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  1. Miss Renee. But then she and her stank attitude quit. I'd have replaced her immediately even before this Nashville thing.
  2. I'm surprised they don't have one. They both have demanding jobs and they can afford it.
  3. I'm not married but have helped friends shop for wedding gowns, including at Kleinfeld's (the Say Yes to the Dress store), and Vera Wang. Wedding dress shopping isn't the same as buying a pair of jeans and taking them home that day. High-end bridal shops require appointments. When you decide on a dress, you pay a certain amount up front and the rest when the dress is ready. At places like that, the gown you try on often isn't the gown you buy - they order it in your size and it's altered. That's why you're supposed to shop months in advance. If you go to Kleinfeld's and tell them your wedding is next month, you're not getting your dress altered. If you want to try on a dress that isn't your size, they'll either clip you into it if the dress is too big (with things that straight up look like Chip Clips) or try and cram you in if the dress is too small; if the dress has no hope of getting on (if the dress they have is a size 8 and you're a size 18), you can't try it on. Also, wedding dress sizes are weird - you usually have to go up a couple of sizes from your street size. If you're plus-sized you can call ahead and make sure they have dresses you can try on. I have personally seen sample wedding gowns with stains on them, so not all dresses are cleaned between clients. I believe the dress you buy is cleaned before it's packed and given to you, though. I would guess that the cameras being there might have been new for the bridal shop, but Angela and her friend and sister being rough around the edges is not.
  4. Yeah, but it's now recorded that she told him to call 911 and he didn't do it, so he's going to be in trouble. But I do understand why he did it. (I really like Jerry Ferrara in this role.) The kid probably IS better off - if Proctor's ex can't handle a long day or disappointment (aren't bar results online now?) without a) lashing out at the kid and b) getting high, she's not exactly mother of the year. Right. I laughed when Keisha was like "I'm about to fuck somebody up," but IRL that's a neighborhood where people call the cops and she'd have gotten locked up for beating up a kid. Brilliant! And yeah, someone just walks into your place of business and you fuck him? What? I couldn't believe it when I saw that day care center open - that took, what, a week? Me too. When he walked over to the bed I was like, we're not about to see ghost sex, are we? But I knew she'd be around. Has anybody explained to Tariq that Tommy and Ghost sold drugs because they had to, and Tommy low-key still has to because he can't really do anything else? I was thinking of that scene in The Wire between DeLonda, who thought being a soldier was something to be proud of, and Wee-Bey, who asked "Who would do that if they could do something else?" And DeLonda was visiting Wee Bey in prison, where he was for life, and Wee Bey was convincing her to let their son go live with someone else and get him OUT of the life.
  5. I laughed when Quad said she couldn't even lay up with a broke man. "Why would I do that?" Sad for Toya. Eugene's recorded reaction was sweet. I was with Scott when he said it was 9 PM so of course the kids had been fed - bringing home McDonald's at 9:00 for kids as young as Contessa's, especially the younger two, seems silly to me. However, Scott calling Contessa's career change a "harebrained scam [sic]" was indeed rude. Seems like Contessa's storyline is more mom guilt. Why don't they get some help? Miss Renee was ridiculous, but why don't they get a new nanny or housekeeper? I cannot stand people who are always late, and by all accounts Quad is always late. It's so damn rude - Quad's time isn't more important than anybody else's, and I bet she's on time to film Sister Circle. I leave after 15 minutes too.
  6. I suspect that unless the person were, like, covered with mud, they'd ask them "What are you looking for today?" You can't necessarily tell who can afford what by looking at someone. Where are Shane's people? Does he have parents? Why is LACEY the one to pick him up from jail?
  7. LA couple with the 6'9" guy, buying a house together after meeting less than a year before. (When she said she wanted to make babies and he said "Calmate," I thought "Y'all better have this straight before you buy a house!") I had a brief casual relationship with a guy who is 6'6" and he couldn't really fit anywhere either - he had a king-sized bed that he slept in diagonally, had to use a hand-held shower head because otherwise he'd have to duck under it, etc. It's an interesting problem to have to deal with. FIFTY GRAND over budget. I did think the backyard was better with the smaller pool, but ... FIFTY GRAND over budget. Yikes.
  8. I was about to say! I have facial cleanser and hand soap on my bathroom sink right now.
  9. I doubt Iris saw it that way; given the level of emotion she displayed, she definitely thinks of herself as dumped. None of her romantic relationships involved sex, so that's not a baseline for defining a romantic relationship for her. She makes a point in the preview to talk about the ways in which they were intimate ("you said lying down and just being with someone is intimate, didn't we do that?"). Actually, I think Iris seeing Keith romantically and Keith seeing Iris platonically is MORE of a reason for them to cut things off for a while so Iris can get over her romantic feelings.
