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  1. I like that one. My favorite though is the construction worker singing while he worked. The warehouse I worked at always had radios on throughout listening to music as we worked and sometimes one or all would get so into a song we'd sing.
  2. Oh, my God that was hilarious! The butler! When do I get to have ago? They are never going skiing together. Skiing is off the table.
  3. My parents' weren't readers so they didn't know what I was reading. Sure they knew about Sweet Valley books, Babysitters Club, Fear Street and Star Wars. But had no idea I was reading romance books from Nora Roberts to Harlequin and Silhouette books, VC Andrews, murder mysteries, and other gothic books. They definitely would have banned both if they knew. VC Andrews was easier to claim as family sagas the one time my mom saw it. With other books I made sure to arrange SV, BSC or Star Wars books were always on top in bags with the other bags on the bottom. Or sometimes if I only bought books I knew they wouldn't approve off then I'd put them in my backpack and say I didn't find anything. It really wasn't too hard though it never occurred to her that I would read a book that had sex, incest or horrible violence in them. She was surprised when we were going through boxes a few years ago and came across some Harlequin History romances that they didn't belong to her mother who loved reading Harlequin History romances but to me.
  4. I loved seeing Emily like that! She was so great.
  5. Yes, thank you! I read a few Diana Palmers as a teen because they were popular so I assumed that mean they were good. Nope they were horrible. They were all the same. The male heroine was always so horrible and so much older then his love interest which was creepy. He always treated her like such crap.
  6. I loved everything Rainbow said to Junior at the end. It was so well said. Junior acting like he got it throughout the episode but really he didn't. He wasn't seeing what Rainbow was. I did like his answers when Dre was being annoying asking what he wished for. Him wishing for a vaccine, universal health coverage among other things. Good for you Junior on that one. Dre ticked me off again trying to act like an essential worker when he wasn't. I love Rainbow and her doctor friends saying how tired they were of pizza. The one saying she'd rather have help with her college debt. That would be helpful.
  7. Thanks for posting the episodes. The abuse one was so infuriating. So many adults knew and they did nothing. They didn't care. If they did they would have done something. He was a doctor someone who easily could have been replaced. But nope. They did nothing and let him contiune to abuse more gymnasts. They should be arrested and charged too. The poor girls working so hard to try and make their dreams come true while being abused in everyway. I loved watching the last episode. But now knowing what they all went through. Its bittersweet. The Atlanta was so amazing. Yet at the same time you watch it now knowing how the Karolis were treating the gymnasts and there's Nassar. Right there having already molested hundreds of gymnast and would continue for another nineteen years. Nineteen! There's no excuse for that. I loved Amanda Borden walking about that team gymnastic and seeing the USA in first place. I remember that too. It was the first time it had ever happened. I still remember every moment from watching that competition. Being excited and nervous at the same time. US women's gymnastic team had come so close so many times and something always happened or questionial scoring. Remaining in first for the first three rotations. Then came the vault. It should have been an win. But then Dominique's fall. Was it going to happen again? Being so close only for something to go wrong. I felt for Dominique too. It would be so hard to be the one that messed up. Maybe it was nerves, excitement, pressure or none of that and just a fall. Then Kerri and her injury. I really didn't think she could do the second vault. I didn't think anything at the time about being pressured/forced to do it by Karoli I assumed that it was just like any athlete who got an injury but tried to keep playing. She did it and stuck the landing. It was so amazing. She did a great job. They all did. They were all so amazing. But you didn't have to bully, pressure or break gymnasts to accomplish it. I loved seeing the Beijing, and London competitions. Again bittersweet knowing now how many of them had been abused by Nassar. Who once again could be stopped decades ago! But didn't. I love pointing out they had one job. To protect the gymnasts and failed. Exactly right. Throw each one in jail. There is no excuse for not stopping him sooner.
  8. I'm so sorry @lookeyloo. Praying for you and your family. Praying for your niece @marypat57. I hope she's okay.
  9. I love Halloween. Its just so much fun. Dressing up in costumes. The parties and fun. I loved the Halloween parties my elementary school use to have. Then as I got older watching scary and spooky movies. I loved being on the other side handing out candy and seeing what kids dress up as. Some are just so cute! I still remember the cutest little three year old Cookie Monster. She was just so adorable. We've had some years where there were tons of kids and other years there were no kids. All the kids had grown up. We had to wait a few years for families to move into the neighborhood with kids or have kids. I love every year seeing what my nephew dresses up as. We always give him tons of candy and a gift. Yes, we spoil him completely. This year will be different. No trick or treating, no seeing kids dressed up in their costumes. We still got my nephew candy and gift. Lucky for him he aged out of trick or treating last year. But I do feel bad for all the kids who won't be able to go trick or treating, or school parties or anything else. Its just such a fun holiday. They've already had such a hard year and now no Halloween. Our dogs also used go crazy on Halloween too. They were always convinced we were under attack by all the weird things walking around and coming to the door like Zombies, vampires, ballerinas, Vader, and princesses. They never did figure out that they were kids no matter how much we tried to tell and show them what was going on. But since our dog had to be put down in August we won't even have our dog relaxing and not freaking out on Halloween. I'm going to miss celebrating it. Before my medical problems I even dressed up in a costume or wear my Halloween t-shirt even thought it was just to hand out candy. It was so much fun.
  10. I'm so sorry Robert. Condolences to him and his family.
  11. I'm so sorry for your loss @beckie.
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