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  1. That's what my family has always done. Our dogs love pizza too especially when there's still a little cheese, sausage and/or pepperoni on the crust.
  2. I've only seen the last three episodes. My dad's mother's family was all Norwegian-American and his father's side was all Swedish-American so I really love seeing Norway side of the war. I have a soft spot for Olav and Martha because they came to Minnesota during their 1939 where my dad's from. They came to the dedication of Enger Tower in Duluth. I loved Martha's impression of FDR and her and Eleanor dancing. Those were really great moments. I liked the meeting between Martha and Alfred how it didn't go well at first. But then she goes to the hospital with information about his family.
  3. It really is and it happens every single time a woman has to speak out. As we've learned from Weinstein which most women probably already knew but hammered in. It really does not matter who you are. It doesn't matter if your a famous actress or a normal woman. It doesn't matter if your a famous gymnast or a regular teen in a gym. The reaction for speaking out is exactly the same. The police, the district attorney, and the public will all have the same response. You won't be believed. Not until dozens more come forward and say they were assaulted too. In Weinstein and Nassar cases it was only w
  4. I like that one because it sounds so much like work. My dad and I always end up talking about different tasks we had to do at work that just the moment we got finished someone comes up and says it wasn't necessary or the boss changed his/her mind.
  5. I finally get a chance to watch the show from beginning thanks to the Xfinity Watchathon and not on Youtube with the first part cut off and John skips this time. Thanks a lot John. I loved the guinea pig bridge. It was so cute. I'll never tire of John insulting Tucker Carlson. I'll never understand how such an idiot could land a TV show let alone have followers. Talking about odd timing for Bill and Melinda Gates.
  6. What a great episode! Dante and Robyn working together and then him ending it when he saw her methods. I liked that. Even though she saved his life in the end he didn't like that the bad guy ended up shot. It was nice to get more information about Dante and Robyn.
  7. On Castle usually on the DVD in beginning of the episode Castle would do a voice over that "there are two types of people who sit around all day thinking about murder. Psychopaths and mystery writers I'm the one that pays better" As for places where there's always murders. I have to mention one of my favorites Hudson University. Almost everyone at that school is either a murderer or victim. After awhile you start wondering why anyone would go there and how the no one at the university finds that odd.
  8. My family and I watched Nine Months when it came out on VHS and its my mom and my turn to pick the movie. An hour and a half after we finished watching it my brother (who was in high school) announced he realized why the movie was called Nine Months. My parents and I laugh so hard. So did his girlfriend (now wife) who when I told her about it. We still tease him about it to this day.
  9. That's why I'm always hoping they'll just kill him/her because I hate when shows keep bringing back the same villain/bad guy or woman over and over and over. Its very rarely fun to watch. Just annoying. They come back commit more crimes and/or to do something against the cop or whoever over and over and somehow keep getting away. Just kill him or her off and be done with it.
  10. Olympia Dukakis was just amaazing in everything she was in. Especially Steel Magnolias. Sorry to hear about Johnny Crawford my dad loves the Rifleman and watches it every weekday.
  11. Me neither. RIP Michael Collins.
  12. You never met the yellow lab I used to have. She was certain she was the master and we were her servants. She "allowed" us to live with her and take care of her, take her on her car rides, and give her food preferably human food. She got annoyed when corrected on that or when we were off her feeding schedule and would come get you. She panicked when we left during before it was time for her to eat. She was pretty sure everyone who came to the door was to see her. If she thought she wasn't getting enough attention she would go pouting until you talked to her then she'd run back over all happy.
  13. Estafan and Garcia should be real good but I'm nervous about it being called "rom-com".
  14. Just watched it. What a great movie! Harriet was so awesome. An amazing escape to the north. I liked seeing the various people that helped. Her going back to get her husband and how that turned out. It stinked. But she ends up coming back with her brothers and few other people. I love her reaction to Philadelphia to William and Marie. I liked that William was writing down names and histories of slaves. The one slave who passed herself off as her daddy's son. A really great movie.
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