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  1. I don't know if I'm sad. The skating's been boring, and honestly I can take a break from the godawful stans on twitter. Frankly, maybe the athletes will start feeling like that after a bit.
  2. Season not really going to happen, is it?
  3. IMO, 5 each would be just fine. 10 judges total. We already get 9 at big events, and 7 at small ones (which can be bumped up to 8). We already can see that this judge did a good job with the GOE, but dialed in on the PCS. So if we just had 5 focusing on GOE and 5 on PCS, it could work, giving them more time for each category. I agree that if we had 9+9 judges for an event, a small fed would be damaged. Just that IMO we don't need to go that far.
  4. But it's not just Eteri though? Lol. Several men AND women use "full-blade assists" on their jumps. It's very few who don't actually. Not a rule that's going to be applied anyway.
  5. Plushy also swiped one of Eteri's coaches from her team.
  6. I personally liked Dick and Peggy, and I'd say Sandra was still better than Tara/Johnny/Wagner/current NBC gang (except Charlie White). At least she spoke with genuine appreciation and knowledge when she wasn't busy exploring her biases. Can't really say that about the current gang.
  7. Kourtni Lind https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q7t7UdIAtrM Or maybe Shauna Noland.
  8. Well, it IS called "Grey's Anatomy".
  9. If we're strictly keeping it to fantasy, I'd have loved 1. Sui and Han 2. Peng and Jin 3. Boikova and Kozlovskii for Pairs.
  10. Nathan twice? Haha. I like this top 3 though. Didn't care for the others at all this season.
  11. A month. It is unlikely that the covid outbreak will be controlled within that frame of time.
  12. Usacheva and Kromykh show a more musical quality than Valieva even if less assured than her. The Korean girls Wi and Lee were the best in that regard, for me. They are already immersing themselves better in the music than a lot of the senior girls. Kawabata and Kawabe have amazing skating skills, but did have less-than-impressive skates here, unfortunately. Liu has an unaffected joy to her, but does need more work on her basics. I'm also duly impressed by Mozalev of the men. His step sequence had a very good quality for a junior man - edging and musicality both present - and he is a strong jumper with decent spins.
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