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  1. I'm another one who found it somewhat offensive that Jean is replacing her Sassy Black friend in Iowa with a Sassy Black friend in California. I also am not Black, but it was so overt. Hoping that Jean will make more friends as she takes her new job, and that they will be diverse. I do like the gay roommate. He's adorable, and really sells his role. Is it really true that no one in LA eats bread, cheese, or meat? I have Facebook friends who live out there, and the photos they've put on don't show that at all, so I guess that's another stereotype being put forth.
  2. I have a hard time looking at Swoozie. I don't know if it is anorexia and plastic surgery, but it actually hurts me to watch her. I was a big fan of the show Sisters, and she was terrific on that show so long ago. What makes it worse, she was born on the exact same month, day, and year that I was, birthday twins. I like the other actors and their characters on the show, although Mayim is not selling me on Kat 100% of the time. I'm going to give it a few more viewings, but like most of the other new half hour comedies, it is just not all that entertaining.
  3. Back in the day, someone with Michah's looks would have been grabbed, put under contract, and wound up in movies. Not quite as far back, he would have been grabbed by the soaps, where he would have shirtless scenes at least twice a week. Hey, it could still happen.
  4. I have always found Sunny to be a terrific host on The View. I've always admired her intelligence and life experience. I'm listening to her read her autobiography, and I have to say that it is changing my view of her, and today's conversation about defunding the police is an example of why. I find her kind of condescending in the book, and that's how she came across to me today. She has to be the smartest person in the room ALL. THE. TIME. She has to be right, and everyone else who disagrees has to be wrong ALL. THE. TIME. I agree with those who said that if you have to explain your slog
  5. Two dark parents can easily have a blonde baby. Recessive genes are always there. However, for two blonde, blue eyed fair people to have a dark haired, dark eyed baby, well that's pretty much not going to happen . . . except on a soap where they don't always try to match the actors.
  6. I didn't love it. It didn't draw me in in the same way This is Us did when it first debuted. I did like some of the characters enough to watch a few more times. I don't like the affair between Delilah and Ed, even though I like them both as characters. I want to know more about Rome, and try to understand his depression. I hope he gets help for it, that he can confide in his wife, and that she will understand.
  7. I was a bit disappointed, but I'll give it another chance, because by the end, I didn't hate those people anymore. The kids are adorable!
  8. I think Oscar has some kind of childhood cancer that he had as a very young child. He may have been young enough that he no longer really remembers it. He was probably treated, and went into remission, but now that the symptoms have re-appeared, Kim, who may have been told that if that happens, it means his illness has returned, is sure that this time it will kill her son. She's a doctor, and shouldn't immediately jump to that conclusion. It does explain her overprotection of her teenage son.
  9. Watching Sam, the red haired teenage boy, and his ability to discuss his Tourettes, I think he would be a terrific motivational speaker. He could explain what Tourettes is to other high school students, and also mentor younger children with tourettes. I know he makes light of his tics, and tries very hard to hold them in, and I know he doesn't want attention at school for having a disability, because in his mind it is only an inconvenience, but now he is on national TV. Now is the time for him to use his feelings about what is going on with him, and his abilities, which seem strong, to help
  10. I don't like Meghan McCain. I almost stopped watching The View because of her. She has no real understanding of her role on the show, which is to give Meghan McCain's view, not that of people in red states, not that of all conservatives, not that of Trump voters, her own point of view. She is not empathetic or kind to others on the show, and she does not treat people well. All that said, I find myself feeling very bad for her these last two days. She is a Daddy's girl, who just lost her Daddy, and her life will never be the same. Even though she knew this was coming, it is a terrible blo
  11. I'm watching the tourettes show, but it doesn't have a topic here yet. Back to Born This Way, if every child who is developmentally delayed had parents like Gary and Laurie, this would be a wonderful world. Rachel was born into the right family, a family that has given her love, support, understanding, and helped her to gain independence and maturity. I love her parents.
  12. I feel the same way as many of you about the twist, particularly this year when some of the kids are so young. These kids have enough baking experience to meet the original challenge with something they are able to make at least somewhat successfully. The twists are sometimes things that don't go with the version of the challenge the child is creating. While a teenager might be able to find a way to fulfill the challenge and the twist, a ten or eleven year old may struggle, become frustrated and upset, because his or her vision of what they've started to make is suddenly incompatible with t
  13. adhoc wrote "ETA: Whether Brendan appeared "smug" or not at any time should not be a reason to deem him unworthy of winning." No, it shouldn't be a reason to deem him unworthy of winning, but it was the reason I didn't really want him to win, although until today, I was sure he was going to win. I thought he was very good at most of the skills that make a good baker, but it bothered me that he thought his skills were so much better than the others, and that he expressed it so many times during the show.
  14. I really thought up until today that Brendan was going to win, but tonight, for some reason, I started thinking that John was going to win. I didn't want Brendan to win, because he's been so self-satisfied, so sure that he was better than the others over the weeks of the show, but today, he seemed very different. I think John's gingerbread was a big, big part of his win, that and today's bakes other than the technical. His showstopper really amazed and pleased the judges. James took a big chance on baking five cakes, and this one important time, his risk taking didn't pay off for him. He w
  15. Meghan acts like a child, screaming when she doesn't get her own way, not allowing others to speak. She is a horrible panelist for The View, or any show where intelligence is valued at all. I will miss Sara. She is a person who looks at things from more than one angle, and who presents her views without screaming or interrupting others. I don't think Meghan caused her to leave. I think doing a pre-taped show may be presenting her with more opportunity to spend time with her family. After all, she has two very young children.
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