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  1. I've always thought that the catfish 'victims' are willing victims, and often are laundering money and sending purchases, and money to the fake love. I bet if the catfished person accepts that the person who's been contacting them is fake, that they find another person to fixate on, and send money to. I find the catfish episodes funny, because the so-called victims defend the other person's story through the entire episode.
  2. Less furniture would look better too.
  3. Web Sleuths has a forum topic about this sad case. https://www.websleuths.com/forums/threads/wy-gabrielle-‘gabby’-petito-22-grand-teton-national-park-25-aug-2021-road-trip-w-bf.586258/ I'm wondering about the timing of the murder of the two women. NY Post has a statement saying just about nothing by the boyfriend: https://nypost.com/2021/09/14/gabby-petitos-boyfriend-issues-statement-over-her-disappearance/?utm_campaign=applenews&utm_medium=inline&utm_source=applenews Petito's parents claim that the boyfriend's parents know what happened to their daughter
  4. 4 p.m. reruns- First (2013)- Honey Delivery Disaster -Plaintiff Konrad Bouffard suing defendant/former honey delivery driver Katharine Dutcher for having two accidents in company car, and taking the car without permission. Defendant drove company car to make honey deliveries. The defendant would meet plaintiff, with the company car, already loaded with honey. Then, defendant bought her own car, and she would meet at the warehouse, and pick up the company car, wrapped in the company advertising. (This happened in Austin, TX). Plaintiff was a 1099, contract employee. A few mo
  5. "Return Riot" Case 1- 18 year old sold a machine to defendant on ebay, and she wants a refund, but hasn't returned the machine, and he wants his $750. From the preview plaintiff's mommy got involved, and I'm sure Judge Marilyn will be chiming in about what a good mom she is. Brother PE800 sewing machine, missing some piece of the cover, noting the missing little cover, and defendant bought it, for $700. The needle plate is missing. Defendant buys it, she orders the missing cover, but the electronic manager of the machine still has the error message, still saying something's wrong
  6. There was also another mysterious hit-and-run, where the injuries are bizarrely claimed to come from a side mirror hitting the victim in the head. That case was also reopened. https://www.blufftontoday.com/story/news/local/hampton-county-guardian/2021/06/23/sled-opens-own-investigation-into-death-stephen-smith-maggie-paul-murdaugh-homicide-connection/5322059001/
  7. I lived in that part of the country. The trip up and down the hill from Cloud Croft will get old very quickly, and is hell on car brakes. The house in Alamogordo would have had good resale, and be very popular on the rental market, so they made a big mistake. Up in Cloud Croft, no friends to play with, you have to worry about wild animals, and all other kinds of issues. Every time they need to go shopping, or anything else, they'll have to go up and down the mountain.
  8. The place they fought at on 12 August, was where the two women in the article were, and the day before the women in the article were murdered: https://www.foxnews.com/us/utah-gabby-petito-crystal-turner-kylen-schulte-brian-laundrie
  9. 4 p.m. reruns- First (2013)- Pellet Gun Shoot Out -Plaintiff/car owner Audrey Neal suing defendant parent Daniel Hall, and son Kevin Hall, for the 14-year-old shooting out her windshield. Ms. Neal was driving her car home, something shattered her windshield, and she had an eye injury. Unfortunately, the pellet gun incident was after plaintiff had cataract surgery, and it injured her eye again. Son Kevin Hall had four detentions in school, (that the parent knows about), and was then suspended from school, and has not done well in his classes. Defendant father and mother bought
  10. I hated when everyone told the owner that K9 Lifeline sounded like a doggy resuscitation device, she still didn't want to change the name. The name at the end was brilliant. The leash system works so well, but I wonder if dog owners that order it really put the work in the way they should?
  11. I bet this season will be all lies again too. I only watched season 1 to have people on here say what the lies were, and to look at the houses.
  12. Naples FL, with Denise and Jim from SD to Naples. What the hell am I looking at? If you spend a ton on 'designer' clothes (that look like the 70's), all kinds of fillers, surgery, huge caterpillar fake lashes, and ginormous boobs, maybe spend more than $20 on a blonde wig (you know it's a cheap wig when even I can tell it's a wig. I'm not good at that sort of thing). I find it bizarre that they said the first house was 70's and needed a lot of updates, when they're standing there wearing clothes from the Partridge Family. I'm not an expert, but I think the husband had some work
  13. I didn't want to see the toilet scenes. The upstairs studio was bizarre. The floor should have been left painted white. I could live with a white painted floor, but if the only alternative to the patterned floor is carpet, then I wouldn't be happy. Over doing the wood char means that the wood will smell like smoke, and that will never go away.
  14. Remember the expansionist soil home from this last season? They had to jack it up, and put helical (or whatever it is) pillars, and then fill in under it? That's because when expansionist soil gets very wet, it swells up. That one they had to remove and fill in the swimming pool, because it was breaking loose from the hillside, and on it's way down hill. So, it was cheaper to remove and fill in the pool, than to fix it. The houses on the hilltop can have that issue. It was very expensive to fix the expansionist soil foundation, and it's not permanent (where I lived in Colo
  15. I think Ari and Bini are both horrible people. Bini is looking to get to the U.S., but sit around on his fanny the way he's doing in Ethiopia, with Ari's parents paying everything. Ari is horrible, 30 years old and still having Mommy and Daddy pay all of her bills. Bini will never get in the U.S. again. For whatever reason he was turned down at least three times for visas when he was with the ex-wife, then with political intervention he was granted a humanitarian visa to be with his wife because the baby had physical issues, and he over stayed. I doubt even if Ari applied for
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