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  1. I'm guessing "massive" was a pun? If so, I love it. I have Moby Dick jokes running through my head. I love how the poundticipants get the best of hospital care, lose a lot of weight in a month or so, and whine about the food not being enough, or tasty.
  2. I'm going to hell, in gasoline soaked drawers. I'm rewatching Joyce, and laughing when her mother, and caretaker are saying it's so sad Joyce is going to die from her obesity, and the 9 million medical issues it causes. Then Mom bakes an entire, giant plate of lasagna, lots of garlic bread (also from the freezer case), and a pile of other stuff for Joyce. Joyce will do whatever she can to be the center of attention. The part where she shows a picture of what she looked like as a toddler, and say she wasn't overweight is ridiculous. She was always overweight, and only piled it on. My personal guess is that Mom and Dawn, the caretaker are both stoned through this whole episode, and Joyce's "I'm in so much pain" all of the time routine is to get more scripts. Dr. Pimple Popper couldn't help this woman. Does she hold the world record on giant growth per square foot of skin?
  3. My guess is that nothing will make Kelli see that DCC need to be more diverse, and embrace anything out of their starved thin, flying blonde manes, and huge boobs stereotype.
  4. Renovation Island is Brian Baumler (hope I spelled that right), and I'm betting it was filmed long enough ago, that they redid the resort, and sold it before hurricane season (or already had a buyer). I do have to laugh at the wife running, and screaming from the crab. It's the Caribbean, they have crabs, lizards, etc, so she should get over it. That's the same thing I love about the Beach Reno, and Beach Hunters, where they see a roach, or a lizard, and want to call in an air strike. SInce Hurricane season just started, I'm guessing that the programmers at HGTV will be busy rescheduling around anywhere Jim Cantore (Weather Channel, hurricane guru) shows up. After Hurricane Michael, they had zero new or reruns from the Gulf Coast, and over to South Carolina. I'm betting the network people are looking very closely at every line of the comedian shows commentary. Tonight's episode in Missouri looks interesting, follow by (at least on my cable guide) some episode, unnamed location right now.
  5. 5 p.m. episodes, both recent reruns- First- Babblers are Usually Liars!-Defendant claims plaintiff assaulted her fiance, but plaintiff claims the fiance attacked her. Plaintiff accuses a former friend of returning her car with a huge dent that wasn't there before, and stealing a necklace. Defendant borrowed plaintiff's car to go to the beach, fiance drove to Orchard Beach, parked, everyone met at the beach. Defendant claims some tow truck parked at the beach did the damage. Damage is assessed by JJ at $1,000 for plaintiff. Plaintiff claims the necklace was ripped off by defendant at the gym. The car loan, and damage was months after the necklace incident. $1,000 for plaintiff. Battle Over the Bronze Lions!-Plaintiff was selling her house, and claims some bronze lions were her property, and is suing the home buyers/defendants. There was no attorney involved, and no contract, but closing documents were done by a title company (it works that way in some states). I think this house sale happened in 2015! Plaintiff provided $12k closing costs, and signed the addendum the morning of closing costs. Plaintiff wants the bronze lions back, defendants claim they were part of the house. There is an email from male defendant about the lions, and an email from plaintiff saying they could have them for $5k. Defendant responded he wanted the lions. That was a bizarre case, especially since the house was in New Hampshire, but the defendants were listed as living in Florida on the screen. $5k for plaintiff. Second- Damning Vandalism and Theft Caught on Tape?!-Defendant moves into woman's house, and plaintiff is suing for his video taped theft and damage of her property. I remember this one, and the plaintiff is lucky she's not on the ID channel, as a victim. Defendant stayed there from mid-September to the end of May. He claims he paid in cash every month, but there are only seven months rent paid, and not one month. The video of defendant, and girlfriend stealing and vandalizing the plaintiff's property is awful. Defendant and girlfriend are both stealing a lot of stuff too. Defendant seems to think everything on the video, is funny. Plaintiff gets $5000. Don't Call My Antiques Junk-(This is the wild case where the neighbor had a lot of his junk in the old store on the first floor of the two store, and house/apartment above it) Plaintiff wants money to get the defendants stuff off the alleyway on the plaintiff's aunt's property, and he put a gate over the end of the alleyway, and all are on the plaintiff's property. Plaintiff wants to rehab the property, and sell, and it will then be worth about $500k (it's worth about $150k now). The plaintiff (niece of owner with power of attorney) had a survey done, and defendant's stuff is clearly on the aunt's property, and plaintiff wants it out now, and the gate removed. Defendant Jeremy Burmeister, claims it's all valuable for his art projects. The plaintiff has pictures of the junk, and it's not art work or valuable. Plaintiff also claims he's adding to the pile too. The plaintiff's witness is trying hard to not laugh herself off the chair. The defendant only owns 3 ft. from his building, and stuff is way beyond that too, from the photos. Plaintiff wants the stuff moved, and demolition money for the gate removal. The only mistake the plaintiff made is she didn't get an estimate for removal of the junk, and the gate. Defendant has three days to remove his junk, and clear out the gate, or plaintiff will get money for dumpsters, labor, and removal fees. This is a rerun, and I'm betting the plaintiff had to remove the junk, and get paid for it. JJ is giving the plaintiff an order that if the junk isn't gone in three days, then she can call the sheriff, and get his junk out. If plaintiff has to remove junk, then JJ will pay her bills for removal. I love the response of the defendant to finding out JJ will not put up with him, and his junk.
