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  1. I really cannot with this pajama dress. It is an instant drier-upper. I love that the two Black women got protective styles before the vacation.
  2. Curious to hear Bennett’s reasoning, as I’ve heard a few different approaches to this take on biological children.
  3. And there was Karen lying on the bed with her shoes on. SMH.
  4. I’m about halfway through this show, and when Aparna was on a date with Shekar and he said he loved being a lawyer and she was like “Wow, really?” I laughed, because I know lots of lawyers and most of them dislike it. The ones that do work about which they are genuinely passionate (e.g. public defenders) dislike being broke; the ones who have BigLaw jobs like the money but hate the work and hours. It sounded like Shekar works in a human-interest area of law (on his date with Nadia he said “when a refugee comes into my office...”) so he may be working in an area he’s passionate about; Aparna is general counsel for a company, which tends not to inspire as much passion. But I did laugh at that. Aparna is not the only unhappy lawyer out there. But damn, she hates a lot of things. Beaches. Comedy. Podcasts. Relaxing. Most of the people she goes on dates with. When she was with Shekar and he said he’s always wanted to go to Dubai, she says “that’s weird.” Why not tell him something about the place? “Make sure you bring sunscreen!” and then you talk about how hot it gets, and that leads to “the hottest place I’ve ever been ...” like, this is basic date stuff. I fell out when Shekar was trying to be all diplomatic but you could see he meant “NOPE.” Yes! I was like, "He ... is ordering a drink. Good Lord." How is he supposed to order food without talking to the server? Also, there's a saying that if a person is nice to you but not nice to folks in the service industry, they're not actually a nice person. That's what I think about Aparna so far - she's just not a nice person. Like, Nadia seems like a warm person. Aparna really doesn't.
  5. Yeah. And then complaining about Nina's grief, how she sits in Keisha's room every day ... like, her child is missing. Even if Keisha was dead, two months is still too early for the "you need to try to function again" talk, especially when it's your child.
  6. He’s right, though. It’s tacky as hell for them to be lazing all over furniture they didn’t pay for and having her place a mess. They’re not motivated to move out because they don’t have to be. She needs to start charging them rent. Not much, but something. I heard a financial advisor say parents should charge their adult children 25% of their take-home pay. I also don’t buy that Emmett would go behind Sonny’s back like that. I DO buy that he would fuck LaLa (who, yet and still, can’t act. Keisha has so much work ahead of her in order to be healthy again. Seeing her in bed with her captor (when they showed him getting out of bed, I thought “if they show his bare ass, I will lose it”) so that it was made plain what she was going through, and then seeing her lose hope with that noose, and then seeing her scared of Ronnie because she didn’t know if she could trust him ... oh, that was so hard. I’m so glad she’s home but she’s far from okay. I’m not ready to see Kevin having sex.
  7. Oh, I didn’t mean they should break up; just that her not moving for a residency shouldn’t be on the table - especially since, as you say, the jobs Bennett works don’t really exist anymore in the age of COVID, unfortunately. He’s not really anchored. I guess we’ll see where they end up.
  8. I would have a serious come to Jesus talk with anyone in my life who was talking about giving up a promising medical career for a man she met a month before who, for all intents and purposes, works a series of odd jobs that he could do anywhere.
  9. Right. Both their main objectives should be to keep her out of jail. You can lose 20 minutes pretty easily - one traffic jam & she’s late. It’s actually pretty selfish of him, in my opinion, to insist on marrying her RIGHT THEN when he knows she has somewhere important to be. If they’re going to be together forever, they can wait a week. Someone once told me, when someone wants you to decide something on the spot it’s because they know if you took time to think about it you’d say no. I think that’s what he’s doing.
  10. Okay, Maurice is kind of great. He’s got a good positive spirit and he’s really funny. Why wouldn’t he parole where his wife lives? He’s had two years to get that changed!
  11. The older Black guy we met for the first time this episode seems like a decent dude. Reasonably good-looking. Why not Match.com, sir?
  12. Amani’s last relationship ended because she found out her boyfriend was actually married. So: not great.
  13. Someone asks him about whether he’d be willing to move for her residency and they don’t show his answer. It’s a very fair question.
  14. I noticed a sizeable rock on Trishelle’s finger; a quick Google search tells me she’s married. I more got the vibe that the brunette had “he’s supposed to be paying attention to ME” intentions. Trishelle didn’t seem to care that much about Henry; she just seemed drunk. The brunette was the one who was talking shit about everything & saying she didn’t respect Christina or the marriage.
  15. It made me think of the Denzel Washington movie Flight, in which he played a pilot who is an alcoholic.
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