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  1. andromeda331

    From Across The Pond: Royal Weddings and Scandals

    Yeah, he was pretty much the wrong man for the job and most people thought so but did nothing to try and prepare him. Maybe it wouldn't have worked. But doing nothing to train him and keeping him away from government stuff basically insured he didn't know what he was doing when he was Tsar. Being married to someone equally incompetent as he was didn't help at all. There was no reason to kill the kids. The parents on the other hand aren't so innocent. Not that they deserved to be killed that way. No one does. But if they had decided to try Nicholas and Alexandra for being bad rulers had a trial and convicted them I wouldn't have minded. That's something they did do. Even if they made it as fair as possible there was still more then enough to try Nicholas easily for so many bad and crappy decisions that doomed the country, Alexandra probably mostly for her badly running the country after Nicholas went to the front. Whether that's enough to deserve executed after a fair trial I don't know. That's not why they were executed, and it wasn't even in the heat of the moment. By the time they were killed they were unimportant. They were isolated far away from everything and no one really cared. I know they've always claimed it was because the pro-Tsar was gaining strength or followers or something but that really wasn't the case. There really weren't that many and bigger more groups that were battling it out. They easily could have transported them to another country or dropped them off on the border. There was zero reason to kill them. They really couldn't. Despite almost everyone telling them how much trouble they were in they didn't believe it. They refused to listen to anyone who disagreed or had a different opinion then their own. Especially Alexandra. She was really good at banning anyone she didn't like or who disagreed with her or anyone she assumed was a threat to her husband's power or against Rasputin. Even when her sister Elisabeth left her convent to try and get her to listen to reason she refused. They had chance after chance to change, to do something and fix things but never would. The Duma could have been a turning point but Nicholas stripping of it of power and messing with it time and again until he got one what would do whatever he said each time he opened and closed the Duma he made it clear that he wasn't going to change. Sooner or later people were going to get fed up with that crap and decided to overthrow them. Yeah, that's true. A lot of countries did have their own problems to deal with the war, their own upset people, riots and monarchies falling left and right to worry about Nicholas's problem.
  2. andromeda331

    Voices you remember

    Perfect voice for Yzma in the Emperor's New Grove.
  3. andromeda331

    From Across The Pond: Royal Weddings and Scandals

    I think it would have ended up the same. That ended up not being what over threw the Tsars. They had big problems and Nicholas II was incapable or refused to fixed. I'm not sure which. The only reason they got the Duma was due to the protests, strikes and Revolution of 1905. His hand was forced. But once it opened he then kept messing with it and the powers it was suppose to have until he stripped it of all its power and he got a Duma that would do whatever he wanted. While good for him fixed none of the problems Russia had. He inherited most of the problems but did nothing to fix them. Leaving for the war and leaving the government in Alexandra's incompetent hands which made things go from bad to worse really fast.
  4. andromeda331

    From Across The Pond: Royal Weddings and Scandals

    Those women were awesome. If Paul thought that would save him from getting over thrown he was clearly wrong since it only took them four years to murder his ass. Maybe he should have studied up more on the why especially in his daddy's case. It also ended up helping screw over Nicholas II most of the male line were dead or out because of their morganatic marriages.
  5. andromeda331


    I love that one too. That line cracks me up along with his "Australians are mean" line and at the end when Gus announces their in the presence of a sociopath while those two are on stage he immediately response that his brother's fine they got a doctor note and everything. Nigel has the best lines when he insults the two girls who haven't even sang yet. Emelina's lines are the second best calling Lassie Mr. Bean and Tony Randall, insisting the forklift she stole was a publicity stunt, when Lassie asks who when through her purse answers "I'm can't be sure I thought I was dreaming but it might have been a werewolf." Thinking Shawn and Gus were wearing purple during their audition. Shawn and Gus creeping down the hallway against the wall and them stopping as the guy in the motorized wheelchair goes by. Nigel's awesome critique of his murderer. I love that one too. From Gus refusing to start investigating until after his birthday is over. No one believing Shawn was really a model and everyone insulting Gregor at his funeral even Gus who didn't even know him. Shawn asking Lassie if he comes down and bugs him when he's at work and Lassie answering all the time.
  6. andromeda331


