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  1. Thank you! My 24 year old daughter and most of the young women around her age (and many much older than she) see nothing wrong with it. IMO, it's tacky and messy/cluttered looking. I do wear tank tops and dresses/tops with narrow (1" wide or so) straps and I hand sew bra strap holders into every one (except those I don't need to wear a bra with - I'm small busted and if the top is loose fit and the fabric has enough body I can get away with going braless). I've offered to show my daughter how to make strap holders and she does embroidery so it's not like she can't sew, but she has no interest and insists visible bra straps are no big deal... FTR, Tim Gunn agrees with you and me, @Scout Finch!
  2. There's nothing at all wrong with being single. I'm currently single. But when one of a friend group of two, three, or more single people (male or female) decides they don't want to be single anymore, it's not unheard of for the others who don't have or don't want relationships to sabotage the relationship of the one who does - to keep the friend group together. Hurting someone else so deeply just to get a free vacation would be a pretty nasty thing to do, don't you agree?
  3. Hi, everyone! I'd recorded the episodes and then forgot to watch them, so I did a bit of a binge yesterday and got caught up. I am very disappointed with the Tash/Amanda situation, too, because it seemed like Tash was attracted to Amanda - at least for the first 24 hours. So I'm completely confused as to why Tash suddenly flipped and is now saying she isn't attracted to Amanda. (FTR, I think both women are stunning and I'm straight). I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Tash will stick it out in the hope once she gets to know Amanda, her attraction to her will grow, but nobody in the U.S. version ever seems to do that. ☹️ IMO Tash's bridesmaids are shit-stirers. When someone says they're "protective" of someone else, what's often closer to the truth is they're overly involved in their life in ways that are none of their damn business. I didn't like the way they pulled Amanda aside, grilled her, and then immediately went running back to Tash to "tattle" on her (inaccurately, I might add). I'd be willing to bet both of those girls are single and no woman will ever be good enough for their Tash; they just don't want any interlopers breaking up their cozy little friend threesome.
  4. Tsk, tsk. They aren't crusts; they're BONES. Pizza bones! 😉
  5. I recorded the last two episodes of the season, and just finished watching episode 9. The way Amber ignores and invalidates her children's feelings is going to backfire eventually. It makes me incredibly angry. She's training them to substitute her feelings for their own, leaving them vulnerable to being manipulated and controlled by others as adults. Specifically, when Amber is speaking to one of her children (or speaking to someone else about one of her children) and uses the pronoun "we" when it's obvious the "we" isn't her and Trent, but her and the child she's talking to or about. For example, in episode 9, when Amber is talking to Emma: Emma: So Lucca was wondering when we're going to see each other. Amber: I think we're okay probably waiting until next summer to see him. You need to spend more time studying, working harder. That means we're going to have less time to do what? Emma: FaceTiming? Amber: But it's not just FaceTiming. That phone does a whole lot. And it's a whole lot of distraction, right? So whether it's FaceTiming Lucca or your other friends, or whether it's texting or watching videos, whatever it is we're gonna have to spend less time doing it because we really got to put the pedal to the metal. And really, we just saw Lucca for like a whole week. And, you know, we're not dating or anything; we're just friends. So if, IF you guys were to start dating when you're 16, then it may be more - it may be justifiable - to see him. Amber TH: Emma and Lucca are friends, and that's kinda what I reminded her. Is like you're friends, we just spent a whole week with him. It's not necessary, to be honest. It really isn't. And we have so much going on that, yeah we can wait til next year. ****************** Emma was 14 at the time this conversation took place (she'll turn 15 this July). A 14 year old should be well on their way to being able to prioritize their school, home, and social responsibilities - and budget their time to get everything done. But that doesn't happen with parents who've always micromanaged their children and told them when to do things. Amber should have suggested Emma make a schedule of both her school and home responsibilities, with a realistic estimate of time needed to satisfactorily complete each activity/responsibility. In that schedule, she should included time for fun stuff; FaceTiming with Lucca and other friends, other social media/online activities, doing things with her friends in person, etc.. Instead of immediately putting the kibosh on getting together with Lucca, why didn't Amber ask Emma what Lucca had in mind? Perhaps Lucca's parents offered to buy a ticket for Lucca to fly out to see Emma for a few days between Christmas and New Year's, or over Winter or Spring break. Why wouldn't that be okay? If they're "just friends" as Amber insists they are, then if Emma had befriended another girl at the conference, would Amber have said no to a visit with her, too? I doubt it. Can't have it both ways, Amber. Amber could tie a visit with Lucca to Emma maintaining a certain (reasonable!) G.P.A. during the fall semester, or something else that would demonstrate maturity, such as completing all her assigned chores/homework, without needing to be reminded, for the next three months. But no. Amber and Trent can't loosen the reins at all and insist on continuing to micromanage every aspect of their kid's lives; telling them what to do, when and how to do it, what to think, and how they feel. ETA: I recalled, after I posted this, school break schedules (K-12) are different, depending upon the area of the country in which one lives. In New England, students have a week off the third week of February (Winter break) and a week off the third week of April (Spring break). I lived in North Texas for 20 years, and IIRC, students there had one week long break during the Spring semester; the second (or maybe third?) week of March. That was Spring break. I don't have any idea what the school break schedule is in Georgia (Emma) or California (Lucca) or whether those break schedules would coincide.
