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  1. Snow Apple


    I'm learning more from this thread than from the show. I had no idea what was the wife's illness and why she couldn't walk. I still like it enough to continue watching, especially for the dancing. If nothing else, it made me interested enough to go down the rabbit holes of Wikipedia and YouTube.
  2. Snow Apple

    S03.E18 Phone Free Day

    Yes, I'm really sick of Oliver's attitude about being "poor." His parents should make him do volunteer work to see what a cushy life he has. A lot of people can only dream of the life the Ottos have.
  3. Snow Apple

    S03.E18 Phone Free Day

    I laughed when Greg said Taylor only has two tones of voice. I've noticed it for a while now.
  4. Snow Apple

    S01.E19 Mass For Shut-ins

    I always thought Timmy was a bad singer ever since the first episode but got by on enthusiasm. Peggy singing was a surprise and she was thrilled with the fan letters from prison. She was mean for locking Timmy in the room but for once I didn't mind her methods. William wanted to sing for the beauty of the hymn but Timmy just wanted to be on TV.
  5. Snow Apple

    S05.E22: No Apology Necessary

    The foreign exchange girl plot was odd but I was amused how Louis was already planning father/daughter activities when she showed up. He's such a nice guy. Also how everyone liked her cakes even though they didn't like her.
  6. Snow Apple

    Will & Grace

    Another favorite scene of mine is when Lorraine started removing stolen jewelry from different parts of her body and Karen says something like "If things were different, this might be hello instead of goodbye."
  7. Snow Apple

    S01.E18 Peggy Drives Away

    Thanks all. I don't why I thought Lawrence moved out or living in the garage or something.
  8. Snow Apple

    S01.E18 Peggy Drives Away

    What room is that where Lawrence and Wendy was talking? Is that where Lawrence is living? Frank was making a big deal about a girl being there.
  9. Snow Apple

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Right. She probably made more money before age 18 than I'll ever see in my lifetime. But even that is most likely just a drop in the bucket compared to her parent's bank account. I doubt she wanted to give up that lifestyle with only her "mere" millions. So she went along with the fraud.
  10. Snow Apple

    Single Parents

    I'm not a fan of the parents pairing off. I think it's more refreshing having a show about friends supporting each other without romance.
  11. Snow Apple

    S01.E18 Peggy Drives Away

    I think I've seen most of the older boys holding Andy. In this episode, it was the book smart one (I forget his name). With such a large family, I guess we can assume (and actually see) there's always someone around the house. That's what I like about this show. Other shows like Single Parents drive me nuts because I haven't seen or heard where the baby is for episodes at a time.
  12. Snow Apple

    S10.E20: Can't Elope

    Where and how did Lily get a credit card anyway? Isn't she just 14 give or take? And of course Mitch and Cam doesn't question or care. I thought perhaps they gave her a card that's connected to theirs but Lily talked about "her" miles.
  13. Snow Apple

    S10.E20: Can't Elope

    Luke from upstairs: Grandpa? I was also amazed how spot on it was.
  14. Snow Apple

    S01.E18 Peggy Drives Away

    Peggy: "The hokey pokey is about cannibals. You put your right foot in. It's a recipe." Pat: " That's what it's all about?! " 🤣
  15. Snow Apple

    Will & Grace

    But they got back together in the end and had a daughter. Will was with Vince and had a son.' With the reboot, they erased a lot and chalked it up to a dream of Karen's.