  6. 4 p.m. episodes, both reruns, probably from 2016-2017 (maybe won't get summarized, if the thunderstorm over my house doesn't move on quickly) First- Salon Thievery-Plaintiff suing former business partners over a beauty salon business, alleging property stolen, and loss of income. Plaintiff claims the two defendants illegally evicted her. At one time both defendants worked for plaintiff, then they all decided to expand the salon, move to a new location, and become partners. Plaintiff and husband did renovations on the new beauty shop, and was full time, defendants were only in the salon a day or two a week, and worked other jobs. Lease still has two more years to run. Plaintiff claims the two defendants breached the partnership contract by working very few hours. Plaintiff claims she paid the utilities, and in December she came to work, and the lights were cut off. Plaintiff called one defendant and asked about power outage, then other issues happened with the plumbing, and the end of the month plaintiff left the salon. Plaintiff claims she owned all salon equipment and stations, except one sofa, and claims defendant kept everything after she left. Defendants deny plaintiff left much behind. Funny the defendant who is talking doesn't look at JJ at all. Plaintiff has order giving her furniture back, that she brought from the old salon she owned. Defendants get some chairs from plaintiff's chairs, and plaintiff gets her stuff back (what defendant didn't trash or sell). You're an Idiot-Plaintiff suing ex-boyfriend for an unpaid loan. Defendant says the $800 loan for a car was a gift, not a loan. Plaintiff, as usual, got a new phone since the loan, with text messages gone that prove $800 was a loan, not a gift. (Plaintiff gave iPhone with messages to her 4 year old cousin). Texts were printed out, and show that it was a loan, so $800 to plaintiff. Second- Engagement Ring Confusion-Plaintiff suing defendant for return of his engagement ring. Engagement was broken, and defendant gave the rings back to plaintiff. Plaintiff gave defendant eviction paperwork, and defendant finally left. Plaintiff's daughter filed elder abuse paperwork against defendant. Defendant claims she was escorted out of the home, after police came after reports defendant was threatening the plaintiff with a knife. (I love the plaintiff's suit, and the matching accessories). Defendant says she went to dinner with plaintiff (3 to 6 months after the eviction), but they weren't engaged, so the ring was just a gift. Then, plaintiff claims defendant blocked his phone number, and he wanted ring back again. Plaintiff said defendant only could keep the rings if they married. Defendant keeps the rings to sell, plaintiff keeps any furniture defendant left behind. Too Much Money Too Soon-Plaintiff suing her boyfriend's mother for a loan to pay rent. Plaintiff gets tribal money, received $50K when she turned 18, and every penny is gone. (defendant mother has hideous makeup, and looks stoned). Plaintiff, defendant mother, boyfriend, defendant's ex-husband, two more siblings of boyfriend, all live together with plaintiff paying the bills. Plaintiff thinks ex-husband of defendant will actually start paying the rent the next month (no he won't). Plaintiff's boyfriend, and his useless relatives certainly knew who to target, didn't they? The only good thing is the plaintiff and boyfriend threw mommy out. (Plaintiff was going to school, and isn't even doing that any longer. I hope she moved out and has a little place of her own, and went back to school). Sadly, predatory defendant took advantage of plaintiff, but there was no loan contract. Case dismissed. Drunk Cyclists-Plaintiff claims bicyclist damaged her car. Plaintiff was at work, her car was parked, when defendant hit the parked car with his bicycle. Police report says defendant had been drinking before the accident. Plaintiff came out to her car after work, and found a note from the Sheriff's deputy about the accident. Damage is a long scratch, and big dents. Plaintiff receives $3200
  7. The new case with the man and woman who lived together for years, and are fighting over small stuff was funny. The old saying about "if looks could kill" certainly applied. If the plaintiff's glares at the defendant were lasers, the defendant would have been a smoking pile of ash. Harvey looks terrible in front of the gold background he has now (not that he looked that great before). I'm sick of the stupid boat cases, with know nothing people getting a 30 year old boat for a low price, and expecting it to be a yacht after they put it in the water. I wish the Navy would line all of the boat litigants up, and have target practice with them.