  6. Regarding door-to-door salespeople: Absolutely don't let them into your home. However, consider speaking to them kindly (I'm absolutely not suggesting you didn't, @BookWoman56!). It's possible they're people who lost their jobs due to the pandemic, are broke and can't pay their bills, and took the job out of desperation. They may have fallen for an ad promising the job was "easy money". (People are the most vulnerable when they're desperate). Perhaps the vacuum salespeople were told people would buy because they can't use cleaning services right now (which sort of makes sense - if you don't analyze it too much). Or whatever seems to fit, depending upon what the company is hiring people to sell. Due to their circumstances, people who are taking jobs selling door-to-door right now probably aren't thinking it through ("What are the chances of people opening their doors to a salesperson during the pandemic of a highly contagious, sometimes lethal, disease?") So yes - protect yourself. Don't open the door to speak to them to send them away (unless you want to and you're both wearing masks), and certainly do not let them in your house. But at the same time, perhaps try to understand why someone might take a job as a door-to-door salesperson selling something right now, as illogical as it seems, and be gentle and compassionate in dealing with them if you can.
  7. I was going to say "This doesn't have anything to do with COVID-19" but I realized it made me forget about it for a few minutes and made my heart sing - so maybe it does! https://nypost.com/video/masked-hero-hands-out-100-bills-to-strangers/#
  8. That sounds delicious, and I can imagine it tastes as much like brown bread as my oatmeal cookie ice cream tastes like oatmeal cookies! Look what I found: David Lebovitz Brown Bread Ice Cream Irish Brown Bread Ice Cream with Butterscotch Sauce I can't vouch for the authenticity of either recipe. David Lebovitz is definitely an ice cream expert (he's published a couple of popular cookbooks on the subject), and he says he enjoyed Brown Bread Ice Cream while in Ireland. But it concerns me he says you can use any dark bread to make his recipe. The second recipe may be more authentic; at least it includes a recipe for the Irish Brown Bread, too, so we can assume the authors recognize the importance of not making substitutions for the main ingredient! Now you just need to buy yourself an ice cream maker (and I'm happy to encourage you to do so) 😉
  9. I love grilled cheese, too. Now that my daughter is home from grad school for an indeterminate amount of time, grilled cheese has become our go-to dinner when we don't have the brain power to think of anything else and/or the energy to make anything different. Grilled cheese, a dill pickle, a few chips and done. But you know what else is tasty? A BLAT. Bacon, lettuce, avocado, and tomato. On toast. I've always loved BLTs but adding avocado takes it to the next level. Soooo yummy. I have a tiny kitchen as well. The floor space is about 4' X 5'. Add me and my wheelchair and it shrinks to practically nothing. I bought a chrome cart that has 2 height adjustable shelves plus a top shelf, and it sits against the dining room wall that separates the kitchen from the dining room. The microwave is on the top, and the ice cream machine and bread machine on the bottom shelf. The middle shelf holds 18 square plastic jars (I think they hold 3 cups each) in which I store dry beans, small pasta, grains, salt, etc.. Since I can't reach to the back of my limited counter space or any of the upper cabinets in the kitchen, that cart is a necessity! The only ice cream (gelato, actually) I ever buy is Talenti Salted Caramel. That stuff is like crack to me. I've yet to replicate it but I do keep trying...😉
