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  1. I make smoothies with fruit and spinach and kale (usually both spinach and kale, together) all the time. I've done so three times this week. Kale has a more pronounced taste and texture (it's tougher; you can blend it smooth but it takes more blending), but spinach in smoothies really doesn't taste like anything and it doesn't show up texturally. Blending spinach into stuff is a key way to trick picky kids into eating veggies because you can't taste it. Pineapple is a good mixer because it's so sweet. (It also masks the taste of a lot of alcohol, which got me in trouble in college. "Is there alcohol in this?") I can see it with Simon (who I think is so hot) because of the emotional connection. He's reeling from losing his dad and he's found someone who can empathize with him, and he's comforted by that. Skylar Astin tends to play kind of goofy sweet guys, which a lot of people are drawn to, including me. I don't think he's particularly hot (thought I didn't know he was hiding that body-ody-ody under those sensible shirts) but a guy who goes to all that "500 miles" kind of trouble to be there for me is a guy I'm definitely going to look at twice. I also love men who can sing; I can sing, we can sing together! (The flash mob was a check in the "con" column for me though.)
  2. Exactly. My best friend’s husband and I have texted just the two of us. It’s totally innocuous: he’s picking me up from the airport when I’ve visited, or about sports (about which my best friend cares not at all), or maybe a book somebody read and really liked (“Best Friend said you just finished Book, would you recommend it?”), or if he’s with their kids and one of the kids does something cute, he’ll send me a pic or video. I also have a group chat with both of them. But my best friend knows about all this (sometimes I’ll mention it to her during an exchange, in fun, like “your husband is trying to say team x is better than team y; please tell him he’s tripping”). If she wanted to see screen shots, I’d be like “Here you go!” There’s nothing furtive about it. If Zach and Lindsay thought their friendship was so innocent, they’d have mentioned it off top. “Hey, your friend Lindsay DMed me” or “I reached out to Zach” or whatever. I can’t remember who reached out to whom first, but the fact that they kept it a secret is problematic on its own. If it was that innocent there wouldn’t have been all this lying about it.
  3. Yep. I’d feel more betrayed by Lindsay. Zach may have been her husband but she only knew him a month and things were shaky with him literally right from the start. Lindsay is someone Mindy has known for years and trusted. I am someone who doesn’t use the term “friend” lightly; it carries a lot of meaning with me. I would feel enormously betrayed by Lindsay, and I think it would be a friendship-ender.
  4. Their boss gave Mia a ride home and asked if there was anything he could do to help her take her mind off things because she seemed upset, and then there was a sex scene between them. She kicked him out immediately afterward.
  5. And Lindsay knows what she did - it’s on TV. I’d kill to have been a fly on the wall when Shannie said “you can’t fuckin’ trust that bitch.” I’m not sure if that group that went to lunch was all friends with Lindsay before but I bet they aren’t now.
  6. I heard a thirdhand story (a podcast host said she got an email from someone whose friend applied) of someone who said she preferred to date Black men (she’s white) and the producers said it was a deal-breaker. And this is first and foremost a reality show. I’m sure the experts match from a pool of people presented to them by the producers, who pick them with the show in mind - that’s their job. It’s like how, for the most part, the cast of Love is Blind was conventionally attractive.
  7. Meka is being respectful and not coming straight out and being like, “your brother is a lying-ass liar.” And Michael’s sister knows the deal because she’s caught him “exaggerating” before. This conversation must be somewhat of a relief for Meka (though she still needs to dump Michael and Michael needs therapy).
  8. I grew up in Philly and I learned to drive, but I don’t think it’s weird when people don’t drive (I think because of all my time in NYC, and in general I’m not into cars). Maybe he’s trying to save money by not owning a car. Katie is really horrible.
  9. Did he grow up in a city? My grandmother was a lifelong New Yorker and never learned to drive.
  10. I made the same face Meka did when Michael said the salary wasn’t a black and white issue. Yes it is! It’s a number! Just say the number!
  11. Dr. Viviana’s faces* as she talks to Zach are priceless. She is not here for his fuckery. *She looks fantastic. Her face is BEAT!
  12. I thought she looked great from the neck down - the yellow looked good on her. And her makeup was good. Her hair was not. It actually looks better curly. She really just needs a hair intervention.
  13. Yo, Mindy’s Asian friend (Shanny?) is a real one. “You can’t fuckin’ believe that bitch [Lindsay], she’s a liar.”
  14. I don’t know what Michael was trying to pull, but I’ve never seen an offer letter that estimated your take-home after taxes and deductions. It says your annual or your monthly or your hourly gross. I have estimated my take-home myself using payroll calculators, but that’s not the same thing AT ALL. Just tell the damn truth about how much you make! I was 100% Team Meka in that moment. Why does Mindy’s plain-spoken friend always look like she just finished working out?
  15. Also the adoptive mother whose name I can't remember spitting out that Bebe is an "illegal alien." The white people on this show remind me of the white people in Knives Out.
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