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  1. I don't know if its the writing or cast, or what. But its really hard to have any sympathy or care about any of them. I'm not sure that's their intent. But from what we see from the royal family except for the Queen they all whine and complain. Poor Margaret see how sad she is? How hard it is being the sister to the Queen. Its hard to feel sorry for her when she acts like a spoiled brat and doesn't do anything but complain or seek attention. She doesn't work. She's not good at filling in for her sister, she'd never do any of the work the Queen does. She does two visits in America and is tired from them. Charles of course has Mommy issues, Tony had Mommy issues and only married Margaret because of them. Philip can't stop whining about how much he's not allowed to do now into three seasons and listening to him whine about money? Gee, I feel really sorry for you, it must be hard to be married to the wealthiest woman in the world, have several castles, cars, horses, and full staff and anything else you could buy. While the Queen is just so unfeeling and really comes off as out of touch when at least in the first two seasons you could see she had sympathy. Even when she dressed down Eden for the whole Suez thing being mostly his fault she was still sorry and seemed like it. This Queen never shows any sympathy. While they do keep bringing up the country being in an economic crisis and huge debt that doesn't really seem to register with her or her husband. She skips off down to her beautiful and expensive stable to her horse and jets off to France and America for almost a month just so she could learn to new horse techniques. Wow, must be nice to be able to do that and afford to do that. Why was she so negative when Anne suggest selling stuff around the palace to fund Alice's nunnery that was actually helping people? From what they show us with the government its really not any better. A horrible crisis happens in Wales, which was the government's fault and along with Coal board all try to avoid blame and shift it to the Queen. God forbid anyone take any responsibility. The Prime Minister who won't do anything despite how bad everything is around the country. Or the men getting so bent of shape when the miners called them on their crap in that meeting. Are we suppose to find any of these people likable? The royal family? The government? No one really is. Churchill botched the fog but in the end he finally got off his butt partly because to save his skin but also due to his secretary being killed. But he finally did something. No one seems to do anything this season then be annoyed when someone dares to ask them to. Charles being so sympathetic with Great-Uncle Nazi and thinking their in the same boat. What so no one has talk to him about his Nazi sympathies and other bad qualities? Its hard to imagine the Queen Mother and Philip not telling him all about Edward VIII especially given their all still so worried that anything different will lead to the abdication. Should he be more upset that he was used by "the one"? He had no idea the whole time Camilla was still seeing Andrew. Its really hard to see why he wouldn't hate her forever for that.
  2. I'm asking in this thread in the Bubbikins that Alice's husband was the one who put her in the asylum, but wasn't it her mother Victoria, who put in her in the asylum? I'll have to find my biography on Alice because I could have sworn it was her and not Andrew. She was the one who took control deciding Alice needed to help and to be put in one. Then decided to married off Alice's daughters and made arrangements for Philip's education. Andrew doesn't seem to have done anything after they settled in France and seemed to take his wife in an asylum as a sign that he didn't have do anything else as a husband or father. He had nothing to do with wife or children, Philip's upbringing choosing to spend his days with his mistress in the South of France. I think Philip visited him a couple times but that was it. His upbringing and everything else was handled by his grandmother and later Dickie.
  3. Both of those never stop surprising me because you really think they'd be a little smarter then that or cracking me up because of how dumb they are. "I wasn't there!" but their cellphones ping right next to the dead body. Yes please tell us what your cellphone was doing there? They brag about their crimes on social media and are shocked, shocked that the police show up and arrest them. They have no idea how the police found them. You posted it on Facebook you idiot. Of course their going to show up.
  4. Exactly, they could have redeemed her by doing just that. Rethinking how she treated her stepsister and apologize. That could have worked. But instead they skip right over it by trying to insist Anastasia had a good heart. Ah, when did she have a good heart? When she helped rip Cinderella's dress a part? Eight years of treating her like crap, a servant and abusing her? In the beginning of the cartoon it makes it clear that her stepfamily took abusing her not just her stepmother. I don't remember if she was the one who went to tattle to her mother about the mouse on her plate or if it was the other one but both girls were so excited to Cinderella was about to get in trouble with the Stepmother for it. Sure that sounds like a good heart. I agree Ever After did it so much better. Jacqueline was nicer and got treated like crap too. She looked like she disagreed with her mother went off when Danielle asked about the servant, she suggested Danielle wearing the dress to go to the ball, and pointed out the invitation was for all ladies of the house. She's not perfect but her personality being shy, awkward and meek makes sense for having to put up with how her mother and sister treated her all her life. Despite her position, there's not really much she can do either. She doesn't have anywhere else to go either or really any other options. She does realize that if Danielle wasn't around she'd be the one servant to her family. Her switching sides wasn't automatic. But you can easily see how she gets there. While the Anastasia's suddenly nice comes out of nowhere and Disney basically ignores and wants us to ignore everything we saw in the animation.
