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  1. I think the worst thing for Karine to do is come to the U.S. where Pole can control, and isolate her. She has no support here, except control freak Pole, and his mother, who I bet enabled him his whole life, and will never stop doing that.
  2. I wonder if the catfish in this couple is actually Laura. I bet she told Aladin she was getting a huge pension, that would only increase, and a bunch of other lies.
  3. My suspicion in the kids in foster care case is there was a ton unsaid by the plaintiff. Mostly about why no one else in the family, including the other grandmother/defendant couldn't pass the foster care requirements to have the two kids. I don't think it was something small either.
  4. 5 p.m. episodes, first new, second rerun- First- Oil Doesn't Go There-Plaintiff let defendant move in with her for six months, and in month five defendant wrecked, and totaled out her own car. Then she stole plaintiff's car, put oil in the hydraulic fluid port. Defendant moved back with a relative after the car incident. Plaintiff's witness is an employee of the mechanic's shop, but has no training. Car is at Aamco transmission. There is no proof that the defendant caused the damages. Case dismissed without prejudice, to go back to Omaha so witnesses can come to court. Lesbian Love Gone Wrong-Plaintiff is suing ex-girlfriend for damages, and stolen property. They lived together for about two months, then broke up. Defendant had a court order, and brought a locksmith to get her property from the house. Plaintiff claims when defendant received her property, she took defendant's property also. Plaintiff gets some stuff back. Cases dismissed. Incarcerated Son's Loan Loss-Plaintiff is suing grandmother of her son's kids, for the value of a car, or the return of the car. Plaintiff's son is in jail, and pre-incarceration a title loan was placed on the car to raise bail for loser son. Plaintiff was taking care of defendant's two grandkids for CPS, family foster (baby was born addicted). Defendant claims the kids went back to CPS because plaintiff refused to keep watching kids, and defendant's house was unsuitable. Plaintiff says daughter came to pick up kids, but defendant grandmother doesn't pass rules to keep the kids in her house. Car is titled in plaintiff's name, order will give possession of car back to plaintiff, and she can sell it to pay off the title loan. End of case. Second (Rerun)- When Exotic Cats Attack-Plaintiff (cat owner of Abyssinian) suing defendant (dog owner) for injuries to her cat when it attacked leashed dog, and dog nailed cat. Dog owner was walking on the public street, when cat attacked, and dog grabbed the cat in it's mouth. Plaintiff's witness is neighbor's son, heard the attack, and rescued the cat from the dog. Defendant says cat was under the owner's car, and attacked the dog (there is a witness to this), dog owner was pulled down, and injured by the dog pulling, and says cat scratched her leg. Plaintiff witness thinks cat belong wandering freely (I think he's a loon). Cat was euthanized, cat owner can pay for that. Defendant wants medical bills. Plaintiff alleges in a nasty letter to defendant claiming defendant's dogs were vicious, and had been banned from several places for aggressive behavior, and biting. Defendant denies this. $287 is the co-pay for defendant, and she gets that. Defendant had multiple cat scratches on quite a few places on her body, and since they didn't know the cat's rabies status, so she was going to get rabies shots pending discovery of cat. Defendant gets her medical bills paid, and pain and suffering. Off to the Races-Plaintiff suing defendant for unpaid loan, sexual harassment, and other stuff. Defendant claims the $5000 was an investment in his race team, in return for 25% of the winnings. However, defendant admits he has written contract with the race car drivers, race tracks, etc. that he had no written contract with plaintiff. $5,000 to plaintiff.
  5. 3 pm episodes, both reruns, probably 2015 or 2016- First- Wedding Carriage Ride Failure-Angry mother of the bride (Momzilla) arranged for defendant to ride bride and groom around for an hour, with a stop for pictures. Carriage arrived at 4:30 p.m., arrived at the reception at 5:05 p.m. The ride was only 35 minutes, but there were supposed to be some stops for photos, but the photographers were no where in sight. The best man took cell phone pictures, instead of the photographers that were missing. I believe the mix up in communication was between the photographers, and Momzilla, and the daughter was being surprised, so she got out of the carriage and went into the reception hall early. (In my personal opinion, another Momzilla who planned he wedding she always wanted, and not what the daughter wanted, and it ruined the mother's day). Case dismissed. Terrible Landlord or Miserable Tenant- Plaintiff suing former landlady for moving costs (not happening), and a false restraining order.. Landlady says tenant paid her rent, but was often late. Former landlady/defendant filed for a restraining order, and gave her a Section 8 connected 60 day notice to quit. Plaintiff moved into a new place, also in Palmdale, the same day she moved out of plaintiff's place. The eviction was because of continued complaints to housing authorities, threats, etc. There was a mediation on the restraining order, so that's dismissed. Everything is dismissed. Second- Property Dump and Dash- Plaintiff made her a loan ($1,500) to get her belongings out of storage, she repaid a little, but stopped. Defendant dumped his co-worker's belongings in the parking lot after she refused to pick them up, or arrange to move them, almost a year after he picked up her belongings from the storage unit, and stored them at his house. (I remember this one, and I would only would be happy with a video of the drop off, and if he had put rollers under plaintiff's junk, and drove away leaving them all over the parking lot). She repaid $695 in total, but stopped. He dumped her stuff after 11 months, but she only started paying him after that. $705 to plaintiff, and counter claim $100 is deducted from the loan repayment. I love plaintiff's wife's hall-terview. Good Deed Gone Wrong-Plaintiff suing defendant for damages, and deductible to her spare car defendant was using. Defendant is her former trainer, and she loaned the car for almost a year, free. She wasn't charging him any fees, but she was paying the insurance, and car payments. JJ dismisses plaintiff case, she should have had better insurance. Strange case, with conflicting stories.
