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  1. She’s also on black-ish sometimes as the Johnson’s neighbor who is kind of clueless about race, so this was a funny turn for her.
  2. I had the same thought. I did laugh when Dad was like “this is my TWELVE YEAR OLD. He is TWELVE.” In other words, keep it child-friendly. It was the State Treasury Department, yeah. That cupcake thing killed me. I actually refuse to do that kind of party planning stuff at work because there is almost never any professional benefit to it - it’s just more work. The “Black women in a position my mom was in in the 60s” thing isn’t that much better now, sadly. The fact that she’s the only one with a master’s isn’t surprising either, and you’ll see that in lots of workplaces today
  3. I don’t even know why they included the teacher. There was no reason for it unless they intend to come back to it, but I don’t think they will.
  4. I noticed them too, and liked them. I thought she looked great in that sit-down, actually.
  5. Zach isn’t very experienced in relationships but I think he’s fundamentally a good guy who will make a good partner to someone someday. Michaela is … I don’t think she’s a bad person but she has much more work to do than Zach to be a good partner. And I have said I like her sisters, but I’m side-eyeing them for treating “hurricane Kay” like it’s a cute thing Michaela does sometimes, rather than a serious personality flaw. Tantrums aren’t acceptable. Also, Zach has said explicitly that her behavior is triggering for him, which nobody but him appears to be taking seriously.
  6. I would too; there’s lots to complain about. Although I would also end it.
  7. Tipsy Myrla is the best Myrla by far. Tipsy Myrla all day! Johnny is horrible and I’d have hung it up by now if I were Bao - like, explicitly told him I wanted a divorce and moved out. When they showed the reel of really mean things Johnny has said to and about her, I was pretty horrified. When he said “we could have dated but I wasn’t attracted to you,” I thought she was going to cry - she looked so hurt. And yet and still, we see Bao bending over backwards to make him happy and he hasn’t lifted a finger to do anything for her. I cannot imagine who would want to date him after seeing thi
  8. I don't think Charley is a lawyer by trade. I think she was Davis's manager. I am fairly sure she's an MBA (I am too, which is why it is sticking out in my mind). I remember when she opened the mill (and is that still a thing?) her mother was like "really? a sugar mill?" and Charley was like, well, MBAs run businesses and this is a business, so what are you trippin' on? (I'm paraphrasing.) She has referenced "her lawyer" many times in the course of the show and she has also hired a private investigator before, one with whom she appears to have a long-standing working relationship. So even if s
  9. Vi needs to be checked - she does overstep. I liked how Billie kept reiterating that she was a kid who deserved better from the adults in her life. And Vi knows Jimmy Dale abuses young women - she caught him with one when she confronted him. They’re definitely going there with Micah and Isaiah. I liked what he said about how men tend not to be close-close. He was definitely talking to Charley about him like he was a love interest, not a friend, which Charley picked up on. Nova waking up to cops in her house pointing guns at her was terrifying. That man sure let Charley prattle o
  10. Yeah, Jose sucks for many reasons but him having an income property isn’t one of them, IMO. If we find out he’s a slumlord I’ll change my tune, but we don’t know that - and given how put off he was by a little clutter at Rachel’s, I’d guess he keeps his property in good shape.
  11. I mean … probably? I don’t remember if he rents one out (if he doesn’t, that would be strange to me. Even if there’s no mortgage, having a house sitting empty in the city you live in - so not a vacation house - not generating income would be odd), but if he does, good for him. Lots of people have income property, and having more than one source of income is never a bad idea. I don’t like Jose for many reasons but financial stability is important. He has clearly structured his life according to that priority. Michaela asked Zach if he wanted kids literally at the altar immediately after
  12. “IF truth … shall be my companion in the FLAMES … so be it.”
  13. Yeah, some people just don’t like to travel. I love to travel, but some people don’t. Jose apparently doesn’t care if he sees Europe. I don’t think that’s about being cheap, I think that’s about his interests. I think Ryan would be more forgiving of someone he was attracted to (he said as much), but I also think he’d be more attracted to someone he had more in common with, even if she wasn’t exactly his physical type. He and Brett don’t have much in common. I think if Brett were aligned with him politically, liked to hunt, and already knew how to two-step, they’d be in better shape. I
  14. I liked that the show tried to normalize how common miscarriages are. Both Gemma and Tina have had them. It’s not something people talk about but something like 15% of known pregnancies end in miscarriage.
  15. Agree. You can argue “why wear the uniform, it’s not like they can see us,” but if the policy is to wear the uniform, she needs to wear the uniform unless there’s a medical reason that she can’t. “I don’t wanna” isn’t a good reason, and it’s bad management to allow it. I saw the mistaken identity coming pretty much immediately, but it was still awful. I can’t imagine how it would feel to think your child had survived and then to have that yanked away. His name is Michael. Sexy Bobby was at it again when the hazmat situation was revealed. I did not see Chim hauling off an
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