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  1. Last time I looked animal cruelty is a felony in all states except one, and I bet you can guess which state that is. So I wonder how Spenser got out of jail on parole again, when it was a 7 year sentence and his third strike? I hope he takes the chances that he's getting to keep on the straight and narrow.
  2. They're starting off with some amazing cases tonight. Some man decided he wanted to break into a home in Terre Haute, and was armed. Fortunately, the homeowner managed to deflect the man's aim, and no one was hit. Then the car wreck in Tulsa was awful.
  3. I caught the part with the man saying he was working for the design company, but the woman kept talking about getting a job, and I wondered if it would be that easy for her to get a work permit. I absolutely loathed her attitude, and the way she treated Richard.
  4. I'm glad my Pizza Hut doesn't have the giant box of garlic bread (I guess it was Pizza Hut), because I really love a good garlic bread, and that looked good. My question is why for a two day trip to Houston Bethany took enough clothes for a month? I'm watching the Supersized, and the first stop on the road trip was four hours in, with a giant bag of food, enough for several people, and needed to stop for the night already. The little pop ups are less than impressive this time too. They should have subtitled this episode "Betheny: Cry Me a River of Denial" Her first loss of 14 lbs was pathetic, at her starting weight, that's skipping food on the way to Houston for a couple of days, she's not even trying. So her breakfast was a protein bar? They're full of junk. Her plain chicken and squash is awful looking. I love her 10 minute walk at a snail's pace. I guess it never occurred to her to take her walks early in the morning? Sheldon looks like a little kid sitting in Dr. Now's huge chairs. Bonus scene added: I wonder if Dr. Now knew that Sheldon would only stay a day or so, and Bethany would be alone at the hotel until her follow up visit the next week? So Sheldon says Bethany has been wanting surgery for 20 years, before or after her other weight loss programs? At least Sheldon says the whole family will change how they eat, not that Bethany will keep that up long term. I love how Bethany wants to win the lottery to buy her dream home, and give to charity, and I wonder if that includes paying her restitution? I love her post surgery office visit where she only lost 4 lbs, instead of the minimum of 15 Dr. Now expected. And Bethany's voice over on exiting that Dr. Now beat down is "that didn't go as badly as I thought". That therapist in Oklahoma never stood a chance against Bethany hiding things from her. One tidbit from the pop ups is that her favorite meal since surgery is baked ricotta-is that on Dr. Now's plan? I still can't believe instead of losing 30 lbs, she instead gained 6 pounds, and is over 500 again. My guess 600 will be right around the corner.
  5. I wonder if there was an accessible way to get to the pool chair lift, and they didn't show it for added drama of one sister not being able to go in the pool? I wouldn't put a stunt like that past the production company. I can't believe that a place with a pool chair lift won't have a way for people to get to it.
  6. They're showing a "new" episode, of a California couple moving to Kauai. This looks like a recycled Hawaii episode, and the couple look very familiar. This is absolutely a repackaged episode of another show on HGTV.
  7. Poor Richard! I love every episode he's on, but I think he's regretting doing this episode. The people are two snotty, entitled designers moving to London, and the woman is a total PITA. She whines about anything that's not exactly centered, and I really hope that her picky attitude is a put on for the show. Another couple that want modern, totally redone, and vintage touches too. Of course, Miss Picky gets the overpriced place that she wanted. I wonder if it's really that easy for the other part of the couple to get a job, and work visa in England?
