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  1. If not that might actually be best for Kaylee. It'll probably hurt. But living life without her horrible mother's constant input and making Jonathan blow his money on her.
  2. I liked that about her too. Except in episodes like this one where her flaws torpedo Fritz's case. Her reactions are one of my favorite things. Like her reactions in To Protect and Serve from Chief Pope telling about Provenza and Flynn taking over a crime scene to finding out about the Sky Box tickets.
  3. Texas abortion law. Yeah, that's insane and stupid. Most don't even know their pregnant at six weeks. I love the teddy bears! They are so cute. A teddy bear protest? Parachuting Teddy bears? That too adorable. I love that the money front John Oliver's teddy bears are going to help Belarus. That's really great!
  4. Because he was an eighteen year old kid who was easy to control and do whatever JB wanted. Now he does whatever Jessa wants. That's the in-law JB wants.
  5. I feel bad for the Rods kids and those at the church those days having to deal with Jill all day long. They probably look forward to when she's away.
  6. The first episode with Blanche's daughter Rebecca. Her boyfriend was an asshole but the women weren't much better. They made a lot of horrible comments about her weight.
  7. My mom thought you could only get called once a year for jury duty. She found out the hard way that's not techincally true just as she finished up on jury for municipal court. She got a jury notice for county. Then spent the rest of the year praying not to get called on for state or federal. My dad got ended up on jury duty for a murder trial. They actually ended up liking being on jury. It was interesting to see how a real trial worked. His last day there we had lunch together because I had been called. I ended up getting dismissed by the defense.
  8. I loved the sequels! I think Susan ended up marrying the man with triplet teen daughters. Sharon was divorced with a daughter who wanted her mother to marry her new best friend's dad. So she calls Sharon into help. And another one where the triplets, their dad and Susan go to Hawaii for their honeymoon. The plot isn't that different from Saved By the Bell's Hawaiian vacation except its Kelly's grandpa who owns the rundown hotel and in the other one Susan inherits the rundown hotel. I really liked Miss Bliss's show. I kind of wished they spun off both. Saved By The Bell and Miss Bliss int
  9. True but I still think Rory should have still said something. At least she would have tried instead of doing nothing and calling Lorelai to come save her.
  10. andromeda331


    Its going to be a very exciting college gymnastic season.
  11. Just finished watching the Serena gets fired episode. I laugh at the defense lawyer trying to argue that posting on a website was protected. I laughed really hard. Yeah, no its not. Also, laughed after McCoy argues in court to get the name of the person who posted information about the case only to learn the person lives in Ukraine. Yeah, that sounds right. Although how did he knew details of the murder? Were they telling everyone? I disagree with Serena (I know shocking) twice in this episode. First she keeps talking about how everyone she talked to says Stephen is a great kid. Hi
  12. So do I. She could have said something. Instead she says nothing and then calls Mommy to come and fix it for her. I'm no fan of Emily's but Rory made it sound like Lorelai blew off dinner which she knew wasn't true and she knew why Emily was extending the dinner longer and longer. She could have said something but nope.
  13. I always watch the 9/11 The Filmmakers one I bought years ago. French filmmaker and brothers Jules and Gedeon Naudet who had been filming a rookie firefighter in NYC and ended up filming 9/11. One brother caught one of the only images of the first plane hitting the tower. He had followed firefighters out to check a gas leak when they heard the plane over head. He goes with them to the World Trade Centers and captures what was going on inside. His brother got the ones from the firehouse and on the street. It was really well done. There's about 20 minutes of what they filmed before that day. Mos
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