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  1. It was better than their original choice ... "winners at war .... a colossal bore "
  2. Still, I laughed out loud as Jill watched Ramona "The Alien" walk the runway and Simon said with a straight face, "Well, her eyes popped." What I do notice about those early seasons is how fast-paced they are: luncheons and charity events every episode, conversations with the kids and partners, music in the background almost continually. Every time I left the room I was greeted with a new lively scene upon my return. I miss that.
  3. No, Thursday, April 9! (I corrected the date in my original post.)
  4. Tonight's episode with DAVE from Santa Cruz made me want to say, "Look, I know you want to take home as much as you can, but when you have won EVERY TOSS-UP and EVERY PUZZLE, why not let your FELLOW CONTESTANTS at least get the $2000 questions? He was such a jerk--making sure he brought home EVERY PENNY. He won the trip, two puzzles with $5000 and $3500 letters AND the $10,000 bonus. The other two guys? One won nothing (usually because of LOSE A TURN) and the other got $2000 (he got one of the triple questions). Oh, and he won the BMW. I admire his game play, but don't be a jerk when there is no way the other players could catch up.
  5. SET YOUR DVRs, LADIES AND GENTS!! Thursday (April 9), Bravo is running the ENTIRE SEASON 3 .... SCARY ISLAND!!! With the 3 reunion episodes! "Go to sleep! GO TO SLEEP!!" "Johann Face!" "You're a cook, not a chef" It starts at 6 am. I KNOW you're home!!
  6. Of course Kenya didn't have enough time to know Marc. She is in her mid-40s and wanted a baby. I think she knew that they would be splitting up soon after the baby was born. Marc's job was DONE. Given that NONE of the women in these families are married to their children's father, you think that a decent man WITH A GOOD JOB would be WELCOMED WITH OPEN ARMS!
  7. Storyline. Or she had an embryo and believed it was murder to dispose of it. Or she figured she wouldn't actually need to spend time with the child since she has the money to hire help to take care of her. She and Todd will divorce in the next two years. It's probably just the show, but it shocks me how short the relationships are of the women on this show. For too many of them, they are simply looking for a good-looking sperm donor (Phaedra, Kenya). Ironically, the one show star whose marriage seems to be tight is KIM.
  8. I live in a city with a big branded golf apparel manufacturing plant. What surprised me was that NONE of the sharks asked, What's to stop another apparel maker from buying a shirt, taking it to their own designers and then making funky designs themselves?
  9. I doubt it. They live in St. Louis. Probably with his nanny mamas.
  10. Bravo is running Season One this morning! Hilarious encounter between LuAnn's Tom and Ramona where he is clearly trying to flirt with Ramona and her friends. Ramona says, "If this is what is out there for single women in New York, I'm going to stay married forever." So ironic. On so many levels.
  11. Sandra will always be The Queen. I have no problem if Yul is the KING.
  12. The heavy older woman (grey hair) is Breane's mother (dark-haired woman). The other woman is her WIFE.
  13. Everyone knew the marriage was doomed from the start, including Kenya. She got her baby; now is the time to get out. See: Parks, Phaedra.
  14. My doctor told me the same thing. She said that women who had been married 30 years aren't used to thinking about that...
  15. Gardasil can prevent this. I know a lot of parents who refuse to give their teens this vaccination (apparently this is most effective at an early teen age). I hope they reconsider.
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