    I have so many favorites in no order they are Mr. Monk and the Candidate I really love the pilot, they did a good job setting up the show, characters, Monk's issues, Sharona's encouragement,and Monk figuring out the crime and realizing the two cases were connected. Mr. Monk Goes to the Asylum-I love the different patients from the angry woman, the man who copies everyone and the one who loves Santa. Monk telling the doctor except for him trying to kill him he really was a good doctor. Sharona helping get informations. Mr. Monk and the Billionaire Muggar-Fraidy cop was awesome, Monk trying to figure out the knee plans, the murderers actually had a pretty good plan set up. Mr. Monk Takes a Vacation-I love Polly Draper's references to crime shows like they really happened. I love Monk believing Benji. How many times they found the body or thought they had the right person onlyto be wrong. The car leaving and then coming back as Monk figured it out. Monk seeing how gross his hotel room is under Ultraviolet light and calling the army of maids to clean it. Mr. Monk and the Red-Headed Stranger-I love Monk and Nelson's scenes together they were really good. Monk not wanting to believe he was guilty because Trudy was such a fan. Mr. Monk Goes to Mexico-All his suitcases stolen, the Mexican detective who keeps insisting everything is drugs, Monk dying of thirst, the bomb, Captain finding out Monk is dead and saying so many nice things and admitting he loved Monk before getting the phone call Monk's alive and saying he hates him, Sharona realizing Monk was alive because Monk wouldn't do all that to live, Monk explaining what happened while packing, checking out of the hotel and leaving. I love hotel front desk person asking questions and Monk not caring. You probably just got a bigger bill. Mr. Monk and the Very, Very Old Man-Monk agreeing with Karen that there was a crime, Captain and Monk living together, Captain figuring out what happened. Woody from Psych being the murderer. And tying it to the crime that had been troubling the Captain Mr. Monk and the Sleeping Suspect-The murderer had such a great alibi and I loved Monk using him as in place of his therapist. Mr. Monk Meets the Playboy-You really see how much Monk cares for Sharona when he's willing to let a murderer go free to protect Sharona. I love Monk reading his wife's poem to the models which moves them. Sharona talking to the alibi model. The unusual murder. Mr. Monk and the 12th Man-Mike from Mike & Molly who keeps thinking someone's calling him because of the pipe in his head, Monk figuring it out due to his dry cleaners. Mr. Monk and the Paperboy-Monk freaking out over so many people in his home and making a mess, him solving four crimes just by reading the newspaper, Kevin showing up. I love Kevin Mr. Monk and the Three Pies-Captain asking if he could search the pie and asking the suspect not to make him ask again. Meeting Ambrose and seeing how much more messed up his life was. I do wish we had a few more episodes with Ambrose. Mr. Monk and the TV Star-I love the crime show featured, the spectrascope, Marci and wrap up at the end. Mr. Monk and the Blackout-I love that Alicia Coppela found him attractive and asked him out, the cards he had prepared for their talk on phone. Monk with his nightvision goggles and telling Randy to turn the lights back off and Randy pointing out they could just arrest him. Alicia still interested in Monk after the disasterous date and telling him to call her when he's better. Mr. Monk and the Employee of the Month- I love Enrico Colantoni making him Monk's former partner was awesome. Monk clearing him of the robbery, another crime that didn't make any sense until they figure out the bank robbery. Him realizing Monk was probably their best employee, the two morons that worked there were funny especially when Monk points the unloaded rifle at them. Mr. Monk and the Game Show-the cheating was obvious but I liked meeting Trudy's parents and seeing their relationship with Monk. Kevin tagging a long being annoying and annoying Monk. Mr. Monk and the Red Herring-Its the first Monk episode I ever watched so I love it. Monk starting a fire in the trash can and reading the instructions on fire extinguisher watching him debate between the bad guy or saving Julie's goldfish. The C-section Mr. Monk Gets Cabin Fever-Randy's fortune cookies coming true, Monk sweeping outside, him realizing the fisherman was murder, everyone knowing it was the FBI cabin, the shoot out in her house with Randy and Monk doing the "Here's What Happened" and the sheriff asking the Captain who he was listening to and him answering no one. Mr. Monk Gets Stuck in Traffic-KORN bring really nice and letting Julie use their bathroom, Crystal making Monk recant his phone call, the personal injury lawyer was hilarious looking for clients, wanting Monk to let Crystal punch him for a case, Monk realizing the EMT guy was the killer, getting the Sheriff made at him, the Sheriff realizing Monk was telling the truth, and rescuing Natalie. Mr. Monk Goes to Vegas- I love the Captain drunk calling Monk and when he shows up wondering who called him. Natalie's info about casinos and their staff I've been in a lot of casinos and she's not wrong, trying to help the Captain remember, him singing to get information from the woman, then annoyed when she didn't know much but smiling when she told him he was