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  1. Noo!! I hated Charlores’ family dying. I feel like they were fridged too soon to serve Charlores’ character development. I would have liked to see more of her humanity before she went all Hollow Man. I know I’m in the minority here, but I loved Dolores pointing out Maeve’s hypocrisy. She modified them similar to what Dolores did to Teddy. Except Dolores took it to the extreme. But Maeve was fine with Hector and Armistice dying to ensure her daughter’s safety. I think she would have been be better served in her goal if she had decided to team up with Dolores to take down Serac and en
  2. Rumsy4

    S03.E05: Genre

    What was the point of forcing Caleb to take Genra? Just to trigger a flashback? Seems that could’ve been done just with Liam Dempsey’s cryptic remarks. At the very least, they could have increased the tension by having Caleb act erratic, making it difficult for them all to escape. Instead we get Team Dolores getting shot at by people with the accuracy of a Stromtrooper. Lol The episode was okay, but I would be more invested in the show if I freaking knew what Dolores’s goals are. Is she still bent on destroying humanity? Or has she changed? Some clue into her internal thoughts would be he
  3. I was disappointed with the ending. I can’t see why anyone bothered stopping Judge Gen from rebooting the Universe when the ultimate end of everyone was...nothingness. Existential Nihilism doesn’t appeal to me. I liked Tahani’s end best of all. I wish the whole team had taken on the role of Good Place architects. I agree with the poster who said the Good Place should have been about finding a new purpose.
  4. I wouldn't miss the aquarium. It's fantastic! The beluga whale exhibit was my favorite when I went there.
  5. And some of us deal with our disappointments by reading and writing made up stories based on the made up stories in the show. Very healthy, I’m sure. :-p
  6. Now that I have some distance from the show, I feel like I've been in a mutually codependent relationship. Something like Belle and Rumple. I never could pull away because of the hypothetical great writing the show seemed capable of. The writers started heavily relying on audience manipulation starting from Season 2, but it grew worse in Season 3B, and never recovered. That's when the show became completely about pandering to Regina. A&E started writing everything around her (and Rumple from then on).
  7. Seems like they're still on the Regina woobification train. I still have traumatic memories from A&E's S1 official ONCE podcast where they joked about Graham's rape. Giving this one a pass.
  8. I agree. I wasn’t too impressed with the last episode, but it’s hardly bad. TGP has been so good, that a mediocre episode seems like the worst ever. It’s possible that the show will go downhill, but it’s too early to tell. Westworld started out really good, but went off the rails in season 3. They went too arcane, like LOST on drugs. And bizarrely enough, one of the co-creators claims she never saw LOST. Maybe she ought to have—to avoid its pitfalls and to stop reinventing the wheel. Whatever its flaws, LOST was groundbreaking television, and it’s odd when people making the same genre of
  9. Most of the screencaps used in the article didn't even have the fatal flaw described below it. Who writes this stuff and are they getting actually paid for this drivel? lol
  10. I really don't get why there are some people bent on dissing Frozen. Not every movie needs to be the epic of feminism or have flawless writing to be a good. I don't agree with the article. The writers seems to go out of their way to nitpick the movie and tear down any hint of praise for it. These days there seems to be a trend where people feel the need to justify why they like or hate something by bringing in some aspect of social justice spiel into the picture. Sometimes it's okay to say that you didn't really feel the movie and move on.
  11. My magnum opus is here: haha. It is a Regency AU inspired by Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility. You can expect lots of Emma-Mary Margaret interactions in the fic, Snowing, and Captain Swan. The story is complete and will be updated every Friday. Links: Tumblr. Ao3. Ff-net.
  12. Ah! Good Place season 3 premiers today. I forgot all about it. I need to block the tag on tumblr temporarily until tomorrow night.
  13. I just finished writing a 75K fanfic. It should start posting in October. I can't believe I wrote so many words. Now I can have my life back. :-p PS: This is why I fell behind in the rewatch. Now, I can catch up.
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