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  1. I think you can fanwank things to say that Lindbergh's apparent landslide brought in Republicans with him who shared his isolationist philosophy, while wiping out more moderate persons from the Democratic and Republican parties. I think it was mentioned that Lindbergh's VP was a Democrat? Or used to be a Democrat?
  2. In fairness, he already did Exile: The L&O Movie years before he did Criminal Intent, so my guess was that whatever hatchet there had been was long since buried. I'm amazed they are doing a Stabler spin off. I do hope during the first episode we find out his horrible family moved cross country, never to be heard from again.
  3. A hundred dollars to NBC if it is called: Law and Order: Unstabler
  4. The way the show is and how little input Randall, Kevin or Kate seem to give Miguel, I presume that once Rebecca was no longer able to care for herself, the Big Three divorced him on her behalf.
  5. I might be wrong, but my assumption was not that they were all happening at the same time. I guess the show could be trying to trick us, but in the death bed flash forward, they showed Kevin with a boy and a girl while Madison said she was having twins. Also, it would seem a little strange that the rest of the family had gathered for what appears to be Rebecca's death (including Toby), while both of Toby and Kate's kids are off living their normal life. Even if you presume that Jack and his girlfriend had to stay where they were because of the pregnancy, it seems unlikely the daughter would not have gone to see Rebecca.
  6. I enjoyed the episode. I don't know what it is but one thing I really appreciated is how calm Lucille and Phyllis were when the cord had pro-lapsed during the delivery. There was no real panic, they always maintained their professionalism and pleasant demeanor. If this was a medical show on a broadcast network, there would have been screaming, yelling, dramatic music and the preview would have suggested the pro-lapse was the equivalent of an alien bursting from her chest. I'm not quite sure how Sister Julienne's plan of "let's not tell anyone the place might be torn down," will actually work in practice. Presumably, people are going to notice once the rest of the block starts going up. I also appreciated that Mother Mildred was not bullied by the priest and was just not having his particular bs.
  7. I'll say that while I agree that Olivet doesn't look great in hindsight, I believe she claims she did end the patient/therapist relationship before sleeping with her former patient. This is as opposed to this therapist, who manipulated her patient into sleeping with her as part of her normal process.
  8. While I do love the idea of Dr. K pulling a Pearson and just bringing home a random baby from the hospital to raise, (I still have no idea how they would ever have been able to bring home Randall from the hospital. It's not like you are just offered a new baby as a parting gift on discharge from the hospital.) I think that would be too insane, even for a show where Randall can win a seat on the Philadelphia City Council while residing in Northern New Jersey. I appreciated that the show has really laid the foundation for their various grievances.
  9. I'll admit that I laughed at Phyl trying to re-price items at the thrift store so she could get used designer clothing half off. I will never understand why Sam allows her daughters to talk to her in the manner they do.
  10. It was a very new thing, and I might be thinking of DSL v. something we have today, but what we had was definitely well beyond simple dial up connections like you might have at your house.
  11. In 1997, my high school had broadband access to the internet. I remember this quite clearly because it was so much easier to surf the internet at school than at home.
  12. I wouldn't. He's made clear that he won't respect the patient's express wishes, and I could never trust someone like that with my care.
  13. Alzheimer's/dementia patients often stop being able to eat, and a PEG tube rarely is going to give you the same nutrition you received from oral intake of food. They can lose a lot of weight and often can end up looking older than they normally would. Though I'd also say different people age differently. My grandmother smoked and drank heavily until the end. She was 83, but looked a good deal older. Meanwhile, my mother, who avoided those vices, is 71, but looks 60.
  14. No one needs to see Solarbabies. I'm pretty sure Congress passed a law stating as much. His wins get smaller after '36. Also, by '44, during his campaign you can visibly see how poor his health is, and I'm sure that turned people off of him. I'm enjoying the series. They've done a very nice job of world building, in that it doesn't feel like actors play-acting what they think people in the early 1940s would be like. When Bess was waiting on the women in the department store and they commented how that particular department store wouldn't have the Lindbergh scarves, it felt very real. It even called back to the first season of Mad Men where Rachel Menken was trying to make her family's department store more upscale so it would appeal less to the older middle and lower working class ethnics that had previously been its customer base. I am curious, how old is Evelyn supposed to be? I know how old Winona Ryder is, but I feel like the character is supposed to be substantially younger, like mid-30s.
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