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  1. In the case with the 14 year old hidden in the 16 year old's room, the father/defendant was some kind of youth counselor.
  2. I think she has a lot of arthritis too. Yes, it's Medicare open season, so until that ends we'll be seeing endless advertisements for plans, and also the huge increase in junk mail I've been receiving, and the robocalls.
  3. 5 p.m. reruns- First- How to Tell if You're a Crazy Cat Lady-JJ tells that she used to be a Crazy Cat Lady, so she knows how to tell someone is a crazy cat lady. I remember this one. Defendant has six cats she lets run loose, and they do the usual cat things, off the defendant's property. Defendant thinks it's funny that neighbors have issues with her six cats, and will not stop the cats from roaming. Plaintiff is a loon too. Defendant refuses to keep her cats in her house, and wants the neighbors to pay to repair her fence. This has nothing to do with the cats roaming. JJ tells defendant to keep cats on her property, and in her house or get rid of them. Defendant's witness is just as irritating as the defendant. Defendant keeps whining that neighbors should repair the wooden privacy fences, that won't stop the cats from easily going over. Defendant witness keeps telling JJ that keeping the cats inside is only her opinion, I hope they throw her out soon. Plaintiff gets money for the clean up, $ (Not sure how much, I wanted to punch out both litigants, and defendant's witness so badly). Diamond-Encrusted Pawn Star-Plaintiff had a medallion that needed to be fixed. Defendant wanted $200 to get the medallion fixed, then he lost, and found the medallion, and pawned it. Medallion is gone, and defendant claims plaintiff threatened him and his family, so says he was forced to pawn it. Sadly, the plaintiff's receipt is done four days before case was heard. Plaintiff claims it cost $3,000, and will cost more to make now. $2500 to plaintiff. Illegal Tenant Trouble-Plaintiff ex-tenant was unhappy renting property from defendants, and wants her rent back. Plaintiff saw the place before she rented, and still stayed there for six months. Security deposit was $450, and paid rent every month. Security was not returned, because tenant left without notice. Property was not legal to occupy, and there was no damage, so security of $450 is given to plaintiff. Second- The Weaponization of Child Protective Services-Plaintiff suing defendant / ex-girlfriend for bail money, and for false reports to CPS. Defendant was arrested for perjury. Defendant claims plaintiff called CPS twice on her, but they are anonymous. Defendant claims she has text messages from plaintiff threatening to call CPS, but she does not have proof. There is a police report that plaintiff said defendant let her child with scabies, and measles around other children. If that's true CPS should have done something about Carberry (defendant). Defendant case dismissed. Defendant told CPS that plaintiff offered both of their daughters marijuana. How would defendant know? She was incarcerated at the time. Plaintiff bailed defendant out of jail for perjury, and obstruction of justice. Plaintiff gets bail money $617. Tax Fraud Conspiracy-Plaintiff suing painter for damage to home interior. There is an unsigned contract, for $3800, and work changes from plaintiff changed final bill to $5550. Defendant says plaintiff wanted bill date changed to January so she could deduct it on her taxes (yes, they both admitted to conspiracy to commit tax fraud on national tv. Hope that IRS agent they assign to watch court shows caught this one). Work was completed in November 2017, and invoice dated January 2018. The pictures of the finished paint job are current, but the paint was done over two years ago. I wonder what the plaintiff cleaned the basement trim with? It looks like she used a solvent, and that could certainly make the paint melt. Two year old paint is not going to still be liquid like that. Defendant has texts from plaintiff saying how much she loves the paint job. Plaintiff gets zero.
