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  1. Tonight's new episode is so much fun. The man grew up in Houston, lived in NYC for ten years, and hit a lotto jackpot that pays $365,000 a year for life. He's still going to live and work in NYC, but wants a place for $400k to $450 in Houston for vacations, and family holidays. I hope he remembers the number one factor that makes a house great in Houston "never flooded", since they've had so much flooding in the past few years. The first one was nice, but still not very private. I hope he gets the second house, with that great private pool with the waterfall. I can't stand the third house, with the neighbors right on top of the house on both sides. As usual, they faked me out with the talk about buying the furniture, and he picks the third house.
  2. Ask yourself how you would feel if the isolated person gets sick? You'll never know if it was from another source, or if you gave it to them. You can always get close by, and talk on the phone, while they stay inside.
  3. 5 p.m. episodes, first one new, second one a recent rerun (rerun I missed the first time because that channel was having issues, and it's doing it again. I really want to know how JJ gets interrupted, but every stupid commercial runs just fine.)- First (New)- I'm a Cash Guy, Not a 'Tax' Guy-Plaintiff suing former friend for the return of property, and for filing a false police report, and arrest. However, plaintiff admits he never pays taxes (right to the top of the list for people who shouldn't have come on this show, as JJ points out, the IRS has people that watch her show for tax evaders). Plaintiff had most of the money for down payment, and a previous truck that defendant gave him, in return for work. Plaintiff put his own $1,000 down on truck, but had to put the truck in defendant's name for financing. Plaintiff paid $800 a month for truck, and wasn't paying for the truck a few months later. Defendant's wife said either make the payment, or return the truck, but he didn't do either one. Plaintiff claims he was trying to refi car loan, and they were negotiating with the finance company. Payments were auto pay from defendant's bank account. Defendant has the truck back. Plaintiff has no bank accounts, because the government wants our share of his earnings, for his various jobs, and a renter. Defendant reported the car as stolen, which it was, and therefore the false arrest part of plaintiff's complaint is dismissed. Defendant got the truck back, and the property plaintiff is suing for was in the truck (and probably a huge lie, like always). (Plaintiff's annoying witness has so many metal studs in her face, that I bet she set off the metal detector in the court room). Plaintiff case dismissed, and defendant's counter claim dismissed (he has the truck back). Second (Rerun)- Holistic Doctor Taken to the Cleaners-Holistic doctor/cleaning business owner Mathew Jadan, suing former employee for stealing cleaning clients from him. Plaintiff started cleaning service 7 years ago, and is a holistic (Naturopathic) physician for two years (he practices in Michigan, but holistic doctors are not medical doctors in that state.) . He employs 6 or 7 employees in cleaning service. He pays employees $12.00 to $17.00 an hour, and charges clients $55.00 an hour. Plaintiff claims defendant is a former cleaning employee, and stole his clients, and doesn't have a copy of the signed contract not to steal clients (no written copy is available of contract). Plaintiff witness says she lived with defendant, and told plaintiff that defendant's company now did cleaning for his former client. Plaintiff receives $1320, for poaching clients. I know it's poaching, but plaintiff is awful. Carnival Daughter Sued by Mom-Plaintiff mother suing daughter over property, rent, bills, lot rent, from the mobile home. Defendant was living in a trailer with her grandfather, grandfather died. Defendant sold furniture and appliances from trailer, but claims plaintiff/mother gave her permission to sell the property. (Mother/plaintiff's hair is grown out gray hair, with purple behind her head band) Defendant claims mother said she could stay in trailer until it sold, it was a $700 trailer, but unfortunately no pictures (we all wanted to see what a $700 trailer looked like, but we never will ). Back lot rent was $$936. (Biological father of defendant's baby is dead, so daughter's current husband is kind of the baby's current father). Cable bill is $821, but wasn't put in daughter's name. Water bill is $900+. Daughter says mother called CPS on her, after they had their argument. $2852 to plaintiff. In hall-terview, daughter claims mother wanted daughter's husband, and only wanted the money after daughter said she wasn't giving up the husband.
