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  1. Yeah I can see Rory and Lane into the band and wanting to go Lane's into various different bands and Rory probably grew up listening to them with Lorelai. I can see Lorelai and Sookie too. The hard part is to see why there were college age guys there. They seemed to be there alone and only went to pick up chicks. There weren't going to be that many college age or younger girls at the concert. Majority are going to be Lorelai's and Sookie's ages. That's the part that doesn't make any sense. Who were they planning to pick up?
  2. I've really wondered what it is. So many shows not just Psych run into that problem. The first few seasons are great and then just goes bad, dumb, and/or weird. Characters regressing or becoming their worse qualities. I don't know if they run out of ideas or if its just laziness. If your out of ideas. Read, read newspapers, books, and watch movies for more ideas on crimes. Leverage based all of their bad guys off of real life bad guys. I lean more towards laziness. The second and last of Ying-Yang trilogy was season four and five they manage to have each character at the top of their game. Each one played a big part, and showed how capable they were. If they could do that for those episodes why not all the others?
  3. Now that would make a lot more sense!
  4. Nope not just you. After season four he suddenly drops in all of that. He becomes an annoying manchild who mooches off everyone. Juliet takes a hit too they completely changed her back story and made her put so much in the truth. Putting Henry in charge of the consultants was also a bad idea. Ironically I didn't watch Psych in the beginning because I assumed Shawn would be like the guy he was in the later seasons. I ended up watching and surprised that yes he could be childish. But he was really smart and intelligence. And really fun. You compare the characters in the Ying-Yang trilogy. They are each so much different and better then the rest of the later seasons. Each character was really great.
  5. Exactly! Its absolute Bullshit that you need to have all these different streaming services just to watch the Psych movie or a few movies or tv series. Sooner or later I think its going to be sooner that its going to fall apart because it will be two expensive and because Disney's set to roll out their soon most if not all their content and what they own will no longer be available anywhere but Disney. That's a lot of shows and movies. The whole point was it was cheaper plus you only needed maybe one or two services and get tons of shows and/or movies to watch. Soon its going to be the opposite you need a lot of different streaming services to watch a bunch of shows for more money and less amount of shows then before. They don't really seem to see how that's going drive people back to TV rather then make them all the money they think their going to get with all the different streaming services.
  6. That's the really weird part. I can buy Madeline and Louise going if only for free tickets and/or maybe though they'd mock the Bangles during the concert. But what were the college age guys doing there? Were they really expecting a lot of chicks there for them? Most are going to be Lorelai's age not college age or younger. They clearly weren't fans since they left the concert early for a party or whatever back at their apartment. Why did they even go if they were having something going on at home? They could have picked up chicks anywhere else but blow money on a Bangles concert hoping to pick up chicks?
  7. I love the Ewoks too. They agreed to join in a fight against an enemy that was so completely stronger then them in every way. They helped because Leia was kind to them and after hearing C3PO's stories. And they probably wanted the Empire off their moon. They did originally let the Rebels go in alone only helping by showing them the back way and distracting the guards. But when it became clear the Rebels needed help, they came to their rescue. I'm always a sucker for the smaller group or army up against a big foe and be able to defeat them. Its not completely uncommon in our history too. Watching them figure out how to take out the Walkers is awesome. Sure they missed at first but then cutting the two logs to smash into one. That worked. So were the logs. Chewie and the Ewok deciding to steal a Walker which really turn things around.
  8. So do I. The only good thing about the episode was cheering at the end when Monk took him down. I've never liked those kinds of shock jock hosts either. How horrible are you to laugh and make fun of a woman's horrifying death and too her husband? That's not funny. That's sick. I really hate Mr. Monk and the Bad Girlfriend where Linda's suddenly a murderer and thinks she can convince Leland that Monk tried to seduce her. She was such a cool person in Mr. Monk, Private Eye and I really liked her and Leland hitting it off. If they wanted to break them up they could have just done that. She's the first person he's dated since his divorce so it wouldn't be entirely surprising it didn't work out. I really like TK too but I really liked Linda too.
  9. I go back and forth on whether Lorelai influenced Rory or not on Harvard. It makes sense that she did or that Rory heard her mother talking about Harvard a lot growing up and wanted it because of that. Its really unlikely that Rory picked Harvard at two or three. Plus Rory probably grew up knowing her mother wanted to go to Harvard and would have except for Rory. I can see her wanting it for herself and for her mother, she knows how much her mother gave up for her. But later as she grows up it would make more sense that Rory wants Harvard. Rory's really into books, learning and school. Its easy to see her wanting to go Harvard. I do like Lorelai wondering in the Deer Hunters if it really was Rory wanting Harvard or if it really Lorelai wanting it. Rory does insist she does and that.
