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  1. Happy Birthday@Turquoise! Enjoy your cheesecake! The Cheesecake Factory has the best cheesecake.
  2. I'm not sure her parents could really count though. They were often showing up without calling and expecting her to just drop everything. I might be forgetting but the only times that her parents actually did that was when she let them believing she showed up for Christmas in Atlanta when it was because her murderer had gotten arrested. That was a crappy thing to do and they had canceled plans to join the rest of their family in Florida. While she did need to be called out for that and should visit her family more often. I don't like Fitz and her parents' always getting on her about working all the time. That was who Brenda was. She loved her job and loved working all the time. Working a case was exactly where she loved to be. I really don't think she should have constantly had them on her for working too much. And yes Fitz should have told her about his drunk driving arrests. That is something she should have known and before they moved in together.
  3. Thanks for posting it.
  4. Seriously? The idiot ziplined with a toddler? What an idiot.
  5. Yeah, its not like not murdering someone is an option.
  6. I remember. It was crazy. Christopher deserved a lot more for the crap he's pulled. I'd rather it be Rory and Lorelai punching him. But I'll take what I can.
  7. Its definitely much easier to watch skipping those. The only moment I don't skip is Luke punching Christopher in the face. I like to rewind and watch it a few times before moving on.
  8. Praying for you and your family @Happyfatchick.
  9. I hate Christopher so much and for the reasons you listed. None of the Gilmores should treat him the way they do. He's a crappy person who is always acting crappy. The one thing you didn't mention that I also hate about Christopher is how he treats Rory. He has no interest in her or cares about her unless its to use her to get something he wants Lorelai or Sherry. The phone calls and visits in season two? They only happened because he was dating Sherry who was interested in Rory. I love the scene in Haunted Leg when Rory yells at him because the idiot thinks Lorelai is keeping her from him. As if Rory couldn't possibly be pissed all on her own for breaking his promise to her AND racing back to be a dad to someone else while never once being one to her. But then of course they don't do anything with it. A couple months later everything is magically fixed.
  10. They can wait two years when there's a serious problem. Had their not been one though they would have already had their fourth and probably pregnant with their fifth. I'd really like to believe Alyssa when she says she's thinking of waiting two years. That's a very good and sensible plan. It probably was very nice not to be pregnant or dealing with a newborn and a baby. I really don't think she'd like having a lot of kids. But I have a hard time believing her given how fast she got pregnant with Allie, Lexi and Zoey and then how quickly she got pregnant with Maci once her heart problems were fixed makes it hard to believe her. But I really do want to be wrong and Alyssa waits two years and decides she's done having kids or even deciding to have one more and then done.
  11. That was because of her issues with her heart.
  12. I've always thought that too. She doesn't do anything she doesn't want to do. She loves attention and money. The only thing that really got her attention was having so many babies. She could careless about any of her children. She loved the attention. The interviews, fawning, fans and money. JB may like to think he's in charge but Michelle wears the pants in that marriage.
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