  4. 4 p.m. reruns- First- Husky Attacks Bichon Frise?!-Plaintiff is suing man for vet bills when plaintiff's dog was attacked by defendant's dog. Plaintiff had a dog sitter while they were on vacation. Plaintiffs were going out of town for two or three weeks. Dog sitter had dog at her house, and boyfriend's roommate had a Husky that attacked the plaintiff's dog. Dog sitter also had a boyfriend with a Jack Russell. When the roommates was outside on the patio with boyfriend, and his roommate (Husky owner), they didn't bring the dog's outside. However, this time the plaintiff's dog sitter brought the Bichon Frise along, had the Bichon outside with the Husky, and the little dog was attacked. I think the plaintiffs should have sued their dog sitter for the dog's injuries. (This is a guess, I missed a bit at the end. My guess is JJ said the defendant was being responsible, and plaintiff's dog sitter got the little dog hurt, So defendant case dismissed, and plaintiff dog owners told to sue pet sitter.) In hall-terview the dog owner says it's time to let this go. Sick Girlfriend Payback!-Plaintiff suing her former girlfriend for two months rent, and a car loan. Defendant says she was sick, and couldn't pay the rent for two months. Plaintiff is now living alone in the apartment with her three children from her previous marriage. As JJ points out when one partner in a relationship gets sick, you take care of each other, you don't sue for rent and car loans when someone is still sick. Car was purchased out of plaintiff's car refund, they went to the car dealership together, when defendant wasn't working. Defendant was making about $1000 a month, and plaintiff demanded she double up on paying rent, and the car loan added on. Defendant stayed off work, and helped plaintiff when she got sick and needed help. Plaintiff never went back to work after her disability, she's on welfare. Defendant moved out when relationship ended, and kept car that became a loan, not a gift. JJ floors me, she said the car loan will be paid, but not to plaintiff, but to state of Oregon because welfare means you can't have assets. Defendant says she just wants her car title. So car loan dismissed, and everything else cancelled. Second- Family Living in Car Seeks Driveway Rental-Plaintiff is suing for illegal eviction, damaged property, and harassment. Plaintiff was homeless, wanted to rent the driveway at defendant's home, for her, and her three children to live in plaintiff's car in the defendant's driveway. Defendant instead rented a bedroom to plaintiff and her two daughters, and the son. JJ has Officer Byrd escort plaintiff's 16 year old daughter out of the courtroom, however, well rehearsed witness daughter still spouts what Mommy Jinky taught her to say on her way out of court. Plaintiff says the son lived elsewhere, and she lived with the two daughters in defendant's home. Plaintiff says she was unlawfully evicted, claims defendant vandalized her property, and harassed her. Defendant says the argument leading to eviction was that she refused to allow plaintiff's married boyfriend to come to defendant's home. Plaintiff wanted to rent the driveway to live in with kids, in her car. $4400 a month was plaintiff's worker's comp. Plaintiff says she was homeless because she had to pay for the two cars, and couldn't afford the rent on top of that. Plus, plaintiff was paying for the two cars, cell phones, etc. Plaintiff had two cars, so college son could drive two daughters to school. Plaintiff, and two children lived with defendant, Plaintiff moved from Arizona, to California a few years ago. Room was rented for $700 a month (price was $600 plus utilities). Plaintiff claimed she paid for the third month's rent, and defendant started sending her mean texts. Defendant claims plaintiff didn't pay for the third month's rent, and when she asked for the rent, plaintiff got mad, and moved out. Defendant says plaintiff was upset that she wouldn't let her married boyfriend come in the house. So calling plaintiff an adulterer is accurate by the defendant. Then plaintiff and two kids moved out. Plaintiff gets nothing for unlawful eviction, because she left voluntarily, owing rent (plaintiff claims she paid $700 rent for the third month). She's suing for damaged property she moved out of the defendant's home, and claims defendant broke her valuable property. This is the case where the plaintiff rented a U-Haul trailer, and loaded her stuff, but gave it to the mover who loaded the trailer for her. Plaintiff claims she had no room left in her storage unit. There is a video of the move out, with plaintiff and defendant arguing over proof of rent payments. Plaintiff broke her own daughter's phone, when the girl wouldn't answer her as fast as she wanted her to. How much stuff did that woman cram into one bedroom with her two daughters? Mover cost $300, and gave him everything he loaded in the U-Haul for her. (Jinky Montiel, plaintiff, reminds me so much of a former co-worker, everything was a conspiracy with her too. The caption says she's a registered nurse). I think the video of the move out, with defendant asking 'where's your receipt' is why JJ gave the $700 rent back to plaintiff. However, who video tapes, and photographs someone loading her U-Haul, and then gives everything to the mover? Plaintiff claims defendant broke her lamp, and claims plaintiff kept the broken lamp. Plaintiff and daughters went to hotel, and kept switching hotels for a month. Plaintiff claims her son still lived at defendant's house, but defendant says the son never lived with her. Defendant said plaintiff was a bad mother from leaving the two daughters alone for days, while plaintiff went to Vegas with her married boyfriend. To me it sounds like plaintiff moved out, after paying the rent very late the last month. JJ dismisses the plaintiff's property damage claim. JJ does give $700 to plaintiff, for the last month's rent.
