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  1. Yeah, it really did seem to come out of nowhere but still seemed to fit. Up until that book it make sense a widower raising his only child after losing his wife would go overboard with over protectiveness. But looking back at all the rules and stuff after learning his in-laws had wanted to fight for custody of MA because they didn't think he was fit to raise her. It makes even more sense he went overboard trying to prove he could. It was great seeing where MA got that part of her from. I don't think it came from Richard. I'm not even sure why Dawn's dad was being such an asshole by that point Mary Anne had stayed with him twice both times after she was Dawn's stepsister and they got along fine.
  2. I liked those too. Hey, he easily could be neighbors with Richard and Emily! I like that the moms worked and other parts too. Kristy not liking Watson at first and not even bothering to give him a chance. It was realistic considering her dad just took off. Dawn and Stacey's issues dealing with their parents divorce and having one half of their family in different state Dawn going back and forth about going back to California. Even Richard's over protectiveness of Mary Anne made sense with his wife dying when she was a baby and she was all he had. Sure he needed to lighten up but it makes sense even more when you get to the book about MA's grandma who tried to get custody of MA after his wife died.
  3. He came from family money, the mansion had been the home he grew up in and he worked insurance. He did pay for some of their trips. Oh, and that one time they won the lotto? And paid for their trip to California. Although why their parents would let them blow it all on that who knows.
  4. Oh no, I read SVH for years even though I hated Elizabeth and Jessica. My favorite character actually ended up being Lila which surprised me. I love writing and books so you'd think it would be Elizabeth but no she was too holier-than-thou, smug and self-righteous and a big hypocrite. Jessica was just a straight up psychopath. But Lila was just cool without having to try and she was more relatable because her father ignored her completely, she didn't really have anyone not even after her parents remarried she was still on her own.
  5. For me it was the first couple episodes of season three that sucked me back it. I really wanted to quit after 2B with all the poor Regina crap. I naively thought it was just a sophomore slump and the first two episodes of season three looked like they figured out how to use each character and ditched the poor Regina crap. I really should have quit at the last episode of 2A and kept the season three two part.
  6. andromeda331

    Crazy Rich Asians (2018)

    I love Rachel's mother's expression immediately after Rachel remarks that his family can't just not like her. Its just so perfect. She's so supportive the entire scene but in that moment she can't help but have that expression with that line. Cause meeting the parents especially the mother you just don't know how that's going to go and there's so many ways it can go wrong and they can hate you and not just from watching Meet the Parents and the Family Stone.
  7. One thing I love about these books is how many of the teens despite being in a relationship still go on date with other people. Elizabeth Wakefield? All the time. Jessica Wakefield? Of course. The Fabulous Five during the Caribbean trip all interested in Marco, boyfriends what boyfriends? Nancy Drew sure why not who cares she's been dating Ned forever. Babysitters Club. I did love how they always managed to get to go on so many trips with their friends. My friends and I always wished we could do that.
  8. Why yes Eddie I do! Those were some of my favorite parts of the show. From Emma in the Enchanted Forest both times and trying to navigate it. Emma mentioning to Granny how nice it was not to have to catch food and Granny agreeing saying making meatloaf was a bitch. To Hook complaining about the baloney he was fed in jail and trying to explain the cellphone to Elsa. It was always fun watching Emma use her world knowledge like in the Cinderella episode pointing out to Rumple why a trial would be bad for him, Regina realizing all the evidence about Kathryn's kidnapping was going to lead back to her and Rumple pointing out how much harder it was to kill someone in this world. Fish out of water stories have always been one of my favorites seeing people react to a different place or world. Its just so fun. They really should have done more with it. And used it against or to help them against the various villains that came to town.
  9. andromeda331

