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  1. Boy, she sure looks like her mom.
  2. Joy in pants with her dad and no one is on fire…
  3. I agree. Jim Bob is under no obligation to spend his money on Josh’s defense.
  4. I believe Jill had one just asking for things for herself so she had to clarify on Nurie’s invitations that gifts should also be brought for the baby. Nurie’s dress was probably chosen because it’s mostly blue, but she could’ve left off the sweater vest. Despite the outfit I think she looks beautiful and very happy.
  5. YupItsMe


    Her hair was 3 different colors.
  6. Yes, that’s why I put date in quotes. It’s not a lie to say they aren’t dating because they aren’t allowed to date. There is only being friends (getting to know each other), courting, engagement and marriage.
  7. Awhile back, a few months maybe, there was a post with pictures of a family gathering at the big house that Lauren organized so they haven’t stayed completely away. Good for her for keeping her family off SM. I think she either shares pics in texts with family or has a private IG.
  8. The Duggar boys were in Lake Charles, LA helping with clean up after the hurricanes that devastated the area last year. I was there too and saw them working. No idea how long they stayed or how much they actually did, but they were there.
  9. If Jana is courting, JB may think now would be the time to announce and hopefully take some focus off of Josh. But, I would hope that it’s kept quiet and she has a small wedding and just vanishes into obscurity.
  10. Anna posted a picture of all the little girls from Felicity down. 85% of the baby’s face is showing. She’s lovely and not disfigured at all.
  11. The card didn’t specifically say New York City. It said culture in the (big?) city, or something similar. My thinking was way off because I was imagining culture as in theatre, museums, etc. I would never travel to a big city on vacation to look at unoccupied cement tables.
  12. She’s been watching someone be gentle, loving and nurturing to a baby. Wonder who?
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