  10. In Iris's defense (I know!), I don't think they should be hanging out. It's a mindfuck. It's clearly gotten her hopes up. I am firmly of the belief that the only way to get over a breakup is to cut off contact with the person (where possible - obviously if you have children with someone, you can't stop speaking to them) for some amount of time. Doesn't mean you can't be friends down the line, but I have never seen immediately downgrading a relationship to "just friends" or "just having no-strings-attached sex" work, especially if one person didn't want the breakup, as in this case. The breakup has to stick; you have to get clear on the fact that the person isn't "your person" anymore. IMO the best way to do that is to move forward without them. (Don't stalk them on social media, either. Block, delete, unfollow, at least for a while.) So I'm sure it's fucking with Iris that she and Keith hang out and they should stop doing that for a while so they can both move on.
  11. I think Amanda is going to die. I hope I'm wrong, but I think she'll succumb to her addiction. Her eyes are dead and she said straight up that she doesn't think she deserves the help. She doesn't care about her life. Candy always says if the drugs don't get you, the lifestyle will, and Amanda is in it too deep. She doesn't want to be clean. She SAID she doesn't want to be clean. I think Bill will make a great interventionist. You can tell that at the core, he's a really good person. Same with Alana (who I think is beautiful, though IMO she should let her brows grow in more). I worry about Jeanine in Philly. I feel like she's one in particular who needs to be physically far away from her old life. Ha, I grew up in Philly and I agree with you. I don't have it (I have a newscaster voice). My dad has a very mild one - you can hear it in his A's, like when he says "glad." His parents had mild ones too. Funny you say that about Maryland: not long ago at an alumni event, I met a guy who grew up in Baltimore (he's in his 50s) and I was like, "you from Philly?" He said no and asked why I thought so and I said it was because of his accent (which was mild but there). He laughed and said he was from Baltimore and I was like "no wonder!"
  12. Preach! That whole situation is ridiculous, though I did like the dig Josh's mom made about Cheryl ditching her kids. And Cheryl, your man is a bank robber. You shouldn't have shit to say about standards. I laughed when Cheryl's sister laughed at her. I wouldn't have walked that shit back, either. "Yeah, I'm laughing, because the situation is ridiculous." From the neck down, Angela looked lovely in her wedding dresses, especially the first one. She is getting played, though. And WOW, you can tell that Vince has no experience with women, because ... bruh. You are getting taken. This is not a real relationship. Lacey's friend seems to have sense. Why does she hang out with Lacey? (I cannot STAND Lacey.) He said he caught the charge with "good intentions," and then clarified that he was defending himself as opposed to starting the confrontation. It sounds like he got in a fight and hurt someone. Here's some info on malicious wounding.
  13. Greg has a master's in biomedical engineering from the University of Wisconsin at Madison and did his undergrad at St. Augustine's University, studying engineering mathematics. He worked as a systems engineer before he owned the learning center he owns now. Jamie has an MBA and a BA in economics, both from University of South Carolina at Columbia. Deonna has a BS in healthcare management and an MBA, both from Winthrop University.
  14. Here's the preview. (The first 10 minutes or so is Keith and Iris, and the last part is the still-married couples counting down various things. I didn't watch the last part.)
  15. My best friend and her husband let their 4-year-old pick out his clothes, so sometimes he looks crazy. But ... he's 4 and who cares? As long as it's weather-appropriate and clean (he has two t-shirts that are his favorites and sometimes they have to be like "but that has a stain on it from last night's dinner, so put it back in the hamper"), they're good with it. Scott could take the same approach with his kids. I went to an Ivy and a classmate of mine, who had gone to one of the best boarding schools in the country, fucked up his grades the first year. His father was like, you have ONE semester to turn this shit around or I am dragging your ass home, and you won't be sitting around my house feeling sorry for yourself either. If you want to fuck up, you will not do so on my tab. (He did turn it around, though he had to take a couple of summer classes after we graduated.) It wasn't about money - he came from a really wealthy family - it was about ... not fucking up. Like, yes, you're a legal adult and you should have some fun, but your job is to go to school and do well, and you are not doing that. At all. And that won't fly. I have a family friend who got into an Ivy, fucked up the first year, and her parents pulled her out and she finished her degree at a state school while living at home. It surprised me to hear that about Simone and Cecil's son, since he seemed to be pretty academically inclined. But maybe the freedom was too much for him.
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