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  1. LOL, the editors got you then! If he's winning, then they've done a good job, a lot of the redditors are falling for him, too.
  2. Good to know everything is sick. I think I'm out for this season, will check back when they hit Top 3.
  3. Would anyone actually buy nonsense like curry ice cream and sriracha ice cream, or even dare to make it at home in case it turns out disgustingly? You do eat with your eyes, and for me, before even looking at the dish or checking the price, if I read either of those things on a menu, I'd just skip past it, and probably would never come back to the place after that, just so I could never be subjected to whatever "whacky" idea the chef might dream up for next time. OTOH, it would feel disingenuous if they opened a restaurant or wrote a cookbook or whatever else and didn't put in these
  4. IDK where to post things about "other social media" (I already talked about reddit and wikipedia here, so please direct me to a different thread if needed), but:
  5. They did lol. I guess at least Justin showed a more technical one? He did yet another Vietnamese dish in the first cook 😭
  6. Don't think I can recognize a single person from the Top 15 if my life depended on it. Nice, legendary beginning!
  7. I will laugh if Justin wins immunity. So, for the sake of a nice laugh, and also for the sake of my recently cultivated wish of seeing Tommy eliminated, I hope it happens.
  8. Does anyone else find the Wikipedia entries dreadful? I checked it after I saw people losing their minds over on reddit about Depinder possibly being eliminated because it said so on wikipedia (apparently the MC:AU 13 page has been trolled all season long), and the write-ups just seem so ungrammatical and clunky. They're very detailed, but the latest one grates in particular. They also claim Depinder was in the "Btm 2", when I've always assumed the "Bottom" denotion was reserved for people who cooked off specifically after being called out as being the worst in a challenge. Anyway, pointl
  9. That's basically what's annoyed me with him from these two episodes, with Depinder and Pete saddled with him. Useless in the Team Challenge, saved himself in a Vietnamese-inspired Pressure Test. Happened in the Restaurant Week, too, just that I didn't care for anyone else in his team either. Bad in the Team Challenge, bad in the relay challenge, saved himself in the final challenge. Yes, it's good he's delivered when it counts, but he's really done for me, if you count that most of his best dishes have been entirely in his wheelhouse, much more so than Kishwar and Depinder who've both ventured
  10. Well. Tommy will probably mess up the next Team Challenge, and hopefully will face a dessert Pressure Test, then.
  11. Khanh Nguyen has some gorgeous desserts on his Instagram...
  12. My problem with this episode is while it looks like Depinder's menu messed it all up, it was actually a good plan, and curries travel really well... But I am not really sure why no one brought up their discomfort with the items they were creating, and she seemed to be stretched too thin. Why did neither Tommy nor Pete say anything? Not even getting to how it yet again shows how limited this batch of contestants really seems to be. Tommy has been such a flop whenever he's in a team challenge, so I'm just ready to see him go. He can be the shock elimination.
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