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  1. Daria was great (I've been a fan since we watched her at Junior Worlds 2020) - would have placed her second behind Yelim Kim, though.
  2. I don't see the logic at all, if she's only doing the JGP this season.
  3. IDK, I thought Russian Junior skates last season were very noteworthy... pretty much showing the only ones who are going to be winning medals internationally anyway (deserved or not). But I do quite like Sofia Akatieva. Personally, most excited to see how Mao Shimada and An Xiangyi do. IDK if they're on the circuit this season, but I like them a lot
  4. I don't think Chen is a homophobe, I just think he's immature and not particularly smart and knowledgable, and perhaps felt discomfort before (also entirely possible is that he's had questions about his sexuality directed at him before, but he's old enough now to shrug it off, at least IMO). I hope he takes the time to actually study the music and the styles he's talking about, and here's why. For me, the worst part of the interview was where he seemed to be equating "masculinity" with "hip hop" and "pop" (and "femininity" with "classical music"). Maybe he didn't mean it that way (OTOH, I
  5. I think Sheldon has great reasons to have that giant ego of his, haha. Even if he "only" went to East Texas Tech, that's hardly a dark spot on his extremely impressive resume, compared to "the gang". It would've been a much bigger chip on his shoulder if they'd ever had an episode on TBBT with Paige, who got offers from the Ivies and presumably went (of course, her familial situation is much different).
  6. They got Kishwar's placement wrong too! I am 100% crossing my fingers for her win, now!
  7. God, there's more. David Chang's Ramen Gnocchi: And someone mentioned the Heston Blumenthal Bacon and Egg ice cream up the thread... (The latest episode on reddit brought these to my attention + the leek dish to my attention)
  8. LOL, he really did copy another dish (Leeks in Many Variations with Raw Oyster). https://andershusa.com/relae-rele-rela-christian-puglisi-jonathan-tam-kim-rossen-new-nordic-michelin-guide-star-sustainability-worlds50best/ I absolutely don't want him to win at this point, I don't see the effort and imagination that Kishwar put into her dessert. She was criticised for creating "nothing but curries", but this is fine?
  9. I mostly want it for her because I am SO done with the people saying she "only cooks Bangladeshi" after she literally did the fine dining challenge with Frenched quails and Japanese flavours. It's so obnoxious. I'm sure if I actually ate at those restaurants, they'd taste great. Pete hasn't made them look good for me, though, and I wasn't a fan of this porcupine dessert. But then there was that dip... It's okay, I can survive on desserts if I ever go to Denmark.
  10. So what I learned from this season of Masterchef Australia is that I shouldn't go to Denmark if I want to eat regular old food. (I looooove their pastries, but holy frick, what are these weird contemporary things their restaurants are making and are teaching their pupils to make?!) Something is rotten in the restaurants of Denmark...
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