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  1. Slice of Sauce-Expensive, but convenient. Alex Rodriguez will be a great partner for them (ne beat out Mark, and Mr. Wonderful). However, if the condiment sheets are chewy, then I'm out. Love is a Project-I loved the mother and daughter, especially the mother, but I think the Sharks were right not to give them a deal. THey'll do fine on their own. Luna Magic-Beauty and lifestyle company. Barbara will be a great partner for them, because she's a great organizer, and the sisters need organization. Bubbly Blaster-Turns any champagne bottle neat, and controls the flow, and you can shoot champagne. Kevin as usual, is a bad influence on the others. Mark and Alex R. together do the deal. (And Mark and Alex shoot champagne at each other). Daniel Lubetsky is the guest Shark next week. I like him.
  2. 5 p.m. episodes- First- Wrongful Pandemic Eviction?! (2020)- Plaintiff Holly Law suing defendant/landlady Kyra Dorman for wrongful eviction, return of rent, and evicting her during Covid. Lease is strange, plaintiff claims her signature was forged. Lease says room rent was $600 a month, but $300 if a current college student. Plaintiff claims rent would be $360 (300, = Verizon $40, and one time of $120). and claims the e-signature had the signature erased. Plaintiff doesn't have a copy of the lease, but she lied about being a college student to get the lower rent. Plaintiff claims she ran into personal issues(knocked up), and couldn't start school. The written lease wins, and plaintiff is a total jerk. Plaintiff lived in the rented room for two months, and moved out in September without telling the defendant she was leaving, until two weeks after she left. Eviction is dismissed, because plaintiff moved out without being evicted. (JJ says after plaintiff dithers on, not answering anything, that she has a long memory, and she'll get even with whoever booked this case, and I absolutely agree). I seldom want to slap pregnant people,, but this plaintiff is making me rethink this. Plaintiff prepaid a lot of rent. Defendant claims plaintiff took an iphone, a bracelet, and other jewelry, but has no evidence of theft. Plaintiff gets $1,000, since she paid so much rent, and everything else dismissed. Christmas Day Hit-and-Run (2014) -Plaintiff Michael Copel (witness/fiance Andrea Jackson), car owner is suing defendant Christopher Bailey (owner is Pennie Langston) over a hit-and-run accident on Christmas Day. Plaintiff says she was looking at their car damage, when defendant climbed out of his SUV, looked at his damages, and climbed back in his car, and left. Plaintiffs got the license plate number. When plaintiffs were looking at the car damage defendant cruised by staring at the car and driving slowly, and then went by again. Plaintiffs were talking to 911, and gave them the license number, and a description of the driver. Defendant didn't get a ticket for leaving the scene of an accident. Plaintiffs said defendant seemed to be impaired too. Defendant's wife, and car owner swears her husband, and car didn't do this. Police saw fresh snow tracks leading to defendant's garage, and no one answered the door. JJ says defendants are a perfect match for each other. Plaintiff receives $3791 . Second (2019)- You Look Scared to Death..I Like it!-Plaintiff Tami Mohler is suing defendant John Moorhead for printing equipment she sold him. Defendant claims the printing equipment was accurately described, and says he paid in full for the equipment. It was screen printing equipment, and it was in self-storage, and then in the shed behind her house. He paid $2200, instead of $4200. Plaintiff's picture showed a brand new piece of equipment, but the actual equipment was used, and old. Plaintiff claims idiot defendant wanted to pay $2200, and the other $2000 in payments. Defendant hadn't actually looked at the plaintiff's equipment, but sold his older, slower machine the day before. Plaintiff gets $2,000. Byrd has to repeat that defendant needs to leave, NOW. The Bank is Closed!-Parents plaintiffs Malika and Michael Hall (Mom and Stepdad) suing deadbeat daughter, Jessyca Brockington with a cold shoulder sweater (doesn't that defeat the purpose of wearing a sweater, with her bra straps handing out the shoulder cut outs?) owes for credit card charges, car payments, and insurance. Mother put money in the account every two weeks, depending on what daughter needed for school. When defendant came home from college, she wanted mother's name off of her account. Then, defendant daughter (total idiot, must take after dad), gave her banking information to some scammer friend of hers. Daughter dropped out in May, and was financially cut off. Then Chauncey, her friend that she doesn't even know his last name, said he would put money in her account, so she gave him her account information. $2514 went bye-bye, but defendant refuses to tell the police the man's information. Defendant was surprised that Chauncey ghosted her too. Defendant says she doesn't owe the parents the money, because she was scammed, and didn't get any money herself. Air head. Plaintiff receives $2514. (Since defendant says she dropped out in May, my guess is she was told she wasn't getting even the bare minimum grades to keep going for the next year, and the school said "Bye, Felicia". I'm wondering if Chauncey even exists, or if the daughter squandered the money, and thought her mother would shell out more?). (Next week's new episodes are Monday, and Tuesday, only reruns on Wednesday, Thursday both episodes are new, and the first one Friday is new.)
