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  1. I think he was wearing some kind of arm cover. You can find pictures of him online, and see what the tattoos under the arm cover look like. Perhaps they thought the tattoos would be too distracting (or maybe wouldn't make sense for the character), even more so than the covering.
  2. They probably would not have called her unless it was essentially a situation like they had here where they knew she would be hostile towards her husband, and was offering them testimony to sink him. The 911 call testimony only was effective because of testimony Grace gave on direct. It would have been a big risk to call her otherwise.
  3. I like Lily Rabe and think she is talented, but I did feel as though she was kind of discount Laura Dern here.
  4. Yes, when they showed the real people at the end, I did a double take. If the movie is going to win any awards, it should be for that.
  5. Began streaming on Netflix on 11/24/20. For me, the movie was just okay. There are a number of issues the movie touches on, like what happens when industry abandons what is essentially a company town, and the easy access to drugs that has flooded these areas, but the movie seems unwilling or unable to really explore that. Instead, you get a de-glammed Amy Adams yelling a lot, and perhaps a little too much home spun wisdom from Glenn Close.
  6. Season 9 of Roseanne would argue against this thesis. I find this whole storyline bizarre. Even if you think Jackie is being a dipstick in how she is handling this guy, she's made it clear several times that she is not interested. I don't get why that cannot be enough.
  7. I think having to go back and forth multiple times because you forgot stuff indicates a poor lack of organization, and doesn't make you or your crew look particularly good. I suppose also if you are a guest, it would be annoying if it takes five or ten minutes to get what you requested because the crew forgot it on the boat.
  8. In fairness, that was nearly 25-30 years ago. She's been through a lot since that point in time. It's also one of those things where Becky likely doesn't see the bigger picture, i.e. that all her time spent looking at the kid adds up to 45 minutes of time. I was honestly a little surprised she was so openly hostile to her boss when her boss was having dinner in the house. She keeps up that attitude and the only thing she's going to be getting in the future may be unemployment.
  9. I honestly thought someone would bring up that they are freaking out over Diane's relatively chaste outfits, while Bow's boobs are about to burst out of her skintight yoga outfit. I did laugh when Dre said the only thing between Diane and maternity pants could be a breath mint.
  10. In fairness, now that we know Huck is her daughter, that could have been the "her" being referenced. She may have been glad her daughter was not there to see the bloodbath.
  11. I have no clue what was going on there. How could so many things be forgotten?
  12. I never understood the purpose of forcing people to volunteer in order to graduate high school. To me, it turns what should be rewarding work into a chore, and seems more like virtue signaling. I also have to wonder why James seems to think he is on vacation. Are there really people who apply for this show and have never seen an episode?
  13. I was surprised, as I thought they were setting it up to be Hope. (i.e. adopted, looks somewhat like Julia Ormond, etc.) Unless Huck is really sheltered, I'm not entirely sure how the person who killed her fellow marines rather than let a bunch of innocent people be killed, is in league with the Civic Republic. I get that she may not have been aware of what they planned for the campus colony, but surely that was not their first foray into mass slaughter of innocent people. And I did feel for Silas. I can't imagine how traumatized I would be if I killed my abusive parent, only to have him come back up as a zombie and try to kill me again.
  14. I appreciated Hayley destroying Detective Mendoza on the stand. To me, he's been so smug throughout the episodes, it was nice to see him taken down a peg. That's why you pay for the best for your criminal trial.
  15. Yes, it was an awful episode. Carisi can't control his grand jury. He seemed entirely unprepared for the witness to lie. And dear God, so much speech-ifying and Liv taking advice from stupid Noah. Hey Noah, someone in Liv's position doesn't run off and apologize to someone suing the police department, because it can be used against the department. I realize your grown ass mother apparently doesn't understand that, but I do and no one asked your opinion.
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