  8. 5 p.m. episodes, first one new (continued from yesterday, for the entire half hour), and second one a recent rerun- First (New)-(Continued from yesterday) (This case is so bizarre, the plaintiff is the soon-to-be ex Mother-in-Law of her witness, and is suing the defendant, who is the father of her witness, DIL). (I'm not very nice, I wish the defendant had slammed a truck door on everyone on the plaintiff's side). Teen Parents File for for Divorce-Plaintiff is daughter of defendant, and called complaints into him to CPS. Defendant has custody of younger sisters of plaintiff witness. Defendant's side of the door assault is plaintiff daughter wanted defendant to sign paperwork, but paper was covered up with cardboard, and his daughter wanted it signed anyway. Defendant had his two youngest daughter with him (kids are 9 and 10, mother lives elsewhere). Plaintiff Susan Deckard (mother of the son married to defendant's daughter, and a total buttinsky). As JJ says, none of the confrontation was the plaintiff's business, and she should have stayed out of it. As JJ says, plaintiff took in a minor girl, non-pregnant, and now she has a baby, useless husband, and an idiot for a MIL. Police report totally contradicts the location of the bruise on plaintiff (groin/thigh as opposed to left side). Plaintiff and witness (DIL) called CPS on defendant/father, and tried to get the younger sisters taken out of his custody. Plaintiff submits pictures of 'living conditions' at her father's home, except it's a place he hasn't lived in for almost two years. Kayla (plaintiff witness/daughter) talked to her therapist about the younger sister's living conditions, and then called CPS in 2018, and again in 2019. Defendant owns home, but doesn't live there, and says only the daughter and her loser husband lived there sometimes (over his objections). I don't know who made that bruise on plaintiff, but it wasn't the defendant. The second CPS report was over the phony assault being in front of the defendant's daughters. CPS did visit and left after he showed his current address, and that he didn't live in the home in question, though he still owns it. Complaints were dismissed. The plaintiff's son (soon to be ex of Kayla, the plaintiff's witness), made a statement to the CPS worker saying he was "going to slam the truck door on the defendant's leg if he got the chance", after Kayla said it's time. The only injury photograph doesn't show the plaintiff's face, so who knows who it's of, when, or anything else that proves anything. Plaintiff case dismissed, and defendant gets $1500 for CPS false reports. (Defendant hasn't learned, because he says he wants his daughter back in his life. That would be a big mistake). Second (Rerun)- Bed and Breakfast Fraud-Plaintiff rented a room out for B 'n B (Home Away short term rentals), short term rental to defendant. Defendant wants a refund for his four nights. Plaintiff says defendant damaged his garage door by closing the garage door on his trailer. Plaintiff had a truck, trailer, and another vehicle, and was supposed to have one bedroom/one tenant. Defendant claims he rented the entire townhouse, and garage, for four days for $200+. Defendant was told he couldn't park the trailer, and truck on plaintiff's property. Defendant was catering an event, and wanted to use the townhouse kitchen to prepare food for a commercial job (totally illegal). The meal was craft services, and defendant claims it was legal (no, it's not). Defendant parked his truck, and trailer in the townhouse garage, and damaged the garage door. Defendant says house owner said to park trailer in garage, but park truck on the street. Defendant claims it was too far away to park the truck. Then defendant waited until plaintiff left, and parked truck partially in the garage. Then another long term tenant uses bedroom, and garage, and she pushed the garage door button, so door went down (it's always left up, because it's the home entrance). When door went down it hit truck, and damaged the door. At first defendant said he would fix door, but lied. $800 to plaintiff. Defendant claim dismissed. 10K Custody Battle-(The litigants hair dye is so wild) Defendant borrowed money from plaintiff for her eventually unsuccessful custody battle. She lost in mediation, because children picked the other mother. Defendant borrowed $4k from plaintiff, and paid back about $500 (still owes $1500). Plaintiff's witness is the ex-wife, and defendant says the other $2,000 should be the ex-wife's responsibility. Ex-wife can't find bank records since it was two years ago. Case dismissed for lack of evidence. I was distracted by all of the interesting hair coloring jobs, and by the sadness of the case. I hate custody disputes, for the sake of the children.
  9. Good point. They really are both entitled twits, aren't they? I really wondered what happened to the guidance counselor after the argument with Giannulli. If there are any victims in this case they are the guidance counselor that was reamed out for doing their job, and the kids that didn't get into USC, and other schools because of the fraud by Singer's conspiracy.
