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  1. I wish Midge had reminded Rose that it wasn't Abe who blew up her trust fund. It was all Rose. Yeah, Abe blew up their life by quitting his job without even consulting her, but I don't recall Rose reaching out to Abe to ask him if he was cool with her cutting off the trust.
  2. Oh I totally see Mitch knowing he did something wrong, while also believing that Hannah has unclean hands (i.e. in his mind, she leveraged the situation to get a big promotion, which also rewrites the history of what happened). We saw the flashback to know that Hannah's intent wasn't to get a promotion, but Mitch doesn't know that. Presumably all he knows is that the incident happened and suddenly the junior booker is now in charge of her department. I presume because even with the big name stars, the quality is uneven and it airs on a brand new streaming channel that most people either don't have and/or cannot access.
  3. The one where the Judge overturned the verdict of rape for the guys who had raped the mentally challenged girl at their school. I vividly remember being shocked and horrified by how callous the Judge was, particularly with his: "She was having the time of her life!"comment about the victim being raped.
  4. I think I wouldn't mind this storyline if it was more subtle. I feel like Jackie is moments away from bratting to Louise that she's not her mom and she doesn't have to listen to her. Jackie should thank God that Louise is so patient and mature with her. I don't know if I would be.
  5. I'd argue that Katie was the bigger deal until she left. She pre-dated Matt on that show, and I recall Bryant Gumbel's complaints about being sidelined for her. After Katie left, I'd agree that the network was mostly interested in keeping Matt happy. I liked the flashback giving us a good idea of just how bad things were with Mitch before he was taken down. Before this episode, it felt like the show wanted us to think that maybe the allegations against Mitch were unfair or not entirely true. One thing also annoyed me. Why would they throw a huge surprise party for Mitch on a Sunday night when the most of the people attending have to be at work probably by 4 or 5 in the morning? I get they had to do it this way to coincide with the Vegas shooting, but if I worked on a morning show, I would never plan a party for a night where I had to work the next morning. That's just bad form.
  6. Seriously. Ashton can act like a drunken slob, blame it all on his "alter ego" and it is all in good fun, whereas when Kate acts out, she's just labeled a bitch. Listen, I'm not saying Kate had the best attitude for the days off, but there is such a double standard at play, it's gross. And after hearing Tanner's mom make the comment about how he should not be getting hookers pregnant, you can totally see where he gets his attitude about women. Run Simone, don't walk.
  7. If I remember from the Brady Brides, the tv movie launching the series opens with Mike and Carol just returning home after having dropped Cindy (?) off at college, and that is 1981.
  8. I like to think that given Midge keeps doing this, it gives you a nice insight into who she really is. No personal relationship is sacrosanct for her. She will use someone as fodder for her act, if she thinks it will get her a laugh, regardless of the consequences. I also think she truly believes she can just "cute" her way out of any negative reaction, or perhaps thinks her talent is enough to get away with it. In a way, it's very interesting on how what I see as a strawberry milkshake of a show has such a dark undercurrent.
  9. Is there anyone on this show that isn't a wacky eccentric? I mean, Shirley listens to the radio and television at full blast playing different things while she cooks in the morning? I love the show, but sometimes it is just so overwhelming.
  10. My recollection was that Simone said she had experience doing service on another yacht. I don't recall her saying that experience was limited to only doing laundry. Though more to the point, if Simone is so inexperienced that she can't properly cut citrus and doesn't realize it's her job to proactively ask guests if she can get them anything (and not just stand there waiting for them to ask for something), then she should not be second stew.
  11. While I enjoyed Alex's rant at her daughter, I do kind of wonder what her parenting could really be like if her schedule for the last 15 years was getting up at 3:30 am, probably returning home around the time her daughter might get home from school and likely being in bed by around 7 or 8.
  12. This bothered me as well. I understand it would be upsetting to have your parents divorce. I also get that a child is not going to be privy to everything going on between her parents, so she might misunderstand the reasons for the divorce and blame one parent over the other, but she was reacting to her mother like she was 7 or 8, not 16. I actually appreciated Alex telling her off, because she was saying pretty horrible things to her mother, and Alex didn't deserve it.
  13. That was my thought as well. In Germany, Poland, Austria, etc., when they moved the Jews out, they moved other people in. And it just seemed like even in a Nazified Manhattan, space would be at a premium, so it would be foolish to simply abandon so much otherwise usable housing and land.
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