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  1. lanter

    S01.E06: One Shoe

    Considering how often she lied to her family about John, I would not trust anything that woman says. ETA: Pickles wrote the post I quoted.
  2. lanter


    Sally really does have the worst taste in men...and women. David is such a nebbish oddball, I can't believe Sally spent 10 years with him. I can see why she would gravitate towards someone who offered her a way out of that relationship, unfortunately for her Emma seems to be a bit sociopathic. I understand why people would be put off by this show, but I tend to like dark comedies. I wish they would pull back on the gross-out humor though.
  3. lanter

    S01.E10: Bluebeard's Castle

    I went into this series with low expectations. With few exceptions (eg UnReal) I have never found Lifetime Original Series to be that compelling/good. This show definitely took me off guard. Between network shows, paid cable, and streaming series, I am impressed by anything that stands out from the pack. "You" did that. My thoughts on the season finale are: 1) Well, that Is the most likable Beck has ever been. 2) Damn girl, have you not ever watched a horror movie? When you knock a psycho out, you keep knocking until you see brain matter. 3) WTF!!! I was not surprised to see Beck get taken out, but Candace showing up was unexpected. The next season is going to be awesome.
  4. lanter

    S01.E09: Candace

    I found that believable. Serial killers often like to keep their trophies close by, it's stupid but so is killing people. I really liked this episode, some of it was predictable but it was good to get the full backstory on Candace. Joe sure seems to be attracted to women with a lot of personal issues. I guess kind attracts kind. Next weeks episode looks intense. At this point I'm not sure who I want to be the last one standing, one character is crazy and the other is Beck so.....
  5. lanter

    S02.E01: 00:42:30

    I was disappointed no one died. Not necessarily one of the babies, but an adult or two would have been fine. The Good Doctor is my upbeat medical show, I expect this to have more bite.
  6. lanter

    S03.E12: Homecoming

    Well, now we know J is a fan of Dexter Morgan. WTF was that? Smurf threatening to pull Lena out of school was ice cold. I don't understand why Frankie would hook up with a dirtbag like Billy, she is way out of his league. Then again Billy is an older, uglier version of Craig so I guess the girl has a type. Speaking of Craig, he cleans up real nice.
  7. lanter

    S02.E03: Russian Navy

    I listen to the podcast recap during my morning commute.
  8. lanter

    S14.E01: Are You a Main Attraction?

    Donny! That's who he reminded me of. I am so glad they got rid of him, I could not have taken another week of that dork. This group seems pretty pathetic, no wonder they brought back both Amy and Adam.
  9. lanter

    S14.E13: The Knockouts, Part 3

    Yes! After the judges praised that uneven, at times straight up bad, performance I thought either my hearing was going or my surround sound was. Jorge was better, but once Kelly stole Dylan it was over. Particularly since she mentioned several times how many males she already had on her team.
  10. lanter

    S07.E02: Stormborn

    I guess the main takeaway from this episode is, Olenna knows best. Tyrion's plan was solid but it did not account for outside factors. Daenerys probably should have laid waste to King's Landing and worried about the politics afterwards. That scene was hard to read. My first though was Theon's PTSD caused him to run/jump, however, he could have also seen the futility of trying a rescue in that moment. I guess we will find out soon enough where his mind was at. Either way I did feel really bad for Yara, she has shown more loyalty to Theon than anyone and to watch him leave her to their sociopathic Uncle must have been crushing. I hope this is leading to Theon having one last heroic moment because I would like to see Yara survive all of this.
  11. lanter

    S13.E07: Beat Bobby Flay

    Hell, I knew what that was and my "culinary expertise" comes from following the directions on a Hello Fresh recipe card. With the edit Matthew is getting there is no way he wins this.
  12. lanter

    S13.E04: Glamping

    That made me so angry. Amy had to either let Matthew take over her presentation, or say something and risk being labeled a "bitch." She was screwed either way, and ended up getting lectured on not being assertive enough. Giada, Melissa, and Matthew can piss off.
  13. lanter

    S03.E01: The Return: Parts 1 and 2

    During the first, or maybe it was second, night of my eighth grade field trip to Washington DC I wanted to see the premiere of a new show called Twin Peaks. Fortunately, my roommates were also interested so that night we gathered around the motel room's small TV and watched. What I saw that night forever changed the way I looked at TV shows (no hyperbole). From buying the soundtrack on cassette to getting Laura Palmer's Diary at B. Dalton's, I was obsessed with the series like none before. My love of mysterious/offbeat genre shows that followed (e.g. The X-Files, Lost, Orphan Black, Mr. Robot, etc..) can be traced to that April night in 1990. When I first heard David Lynch was bringing this back I was both excited and wary. I knew it could never recreate that feeling I had watching the original, but I also knew it wouldn't likely tarnish the memory. Now, after watching the first two episodes I can safety say I have no damn idea what is going on. Which just means that Twin Peaks is back, baby!!!
  14. lanter

    Luke Cage

    I didn't hate this...but it was my least favorite of the Netflix Marvel series. I burned through Jessica Jones in a matter of days, the same with season 1 of Daredevil but it took me almost two months to finish this. Mahershala Ali was very good as Cottonmouth, but he wasn't given a lot to do. Diamondback was not menacing at all, and Shades seemed like a weaker version of Daredevil's Wesley. Of course, Shades was more of a survivor than Wesley and I did like his interactions with Mariah. The only villain who made a strong impression on me was Mariah, I really enjoyed her storyline arc. I will give the show points for "going there" with her background and how that affected her final encounter with Cottonmouth. Seeing Mariah's justified anger at what her cousin said was one of my favorite scenes. I wish they had scrapped Diamondback altogether and just had Cottonmouth and Mariah battling it out. Mike Colter was fine, but I wish he had brought more Lemond Bishop to the role. The actor is capable of showing a dark sexy edge, but I did not get much of that here. They were smart to bring in Claire Temple, she was a better fit on this show than on Daredevil. I hope they continue to use her since Marvel on Netflix seems open to following chemistry over comic lore (see Karen and the Punisher). I appreciate having a black superhero show that touched on issues in the black community, it was a bit preachy at times but so are most Marvel shows/movies. The best part of the series for me was the Soundtrack and being introduced to the fineness that is Jidenna.
  15. lanter

    Luke Cage

    I too loved Mike Colter on The Good Wife, but he was a disappointment on Jessica Jones. I am hoping maybe it was just a lack of chemistry with (the fantastic) Krysten Ritter that hindered his performance on that show. The trailer for Luke Cage looks pretty damn cool, and it would be nice to have a really good "superhero" show starring a black protagonist. Netflix has rarely let me down so I am definitely looking forward to this.