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  1. I don't either. You haven't heard from your daughter all day which is very unusual so you don't try and call her? You don't go over to her house that day or even the very next day to make sure everything is okay? Sure that makes complete sense. People totally commit suicides by stabbing themselves in the eye all the time. How did the genius detective explain the defensive wounds? The eye fought back? It amazes me how many of these idiots cops go on a TV show basically admitting how dumb they are and/or not bothering to do their jobs and no one thinks maybe these morons should be fired. How do they keep their jobs?
  2. Actually, I do that too. The first thing I do when getting out of bed is put on slippers. I hate walking around barefoot or with just socks on. So its always slippers at home and sneakers everywhere else. Even going to someone else's house where everyone else is kicking off their shoes nope I always keep them on.
  3. Oh, definitely, so they couldn't live with their son hating them but they could live with knowing he was out there infecting other women with AIDS making sure as many women as he could died the same horrible death he did? You know most people would have a hard time living with the latter. Maybe the apple didn't fall far from the tree.
  4. Cookbooks linked to terrorism? I always knew we should have been more suspicious of that Julia Child. I bet she was passing more then just recipes back and forth.
  5. Yeah that guy in Carrier was a monster. Deliberately infecting as many women as he could? That's horrible. I'm more surprised he didn't end up shot by one of his victims for that one. I agreed with Dr. Skoda's analysis of the doctor. She wasn't crazy or anything but the job she that had such a high level of deaths. I think one of her co-doctors mention they usually try to find something else or a way to deal with the pain or take their mind off of it but she didn't. Its not hard to see how seeing children dying so often would effect you. The problem with shipping people off to mental hospitals is so many times there's not much to keep them in. I wish Jack had countered with what they usually do with two doctors of their choosing to decide if she was fixed like they did with other defendants. They really should have used that on every one of them. I really didn't find the woman in White Rabbit sympathetic. She was anti-Vietnam. Okay, fine. But how exactly was robbing an arm truck going to do anything? What was that going to accomplish? Or killing the poor guard who was just doing his job. I do like she did end up going jail for her crime. It doesn't annoy me as much as Jack willing to go so easy on her until the guard's widow shows up to show him a picture. She was exactly right. Whatever Susan's intentions were she still took part in a crime where someone was killed. Where's justice for him? Jack never had a problem seeing that part no matter how sympathetic the criminal maybe.
  6. I like the show. I like the Sheriff, his wife, and everyone else. Except for the deputy wanting to foster the kids who's dad he killed. Ah, no. Just no. I'm glad he wants to be a foster parent, that's great but those kids? No. That's all kinds of messed up. I had no idea Bex Taylor-Klaus was going to be on! I loved her since her guest star on the Librarians in Rule of the Three as the awesome Amy Meyer who really should have reoccurred on that show. She was so awesome. The second she came on screen she immediately became my favorite character.
  7. Oh, of course you don't. You wouldn't want to have to be reminded that the great Kobe Bryant with all of his basketball accomplishments is a rapist. It might be hard for you to focus on all his talents and greatness if your being reminded that he's a rapist. Its not like he could have you know never raped anyone. Screw you. Its not as if that's what let him skate on rape charges. Oh, wait. Its not as if he admitted to rape. Oh wait. Oh, but that doesn't matter right? He was an awesome basketball player! He won championships! He was great! He's awesome! He was the best! Who cares he raped a woman? After all that didn't affect his life at all did it? He didn't have to go to jail. He didn't have to serve any time. He continued on with his life with zero consequences. Wow, what a hero. Who cares about following a basketball player who maybe hasn't raped anyone? I'm sorry I know none of this is surprising. Its very typical. But still infuriating.
  8. That was pretty much my thought. Oh good another rapist is dead. I'm sorry about the others and his family. But not him or his death. He should have served time for his crime but once again another sport star gets away with his crime.
  9. So do I. I think was pretty common back when families usually had a lot kids. It was pretty common in my mom's and dad's branches because there were a lot of kids and both families generally lived in areas that didn't have a lot of people. Eventually your going to run out of someone not related by blood or marriage to marry. Not to mention the very common marrying your late wife's sister or marrying your husband's brother, or in at least one case in my family brother and sister both died and their spouses married each other almost always out necessity.
  10. Which is why they both really should have talked about what they wanted and expected in marriage before Charles proposed. Then they would have known they each wanted something so completely different and realized it wasn't going to work.
  11. He recently starred on The Librarians as Jenkins who worked for the library grump, sarcastic and awesome for all four seasons in his helping the Librarians and Guardian. He was one of my favorite characters on the show He was really cool. I loved his friendship with Baird. Oh, by the way he's really Galahad! And immortal which he ended up using a lot in his plans.
  12. They really are. Ben's sister revealed the name and one of his aunt's spilled the beans about Ben's and Jessa's courtship.
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