a good singer, Monk having to pretend to be the victim and getting the scarf caught making him realize she couldn't have been saying anything, Randy blowing all his money and Monk winning it back for him. Captain figuring out what he meant. Mr. Monk and the Kid-It was so sweet watching Monk and the kid. Its hard not to cry at the end when Monk realize he wants better for the kid. Mr. Monk Goes Home Again- Great to see Ambrose again I loved Monk getting upset and going to clean out his father's office. The weird crime of someone stealing candy. Monk going with Julie trick and treating. Mr. Monk Stays in Bed-I liked Natalie trying to solve the murder and her annoyance at the murder being ignored because the judge was missing (to be fair the Captain tried at the beginning but got yelled at), Natalie going to give the 50 back instead of pocketing it, Monk giving "Here's What happened" to the murderer, realizing its not Natalie and going to find her. Julie's card being the key to finding the pizza box with his prints on it Mr. Monk and Little Monk- I do wish he had asked his old crush out, But it was great to see Little Monk solving a crime too. I liked how nice the school cafeteria lady was to him Mr. Monk and the Secret Santa-The Christmas party was a great scene it was fun watching everyone having fun and singing, even Monk was having fun. The cleverness of the murderer to have everyone think that the Captain was the target and not the man who actually died, the Elf. Mr. Monk Goes to a Fashion Show-Monk realizing something was wrong with the woman who inspects his shirts and tracking her down to find out, the scene at the store and finding out why the former salesperson quit, Malcolm McDowell is so good at being an asshole, his comments were terrible but funny, Monk realizing her son couldn't have killed anyone because he can't read, and the lab guy had to be behind it. Mr. Monk and the Astronaut-Michael from Burn Notice! He's really good at playing a jerk. I do love Captain pointing out his alibi was he was in outer space, he wasn't even on the planet and asking if they could think of a better alibi. Randy's crazy theory including him saying "let's say the globe represents the earth", the terrible neighbor, Monk's reaction when Mr. Kroger points out if Wagner is the murder then he's afraid of Monk. Monk trying to get over a fear but unable to do it. But standing stopping Wagner in the end. Mr. Monk Goes to the Dentist-That whole scene of groggy Randy witnessing the murder is awesome especially when the giant tooth is picked up and used to kill the guy, Natalie in the beginning thinking Randy was upset over the murderer and trying to cover it, Randy quitting because no one believes him. Mr. Monk and the Garbage Strike-I've already said why basically everything in the episode. Monk mailing his trash, telling the Mayor his plan to burn San Francisco to the ground, his theory that Alice Cooper killed the union guy for an antique chair, its just hilarious from beginning to end. Mr. Monk Gets a New Shrink-Monk going through the 5 stages of grief on repeat, him and Harold at Dr. Kroger's house, arranging their chairs during their kidnapping like a therapy session, Harold following them and telling Monk that he took a bullet for Dr. Kroger. Mr. Monk and His Biggest Fan-Sarah Silverman is just so funny and awesome at being crazy obsessed fan Marci, her wanting to "pause" at the end, Monk liking for awhile but then being driven crazy buy her, Captain realizing something was wrong with the bite marks while out to dinner with Linda, Marci's apartment, writing fan fiction and sending back all the stuff to Monk that he got rid of. Mr. Monk and the Wrong Man-Monk thinking he was wrong and bending over backwards to help the convict only to realize he was right all long. Mr. Monk and the Three Julies-Natalie freaking out and stealing the Captain's car each time she hears Julie's name, the creepy guy who stuffed his mother, and chasing after Julie, Julie's bad driving which gets worse when she sees the crazy guy. Mr. Monk and the Genius-Its just awesome seeing Monk take the smug Genius down. Mr. Monk and 100th Case-the camera crew following them, Randy popping in a CD of his band, the Lipstick Assassin, the party, Monk accidently solving his 101 murder and knowing he can't stop, Randy's girlfriend, interviews with some of the previous murderers. Mr. Monk and the Magician-I'm still surprised they chose to kill Kevin off, it was a great episode, Kevin as the really bad magician, Monk trying to prove the Great Torini did but having to figure out how to bust his alibi. Mr. Monk's Favorite Show-How much Monk loved that show and Natalie ripping out a chapter from the biography so it wouldn't be ruined. Mr. Monk Takes the Stand-Randy trying to get Monk to help him with a case after he was destroyed on the stand, Randy running into the kid he used to help and learning he was arrested. Monk ending up being able to prove the kid didn't murder the woman and the murderer was the defended in the trial. Mr. Monk and Sharona-it was great to see Sharona again and how different Sharona and Natalie deal with him Mr. Monk and the Dog-I love Monk and the dog, I really wish the episode ended with Monk adopting a dog. Mr. Monk and the Badge-I love that he finally got the badge back and realizing he preferred the cases he had and quitting. It was fitting.
  7. andromeda331

