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  1. When somebody asked her what she was going to do the next day, I genuinely thought she was going to say she'd decided to leave. I was surprised to hear her say she was going to stay and fight. Her body language looked deflated to me. Oh word? That makes me like her more too (I grew up in Philly)!
  2. Late 30s is geriatric in the NFL. The average career is only a couple of years. So yeah, people who come out of it have to find something else to do - one of the players in the doc is a financial adviser who works with athletes. A mile commute! You could walk. But I think the house they ended up with was like two and a half miles, which is plenty short. I think the prof said he planned to bike to work.
  3. Black woman with natural curly hair here. In general, brushing dry curls leads to a broken frizzy mess. It completely fucks up the curl pattern. Big no-no. I use a wide-tooth comb to comb it when wet & with conditioner in, apply products, and style. If I'm just wearing it loose, I know it's just gonna do what it's gonna do, and if it's a bad hair day the solution is never to brush it. Brushing dry curls is harmful. Victoria could maybe use some heavier products to weigh her hair down more, but I love wild curly hair. I think the stylist guest judge, who gets on my nerves, has messier hair. And while I'm on the subject, I love Elaine's hair but I think the color is making it dry - it reads dry to me on screen. (Curls need lots of moisture.) I want her to stick around if for no other reason than I really admire her for pursuing her dream in her third act. I know it sounds hokey but I find that inspirational.
  4. One of the best sports documentaries I've seen is an episode of 30 for 30 called "Broke." It details how athletes go broke and it's fascinating because they go into more than just the extravagant lifestyle that many athletes have. It talks about how much your handlers take and how crooked handlers abound in that business, how you get hit with taxes if you get traded mid-year and have to establish a new residence, etc. It's actually pretty easy to go broke, especially when NFL careers are generally pretty short so whatever money you have has to last you decades. Just because you CAN spend a ton of money on a house doesn't mean you should. I always find it refreshing when the hunters say "I'm approved for x but I only want to spend Y" (though the Sugarland wife was like, well, the bank says we can spend $260K so let's do that!).
  5. I liked the Sugarland episode. They seemed like a nice family. (I loved the blue and white striped dress that the wife wore in the opening.) I did wonder how things would work out - how the space would be readjusted - if they had a second child. Their closet before they moved, with all the husband's shoes, was making me so agitated. I don't even have claustrophobia issues but there was so much stuff in there!
  6. I can't wait! Between this and Wonder Woman 1984, there are going to be fun movie experiences this summer.
  7. 100%. She even said they looked like a soggy diaper, and she was right. On the shallow, I wanted to brush her hair and take her to get a trim. I can do minor plumbing repairs thanks to YouTube! Let me at your clogged drains! Yeah. I'm grown. I'll eat when I damn well please, thanks. Surely they don't expect the designers not to take food, water, and bathroom breaks? Yeah. As a teenager, most of my income (and I always worked, so I did have income) was disposable but my income wasn't high enough to afford designer clothes. As a college student, I kept working but I had less disposable income because I had more expenses (books cost a grip). First job didn't pay much and now I had rent and bills to pay, so not a lot of disposable income - I had SOME, but not a ton. Sample sales were (are!) my friends. I mean, how much literature is there about how millennials (I'm an older one) don't have money for luxuries (or even essentials like health care) because COL has gone up and wages haven't? Also, I have heard over and over and over that designers should focus more on women in their 40s and up because THEY have the disposable income. Sergio is a dick though, and his design was trash. I like Delvin. I suspect that he's an introvert. Very focused, probably has a small group he's close to. Introversion doesn't always read well, especially on camera and ESPECIALLY on a show such as this with so many big personalities. That coat dress really was impeccably tailored - I was impressed when they showed the back and it mirrored wings. There are so many of them! I don't know their names. What's the Black woman's name with the cool glasses? And there was one who was wearing an outfit I liked (black crop top, green pants) and I kept thinking I wanted to remember her name because the outfit was cute, but it just whooshed by me. I didn't know Veronica's name until she was the focus this episode (phone call home of doom strikes again). (I am still not seeing Cats. I fast-forwarded through the shameless plug. My grandmother took me and my brother to the show when we were kids. I hated it.)
  8. I tend to forget about her when she's not around - I often forget he has a girlfriend.
  9. That is an adorable child. When he was giggling when Miggy scooped him up and ran off with him, I said "Aww!" out loud. He was grinning in the picture too. Angie and Will are endgame, no?
  10. Yeah, a little work went a very long way in that kitchen. I assumed the cabinets had been professionally painted.
  11. That was low! I felt so bad for Pops. I cracked up when Ruby took off for her cruise ("see you suckers after the ball drops!") and Bow looked heavenward with gratitude. I would 100% have taken that envelope straight out of Devante's little hands and I would not have felt any type of way about it.
  12. I thought the first house the Bloomington couple looked at was so cute and I loved the neighborhood, but I saw the guy's point about being able to afford more space so wanting more space. I did think "OMG, just paint your damn house!" a bunch of times when he kept saying he didn't want to lift a finger. Their little Ginsburg was SO CUTE.
  13. That is bad home training! Who just opens a closed door without knocking?
  14. Me too. Grover-heavy episodes are always going to be an uphill battle for me. The best part of that plot line was when Gemma asked Tina if Tina ever thought Calvin was a better parent than she was and Tina fell out.
  15. Right - he thought she was into it and said as much when she finally forced him off her. He had no idea that she wasn't into it because he didn't care, or didn't know enough about sexual interaction to know how to notice or care (which is the more charitable interpretation). If I recall correctly, she was pulling back because she was choking and he was holding her head in place and telling her not to stop. If she hadn't hit him, I don't think he'd have stopped until he came.
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