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  1. Don't like the guy's skating. But he performed very well here.
  2. There was a difference of <1 point. That's just some raw GOE from a judge in favour of one skater. So Karen is the right decision, because she's a much better skater than Glenn. (I also disagree with the placement, since to me Chen did better overall. Her PCS were underscored in comparison to Glenn - and to be completely fair, she should have the highest PCS in both programs.)
  3. Does anyone like Chelsea? 😅😅😅
  4. She was mostly choreographed by Nikolai Morozov and Karen Kwan after she left Lori. Wikipedia says she only ever used Sarah Kawahara for her Shcherezade.
  5. Well, I didn't. I just said Kwan had a lot more talent than him. OK. But I didn't say she didn't deserve her Nagano gold medal. Just that Kwan had a lot more talent than her.
  6. ??? Is there a story I am missing??? She had more skating talent in her pinkies than either of those two lol
  7. I wanted Chee to win, but not because of anything related to racing, since I got bored of the season a bit back.
  8. Funny how the ones trying to "keep it real" always seem to be lost in their own heads lol.
  9. Justina was soooo good this show, and she should have won. Whatever, I can always just rewatch her performances. I won't be doing that with anyone else this season.
  10. Justina won! WDYM they weren't announcing the placements in reverse order?
  11. Does anyone else think Chee is kind of handsome?
  12. Wouldn't it be better to combine this with the other thread?
  13. For all their dance training, Nev and Kaitlyn, they just have no personality to their dancing. That's where Justina is better. She is a natural performer.
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