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  1. Kaori/(Wakaba) Higuchi haha
  2. https://fsjudging.wordpress.com/2019/10/17/judging-bias-and-figure-skating-part-one-nationalistic-bias/
  3. Apparently, CBC IS doing streams.
  4. Sure, agreed. I think skating as a sport needs proper archiving of videos, so I'm still glad this is happening as it prevents random broadcasting companies making copyright strikes, although yes I wish the ISU had come up with a much better solution that could preserve those broadcasts, as well as properly archive videos. I don't get why they were letting Eurovision handle countries without broadcasting rights, and not just casting a geoblocked YT stream themselves, so they could archive, for instance. But it is what it is. I do want Browning to continue his job as a commentator, though. Hope he gets tapped for this.
  5. OK. I'll take this over what was happening last season though, not to mention music strikes already did take vids off YT (and made them inaccessible to people who didn't have the competitions broadcast in their countries -- pretty much as is going to be the case now). This is essentially a substitute to the Eurovision streams from last season, which we won't be having anymore.
  6. I don't understand. Do you mean because of music rights? Admittedly I don't go back and rewatch junior programs, but seems like the videos are still around on the YouTube channel. An entire stream is preserved too, in fact.
  7. They might archive the individual programs like they do for the JGP.
  8. We FINALLY will be getting the senior grand prix on YouTube!
  9. Definitely against bringing back figures.
  10. This is just not true. There have been several, several bad results over the years, across all disciplines. It definitely didn't just begin at Sochi. I don't blame people for thinking there's something fishy going on when FS is one of the fishiest sports around. As a consequence, I also don't blame people for latching on to the most verifiable thing -- jump technique.
  11. I don't think so. Zagitova's own technique is awful. She's a physically stronger person than Medvedeva, which is helping her. Medvedeva's jumps really started to give way when she got injured (which coincided with a growth spurt). It was probably never going to happen for her with Eteri at her age to retrain with that technique. You can now see how she's looking stronger, and accordingly is adjusting her tehcnique to carry herself across the ice more effortlessly. Zagitova's jumps also started to give way last season -- exactly again when she had an injury coinciding with a growth spurt. The only difference was age (and greater physical strength). Simone Biles, more often than not, uses relatively good technique on her tumbling, performs with joy, and has great aesthetics to her gymnastics overall. The amount of crap is laid onto the quad girls because their technique is bad, and yet the judges reward it. Most don't have anything personal against the skaters, although some make it so. Proper technique not only prevents injuries, it also gives a jump the best possible aesthetics -- ballon is important to achieve in ballet for a leap to look good, and equally in a figure skating jump. You can compare the way they jump even their triples with Midori Ito - she had a better 3A than any girl currently attempting one, too. Because there are skaters they do like, who don't get credit for what they do in favour of poor technique. I do think there's joy, but when the overall skating is so laboured, it's hard to come through. Scherbackova is rather talented for instance.
  12. Well, Medvedeva is the older athlete.
  13. Because jumps are the riskiest of the elements. I do think the judges should be made to score them better, though.
  14. They really did do it in a much more charismatic way than everyone else they were competing against. Just even compare them with H/D. They do. Although they've made it clear at this point they think of each others as siblings (and Wenjing jokes that Han is like a second dad to her).
  15. People were posting videos of quints during the off-season (mostly juniors and novices). Hanyu's coaches I think said he's landed a 4-4 and a quint in harness -- I believe the ISU said that it would consider proposing a BV for quints if it saw people approaching them. The natural next step is the 4A, the 4-4, and the quint. Personally, I'd love for the 4-4 to be allowed in an SP. It could be exciting to see one being attempted with great quality.
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