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  1. He’s also southern and, as he and his mother have both said many times, is “conservative and traditional.” I’m sure he was raised to address his elders as sir and ma’am. IMO when you’re meeting your in-laws for the first time, it’s better to err on the side of formal vs. casual.
  2. Was this the first rent vs buy episode?
  3. Well, he has a surprise when the “ butt” thing comes his way .. whatever the hell that is. The “butt thing” is analingus. Been discussed in popular culture since at least Sex and the City; it was a plot point on an episode. I know Virginia is young but she’s so immature and sloppy. She’s hard to take seriously - she seemed like a little kid at the wedding, excited to be playing at grown-up stuff.
  4. I loved seeing Vincent and his groomsmen pray together.
  5. Me too. Sensible and seems kind, like Iris’s mom from a few seasons ago.
  6. Maybe, but there are ways to work in purple that don’t look so tacky. That makeup job is like what you & your friends do at a sleepover when you’re 13 and don’t know how to put on makeup yet.
  7. Yes! I just texted my friend that her hair doesn’t look done. She looks ... bad.
  8. I cannot believe she’s going out like that. All those people around and nobody told her “girl, no.” She looks terrible, the makeup look is inappropriate for the occasion, and the makeup job looks amateurish as hell. It is a complete makeup fail.
  9. Wiki says Alex Newell uses all pronouns but IIRC I’ve only heard Mo use he/him/his. And I don’t think Mo is “non-binary sexually” (I’m not sure what that means - I believe non-binary refers to gender identity, not sexuality) - I think he’s a gender-non-conforming gay man, like Alex Newell himself. (But Mo could be non-binary and still use he/him pronouns).
  10. I had that thought too. That’s all voluntary “fun committee” stuff (and I never volunteer for that stuff) if there’s no office manager to do it. Lauren Graham didn’t either, which is weird. I agree - you can tell when a show has writers who haven’t worked in an office.
  11. A family friend told me that when her husband died, she put all his clothes in the spare bathroom and did not go in for two years. Her husband's death was expected (he was elderly and had dementia - my family friend is in her late 80s), and she said she thought she was prepared but she wasn't. She is a retired nurse so she's seen a lot of death and she was initially very "he had a good long life, death is a part of life" approach, but when she began to grieve it hit her differently. I can certainly understand Maggie not going anywhere, and that seems to be the family gathering place but that house is huge. I used to work at a company that had six business unit and each business unit functioned pretty independently. I was in marketing and each business unit had its own marketing team. (The company later got a new marketing VP who re-organized everything and centralized it by function, so there was a market research team that worked across all business units, a PR team that worked across all units, a digital marketing team, etc.) If Zoey's company is organized into ... people who work on the watch (I think that's the only thing I've heard them talk about!) and people who work on ... other stuff, I can see it. An ex of mine is an ad guy and he would tell stories about clients being like "I don't like it" with no further comment. They'd have to ask a lot of follow-up questions. I did a brief stint on the agency side of things and it can be very frustrating (although IMO a micro-managing client is worse). It reminded me of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend - they eventually showed us what the musical interludes looked like on the outside and it was Rebecca staring exaggeratedly weirdly into space.
  12. Every time they show that house I think "That house is huge and in the SF Bay area. It's got to be worth like $4M." I might think about downsizing if I were Maggie - maybe not this second while things are so raw, but at some point. That's a ton of space for one person.
  13. I semi-disagree, but what really irks me is shows that acknowledge the pandemic but have people behaving in ways that are unsafe. "Gee, this COVID thing is terrible!" and then people are in a big group without masks. That drives me crazy because it stresses me out (I take COVID very seriously, have from the start). I would rather have shows not acknowledge it than half-assedly acknowledge it. (Some reality shows aren't acknowledging it either - Married at First Sight just started and there is not a mask in sight. Big party scenes with people breathing all over each other.) I Googled to see if Jennifer Love Hewitt was pregnant and she doesn't appear to be. Her face looks fuller so I wondered if she was pregnant IRL.
  14. I was *here* with Zoey. I still have "shake yourself awake" nightmares after losing my father, and I was laid off very shortly (less than a month) before losing him. I had my first ever anxiety attack not long ago - between the job loss, grief, and the pandemic, I think everything just came crashing down. Simon was right that you can't fast-track grief. You just have to feel it. I've gotten similar advice. I cry at inopportune times (I had to do an estate errand last week and started crying, for example) and people will say "You should be crying. It's sad!" I also stayed with my mother for a month after losing my father (my parents were divorced - it was more for me than her), and that meant sleeping in a twin bed. I laughed when Max was like "might be nice to get back to your adult-sized bed" because while I was glad to stay with my mother, I REALLY missed my bed. The stuff Zoey outsourced to her team really is stuff she shouldn't be doing. Monitoring the suggestion inbox is not something a senior manager needs to spend time on. Something about the way he asked if her nightmares had gone on for long was so sweet and tender. I really need this pandemic to end so I can feel more comfortable dating again. "Say Something" was beautiful and he sounded great. "All I'm experiencing is crackhouse!" I love Mo. Simon is so hot.
  15. Weren't they? May wasn't but Maddie's supervisor was, wasn't he (I'm not sure if he's her supervisor - the guy who was beat up last season)? There was also Plexiglas between Maddie and May. I assumed that the firehouse is in each other's bubble, hence the no masks in the elevator - they were with their own, so to speak, and then put them on to make things safer for the people they were interacting with.
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