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  1. True. This has to be the most glamorous psychiatric facility in history. No wonder they don't have a budget to hire new nurses, it all went for chandeliers and other stylized light fixtures.
  2. I don't think you fly from Germany to Los Angeles for a weekend trip. The flight alone can be nearly 14 hours. I caught this series on Amazon, and did not watch it during its original run on CBS. I enjoyed it, but also see how it eventually ran out of steam. The cast is great, but way too large. It also felt like the writing dropped off substantially after the first season. I don't love it when storylines require otherwise normal characters to be stupid and it felt like they went back to that well way too much. The finale also felt tacked on and weird. My assumption was that they had a good idea that the show wouldn't be renewed, so they tried to give things a definite end, while leaving the story open enough to undo all those decisions. For example, the idea that a German company would hire Matt as its Art Director, but seemingly not communicate with him in English (when there was no suggestion the character understood German) was bizarre. Tim and Heather suddenly deciding to have another baby was another strange choice. All in all, it's a watchable series, and I thought Zoe Lister-Jones was a particular standout.
  3. The script for the movie was written by Ginsburg's nephew, so I'm sure he had an interest in getting it right. I also doubt RGB would have participated if they presented an inaccurate depiction of her late husband or children for the sake of creating drama.
  4. That's very true. I give them some leeway with that, only because I'm sure when the Borg were first introduced, they did not have every single thing completely sketched out, and certain ideas about them were allowed to evolve to fit into the day to day of a weekly series.
  5. I didn't mind not seeing them, as I didn't find them particularly interesting. I think only two of the ones who survived even had speaking parts. I would have liked to see some more fallout from the Doctor's program being altered. I appreciated that Seven handled it in a practical matter, but I'd think the Doctor would have been fairly traumatized by it. I also thought Janeway was a little too quick to forgive Chakotay for his insubordination, and would have liked to see some continued tension in their relationship. The look Janeway gives Chakotay when he overrode her plan for how to get information from the captured Equinox crew member was just so good, and I would have been happy to see her demote him to Neelix's kitchen assistant.
  6. You might be thinking of Harriet Hayes on Studio 60. I believe that character was supposed to be based in part on Chenoweth. I get the limitations of a tv show, and how it is much easier for the position to be filled by an existing cast member, but in reality, CJ doesn't have the experience or background to do the job. In terms of the cast, she is a logical choice because they wanted to move Josh off into campaign storylines and Toby as a character was all wrong for the position, but I never thought realistically that CJ should get that job.
  7. In fairness, the Borg Queen had the same armored form fitting look going on, and her appearance predated 7 of 9 by a number of years. I was watching the show on Netflix. Equinox is a good two-parter. It's easy for the Voyager crew to judge, but I do think Ransom has a point that when you are truly desperate, you start making decisions that you might otherwise never have made. I don't say that to excuse what they were doing, but I don't get the impression Janeway has ever been in a position of being that desperate. It reminded me a little bit of that episode where that alien disguised his ship to make it seem like it was a Federation vessel in order to get vengeance on Janeway for the deal she made with the Borg. She was held to account and offered a similar justification of doing what they needed to do and not having a choice.
  8. I thought they had an actual relationship, no? I vaguely recall her being devastated when they killed him off.
  9. I think it's less that "Greg has every right to cheat on Joan," and more an understanding that things happen in a war zone, and what happens there can stay there.
  10. She'd be on top, making him eat salad with light dressing while she chowed down on ribs.
  11. Yeah, who can forget that old TNG episode where the Enterprise somehow got pregnant from magic space dust and had a baby following a very tedious train metaphor.
  12. I don't know that is taking Steve's side, so much as pointing out that the marriage appeared troubled prior to Steve's cheating.
  13. In this particular situation, Greg was the victim of his wife's deception. His later actions don't change what Joan did. The writers just made it very easy to let her off the hook by having him abandon his son.
  14. The reality is that will readings mostly only exist in television and movies, unless you have a family that is just into drama. What generally happens is a lawyer or the administrator of the estate may contact you to tell you that you were left something, and a person who is a beneficiary can request and review a copy of the will. My impression from Roger was that he was leaving his inheritance to Kevin because he viewed Margaret as a lost cause. I do wonder if Margaret comes back into the fold, whether Kevin is back out again. Or heck, maybe Marie will figure out a way to get everything if she and Roger are still married when he dies.
  15. Maybe those who were very close to Roger and knew it was happening may wonder, but otherwise, no. If it had been me, I probably would have just thought he mellowed with age, and not really given it such scrutiny. I really wouldn't look at the situation and immediately presume it was actually a soap opera I was observing. After all, that old saying about hearing hooves and not thinking zebras exists for a reason. Also, look at Peggy. She had all the telltale signs of having had been pregnant (i.e. large weight gain, suddenly vanishing for a month or two and returning back as a slimmer version of herself), but it seemed the rumor with regards to her was that she went to a fat farm.
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