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  1. YES!!!! If John Travolta can embrace it, so can Kody!!!
  2. I’ll second that and also ask, why wouldn’t a responsible gun owner check to make sure it was loaded? And why would one creep downstairs with an ostensibly loaded gun TOWARDS the threat? I’d have retreated, with my firearm, extra ammo and a cell phone, into the nearest closet and dialed 911. But that’s just me. I grew up with a loaded shotgun propped behind the front door of the house, so it doesn’t squick me to have a loaded firearm in the house. I actually prefer it.
  3. kicotan

    S18.E16: Rule 91

    I’m so glad Bishop left for the incredibly petty reason that her eyebrows are so black paired with her bleach blonde hair, it was hard to suspend my disbelief that she was indeed an intelligent, observant NCIS agent. I wouldn’t be able to spend 5 minutes within 50 yards of her without taking it upon myself to, albeit gently, suggest she either lighten those caterpillars or darken her hair because she sticks out like an infected sore thumb. Obviously, Gibbs had a secret way out of the basement. I like enoughcats’s rundown of the technicalities.
  4. This show has turned into a nauseating soap opera of wokeness. If anybody out there isn’t aware that there are serious flaws in our healthcare systems, please raise your hand. So let’s have some traumatized white self appointed savior run amuck in the hospital every week on a tear about everything wrong in America that he’s going to fix all by himself with radical mandates that make no sense. In the real world I’m pretty sure he’d be on Administrative leave already, pending a full psych work up for returning to work.
  5. I’m going to guess it’s because he’s got some fetish that has absolutely NOTHING to do with what mainstream society and media considers to be attractive and Janelle fits that fetish to a T, but Christine doesn’t. I myself am not attracted to what mainstream society and the media holds out as “attractive”, but I don’t care so it’s no secret fetish for me. I’ve heard tell of folk who keep up a dominant outward business/social persona that can’t be satisfied behind closed doors unless they take on a submissive role which they fiercely guard as private, lest they be seen outside the bedroom
  6. Think I could apply for a grant to study the effects of folk selling their soul and the souls of their family members to Reality TV? I could use the Browns as a case study-document the ongoing ridiculousness of each adult as well as the constant shit shows they force onto their offspring, who have no say in being participado, from the early days to the present. I could sell a documentary...pitch for interviews with long term reality show participants from Honey Boo Boo to Twitney Thore... What am I saying I don’t have the time for that shit.
  7. My bad, sorry, I should have said munching on sketti!!!
  8. My ex husband is 6’7”-I met him when we were 17 and his sisters told me that until he got through junior high school he was short and pudgy. I didn’t believe it until they showed me pictures!!! Fast forward to me having his kids-a boy and a girl and BOTH of them started getting pudgy in junior high...I got them into sports, cross country, basketball, that sort of thing and then when they hit high school age they sprouted. Our son is 6’5” and daughter is 6’. They have never had weight problems. Alana’s situation, I honestly believe it’s not just environmental, but genetic as well. As
  9. The Lenape have a complex and interesting history. Of course, the show wouldn’t include that into the narrative...because skimming an issue apparently gets them virtue signaling credits. There actually is a program offered at three universities: https://www.ihs.gov/dhps/dhpsgrants/indiansmedicineprogram/ Here in California, several tribes have made significant financial strides for the betterment of their members. Their revenue from gaming has been distributed to the tribe as well as reinvested in other business ventures. For example, the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians ju
  10. Alana has absolutely NO excuse for continuing with her eating habit other than being downright lazy about it. LOOK at your family, Alana-ok maybe nor Suga Bear, but look at the women in your family...and while you are at it, look in the mirror at something other than your makeup. That Big Fat Fabulous Life gig has already been spoken for.
  11. It always struck me as creepy-father/daughter date night or dances. I never saw mother/son date night or dances, but that would be just as creepy. Like purity-ring creepy... “...A common tradition is for a parent to buy a purity ring for a child. This exchange typically takes place in adolescence. In many cases, the parent of the opposite sex presents the ring to the child. The father gives his daughter a purity ring, or the mother gives her son a purity ring, for example...” https://mountzjewelers.com/blogs/mountz-jewelers/the-history-and-meaning-behind-the-purity-ring ju
  12. Tread lightly, right? I think because of this episode’s theme, there might be a little leeway. One can hope. A long time ago I spoke with therapists and counselors about my then-husband’s addiction issues and one of them said something that has stuck with me ever since. The most dangerous place to be is inflexible-the teetotaler is in the same mindset as the full blown alcoholic that refuses to put it down. Claire’s inflexibility might bite her in the ass later on...but Asher’s flexibility will serve him well, even if he voted for an unpopular and widely hated candidate in a Pre
  13. I agree with the other posters that the specific protest issue was intentionally vague. For all we know, the kids were caught in the crossfire of a police shooting. I think this is possibly the first show I’ve seen in a long time (maybe ever) that addresses the fact that Trump was voted into office in 2016 ( instead of everyone pretending nobody except for extremist cults in the South voted for him) so conversation can’t even be had about the inherent damage that a two-party adversarial system has on a presidential election. Instead of voting for the person running that is best suited f
  14. Bingo!!! She was clearly outshined by Symone. Not everyone who is critical of GottMik’s participation is transphobic or identifies as cis and I think it does a disservice to critiques of Gottmik’s performance to suggest that. There are folks who, regardless of orientation or sociological level of acceptance, will read Ru as trying to make amends for past trans-gressions by handing a crown to someone who, arguably, presented the same makeup and costuming on every runway. Portraying Paris Hilton for Snatch Game was no stretch either, the vocal fry and mannerisms are already the same in
  15. Gender revealing in 2021 is awkward if not outright perverse. It’s a crude throwback to the past when observable genitalia determined one’s gender. Gender expression is a CHOICE. Parents being validated with congratulations when they expose the result of their child’s biological genitalia...as if it means anything once that offspring matures and decides for itself what gender specific social construct they identify with is something I don’t think this show, with all of the progressive themes they put forward did a good job with. They are not having a little girl. They are having a bio
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