  8. HH and HHI, and the Beach, Mexico, and Caribbean episodes get pulled when something happens where the episodes were filmed. After Hurricane Michael there were quite a few sudden changes in schedule, for the areas affected. I'm just glad someone is thinking at HGTV, and did swap out episodes.
  9. I've read for years that Lea Michele was horrible to everyone on Glee, and other times too. Her apology is pathetic, and too little, too late.
  10. I forgot about the fake heart attack, that will make this must watch TV. Also, is she the one that the usual walk in the park is her staggering out to the apartment patio with her mother, and caretaker applauding?
  11. Tomorrow night's rerun is Joyce, so everyone can try to guess what the hell is hanging off of her hoo haw area. That's the one where her Mother, and caretaker are both stoned through the entire episode.
  12. 5 p.m. episodes, both recent reruns- First- Therapy Pit Bull vs. 8-Year-Old Child-Plaintiff suing for dog attack ($997 vet bill) by a pit bull that was being walked by an 8 year old child (the male plaintiff was with the child and dog), and the child couldn't stop the attack. Defendant keeps claiming the pit bull is a therapy dog. Plaintiffs are suing neighbor after pit bull attacked their Labrador. Plaintiff's dog was on leash, when pit bull attacked. An 8 year old was going to walk the Pit Bull, but defendant doesn't remember the kid's name. Plaintiff says Pit dragged boy across a neighbor's yard, where it attacked the first time. The plaintiff managed to get the Pit off of the Lab, then Pit slipped it's collar, and attacked again. Defendant was watching the 8 year old, for the kid's parent, and can't remember his name, and hasn't seen the child since the dog attack. Defendant claims plaintiffs were trespassing, and her dog attacked because it was protecting the 8 year old. Defendant claims plaintiff was hitting her with the leash, not the Pit. Defendant lied to Animal Control on the day of the fight, and claims she didn't see fight happen. Plaintiff sent certified letter with vet bills to defendant who did not reply. Sheriff's department officers arrived, and stated they had a history with the address residents, so they stuck around until animal control showed up. As JJ says, defendant either lied to Sheriff deputy, and Animal Control, or lied to JJ, and defendant says she lied today. I hope the Sheriff's department saw this, or JJ forwarded a copy. (note to defendant, this is not a cocktail party, so don't dress like it is). $997 to plaintiffs. (and JJ goes off on defendant big time, very enjoyable). Alabama Child Support Drama-Plaintiff suing ex-wife for collecting extra child support that she accepted, and kept after child turned 19. Defendant also wants medical bills plaintiff didn't pay, $2,000. Defendant is told to go back to family court for the medical bills. Plaintiff gets $945 back. Second- House Flipping 101: What Not to Do-Woman takes real estate how to flip course, and screws the flip up miserably. Plaintiff is first time house flipper claims the defendant contractor scammed her. Plaintiff hired the man to do the kitchen cabinets, maybe opening up a wall, and putting in a support beam. Defendant claims he ordered cabinets, and plaintiff cancelled them, and there was a restocking fee. Plaintiff never checked any references for defendant. Plaintiff gets $3000, even after advancing on the sacred desk of Judge Judy. Plaintiff doesn't get the other $2k that she claims the man damaged in the house. I Threw a Ping Pong Ball , Not a Rock!-Plaintiff claims she manages an apartment house for free (she's apparently related to the owner). She claims that defendants moved in, were month to month tenants, and are still living in the duplex. Plaintiff says she loaned an armoire, and two more pieces of furniture to the defendants. Defendants were going to renovate a bathroom in the building for the equivalent of $1k, and they ripped the bathroom out. The bathroom remodel was hysterically bad, and will have to be gutted, and redone. No permits were pulled either. After seeing the bad job on the bathroom, plaintiff demanded the armoire, and two lamps back. The glass on the armoire was cracked, defendant says plaintiff's son broke it, and there were cigarette burns (she gets $250 for armoire). Defendant claims plaintiff hit her car, and left the scene. Defendants moved out suddenly, and claim (on video) plaintiff whacked their car with a rock. Plaintiff claims it was a ping pong ball or rubber ball. Defendant claims damage to her van was not caused by the ball or rock, but when plaintiff hit van with her car. The police case is still pending. Plaintiff receives $250 for the furniture damages. Defendants receive $0.
