddle up to Mando's leg. A pretty stark difference to last season when Mando swaddled the baby and gently placed him on the bed.
  18. Or she took it from his weapons locker, which is misnamed, since he never locks it! Is that what happened? I thought she was just warming up the eggs that were in the container. When Mando was scooping up the eggs and putting them back in the container, I bet he was thinking 'How the hell did I get to this point?'. 😂
  19. Poor baby has really taken some tough tumbles. He needs to get checked out for concussions. I feel like I'm the only one who was disturbed by the baby eating the eggs. I think he's smart enough to know they were the offspring of a sentient being. I was surprised we didn't get a reaction of the mother when she noticed some eggs were missing. At the very end, she hugged the container closer after the baby was eyeing it, but that's it. ETA: I just read somewhere else that the eggs were unfertilized, and that's why she needed to get them to her husband. So I guess I feel a little better about the baby eating them, but it was still wrong of him. lol I loved all the father/son scenes! I was disappointed that Mando and the baby hardly interacted last episode. Lots of interaction and talking to the baby in this episode. The only thing I don't like is when the baby is so clearly CGI. I wish they would make his CGI walking match his puppet shuffle. I didn't think Mando had any hope in getting the Razorcrest to fly again. I guess it was mostly cosmetic damage. It was a little odd that the x-wing pilots saved Mando but then just flew away. I was expecting them to help him some more. Also, how does Mando know to say "may the force be with you", but not know about Jedi's and them using the force? There have been parts of season 2 that have felt a little too cheesy to me, like I'm watching a kid's show that's trying to be cute and funny. Examples in this episode would be Amy Sedaris speaking the frog language, the frog mother (mostly the costume) and the ant creature. It just feels like it has a completely different tone this season.
  20. I forgot to mention something in my first post. Even those it's American history and I think most people probably know it, I'm going to put it behind a spoiler tag since it hasn't happened yet in the show.
  21. I agree that Shepard is not coming off well. Knowing that he was such a big philanderer has changed my view of him. It's no wonder Glenn was trying to reign him, and the rest of the guys in. Back then, that type of behavior was looked down even more than it is today. I thought it was interesting that the guys voted amongst themselves to determine the flight order. Kinda feel like Shepard owes Glenn a big apology. The woman's space program was also interesting, and I had never heard of it before, which is too bad.
  22. I think because COVID is spread more often through respiratory droplets that are inhaled at close contact and not through surfaces. But also, every judge was given a fun gimmick, and that was Gwen's.
  23. Hmm, to be honest, I find this odd. They've focused mostly on John Glenn, Alan Shepard and Gordo Cooper so far, and none of them look a like, plus they have pretty different personalities and family circumstances. 🤷‍♀️ I'm actually surprised they have spent so much time on Gordo, but I'm not complaining since I like the actor. I can't believe the Shepard's actually renamed their niece. I googled it, and it's true, although it happened a few years earlier when she was 5. But still, what a crazy thing to do. At first I was cheering on the grandfather who was questioning the decision, but then he slammed her elbow on the table, and that was the end of that.
  24. I've always had the impression that bounty hunters in Star Wars are used by more nefarious groups or individuals to track down people, not necessarily to find criminals that were convicted in a court of law. If they were used by an actual sanctioned law enforcement group, like one that The New Republic might have, I would think they would only pay money for top criminals, not ones that could be released so soon.
  25. Like a lot of other people here, I'm also surprised that so many teams didn't read the clue. Although I'm sure they all did read the clue, which was super short by the way, but then they somehow ended up forgetting the part about the horn. It can probably be chalked up to fatigue. I'm guessing they didn't get much sleep since they were all crammed together in that cave, and then headed out very early in the morning to climb the tower. I could never be on this show simply because if I'm not in my own bed, with it dark and quiet, I can't sleep. 💤
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