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  1. Rose's line "nice outfits, girls" is funnier if they kept the sales scene. I also look for it hoping they suddenly restored it but it hasn't happened yet.
  2. I didn't think it was as good as the original but it's good enough that I'll keep watching. I wonder if they'll connect it to the original somehow, or keep it totally separate. Maybe just a line about the older brother knowing a Brian Cooper in Vietnam?
  3. Who were the distant Connors? Were they played by audience members or something? Sara broke character when Jackie kept pushing Darlene off the chair. LOL I agree John Goodman look healthier. I was worried about him last season.
  4. Even Mr Edwards had a nice house after he married Grace. I figured he didn’t need a big house as a bachelor but could have built extensions if he wanted or needed. The Ingalls were nuts to live in such a cramped house. A house full of love, my foot.
  5. I reserved The Turnout at the library before I read all the reviews here and now I'm afraid. LOL. At least it's free. I'll post my thoughts after I start reading. If I finish may be another story.
  6. Thanks! I’ll have to catch a rerun and see this weirdness for myself.
  7. I forgot to watch. Can someone provide a summary of the last episode?
  8. That was the only mention of Nick's passing. They mentioned Alex going back to live with his mom but they didn't have a goodbye episode. I think the actor left for another show. Antenna TV started on episodes where Barbara meets Mark. Still don't like him. I liked the guy she met at the airport much better. A shame they didn't explore a long distance relationship.
  9. Please tell us what you think of the book after you finish. It's still on order at my local library but I'm first on the wait list. I also watched the Parent Trap sequels. I remembered when one of triplets showed up as Torey on "Saved by the Bell." Hayley Mills was on the show during the Miss Bliss era.
  10. Everyone seems to love this book but I couldn't get into it. Maybe I just wasn't in the mood and need to try again.
  11. Dang. I forgot to watch. Anything interesting happen?
  12. Debra can follow a recipe. Everyone raves about that dish from a magazine. Because a magazine cannot sabotage her or go into her kitchen to mis-label her spices.
  13. I remember she played David Hyde Pierce's wife on some short lived sitcom. That's why I imagined her as Maris on Frasier.
  14. Except for that one episode where all the contestants were great, I haven't enjoyed this season. The chasers all seem off. The lounge is the best part of this season because they seem more themselves there.
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