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  1. Last night's episode title and the scene referencing burned champagne were a callback to this scene from original Dynasty. I'll just say that Diahann Carroll and Joan Collins did it better.
  2. Oh it may be true, but I have yet to meet a teacher who would appreciate being told that about their class, particularly by a student seeking a favor!
  3. I'm pretty sure the deportation came up because Lucia tried to use it as an excuse for Beto's bad grade, and as a way to get the teacher to give him a makeup test. Lucia also made the mistake of telling a teacher that her class wasn't going to make much of a difference for Beto in the future, which is pretty insulting.
  4. I'm kind of in agreement. Brian was a jerk to try to start this conversation over text, but I never got the idea that she and Brian were having any kind of serious relationship. I mean, they are on a reality show, are at very different points in their lives (he has a kid, after all) and don't really appear to have a lot in common. In fairness to Ashton, Rhylee kind of brought that comment on herself. It's interesting to me. Rhylee "won" in the sense that Captain Lee isn't going to fire her, but her "prize" is basically having nothing change.
  5. Honestly, I think once her family's money laundering storyline was wrapped, the writers had no idea what to do with Maia, and Season 3 was a reflection of that.
  6. I think my biggest complaint from the episode was the prosecutor wearing the burnt orange suit at trial. It looked ridiculous and I would have trouble believing, any big city DA's office would allow their prosecutors to dress like that. And yeah, the doctor case never should have been brought as a criminal matter. You could say the doctor's bias blinded him to certain things about his black patients, and led him to make mistakes in the treatment, but that's neglect, not murder.
  7. Oh totally. You don't hire Peter Gallagher if the character is just going to sit on the couch, staring vacantly the entire time. I liked the scenes with her family more than her job. I thought her father singing to Zoey was very sweet and meaningful. I'm not entirely sure if this show's premise is enough to sustain it as an ongoing series, but it will be interesting to see what they do with it.
  8. I didn't say you did. I noted that Captain Lee couldn't really threaten them with what the footage may show because he doesn't have control over what will eventually be shown, and the footage may not prove or disprove a claim. I would agree she acts differently with the captain. She respects his authority in a way she does not with Ashton.
  9. Just generally speaking, I think the yachting industry operates very differently from a corporate office. I mean, Captain Lee said they had six days left together. He's not going to be spending his time doing anything more than what we saw him do. I'd also note that Captain Lee has no control over what footage ends up being shown to the public, much less could he make claims that said footage will prove or disprove a claim. If anything, the footage could just muddy the waters further. It's like I said before: Ashton is a poor leader and a jerk, but Rhylee is, at best, a very difficult employee.
  10. In fairness to Justin, he's cooking for the preferences of the primaries, and they don't always have fancy tastes. I'm sure it is the same for Justine in her business. She'll advertise her fancy foods and elaborate plating, but if her client requests something basic, that's what she'll prepare.
  11. At least from what I have read, he is no longer hosting after last season. My understanding is he was replaced by Coral Pena. If you watch this season's premiere, it's a woman's voice doing the intro and giving information about the location, not Wahlberg.
  12. I do wonder how much control he really has over the on camera interior and deck crew. For example, if he wanted to get rid of Rhylee over her issues with Ashton (which are more a personality conflict than an issue that was putting anyone's life at risk), could production overrule him? In fairness, if no one gossiped and everyone was on their best behavior, it probably wouldn't make for that interesting of a show.
  13. What was that? It was so strange. I'm of two minds about the situation. I think Ashton has a legitimate point that Rhylee is, at best, a difficult person to supervise. She does the work, but she also does seem to blow every situation out of proportion to what is happening. Having said all that, I also think Ashton is a lousy boss. A better boss would have acknowledged Rhylee's concerns during their one on one talk, even if he didn't completely agree with her. Instead, he basically told her any concern she has is her own fault and is all in her head. That attitude took what should have been a productive conversation and caused it crash and burn. I also think the male deckhands simply reinforce each other's already existing opinions. I mean, calling Rhylee a "cancer" on the boat is fairy overdramatic. It sounds even more ridiculous when you hear the whole crew only has six days left together. All four of them need to grow up, be civil for six days and go their own separate ways when this is done.
  14. If the interior would sink without Kate, wouldn't that mean that Kate has failed in her job as Chief Stew? I mean, isn't the point of her leadership to get the other women to be able to do the job without her needing to be there?
  15. It was very bizarre. I'm surprised no one just took Jamie aside and told her that keeping the room to herself was not going to work. I understand her legitimate complaint that fitting both women in the bed might be a tight squeeze, but you can't just banish someone to the lounge with no bathroom. What was the woman supposed to do? Use the galley sink? I was of two minds about the fishing excursion. I agree that Ashton has ultimate responsibility for the trip, but I also kind of felt like there were things Rhylee could have done that she didn't, like just general research on the best fishing areas where they were, or even, what types of fish they would be looking to catch. I did notice when one of the guests asked Rhylee about what types of fish there were, she had no idea. That isn't to say that I liked Ashton throwing Rhylee under the bus, but it wasn't clear to me that she did much preparation for the excursion. It was the same thing with the guest who was a chef speaking to Kevin. He certainly deserves to have his mistakes called out, and I loved her comment about how he might want to make things more upscale, but she did it in a way that seemed almost overly aggressive.
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