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  1. I had a similar thought - if she’s his best shot, life with his mother must have been awful. They said his mother is an addict - I’m guessing she’s deep in her addiction. That pickle lady is … unwell, right? Married three times by 30? She seems very intense. I cannot with that toupee. Does he really look at that thing askew on his head, with his very gray temples and think “I look great?” Nobody told him? Also he met her on Seeking Arrangement yet seems confused about what that means. She’s in it for money. She’s not even pretending not to be; that’s the entire point of that site. Go
  2. Does Adam know Brooke is an alcoholic? I assume so since he knows about Rita and he's known Brooke all of her adult life. If so, this is a really toxic relationship - he shouldn't be drinking with her.
  3. I think she was also mad that she'd gotten fooled. As a psychologist she knows narcissists exist - she said she didn't want to treat them anymore, so I assume she's had narcissistic patients before. She's heard it all, she knows people are capable of lying. I think she was mad that he'd wasted their time and that he'd been lying to her off rip. When she put it all together, you could see a shift within her (great work by Aduba). I also think the "you made her feel ashamed" was more about Brooke giving up her baby and feeling shame about it, although I would guess that Hannah did feel asha
  4. Why - WHY - are people letting him walk around like that?? There is amazing fake hair technology, including for men, that you don't have to have millions to take advantage of, and he claims to have millions so what is he doing? I used to work with a guy who had a toupee that was this bad (it was both the wrong color and did not fit properly, so you could actually see a bit of his horseshoe baldness) and people would avoid eye contact, it was so bad. He and Stan would have both been better off just going bald. I don't think people think anything of a bald older man, but we will do a double
  5. Why didn't anybody pull Uzo's wig down? The center part wig (Eladio's episode) was pushed back too far. Also, boyfriend whose name I can't recall, you can be an "us" with Brooke anytime you want. You don't need a kid to do that. That made me mad - "this could be the thing that makes us an us!" You have known this woman for something like 20 years; if you wanted to be a couple with her, you would be. I loved Brooke laying into Colin. When she snapped and said she thought she was past treating narcissists, I jumped. I am not sure how professional that was, but I loved that she had his
  6. Emmett really needs to grow up. He's a married father of THREE (he has two other kids by two other women that the show mentions when it's convenient), he's trying to run a business. He's grown. He's been way too fucking coddled. HE needs to be there for JADA, not the other way around. And it looks like they're still doing it next episode. Break up with him, Jemma, damn. And Jake is trifling too. I like that Tabitha Brown is going to be the adoptive mother. Cuz that's her business. (Look up her videos on IG or Tik Tok if you don't know.) I am not fully following the rescue sto
  7. There are some things where I think, "just do that yourself." Having cabinets painted (I would not DIY that) is one. Buying new appliances is another. Whenever someone says they want new appliances, my first thought is "then buy new appliances."
  8. Whenever they have a 24-year-old on the show who's like "I've tried everything to find someone, this is my last hope" I roll my eyes.
  9. Yes - definitely watch Pose. It just (like, last week) ended for good after its third season but the first two seasons are on Netflix. It's worth watching for Dominique but there are other great cast members too (Billy Porter won an Emmy for his performance). He had a very distinctive voice (I didn't like it) but no Chicago accent - neither of them had them. I assumed they were transplants. I think tattoos are pretty mainstream but there are places I don't think they look good, e.g. the neck and the back of the hands. That guy had both. It doesn't if your budget allows you
  10. I actually like that - hope there will be some more maturity with this group.
  11. New season Texas couples. Another interracial couple and the first Asian couple ever on the franchise.
  12. I think - and I am nobody's authority on this - that there are some instances where people are addicted to hard drugs but not alcohol. Someone with more knowledge should feel free to check me if I'm wrong, though.
  13. Also Dom is dating Emmett's dad and no one has mentioned an age difference there so I assume she's closer to his dad's age than his. Either Emmett slept with someone much older than he is, as you say, or his dad is sleeping with someone much younger than he is. It's that age-old double standard of how May-December relationships are only acceptable when it's the man who's older. This open marriage is going to be a disaster. Really, they shouldn't have gotten married in the first place.
  14. Did the Orange County, NY guy say he worked in the city? That's a hike. I used to work with a woman who lived in Orange County and her commute was long - she worked remotely a few times a week to give herself a break. I think he said he was an electrician so I imagine he can work anywhere. So could she, as a teacher. I think she said she was a personal trainer on the side who wants to train clients at home. If that's true, she's going to need to build a client base where she is. NYC is full of trainers - no one needs to go 70 miles outside the city to be trained by her. The point is, y
  15. I don’t think he admitted to cheating, but I suspect this life coach thing isn’t on the up and up. It reminds me a little of Cecil and his friend. Simone said many times that she knew Cecil wasn’t sleeping with that friend but his friendship with her was too close for comfort. Scott’s is worse because at least Simone has always known Cecil’s friend - Scott blindsided Contessa.
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