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  1. AuntieDiane6


    They do. On NBC's Olympic Channel. The FIG World Cup/Rhythmic Gymnastics from Italy is on at 6:30 pm Wednesday. It's been on several times since June 2.
  2. AuntieDiane6


    That's what they said about McKayla Maroney and her vaulting...
  3. AuntieDiane6


    I wish the men could practice with the women's team for awhile. They just don't seem to have the fight to stick their landings and focus on complete routines.
  4. Let's remember that many sports competitions themselves involve injuries and lifelong disabilities. And without the Olympics, many athletes won't have the publicity that leads to lucrative endorsements, speaking engagements and Wheaties boxes. And for athletes from poor countries, winning an Olympic medal means economic security for themselves and their families.
  5. You can drive from Wyoming to New York in 2 days. Heck, I made it to California from NY in 3 days with friends. No need to expose yourself to anyone in that scenario. You're right: let's hope there are enough everywhere. If teams from poorer nations can't go, that's why the International Olympic Federation GETS $5 billion (or whatever) for TV rights: to help poorer athletes get to the games. Besides, out of the 7,000 athletes in the games, the largest contingents are from 1) US 2) Russia 3) China. 4) Germany. The rest have far smaller numbers. You have a valid point about healthc
  6. They should ALREADY have been vaccinated. Vaccines in NY have been available for teens for at least two weeks now. Anyone from any state can get a vaccine in NY. And many other states are throwing away vaccines because residents don't want them. Absolutely no reason we can't have a vaccinated team. I would think healthcare workers would be the FIRST people in Japan to be vaccinated. Heck, NYC healthcare workers were vaccinated in JANUARY.
  7. Only 314 Canadian athletes competed in the Summer Olympics. Hopefully, Canada can find that many vaccines for its athletes. If not, well, the Games will go on.
  8. I am sure they all have their teams set a good month in advance; if for no other reason than for visas. That gives them plenty of time to get a vaccine. If nothing else, their diplomats can bring a suitcase full of vaccines home for their athletes. Japan was going to require athletes to quarantine at home anyhow. And I am sure that any country that has a champion team will FIND a vaccine. Many of the world's poorest countries have plenty of money ... in the dictator's secret Swiss bank account.
  9. AIf you're over the age of 12, you can get vaccinated safely. Geez... And now the US has vaccination tourism. With no audience, we're only talking 20,000 people total. What's the big deal? Heck, the US probably throws away 20,000 vaccines every day. If the athletes can't get vaccinated before they go, stay home. If you think it's cruel, well, the US missed 1980 and the Russians missed 1984. So there's that ...
  10. Well, Japan is finally waking up. https://english.kyodonews.net/news/2021/04/8cc7bf0d69af-breaking-news-60-discontent-with-progress-in-japans-covid-vaccine-rollout-poll.html They're starting to open mass vaccination clinics. https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2021/05/08/national/japan-all-prefectures-mass-vaccinations/
  11. Are those glassdoor reviews vetted or can anyone post anything? I doubt Robin would say such things IN PUBLIC. I'm not her biggest fan, but I did appreciate her interview with Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt on forgiveness.
  12. As I tuned in for the first time in awhile, all I could think was, Why are the Black women dressed in embarrassing and uncomfortable sex outfits while the White man is wearing a conservative business suit?
  13. Too bad the property was worth $60 million.
  14. Jason may very well have retained the right to determine where Bethenny lives with Brynn. She blamed him for forcing her talk show to be located in NYC because he wouldn't allow Brynn to move to LA. I can't see Bethenny living in Boston. I lived in the North End and Back Bay and I can say that Bethenny doesn't have that Boston vibe. It's more low-key than her big, fast-talking, loud persona. It's a bit more reserved, a LOT more intellectual and more New England than New York.
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