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  1. I just saw Nathan and Nurie’s rehearsal dinner pics and Jenny did indeed get the leftovers from their ice cream bar.
  2. They may have driven down from the wedding to Florida and stopped somewhere along the way for a night or two, but I don’t think we’ve heard for sure.
  3. YupItsMe


    I am amazed that he has 7000 followers.
  4. That really is an awful outfit. You’d think someone would help her pick out her clothes for these special occasions.
  5. The person that saw them at the mall also said Jill did not look obviously pregnant. The older girls, except for Nuri, had some fairly decent outfits on in those pics.
  6. YupItsMe


    I hope she really looks at that photo and realizes how good she looks with her natural hair color. It just brightens her up so much. I think that’s a good picture of her
  7. That’s a good photo if one is just focusing on the shirt, but I would never have chosen it to post with my makeup, nose and teeth looking like that. I would’ve cropped my head off. (And those reasons are why I rarely post pictures of myself on IG 🤪)
  8. Now that is an adorable, unposed, unfiltered, very natural photo.
  9. Since things have slowed down, networks and developers have had time to find/write/plan for some really good programs and aren’t so busy that they have to settle. I hope a lot of great new shows will come out of this break and the boring old ones will be left behind.
  10. I still can’t believe that she looked at that dress and thought it would be a good choice for her MOB dress, or for any reason really.
  11. I took it as a dig at Tim because he only came ONE night and not every night. I think probably because it’s a Father’s Day tribute and he is not technically their father and they are not fathers. Maybe she acknowledged them in her Mother’s Day post?
  12. 2 observations about the 1st picture: notice that Jill is hunched over and has pulled a child in front of her, but she’s still got a hand on her belly... pregnant much? Also, who is the blonde boy beside Kaylee? Is he one of theirs?
  13. Poor boy always looks like he is in pain when he smiles, just like Kaylee Rodrigues.
  14. Nurie looks truly happy. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that “Janessa” got a new nursery when she’s big enough to move out of a crib.
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