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  1. In his ruling, the Judge said was that found the sex abuse allegations to be inconclusive, but would err on the side of caution since Allen had shown himself to be a lousy, uninvolved parent, at best, to the children for whom he was seeking custody. The Judge's decision in this matter was on the front page of the Times. Whatever one thinks of the Post or Daily News, the Times is a national newspaper.
  2. I don't know. I think there's a big difference between dating or having a relationship with a young adult woman and molesting a small child. For me, that's always been the issue. We see with other people, it's rarely a case of one and done, but with Allen, we've been told that he's almost brazen in going after Dylan, with everyone ringing warning bells about his conduct and being able to see what he is doing, but despite how open and brazen we've been told he is here, there's no history of him having behaved like this with anyone else.
  3. It's a difficult issue. After all, Mia Farrow met Frank Sinatra when she was 19 and he was 48. They married when she was 21 and he was 50. Mick Jagger, who is 77, had a child four years ago with his then 29/30 year old girlfriend. Sometimes the younger adult is vulnerable, sometimes they know exactly what they are getting into. Yes, and he was later reprimanded by a Connecticut state panel for making those claims. The panel said they had "grave concerns" with his conduct.
  4. Both studies appears to advocate for something of a middle ground when approaching claims of child abuse, i.e. that you approach the claims with an open mind, neither presuming the person making the allegation is credible by virtue of being a child, nor offering greater skepticism than you normally would because the person making an allegation is a child. It's certainly interesting reading when considering the Allen v. Farrow claims.
  5. What specific studies are you citing?
  6. The story is about the testimony of a doctor who examined Dylan. This is normal news coverage discussing his testimony. There are also stories in the same paper about witnesses who testified in support of the allegations being made against Allen. Even today, the news coverage of this kind of situation is going to present all sides.
  7. Dylan's story was not ignored. You can look up the coverage from the time period. Dozens of stories were written about the allegations concerning Dylan, and the custody trial, where those allegations played out, was written about on a near daily basis by the big New York dailies, i.e. the Times, Post and News.
  8. I think one thing all parties would agree on was the scandal back in 1993 was a very big deal. You can look up the media coverage and scrutiny given to all of them. Obviously, along with the custody battle, Allen underwent a criminal investigation. I understand not everyone is satisfied with the conclusion, but it was a huge spectacle.
  9. Please, it's obviously the child of someone who once bumped into Jack while riding a bus with William after being sold heroin by Laurel. I'm sure we'll get a three or four part episode about them at some point.
  10. I don't think he did get a pass. These accusations were investigated by law enforcement and considered during the custody hearing he lost back in '93. They were a media sensation at the time.
  11. Yes, I think he was dancing with Ghost Laurel, and hinted that there was a chance he might soon become Randall's Ghost Step-dad. I was wondering why it is that Ellie seemingly has no support system through any of this. Even if she didn't tell her family or friends about the pregnancy, surely the adoption agency must have provided someone to at least deal with the emotional side of it, no?
  12. I think if all this was solely about Allen sleeping with the adult daughter of his girlfriend, then it's a crass and nasty thing to do, but it's really not the business of anyone outside of the people it directly effects.
  13. I think I had the Fraggle Rock toys. I also looked them up, and apparently they were not actually released until 1988. Also, Harrison referenced Over the Top, which did not come out until 1987, and remains the best (and perhaps only?) movie ever made about arm wrestling. Is it just me, or has the show kind of undergone a reset this season? I feel like last season heavily focused on Bow and her teenage angst, while this season, the kids have been moved more into the B-storylines.
  14. That really bothered me. It made no sense for her to do that to Darlene, and makes both of them look unprofessional.
  15. I'm surprised. It just seems like a recipe for a future lawsuit. I figure it will end up being a situation where Kevin has already filmed so much of the movie that he cannot be replaced. Yes, even in the pandemic this is also going to be the answer if Kevin or Madison are feeling overwhelmed in taking care of twins. They will hire someone (like the nanny we saw them interviewing an episode or two ago) to help.
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