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  1. Out of the hospital and into rehab. Getting better slowly. Will be home hopefully soon. Thanks, its nice to be thought about.
  2. I never saw dessert. A three star dinner with no dessert? I would not have been happy.
  3. I don't know why it was blocked.. I missed you all so much. I am in rehab now to build my strength up to go home. So many antibiotics they had to put in a Hickman port. So glad to be back.
  4. I felt the same way you did when I heard that letter. I only hope that wasn't the first one but the one she likes the best.
  5. Thank you. Can't believe about the car.
  6. Anyone ever hear what happened to the rental car that Tracie left somewhere?
  7. Don't know if it's me or another Reality you are checking on but I have been very sick. In hospital for 33 days, moved to rehab to prepare for return home. Got some infection that they can't figure out and am back in the hospital. Say a prayer they can figure it out. Just know starting to hold my head up long enough to read. I missed you guys!
  8. I saw that and yelled the tv. Scared the cat to death! Was she raised in a barn?
  9. Every time I saw Ramona starry eyed at Mario at the party this song came to mind.
  10. Just watched the pilot. Was looking forward to seeing Aldis, one of my favorites. Not too impressed, will watch the second episode before I judge further.
  11. I just wish Megan's daddy would have been able to knock some sense into her. Apparently not.
  12. It's looks more like Taco Bell is paying for the placement. OEP comes out looking so bad.
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