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  1. I hope they were all pretending to be dumb during Tori's birth announcement. Lawson even says they know its some announcement but have no idea what kind. Really Lawson how many kinds of announcements do you guys get? Its always a pregnancy announcement. Earlier during the party he said how nice it was for them all to get together. Yeah Lawson because that's so rare. It only happens all the time. The party was half family game night (gee I wonder where they got that idea from) and half birthday party for the September birthdays. I know they have a lot of birthdays that Kelly says their combing them into one. So what Judson doesn't get a separate party or do anything fun? He has to share it with Whitney and Brandon? How fun that's got to be for the kid. I hope he still gets to do something fun for his birthday. Michael was really cute watching Willow, and so was Brandon.
  2. He was perfect in the role. He was so funny. Starting off by insulting the two girls who haven't even sang yet and ending with his awesome critique of the person who was trying to kill him. Emalina's just as funny in her crazy way insisting taking a forklift was a publicity stunt, being passed out on top of a car, but usually she slept in a lifeguard at the beach. Telling Shawn and Gus they wore purple which was her favorite color and both looking confused since they weren't wearing purple.
  3. So was my dad until he hit 50 he ate as much or more then the Gilmore Girls and never gained anything. It drove my mom and me crazy we weren't that lucky. He ate three meals a day and six snacks and gained nothing. We ate twice a day and skipped snacks for months and somehow manage to gain weigh. Eat a candy bar or piece of pie once in six months and it went straight to the hips and legs. When he turned 50 he finally started to gain weigh. Why I couldn't inherit those genes I don't know. But I am kind of surprised that Lorelai didn't sign up for the dance class at Miss Patty's that was mentioned. It seems like something she'd think was fun.
  4. American Duos is on. Nigel and Emelina are both so hilarious.
  5. I remembered that for little Shawn but forgot about Carlos. They lucked out on recasts. Liam and Carlos looked and acted so much like kid Shawn and Gus.
  6. That's one of my favorite royal wedding dresses. Victoria looked so beautiful. They both looked so happy.
  7. This probably sounds weird and it is. I actually thought the wedding dress looked better on the mannequin. It looked nice in the store but somehow once it ended up on Lorelai it looked horrible.
  8. Oh, definitely, Liam was a talented kid to pull of being kid Shawn so well. Skylar unfortunately wasn't able too. I really don't think any other kid could. That's not an easy job to have Shawn's snark, edge, and sarcasm without being a jerk. I'm still amazed at what a good job Liam did. He just felt, looked and acted so much like how you'd expect Shawn to have been as a kid. So did the kid who played kid Dule, Carlos McCullers II. He managed to capture Gus's perfectly.
  9. I liked the second episode better then the pilot. The cast seemed to work better together. I liked the dingy gift shop. I liked the characters better especially his landlord. I admit I'm completely bias when it comes to Christian Kane. I've loved him in Leverage, Librarians, King and Maxwell, Secondhand Lions, and Close to Home. Hell, I even loved him in Taxi. I'm happy to have him back on my TV in a new show.
  10. So the recent Forensic Files II had an insurance agent found murdered in his office. Suspicion falls on his wife since he had three life insurance policies on him. They eventually find out the last person to meet with him in his office killed him and robbed him. The killer had was smug and didn't think he left any of his DNA behind. The weird part is the police and prosecutor were worried that the jury would believe the DNA could have been placed there at any time. Except the DNA they found was in the murder victim's pocket where his wallet was. Ah, what legitimate reason would the killer have for having DNA there? Cause what people tend to put their hands in their insurance agent's pocket? Sure that sounds normal. What were they worried about? That's evidence every detective and prosecutor wishes they had.
  11. Yes, at the 16th birthday party Emily threw for Rory, Lorelai runs into an acquaintance or old classmate Mitzi. I think it was to make them both look better since Mitzi greets her by calling her "scandal girl" and saying she hadn't seen her since her 8th month. But she also says it to Sookie which I don't think was true either. If he called as much as Lorelai claims I think Sookie would know. They would have talked about it often. When he shows up Rory thinks he's still dating someone he broke up with months ago.
  12. I don't know why they got engaged. It really seems like had they only dated for a few months they both would have realized it wasn't going to work out. I know we're suppose to see all the signs on Lorelai's side that its not going to work out. Which we do. She doesn't make room for him, doesn't want him in her bed or talks to him when he spends the night she spends the evening talking with Rory and then comes to get into Rory's bed, and not talking to him about what his role will be. But what about Max? Why was he rushing into marriage with someone he barely knew? He didn't know that Lorelai would bring him ice cream after they ate, he's still very confused by her, because he doesn't know her. He hasn't taken the time to get to know her. Why did he wait so long to ask what his role would be? Why did he propose? I still think it had to do with Luke more then Lorelai. Seeing Luke in her house and thinking Lorelai dated him while they were broken up never mind that he dated someone else. He hadn't realized Lorelai had other options not just him. Had Luke not been there would he have proposed? I don't think so. I don't think Lorelai was in love with him and I really don't think Max was in love with her. She wasn't was ready for marriage which seems like a no brainer because they hadn't dated each other very long, they still barely knew each other and hadn't even relaxed with each other. They didn't have a lot in common. Had they dated a little longer they would have realized it. They both made the mistake by rushing into it. Not just Lorelai. Lorelai not telling Christopher doesn't surprise me. I always thought Lorelai was lying when she said they hear from Christopher once a week. He never told Lorelai or Rory that he moved in fact Lorelai only finds out when she calls him about Rory's debutante and finds the number out of service. He knew nothing about Dean until he showed up in season one and thought Rory was into sports. I doubt he'd think that if he actually did call more often.
  13. She really was. I loved that episode. Also the roller derby one especially when she's telling the Chief that she broke some girl's nose, how great she was and now their friends.
  14. I recognized the idiot reporters asking Trump dumb questions but didn't realized they were a different network. I assumed it was another idiot from Fox. Just what we need two stupid networks full of idiots spreading crap. As dumb as they are I'll never understand how they end up popular. How can anyone listen to the idiot penguin rant and not think she's a nuts. I loved John explaining how getting into the Library of Congress wasn't even that impressive consider what else is there including his own show. I love John using the idiot's words from her page. I'm so glad the show's back.
  15. I really didn't either. That's what kept me from watching the series in the first place I thought that's what Shawn would be like. But I watched it one day with my mom and was surprised that Shawn wasn't the annoying, man child who mooched off everyone. He was smart and fun, but also you know paid his bills and stuff. He was cool and nice. Solving a case for Lassie in season one to help Lassie out even though at that point Lassie still hadn't been nice to him at all. I really hate that they turned him into that. I really don't know why James and Dule would let their characters become what they did either. Is that what they really wanted? James really liked Shawn being an idiot moocher all the time? I hate that they changed Juliet's back story, and so insisting on the truth. It was really nice to have a female detective that was happy and cheerful all the time and came from a happy home. Plus it also made her character look so stupid that she completely believed Shawn was a psychic.
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