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  1. My guess is that without adding Canadian HGTV shows to the lineup in the U.S., that we wouldn't have anything that's new. The producers of all of the shows must have run out of new content, except for the remote ones with everyone dialing in from home.
  2. They actually make plastic bubbles that fit in the fence, so the dogs can look out. The Kuwait dog was found wandering by a volunteer, and the rescue paid to send Marbles to the U.S., and Tia agreed to take the dog. I don't think Marbles is going to be a good fit with any family with the prey drive. Only selecting a family with older kids won't be a solution either. If Marbles is on a walk with a new owner, and someone passes by jogging, on a bike, or skateboard, then it might get scary.
  3. I just saw an ad and on 30 August, the next Baeumler show premiers. It's Sarah, and Bryan working together on client houses. It's called Renovation, Inc (at least I think that's what it's called.).
  4. I love the transformation from that awful, dark hovel, to a really nice, year round vacation property. It's going to be rented all year, and I bet they make even more during ski season, than for the summer season. Just being over the hill from the ski area is going to be fantastic. too bad it took so long to get the deck approved. The 'before' on this was hideous. When the homeowners tell Scott not to step on the deck, then that's scary. The outside looks wonderful, compared to the before. I feel sorry for the potential renter that started crying, and left after looking at the rental before. Such a great idea to have the alarm with a flashing light. That rental looks spectacular after Scott finished it. I love the way Scott updated the stair railings, and sides. The kitchen is wonderful. I hate the painted brick fireplace. I love the new deck, and the frameless, unobstructed view of the lake with the new deck enclosure.
  5. Geoff who lived near Lake Tahoe was disgusting. The ex-wife who left when their two kids were toddlers was just as bad. She left, and tried to visit once a year, bet that is more like every few years, if at all. Geoff was mentally off, but so was that rotten excuse for a mother. The buyer of his house was too nice. If I had bought that place, I would have in the documents the paragraph that possession is at midnight on the day of closing, and anything left behind would become my property. Then put in the eviction paperwork, call the salvage trucks, and the sheriff to do the eviction. The buyer was a fool to let that man stay on property that belonged to her.
  6. They're rerunning the Bristol TN bride who wants to out trash the Kartrashians episode. Getting spray tanned until you look like an Oompa Loompa is a horrible look. My guess is coal money. Her mother is right, it looks like someone plucked a chicken for the skirt. Did she buy that fake ring where the Kentucky Royal woman did? The rings look rather similar, and very fake. The dress she picked made her look like a rectangle, no waist, no style, it's just awful. The perfect dress for her. The Kentucky Royalty is so phony. Nothing on her is real, and I'm surprised her fake boobs don't blow up when she's at high altitude. Does she realize her 'fiance' is more into the men in the party, than being her fiance? I suspect either gambling money, or coal money. Her mouth is so bizarre looking, it's so wide, but it's just like her mother's too. They look like the Joker. They need to stop botox, noting on her face moves. That ring is just as fake as her wedding. $32,000 for a wedding dress! The vintage redo on the Randy dress is wild. I loved the sleeves, I didn't know Randy has been selling his own line for so many years. Quite a while ago, they said the staff meetings were for the show, and it was a way to put out the theme of the week, with different brides shown that fit the theme (those who lost their mothers, brides with fiances that screw up the appointment, etc). So getting rid of the staff meeting means they don't have to make every bride on the show from a particular theme. It makes it easier for the editors to make a show from brides filmed around the same time.
  7. Actually, the doctor who treated, and talked to Angela is a real OB/GYN, and has been in practice for a lot of years. However, she does a lot of cosmetic work, and being on this show is certainly good publicity,
  8. Here is an article demonstrating exactly why I can barely stand to watch this show. This is from 2016, and featured Peggy, but A&E, the production company, and the local inspector knew about this, but did not notify the police. https://www.pjstar.com/article/20160209/NEWS/160209349
  9. I knew people who lived near Falwell Sr.'s house, and there is a good reason it had a very secure wall, and gate coming into the compound. He was not a beloved figure even then. Also, I knew someone who was a full ride scholarship athlete there years ago, and the athletes were recruited for their playing skills, didn't have to follow the other student rules about church attendance, etc., and had their own secluded dorms away from the other students. They were not to do anything but go to school, and play their sport, and win. Hypocrisy, and racism is nothing new at anything associated with the Falwells.
  10. Good point about Home Town, and I suspect the homeowners on that show give a whole lot more information on their likes and dislikes than on other shows. However, with Christina's show, I bet the homeowners know exactly what they'll get before that agree to be on the show. With the last show, they could have done a light gray cabinet, and it would have still brightened the room up compared to the original kitchen.
  11. I'm surprised the semi trailer survived the move over the side of the road out of the yard. If I was a neighbor of that hoarder, I would have called the police all day on the many cars parked all over the street, the damage from the crews driving on neighboring properties, and despite the claim that they'll fix the lawns, I bet it will be a surface fix. Then, the second Althia brings the cars and much more junk back, the codes enforcement people would be sick of my phone calls. You know that all of the vehicles, and junk are right back on her property, and I bet the cars in the garage (cars with lapsed registration have to be hidden from view), are right back in the driveway. Hoarders don't clean up permanently, and you know that place is worse than ever by now.
  12. As another poster said, I bet her donating the use of the ballroom to charities was not only a way to get publicity for her houses she builds, but a tax write off.
  13. That's common where you can't build a garage. You put the door up and down, and can park safely behind it. I've seen that before, where you don't want to build a garage, or the zoning setbacks or other rules don't allow a building. It also keeps the car safe when it's behind the garage door, and inside the fence. I grew up in the D.C. area, from the style of the single family house, it could have been anywhere in D.C., Virginia or Maryland, it's just like a million other houses in that area.
  14. I absolutely agree about the splotchy paint job. That lime wash will have to be redone in a few years, unless the MJ and husband like a very splotchy look. I wonder how much damage it will do to the brick and mortar to remove the lime wash, and repaint. I think the original brick was nice, fit the neighborhood, and just needed the wood or whatever siding that is on the house, plus the door and trim painted. I really liked the arched builtins, and the sun room was spectacular. I did love Jack and the cat, or as Jack called him "Meow".
  15. I agree, you don't apply for this show, or any other design show on HGTV (Property Brothers, Fixer Upper, Home Town, etc). unless you want their design style. Or if you just want to be on TV, and dislike the design style you end up with, then you shouldn't have applied. Remember the people on Trading Spaces that hated their reveals? But they applied to be on it. If you don't want trendy, and a look that you'll want to change in a few years, then don't apply or agree (I bet some are friends, or neighbors, who just agreed to be on for that reason) to be on the show. I would only apply for this show if I had enough money to redo what I hated. I really hate the mix of metals in the finishes now.
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