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  1. Fair enough, I figured Philly is a big east coast city with lots of universities, so it must be as diverse as NY. I knew I recognized Kevin and it was from this video discussed on FB awhile back! My friend group determined that he was likely only trying to date white women- thus the disappointment- and side-eyed the heck out of him.
  2. I just started ep. 5. Kevin’s hot and seems nice, so I wonder about his “I was the only Asian kid in Philadelphia”- really? , “I had so many lonely birthdays” lines. Christine seems just as phony as the one on “Selling Sunset”. Anna’s cool. Andrew yelling at Kelly on the phone sounded unhinged, can’t believe she wanted to talk that through- run far away!
  3. I just started this on Netflix, it’s supposed to be “real life Crazy Rich Asians” of L.A. Entertaining so far.


    I’m enjoying it so far, finance shows usually bore me.
  5. There’s a new MM podcast out by Roberta Lipp of the Basket of Kisses fan page called “They Coined It”. They discuss one episode a week and are up to 2:2.


    Just started this show, and all the teens look close to 30. Heh, I thought we were past that era of tv.
  7. If Elena's murder was pre-meditated, he might have been clever enough to know that another Jonathan Fraser would be attending the same conference to provide an alibi. I would assume pediatric oncology is a small enough field to know that there's another guy with your same fairly common name.
  8. Listening to the podcast version now. Wow, thirty years! 12 almost 13 year old me would never believe I’d still be an avid fan of this show.😊
  9. Cute and fluffy so far. I love a Darren Star series.
  10. I’m surprised that I’m liking Christine in season 2. I think she’s good at her job, and I admired the way that she didn’t cave to Adnan. Overall, her strong personality went to better uses than office cat-fighting. I wonder if the twins will reassess Maya’s Miami expansion idea post-Covid? They do seem more like “New York guys” in temperament, but many of the rich people are leaving. You can tell that Mary sooo does not want to have more kids. I think she wants to enjoy her success, good looks, and hot young husband. Next season’s drama is already written.
  11. Watching season 3, episode 4. Why are they having Friendsgiving at the office instead of one of the twin’s homes? I guess it was already set up for filming, but this seems to be an annual event, and the office is not even that spacious. Weird. Loved Christine’s whole wedding aesthetic. I thought she was going for the sparkly on top dress, but the full sparkly one did look good in black.
  12. These white jacket over a clubbing dress “scientist” outfits are hilarious.


    Yeah, I’m almost done with episode 4. Did they ever explain why the Utrax program is only girls?


    Anyone watching season 2?
  15. I wondered why Kwame didn’t get a motel room with the new guy? Threesome with a stranger is the first option? Really? Or at least ask to borrow a friend’s place if money is tight.
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