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  1. Wow. Brooke is completely out of control. That scene with her screaming at Eladio was scary. Uzo was just amazing. You see her lose it, recognize that she's lost it, then try to regain some kind of control over the situation all over the course of a minute or two. I can't even speak about Colin. The whole thing was ridiculous. I don't believe for even a moment Brooke would have let him into her house, after his banging on her door and scaring her, whether she was drinking or not. I'm also very surprised she was going to continue seeing him. I was not expecting that after last week
  2. My DVR picked up the season 6 opening episodes where Allison and Carlene are introduced. I really don't know what they were thinking with the Allison character. Maybe it was just that Julia Duffy was not right for the part, but it's like she was the worst version of Suzanne with absolutely no charm. I mean, Suzanne could do and say ignorant things, but you almost had to forgive her because she was played in a way that made her kind of outrageous and lovable. Allison just acts like someone who has never interacted with humans before, and it is really alienating for a character that is suppo
  3. That's interesting. I did a little search on Vimeo and you can see a number of actors auditioning for parts on the show. I saw some Dees, Scooters, Verns and some other minor roles. I think this is probably it. She was a frump, and her home reflected that. I would suspect as she her social cachet rises, her surroundings will reflect her new position.
  4. Yeah, given his whole presentation that day was one big lie, from performatively waiting for Hannah to show up to a session she had never been invited to, to admitting he had lied about his relationship with Hannah and inviting her to the session, I got why Brooke was so upset.
  5. It was an interesting situation. I thought Uzo was great. You could feel something change in her the moment Colin brought up his vasectomy. I did think some of Brooke's reaction and anger was more about her own baby-related issues than anything Colin was saying, but she was right in the sense that she is just wasting her time if Colin is going to be lying to her.
  6. I mean, Bertram is a serial killer. He selects people to kill, then murders them. He might have an elaborate justification system to explain his actions, at least to himself, but when it comes down it to it, it's just murder.
  7. Yes, it was like that old Seinfeld episode where the woman wore her bra as a top. It was an odd look for someone who was so concerned about showing up their father. I feel like this is some kind of con as well, though maybe not, since he apparently is a legitimate law school student? Though I kind of feel like everything involving Sam is kind of superfluous at this point? You could lift him out of the series and I don't think it would have any real effect on the overall show.
  8. Who puts an open cat litter on a nightstand right next to someone's bed? Even if you weren't expecting someone to be sleeping in that bed, who does that? I think Kayla is funny in small amounts, and great for a quick gag. However, I think this particular episode pushed her behavior way past the level of plausibility. I think that detracts from what the show is trying to do. I found myself not really caring. How long have those two even been together? A month? Six weeks? I wasn't particularly invested in whether they would make it.
  9. My guess is when they are actually close to filming, she'll go back to the red.
  10. A reminder to everyone. This thread is about the episode in question, not a general discussion about policing. Please stay on topic. If anyone has questions, please send a PM and myself or @WendyCR72 will be happy to assist you.
  11. I'll admit I don't know how it works in terms of storywriting and credit on a tv show, but am I wrong in thinking that if they are directly using Ava's ideas, she would need to be credited on the show?
  12. I think it was less about the job search, and more about the lying. Deborah and Ava are in a moment, trying out a new act, where they need to trust one another. Ava telling Deborah to trust her in one breath, while lying about what she was doing in the next, is too much.
  13. I don't love Brooke's interactions with her AA sponsor, Rita. Maybe it's just a repeating theme of the season, but they seem to have a really bad sense of boundaries. I feel like Brooke needs some serious professional help in dealing with her issues over the baby she put up for adoption and those surrounding her father. That isn't Rita's role, and she can't really serve as a substitute. It also sounds like Brooke and Rita have badly blurred the lines between being sponsor/sponsee and friends, and Rita is kind of giving into Brooke's manipulations not to leave her, when Rita really needs to
  14. I see your point. I was thinking more that I can't imagine someone declining to move to Manhattan because of AIDS.
  15. Parts of Manhattan have always been desirable and expensive, like Park Avenue in the 70s and 80s and the Upper East Side. Now there certainly were undesirable areas of Manhattan in the 80s/90s that have gentrified like Harlem, but it wasn't like the whole borough was a version of Escape from New York until the late 90s. And honestly, who was declining to live in Manhattan because of AIDS? I think at some point, I can just write off the season as mostly wish fulfillment. I wouldn't have been shocked if Christopher came up with a magical fertility treatment that somehow allowed Blanca
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