  5. Yes, they did. The ripped the dress off her body. They got pissed off at their necklace and other stuff being used to make that dress despite the fact they both clearly said they didn't want or like them. I don't buy Anastasia sudden changed either. Nope she didn't love. She didn't have to participate in treating Cinderella like crap. She chose to. I know a lot of people have disliked them being called ugly stepsisters. Sure they weren't beautiful but that's not the reason they were called ugly. They were ugly on the inside. Horrible spoiled brats who took pleasure in abusing their stepsister, or making sure she got in trouble with their mother. and threw tantrums when they didn't get their way. There was nothing good about them.
  6. Good point. Also its easier to blame her then for any of them to take any responsibility in their own lives. Philip can whine all he wants but he made the choice to marry her no one forced him. Margaret can blame her all she wants and never take any responsibility for doing absolutely nothing or recognize her own faults that would make her crappy Queen and that she doesn't do anything and keeps screwing up. Sure she went on the DC trip but that whole America trip? She went to two places before crashing at the Arizona place. Her sister would have had to make many more stops. For Charles blames her because its easier and he's young. Anything that goes wrong is her fault. He knows very well what he can and can't do its been drilled into him all his life. But he doesn't want to listen. Except for Charles, Elizabeth seems to just take it probably as you pointed out she feels guilty about Philip's not being able to do what he wants, have the naval career and everything else wanted and feels guilty for Margaret being second place. While I understand its just really frustrating watching her get blamed for everything and just taking it. Even when its not her fault.
  7. That's really a question I have for everyone. Charles blames his mother for everything, Philip blamed Elizabeth for two seasons and Margaret of course blames Elizabeth for everything. Why does she get all the blame? .
  8. The poor rich person was really annoying. It was really hard to be sympathetic or care when Philip was going on about not having a pay raise and how much they earned that money when they live in castles, full staffs, horses, stables and everything else. They point out in one of the meetings that the Queen spends four times the average yearly amount every day. They keep talking about how bad things are going money wise in the country. But let's see the Queen down at her stables looking at her horse and jetting off to France and USA for a month to check out the latest in horsing. Or the Queen's reaction when Anne mentioned they were looking for things around the palace to sell to fund Alice's nunnery. I know not all of them belong to her. But surely that have something they could sell even one painting or something that would bring in the money for beds and medicine to a convent that helps people. Not that it matters since the Queen ends up just suggesting Philip donate the money. How bad are you hurting Philip if you can donate that much money? Do they ever donate to anything? Raise money for charity or something. I know in IRL they did but when they kept bringing up what the royal family does I thought maybe they'd show or say something about charity they actually do. But it never came up. But poor Philip he hasn't been able to accomplish all his dreams. Well neither has most of your fellow citizens although in their cases they don't have the money to do so. You know having to work to survive. He's already done more and saw more then most people ever have. Or Margaret whine once again about all she wants attention and poor me even though she doesn't do anything. Its not just the royal family. It continues on a bigger scale. The government. Aberfan is a perfect example. The whole thing ended up being the government's fault. Particularly the Tories but also anyone else that that poor town had been warning people for years and trying to get help. But they didn't do anything. Then of course when it happens and so many people and children die. They won't admit it was their fault, they keep insisting everything was fine and when that doesn't work turn it on the Queen. Are we suppose be find them sympathetic? They really come of as uncaring and unsympathetic assholes. Its same when in the later episode they meet with the miners who are on strike. Maybe the miners were a little tough, but really who can blame them? They were right. They work their asses off digging down into the earth to get the coal to fuel all the palaces, estates and other crap but can't be bother to give them a decent wage. What is the reaction from the politicians on that? Why of course that are offended. The miners were rude, didn't speak to them with respect and other crap. They get all bent out of shape and ended things there. God forbid their feathers not get riffled and they actually do their job. The Queen asking the prime minister (I don't remember if it was Wilson or the other one) his plans on how to fix things only to told nothing. Asked about the coal strike nope won't do anything and lied about how much coal they really did have stock. They don't care about their actual citizens do they? No one unless they are among the elite and wealthy. LBJ's comment about looking down their noses was spot on. They really seem to do that with everyone. Their 'tude towards Wales. Gee, I can't imagine why anyone from Wales would have such hard feelings towards the government, royal family and Britain general. Given the long history of suppression, wars and how they talked about the country. The whole reason to send Charles to Wales so he could learn Welsh was to appease them. You know there are other things Maybe start by saying nice things about Wales? Visiting different places. Educating their heir who cares the title Prince of Wales about Wales and its history? He had no idea wear that title came from.
