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  1. When they did that, I actually growled, "just do it already!!!" I became Weller. It scared me (and my dog). 😄 It could just be that Patterson became friendly enough with Rich through their adventuring to be close to Boston now as well but yeah, throuple vibes. And I wouldn't be that mad about it, as I was starting to get into Patterson/Rich. - I enjoyed seeing so many past characters. The ambiguous ending... I wasn't expecting that at all! I figured we'd get a flash forward, nothing more. But I guess I liked the twist. It was a depressing bookend to how the show started but it lets us get involved in deciding the end for ourselves. My initial reaction was, "she dies? Oh, so you tricked me?" It did seem a little too perfect but I'm leaning toward her surviving, since there were some details she couldn't have known about (Patterson and Rich's adventure). Unless in the afterlife, you could know those things. So maybe all those hallucinations were meant to be her processing and repenting for her actions, and having done that before she died, she got her happy dinner in heaven? But... I don't know that a few hours without the antidote would kill her that quickly. Yes, she's been flooded with ZIP a million times but really, it would kill her in what, 36 hours? How quickly was the ZIP killing her the first time she had the hallucinations? She had gotten a little more of the antidote, too, so that should have bought her some more time, plus the initial dose, no? Ah crap, I have no clue. LOL. And reading the creator's thoughts on it in the media thread doesn't help. Apparently there are clues but I'm not picking them out. This show was goofy but entertaining from start to finish, and I thoroughly enjoyed coming here to talk with you all about it. 🙂
  2. So... why does Ivy want to ZIP the country? (Or is that plan over now, based on her scurrying off?) I'm sure this was all explained in an earlier episode but I got nothing now. The pressure plate bomb was pure Blindspot. It was ridiculous that the terrorists would leave Boston to die in such a convoluted way rather than just off him like they'd been threatening. (You'll hack faster if I point this gun in your face and even faster if I remove one of the tools you need to do it!) But the bomb was a dud (or Kathy cut the right wire?) so... I'm glad we spent all that time on that. Why the hell did Weller and Co. show up to the warehouse with the sirens going? Dumb. Right after Weller made the comment about them losing their memories, I thought, "I wonder if Jane will lose her memories again, bringing the series full circle." And. Welp. Apparently her love for Weller didn't give her super speed to just run back out the way she came. She could have hit the airlock and did a badass slide out the door, containing the ZIP vapor. But this is more ~poignant~.
  3. Well, I expected Weitz to bite it at some point but I was still sad about it. But I'm ticked off about how Madeline won all the way to the end. Got her little speech and died on her own terms. Infuriating. Why didn't Zapata at least wing her?! Her lawyer got the death she deserved. Had to chuckle at Weller's love for Jane giving him the super strength needed to take out a bunch of bad guys. Goofy as hell, lol. Thrilled that Patterson survived, loved Rich's reaction. Didn't realize there would be two episodes tonight, off to watch the next one.
  4. Me too. My first reaction to her death was, "this is a load of horseshit!" but thinking on it some more, I think Madeline's comment about doing an autopsy is a clue that Patterson's not dead. Because what the hell do you need to do an autopsy for; you know what happened. But that sets it up for them looking for remains and not finding any. Plus, the inclusion of the tunnels that Patterson and Rich never got to use in their escape... somehow she got out of that room. Though it was played just as seriously as Reade's death was, so who knows. Not here for Madeline suddenly feeling some remorse now that she's ZIPped her kid. When she was taunting Zapata about "the destruction she leaves in her path," I was like look in the mirror, honey. Zapata didn't kill Reade or Keaton (can't remember the third person she mentioned, Blake?), you did.
  5. I really enjoyed this! I got (what I think) was the "best" ending the first time, and only "messed up" twice, which I was proud of since the pathways to good options weren't as obvious as I expected. The second time I played, I got to the wedding again, thinking I somehow did well again, only to have Jacqueline tell me I messed up. I definitely want to go back and try some other options... I got several "story ended too soon" endings but I wonder how many choices can still get me to the wedding. I was pleasantly surprised by how they added in different takes on replays (at first I thought I was losing my mind, lol). The Reverend's "NY bagel" line delivery was the same the first two or three times and then different the last time I played. Exploring all the options is already a way to get us to keep watching but knowing there are so many different takes to catch is great, too. That's what I thought too! I mean, it was right by 'splode him, which also sounded cute and probably fun. Nope. LOL. I don't know how I felt about all the extremely dark endings (watching Kimmy kill the Reverend was like watching a totally different show) but it was probably in line with choose-your-own-adventure books. I caught Mimi on a second run-through at the start of the karaoke scene but after two short scenes, she disappeared. It felt like one of the random scene changes rather than one of my choices leading to her being there. I was like, "best 'wrong choice' ever!" I guess I should have known it would be an interactive spot since the skip button was on the left side of the screen rather than the usual right (unless Netflix moved it over there and I haven't noticed).
  6. I kept hoping they'd reveal Reade to be the one behind the new tattoo clue. But the episode ended with a very real send-off... no, I'm still hoping he just passed out and someone came by later and got him out. I don't think the FBI mentioned any of the team by name, just "the team." Not even, "what's left of the team." Ah, wishful thinking. I think I used to complain about how the main characters always escaped these ridiculous situations but I'm not happy about this. Sooo looking forward to more Madeline. Now she's offering up, what, FBI traitors to some new torture project? Great. Can't wait for Tasha to jab a knife into her throat.
