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  1. In fairness, I think it was that the anecdote Lorelai did give made Richard sound like a lousy parent. I get that Lorelai felt put on the spot, but I also think she could have done better. I did think Emily was unfair in her reaction, but it was obviously a very high emotion day.
  2. The whole thing was one inexperienced doctor away from disaster. Maybe this kind of thing may work with simple surgeries, but from an insurance and liability standpoint, it felt way too risky. I loved their talk. Addison may not agree with Amelia's feelings, but she respected them and aside from a small sidebar about wuv, didn't get bogged down into trying to convince her that her feelings were wrong and she should do what Linc wants. If he only knows her as a heavier looking person, she says nothing about the pregnancy and he isn't around for any obvious sign
  3. That's exactly what Iggy was doing. Iggy was not trying to manipulate Helen, nor he was seeking to abuse her in any form. Questioning her by itself is not gaslighting.
  4. That isn't gaslighting. Gaslighting is a form of abuse where you try to manipulate someone into questioning their reality. That isn't what Iggy was doing.
  5. If he was right (and Helen agreed he was right that her initial recollections were wrong), and his intention was not to try and manipulate Helen, how is it gaslighting? It isn't just Iggy's opinion. The whole idea of recovered memories is very controversial in psychiatry.
  6. I don't know. Helen was ready to throw away their friendship, and insisted that he was wrong because she had a similar experience to her patient. I viewed it like: "How might Helen feel if Iggy insisted he knew more than she did about cancer treatment, and cited an anecdote as evidence that he knew more?" Iggy's testimony and argument wasn't that the rape could not have happened. His argument was that recovered memories are inherently unreliable. I also meant to note that if anyone is a fan of Mad Men, Dr. Reynold's patient was Henry Francis' mother on the show.
  7. Hey Max, if you could look up the inscription on that item, the woman claiming it as her own could look up the inscription on that item. Just saying, there are reasons that a person looking to have art that was looted returned often needs to show actual proof of past ownership. I also don't believe for a moment a prosecutor is going to bring a criminal charge against someone solely based on a recovered memory. There have been questions raised about the accuracy of recovered memories for a long time. I kind of wanted Iggy to read Helen the riot act given what a giant baby she was being
  8. I do feel some sympathy for Linda with the attacks on her appearance. I think she is an awful person, but how she looks really has nothing to do with anything. I wish we had gotten more interactions between Hillary and Bill before this episode just to see how they are with one another when they are not engulfed in a massive scandal. She's been such a non-presence in the series up to this point.
  9. I mean, he's her meal ticket. I figure she'll go along with what he wants or says until either she can't take it anymore, or she no longer needs him. I agree. She was a bigger player in the first season, then really went into the background as season 2 went on. I agree. His behavior feels manic to me. He's on a high of thinking he has taken down his dad, and has not really come back to reality yet.
  10. It reminded me of the L&O episode where the juror was enamored with Rubirosa.
  11. It was summer school (possibly no bus), and she had been driven to school in the morning. Linda had called her mom to ask for a ride when school let out, but her mother told her that she was too busy and that Linda should walk home.
  12. My presumption was that it was a garbled nod to Jack and the Beanstalk where Kendall is Jack and Logan is the giant.
  13. txhorns79

    Scream Franchise

    Placement in the the time leading up to Christmas is traditionally thought of as a sign of confidence by a movie studio. It's why you see studios releasing movies they believe will be big award winners at that time. They aren't always right, but that is typically the thought. I tend to think that because Scream 4 did poorly at the US box office, the January placement for Scream 5 is not a good sign.
  14. Yeah, Nancy's behavior was extremely irresponsible and she's very luck to have people at Nonatus House to bail her out. I really liked Shelagh's yellow flower outfit. It was such a different look for her, and the yellow was stand out in an episode filled with people wearing orange.
  15. $50.4 million debut, even with it being available to stream on Peacock! I really hated that. I like Judy Greer, and I thought the character was much more interesting than her daughter. I'd have to disagree. It's not brave. It's foolhardy. I will say I was kind of amused that for all the people who were armed with guns this movie, Michael was lucky that most of the town are terrible shots.
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