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  1. mcjen

    S06.E17: Reunion

    Like others, I don't mean to suggest that Kate and Josiah's behavior was okay. But neither do I feel it's fair to say everyone could see Caroline was on edge. When she gave her two days' notice the evening before, Caroline seemed pretty calm and collected. Then she slept in the next morning, and, when Josiah stopped by her room to let her know they were working, she brushed him off, sleepily and rudely, and declared she had no intention of working. My recollection is that they never laid eyes on her again because she locked the door to her room. Only Ross was shown turning off the music and entering Caroline's room, and so certainly he was able to see how worked up she was. Exactly when in the timeline of events K & J sat outside her room and indulged in their herpes dialogue is unclear to me. While I won't pretend it completely absolves them, I am inclined to see Kate and Josiah as exhausted and aggravated by covering Caroline's work load for weeks, only to have her give her notice in the most blatantly f*** you manner she could orchestrate before the entire crew. Then she threw down another gauntlet the next morning by refusing to even put in the two days' work she had willingly obligated herself to only the night before. Despite seeing all her bat-shit crazy behavior in the prior weeks, I'm not sure I don't blame K & J for possibly concluding at that point that Caroline was less a victim of illness (physical, mental or both) and more of a manipulative, malingering bitch. Just my take.
  2. mcjen

    S03.E03: Et in Arcadia

    Of Lucy Worsley: I hate to say it but it drives me nuts the way she can't seem to pronounces her "r's." She sounds a bit like an upper class Elmer Fudd. If I didn't enjoy her sly sense of humor and the enthusiasm she brings to all her topics so much, this would likely bother me, too (it's my kind of thing), but I hardly even hear it with Lucy anymore. Wikipedia says she worked with a speech therapist to try to correct the problem "to no avail". I find knowing she tried to be endearing!
  3. mcjen

    S06.E15: Shame Cocoon

    And I think that was a classic case of miscommunication: for Kate, the important part of the pseudo-suggestion was "so we should just stay up and watch her?", but I don't think the primary's friend even registered that part of her remark. I don't think the guest truly intended that Kate and/or Josiah sit up to watch over the primary all night. I suspect she thought it was something they could all just tiptoe away from, not reckoning on the liability situation it might create for My Seanna.
  4. mcjen

    S05.E19: What Happens In The Cave

    You said it. As Floki's manic giggle turned to a great cry of outrage, and then as the mountain erupted around him, I was literally holding my breath, so expecting to hear him either shout or perhaps whisper (after the cave in), "Aethelstan." I was disappointed it didn't happen, but it perhaps it would only have been a case of gilding the lily. The point had already been made. Nice callback, show. Nope. One more episode. They ran the preview ten minutes or so into the new show "Knight Fight".
  5. mcjen

    S06.E15: Shame Cocoon

    Seriously. That was all I got out of it, too. And that Chelsea was apologizing for being "ten minutes late", but the primary totally did not accept her apology (she called it fake or something) and went off on her completely. So much drama over such a little thing! I don't get it.
  6. mcjen

    Laura: A Sorey, Sorey Excuse for a Stew

    Thanks for taking the time to cull all these quotes. I thought sure Laura had made a comment in her first episode about being in yachting less than 3 years, which left me wondering exactly how experienced she was. Or wasn't. If a person was yachting constantly over 2 1/2 years, I guess that would be quite a lot of experience, but I've never had a strong impression that these people go immediately into their next job. (Probably some do and some don't. ) At any rate, as you say, her story has been noticeably inconsistent.
  7. mcjen

    S05.E18 Baldur

    I feel ya. My attention wanders so much now during episodes, turning the channel during commercials and "forgetting" to turn back, mostly because I care so little now. Can't even count how many times I've nodded off halfway through. Like you, I've watched from the beginning. And I expect I'll stay through the end, if with little enthusiasm. Which pains me, remembering how intrigued I was in the early years.
  8. mcjen

    S05.E18 Baldur

    It was a hole in the ground. You didn't miss much.
  9. mcjen

    S05.E18 Baldur

    I was surprised at the Danish king referring to Ubbe as Ubbe Lothbrok. Wouldn't he be known as Ubbe Ragnarsson?
  10. mcjen

    S05.E17: The Most Terrible Thing

    I'll start by admitting that, of all the stupid things that happened in this and other recent episodes, this is going to seem ridiculously trivial, but...my eyes couldn't roll back far enough to express my disdain for the "surprise" of Alfred's arrival at his brother's burial. Seriously? The king of Wessex lies unconscious, suffering a mysterious ailment, possibly dying...and the suggestion seems to be that there was NOBODY with him? Even allowing that Judith felt she had to put in an appearance at the service for Aethelred, there would still have been a sizable contingent of healers, members of his council, high lords, not to mention his own wife, hovering in or very near by Alfred's room. But, nope. We're supposed to picture this king coming to, with no one around him (except, possibly, servants?), so that he has to drag himself through the palace, unable to learn any news or alert anyone until he arrives in the chapel to ask, "Hey, guys - what's up?" Looks like there's no perks to being royal!
  11. mcjen

    S05.E16: The Buddha

    One can only hope. I just want to not see her dumb hairstyle anymore. For gosh sake, every other woman at court has long hair that covers both ears - the one woman who only has one ear has to adopt a hair style to emphasize that fact?
  12. mcjen

    Vikings Sightings In The Media

    Read the Hirst article, the second or third such I've encountered this season. And, while I might grant a meager point or two from them collectively, overall the reaction that runs through my mind mostly is, oh god - a writer who believes his own bullshit as much as most actors do!
  13. mcjen

    S06.E11: Let Them Eat Chicken!

    Actually, I believe Ross hurried down from a deck above to assist with uncleating the line. I think he was only barely visible in one of the shots. However, I do think the cameraman got to it first.
  14. mcjen

    S06.E11: Let Them Eat Chicken!

    You make a reasonable point. I was assuming this business occurred on the first night of the charter, not the second. I don't record the show so I'd have to wait for it's next air time to check that. Not that it matters that much. :-)
  15. mcjen

    S06.E11: Let Them Eat Chicken!

    But even if there is only a single guest in a two-bed room, she surely doesn't know which one they would choose to use. So turning down both beds just makes sense to me.