  9. Wow! I had no idea! That's amazing.
  10. Yes he did. Season 10 he was the second elimination.
  11. Yes, he mentioned after confessing to his parents that he had to confess to his siblings and tell them that it was wrong and not to be like him.
  12. But Zach still confessed to his parents that they kissed before marriage and had to tell his siblings that he messed up and was wrong and crap. He might think that was stupid now. He seems to be the only one to show any signs of disagreeing with his parents. The Winnie the Pooh in the first season, questioning his parents about what they did on their dates when they were training new chaperones. He actually got a real full time job. I really think that only started with his botched first courtship. His parents set them up and spend his entire life that they knew the right way of everything, God wanted it and etc. Then he courted Sara Reith and it ended badly. But it wasn't suppose to end badly. His parents told him it was the right way. He did exactly what they told him to in the courtship and it failed. He was hurt really bad and it was all their fault. He met Whitney a normal way and nothing happened. They courted but kissed and nothing happened. They married. He got a real job. The other kids have been screwed over by their parents but they don't seem to realize it. Poor Michael still thinks her mother is her best friend when really her mother used her to raise her kids and still uses her now. None of the girls seem to realize they married and have none of the skills they were suppose to have or resent their parents for doing so much. Except maybe Alyssa given Kelly's not so subtle hints to move home after Carlin got engaged and she said no. Do any of the girls realize their how completely messed up is that their parent don't do anything? That they don't know how to cook or do anything else? Do they ever wonder why now its okay to dance when it wasn't before? How do any of the younger kids feel when they see their parent fawning over and buying toys for their nephews and nieces when they won't do the same for them. How do they not see how messed up it was for Callie to be sobbing on Michael's wedding day because the only mom she ever knew was leaving, or Judson crying on Tori's wedding day. Zach seems to be the one that boys look up to and is it any wonder? He has a real job that pays his bills. He did the 'wrong" stuff and nothing happened. He ended up in a happy marriage.
  13. Is that really political though? They did repress the Welsh for centuries and treated them badly. Having someone actually say what they all ready knew was nice. I doubt they expected anything from it. But sometimes its nice enough just to hear something from the establishment, government or royal family who's line goes back to the very ones who did it in the first place.
  14. I understand that and that was why he wanted to meet them and why they fell short. I'm sorry I failed to explain that I love NASA, the space program so much, planets, and astronauts they'll always be awesome to me. I've read so much on the space program, the Gemini, Mercury and Apollo programs I've read up on various astronauts. I've seen so many NASA documentaries. I have to disagree with Philip, and felt the need to post I disagree with Philip. The three great astronauts with colds and answers didn't change that all. They were still great. They walked on the moon. They walked on something other then Earth. They got to look back and see the Earth. That's so awesome. I loved their excitement at seeing the palace and questions they had. Also, one thing I'm surprised no one brought up and I really expected it was pointing out Armstrong and Aldrin completed their biggest achievement. Collins might still have one and hopes of walking on the moon one day himself. But the other two did it. What do you do after you complete your biggest achievement? How do you deal with that? They are still relatively young men and still have a lot of years left. What's next?
  15. I always knew Sigmund Freud was full of shit. Really? All her mental problems were caused by her ovaries and libido? Yeah, that's it genius. What exactly does he claim for the same problems in men? Libido and lack of ovaries? Princess Alice really was a fascinating person.. She did so much while also going through so much. PBS aired an episode on her a few years back and I read her biography. Spending so much of her life in asylum and horrifying treatments. What she did during WWII was amazing. She stayed! She helped. She did something. I remember being annoyed in the first episode of the Crown with remarks the Queen Mother made about her to Queen Mary, being a Hun nun (although she really wasn't a nun yet). Ah, she was born at Windsor Castle, a member of the royal family and stayed in Greece to help during WWII. I wish they had shown more of her.
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