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  1. Laura caught Nellie's wedding bouquet, but yeah, I think that was it. I don't remember which episode, but I remember Harriet gleefully telling Nellie that Laura and Almanzo were breaking up. Nellie looked horrified for them, but I don't think there were any interaction even then. Such a waste of the two character's chemistry and history. They were hilarious together.
  2. We need an angry emoji. It's garbage* like him who eggs on Asian hate crimes. *I apologize for insulting garbage. I don't know another word to use.
  3. I didn't know they got a new voice actor but figured it out right away. He was a bit stilted and laughed only once. Hopefully he'll get better and relax with time. Even the early episodes with the same actors sound a bit strange nowadays.
  4. I can actually see the reunion happening that way. They had many moments together, good and bad, during their childhood and teen years. Friends come and go but Nellie is always there. Nellie matures and they make peace with each other. Then they get busy as married women running their homes and having jobs so they didn't have much interaction. Then Nellie comes back. Memories are funny things. I can see them relive and laugh at their crazy fights and adventures though rose-colored glasses as years have passed. "Remember the cinnamon chicken?" "Remember the music box?" "Remember when
  5. In the episode in England, the hotel housekeeper was showing them how to curtsy to the queen. I've never seen it done like that. She was practically on the floor. Is that really how it was done or was that just for a sitcom? Was she playing a joke on the Americans?
  6. I'm more surprised Sheldon used a pay phone. Doesn't he have a germ phobia?
  7. It looks like Darlene and Ben are headed towards a breakup and all I feel is relief. But then I remember there is no relief for the Connors so I doubt they will break up permanently. Just an excuse for more misery and arguing before getting back together. I was amused when Ben gave Becky $5 though. A DJ sighting! I wish they'll give him more stories. Mix it up a bit.
  8. I agree about Mark. He was disgusting. I also thought of the word "kidnapped." I wouldn't blame him if he walked out on Barbara but what he did was just gross. And then lecturing her like a child. The writers of this show don't know how to write men. They are either weak (David, Bob) or creeps (Nick, Max, Mark). They confuse strong with jerks.
  9. I'm not usually fond of remakes but I think enough time has passed that a remake with current actors might work. They had newcomers and acting legends in the original and they can do the same in a remake.
  10. I thought it was the same dress and Monica just didn't put on the jacket. I'm glad Emily didn't wear the original headpiece though, no matter the reason.
  11. What was that thing and why did Monica have it anyway? Emily didn't wear it at the wedding so I don't think it's hers. Did the shop give it to Monica just to get rid of her and it? It's so ugly that it may have been there gathering dust for years because I can't imagine any bride buying it.
  12. I don't think the same actor need to play Molly's dad. A random guy for one episode makes more sense than a mom showing up with no explanation. One word (stepmother) is all it takes to satisfy us. It's not the first time they would have recast a character. What they did was an insult to viewers.
  13. Monica's obsession with weddings is horrible. She already had her wedding but had to egg Phoebe on about giving her wedding fund to charity. "Who cares about the children." Seriously? Phoebe didn't have to listen to her but she got caught up in Monica's fantasy which made her rethink about her childhood. I also can't believe she wore Emily's wedding dress to do chores and lounge around.
  14. Does anyone know if the sandstorm during Mary's wedding was real or was it 70's CGI that was put in later? If they used a fan to blow real sand, it must have been tough to breathe and act.
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