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  1. With the specific evidence the jury viewed, I doubt they'll be able to forget any detail of it for a long time. My worry is that one person can deadlock a jury, and who knows who is connected with fundies, or will discount the evidence to cause a mistrial. I wonder if Josh has access to other computers, besides the one at the car lot?
  2. Strange coincidence that she's flying to some hair clinic in L.A. for help again, and mentions them by name. There's a reason that you should run a patch test before trying a new dye, and for a dramatic change, go to a professional hair dresser.
  3. Ricky seemed rather limited, remember the zero calorie Tortillas scene? That was when I realized that there was a big issue with him. I suspect it's a combination of medications, and the lack of oxygen when he had seizures. I think he really didn't know exactly what carbs, calories, and how to read a label.
  4. I really didn't like the house they flipped tonight. It was boring, even with the fake drama over the green roof needing to be painted. Too bad the first flipper ran out of money, because this one was boring, and I wish they had flipped another house. I did enjoy the street corn vendor.
  5. I've heard that the pool fences usually are custom, and that's a long lead time. Even stock fencing is probably a long lead time now. I bet there's an order and installation lag on baby gates too. The twin sisters in Michigan were interesting. 25 showings for the one house was amazing, even in the recent market. Must be very low inventory in their price range. They want to change the 1928 house, but the kitchen backsplash tile matches the fireplace tile. I don't like when they expect perfection. If they both need space to get ready in the morning, get a vanity
  6. After reviewing some clips, I think Lacey donated the big furniture to the church back in Washington, and that's what she got back from them, and she was able to renew the lease on her apartment. The 'fight' in the car had a lot of discrepancies, shirt changes on Sharon, and Ricky, and it was very choppy. Poor editing again. If she really wanted surgery, I bet she could get that a lot closer to where she lived, but she'll never make that effort.
  7. I wasn't paying attention to the first case with the person claiming he would get a statement about plaintiff's son's murder. That was sad. The handyman in the second case was so bad. I could have done better than he did.
  8. 4 p.m. reruns- First (2013)- Hostile Defendant Thrown Out of Court! -Plaintiff /landlord Susan Brumfeld suing defendants Aaron Brumfield (stepdaughter) and her boyfriend Anthony Martin, plaintiff wants utilities, unpaid rent, and left lots of damages. Martin defendant gets booted out of court for being a smart ass. Martin defendant doesn’t even know when he moved into the plaintiff’s property. Stepdaughter defendant says when they moved in, and it was almost a year before Martin defendant says. Defendant Brumfield was supposed to pay $750, and claims she was late on
  9. Since no one at the tea party was blurred out, I bet every one of them was part of the show. If I went to a nice place for a tea party, there is no way I would sign a release to be on camera, or to put up with Tammy, and her family's antics. That had to be a set up.
  10. Lacey didn't tell her parents about her rape as a 9-year-old, until she had counseling in college. Her father believed her, her mother didn't. Of course, the mother is the one that told Lacey her whole life that she was an IUD failure, and not wanted. Sharon said she's the payee, or POA for her brother, and I'm sure that Ricky's family expects Sharon to do everything for him. I think the lady (Michelle) who picked Lacey up in Texas, after the giant dump in the gas station, (that's not the giant dump in her pants on the other trip), had moved to the College Station area, and
  11. The Supersized edition is on Thursday night, 7-9 Central. I love that I could root for her, and she really tried.
  12. She lives in Hinesville, GA. Near Fort Stewart. I feel so sorry for her, and her family. Truly a tragic ending.
  13. I felt sorry for Lacey and her horrible life at first, no one deserves to be treated like that. But by the gas station fight, I didn't feel sorry for anyone but Sharon, and Ricky. She's always going to find someone to use. First it was Ricky, who has issues of his own, and then the church friends who had to pack her apartment up, and load the U-Haul, then the lady who picked her up after the gas station fight, that I think was connected to the church back in Washington, and then the friend at the end that she's going to use until she dumps her too. Lacey should be ashamed to
  14. Wasn't that Gina, the one with Beth? She doesn't miss Ricky, she misses him taking her grocery shopping, and wiping her butt for her, and feeding her. Renee from church, looks like Lacey's new victim, and butt wiper. If Sharon's smart, Lacey won't be near Ricky again.
  15. Why do I have the suspicion that the church friend Michelle, will quickly get sick of Lacey? I bet Lacey will con some charity into furnishing her apartment for her. I bet Sharon drove through College Station, to avoid some of the traffic. That's apparently where they had the fight, and left Lacey with some of her stuff. I had to laugh that Ricky and Sharon donated the stuff on the trailer to a charity store.
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