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  1. Empress1

    The Real Housewives Of Potomac

    Is that an UO? I like him too. His scene with Gizelle was nice, he's got a sense of humor about himself, and I thought it was sweet the way he said Candiace could have his seat and could he get her anything? Candiace posted some pictures of him with two of his kids on IG for Father's Day and it was cute. WTF have they been doing for ten months? The house isn't very big, what is going on? She CLEARLY has no idea what she's doing. I was with Karen on that hugging woman at the salt place. I cannot STAND when people you've just met just inform you that they're going to be all up in your personal space and hug you. I don't know you like that! Shake my hand!
  2. Empress1

    Spoilers For the Hulu Show

    The lack of racism makes no sense to me, @Umbelina. It's very explicit in the book and I don't believe that a country as stringently, virulently sexist as Gilead wouldn't also be racist - it goes against literally all of human history. I think you'd see striations appearing within the classes, particularly within the lower classes because you'd be trying to grab whatever power you could. I think Fred might have, at the beginning, but as they say, absolute power corrupts absolutely. His only goal now is to remain in power (and has anyone addressed what his demotion actually means? Because it doesn't appear to mean much). There's always been hypocrisy in people in power - I'm thinking about lawmakers who have spoken against homosexuality and abortion who have been caught in same-sex trysts, or who have been caught urging their mistresses to get abortions. I think Fred is just straight power-hungry at this point. Serena is the kind of person who believes that the system works because before, it worked for her and she believed she'd be the exception - she's the "I never thought leopards would eat my face!" woman. Now that she's seen the cracks in the system, she doesn't know what to do. Her inclination is still to believe in the system - her sympathy was for Naomi having her party ruined, not for Jeanine receiving a brutal beating.
  3. Empress1


    I know! It's like the one who was fired for stealing. "How dare I have consequences for my foul actions?" I felt terrible for Mari though, when her father kicked her out. Me too. Emma is the only one who is dealing with the financial realities of their situation. Running a bar and apartment building costs money. The bar appears to be hemorrhaging money. Emma is trying to deal with that. If Eddie doesn't want her to lease the wall (and it appears Emma is hesitant about that too, since they'd lose the mural entirely), she ought to come up with an actual solution to their problems. I'm sympathetic because in show time I think it's only been a few weeks since Vida died, but I need for Eddie to have more to do. Emma said Lyn had "taken a month" so does that mean the building brings in $14K a month? I assume Johnny and Lyn are end game? If I were the woman pregnant with his child, I'd kick his ass (or have someone else kick his ass).
  4. Empress1

    The Real Housewives Of Potomac

    That was SO pitiful.
  5. Empress1


    This is Kate Moennig. Nico does kind of look like her. Moennig also plays queer characters a lot - she's currently playing one now on grown-ish. I loved the neighbor telling Lyn that she was selfish and her actions were ugly and she didn't see how her fuckery affected people. I don't know why no one seems to be on the "get a job and pay it back" train (if Emma has the cash on hand to pay it off at once, Lyn could AND SHOULD pay Emma back). Lyn would drive me insane if I knew her; I'd have to keep her at a distance. She's that friend you see once a quarter and she talks incessantly about herself and her problems, all of which are of her own making.
  6. Empress1


    She just needs a J-O-B. Why not work retail since she's interested in fashion?
  7. Empress1

    S03.E04: God Bless the Child

    I can believe that they can convince themselves that the ritual rape isn't really rape, but Jeanine is standing there with one eye. Commander Putnam is missing a hand. Serena is missing a finger. Two teenagers - kids - were drowned as punishment while the whole town watched. Punishment in Gilead is always violent. They know this.
  8. Empress1

    Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup

    And he's so unattractive! With Caitlin and Matt, I could at least see why she found him attractive (until he opened his mouth). With Michael, there is nothing appealing about him to me. Nothing. Megan loves the drama - "my heart is pulling me like a magnet." Girl, shut up. She remains stupid. Her father, who seemed like he had good sense, must be mortified. Tracie looks terrible - she lost at least 40 pounds and she's gotten too thin. Clint remains stupid. Me too. At first I thought she'd been in county awaiting trial, but then they said she was on parole for two years, which made it sound like she should be done with punishment for that crime. But yikes - that's felony murder she's looking at. I saw a commercial for another season of Love After Lockup in August, I guess after this show ends, so that's at least four months of fuckery. EXCELLENT.
  9. Empress1