  10. 3 p.m. episodes, both reruns, probably 2016 or so- First- Trust the Judge, Get a Lawyer-Plaintiff / landlord is suing former tenants for stolen property, unpaid rent, and damages. Defendants rented an apartment above a pizzeria, after a job loss they stopped paying rent, (landlord says $2200, def. say $4,000). Defendants say that new owner of building was going to cover their back rent, about $800. JJ tells plaintiff to get a lawyer, for the building transfer with his witness (buying the apartment and pizza shop). (Sadly plaintiff seems very confused, and lives alone after his wife died, he needs a lawyer). Pizzeria closed after water damage, and after the plaintiff's son the manager of the pizzeria collapsed and died. The damage to the apartment was caused by defendant's ferrets, including rug damages. JJ declines to see pictures of the ferrets from the defendant. As usual, tenants claim plaintiff harassed them, and I guess that's what she calls asking for your rent. Plaintiff is very confused about unpaid rent total, and fortunately his adult son is in court to help. Defendants were $4200 behind on rent, and plaintiff gets that. Pigs Don't Live in Houses-Plaintiff landlord suing defendant/former tenant for damages to home, and unpaid rent. Defendant says it wasn't damage, but normal wear and tear. Defendant also stayed an extra week, so owes for the month ($1200). There was no walk through with tenant (she moved out suddenly), and plaintiff submits pictures of damages. Pictures show tons of left over items in room, and defendant claims someone else did that, and says it's not that bad. There was an $1100 security deposit, covering the unpaid rent. House is filthy, holes in doors and walls, etc. $5,000 to plaintiff. Second- My Brother Did It-Plaintiff suing her brother for wrecking her car while he was driving drunk. He says he was taking his 6 year-old niece to lunch. Plaintiff was looking for her car, it was at her mother's house. Plaintiff realized car was gone, then found out brother had car (he went to visit some girlfriend), and he left a bottle of booze in the car. The text to plaintiff was from his mother's phone, and doesn't say it was the man, instead of the mother that wanted the car. The girlfriend/baby mama he visited is plaintiff's witness. Defendant claims his baby mama was worried because plaintiff said she texted that she couldn't find her car or her niece. Defendant claims sister climbed in her own car, backed into a mailbox, and is trying to blame him. Defendant claims he knows nothing about the alcohol spilled in the car. Plaintiff gets $811. Suits, Safety and Flipping Cars-Plaintiff suing former roommate for an unpaid loan for clothes, an insurance deductible, and a loan for clothes. The litigants made the mistake of trying to flip cars as a business, and actually flipped two. Plaintiff made nothing off of the cars, and defendant made $500. Plaintiff claims the defendant was kicked out of the apartment for her safety, but still wants his portion of furnishings and rent. Plaintiff says for their business that defendant had to dress a certain way, so she loaned him money for clothes. HOwever, nothing in the texts say he will pay her back. Plaintiff also alleges that defendant took advantage of her mental illness to convince her to open credit accounts for him to use on her credit. Defendant claims to owe $150 for clothes, and plaintiff says over $450. Plaintiff says defendant never had her credit card, but she was there when he charged it. Also, defendant says landlord helped plaintiff trash everything purchased by plaintiff, so that claims gone. Plaintiff wants deductible for car accident, she claims defendant did on her car. Protective order application is interesting, and full of lies. There is no police report. Apparently the landlords are plaintiff's parents. Case dismissed.
  11. If Giannulli, and Loughlin thought their plan was so legit, then why did he go down to the daughter's school, and confront a guidance counselor for questioning the claim that his daughter was on the non-existent crew team? Giannulli and Loughlin both knew what they were paying for, and what would happen if it came to light they were falsifying their daughters' credentials, and bribing people.
  12. Chattanooga was very confusing. How much longer will her degree take to finish? Then only her job will be close to the house. One factor is that some hospitals require personnel in some jobs to be within a certain distance of the hospital. The wife came off as totally selfish. Plus, when you say you have to get a finished home, and then buy one with the intention of adding on a huge addition, (probably with a huge closet, and spa level bathroom), to fill the entire back yard, it's not saving money. So when they add on, he still won't have a real garage, and they'll have a home that's way over budget, and probably priced over the neighborhood homes.
  13. I guess the Merida woman is the world's greatest expert on being a single mother?
  14. That last short season with 2 hour episodes just wasn't as good without Matt. Though I think he did show up for one episode. That show sounds good. Matt's book on hoarding, and his history with clean ups is fascinating also. One problem about cleaning up after a real collector is that many items that used to be valuable collections, now aren't. I remember a few of the hoarders where they did have auction companies come in, and they did have some items to sell, but the items never sold for much. The last hoarders episode with Sandra, the woman with the mansion (Julian Price House) she lost to foreclosure didn't even clear $20,000 as I recall.
  15. There's a Wikipedia of poundticipants, their home town, starting weight, ending weight, if they quit the program, or were booted out. The WATN list isn't as useful. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/My_600-lb_Life
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