  5. I'm seeing the ridiculous pool liner above ground pool case. When you go for the much cheaper installer, you get a much cheaper installation. Too bad the plaintiff had to learn it the hard way. Then in the Judge Marilyn, and Judge John segment I saw the dog. That was funny where Judge Marilyn was trying to keep the dog happy, and still pay attention to their discussion. Poor puppy just wants it's part of the living room that's now the after the case discussion area.
  6. I wonder if California fence law requires that a joint fence be replaced? And if one party can put it slightly inside their own property line, and control it? I realize the person putting the fence up has to pay for it, but at least it would be their fence, and avoid the years of acrimony, and court cases.
  7. If he ever gets to the U.S. (slight chance at best), then Angela will hold the sponsorship over his head as long as she can. I can see her saying if she withdraws that, that he'll be on the deportation list like Larissa after Colt dumped her.
  8. I thought the Alan Alda story was touching. I hated the Don Cheadle story. The writers could have come up with a better story, such as, he was through with med school and clinicals, and then started with the Parkinson symptoms, so went into psychiatry or something.
  9. I bet there are two ways to redo the Compton house, if you're really going to live in it, put on a big addition with a big master suite, with bath and closet, and fix the house up correctly. However, for a cheap flip that would still sell, you do surface renovation, put in a generic, builder grade kitchen with stock cabinets, and paint everything with new flooring right over any tile that's there. (My next door neighbor was building another house, and he found a great way to save on the entire kitchen. A big box store would change out their sample kitchens that had all types of additional features like pull out drawers, organizers, lazy Susans, etc., and he bought an entire kitchen that he stored in his garage when they were swapping out for the new trend. He saved a bundle on a very fancy kitchen, and he just had to get a few filler cabinets for spaces that didn't conform to the sample kitchen). I'm betting the second way is what they did, and the claims they know nothing about redoing houses was a sham. I don't think they're going to live in that house, but do a lipstick on a pig fix up, and sell.
  10. The flips are taking almost two years in some cases because of stop work orders. They have to get permits where they didn't get them, or wait for approvals for additions, and complete all of the inspections before they finish. So the condo took at least an extra year (part of that is they have to conform to the construction rules for the condo building, with work hours and sometimes only weekdays, and probably not certain times of the year). ALso, if you don't pay on time the subcontractors won't work for you, and you have to either pay up, or find other contractors, and you have to clear up liens they put on the property before it can sell. I saved several of the property listings, Berenice, her house, and the condo, and except for her house, all have severe price drops. The condo price is below what they admitted they spent on purchase, and rehab costs, plus with that one carrying costs are stunning. The apartment are on the rental market for $2500, instead of the $3,000 she claimed they would rent for (corporate type, fully furnished), and the building only has one out of three units rented last update I saw on here, and the building hasn't sold either. I see nothing high end about the finishes she uses. Just because you pay a lot for something doesn't make it fit the design of the house, or add value.
  11. The funny part of Fixer is that Joanna comes across as the designer, and Chip is more her construction guy, but not innovative. In reality he was buying cheap homes, remodeling, and renting them out for student housing, and he was still a student at Baylor at the time. He's supposed to be the real planner, and the one who has come up with what became the Magnolia empire. A few years ago I read that they employ over 300 people, and I'm sure it's a lot more by now with the new shops at the Silos, the two restaurants, and other businesses. Plus, Magnolia Realty has a lot of agents, and works in several cities in Texas.
  12. I have to laugh when I realize the update episode that's playing now is the one with the huge double doors, with the super expensive antique doorknobs. The big thing about that is the doorknobs were removed before it was on the market. Ari and AV are talking about their furniture line, not caring about that. In the episode before this the huge brass range hood was awful, it totally dominated the kitchen, the island and the other cabinets looked like they were from two different houses, and I love how everything that goes wrong is blamed on another person. Who does remodeling, and doesn't secure the job site?