  3. 4 p.m. reruns- First (2018)- Don’t Treat Me Like the Help! -Plaintiff / salon owner Jovel Jernigan suing defendant/booth renter and braider Shamakae Draughan, and plaintiff wants the four months rent left on the lease. . Defendant claims plaintiff wanted her to do shampoos, rinse color, etc., but defendant is a booth renter, and not plaintiff's employee. Rent for plaintiff is $1,200 a month, with three tenants/booth renters, and all renters pay $300 per week. So plaintiff makes $3600 a month rent, and she pays landlord $1200 a month. Defendant signed a six month contract, paid in full the first two months, and says she left when plaintiff wanted her to work with chemicals, and color on plaintiff's customers. Defendant isn't certified for color work, and didn't want to do chemical work, and when defendant told that to plaintiff, plaintiff told her to leave, so defendant left. Defendant also said she wanted more time for her school, and family, but the plaintiff's demands were the last straw. Plaintiff says defendant had so many customers that the waiting room was full of her customers, and no one else had room for their customers. so why would defendant have time to do plaintiff's work for her? Plaintiff says she was being a mentor to defendant. Plaintiff was treating defendant like an employee, not a tenant. Plaintiff case dismissed, because plaintiff is a jerk. Motorcycle Mystery -Plaintiff Nancy Aldredge-Foster suing defendant/ex boyfriend Sandy Leach for removal of property. Plaintiff claims when ex-boyfriend moved out 2008, that the motorcycle defendant left behind was charged to her, and she didn't find out the landlord put a lien on her credit for 9 years. Plaintiff moved out, but left a motorcycle behind at defendant's place, and when plaintiff moved out in 2010, she left the motorcycle behind. JJ wants to see the paperwork showing the motorcycle was the cause of the lien. Plaintiff case dismissed, no proof. Second (2017)- Dial 911 for Murder?!-Plaintiff Ashely Jensen suing defendant / former landlord Eula Compton for unlawful eviction, harassment, one month's rent returned. One time, landlord called police, and said tenant had been murdered. When police came to check, tenant was fine, and landlady was smelling strongly of alcohol. Plaintiff moved in July, and in September landlord claimed plaintiff stole a laptop (iMac) that came in the mail. In November, plaintiff was accused of stealing some Halloween decorations. Landlord says she never asked the tenant about thefts. On December 7 plaintiff's boyfriend stayed overnight. On December 7 they had a minor verbal spat, over Mr. Grady (boyfriend) watching too much porn on his phone. David Ridenhauer, defendant's boyfriend adds nothing to the case. On December 8, at 7 p.m. defendant called the police, and said tenant was murdered (plaintiff's witness is a Sheriff's Deputy), however, police records say defendant called police about 9:30 a.m., and first officer came at 10 a.m., and witness came second at 1 p.m. Police report says plaintiff hadn't paid her rent for that month, hadn't been seen in weeks, and her boyfriend had killed her, and defendant said there was a lot of blood in the apartment, and a dead body. Police found defendant drunk at the 1 p.m. visit, and the plaintiff was fine, and at work. Plaintiff says the argument Plaintiff moved out after the police visits, and wants her rent back. because of harassment from the landlord. Landlord denies drinking in the morning, obviously a lie. Plaintiff submits notes from defendant, after giving her a 30 day notice, and rented to another person that already wanted to move into plaintiff's apartment. Defendant also claims plaintiff's boyfriend broke a chair in the hall, which he denies. Plaintiff didn't get $25 check fee from security deposit. Plaintiff receives the $30 from security back, and the last month's rent. $425, plus $1450 including $1000 for harassment. Unfit for Children?! -Plaintiff Erica Prater suing defendant Miranda Grasper for four months rent, and property that was destroyed ($3,000). Plaintiff and child or children, moved back in her mother. Plaintiff left the townhouse, but still paid defendant four months rent, but defendant wasn't paying the rent. Defendant was evicted for non-payment of rent. Defendant moved back in with her mother too. Plaintiff left furniture behind, instead of getting a storage unit. But when defendant was evicted the furniture disappeared. Case dismissed for lack of proof, and credibility.