  13. 4 p.m. episodes, both reruns, probably 2016-2017- First- Don't Fence Me In-Plaintiff (Michael Jackson) owns the fence on his property (not a joint fence) between his house, and defendants' yard. Defendants piled tires and junk against the fence until the fence broke, when plaintiff wanted replacement costs, the defendants told him to stuff it. Then they piled the junk against their front gate to keep their dogs in, so they still have a yard with lots of trash and tires. Defendants also wanted plaintiff to pay for the branches they trimmed on their property, from plaintiff's tree (dismissed). JJ says since fence is old, defendants don't have to pitch in on fence. This fence stuff has been going on for over six years! Too bad no one moved away from the neighbors. Defendant tries to tell the entire history of their disputes with plaintiff, and I side with the plaintiff. Wonder how much wildlife is living in the junky yard of the defendants? Case dismissed. Sister, I Don't Believe You-Plaintiff suing sister for cost to repair her car, defendant counter claim for payments she made on car. JJ thinks both litigants are lying and just here for the money, and I agree. Supposedly plaintiff co-signed, and car was in plaintiff's name, but defendant drove it and made payments for two years. However, defendant didn't have insurance. Cases dismissed. JJ told them to go back to where they came from and sue there. Mess or No Mess-Plaintiff suing former landlady for return of security deposit ($200), but wants $5,000. Rent was $650, so she still owes $450 for last month. Landlady wants damages. $450 for defendant, nothing for plaintiff. Second- Dad Left in the Dark-Plaintiffs mother and son, suing sister's ex-husband and her sister for child care costs, and travel costs for the kids. Plaintiff had custody of sister's kids, and lived in Minnesota. Defendant ex-husband lives in North Dakota, and defendant woman now lives in Texas. Defendant sister lived in Texas, and CPS was involved. Sister /plaintiff took custody of children, and paid for the air fare for the kids. Defendant woman and kids lived in Minnesota, but moved to Texas, a year later. Defendant father didn't see the kids at any time while they lived in Texas. Defendant father was accused of corporal punishment against the oldest daughter, and CPS was involved, and that's when the defendant mother moved to Texas with the kids. Defendant father lives in Fargo, ND, and kids were in Minnesota, and defendant father wanted custody of the kids. Defendant man called the sister with the kids, and wanted to talk to his kids, and kids didn't want to talk to him. Defendant father goes to court in ND, and gets custody of the three kids (the ones the Texas court stopped all visitation with the defendant father). Plaintiff paid $700 for airfare for the three kids, who only lived with her for a week, before the father got custody. Defendant father has the two boys, and the daughter (the one he assaulted), is in foster care in ND. How can any judge in ND, not look at the father's history with the kids, and give this man custody? $700 to plaintiff. Victim Compensation Funeral-Plaintiff / funeral director is suing defendant/mother of deceased son for funeral costs she still owes. Defendant owes money to funeral director for son's funeral, and is counter suing him to get funeral payment back. Mother's claim to a state crime victim funeral fund was turned down. There was the option of a state paid pauper's funeral, but mother wanted a better funeral. Funeral director told defendant about the state crime victim's compensation fund. Funeral director told defendant about her funeral cost options. . Plaintiff has a signed contract for the funeral, and cemetery. Defendant claims she paid $300 to plaintiff. $5000 to plaintiff.
  14. I wonder if Carolyn's daughter Geraldine is a lot more involved than she has been shown. I suspect she is.
  15. In the horse case, the defendant needs a makeup artist that doesn't do clown makeup, and what the hell are those moles or whatever on her face? By the way, the defendant wouldn't qualify to ride the horse either. The only thing that moves less than the defendant hair, is her face. So wifey or ex-wifey went to defendant's house to take care of defendant after butt and boob implants? All three litigants in this case are a few sandwiches short of a picnic. Why can't we see the video of the wife slapping the husband in the waiting room? I noticed that Levin switched backgrounds, to one with the scales of Justice, and lots of gold. The rerun episode was the man who brought Mommy to court with him over a used car deal. He's the fool that looked like he had a Beaver glued to his forehead, and the sides looked buzzed or shaved.
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