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  1. Queer Eye’s Antoni cooks for Lauren & Cameron (new QE season starts next week).
  2. Life at home with Amber & Barnett Life at home with Cameron and Lauren
  3. I watched the first 40 minutes or so and noticed that the women in particular had a certain kind of “ready for TV” look that the US women I’ve seen don’t have. There’s some plastic surgery in that group.
  4. I can’t remember if she’s all “can you not pressure me [about doing the job for which I was hired]” in the book, but she does show up to his place unannounced and try to seduce him, and then ghost with the manuscript when it doesn’t go the way she wants. So that scene is a pretty faithful adaptation. They’re sticking closely to the source material overall.
  5. We watching this or nah? I just started. Right away I notice that this differs from the US version in that there will be a lesbian couple, and there are also single parents. One woman is a 38-year-old single mother of 2-year-old twin boys (their father left her for another woman when they were 6 weeks old) & her possible match is a dad to teens. I think surprising your kids with a stepparent is a bad idea.
  6. Wasn't it just Pirate's Booty? I liked the way Andrew said "that blanket." I don't really fuck with airplane blankets but if I were in "plus," I'd want all the pluses too.
  7. I laughed when they were talking over each other with relief when the cops told them they knew they were innocent, and then the chief was like " ... You know what, y'all go home and get some sleep." Actually, they talked over each other a lot and it was usually funny.
  8. When the trailer came out I thought to myself that I would see it in the theater, but of course that's not happening now. It dropped on Netflix on Friday 5/22. I thought it was cute! I thought Kumail and Issa had good chemistry, and there were some genuinely funny moments. The orgy scene when Issa said "You know, I don't hate this" cracked me up. I also found it really funny that the first big fight we see them have is about whether they'd do well on The Amazing Race.
  9. I agree. In the book Like, if your live-in girlfriend's doctor called and said there were test results and you didn't know she'd seen a doctor or had any tests, wouldn't you be concerned? He just scrawls a note and doesn't appear to give it another thought. Me too. I have a hard time understanding Ruffalo-as-Thomas. He kind of talks into his shoulder. The scenes of them in college were really affecting. The one where Thomas has broken the typewriter case and said he panicked because he thought Dominic was living a life without him ... I could feel Thomas panicking. I really like Rosie O'Donnell in this role. Something about her is very believable as a social worker. She's brusque when she needs to be (I liked when she told Dominic she didn't like his tone in the previous episode) but also very empathetic.
  10. Some fun things about this episode I learned on Twitter: That was Jay Ellis's mom who played the check-in lady at the gate. Natasha Rothwell shadowed Jay when he was directing this episode. If you look at the people holding up name cards in the airport, one of the name cards is "Shadow Rothwell" in her honor. Yvonne Orji did her own stunt - she really zip lined.
  11. I love it. I think he's very, very good-looking so I enjoyed watching him get his freak on, AND he was shirtless a lot. Sue me, I'm single in quarantine. Also he has good taste in toys. Lelo ain't cheap. Amen indeed - can I get in on that prayer? I also loved watching them just have fun. Y'all remember when we could go out and have fun? Hiking, zip lining (Molly was so cute when she was all triumphant at the end of the zip line), drinking, dancing, snuggling up on top of a mountain, and yes, getting their freak on. The costume people are good at putting Molly in clothes that look great against her dark skin. I loved her in the white tank top and pants. I didn't like the coral dress style (the open back was too much for me, I'm a D-cup, I need to wear a bra), but the color was great on her. Andrew is good at staying in his lane without being a pushover. He was right that whatever mental health issues that Nathan was dealing with are Nathan's business (and Issa's if he chooses to disclose them to her), and he's been supportive of Molly without coming right out and saying "You're right and Issa was wrong." And I agree - I think part of why he doesn't do that is that he doesn't think Molly is right. Victor 100% would have had that argument with Molly. Victor and Molly would last 15 minutes because he'd be "devil's advocate-ing" all over the place (which is really annoying) and she'd fight back. This was my thought, that he'd interviewed somewhere in Silicon Valley. Which ... good for him, honestly, if his employer in LA is shaky. It's smart to be proactive. Then when I saw the preview I wondered if he was going to tell Issa he was moving. Yeah, that was shady as hell. I wonder if Molly didn't see Issa's nonprofit work as "real" because it's low-paying. Working with kids is hard. I'm trying to think of how I would have handled the towel incident. Honestly, I'd probably have just gotten my room key while side-eyeing the clerk and talking shit about it to Andrew later. You have to pick your battles when it comes to microaggressions and racism and I'm not sure I'd have picked that one. (I stayed at a similar Mexican resort and I don't remember ever having to show my room key to get towels - the staff would just come by with towels. Matterfact, I remember thinking it was excessive.) I've said before that for a lawyer, Molly has horrible communication skills - she goes from 0 to 100 very quickly and often without thinking. ... So I'm glad she called her therapist and I hope she really gives it her all this time.
  12. Adult Swim is bringing back Tuca and Bertie.
  13. Much of my Brooklyn family in single-family homes have bars on the windows; the ones that don’t have alarms. I had bars on the windows in my 5th-floor Manhattan walkup (my neighbors on the floor and I would joke that if any of us got robbed, it was probably one of us that did it). I’m with you, I don’t recoil in horror at bars on windows.
  14. I wondered what Inglewood is like now because my family lived there in the late 1950s. I know little about LA, but Inglewood is the neighborhood the main character on Insecure lives in. I believe it was a predominately Black neighborhood in the 80s due to white flight and is now gentrifying (the character on Insecure is Black & talks about her neighborhood changing). When the guy said “I love this house but it might put me at odds with [girlfriend]” I said out loud “Who cares?” It’s not her money and if he likes high-maintenance women, he lives in LA. There are plenty of them.
  15. I would have swooned. He is pretty much exactly my type, physically and personality-wise (from what I can tell of his personality). He and my brother went to the same university but Daveed is a bit older than my brother, and they were also into very different things so I don't think their paths crossed then. Yes, and we saw them on the show with the diver and the strawberry and they're impressive. However, it's not the same as going to the beach in the world. I wonder how long it would take to forget that feeling. When the teacher told that group of kids that vegetables used to grow in the ground, they were incredulous.
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