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  1. andromeda331

    Law & Order

    Nora's my least favorite because she was so weak, always seemed so shocked that they were charging criminals and way too soft on murderers while never really seeming to carry her shock to the crimes they committed or feeling sorry for the victims and their families. If they kept her the way she was in the episode where she ends up choosing the death penalty for the boy who murdered the Chinese delivery man then she would have been more interesting. She was against it personally, she looked through the law books to find a solution, and listened to reports and Jack on the murderer before realizing the murderer did deserve the death penalty. That really was her best episode and made her so interesting. She listened to all the facts and research the law herself before making her decision. Had they done that with her in every episode or most of them. she would have been a great DA and she probably would be higher on my list. I was happy that Serena was fired. But really she should have been fired at the end of Smoke after defending the parents who let their son be molested for money. Not only is that disgusting and horrifying, that's not someone you want prosecuting child molesters. There were other episodes that made more sense for her to be fired. I don't like her in last episode mostly because she was right for the wrong reasons. After talking to all his friends and family, Serena decided he couldn't have committed the crime based on what they said and how they spoke of him. But so many friends and family do say that when their friend/love one is arrested but that doesn't mean their still not a murderer. But I'm not sure that was a reason for her to be fired.
  2. andromeda331

    Law & Order

    We really don't we didn't see that conversation. Arthur says he's talked to Jack and Jack disagreed. But the decision was Arthur's. For all we know Jack did argue for keeping Serena but Arthur had already decided but didn't tell Jack because of Jack's habit of arguing to the bitter end and because he didn't want Jack to tell Serena. For all we know Arthur just mentioned he was thinking of letting Serena go and Jack did argue like he usually does and Arthur told him he'd think about it and did before deciding to fire her or let Jack think he won while still planning on firing Serena. He didn't really care that Jack disagreed with him with his whole "my office my decision" comment.
  3. andromeda331

    The Spanish Princess

    You have to love Catherine bragging about Spain having female queens to Margaret right after her father stole her sister's throne. Well, it certainly worked out so well for Joanna didn't it? I'm not exactly sure why Margaret is ruling either or why Henry 7 seems to be doing nothing. I hate Margaret and would love to see her comeuppance. I don't really like anyone either. All the love talk from Catherine is annoying and she seems shocked that no one else seems to care. Ah, that's the way it goes in royal marriages Catherine alliances are more important then love. Yes, they'd marry Harry off to someone he hated and who hated him if it meant a better deal for England. She always seems so shocked by that. I kind of wish they'd go more of her being surprised to realize they like each other and how rare that is rather then constantly talk about love. I do like that they remembered Catherine being her father's ambassador.
  4. andromeda331

    Law & Order

    You summed it up very well. I hate that episode for all those reasons. Skoda was right, Olivet and the Judge were both so wrong letting Jenny off the hook and basically crossing their fingers and hoping for the best even though she already killed someone. And her mother. What exactly about her suggested she was going to d a better job as mother to her "best friend" who already killed someone on her watch. Jenny gets to off and kill again.
  5. andromeda331

    Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

    At that age I knew enough to hide in my room playing when I saw both of my parents cleaning. I knew to get out of there before they realized I wasn't cleaning and gave me something to clean. Quietly playing in my room my chances were a little better or at least bought me more time to play before eventually one of them realized I wasn't cleaning and came to assign me a chore. If I was that little girl I'd be quietly sneaking away while their backs were turn with my fingers crossed.
  6. andromeda331


    I wonder too. Especially given that they ended up choosing stuff that wasn't even that interesting.
  7. I always liked her. She was in an episode of Covert Affairs and a couple of White Collar I liked both characters. I always hoped she'd turn up in more shows or in her own show but didn't think she'd return to acting either.
  8. andromeda331

    From Across The Pond: Royal Weddings and Scandals

    Same with Edward VIII his toothbrush always had paste on it until he abdicated when he went to brush his teeth that night no toothpaste one his brush. He had to apply it himself.
  9. andromeda331

    From Across The Pond: Royal Weddings and Scandals

    Yes, there is. We just don't do it. On the off chance the American flag bearer did it he or she would never be flag bearer again and a lot of Americans would angry with that person. It doesn't seem like a big deal but it makes a lot of Americans uneasy.
  10. andromeda331


    That's another good one. I love that scene. Later when their tied to chairs Monk moving so they'd be sitting the places they do in a session. Him and Harold sneaking around Dr. Kroger's house. Harold following them after they were kidnapped because of course he would be and him bragging to Monk later for taking a bullet for Kroger.
  11. andromeda331


    Also Captain: Randy, I don't think we need to stand here and pick apart the Alice-Cooper-wants-an-antique-chair theory. And Randy: He's like a vigilante. A garbage vigilante. Captain: You could say that, but don't.
  12. andromeda331

    S05.E20: Firebird

    That sums it up really well. Zelena is more sympathetic especially with Regina always flipflopping and her crimes being so much worse. But Zelena still murdered Marian and raped her husband and gets away scot-free for that one. They gloss over the rape and act like its no big deal to the point Robin's girlfriend stops carrying, Robin's forced to hand his daughter over to her and treated like a jerk for not wanting to, and giving her that scene with Roland as if she's his stepmother or father's old girlfriend instead of his mother's murderer and father's rapist. Its hard to keep sympathy because of that crime. Just like with all Regina's crimes she gets away with. Listening to Regina complaining how hard she has it to Snow, the target of rage for decades and who's life's she destroyed. Wanting us to feel sympathy for her when another one of her victims tries to kill her (Percival) or has the nerve to still hate her (Marion) while also giving us more reason to be more sympathetic to them. Listening to Snow of all people trying to explain to Marion why their friends with Regina is insane and infuriating to listen to. Marian's not the only one who doesn't understand. We're suppose to side with Snow and Regina and think Marian's wrong or a sign she's bad when really she's exactly right.
  13. andromeda331

    S05.E19: Sisters

    They really did. That could have been really great.
  14. andromeda331

    S05.E21: Last Rites

    I do like Hook and Arthur teaming up which is surprising given how horrible Arthur had been all season. It always reminds me if what I really wanted to see in the series. The different fairytale and literary characters teaming. I like Robin finally speaking up. I like Hook earning his chance and reuniting with Emma. But as always the rest of it is just so bad.
  15. andromeda331

    White Collar

    I would have been fine with that too. It would have been a good way to end it leaving us guessing or deciding for ourselves whether he went straight or not. It would fit too given how often he went back and forth. I just can't see him doing that to Mozzie, Peter, Elizabeth and June or that he would ever chose it. He wanted to be free. What did you guys think of Sara? I always go back and forth on her. On one hand I like seeing Neal getting involved with someone and I do like her character in general but I can never really decide if she's rebound from Kate or not. He just seemed to move on to an actual relationship pretty fast after Kate's death.