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  1. Linda lives near my town. It's interesting that local media has mostly characterized her as a "roofer" (her other job). I didn't even realize she worked for the sheriff's department until I saw the show! If she works for the county jail where she lives, then it's a small, rural jail but they haven't stated where she actually works. I find her intriguing on the show. She IS a bit standoffish or introverted. I was shocked when she got picked just about LAST when teams were first created... she had done very well in the wheelbarrow challenge. In fact, she does consistently well in the challenges but I notice she is often standing off to the side in group gatherings and not talking that much to the others. Of course, maybe that's the editing devils since she isn't in the bottom or a runaway winner.
  2. He also was very honest about his need for therapy, which I imagine is difficult for a young handsome guy like him.
  3. Huge disappointment of an interview with Mary Trump. Incredibly disjointed; I couldn't figure out what was going on. Mary looks terrified and her shirt is so tight and unflattering, it looks like she got it at a Goodwill sales counter. Whoever is her stylist, should be fired. C'mon, Mary. There is no logical sequence to Rachel's questions. It's like Rachel picks out an anecdote on Page 163 and asks Mary about it and then, asks Mary Trump about her childhood; then asks her about living in Jamaica; then asks her about COVID. The book sounds very good, but not based on this interview!
  4. AuntieDiane6


    Ironically, in 1984 when USAG coaches protested the inclusion of the Karolyi's, the head coach was DON PETERS, who himself has been charged with sex abuse!
  5. I never felt the reverse was true. After all, she had her twin sister and the other books about her only mention Carole in passing because she was the one who got the call from the Coast Guard.
  6. AuntieDiane6


    He was the first male gymnast whose gymnastics excited me. I remember that he was never close to the other US guys (Bart, Mitch, Tim) but no one ever denied his accomplishments. It was devastating to me when we boycotted the Moscow Olympics.
  7. I doubt it as she married a lawyer and lives in Colordao. I'd bet it's BRANDI GLANVILLE.
  8. Why not? I'm not sure what it means since I'm boycotting twitter... He needs a gun for protection from looters?
  9. Jay's own show is a CAR show, so that's why Bill hasn't been on it. BTW, Jay is Bill's neighbor.
  10. Based on what I hear from a family member in Shanghai, most of the seamstresses today at the couture houses in Europe are Chinese. They are incredibly good and they work cheap. THAT'S why we don't see them--everybody thinks they are little old French ladies, but they're not. (That's why MILAN was hit so hard with the virus. Seamstresses brought it back from China after the holidays.) Well, he picked the wrong field then. Criticism is part of the game. The only worse profession he could have chosen is football quarterback.
  11. OH YES! I genuinely enjoy the show and it has never been more relevant than this week with the tragic death of that young black man in Minneapolis. I keep remembering that sad speech that the African-American dad (forgot his name! The TV anchorwoman's husband, I think) gave his son who had just gotten his drivers license. He warned him about the police and said, "You're a young black man driving a BMW in a white neighborhood." (IIRC) It was one of the most honest moments I've seen on a Bravo reality show and I think show deserves to be renewed for that alone as a representation of its value.
  12. I think Kaiseki is beautiful in that you consider every aspect of food--presentation, connection to nature, taste, subtlety. It's often compared to traditional Japanese theater. The beauty of it is that Japanese actually enjoy their food--unlike so many Americans who just want to shovel in bags of greasy food they get by hollering through a microphone at the drive-thru.
  13. Do you remember that Oprah episode when Oprah and Gayle went camping at a national park? Oprah said she had never been camping before and had no desire to, but she had gotten a letter from a black national park ranger who asked Oprah to promote camping in America's national parks because she never saw black campers and thought there were a lot of bad information out there. (Yes, there are real bathrooms there.) These moms probably all sent their kids to camp, so were very familiar with the concept.
  14. Andy, like Anderson Cooper, does not want to miss ONE MOMENT of TV time! He not only does WWHL, but he has a DAILY radio show on Sirius and is often the back-up host for such shows as Today with Hoda and Jenna and Kelly and Ryan. In addition, he is involved in production of various Bravo shows (such as hosting the reunions). Even Tamra Judge told him to slow down and spend time with his kid. He nodded, but acted like he didn't care. I think Ben is an accessory for his busy, busy life. Remember, Ben has no mother and Andy took AN ENTIRE WEEK of family live away from the cameras. (Of course, during that time "off," he posed for the cover story of PEOPLE magazine.)
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