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  1. 5 p.m. episodes- First (2021)- Eye-Candy Car! -Plaintiff John Rea suing defendant Tory West for $800 for a car plaintiff sold defendant. . Plaintiff's father was a friend of defendant, and passed away. Plaintiff bought a 1997 Grand Am from the father's widow, and plaintiff wanted to sell defendant the car for $800. Defendant already has a garnishment for child support for arrears, and garnishment was about $700 a month. Garnishment was because children were getting state aid, and they took it from defendant. Plaintiff knew about the garnishment, and it would be paid
  2. 4 p.m. reruns- First (2018)- Yes, I Attacked Him! Yes, I Choked Her! -Plaintiff Emerald Grant SMMOO (Sainted Single Mother of One) suing defendants/her baby daddy's (James Woodward) other woman, Ravyn Smith, (Sainted Single Mother of One) for defamation of character, and slander. Baby daddy has three children, one with each litigant, and a third child, older child is in question. Plaintiff had to track down baby daddy, and get his wages garnished to support the child, In retaliation, defendant posted nasty things about plaintiff, and her business. Defendant is sui
  3. What I hate about the catfish episodes is that even the few 'victims' that accept the person they love is a scammer, I bet all of them go right out and send more money to the person, or the next scammer that tells them their sad tale of woe. Some are not victims, but some have been accepting checks and other financial items from other suckers, depositing them, and sending the money on to the scammer.
  4. They said at the beginning that immunity is gone, going forward.
  5. I think the full bath was going to be the en suite, and the half bath was for guests. The current bath set up was bizarre, but making the one bath pretty big, and turning the other into a half bath did nothing for me. There must have been a solution making a shower stall part of the half bath.
  6. Yes, a legal bedroom requires an egress window (or other form of egress), and a closet. However, I've known a lot of basement bedrooms without an egress window, so they're called non-conforming. That's why an apartment room that should be called a bedroom, is called a den instead, no egress window. I hate the lofts where the walls don't go to the ceiling. Noisy, lack of privacy.
  7. When they came out with the new DSM (the initials might be wrong, but it's the criteria for all types of mental illness), hoarding was classified under OCD. So it's officially a diagnosis.
  8. So according to an article I read today, Jesse Williams is leaving (he's going to a Broadway show), and his character will meet with April (she's near Seattle), and then he's going to the Fox foundation HQ in Boston, to help increase the representation of POC's in medicine. He wants April, Matthew and Harriet to move there too. She's split from Matthew too. So leaving it open for April and Jackson. his character, to reunite. https://deadline.com/2021/05/jesse-williams-leaving-greys-anatomy-jackson-avery-12-seasons-1234750666/ Apparently he only stayed to this season, becaus
  9. I wish Lifetime would just show the episodes in order. They randomly skip some, especially the multishow arcs that are crucial to the storyline.
  10. With the market now, there are a lot of all cash buyers, and an all cash buy means, no appraisal, and only inspections if the buyer wants them. They go through very quickly too. (I had a house that sold for cash to an investor a long time ago). No waiting for mortgage approvals, no contingencies for selling a previous house, very quick. Otherwise, if the buyer is financing, the difference between appraisal, and selling price has to be paid by the buyer.
  11. I liked the Chicago condo the men picked. The third one, the new build was not in a location I would want to look at everyday. The huge balcony would have been wasted on me. The price didn't compensate for the location, and the awful views. The first one was too small, and just not appealing. Wasn't that the one with the humongous HOA fees? The second one was a good choice, but I find it bizarre that they got it for so much off, and it included the parking space too at the much lower price.
  12. Since I've read that all of the shows turn off the A/C and heat during filming, I suspect that the 75 temp. was just to keep the A/C from running, because it was winter, and the room would never reach that temperature. I suspect you're right about when they filmed it. (My thermostat is 71 winter, but 75 for A/C, so I'm sure that was the A/C setting since it looked like a colder season). It will be interesting to see if they mention the huge number of vacant apartments in Manhattan, and the rest of NYC since the pandemic. Ryan didn't pick a great time to start a property renta
  13. I don't know why they pretend that it's OK for the kids to keep the late father's name, because it isn't. The pressure on a child to change their name is revolting. I'm sure that nothing that the parents want is negotiable, and I hate that they're getting a psychologist to cooperate in the charade. I'm sure if any of the children don't want to change to Spencer's last name, that the pressure will be endless, and if the children try to hold out, they will be punished. I really can see the parents making constant remarks to a hold out child about not being part of the family, becau
  14. I located the preview, and I guess Sasha is now the competition in the LCK next week. I saw Jamie in the TC kitchen.
  15. I felt sorry for Nelson, but he made the right decision. Jamie coming back makes me happy. However, Brittany, Gabriel, Rodney, Kiki, and the one who looked like Toni Collette, Sasha (I simply couldn't remember her name) competing against each other for another chance to go back on the show. I'm so glad Gabriel is gone, at least since he's from Portland, he can just Uber home. So Gabriel did a salad? Congratulations to Jamie, and Sasha.
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