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  1. Ariela and Bini: One parent taking their baby out of the country without the other parent isn't easy; there's usually quite a bit of red tape that includes a notarized letter from the parent not traveling giving their permission for the child to be taken out of the country. Did Ariela ever say whether Avi has U.S. citizenship, Ethiopian citizenship, or Dual ET/US citizenship? Because Ariela is a U.S. citizen, she can confer her citizenship onto Avi, but it's a very long and complicated process. However, it would make it much easier for her to take Avi to the U.S. The steps
  2. I've heard people say you can do everything with an InstaPot. And it's faster, too!
  3. When people end a sentence with LOL, you know they probably did not actually Laugh Out Loud when writing it. However, when I read the above, I can assure you I did LOL! Partially because of the absurdity of Barry refusing to be filmed because it makes him uncomfortable and because he has thin lips, but mostly because we're talking about Barry so "I'm uncomfortable being filmed plus I have very thin lips" is precisely the kind of nonsensical excuse I would not be at all surprised to hear coming out of his thin-lipped mouth. Thank you. I needed that. 😂
  4. "Steamy Nights in Cairo" wasn't the third episode of the season. It was a bonus episode composed of clips pertaining to "[The] Plath family shar[ing] stories of romantic beginnings and the excitement of new beginnings", according to TLC's description. Because it was a bonus episode, there was no season or episode number. S3.E3. airs next Tuesday, titled "Her Little Power Move". I've just done a bit more sleuthing, and according to an article published on June 15 on DailySoapDish.com, the Steamy Nights in Cairo bonus episode that aired last night was the first episode of a spin-o
  5. I'll bet Kim's basis for that is a book published in 1997 called "I Kissed Dating Goodbye", written by Joshua Harris. The advice in that book proved so damaging to those who followed it, in 2016 Joshua retracted his advice and requested the publisher cease printing and selling the book. More info here. Purity culture (in the broader sense) is very damaging, and frequently leads to serious sexual dysfunction in those who are taught "no touching (except side hugs) and no kissing" until marriage - especially among women who are raised in purity culture. For a good overview of
  6. Hey, everyone! I just realized a bonus episode, Steamy Nights in Cairo, ran right after A Runaway Freight Train. Description: Plath family shares stories of romantic beginnings and the excitement of new beginnings. Because it's a bonus episode, there's no season or episode number. I'm not able to edit the topic name to add it to tonight's episode topic, and I didn't think there would be enough interest to make a separate topic for it. So if you saw it or will be seeing it and want to discuss it, use this topic for this bonus episode, too. For anyone who missed it and
  7. Lydia and Ethan reconnect for the first time in months; Micah takes Helena to meet Ethan and Olivia, which raises questions if they are more than friends; Max fears Ethan and Olivia don't approve of him; Lydia opens up about her crush to Kim.
  8. I finally figured out who Trish (Mike's mother) reminds me of:
  9. Max recruits Micah and Lydia to help out with a surprise. Lydia prays for a family reconciliation. Ethan and Olivia's relationship is on the rocks.
  10. Well, sure! I have a daughter who's 25. If she was wearing something unflattering, I'd point it out. But, that's a bit different than what I was responding to: That Tiffany and Kalani wore what they did doesn't mean their mothers didn't suggest other attire. Maybe they did, but their daughters chose not to heed their advice. But their moms cannot tell them what they can and cannot wear, or what body parts must have more coverage, as @winsomeone suggested.
  11. Tiffany and Kalani are adults (and are mothers themselves) who choose and pay for their own clothing. Their mothers no longer have any authority over how they dress.
  12. Although I don't have breast implants, I know a few women who do and some have had their implants put under the muscle and others, over. I didn't know why it's not consistent between under/over, so I did some research. The plastic surgeons with an online presence I looked at do it both ways, depending upon several factors (recovery time being one). I found a good explanation of the differences in placement at the website of The American Society of Plastic Surgeons: "[T]here are several factors which help determine the optimal implant placement for each individual patient,
  13. Just as an F.Y.I.: There's a Fire TV app available for iOS and android that, when opened, turns your phone into a Fire TV remote.
  14. Tiffany had "zero experience raising children" when Daniel was born. And, if you're talking specifically about children's private parts, then Tiffany probably had not seen boy's private parts before Daniel was born. So what? She learned. However, since both Ronald and Tiffany have had sexual intercourse (with each other and with others) they've both seen the private parts of the opposite sex, right? Regardless, Ronald is the father of a baby girl. Until she's potty trained, her diapers have to be changed, likely 6+ times a day. Ronald needs to stop making excuses and do his fa
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