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  1. Thanks GM! The shelter is already doing that... but I really am finally ready for a new dog after our Golden Retarded of 15 yrs passed, right before my 15 yr old cat. I've never been petless like this, and I'm so sad about it. Idk how to explain this, but I KNOW she is my dog. I love her already, and can offer lots of time, attention, and we can give her a great forever home. I really need help figuring our how to make her not want to tear 92 lb me apart. I'm so kind to animals (esp to ones who have been through all she has), but that dog will seriously kill me. Idk why she
  2. Does anyone else here (is anyone else old enough lol) to remember the "Dear Kitten" commercials? They slayed me.
  3. Thx for the history and video! My cats have always had literary names, the last being my beloved Ray Bradbury. But he was kind of impossible to read with because as soon as I opened a book, he immediately had to sit on it. Miss him so much. Found an old Halloween pic of my heart. Last pic... for our weddimg favors, we gave out playing cards. Hubby was the king card, I was queen, and our various pets and personal moments and friends/family were the other cards.
  4. So, poor dog has losr hee lifelong best friend/owner and is in a kennel. We went to see her in the kennel and she is so sad it is heartbreaking. She has two "handlers," one (another huge guy like the owner, son of owner, and my husband), brought her out. Same thing. She was just evil and vicious with me. The handler said she has established herself as the alpha with me. Also that the more frightened I am, the more wary it makes her because ahe does not know what I will do. He told me I needed to give her a good punch in the head, or better yet hit her hard hitting up fro
  5. I am only 3 minutes into this episode, I haven't read the thread. But so strange, I must have rewound 5 times. Did I really just see a shirtless man in black pants, with his thong panty showing from behind? That was the oddest thing...
  6. What a cutie. Your neighbor can fxck off. Here in Chicago, especially in the Oak Park area, those extra-toed cats are called Hemingway Cats. We have a lot of them here. Perhaps it is a regional thing.
  7. Thank you. I thought I was sharing a happy story when I posted this morning. Sorry to all whom are saddened too.
  8. Sad news, she would not have been a fit for us. Apparently she was never socialized, and has never been around women. She was initially, well, protective of her territory around even my husband. But she did finally settle down around him (he's a big guy). But she would have torn me apart. We spent quite some time there but she never got better with me. I could not get close enough to even give her a treat. Thw man caring for her said that even if we wanted her, he would not have let us have her, for my safety.
  9. Are there any discount shoppers or home sewers who could help me recreate a look I can't afford? No luck at H&M or the like. I feel like a good scarf or blanket could be sewn into this skirt (I'm a size 0 or 00). I need to find rhese gold kilt-type pins. The sweater is $1250, without pins! Not sure how to put nice holes in knitwear.
  10. Unrelated, I saw this cool video while researching Sherperds. It shows Halle trainf with her sogs for a movie.
  11. Thank you both for your responses. Browncoat, it is reassuring to hear of a petite woman handling two large dogs well. That gives me confidence. AgentRxs, I won't know much about the dog's training or personality until we meet her. We have an appointment at 10am today. This man purchased her from Germany for company after his wife passed away. He was basically a recluse in the house with his dog. For exercise, powder breaks, she was just let out into his fenced yard. Unfortunately, the great idea of keeping her for the weekend won't work, because the son who has her now
  12. WalnutQueen gave me good advice that pets find us. We have a sad, elderly neighbor with a 5-year old German Shepherd. The gentlelman has gone into assisted living for the remainder of his life for dementia. He does not even recognize the dog, heartbreaking for her. Her life has been turned upside down. If she does not find a home by Sunday, she is going to a shelter. I feel like we could be her forever home. However I am a cat person who has only had Golden Retrievers. Any thoughts? Advice? I am a 95-lb short woman, and this dog weighs as much as me.
  13. Aaron Echart looks like a 60-year-old withered leather handbag of a hobo.
  14. Thank you! So it is an iPhone feature? I'll have to ask to use a friend's iPhone. That message could be really cute! (Although I laughed at Kelly's version too).
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