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  1. Part 1 is available on TLC Darcey & Tom finally meet face to face. Yolanda investigates Williams. Ed meets Rosemarie's family. Stephanie & Erika get crafty. Varya's mother questions Geoffrey. Avery & Ash take a romantic getaway. Lisa & Usman question their future.
  2. So Sojaboy is actually 'famous' after all with fans.
  3. This is the prettiest I've seen Molly, sure it's photoshopped but she looks amazing here. lol
  4. Robert and Annie look like they've both lost weight.
  5. Annie and the RED FLAGS guy are on Pillow Talk.
  6. I want more Darcy. Useman looks like he's ready to murder Lisa and I'm ok with it. What a shocker the number is from Nigeria.
  7. Was the bucket for just a shower or also a toile t like they do on 600 lb life?
  8. How does Lisa have a perm but still have limp hair.
  9. I know when I love someone, I sign my texts with : regards.
  10. SOJABOY could do alot better then Lisa especially since he's so accomdating. It's odd he has hitched himself to this sad sack of permed hair and weird husky voice.
  11. This whole episode was so unsatisfying.
  12. He kind of annoys me, like dude, you don't do anything. You have no responsibilities and plenty of time to work on your diet and fill out housing applications and you have a perfectly good car to get around.
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