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  1. AuntieDiane6

    S15.E10: Week 10

    Are you sure you didn't mean JED with the triangle head?
  2. AuntieDiane6

    S15.E10: Week 10

    Maybe it's just me, but I still have a nagging suspicion that Luke is gay. There are a lot of guys like Luke in church, trying to pray away the gay....
  3. AuntieDiane6

    S02.E06: Birthdays and Breaking Down

    Once she has that baby and realizes it's a lot of work and she has a dick for a husband, I think Reagan will look to Jeff for .... comfort.
  4. AuntieDiane6

    S11.E18: Reunion Part 1

    Even though she was blunt, Ramona had a point. Dennis wasn't some poor kid who'd have to wait two years to get into a decent rehab center. He had the MONEY to go to the BEST places in the world and find another method to deal with his physical pain.
  5. AuntieDiane6

    S11.E18: Reunion Part 1

    More than half of all Americans don't have a will. The rest don't bother to update it at all--especially when it comes to adding girl/boyfriends to the will and taking out the ex. Prince, Aretha Franklin and famously Howard Hughes died without wills. RHoOC fans will remember that Tammy Knickerbocker's ex famously didn't have a will and because he was married, his wife got everything and his two adult daughters got nothing.
  6. AuntieDiane6

    S21.E07: Power of Veto #2

    The game is, "Please like me, Jack and The Box(head)." We'll pick you to fight for us, we'll tell you our secrets, we'll do everything but put you on the block." OF COURSE, he thinks of her like a mother! She keeps the house clean, picks up his underwear and wet towels off the floor, believes in him when common sense indicates otherwise and in general, worships him. Did you see how Boxhead's real-life mother reacted to him?
  7. AuntieDiane6

    S15.E09: Week 9: Hometown Dates

    Another thing: you CANNOT get pregnant as this drug could cause severe birth defects. If you're on it, you're supposed to be on some quality B/C like IUD or the DepoProvera shot.
  8. AuntieDiane6

    S02.E04: Housewarming Gone Cold

    Pregnancy hormones.
  9. Yes. A full wallet. You'll note that none of her relationships have lasted for more than a year or two. All of her latest boyfriends are legally married.
  10. I think it was a typo. It should have said, "Bethenny bought a house in Boston FOR her new boyfriend." Isn't Paul going through a divorce himself?
  11. AuntieDiane6

    S21.E02: Season Premiere (Part 2)

    Yup.... changed my post! Thx.
  12. AuntieDiane6

    S21.E02: Season Premiere (Part 2)

    So the fourth could have been ANYBODY .... but he picked the Kemi. And, when they have a Six-Pack ... of course, pretty girls and boys. It's not that it is deliberate, it's just that you look at these pair-ups with a little more consciousness....
  13. AuntieDiane6

    S11.E16: More than a Feelin'

    Oh dear God ... Bethenny in that class. Ribs are showing.... her bolt-ons sagging. It's like her chest is SIXTY YEARS OLD ... Too scary.
  14. The ironic thing is that Ally appears to be alone and really hasn't seemed to have anyone through the entire series. Anything on her love life?
  15. AuntieDiane6

    S06.E06: A Salt and Battery

    If she wanted to work and hire help, that would be fine. The problem is that she blathers on and on about "I have no one to talk to .... whine, whine, whine" BALONEY! She has no one to LISTEN TO HER. I suspect she has to be the center of attention. Besides, she could take Palmer for a walk in any tourist area and SOMEONE would recognize her. Some other things: real estate is often more of an evening/weekend career. Voiceovers in a studio take about 20 minutes. She also has her mother to watch her daughter. Most of her work on Southern Charm involves going to lunch or a dinner party. Don't pretend that you are like any other working mother struggling to find daycare.