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  1. I don't know how much clout or staying power even a prominent porn actress would have. I mean, at some point, you kind of run out of things for her to do and people get tired of her. They are also in a time period where the production values are getting cheaper and I'm sure there's probably dozens of other women without Lori's attitude or drug problem just waiting in the wings. I find the character fascinating, and she feels real. I still would like to get a better idea as to her background and history, but she's one of the few people left on the show that you can root for.
  2. My guess is it was probably decent money, and not a huge time commitment.
  3. LOL. I think that was the service porch, and you walk through it to get to Alice's room. I'm not sure we ever saw an indication she had a bathroom. Perhaps she just used the washing machine and then put it on the rinse cycle after!
  4. Well, in the pilot, young-ish 20-something guys are eager to pick up Lorelai (until they hear she is Rory's mom), so maybe they were looking for someone like that?
  5. Oh I have no doubt that they loved Florence, Bob and Ann. I just sometimes wonder what is going through their heads while all this is happening.
  6. Yeah, I have to think even the most open-minded guy in the world is going to show some kind of reluctance upon hearing all of Eileen's history. It's a lot, even if you are well versed in the sex industry. So what do we think happened with Shea? She seemed too far gone to have just gotten better and walked out of the hospital, but I feel like the hospital would have notified Abby if she had died. Yeah, from last season, I thought he had dropped out of high school. I can't imagine any legit firm hiring him.
  7. No, during the first season, the premise was changed from astronauts living in prehistoric times to the cave people returning to the mid-1960s future with the astronauts. I think they even adjusted the theme song to acknowledge the story change. I do wonder how much is just for the cameras, and how much is them actually caring?
  8. Schwartz was good with explanatory, yet catchy theme songs, so anyone could sit down and watch the show and know what was happening, regardless of whether they had ever seen it before. He had a very-short lived show, It's About Time, with a similarly catchy, explanatory theme song.
  9. She also had the flowered lady drapes in her office so we would know a woman was working there.
  10. I feel like whomever eventually buys the place is going to be a hardcore Brady fanatic to the point where they won't want to change anything (except perhaps to update the appliances).
  11. From what I've read, he was showing up for the kids, and was in danger of being fired from both The Brady Bunch and The Bradys at the time they were cancelled due to his general attitude about the shows, and his behavior towards the production people.
  12. I have no doubt that cross marketing HGTV's other shows was the reason a number of the hosts from these other programs were chosen to be on this show.
  13. Eh, I'm sure they all have moments when they just need a moment away from the Brady-mania. I give her a break. I was thinking that Florence would probably have done this show, but Bob Reed wouldn't have touched it with a thirty-foot pole. Ann B. Davis may have done a one episode guest spot. And I echo the comments wondering who would want this place when they are done. It's not like the Brady home was a more classic 50s/early to mid 60s mid-century design. It was a fairly ugly late 60s/early 70s look that even when new, doesn't look great. Just looking at IMDB, she appeared on five Love Boat episodes, and six episodes of Fantasy Island. I would say she did several guest spots on each show, but given the number of episodes each of those shows produced, I don't think I would call her a regular.
  14. I believe it is this picture being referenced. It wasn't from a specific episode. Rather, it was a cast publicity shot.
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