  10. As I mentioned in a previous post, I have one of those ice cream makers that both churns and freezes the ice cream automatically. Now that it's getting hotter and I have lots of free time (thanks to COVID-19) my ice cream machine is getting a good workout. In the past 6 weeks, I've made Vanilla Bean, Chocolate Truffle, Oatmeal Cookie*, Raspberry, Strawberry, Banana, and Pineapple ice cream. My homemade ice cream is very rich because I make a custard base (whole milk, heavy cream, egg yolks, sugar), so a small serving is satisfying. Instead of packing a batch into one, large container when it's done instead I portion it out into 1/2 cup Glad food storage containers and then into the freezer they go. Although I'm not usually a breakfast person, twice this week I found myself hungry around 9:00 a.m. and told myself ice cream - made with milk, eggs, and fruit - is perfectly acceptable as a breakfast food. So that's what I ate. Obviously I'm enjoying pandemic eating way too much. 😉 *Oatmeal Cookie ice cream doesn't have pieces of oatmeal cookies in it; instead the ice cream itself tastes like an oatmeal cookie. This is accomplished by steeping toasted oats in milk for several hours, then straining them out. I add cinnamon and cloves to the milk/cream/egg yolks/brown sugar custard, and stir raisins and chopped walnuts into the ice cream before packing it into containers.
  11. That's how I view masks. There are those who eschew wearing seatbelts and motorcycle helmets though, too. My next door neighbor (who I wrote about in the original COVID-19 topic) is one of those; he won't wear a mask, won't social distance, ignored the stay-at-home order, and never wears a seat belt or motorcycle helmet (although seatbelts and motorcycle helmets are required by law in our state). The point being those wearing masks now already view them as being protective, like seatbelts and helmets. But some of those not wearing them object to being told they "should" protect themselves and others by wearing a mask, as in: "You can't tell me what to do!" That's my neighbor.
  12. What's going to happen when the father dies? Even if the father's house in Cranston is paid for (and it may not be), if either Steven or Justin plan to live in it there will be property taxes and insurance to pay. Will either one of them be able to afford those expenses, along with general maintenance and repairs? I doubt it. So, they'll probably have to sell the house. After whatever debts the father has outstanding are paid out of the proceeds (including the father's burial expenses), I'll bet there will be darn little left to divide between Steven and Justin. They'll blow through it quickly. Then what? Neither one of them have supported themselves completely. They've both relied on their father to cover expenses of one kind or another. Do they think their father is going to be around forever? They sure do act like it.
  13. Here in Rhode Island, beer, wine, and liquor can only be sold in liquor stores. This doesn't affect me too much because I don't drink, but I do keep bottles of red/white/burgundy wines along with sherry & marsala for cooking, and a pint of bourbon for flambéing, in the house. I have plenty of friends who drink, so when my stash starts to run low, I'll ask one of them to pick up what I need on their next weekend beer run. 😉
  14. When you say your phone/internet/cable are all connected, do you mean you receive all of those services from the same provider? Cellphones generally can connect to the internet two different ways; WiFi and data. Most cellphone service providers offer data plans in addition to talk/text plans, as an add-on. Data plans allow your phone to connect to the internet over a wireless cellular connection when there is no Wifi available. Cellular data uses the same network provided by the cell towers that allow you to make phone calls. Prices for data plans vary by service provider and are based on the amount of data (in megabytes) you buy. For example, my cellphone service provider offers data plans ranging in price from 5.00/mo. for 500 mb of data up to 40.00/mo. for unlimited data. There are articles online to help you determine the amount of data you might need per month. When you have a data plan, your cellphone can connect to the internet anywhere you are, and also allows you to access the internet on your cellphone when your electricity and/or WiFi go out. Having the same service provider for phone/cable/internet (even if it's a "bundle" deal) shouldn't preclude you from having a data plan for your cellphone.
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