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  1. No woman is going to tell me what to wear. Ever. Especially my mother.
  2. She's doing it for the publicity. The segment also will be filmed, so it will give her 1 minutes of airtime. The surgeon probably gave her a discount and/or cash.
  3. The reason she gets her period? SHE'S ON ESTROGEN REPLACEMENT. Several of my girlfriends IN THEIR 60s get their periods because they're on hormones too. (They're lighter and quarterly, but nonetheless periods.) Bethenny will be bragging about getting her period well into her 80s. I went to the website and I just may order a case. It's $34.99 for 24 cans (the variety pack) AND SHIPPING IS FREE WITH NO SALES TAX. I love flavored carbonated water without sweetener. According to the website, the water isn't sold in Walmart. The Targets where it is available all seem to be in Colorado. It is available in local chains elsewhere. It's a little tricky to figure out where it is sold nationally, because you have to put in your ZIP code to find stores locally or within 2000 miles. That left out the West Coast for me. I FOUND IT ON AMAZON ... $20 for a 12-pack. However, posters said the water IS sweetened with Stevia and erithol (?) and it is sickeningly sweet. What a shame that they decided to sweeten it AT ALL. Reviews were mixed, but most didn't like it because it has an "aftertaste." Glad I checked there before ordering!
  4. I totally agree. It's like that saying, The greatest gift a father can give his children is to love their mother. (Or if they're not together, to treat the mother of his children with respect and make sure they do too!) A lot of the Atlanta moms act like their family is Grandmother/Mother/Child rather than Partner/Child.
  5. Yes, New Orleans. The retired football player and the TV anchor's husband both seemed to be good guys. I genuinely have enjoyed that show and at times, especially when the dad was talking to his teen son about DWB ... it was very moving.
  6. No need to offensively stereotype people. Here are some of the good guys (at least in terms of how they treat their wives): the late Bobby Zarin, Lisa VanderPump's husband Ken, Jacqueline's husband Chris on RHoNJ, Mauricio on RHoBH, Kim's husband Kroy (8 years and counting to my shock). Also, a lot of the husbands on Southern Charm New Orleans... I also liked some of the ex-husbands, like Vicki's Donn (who still sees Brianna and her family) and Nene's Gregg. I also like Tamra's husband as a nice guy. I like Kandi's husband Todd, but that may be changing. I've never watched Dallas or some of the other ones that aren't on air. Bravo wants to show drama ... unfortunately, it can't come up with any storylines other than stormy marriages and plastic procedures. NY seems to have other topics, but I'll miss Bethenny, even though I dislike her intensely. I'm definitely Team Jason.
  7. Not yet. But multiple designers have been in the Top 3 and /or won for 2 weeks in a row.
  8. That makes no sense. The show should WANT the best designers to do their best work. Otherwise, an annoyed designer would do just what Santino (Season 2) suggested: "I'd send the girl naked down the runway or the worst design EVER." And besides, more than one designer over the years has won two in a row.
  9. On the other hand, both Hallmark and Zola got a lot of attention (and thousands more ad views!), so some ad folks think it was a win-win. What gets me when I hear about the protests and all the what-will-I-tell-the-kids comments is that Hallmark Christmas movies are filled with single moms and DEADBEAT DADS. I think Hallmark brought back the ads because they are uncomfortable with the fact that the discussion evolved from the ad to the LAZY, BORING MOVIES THEY ARE NOW SHOWING.
  10. I wonder if Kayla showed up on the show with a you-owe-me attitude. She seems to feel that she should be given everything. She didn't move to Atlanta to get to know her dad; she wanted to get to know her stepmother's WALLET. That would explain Todd's reserve.
  11. I think Emily's problem is that she wears shiny, too-tight clothes that make her look like a 10-pound sausage stuffed into a 5-pound skin. She wouldn't get so many negative comments if she didn't DRESS like she believes she's a size 0.
  12. Both she and Porsha went into those relationships wanting a bio dad for their baby. They are pitching the drama as a storyline. I find it interesting that so many famous white women adopt African babies when they want children and yet, African American women don't even discuss that option.
  13. If Joe gets an Italian passport, he MIGHT be able to go to Canada (not sure of Canadian immigration law). Toronto is just an hour flight from Joisey ...
  14. Black women will get flak and criticism for whatever they do. If they marry down they get flak for that. PHAEDRA KANDI If they're proud to have a huzzbin, they get flak for that. DeSHAWN If they stay alone, they get flak for that. Double points if they remain childless. KENYA's AUNT If they have kids by themselves, they get flak for that. KENYA's efforts pre-Marc If they're a baby mama, and they later on get married to another man, they get flak for that If they marry a black man on their same level, they get flak for that. I remember Obama's old white girlfriends coming out of the woodwork to say Obama only married Michelle because she was black and having a black wife would help him with votes from black people. NENE If they have a lot of money and choose to remain unmarried to keep her money to herself, they get flak for that. If they have a lot of money and marry a black man and make him your manager to make him feel important and good about himself, they get flak for that. EVA If they marry a non-black man, they get flak for that. I'd add: If they marry a habitual baby daddy, they get flak for that. KANDI with A.J. If they marry a rumored gay man, they get flak. KIM FIELDS No matter what a black woman does with her relationship choices, she's going to get flak for it.
  15. Anyone can make fun of greedy SOBs ... it takes a special genius to make fun of the idealists.
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