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  1. It really is. Angela just keeps getting worse and doing crappy things. But she never gets called on any of it. Deciding to paint Jane's apartment? Then getting mad. It was Jane's apartment not Angela's and she didn't even ask Jane. She just went a head and decided and painted four different colors of Angela's choosing on the wall for Jane to decide. Even when Jane decides its wrong everyone else tells her she's not. What? Its messed up. Angela just starts off bad. She hates Jane being a cop and blames her for Frankie becoming up. In the third episode she ambushes Jane with a date with Lt. Joey Grant who Jane hates for legit reasons. He was a jerk in all three episodes we see him. He cut Jane out of arresting the guy they thought was the Boston Strangler after refusing to let Jane investigate that it was him and then did the work to find the guy who it could have been. And he's also her boss which makes it inappropriate. Not that Angela cares. Towards the end of the series Maura makes a comment about how far Jane's come with her mother after a fight she doesn't go off on her mother but just tells her she loves her. But Angela never makes any progress. She never gets any better only worse. To the point you wonder why Jane doesn't throw her out of her life for good. She should have done that after hiding the cleared for duty letter and/or telling everyone about Jane's pregnancy despite Jane telling her not too. I could go on forever how much I hate Angela. She's not cute, she's not enduring. She's a crappy person.
  2. I really think they do. Like the way Kelly tried to rewrite history about Gothard's birthday cake being a groom's cake even though the picture showed of it still had Happy Birthday Gothard on it. She didn't even bother to edit or blur that part out.
  3. Three family friends murdered in (different) robberies. My brother and mine elementary school babysitter was murdered by her boyfriend during a fight he later killed himself in jail. And a relative who murdered his wife during an argument. One of my brother's friend's brother tried to help a guy getting beaten up only for them to turn on him. It took him years to recover in rehab from it.
  4. Same here. I caught the show during a marathon of it. Every single episode had the exact same colors. The same stuff. The shiplap. Neverending farm decorations. One episode she was suppose to decorate the house French Provincial and it looked exactly the same as all the other episodes. There was nothing French Provincial about it.
  5. Praying for your brother @SunnyBeBe.
  6. Gil and Kelly sure were quick to talk Jackson out of joining the Marines. Jackson ignore them and go sign up if that's what you want to do. No let's sign up for Alert which will show him what its like to be in the army. Yeah right. Maybe try the ROTC instead? I don't like Kelton but at least he does have a job. Unlike most of the Bates boys. Poor Addie forced to do what Jackson wanted to do for his birthday and what she clearly didn't want to. Why couldn't they each pick what something they wanted to do? I agree at the lunch they spent more time on Jackson then Addie.
  7. Yeah and its not like she has almost a bunch of brothers and that she and her sisters were pretty much responsible for taking care of.
  8. Pretty much that's all Regina had to do. Emma made it clear in the beginning she wasn't planning to stay. She planned to drop Henry off and leave which she did but wasn't able to leave town. When she talks to Henry later she's still pretty supportive of Regina. She only ends up staying when she realizes Regina's lying about loving Henry. At least from Emma's point of view Regina only had to act or show for a week that she really did love and care about Henry. What does she do? To show she's a great mom? Gets Emma set up to be arrested, goes to Henry at school to tell him about it and try to convince him Emma's bad, and then sets her son up to be crushed by having him overhear Emma saying she thought he was crazy. What? You mean that didn't work? Who would thought? Except you know pretty much everyone. Regina showed she didn't have Henry's best interests at heart or had no problem hurting Henry to get what she wanted. When Henry runs off crying Regina just sits there with a big grin on her face. Henry's not the one who convinces Emma that she needs to stay a week and then longer. Regina's the reason Emma stays. Had Emma seen what you suggested Regina making Henry pancakes on Saturday and hanging out with him all day and just showing that she loved Henry. Emma would have thought everything was fine and left. Not only did she not do that it never once seem to occur to her.
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