  4. I'm always amazed at the price of these houses, when they buy them, and what they sell them for. That house last night that went for $910,000 was nicely done, but that amount of money was way too much. I watched this one again, and the deal breaker for me would have been the park next door, because it was full of playground equipment. Screaming kids are not my favorite neighbors. Where I used to live it was a new subdivision, and my builder didn't include the fridge. There are so many different models now, and extras, that many people prefer to get their own, and have a small credit off the house price. Another near by subdivision included a fridge, but you had no choice, and a lot of buyers weren't happy with the model they ended up with. My current house is my final house, and it came with a side-by-side, with ice maker, and water in the door. I hate side-by-sides, and don't use the water / ice feature, and I knew exactly what kind I wanted to get, so I found my current one a good home, and bought what I really wanted.
  5. I suspect Christian was with Maja because the mother supported their lavish lifestyle. I suspect that the Christian never wanted to move to Houston, even for a few months, and the mother was paying him to be her caretaker. The only mistake he made was he told her he was leaving, and didn't just leave without telling her. I just watched the rerun this afternoon, and turned in just in time to see meltdown in Dr. Now's office, where she was calling her mother, and screaming at Christian so loud that I'm sure the entire shopping center heard her.
  6. Some places let you have chickens anywhere in town, no size yard required. Some don't let you have roosters either, but hens still make a lot of noise, especially that victory song after they lay an egg. I lived out in a suburb that had been farmland, and still had some farms. Someone I knew had a flock of chickens, but not close to any houses. That was about 3/4 mile from my house, and I could hear his rooster, and it wasn't just at sunrise either. Chicken poop isn't pleasant to be around either. One town I lived near, you had to have two acres to have chickens, and that was so much better than people who knew nothing about chickens, and getting their own flock. I like it when someone actually knows how to care for chickens, but I don't think the Atlanta area family had a clue. I'm sure they didn't know about the proper way to care for donkeys, or mini donks either.
  7. Neela eventually moved where Ray was (Louisiana maybe?), after Ray's accident, and then he came back to visit Chicago for some reason then their relationship started, and she moved with him. But that was at the end of the show. There were some parts of ER that just weren't believable. Like the number of family, and miscellaneous people who wandered through the treatment rooms, and stood right there during traumas.
  8. There was another poundticipant that had a mother who had a WLS, and regained a lot. Lacey maybe? The mother looked shocked at the first meeting with Dr. Now, when she was being superior to her daughter, and Dr. Now said she should hop on the scale too. And Charity and daughter Charly (Charley?), both ended up having WLS, and the daughter did very well. I only remember because I watched both episodes a month or so ago. Carrie's shower was fiberglass I bet. If that gets scratched (some cleansers used to have grit in them, and can take the shiny surface off after a few years, and I bet that was a used trailer), it will absorb dyes (like hair color) and rust, or other colors from water. My guess is there was a lot of dirt in the water, or iron/rust, and I bet that tub didn't get cleaned. By 'didn't get cleaned', I don't mean not very often, I mean never. Plus, if they never cleaned the rugs or floors either, then I bet a lot of the tub stain was from dirty feet.
