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  1. How does Danielle not realize she is the 3rd wheel and should stop demeaning herself.
  2. How does Danielle not feel like a third wheel on this trip.
  3. I've reconsidered and it's better that Danielle and Garrick are divorced. If they were still married, Garrick would take out life insurance on her and kill her and they'd end up being on Dateline. I don't know how a woman in her thirties can be so naive and gullible to fall for any of this instead of heading straight to the a divorce attorney and changing the locks the first time Garrick mentioned he wanted this. Glad to see Kaleh escaped the King and Queen. Why do the geeky family feel their life is not complete. What are they all looking for when they've settled for an expre
  4. I actually felt bad for Wendy today, she handled herself well. This Josephine is drunk. Wendy's face is looking like the cat lady who has had too much plastic surgery.
  5. I think what we're watching is a girl who is a sociopath: Telling Vince she was flushing the pot and ended up holding on to it, even when Mallory was mad at her because it was going to get Mallory in trouble. Needing to practice how to be 'a victim' which is what psychopaths and sociopaths do since they don't know how to be human and need to emulate and play a role for the people they want to manipulate. Telling Vince she has been to the house many times and grew to get a thrill from it. It could turn out to be the 'star' of the show is actually an awful selfish person and
  6. Stephanie and her mom were awful. They need to stop putting on these special guest like Stephanie, Tom and his sister, Colt and Deb, any of the family Chantel. They kill the vibe with their awfulness. They need to only keep David and Annie, Veronica and Tim, Annie and Robert. Lauren is annoying always referring to herself but I do like Alexei. I don't mind Molly and her friend.
  7. Can we have Zied and Rebecca. At least it's fun watching her try to be young for 31 oh I mean 27 year old Zied. This guy never ages.
  8. Angela needs to write a letter to her dead maw maw.
  9. She looks real different here or is it photo shop?
  10. After all these years, Kalani still doesn't know she married the Tahitian Forrest Gump.
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