  7. Premiere date moved to May 7th, no clue why they pushed it back a week.
  8. I thought the same thing. I skipped over the singing (the transition into it was garbage) and then almost immediately said, "I'm sorry, did I miss four episodes?" I know Davia was falling for Dennis but I never got the idea that he was anywhere near that point. But in this episode he was easily pushed into action by Alice (I'm thisclose to fast-forwarding through her scenes) and nervously practicing telling her he loves her? Did I miss something? It's possible I did. And then Callie and Marianna discussing if Jamie was going to propose... didn't we already do this? Marianna stuck her nose in, which made Callie freak out, only to find out that he wasn't planning on proposing. At least this time Callie told him she wasn't ready and that they needed to discuss it way before he gets her a ring. I really like them together but I'm worried Gael is her endgame. He's not interesting or enjoyable to watch, unless he's with his family. Then I was disappointed with how they dealt with Callie finally confronting Marianna about the Coterie Bitches thread. I've been waiting for it and almost worried they forgot about it. I wished Callie had chewed her out more because she was in the right on this one. She bit her tongue all these months (? I'm not following the timeline at all) but of course, Marianna is the victim. I did like the line about how maybe they're not best friends anymore, just sisters. That felt like the cold hard truth for them right now. If Isabella isn't meant to cause major chaos (like more than a love triangle or whatever), she can go. I feel bad for complaining so much; I've been enjoying the show. But this was an off episode for me.
  9. Count me in for crying at Cyrus and TJ holding hands. I thought that scene was so well done, major props to the actors for selling how scary (and then relieving) it was to reveal their feelings. It reminded me a bit of Jude and Connor from The Fosters. I also can't believe they got to use Lady Gaga's Born This Way; perfect song and it was fun to see the cast singing and playing instruments. Talented bunch. Oh, and apparently TJ's actor picked out TJ's name... definitely not what I was expecting! I'm glad Buffy and Marty got together, and I liked that Andi and Jonah didn't but that they left it open to it happening in the future. Seeing the old footage of the cast made me cry too. I forgot how tiny they were. And Bowie's hair was, like, four inches shorter, haha. It was already sad to say goodbye to the show but watching the characters say goodbye to each other because Andi was going to SAVA was even sadder. It made me think, I think I'd love a reunion movie ten or so years later, with Andi and her kid(s). It would be particularly fun to see Bex and Cece reckon with the (great) grandmother of it all, haha.
  10. And I am so ready for it, lol!! I absolutely adored the Bex/Bowie wedding! From what I've read, they had to reshoot the whole thing due to the issue with Stoney (Ham), and without having seen the original (which was apparently a more traditional wedding), this version was so much better. This was the perfect wedding for those characters. I was tearing up the whole time, it was great. I also enjoyed the humor in this episode; the jokes hit better than usual.
  11. I didn't know when the show was coming back so I was pleasantly surprised to see two episodes in the DVR. I thought they handled the Ham situation well. All the Bex/Cece stuff made me tear up. I was surprised to see the kids get into real trouble for their dumpster diving. I'm guessing Amber's "love" for Jonah is partially due to poor relationship role models at home with her fighting parents. I doubt we'll find out but I'd love to know why Jonah has such a problem with relationships. Is it just because he's not mature enough yet or what? Kira doesn't seem to understand that she's the other woman in this love triangle, lol. Before this episode, I thought she was strong-arming TJ because she wanted to get on the basketball team or something, not that she actually liked him. Buffy's comment about boys taking a while to catch on seems to apply to both of them because you can tell Buffy (and Kira) sees what's really going on. But she's being a good friend by letting him get there on his own. I really love those two, and I find that incredible because TJ was such a monster when he first came on!
  12. Something I found very interesting was "Jason's" interest in Petra. I remember them being a potential item a few seasons back; or at least, we fans saw some chemistry and wondered if they might go there (when Michael and Jane were off-again) but they never did. I have no clue what the endgame will be, or what I would even want it to be at this point. I agree with you all that this seems like a no win situation for everyone, and I think that really sucks. But I wonder if Michael ("Jason")/Petra might be a potential option if they're going the Jane/Rafael route. And JR just dumped Petra. That's not a happy ending for him but it's something? I don't know.
  13. I was so mad that Miranda and her demon spawn showed up again, but then I was happy that she seemed to take his words to heart and fixed her parenting. But no, she is the Actual Worst and I hope we never see her again, unless it's just a shot of her standing outside the venue, weeping as Bex and Bowie getting married. Cackled at the postman's joke about his short shorts. I'm glad we finally found out what the paper lantern secret was. I thought it would be Bex or Bowie's, about wanting more children. Andi seemed too shocked for it to be what it was. At first I was disappointed that they were doing another money troubles plot when they did that with Amber already (I thought it would be nice to continue with Jonah's mental health plot by showing that he was getting actual therapy, not just talking to the teenage son of four therapists). But many people struggle with money, so it's not unusual that two characters would have this issue. I thought he might have been lying about living with relatives, though. Disappointed that he and Amber got back together, as I really liked Libby, but I guess they wanted to stick with the character that's been around since day one, not a newbie? I hope he broke things off with Libby first.
  14. I'm glad I'm not the only one confused about the kugel plot. I couldn't figure out what the problem was and if it was meant to be comical or not. Everyone played it very seriously but maybe it was meant to be a goof? It seemed pretty obvious that Disney Channel has been avoiding dealing with Cyrus's sexuality, so I wasn't expecting to hear him say he was gay. That was huge for the channel. Cyrus coming out to Jonah actually reminded me of me and my friend when she came out in middle school. She told me and I was like, "uh... OK!" If only I'd had this show back then, I wouldn't have been so confused (and neither would my friend!)
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