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  1. I can’t wait till she discovers this site and starts posting here!
  2. I think she’s just replying to the question in the tone that it was asked. Probably upset that the person didn’t know exactly which Duggar boy he was.
  3. I think those are supposed to be puff sleeves.
  4. Abbie looks a little “off” in that 2nd photo. Pale and very thin, but maybe it’s just the weird angle.
  5. Wait, is that a boy baby or a girl? Overalls and no bow make it hard to tell.
  6. Nurie is looking so much healthier and loads happier than she did pre-marriage.
  7. What I was trying to say was that they probably went to his Mom’s for her benefit, not for any COVID-related reasons. There are lots of people who chose to be at the Duggar’s home, Cathy has only Derrick and his brother and their families to spend the holidays with her.
  8. Derrick and Jill probably chose to be with his family because it is smaller. There were PLENTY of people at the Duggar Christmas celebration, while Derrick’s mom only has the 2 boys and their families.
  9. Nurie looks lovely, happy and relaxed in that photo. It seems marriage agrees with her.
  10. How do we know she actually made those packets? Did she post pictures of her with the 35 finished packets? I can’t imagine much was donated if the total of 35 also includes her donation.
  11. I don’t think that’s a review, I think it’s part of their shop description. When I checked Etsy there were no reviews.
  12. It looks like Joy, Kendra and Lauren all wore the same style dress, but in different colors, for their recent photo shoots.
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