    S05.E21: Last Rites

    It really is and that's what bugs me. They easily could have set things up so Robin's death had something to do with Regina. Easily, any and everyone she victimized murdering Robin for revenge or him taking a bullet, attack, etc. meant for her. But they don't do that while making it sound like that's exactly what happened. Usually when shows do that its because at some point later the character will have to realize their wrong and accept it. But on this show they don't do that. Why bother not to set up a scene or death the exact way you want it?
  8. andromeda331

    From Across The Pond: Royal Weddings and Scandals

    I'm sure your right that its just because he has a lighter schedule. But it does crack me up to think that its to keep him out of trouble. Having to stay at Mummy's side and where she can see him until she says so.
  9. andromeda331

    S05.E21: Last Rites

    Exactly! Yes, thank you! Robin died due to his own stupidity. He suddenly decided to go after Hades when there was no reason to. Yeah, he had his daughter but she wasn't in any danger and died because of it. It was Robin's fault. It had nothing to do with Regina. They couldn't even bother to give Robin a real reason to suddenly go get his daughter. This too. Yes, Hook was the reason he got to live again. Not Emma. It had nothing to do with Emma. She and Hook said their goodbyes, he went into the light and she went home. It was Hook's doing all himself. I would hope Zeus felt bad given the stupidity of Hook's death. Killed saving Snow's life and because God forbid Merlin warn anyone before the consequences of being hit with Excalibur. Those comments confused me then and still do now. Its still the same crap that Regina supposedly suffers the most even thought she's suffered the least or at least tied with Rumple. She's gotten everything she wanted except killing Snow and the Curse ending. She held all the power all those years as Queen in the Enchanted Forest, raped Graham all she wanted, murdered God only knows how many people, cursed everyone, yeah it broke but except for a couple rough days or weeks in the beginning of season two she's still got everything she wanted. She got away with all her crimes, she still has all the power, her mansion, no one holds anything against her especially her victims who are now her stanch supporters, Henry's forgotten completely about the crappy childhood he had at her hands, she even got to make up with her parents, people who dare manage to still be pissed at her ended up murdered for daring to kill her or by someone else. She got a new boyfriend who didn't care that she murdered his wife in the past or was frozen, sure she lost him for a couple weeks, but that didn't last long did it? She spent this whole season getting everything she wanted, including making up with her parents and her horse. When exactly has she suffered? When her boyfriend was dumb and decided to go after his daughter? However long she defeated in the Enchanted Forest to the Curse? Yeah, if only everyone else suffered as much as she had. Yep, once again we're suppose to see poor Regina and how bad she's had it while being shown how bad Emma really has been having it. But oh no remember Emma has a charmed life. She lost the one person who didn't treat her like shit, act like she was the worse Dark One to ever life, who did try hard to help her in Camelot and when they got back kept trying. No wonder she went to the Underworld to try and get him back. Only for that to not work out. But because she's Emma with the charmed life it didn't work out.
  10. andromeda331


    Damn you ION! Ion Television took Leverage off the air.
  11. andromeda331

    From Across The Pond: Royal Weddings and Scandals

    Which has been known to happen. Didn't security at one of the palace fail to recognize Andrew a couple years back?
  12. andromeda331

    S02.E09: Paterfamilias

    That would have been a much better idea. He probably would have been better off going to a more normal school and interacting with normal kids. But it could also be where Elizabeth's blinded by her own past. Its easy to see Philip since the episode's up front about it. But she was never given a proper educating despite being heir. Its easy to see why she'd go with Eton since its suppose to be the best and thinking that her son would end up with the best they could get it him. She doesn't want him to struggle like she had to and had to find a professor to fill in the gaps in her education.
  13. andromeda331

    The Spanish Princess

    That would be a really interesting story.
  14. andromeda331

    Worst Book Love Interests

    Oh, God yes! He's horrible. No woman deserves him. I always do wish we got a scene when Lydia realizes how horrible he is. She completely believes he loves her and all that stuff. It never once occurs to her that he's lying which sadly is just as common now days as it was then. I know times were different and Lydia didn't want to leave him. But the idea that her punishment for her behavior is being stuck with Wickham? Yeah, she behaved horrible but what woman deserves to be stuck with him? If her parents had done any parenting it wouldn't have happened and she didn't know his true character. I like that Wickham dying and Lydia maturing and realizing what an ass he is and moves on. What a horrible man. Plus its easy to see a long list of men lining up to kill him for ruining their sisters and/or all the debts he left them.
  15. andromeda331

    Party of One: Unpopular TV Opinions

    Oh, definitely. There are some shows from my childhood I loved but can't watch anymore. I've tried but they just aren't funny anymore and others I still laugh and enjoy no matter how many years go by.