  9. 5 p.m. episodes- First (2021)- Newbie Pleasure-Boat Collision! – Plaintiff Bradford Greer suing defendants Richa Adhikari and Suraj Poudel over a boat accident at Lake Havasu. Plaintiff was waiting to launch his boat at the boat ramp, and defendants' rented boat was already launched. Plaintiff saw the boat rental instructor telling defendants what to do to leave the launch area. Plaintiff says once you have your boat launched, you should follow directions to reverse and clear the way for the next boat. However, defendants didn't know how to clear the launch area. Apparently, defendants don't have a freaking clue about how to operate a boat. Defendant has only piloted a boat twice. Plaintiff has used the launch ramp 1,000 times, over his 31 years living there. Plaintiff says the rangers supervise the huge boat ramp, tell people when to launch, and direct everyone. Defendant hit plaintiff's boat and damaged it, but JJ doesn't think that's important. Defendant wife says this was only the second time her husband has driven a motorboat, and the last time was nine years ago. The defendant's boat also had the defendants, and six other passengers (boat has seats for 15). Defendant husband thinks someone telling him the theory of how to run the boat is good enough. I'm just glad that defendants didn't sink either boat, or injure the passengers on it. Defendant wife says her boat backed up, and plaintiff was behind them (not possible, if plaintiff launched second). Plaintiff says defendants rear ended his boat, while his adult daughter was driving their boat. The front of defendant's boat hit the plaintiff's boat. There is an incident report from defendants to the rental company their boat came from. Defendant wife claims they were coerced to sign the agreement to the rental company to fix the boat. (Plaintiff/boat owner wasn't steering the boat, but driving the truck to launch it from the trailer, his daughter was actually at the wheel.) $5500 is the cost to fix plaintiff's boat, so he receives $5000. Second (2019)- $44,000 Child Support Bill -Plaintiff Stacy Fox suing ex-, father of her daughter, Joseph Valenzuela for part of daughter’s annual Disney pass, and car parts. Defendant owes $44,000 back child support, and he works under the table, and so they can't garnish wages that don't technically exist. Plaintiff is suing defendant for part of daughter's annual Disney pass, and car parts. His excuse is he was in jail for two months, then was unemployed, and then made little money. He has three other kids (11, 7 and 1) after the daughter with the plaintiff, with defendant’s witness. The defendant's current wife, and mother to his three other kids is sitting there smirking like she'll never be stuck with the bills for her kids someday too. The deadbeat defendant is considering doing annual Disney passes for himself, three kids, and current wife, when he owes $44,000. Then deadbeat decided he couldn't afford the Disney passes, and since the plaintiff's daughter's mom already bought a Disney pass for the kid ($619 for a year for one), and defendant agreed to pay for headlights for car daughter has. JJ gets defendant deadbeat's social security number, and tells plaintiff to get a lawyer, get tax returns, and application information on car loan application, and then go after him for the money. Deadbeat defendant is a total liar about his income, and will never pay her. JJ gives the plaintiff no money, because it's the wrong court, and she needs to go after his money for the child support. Drug Addiction Duo-Plaintiff Deborah Clark is suing defendant, and former caretaker Keith Riavez for unpaid rent, and a loan for $1800. Defendant got kicked out of house when he had drugs in the house, but claims landlady plaintiff brought in more drugs than he did. Plaintiff woman got hurt, and man was supposed to move in and help her, then later pay $100-150 a week rent, and drive Uber. Collateral for the loan was a sleep number bed, and speakers, she loaned defendant $1800 to buy the car for the Uber gig. She tossed him after she found the drugs, and he's blood red, and crying, and he looks like he's about to collapse. Defendant claims he left the Sleep Number bed in her house, and then it disappeared. Defendant claims the plaintiff's medical marijuana smoking caused him to relapse on crack. Defendant is suing for U-haul and storage and moving fees. JJ doesn't award rent to the landlady, who always lived alone before the man moved in, and won't be renting rooms now. Defendant now lives with his ex-sister in law, and has been clean for four months now. Plaintiff gets $1800, for the loan only. I think JJ should have paid the defendant for the Sleep Number bed too. (I feel so sorry for the defendant, he is obviously fragile, and I believe what he says about the plaintiff)
  10. 4 p.m. reruns- First (2018)- Where’s My Harley Money?! -Plaintiff Evangeline Haro-Jarrett suing defendant Mark Acosta over a Harley bike he was selling for her. Plaintiff originally bought it for $14,000, six years before, and the sales price was $8,000, Blue Book was $8700 and defendant's witness bought it, but plaintiff claims defendant only paid her $1800. Plaintiff gave defendant the title, he sold it to his witness. Defendant witness (buyer) says bike had been wrecked. Defendant claims he paid her over time, because she needed cash. Defendant says there was no contract, or meeting of the minds. Defendant is a crook. $5,000 to plaintiff. Choose a Defense…Any Defense! -Plaintiff Myiesha Nunn suing defendant/former friend Charles Byars for wrecking her car. Husband of plaintiff took defendant to pick up car, defendant drove car to plaintiff's home, and on the way he wrecked the car, plus hit another car, and owes a deductible for the other car he hit. Defendant says the plaintiff's car was hit from behind. Unusually, the drivers are all licensed, and all insured. Since defendant was hit from behind, by