  4. 3 p.m. episodes, both reruns, probably 2016- First- Car in Captivity-Plaintiff claims her car has been held captive by defendants for 10 months at his car repair lot. Plaintiff took her car to the mechanic in July, and claims the fact she had no car caused her company to fire her. The original car issue was oil pan, and radiator (she ran over something). Defendants claim plaintiff paid $780. Defendant claims plaintiff still owes for further work, and they're not releasing car until the payment. Car is running, but motor is past warranty period, but why should defendants suffer because plaintiff took a long time to pay her bills? JJ says to go get the car and take it somewhere else, and gets her $780 back (if you want a used engine, you take your chances with it working). $780 to plaintiff, and that's it. Speed Eviction-Plaintiffs suing former landlords for return of security deposit and rent. Defendants rented a townhouse, and rented room to plaintiffs for a week. Deposit was $1,000, and $800 rent, and they paid $1700 to defendants. Eviction was because plaintiffs weren't on the lease. Property manager, another proposed tenant, and the police (they rent three rooms) came in the house, and told the plaintiffs to leave. $1700 to plaintiffs. (In the Hall-terview the plaintiff says they found out that the defendants had an eviction action going against them, and said there were a bunch of 'prospective' tenants knocking on the door constantly). Second- Ex Brother-In-Law Repo Feud-Plaintiff suing defendant (men are former brothers-in-law) for truck. Plaintiff took over payment on truck, and one payment before payoff, defendant repo'd the truck. Defendant was brother in law, and plaintiff agreed to take over payments on a truck with 2 1/2 years left on payments. Defendant had truck for 14 months, until plaintiff took over payments, title was in defendant's name. Plaintiff claims he made last payments in May, and defendant claims he paid a last payment of $347 to pay off note in July. Plaintiff put over $6k in payments when he had truck/car whatever, and then defendant claims the last payment of $347 that defendant was entitled to repo the truck. The story becomes clear, the $347 was from when defendant had truck, Defendant will lose car, and get his appearance money after plaintiff gets the truck back, and title is redone to plaintiff. Plaintiff just needs a statement from former loan company that vehicle loan is paid in full. JJ will issue order that title and car/truck is plaintiff's, and that marshal should give truck to plaintiff. (apparently defendant still has the truck/car). Plaintiff gets truck back. $20,000 Child Support Payback-Plaintiff suing ex-boyfriend for $1600 loan to pay bills. Defendant says money was for mutual bills with plaintiff, when plaintiff moved in with defendant and son. $1600 to plaintiff. JJ says woman needs to move money into an account for her daughter, since she made the loan out of her kid's child support. The $20k was from a settlement for plaintiff's daughter's back child support, and plaintiff spent it all on herself. Plaintiff lived with defendant for seven months, and plaintiff spent her food stamps on household food. Plaintiff receives $1600. (JJ says if plaintiff doesn't put it in a bank account for her daughter, then she's wrong. My guess, the money is gone before the plane landed when she flew back home).
  5. No, you need to rinse fruit off, so you don't get fruit flies swirling around your house. My governor (Alabama) finally issued a closure order for everything non-essential. This means until 17 April, no more salons, gyms, nail places, and department stores. Some owners are already whining because Walmart can stay open as a grocery store, even though they sell clothes and similar items. (I recognized the man complaining on the local news conference, he owns an upscale outerwear, and beach clothes store, certainly non-essential to the public right now. Actually you could buy a lot of clothes at Wally World or Target for what one of the shirts he sells costs). I'm so scared for everyone in hospitals. They said here about half of the hospitalized patients in this state need a respirator. They have enough for now, but not if the numbers keep going up or hospitalized people.
  6. They showed an estate or mansion hunt from last season on one of the Bravo real estate shows, and some of the places in the Valley have a lot of land, and real privacy. Many of the ones they have shown in other areas (Beverly Hills, and Pacific Palisades), are so close together, and lack any type of privacy. I think they'll be happy in L.A., with Meghan's mother close by.
