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  1. Damn it proscutors! Stop messing up! Get your shit together and stop letting criminals get away with their crimes. Especially rapists.
  2. Its really sad her life went that way. I was she was still making movies. I know that will probably never happen but she was so talented. I just hope she's happy and doing good.
  3. So do I. That was crap. I really wish it Cheyenne got called on her crap more. Or forced her to get a job or something. Van too. They lived rent free with Reba who still did all of their laundry. They didn't cook or clean or do anything. They were completely useless. Kyra loses out on the trip she deserved while Van and Cheyenne got off scot free for their behavoir. They never apologized or tried to make it up to Kyra and Reba or even tried do better. They just end up getting excited about given Elizabeth, Kyra's room when she wants to move in with Brock. While Cheyenne is upset that Kyra is m
  4. I liked Simon in the first couple episodes I like that he drove Frasier crazy and his friendship with Martin. But I agree he overstayed his welcome. I hated the rest of her family especially her mother. She was a horrible woman. I did always like hearing stories about her brother Billy though.
  5. Yes, had he stuck with just the life insurance he would have gotten away with it. How he wasn't convicted sooner I don't know. He stop and tell the hotel door man how long he'd be out jogging. That should have been enough to convict him.
  6. Yes, he answered his cellphone while burying her. He was such an idiot.
  7. Happy Be-Lated Thanksgiving to everyone. I hope you all had a great holiday and are doing good.
  8. I've loved him since the episode he was in Charmed. He was so perfect. I wish Piper ended up with him instead of Leo. Sure he was dead but so was Leo. He loved to cook like she did. They would have had so much fun together. Loved him in Sleepy Hollow and so many other things.
  9. Owens was the family she lived with. I don't know if she was ever adopted or they just took her in for awhile or what. Oh, that really stinks.
  10. So did I. Having tons of money, and/or a celebrity, and juries unwilling to convict men for crimes against women. And it hasn't changed at all.
  11. They have. I keep wishing that the IRS will look into him one day. Come IRS.
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6iGbxUAM0cc&list=PLzj69-RunEyv20btd4rmwqdHQ679ePlwG&index=36 The entirety of Wednesday's revolt of the camp's Thanksgiving play. Its awesome. After all the racists crap going on at the camp including the play. They all had it coming.
  13. The Addams Family 1991 and Addams Family Values. Those movies are still so funny and so much fun. Morticia is just so awesome. She loves and suppose Gomez. When he's depressed over Fester she talks to her mother about how to help him. When they get evicted from their home which leaves Gomez so destroyed. She cheers up the rest of the family and goes out to get a job. I love the job recruiter isn't even phased by Morticia's "major" being spells and hexes. She just calls it "Liberal Arts". Gomez and Morticia have the best marriage. They love each other so much. They are devoted to each other. An
  14. So did the movie start out Venus and Serena's idea? If it was a studio it makes more sense that they approached the sisters about a biopic on them and they wanted it to be about their dad instead.
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