a Ford F-150, and he nailed another car, a Honda. Defendant claims there was one hit from the rear by the pick up truck, and claims the pickup truck hit him again. However, defendant's sworn statement says plaintiff's husband caused the accident, making the defendant swerve, and then the pickup truck hit him. Officer Byrd is enjoying the stupid stories from the defendant. $3,000 to plaintiff, and defendant is an idiot. Moped Spill! -Plaintiff Brandon Anderson (Moped rider) suing defendant (car driver) Sophia Austin for her causing an accident. Plaintiff was going east on his moped, and says defendant either turned left in front of him, or his guess is she was making a U turn from the right / curb lane, and pulled in front of his moped, she was pulling out of a parking space on the right side curb. Defendant was driving a Cadillac something (don't know what), and didn't have insurance. Plaintiff had the right of way, and he swerved to avoid her, and either laid the moped down, or scraped her car. Defendant's stupid story is she wasn't making a U-turn, but pulled out of a parking space, at 10:30 p.m. She blames everything on the plaintiff. To go home, defendant's best route would be to make a U-turn, and hit the freeway. Plaintiff receives $5,000 for medical bills, and moped repairs. Second (2017)- Lifetime Protective Order Against Neighbor?!-Plaintiff Orville Moiten suing neighbor Arthur Sutton for purposely damaging his gate. Plaintiff says this is the fourth time the defendant ran into his gate. The litigants have been neighbors for about 20 years, and live across the street from each other. The start of the fighting was seven years ago, when defendant did some unsatisfactory work on plaintiff's house, and defendant's contractor license was suspended. There was a criminal case against plaintiff, and he plead guilty, and defendant has a lifetime protective order against plaintiff. This all happened in Dorchester, MA. Moiten's order of protection was only a temporary one, and is gone now. Mr. Moiten was arrested twice for the restraining order violations, but both were dismissed. Plaintiff says defendant backed out of his driveway, and hit plaintiff's gate. A police reports is submitted from the second gate bashing. Gate is a double, five foot high gate of chain link, and the gate really gets hit solidly. Plaintiff says the gate has been bashed four times by defendant. The video of the gate being hit by defendant is submitted, by plaintiff. Police report doesn't say who hit gate, but video shows defendant's pickup truck hitting the gate. Defendant fixed the gate the first time, but not the other three times. No receipts are submitted by plaintiff for the gate repairs he paid for. Defendant claims the plaintiff beat up defendant's wife, and children five years ago. Plaintiff's order of protection was temporary, and has expired, and subsequent attempts to get another order against defendant have been unsuccessful. (My question is, have either one of these people thought about moving?) Plaintiff says he will never move, and my guess is defendant never will either. Defendant's wife has been unsuccessful in getting her husband to stop this garbage. Plaintiff also complains that defendant throws bread on plaintiff's side of the street, and it's causing issues with birds that it attracts, and defendant thinks that's funny. There is a video of defendant tossing a lot of bread across the street in the direction of the plaintiff's house, and right on the sidewalk and front yard of plaintiff's house. Gayle Taylor-Sutton (defendant's wife) testifies, and claims both men are childish, but that plaintiff is worse. Plaintiff has been arrested twice for violating the restraining order, and both cases were dropped. I decided I like the plaintiff a lot more than the nasty defendant. JJ decides the defendant is nasty, and provocative, and his counterclaim is dismissed. Plaintiff receives $800 to fix his fence.
  11. I wonder if Carrie is the person that answers the phone, makes appointments, and confirms appointments, and isn't right in the front office? The gorging at her desk might be for filming too.
  12. I think the ones who are buying investment property are smart for coming on this show. They get a huge amount of publicity, and if they do a good job remodeling, and marketing the property at Brigantine, they'll get a really good occupancy rate for their property.
  13. I bet one huge piece of evidence will be all of the nasty remarks, and conversations about Donovan right from the TV show. It will be hours and hours of evidence. I'm guessing the raw film footage will have a lot more juicy remarks on it too.
  14. I was really wondering what the big secret was right before her surgery, and I was thinking it would be that Chris, her husband, split. However, the flash flood taking the trailer out was unexpected. I think that was the only way that the place would get clean, starting over with another trailer. I hope the cats were OK, and just staying somewhere else until they moved back into another trailer, or where ever they were going to live permanently. I hope Chris and Carrie kept losing weight, and getting therapy. They did seem to communicate better at the end of the show. There's a difference between a younger sibling getting more attention because they're little and helpless. Then there's the family where the younger sibling is the center of the universe, and the older sibling (in my family it was the older girl) could disappear and the parents wouldn't care. (Yes, the lice place, and the giant Chinese Buffet have been in Dr. Now's complex forever).
  15. I was watching a Major Crimes rerun, and Paul McCrane is a bad guy. It was one of the humorous episodes, with a lot of famous actors from other shows at a retirement complex, and McCrane was playing a character nicknamed "Scarface" by the residents.
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