  7. The Chicago new episode with the woman with two young daughters was awful. The woman got everything she wanted, the boyfriend husband didn't get anything, except a place to build his own office. Why do I suspect the boyfriend husband (according to another poster, who apparently was actually paying attention to the show, when I wasn't) was putting down everything on the house too? She should have bought the one in the burbs, and he should have bought the city place he liked. The 24 year old insurance agent in Tampa, who's taking mom along on the house hunt is hysterical. He should have left mom at home, and bought what he wanted. The first house that was a cheap redo by flippers would be a big mistake to buy, especially with the painted laminate counters, and tile, the pool that needed replaster or more. Was that the one he bought? That house was at the top of the price range, and needed thousands in pool remodeling, or replacement, all counter tops and tile replaced in kitchen, and both baths. It was a disaster, and a bad flip job. I liked the third house, not the first or second.
  8. Yes, I was afraid I heard it about separating the puppy from mom way too early. That's just wrong, hurts the puppy, and can have lifelong effects. I think plaintiff dodged a bullet when the breeder backed out, and she bought elsewhere.
  9. They're reshowing "Selling New York" with the Gumley, Kraft, Kleier Real Estate company, CORE, and Warburg. This must be really old, because I haven't seen this show in quite a while. I really missed this show too. It originally ran from 2010-2014.
  10. 5 p.m. episodes, first one new, second one a recent rerun- First (New)- Mercedes Benz Tug-of-War-Plaintiff suing former friend for breach of car lease deal, and returning the car damaged Plaintiff leased a MB for 8 months for a former assistant who left the country. Plaintiff needed someone to make the lease payments for the term of the lease. Defendant was supposed to pay the lease amount to plaintiff, once every 6 months. After 19 months defendant didn't want the car, and after month 27, car had 9 months remaining. There was no written agreement between plaintiff and defendant. Counter claim by defendant is garbage according to JJ. Defendant claims he returned car to plaintiff with damage that was on car when he received it. Plaintiff says defendant offered to fix car damage. Defendant says he only made the repair offer out of friendship. Plaintiff's estimate for car damage is $4,300. Defendant's dealer estimate is less than $500. Counter claim is that plaintiff stole clients in car business from defendant. (this is when JJ says if Byrd could fit in her robe, he'd take her job in a heartbeat. Nope, not unless he removed the lace collar). There is no non-compete contract between the litigants, so that's out the window. $500 to plaintiff, no mileage because they had no contract. German Wirehaired Pointer Puppy Fail-Plaintiff suing defendant for return of deposit for German Wirehaired Pointer (GWP) puppy. Plaintiff found GWP breeder through a friend, put down a deposit for a puppy from the defendant's next litter (63 days later), plus 8 weeks until release. Deposit was $500 from plaintiff, and was paid. Dog's pregnancy didn't take, but plaintiff decided on a refund, instead of waiting for the puppy. Plaintiff never received check, and Pay Pal wasn't used either. Defendant, despite saying she will return deposit, that deposit was non-refundable. Counter claim is because plaintiff told the truth online about defendant's business practices (defendant is a real estate agent. After this case I wouldn't use her). Counter claim thrown out. Plaintiff will get $500. Second (Rerun)- Jersey Shore Assault and Arrest-Plaintiff suing ex-girlfriend for false arrest, attorney fees, and vehicle damages. Litigants were a couple at one time but were only friends, went out for the evening, plaintiff was driving. Defendant wanted to leave, they finally left, and started to argue in the car while plaintiff was driving. Defendant admits she pushed him away, plaintiff claims she punched him in the face while he was driving. Defendant is sent outside to redo her testimony. Plaintiff claims defendant filed false police charges against him for assault, and cause him to have an accident with his car. Defendant claims plaintiff was driving, holding her phone in his left hand, and choking her at the same time (This isn't even possible, unless you have eight arms like an octopus). As JJ says, it's obvious that plaintiff was hit, and slapped by the defendant while driving. Defendant Breshay Wigglesworth is getting very agitated at JJ. Defendant did ask to be let out of the car, but plaintiff says it was far from anywhere that was safe to drop her off. The day after the accident plaintiff was arrested for assaulting defendant, but it actually was the other way around, and the case against plaintiff was dropped. Case dismissed. (Sorry JJ, but letting the woman out on the side of the road, miles from anywhere, simply isn't safe). Parking Permit Blunder- Defendant parked in a prohibited space (permit only), and her car was towed. Plaintiff paid impound fees, and is suing for $360, and defendant is suing plaintiff for damages to her car by the towing company. The idiocy in this case is staggering. $360 to plaintiff, nothing to idiot defendant.
