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  1. This is a very safe assumption to make re: hotels in general, not just during the pandemic. I was in the audience of a talk show when I was in college. We weren't paid. It was actually an orientation activity, if you can believe that. Yeah. I feel this way more about Amelia than Bennett for some reason - Amelia feels like she's trying really hard (I think I would find her tiring if I knew her) and Bennett's quirks feel more organic. Bennett also feels more mature to me than Amelia. (Do they only use one toothbrush between them? I had an argument with an ex who used my toothbrush once. He was like, we have sex though, so is it really that weird? I was like, I understand your point but do not use my toothbrush, kthx.) I give Bennett credit for recognizing that, one, the pandemic has tremendous financial implications (how could he not recognize it when he can't do any of the jobs he does?), especially in New Orleans, and two, recognizing that his way of living isn't really conducive to raising a family, even if Amelia is the breadwinner. He was basically like "Yikes, I gotta get my shit together."
  2. I think that's what she meant, although I don't agree that discrimination overall is worse for Black men. I am quite certain that Karen knows she is a Black woman; speaking as one myself, this country doesn't let you forget it. Black women are killed by police too (see: Breonna Taylor), and racism and misogyny cut us down in myriad ways every day (see: the racial wealth gap), but if the BLM protests she was referring to were in the wake of George Floyd's killing, she was likely thinking, and recognizing that Miles was thinking, that Miles and all the other Black men she knows could find themselves in Floyd's position very easily. I would bet that both Miles and Woody have had encounters with the police that have left them shaken.
  3. This is what Miles was talking about - the idea that Black people are supposed to just keep moving along as though nothing is wrong, when so much is wrong. At the root of it is white people not wanting to be made uncomfortable. He wasn't OK and said so, as well he should have. Yes, a Black man being murdered in the street by state agents is a downer, but the problem is that it happened, not that Miles is upset about it. He, and we all, should be upset about it. I didn't get this either and if there was mention of testing, I missed it. Stay-at-home orders lifting and things reopening are, frankly, meaningless from a public health perspective; the pandemic hasn't gone anywhere, as evidenced by the uptick in cases. I had the same thought when Henry and Woody were talking at Henry's place (or it could have been Woody's; their apartments are identical) - clearly they were aware of COVID since they elbow-bumped instead of shaking hands or bro-hugging, but then why are y'all indoors, like 18 inches apart, with no masks? I would have been done with Christina when she happily (IIRC she was smiling in that flashback) announced that she used to lie all the time and she likes drama. That is a personality type I stopped dealing with long ago; she's too old for that shit.
  4. I think Ruby internalized the notion that Black people have to be twice as good to get half as far, so she has to come to the table with as many qualifications as possible. (The notion that Black people have to be twice as good as white people to get half as far was taught to me and literally every other Black person I know regardless of age.) She-as-Hillary told Tamara "They [white people] can't take your education away from you," which my parents were taught (and they listened; my mother has a Ph.D., my father has a master's). I can for sure see management, if Tamara ever tried to get ahead, telling her "This is a good job for you, you didn't even go to high school. Take some classes and we'll see," always moving the line.
  5. That was the perfect use of that song.
  6. What she needs to do is call that friend of hers who proposed to her last season, the one who looks like Jerry Springer. She would have a good, stable life with him. I suspect she likes the drama on some level.
  7. I absolutely love Donna Faye. She has clearly lived a life and seen some shit. I would watch a reality show about her, without question.
  8. Didn’t John say that the cops told him Lacey called them? The way I understood it was: Lacey and John went to a strip club, where he talked to another woman. Lacey and John went home & got into a fight. The cops showed up and arrested John. I think things had calmed down by the time they got there. When they were booking him, the cops told him that Lacey called them.
  9. He should also be worried that she called the cops on John when he did something she didn’t like. If Shane ever steps out of line with her she’ll do the same to him. She’s a terrible person.
  10. Damn, she’s the one who got John locked up?!
  11. The only reason Lacey called Shane is that John is in jail. Point blank period.
  12. Sarah met this dude weeks ago, he lives four hours away so they’ve probably only seen each other like three times, and he’s already met her kids?!
  13. Environmental compliance means she makes sure her company is adhering to environmental laws, regulations, and standards. I know lawyers who work in compliance in various industries. She was definitely about the single party life. I think the place she bought was close to OSU, which clearly mattered a lot to her. I can understand buying a condo, I just didn't really understand buying that condo. If she ever wants to live with another person, it's not going to work. Maybe it's rentable - if she's near campus she could rent it out to a student.
  14. No. I don’t think Brett and Olivia have either.
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