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  1. Luke: Here is your birthday surprise...er, where's your mom? Agree about Jackson. Doyle's presence and "friendship" was entirely circumstantial. Michel was gay. Zach, etc, were not their friends. Just people they encountered.
  2. I'm annoyed that every male character on this show was only nice to R and L bc they were related to them or wanted in their pants. That includes Chris and Luke who pretty much were into Rory mostly as a means to get to Lorelai. But we are supposed to like these guys?
  3. I think she left after the Jason thing because Richard again had gone against her and partnered with him, then he risked their entire financial future to capitalize the company and didn't tell her, and finally he went back to Lloyd despite everything. The not telling her part was just another straw on the camel's back of his ongoing deception and disrespect.
  4. Anyone talking like that would not be allowed in my home. Period. In fact, my father-in-law's wife (not my MIL - long-divorced) is such a psycho b***** to everyone (except me - don't know why), she is not allowed in my home. She has not even been rude to me and I won't let her in. I can't understand letting in people who are directly rude to your loved ones.
  5. I think Richard was a real jerk to his wife...a lot. Letting his mother treat her like crap. The whole P Lott lunch thing. Diminishing/minimizing her activities/contributions. The condescension. Never consulting her/talking to her about career decisions. Hitting her with a car??!!!
  6. stan4

    Season 2

    Oh, yes. We can always find examples of other people acting worse than Jess did. Lorelai and Rory are the least likely candidates in my book of shining examples of outstanding humanity. In fact, I think they're kind of awful people with no insight to their own behavior. On the whole, though, Jess is a pretty big jerk overall. If we just use decent people as a benchmark and not a couple of self-absorbed nitwits.
  7. stan4

    Season 2

    He used Shane like a tissue and again is getting credit for acting like a normal human being and breaking up with her. We never saw it, so we don't even know how he did it. Amazing.
  8. She strikes me as the kind of person who makes it all about it being someone else's fault.
  9. Prolly bc Mrs Kim knew Luke was a no-nonsense curmudgeonly soulmate. Lane was almost never at Luke's with them at breakfast. And she did go to the inn one morning before school (when Rory got cookies from Sookie to give Dean). So they could have all always eaten breakfast at the inn. Free. And probably healthier and better tasting.
  10. How can there be a Saturday 6am breakfast crew if Luke doesn't even get there till 6? In order to cook, prep must be done, oil must be heated (that takes a good 20 minutes), etc. Also, when Lorelai forgets to paint with Luke, she is at the diner at 0615. The diner says closed - be back at 0600 (Luke says he is late, but the sign does say 6). Doesn't he live there? Where is he late from? Why is he opening it from outside? Why is it already light outside? So many issues...
  11. It always bothered me that Rory and Lorelai don't know how their kitchen appliances work but Rory made a steak, mashed potatoes, and green beans for Dean. Steak can be challenging to make well for an experienced cook. I suppose she could have used those disgusting potato buds to make the mashed potatoes. I dunno. Suspect.
  12. I would not say "for every." His being a dick on a daily basis far outpaced his sweet moments. God, when he yelled at that old woman about his boat...sheesh. And some people (Luke is like this) do a lot of things out of obligation to duty more than bc they really want to. While that is not a bad trait - honoring your perceived obligations - it's not exactly the same as doing something from the heart. Which is probably why he bitched and moaned about the funeral, Jess, his sister, almost every event with the Gilmores, etc. Luke and Jess get a lot of credit from fans for what basically passes as normal human decency. It's weird. Especially since most of that "wonderful" behavior is directed at the people they want to sleep with.
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