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  1. I totally get that. At the same time, during my second viewing I noticed other take-offs that I didn't see the first time!
  2. UP is actually showing my all-time favorite holiday movie: A CHRISTMAS MOVIE CHRISTMAS about a Christmas Movie devotee and her cynical sister who end up in a dream sequence of actually LIVING in a Christmas movie. No holiday movie cliche is overlooked: in one sequence, they are walking down the street and getting annoyed by all the handsome men carrying stacks of presents who keep bumping into them. And they are visiting an aunt who is making a gingerbread house and every time you see her, she has created an elaborate scene like Fifth Avenue, a complete circus etc. It would be fun to coun
  3. FYI: The entire series of movies/hour-long episodes will be shown this coming week. The hour longs will be run in order 3-5 pm EST M-F with the movies starting Thursday with the rarely shown Signed Sealed Delivered for Christmas at 7 pm EST and the original one at 11 am Saturday followed by the rest Saturday until 11 pm in a marathon and Sunday.
  4. Traditionally, POC get voted off early in the game. And remember the season when ALL the POC were voted off first and were watching the others play (I think one would make it back?) It made for a very uncomfortable visual.
  5. Based on his comments, though, I think he is more obsessed with how little doctors address obesity and diet with THEIR PATIENTS. As he once noted on the show, medical students get almost no education on how diet affects everything from high blood pressure to diabetes.
  6. The US Men's Team is an embarrassment. A history of dumb mistakes, choking in clutch performances and a lot of hubris. No wonder Simone didn't want them on her tour. Let them live up to their potential and then they'll be the main attraction.
  7. They'll think, FINALLY! People of color get to dominate the game! The white jocks who often sail to the end go out first!
  8. I saw the gymnastics live every day on nbcolympics.com so I don't understand your concern, unless you thought it should have been shown on NBC in the morning?
  9. Dorinda tells The New York Times how she spends her Sundays: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/08/20/nyregion/dorinda-medley-real-housewives-nyc.html
  10. MaryLou Retton won all-around at 16; Nadia at 14, Gabby at 16, Sunisa at 18. Gymnasts need media training and realistic expectations as part of their training.
  11. If you live near a Wegmans, try it. Cooked shrimp with ginger and rice. Wonderful!
  12. He's not her biological dad and her parents aren't married. She adopted his last name but he has never legally adopted her. (NOT SURE THOSE REPORTS ARE TRUE.) Her mother may be upset about the situation ^ . She also may be shy and have a poor command of the English language.
  13. That's because she's going to do an interview with Oprah, probably prime time NBC.
  14. Well, Betty was a Karolyi girl so I guess that's why it seemed like Bela stomping around. And what was that awful music? If skaters can use better music (in terms of Olympic rights), so can gymnasts. I hate to think who she used before Betty! Boy, I remember the days of the great Russian choreography.
  15. It would be published in the Wall Street Journal and FORBES regardless of whether it was formally announced. Better to have the correct figures out there and use it as a recruiting tool.
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