  13. Make sure the doctor doesn't gloss over your fatigue, some here have been dismissive of that. Make sure they check your sugar levels, iron levels, B-12, and Vitamin D. Also, a full thyroid panel, not just some. And I've learned that if a physician or other practitioner doesn't take you seriously, switch doctors even if you just go to urgent care for a while. There are two major hospitals where I live, and both corporations are really good about weeding out practitioners that aren't doing a good job for their patients, so if you are happy with a doctor, or other practitioner, go on their website, and tell them you are. But don't accept less than good care, and tell the companies that run the medical groups about that too.
  14. If it's her first arrest for this (barring others in Louisiana, or others in Texas) she might get a diversion program, or maybe agree to one of those interlock devices to prevent drunk driving.
  15. 5 p.m. reruns- First- Fresh Start or Fifth DUI-Plaintiff (Melissa Therrian) needed a place to stay so moved in with defendant. Defendant says arrest was for plaintiff's sixth DUI, and claims she found drug paraphernalia used for crack in the house. Plaintiff had car impounded for no license, no insurance, and refused to do a blood draw, but did do a breathalyzer (DUI or OWI number 6), this all happened two weeks after moving in with defendant. Plaintiff claims this was her second DUI/OWI in ten years. Plaintiff spent three days in jail, but claims she was never charged. To get car out of impound, plaintiff signed car over to defendant, who got it out of impound. Defendant paid for impound fees, title and registration fees, Plaintiff drove her car (now defendant's car) without a license. Defendant sold the car a while later. Plaintiff drove repeatedly without a license, still doesn't have one, and wants her car value back from defendant. Plaintiff claims she needs the car value so she can get to work, but claims she doesn't intend to drive a car. Defendant claims she found a Chore Boy crack smoking pipe, and other drug paraphernalia in plaintiff's room. Defendant says plaintiff was arrested five other times before this for DUI/OWI, and this was the sixth arrest. Defendant says impound and car transfer/registration fees paperwork was stolen out of her house (assuming by plaintiff). Defendant says right after plaintiff send two threatening text messages, that four windows on her house were smashed. Case dismissed, and I absolutely believe plaintiff smashed a bunch of windows at the defendant's house. Judy Quotes Pacino-Scott Owen, plaintiff suing the defendant (boyfriend of his daughter) for $1400 to fix his truck. Oh, goody, witness girlfriend works in a care center. The girlfriend says she told boyfriend it was a loan, not a gift. JJ gets the girl to get the borrow/lend thing straight, but she can't fix the rest of the mangled English coming out of her mouth. Tyler, the defendant, put off repayment, and is obviously a total idiot. What a lovely couple Tyler and plaintiff's daughter make, with a combined IQ of maybe 50 points max. Tyler never paid back a freaking penny, and why am I not surprised? I hope the idiot plaintiff's daughter takes JJ's words to heart, about siding against her family. $1400 to plaintiff. Second- Girlfriend Vandal Hacks Into Lover's Phone?!-Plaintiff claims ex-girlfriend vandalized two of his cars, after she found out he was cheating on her with multiple other women. One woman he was 'talking' to is now pregnant with his child. Defendant says she was angry after she looked at his social media, but didn't do the vandalism. The same day his phone said she hacked into his phone was the day the first car was vandalized. Plaintiff looks very proud of the fact he has a bunch of women he's 'talking' to. The second car was in her driveway, and that car had a smashed windshield, and someone wrote stuff on his second car too. (Sharpies are very effective for this purpose apparently). $3,785 for plaintiff. South African Carpet Theft?!-Plaintiff suing defendant for return of his carpet, and other property. Defendant claims plaintiff took his carpet back already. Plus he claims she has a TV, a drone, and other stuff. Plaintiff brought a locksmith to the house, to pick the lock on her room where everything was locked up. He claims the landlord stopped him from taking things, because he wasn't on the lease. JJ calls the landlady says she let him take his clothes, but not the TV, rug, drone, etc. Defendant looks rather uncomfortable now. Defendant wants to be reimbursed for a trip they scheduled to Africa, that never happened (she claims he was to meet up with the mother of his child). Defendant changes her testimony from her sworn statement. Defendant keeps trying to bring up a trip to Africa he backed out on. In her statement defendant wrote that she didn't feel comfortable meeting the mother of his child, and the child in Africa, and she says she cancelled. If the defendant was a decent person, she would have returned his rug. Plaintiff receives money for the carpet, $3116. However, he will never be able to truly replace the carpet.
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