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  1. Watching reruns of Rosanne as an adult made me realize David is a weasel, a weakling, selfish, and a mooch but who thinks he's the nice sensitive one. I'm glad for the times when Dan called him out. Like the time Dan said David had no right to look down on Mark who is doing his best to provide for Becky. So we shouldn't be surprised he ran out on Darlene and the kids. All the signs of his character were already there way back then.
  2. If not Booker, maybe Fred? Which means Darlene is sleeping with her cousin's half brother, which is not gross but still such a Conner thing that might happen. LOL
  3. Why do older sitcoms keep updating their theme songs? The later seasons sound so weird and not pleasant to the ear.
  4. Why is Ben stoned all the time now? Was he always like this or am I remembering wrong that he was a normal guy in the beginning? I had a flitting thought that Dan is Ben's father, but I don't think even The Connors will go there. Dan would never cheat on Rosanne anyway. I just hope to god that Ben's father is not either Dan or Rosanne's dad. LOL The masks and social distancing was distracting me too. I get it. It's difficult to make a show realistic with all the restrictions. I wish they'd just ignore Covid exist like other shows are doing.
  5. I don't watch this show but stumbled on today's show and couldn't stop watching. As someone who knows nothing, I liked this episode. I'm a sap for tragic love stories. That said, I hope Hai loved his wife and made her happy even though Laurel is the "love of his life."
  6. Today had an episode I don't remember seeing before. Angela brought a house as a rental investment. Instead of renting to the retired man who wanted to pay six months rent in advance and provided references, Tony rented to a pretty girl whose check bounced. I don't think Angela was livid enough. I wanted to smack Tony. This is business. Was Angela suppose to let her live there rent free while she pays the mortgage?
  7. They had today's show in Chicago already. Ken was very respectful. He wasn't bad at reading the clues either. I think he'd be even better if they give him time.
  8. In the later seasons, I liked them dunking Nancy. I liked the return of Nellie until it turned the focus on Nancy. Oh, and the episode with Willie getting married was sweet. But yeah, there were many boring and silly episodes. I don't care about the Carters. If they must have a new family, why not move in Royal and his family? Why did they kill off the parents and what happened to the boys?
  9. I don't really remember what the cafe looks like and will have to pay attention next time. Does it have a lot of cat decor at least (cheesy but this is a sitcom)? Because my impression is there was nothing outstanding and it looks like a typical cafe. I wouldn't know it was a cat cafe if I missed the beginning of the show.
  10. I think I asked this before but how did Tootie's boyfriend Jeff go from being illiterate to becoming a marine biology major at Penn State in one year? I believe it's completely possible but it probably takes longer than one or two years.
  11. I dislike the non-tipping guy too. They're trying to make him seem charming but I wasn't charmed. Even without the tipping thing, Randi (and women) deserve better than a sanctimonious know-it-all. I don't know who wrote that storyline but it was insulting.
  12. His name is Leslie Jordan but I knew who you meant. Leslie Jones is another funny person. She was a member of SNL and other projects.
  13. Oh god. I just realized Ken may pay his own tribute to Alex during Monday's game. That will make me cry again.
  14. Ha! I thought the same; that Ken was too nice. I thought they were keeping the game part and got rid of the "mean" host persona. Then Ken tried to get in a few digs but it just wasn't him.
  15. I just watched the first few episodes of the original Miranda and now I want Miranda Hart to play the French girlfriend if they ever show her her character. LOL I laughed throughout the first episode of Miranda which I didn't do for Kat, but the second episode was better. Hopefully Kat starts to find it's own voice with time. Also the mom in Miranda fits the premise of the show better. I actually like Swoozie Kurtz but not in this.
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