  11. You're not the only one that thinks that. I do suspect that in an era of pandemic, James K better hope he doesn't get hospitalized, he's not going to be getting the resources that people who have a chance to recover will.
  12. 3 p.m. episodes, both reruns, probably 2016- First- Young Girls Salon Fail-Plaintiff sold unprofitable children's hair salon (after six months open) to defendant, and claims defendant didn't pay the full amount. Plaintiff was supposed to have a stylist as a partner, but she bailed on her, so she sold the salon. Salon was actually sold to the defendant's wife, and she didn't come to court, but her husband did, with a power of attorney from her. ( I'm assuming his hair is a wig, but it's awful, and his crooked eye glasses are driving me nuts) Sold for $38,000, defendants paid $20,549, leaving 17,500 or so. Defendant brought no proof, and claims he paid all $38k. Plaintiff gets $3,000. I'm still not sure who is the liar here, but my guess is it's the defendant. 2x4 Vandalism Victim-Plaintiff suing her former friend for assault, and vandalizing her car (defendant is plaintiff's best friend's boyfriend). Plaintiff was at defendant's witness (defendant's current girlfriend, they broke up and got back together) house, and the defendant and girlfriend were arguing. During the argument, plaintiff tried to leave in her car, and claims defendant threw something at the car and damaged it. Plaintiff gets $500 for car deductible. Second- Bride Bursting at the Seams-Plaintiff suing dressmaker for return of money he paid to have a wedding dress for plaintiff's wife. Plaintiff wants money back ($1200 total, $750 actually paid), cost of replacement dresses, and a bunch of other garbage he's not getting. Plaintiff fiance wanted a layered bottom, and tight from top to the start of layered bottom tiers below her hips. Fiance/wife wanted spandex material lining, with tons of big sequins on the top half of dress. Basically, fiance wanted built-in lard control, but lining isn't stretchy. She should have shelled out for Spanx. Fitting was only a week before the wedding, and it was at seamstress shop (he subcontracted out for the dress to the seamstress). Plaintiff actually paid $750. For $1200 you're not getting a fully custom dress that looks like a $5,000 plus dress. Plaintiff gets $750. (My question is how any dress is supposed to suck in the extra flesh on the bride, that's a job for heavy duty foundations, not stretch satin. Stretch satin wouldn't have worked either, and I suspect the seams would rip out very quickly) Uber Driver Collides with Teen Driver-Plaintiff claims defendant crossed into her lane, and hit her car. Defendant drives Uber, and passenger from accident day is defendant's witness. Plaintiff had a green arrow, turning into left lane of street, and defendant was making a right on red, and instead of turning into right lane of street, crossed into the left lane and hit the plaintiff. Defendant's witness says plaintiff crossed into defendant's lane, and hit defendant. However, defendant driver claims plaintiff said she turned on a yellow light, but when her father got there he told her to say it was green. Case dismissed, no way to prove fault, no police report.
  13. It took Dominic six months to even look into applying for income based housing? He really has no desire to do anything for himself. If anything happens to the brother, then Dominic will be in such trouble. This was such a sad episode, but I doubt Dominic will ever do anything to change his life. I'm guessing that the brother (James?) didn't have a drivers license because of something related to his drinking. Dr. Now said in the first appointment that they needed to look into a stable housing situation, and they waited at least six months to even apply for income based housing.
  14. I saw the Lindsey rerun, and "Eat death, Lindsey!" never gets old. And Lindsey's "Grease and Freedom" about her jumbo pork tenderloin sandwich is epic. I can't believe both statements haven't been made into T shirts yet.
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