    S.09 E.01: Nice To Marry You

    I dated a guy 10 inches taller than I am (I'm 5'8", he was 6'6") and there was no issue. I love tall men so Matt looks good to me! Part of me wonders if she just wanted to go ahead and have sex and her virginity was freaking men out, so she figured, hey, I'll get married and it'll be OK to do it.
  10. Empress1

    Always Be My Maybe (2019)

    I read an article about how SF restaurateurs were having a hard time finding kitchen staff because it doesn't pay well enough to live on within reasonable commuting distance of the city, and who wants to commute two hours to work in a kitchen if there are restaurants where you actually live? One couple said they had a housing budget of $2K a month and the only things they could find with that were horrible studios or rooms in someone else's house. They ended up leaving SF altogether and moving to Boston - which is also expensive, but you could at least have a one-bedroom to yourself for that price! Even Oakland is expensive. It's like Brooklyn in NYC. It's pretty bonkers that the notion of a gainfully employed tradesman having his own apartment is unrealistic (this is a knock at gentrification, not at the comment).
  11. Empress1

    House Hunters

    Heh. I'm a lifelong urban northeasterner, so $2K a month for 3000 square feet of housing (which is what I think the wife said she wanted - not sure if that's how much they ended up with) doesn't sound high to me; I've seen people pay more for way less space (including on this very show!). I am sometimes surprised by how much stuff costs in parts of the country I don't know, which is why I like the show.
  12. Empress1

    S.09 E.01: Nice To Marry You

    Amber was pretty hyper and Matt seems very, very mellow. It might have been nerves on the wedding day for her, but he overall seems like a very mellow dude. If she gets amped up when she gets nervous or excited, she might feel like he's not getting excited enough when really, he just doesn't express emotion the same way she does. I've seen that dynamic play out before. I wonder if she's an extrovert? He seems like an introvert. That can work, but it takes a real understanding of the way each person functions, which they don't have yet. I get the impression that she has not had a romantic life of any kind for ten years. No dates, no hookups, no situationships, no flings, nothing. If she had had no committed relationship for ten years but she'd been going on dates, hooking up, being involved with people but not being "official" with them, etc. that would be one thing, but I really get the sense that she just shut that part of her life off altogether. The way she talks about how she put up walls makes me think that. She also tries to spin it as though she was too busy dating herself to date other people, but it sounds to me like she had a pretty standard life. She went to college, worked, got a master's, traveled ... all good things, but it's not like she was SO busy that she couldn't eke out time for a date now and then. If what happened in her high school relationship was so hard for her to get over that she'd completely shut herself off like that, I think she needs a therapist, not a husband. You saw Greg's "zoinks!" face when she told him.
  13. Empress1

    House Hunters

    She was so loud! I was like, is my volume all the way up? No? He's a cop and she was an office manager (I think - IIRC her title had "manager" in it), so $2K a month didn't strike me as out of reach. They were awful people though. Hidey hole hidey hole hidey hole!
  14. Empress1

    House Hunters

    I thought it was odd that the Nigerian house hunters (the man was named Chidi, which made me smile as I love the character in The Good Place with the same name) were looking in New Jersey. Not Montclair or Camden or Trenton ... just New Jersey. They spent way more than they planned - $100K more than their budget AND renovations. Yikes. They were nice though, and a good-looking couple. I liked that the wife was like, yeah, we need two sinks, I'm messy as hell.
  15. Empress1

    S04.E01 Pleasure is Black

    Or how she stole ten grand from Charley to bail out a kid who got caught with the weed NOVA sold him? (I will never let that go. The show has forgotten it but I haven't.) Talking about Blue's paternity is low. They haven't even discussed it with him yet, and may not have intended to; she's now forced their hand. At the VERY least, she should have given her family a heads-up rather than let them find out that she was planning to tell their business (and not just tell it, but offer shady-ass commentary) with the rest of the world.