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  1. According to NC law, the fact they have previously lived together constitutes a “personal relationship”. Attempting to cause bodily injury, or intentionally causing bodily injury with someone in a personal relationship would hinge on prosecutors convincing jurists that it’s reasonable to assume she was aiming the remote at him and intentionally throwing it, which, unlike a pillow, made him bleed, but could have injured him further had she hit his eye, for example. I admit I’m just being nit-picky and also know Buddy vs. Whitney lawsuits will never happen. My guess is they would choose t
  2. AHA!!!! And yet, we have the miracle of Whitney Thore and the whole premise of the show: She has sobbed many a time as she Whitsplains to viewers that she has a disease that makes it IMPOSSIBLE for her to be height/weight proportionate, no matter her diet or exercise regimen. On top of THAT she has an eating disorder. She has bloviated on her decision to EMBRACE this horrific diagnosis of lifelong obesity. She has parlayed her unfortunate circumstances into BGDC, a book, 9 seasons of MBFFL, NoBS.com, NoBS at Sea Cruises, NoBSActive App, paid partnerships with UnderArmour, Torrid a
  3. Assault would be Whitney communicating to Buddy that she’s fixin’ to physically harm him in some way. Battery is Whitney actually doing it. She could be charged with domestic violence under NC law. Even if he didn’t seek medical attention, if his injuries warranted it, the charges would be more serious or enhanced as well. ”I didn’t mean to hurt him” won’t mean shit.
  4. Agreed. Which is why they missed out on the opportunity to educate about the inconsistency regarding statutory rape laws. Instead of hammering the age of 16 every time St. Olivia had any lines about it, imagine if she could have said something like, I was only 6 months away from it being my choice. Like many, I pine for the days when the writers created episodes that were somewhat relevant to current events, not just soap opera drama revolving around Olivia Benson’s personal life. No. I’m referring to specific statutory rape laws unrelated to marriages, arranged or otherwise. In es
  5. Notice the heavy emphasis on St. Olivia being 16. I don’t think her specific age was ever mentioned before. In New York State, the age of consent was and is 17 and would have been nothing to prosecute, if that’s how old she was. It could have been a teaching moment about the current disparity between age of consent laws, state by state~as well as the unbelievable historical account of it coming to be law in this country. It began as a “property crime” to protect the value of an unmarried WHITE woman’s chastity, which belonged to her father. In 1885, most states age of consent law was 10, i
  6. I’m gonna go with both. She’s ALWAYS been shitty to her barnacles, inappropriate and rude to her parents, the mentality of a 13 y/o when it comes to boys and to top it off, wallows in the emotional turmoil, ad infinitum , of her unmanageable PCOS disease that has completely ruined her ability to lose ANY weight, attract the sort of boys she wants, get married and have babies the old fashioned way, exercise for longer than a five minute stretch, etc. Putting the spotlight on that shit was just typical TLC programming by “blessing” us with yet another carnival style freak show to hate-
  7. Every episode devolves into an even worse Soap Opera episode than before. This show has morphed beyond its original premise into the same boring formula as morphed NCIS, L&O SVU and others. It is no longer an interesting story about a case, or a potentially worthwhile endeavor one takes on like losing weight, Fat Girl Dance class or NoBS content/app building. It is now solely based on the ongoing storylines of the major character and their immediate friends & family. Brimming with groan inducing hijinks and scripted dialogue which vaguely utilizes comedic devices in order
  8. Heyyyyy, nowwww…how many times have we heard about PCOS making it impossible to lose weight, no matter what she does? It’s my unprofessional opinion that the basis of her whacked out behavior/ideas and original inspiration for No-BS is her literal illogical belief that PCOS MAKES her fat and there’s nothing she can do about it. Ymmv, etc.
  9. Walking with someone and helping them to navigate obstacles can be two different things. My point was neither Glenn, brother nor Whitney were there for Babs in a caretaking capacity. It’s not really that dire of a situation for them to even casually think about. She would have been in the same boat going alone with an Uber. if Whitney REALLY wanted to solve the upstairs/downstairs living issue she’d buy them a stairlift as an early Christmas gift. Fake arguing with her parents is better soap opera drama & fodder for the forums, though! LOL I take care of my unforgivingly stu
  10. I doubt it. It’s merely a storyline she’s participating in. She’s more than likely too self absorbed and barely able to run her own life to concern herself or have the actual ability to be a caregiver to her parents. Remember that scene of her sitting in the car eating popcorn while Babs took a dive miscalculating a curb? Neither her husband nor her son were by her side helping her navigate that curb, either, but she couldn’t even be arsed to get out of the car. I think the only portion that was non-scripted out of the whole episode was Babs’ fall…yet no one is wringing their hands ab
  11. I want a nickel from her for every time she says “like” so I can buy something incredibly expensive. However, if she starts doing the vocal fry thing, I’m out. sorry/not sorry
  12. I’ll agree that she is desperate to keep this show, the lynchpin of her empire…it improves her BL, directly or indirectly. Except for controlling her parents and Buddy, if she’s successful in raking in the $$$ by keeping the show she can pay for the storybook relationship, attraction by young, handsome and or normal guys, validation of health and ability to control the greedy of the barnacles.
  13. Absolutely! Much like the Command Strips segment, this show is a soap opera style infomercial for Whitney’s business, her barnacles’ boosts on social media, the radio station she interned for, Annette’s Fat Girl Travel group and any other business who wants some advertising in exchange for a small storyline on her show. In the real world, obesity weakens your immune system. If she wanted to reduce her risk of severe complications from a COVID infection, she’d lose some weight and preach THAT, “BITCH!” instead of ditching her mask and social distancing protocols because she’s vaxxed.
  14. I lived in France, briefly. Immersion was part of the deal. There are many different accents and customs, depending on what region one is from. Much like the US, hearing a native Speaker from the tri-state area with an “Atlantic” American accent and a native speaker from Louisiana with a “Cajun” accent sounds quite different~but they are both speaking American English. Whitney’s French is appalling. Cat or Cats, in French is pronounced Shat. Not ShatS. Singular and Plural are one of the very first things you learn because it’s totally different than English. That being said,
  15. YES!!!! If John Travolta can embrace it, so can Kody!!!
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