    Sex And The City

    Carrie was interesting to me in the first season and in the first episode. Then they destroyed all of that taking away anything that was interesting about her and making her more selfish, self-absorbed and horrible. The other three women became more interesting for me because we got to see them change over the seasons. Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte each were challenged by what they thought they wanted and what they really wanted and they learned from their mistakes. Carrie of course never was and never did. It always surprises me that we're suppose to root for her and be on her side given so many things she did when she never learns from anything she did or thinks she's done anything wrong and we get so many scenes of her being horrible. Stalking Big's ex-wife and his mother, trying to make the relationship go faster then it was, cheating on Aiden, harassing to take her back, insisting on remaining friends with Big and inviting him up to Aiden's, stalking Natasha and showing up at lunch and expecting Natasha to apologize to her, being upset that one woman was talking about her, blowing all her money on shoes, yelling at Charlotte when she didn't offer to loan Carrie any money, showing up at Miranda's with her bullshit bagels, it just goes on and on. She always had the center of attention and if she's not she'll turn the conversation back to her. Freaking out over Big buying a TV. Oh no, not that. If they had gone the way they had with the other three women then things would have been different. It really would have be nice to see Carrie grow and change over the series like Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte did.
  10. Reading in Dark Water thread about poptart and Hook. It just made me wish we had gotten to see Hook at grocery store. As someone who sailed around different worlds but most likely always having a hard time getting food that would last. He'd be amazed at the different can and boxed foods that can last a long time. Poptarts, cereal, can vegetables and fruits, and so much more. Clearly he didn't like baloney but we could have seen him excitedly looking at different stuff or stocking up before he went anywhere on his ship. Same with the Merry Men or really anyone else. Or during the lost year back in the Enchanted Forest people trying to re-adjust to having to hunt for food rather then just go to the grocery store.
  11. Thinking about that comment Trix makes if she's ever held hostage not to let Emily make the drop. You have to love the optimism Trix has in thinking that Emily want to get her back. Every time I watch that episode and she says the line I imagine Emily getting a phone call from a kidnapper "If you ever want to see your mother-in-law again..." And Emily pausing really thinking about it and how nice her life would be without having to put up with Trix. Maybe if your ever kidnapped Trix, make sure the kidnapper calls Richard instead.
  12. That is what makes it hard. He had been criticizing Lorelai all day long. Starting with the grapefruit. Its none of his business what Lorelai does or doesn't eat for breakfast. She tried to be polite pointing out she doesn't really like grapefruit but he continued on with his lecture until Lorelai gives in and goes to beg Luke for a grapefruit. He won't take no for an answer. Then continues at the Inn over Lorelai not wearing a jacket and then how she talked to her supplier. Once again Lorelai tries to point out that she knew the man for years but Richard doesn't care and continues to lecture her. Lorelai once again just nods trying not to say anything and get it over with. She knows her job. She knows how to handle her suppliers, and everything else. He continues over their Chinese food order even after they explained they over order for leftovers, then its about Yale and then the car when Lorelai finally breaks. He was on her non-stop the entire day butting into her business, lecturing her, and telling her how she should do things. Not just once but several times before Lorelai finally broke. Richard turns it all around so she feels sorry for him. Poor Richard. Lorelai and Emily both had great sympathy for him and were the ones trying to be patient and understanding. He was the one who just wouldn't stop until Emily called up Lorelai begging her to take Richard for a day and until Lorelai finally had enough after a day of putting up with him butting in and telling her how to do things.
  13. andromeda331

    S02.E03: Lisbon

    Same here. I've tried to take in account the 50s and stuff but I really can't stand Philip. He whines all the time. He never stops whining, acting like a child or being an asshole. He always seems to blame Elizabeth even though she didn't want the job either and being an ass to her. Its also really hard for me to feel sorry for him when he knew from the beginning Elizabeth would be Queen. Yeah it ended up happening a lot sooner then either expected but he won't suck it up and act like adult. We don't see him doing anything to really help his wife just complain and blame her for everything. Its like the end scene with that stupid ceremony. He won't do anything to earn respect working hard, doing his duties, supporting and helping his wife. Nope, not at all. But he thinks a stupid ceremony is totally going to make everyone respect him.
  14. andromeda331

    "Oh HELL No!" Movie Moments That Anger Up the Blood

    A line acknowledging it would have been great. I'm sure your right the US Navy would have taken him back quickly because of his experience and how many pilots they just lost. But I'm not sure whether the writers or director knew he would have to resign to join the RAF.
  15. andromeda331

    "Oh HELL No!" Movie Moments That Anger Up the Blood

    That's okay I spend way too much time wonder about Rafe coming back and being able to go off and bomb Tokyo. To go join the fight in Europe he had to resign from the navy because the U.S. was neutral at time (yes I know we were "lending" military stuff to the Allies) and all those who wanted to go fight in the war had to go resign from the military. He couldn't just come back and rejoin right at his former spot. He'd have to start over. I know Pearl Harbor was just attacked and they needed all the men they could get for the coming war and he had combat experience. But I can never decide whether to let that go or not. This is really want I wanted to see and wish the movie had been about whether it was Rafe and Danny at Pearl Harbor and their friends or various nurses and navy. To watch their struggles during the attack, fighting back, not knowing who was alive or dead, and their sacrifices. The shock and the horror. Pearl Harbor was a huge shock and a lot of men died in the attack. Brothers, friends, sons, fathers etc. But didn't really get any of that. Its similar to Titanic as great as Rose and Jack are the sinking is the best part, watching it unfold, the realizing that some are going to die, seeing people dying, the band that was released and one stayed and came back, the women deciding to stay with their husbands. Being in the lifeboat watching helpless as so many people died. For some in the boats as their husbands or sons or maybe both died. The one trying to signal the boat close to them but not picking up. The attack on Pearl Harbor is the best part. The attack, the men scrambling, the hospital flooded. This is what I wanted to see. It would have been nice if the rest was good or led up to it so it was more of an emotional punch.