  10. I don't mind Rory dreaming of being a journalist and being Christiane Amanpour growing up. That makes a lot of sense. She's a shy kid growing up in a small town who loved to read about adventure and different places. Its not surprising she'd dream of traveling the world covering various stories. What doesn't make sense is her still having that dream towards the end of high school and all of college when it comes very clear doesn't have anything she would need to be a journalist. She has zero drive, she won't really hunt for stories and its hard to imagine Rory interviewing anyone let alone being in a warzone. She seems really good at being organized, research, and event planning. She would make a great assistant, researcher, a reviewer, and maybe editor. It comes so clear to everyone but Rory, Lorelai, Richard, Emily and the Palladrinos that Rory isn't cut out to be a reporter. From high school to college Rory becomes less and less of a hard worker, she doesn't take advantage or join any or the other clubs, it never occurred to her to go out for student council until Paris talked to her. Somehow despite being told more the once that she needs to do more Rory thinks all she needs to do is be handed a story, preferably one she likes, do research and write a story. That's it. Mitchum was right Rory didn't have it. Had they had Rory realize this in college that would have been fine. It would have been great. Watching Rory try to figure out what she really wants to do could have a been a good story. It would have been fun to see Rory trying a few different jobs, switch her major a few times and really exploring what she wanted to do. Maybe she would have realized she wanted to be an author and write books. Maybe she would have realized how great she is at organization maybe goes from the DAR to other charity organizations.
  11. Yes, there was so much for Henry to connect the dots. Henry knew something was up before the book. He was the only one getting older. Everyone else was basically repeating some form of the same day. Henry was the only one who really wasn't. He knew as he explained to Emma in the second episode that any time you asked people anything their memories were hazy. He noticed no one ever seem to come to town or leave. I am curious on how he knew bad things happened any time anyone left town but its possible he saw something or noticed accidents happening at the town line. Why Regina never realized Henry would realize that I don't know.
  12. Kylo is hot but that's really about it. Is he awesome? He's already had his ass handed to him by Chewie, Finn and Rey. He's whining all the time, immature, and really, really dumb. He doesn't really seem to be good at anything. Vader was awesome he could force choke people from across the galaxy, he took the Rebel fighters seriously and went out in his own ship to fight them, stop blaster shots, excellent with a lightsaber, etc. Kylo's backstory makes zero sense his parents were too busy. Really? That's it. He supposedly turned after seeing Luke with his lightsaber looking like he was about to kill him. But Luke sensed the dark side growing in him which was true. Kylo was recruiting from Luke's Jedi Academy so how sudden was that turn? He didn't just attack Luke, he killed the other students that didn't join him. So, hey Kylo it sounds like Uncle Luke was exactly right to be suspicious of you. No one really respects him, likes him or thinks much of him on either side. He's just really whiny and pathetic. Anakin's backstory we know he was once a good kid, but raised in slavery, he left his mom back in slavery, had dreams about her that turned out to be true but he got to her too late, and the back and forth from the Jedi and the Jedi Order had become compliant. There was at least a little more reason for his turn. Not all of it of course. Freeing his mother and getting Anakin a therapist probably would have fixed a lot of problems. But the point of that is for it to be a parallel Luke's journey. Luke goes through a lot crap too. His uncle and aunt who raised him were killed by the Empire, Vader kills Ben, he has visions of Han and Leia in pain but keeps being advised not to go help them which he can't do, he loses his duel with Vader and learns that's his daddy, he learns Ben and Yoda were both lying to him about Vader and Leia. Both who keep urging him to kill Vader which he can't do. But where Anakin eventually broke and/or gave into the dark side. Luke didn't break. The closest he gets is after Vader threatens Leia and Luke attacks him and doesn't stop until he chopped off Vader's arm. Luke realized what he did but instead of turning to the dark side. He throws his weapon away. All Anakin/Vader's excuses and reasons and blaming others or not enough power. He just saw his own son go through all off that and reject the Dark Side. Twice. He rejects Vader's offer in ESB and instead choses to fall to his death rather then join him. We see the Dark side starting to weaken in ESB at the end when he's too sad about Luke getting away to kill any more underlings. In RTOJ he doesn't want to kill Luke but doesn't seem think there's any other choice but the Dark Side. That scene when Luke tries to convince him to come with him. But when forced into that very question remain on the dark side or watch his master murder his son, he has to chose. He choses Luke and realizes his son was right about him all along. I don't mind the force ghosts but I do agree I wish Anakin had to wait longer together or some sign he had some punishment or something. Or even if it was before he was punished by the Force. And yes to Edmund. He makes mistakes and does the wrong thing but he does ultimately make up for it in the battle. You can see why he would make the choices and why but that it excused him. But he made up for it. That's something we very rarely see in movies or books where the Villain does bad things, realizes what he or she did was wrong and make up for it.
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