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  1. They don't, and that's why I said they micromanage their kids. If Anna doesn't meet the income guidelines to rent, she'll find out when she submits an application. Neither Trent nor Amber need to say a thing - and they shouldn't. Amber said something in one of the THs about Jonah, Elizabeth, and Anna not knowing how to do adulting (paraphrasing), and that may be true. But they won't learn how to do it right unless both Trent and Amber step aside and let them learn - not from their parents telling them what to do and how to do it, but through their own life experiences. As long
  2. I posted about that incident as well after the episode that included that scene aired. It was such a good example of how much micromanaging of their kids both Amber and Trent do. If you still think you need to tell your kids how to dress for the weather past the age of nine, you're doing parenting all wrong. The best teacher is natural consequences, and parents should step aside and allow their children to experience the natural consequences of their actions as long as those natural consequences don't include the possiblity of serious injury or death. It's baffling to me why Am
  3. I was going to reply to the same post you replied to; glad I finished reading the topic before I did! I did a bit of research for my post, and learned because of the reduction of flights due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of the major U.S. airlines have put their most junior pilots back on reserve status. For those not familiar, reserve status means you're not given a monthly schedule. Instead, you have to keep your phone handy and turned on 24/7, and if/when the airline calls you for a flight, you have to drop everything and get to the airport within a couple of hours. I think
  4. Hello! <waves> I'm new to this topic. I was going to try to read through the posts before posting myself, so I wouldn't duplicate any pet peeves already mentioned. I actually got to around page 150 (reading a few pages per day); then I realized at the rate I was going I'd probably be dead before I got to the end. So my apologies if anything I post has been posted before! Most of what really annoys me these days is grammar/spelling/word usage/basic writing stuff. Because I've spent a lot more time online over the past year (due to COVID-19) than I did in the Before Ti
  5. After I'd read the description of each participant, I thought "Gee, are you people that oblivious you don't know why you can't find a partner? Because it's glaringly obvious to me!"
  6. I have better pix but they're too big to upload If you have Android, there's an app called Photo & Picture Resizer in the Play Store. I use it all the time to "smallerize" (😉) pictures to upload here!
  7. This looks...interesting... https://bossip.com/2000630/will-you-be-watching-married-at-first-sight-spin-off-unmatchables-puts-16-love-seeking-singles-together/amp/
  8. Many people with nystagmus are able to drive:
  9. Virginia's husband, Erik, is a pilot for a major commercial airline. As the wife of an airline employee, Virginia is entitled to the same flight benefits Erik receives. She can travel on his airline anywhere in the world his airline flies for just a small service charge*. She can also get discounts on hotels (usually 50% off). Decisions, decisions: Getting drunk three nights a week with her BFFs in Atlanta OR Traveling the world with her husband and getting to see things she'd probably never be able to afford to see otherwise? Wouldn't she rather explore the tapa
  10. They're all the same this season, aren't they? 1. In their introductory segment, they say they know their weight is killing them. 2. They say they're "willing to do whatever it takes" to lose weight to qualify for weight-loss surgery, because it's their last chance. 3. They go see Dr. Nowzaradan, and promise him they'll follow the diet and meet their weight-loss goal for their next appointment. 4. Then they return home and don't follow the diet (because reasons), yet act surprised when they go to their next appointment and haven't lost any weight. 5. They tell Dr. Nowz
  11. So...the 7 Little Johnstons Thanksgiving super-spreader event! People from different families, unrelated (Bryce and Ashley), and high-risk individuals (grandpa). Indoors. No social distancing. No masks. But the show must go on! Thanks TLC. We can always depend on you to send the right message!
  12. I found this image online of the new, redesigned, permanent resident card:
  13. I also don't think she's not attractive... 😉
  14. Regarding Chris and Paige: I feel the experts* failed at their task by not asking Chris what I believe would be logical questions once he revealed he had been previously engaged: 1. When did your engagement end? 2. Have you had any contact with your ex since you broke off the engagement? 3. If so, what type of contact was that? Email? Phone? Text? In person? 4. How frequent was that contact? 5. If the contact was in person, was any of it of a sexual nature? 6. When was the last time you were in contact with your ex? And then, regardless of his answers, t
  15. State of Georgia: On what grounds can I receive an annulment? You may receive an annulment if . . . You and your spouse are related as follows: parent/child, stepchild; grandparent/grandchild; aunt/nephew; uncle/niece. You did not have the mental capacity to enter into a contract. You were under the age of 16 when you entered into your marriage. You were forced to enter into the marriage. You were fraudulently induced to enter into the marriage. Your spouse was married to another living spouse at the time you entered into the marriage. May I be gran
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