  6. I hope they'll do a missing segment on the little girl who was kidnapped in Birmingham, Alabama, last Saturday night. Kamille McKinney. https://www.wsfa.com/2019/10/15/search-kamille-mckinney-heres-what-we-know/?fbclid=IwAR06KQFxaF3CKxA5tLJZ8jCHeavQpmbsHSjN7c523BQ75dbtQ5eWuHhoGxE
  7. I think Mimi was just there for some homecoming event, and received her first Mum corsage (not all schools do the big Mum, and ribbon corsages.) . I think she's still doing real estate. I think the top badge is her Keller Williams badge (or whatever company she works for), and I bet the lower one is a visitor's or other ID badge, but it's hard to tell. I bet her real estate company was there for career day, or sponsored homecoming events or something like that.
  8. I really enjoyed Robert's enthusiasm, and his gorgeous muscles. I think Tarek, and a rookie flipper could be a fun show. I really liked the denim tile (I hope I have the right show).
  9. My question is how the couple passed home visits to adopt two children? I can't imagine that happening from a regular adoption agency, especially so soon after the scandals happened.
  10. Some of the houses they do are so small, that open concept is the only way you can have a lighter house. Plus, some have such tiny dining areas, that the island/bar top in the kitchen is the only decent eating area. Last night with Christina on 'vacation', was interesting, and I wonder if it was a pilot for Tarek's possible new show, or a way to split T & C up, and have Tarek do his F or F show, and Christina just do hers? My one question about last night's home was when they added the laundry area to the master bath, then where did the laundry move to?
  11. I certainly like the pool they have now.
  12. The Detroit rescue had all kinds of issues in Michigan with the authorities, and the neighbors (40 or 50 dogs in a suburban Detroit house). Then they moved to NOLA, there was the warehouse rented to help them, and then it was even uglier when VRC realized that it wasn't a good situation, and wanted their dogs back. I believe the news reports said the people had to be forcibly removed from the property, and then the law suits started by the rescue from Detroit. That was last winter I think, and I'm not sure how the legal charges, and everything else worked out.
  13. 5 p.m. episodes, first new, second rerun- First (New)- Irreplaceable Violin Victim-Plaintiff/professional violin teacher, and performer, was in band with defendant, and claims he destroyed her violin. She has already been paid over $9,000+ by the insurance company, hasn't actually replaced the violin, and still wants $3500. She has a letter claiming a replacement by the same maker would be $15k plus. JJ dismisses case without prejudice to go back to Pennsylvania where she can have the appraiser in court. Plaintiff claims defendant was drunk, but he says he had a medical emergency, confirmed by physicians. Ex-In-Laws' Exit-Plaintiff sing former sister in law, and brother in law (he was married to defendant's sister, she's defendants witness). There are two separate loans to in-laws after ex-wife and plaintiff separated, for an electric bill to help defendant's grandparents, $1500 (she repaid $300), and motorcycle loan was to ex-brother in law. Plaintiff's witness is current girlfriend (aren't they always). Motorcycle loan was for $2000, and can prove he repaid $150. Plaintiff receives 3,050 Dog in a Tutu-Plaintiff with dog in tutu, and defendant (brother's fiance) are fighting over a cute little dog. Dog had to go to vet for overdose on Cocaine, THC, and Meth left around the defendant's house. Plaintiff took care of dog for almost a year, after defendant became homeless, and is still unsure of her future plans. Plaintiff says in the beginning the dog had a lot of health problems that were the defendant's fault. Defendant says the dog didn't get the drugs in her home, but plaintiff says differently. Defendant and her fiance (plaintiff's brother) don't seem to be capable of staying awake in court. Plaintiff picked the dog up, with two police officers assisting, and took dog to emergency vet for a drug overdose. (I wonder if dog's hefty vet bills included detox? I bet they did). Plaintiff gets the dog, and vet bills. Second (Rerun)- Horse Killed While Fleeing Hungry Bear-Plaintiff driver and her mother, are suing defendant for damage from defendant's horse damaging the car, and killing the horse. Defendant claims her horse broke through the fence when being chased by a bear. However, plaintiff mother claims horse was often on the road, and there are police reports supporting that. Plaintiff charges dismissed for unlicensed driver stoned daughter, for unclean hands. Plaintiff daughter is obviously impaired in court, as JJ says after