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  1. TwirlyGirly

    Lorelai Gilmore: The 10(+) Things I Hate About You

    Resurrecting this topic! I came across something in S1/E6 "Rory's Birthday Parties" recently (it's amazing what you can pick up on the millionth time you watch something...😉). Lorelai is talking to Michel in the kitchen at the Inn: LORELAI: Oh, hey, Rory's birthday party is Saturday night so start thinking up reasons why you can't come. MICHEL: I'm going to be out of town. LORELAI: Oh, you used that last year. MICHEL: I'll work on it and get back to you LORELAI: 7:00, presents mandatory. Not only did Michel's boss, Lorelai, demand he attend an event not work related (for his boss's child), for which he would not be paid, but also demanded he buy a gift for her child out of his own pocket! The first few times I saw the episode, I thought Lorelai was saying "presence mandatory". That's bad enough. But the last time I turned on the CC, and it said "presents." I checked the transcript, and same thing. That kind of demand made of an employee by their boss has to be illegal.
  2. TwirlyGirly

    Nate And Jeremiah By Design

    The little jabs Nate and Jeremiah take at each other don't bother me at all. Couples often have a "bit", and that's theirs. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Thank you to @CrazyInAlabama and @iMonrey for the info about inspections not being required in CA. I had no idea! CA has so many consumer protection laws, that really surprises me. Count me in on being annoyed at the "We're pregnant" thing. Unless YOU are vomiting for three months, lugging around 30+ extra pounds, dealing with swollen ankles and a whole slew of other pregnancy-related issues, YOU ARE NOT PREGNANT. An empathetic and supportive partner? Yes. Hopefully. But pregnant you aren't. I also didn't think the wife appeared to be 8-9 months pregnant at the end. Heck, if they hadn't said she was pregnant, I never would have known. Weird! If they're fans of GoT, and have a girl, maybe they'll name her Daenerys. If they want to stick with character's last names, Tarly or Sparrow would work for a girl. Another boy? Lannister! (I don't watch GoT, so if any of the names of characters I suggested are rotten people, I truly didn't know).
  3. TwirlyGirly

    S07.E16: Lashanta's Story LIVE CHAT

  4. TwirlyGirly

    S07.E15: Angela's Story LIVE CHAT

  5. TwirlyGirly

    S07.E15: Angela's Story LIVE CHAT

  6. TwirlyGirly

    My Lottery Dream Home

    Montana: Interesting this was a "no hugging" episode (I can't recall any other episodes in which there was absolutely no physical contact between David and any of the family members). I also thought David was unusually...subdued? There wasn't much banter between David and the real estate agent, or David and the family, as there usually is, IMO. At the beginning of the episode, David mentioned their needing a bedroom for their 16 year old son (who we never saw), and the mother nixed ranch style homes because her son needed his own space (I'm confused as to why a single story house would preclude that, but whatever). But IIRC, not once, in any of the houses, did David point to a bedroom and say "This would be the perfect bedroom for your son" - which he has done in previous episodes when a bedroom/living space for a family member has been part of the criteria for the new home. As a matter of fact, all of the house tours seemed cursory to me. And, with the exception of David suggesting replacing the countertops in the first home, I don't recall David making any other decorating/reno suggestions for the homes at all. The husband and older son appeared disengaged from the entire process; for example, going downstairs to watch TV in the first home (a TV that wasn't turned on). IDK, the entire episode just seemed a bit "off" to me!
  7. TwirlyGirly

    S07:E14: AnnJeannette's Story

    Well, we hope she got a reprieve from death by losing as much weight as she did, but as we learned from Kelly's experience, that's not a given. When someone of normal weight either gains a lot of weight or loses a lot of weight (remember Karen Carpenter?) it can damage their body, sometimes in ways that may not be detectable. I hope AJ continues with her program and gets down to her target weight, and her body remains strong and healthy. But losing the weight is no guarantee she won't succumb to a heart attack or other issue related to her former weight in the future. After Kelly's story, I wondered whether airing it might do more harm than good. My concern is whether some who are morbidly obese might say to themselves "Why should I sacrifice the one thing I love if there's a good chance I'll die anyway? Might as well die happy." As we all know, most of these Pounders will use any excuse not to lose the weight.
  8. TwirlyGirly

    S07.E13: Kelly's Story LIVE CHAT

  9. TwirlyGirly

    [Enquiry, ANSWERED] Reputation/Reactions

    Is there any way to disseminate this so everyone will be aware of how the reactions work? Based on the previous response, I'm sure the majority of members were operating under the belief all reactions count towards reputation. It's kind of sad, for example, if someone were to write a particularly funny post and get 30 laugh reactions, but no reputation because everyone who reacted thought laughs count. To me, the laugh reaction is equal to an "LOL", and obviously if I'm LOLing I like the post, but I can't choose more than one reaction. Other than the "like", all the other choices are "how this affected me" reactions. Would it be possible to make it so we can both "like" a post (which would count towards reputation) AND choose another reaction which wouldn't count, but simply show how the post affected us?
  10. TwirlyGirly

    S02.E09: It's Getting Steamy Up in Here!

    Don't you wonder if Ashley's kids are vaccinated? I do.
  11. TwirlyGirly

    S02.E09: It's Getting Steamy Up in Here!

    If I were in Vanessa's situation (and I wouldn't be, even if Ashley and Dimitri were the last two people on Earth and the entire world's supply of batteries suddenly vaporized), and I heard "Yoni steam" and "vagina" used together in a sentence, the first thing I'd do is whip out my cell phone and Google it. Wikipedia has a short, informative page on the subject of Yoni steaming. I can guarantee you as soon as I read there is no empirical evidence of any benefits, the practice is spreading by capitalizing on the belief women's bodies are inherently dirty, and that side effects include "allergic reactions, second-degree burns, and vaginal infections"...I'd look Ashley straight in the eye and say: "Girl, you CRAZY!" And that, I can assure you, would be the end of that - for me!
  12. TwirlyGirly

    [Not A Bug] Firefox + Android + PTV

    I never received a notification this issue received a reply, hence my failure to respond may have indicated the issue was resolved and the topic was closed. David, you asked if "cut" appears in the extended menu. It does not. I've added a screenshot of what the extended menu shows. Clicking the left-pointing arrow below the words "Google search" takes you back to the original three options; Copy, Share, Select All. I am using Firefox on an android phone, BTW. So why these options are available when I access PTV with Chrome and not Firefox is a mystery. (I'm using Firefox because of the black screen issue when I use Chrome, which apparently is a Chrome issue. Google is aware of this bug and it's affecting browsing websites other than PTV, too).
  13. I was browsing the "My 600-lb Life" forum, "S07.E11: Jeanne's Story" topic this morning, and saw several posts that have well over 26 (or is it 25?) reactions, but aren't pink. Is this a glitch, or have the number of reactions a post needs to "go pink" increased? Screenshots are of a few of the posts from just the first page of posts from that topic. It almost seems as if it's not counting the "sad" reactions into the total all of a sudden?
  14. TwirlyGirly

    S07.E12: Aaron's Story LIVE CHAT

  15. TwirlyGirly

    S07.E12: Aaron's Story LIVE CHAT