she boots daughter. Defendant says unlicensed driver was impaired, and is obviously drunk or high in court. There is proof that the daughter has three DUI convictions already, and lives alone with a 7 and 11 year old children. Defendant has proof of license revoked citation, and claims plaintiff daughter saw many animals on the road (there was actually only the one horse), and has driven without a license with her defenseless children in the car. Cases dismissed. Bad Barter Deal-Plaintiffs suing former tenant for rent, water bill, lock changing and cleaning fees. Defendant and plaintiffs agreed that defendant would do work on the house. Defendant claims he moved out in September, and plaintiff claims he left many possession behind in the house, and the house is trashed. JJ says she would have trashed the man's stuff, and defendant claims he'll come and get his stuff. Plaintiffs get $250, because they have no proof of how much clean up would cost. Empty Pockets in Australia-Plaintiff suing former friend for unpaid loan while they were on a trip to Australia. Defendant ran out of money, and borrowed money from plaintiff, $800. As usual, defendant says it was a gift, and plaintiff says it was a loan. $800 for plaintiff.
  14. 3 p.m. episodes, both probably from 2015-2016- First- Tree Huggers v. Tree Choppers-Plantiff suing trailer park neighbor with mutual property line for the survey costs. Plaintiff did survey she said defendant's fence was on her property. Fence was encroaching, and it was taken down, and another fence defendant build was encroaching on plaintiff's property again, and it impacted the plaintiff's fence posts. THey also cut the plaintiff's cable (someone should be shot for that, I've had repeated cable cut issues from new builds, and it's freaking infuriating). No one is getting survey costs. Sorry JJ, you don't put your fence on my property, not even an inch, or on the joint property line. Defendant got HOA permission to trim her trees, but buttinsky plaintiff told neighbors to leave the trees alone, and actually stood in the way of the tree cutters. So defendant's company could only cut half of the trees, and they were all on defendant's property. Cases dismissed. Mistaken Trailer Identity-Plaintiff is suing defendant for stealing his utility trailer (a flat open trailer). Trailer was stolen in August, plaintiff has police report. In October, defendant's employee was at a stop light, and plaintiff signaled him to pull over, and they stopped at a gas station. Plaintiff accused defendant employee of having his stolen his trailer. Police were called, and trailer was confiscated, pending clarification of ownership. Defendant claims trailer was bought in 2012. Plaintiff claims his trailer was homemade, not the manufactured trailer the defendant owns. Police confirmed the VIN number and license plate were correct with defendant's paperwork, and police released the trailer to defendant. My guess is plaintiff will never give up calling defendant is a thief, and the hallterview interview with plaintiff reinforces that idea, he will never quit. Case dismissed. Second- Car Dumped on Ex-Wife-Plaintiff was married seven months to defendant, they bought a joint car, and divorced. He didn't want Ford Escape longer, with twelve payments pending. He put the keys in her mailbox, and left SUV at her house, and left. Plaintiff put $800 down, and a month later he took the SUV, kept it for three years, making payments, and then dumped it at plaintiff's house. Defendant sold car to Car Max, and still owed $1547 on loan, and plaintiff gets $1547. This should have all been decided in divorce court. Then defendant goes far stage left (our right). Judge Judy Calling-Plaintiff suing money she paid for Jeep Grand Cherokee, defendant had the title, and donated the car (or so he claims). Defendant is count suing for tickets and impound fees, and claims he donated the SUV to a family, or as JJ says he gave it away. JJ sends Byrd over to make sure defendant only gets her the phone number, and she goes to her office to call the man. Mr. Cornell (new owner of car) bought car for $500. Defendant says plaintiff never had SUV registered to her, kept getting tickets, and car was impounded. Plaintiff says she didn't register car in her name, because she didn't have the title. Defendant received $1,000 from plaintiff, and $500 from the current owner, and since plaintiff drove car for seven months, she gets nothing.
  15. I love the Captain Obvious one that just ran. Two women are at a playground on a cold, snowy day, and looking at a friend's photo from pool side in the tropics. The woman asks how the other woman manages to have great vacations, and Capt. Obvious says "Condoms".
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