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  1. Rose was also her class valedictorian because she drew the longest straw.
  2. Oak Park, Illinois will be celebrating Betty White today, January 15. I heard the person who sang "Thank You for Being a Friend" for the show will be there.
  3. Of course it was wrong of Hazel to resort to violence, but I secretly cheered her on. Like the above poster said, it's probably what his parents taught him or there's some backstory, but still..... The good thing about this show it's how realistic it is. The boy didn't get to know Al and learn respect which is more realistic than a fantasy ending where everyone become besties.
  4. I didn't like Nancy at first but I warmed up to her by the end. It's hilarious how she talk in modern slang even though she's been stuck in the basement with no TV to learn all that. At least Sep was upstairs observing the house residents throughout the centuries.
  5. I know the actor/character is suppose to be good looking, but the picture was the first time I realized it's true. Love that it's a real picture and not posed for the show.
  6. I also love the songs. Back in the day, I tape recorded the songs by holding up the recorder next to the TV. I wonder if the tape is still around somewhere?
  7. They look young, but they didn't live in modern times with modern medicine, so maybe?
  8. Re Kay losing her job, I always thought Kay worked for different families unlike Alice who only worked for the Bradys, and was just doing Alice a favor by taking the job at short notice. I could be wrong.
  9. Ha. Nobody remembering Blossom's other brother. The actor was a good sport about that joke. Kat didn't break the 4th wall as much, and I think it's a big improvement. The only one I noticed was the wink at the "game show host" joke. I also laughed at how nobody can say no to Max when he smiles at them. I know people like that.
  10. The first movie I saw that starred Sidney Poitier was A Patch of Blue and immediately fell in love. RIP to a true star.
  11. Probably not or the basement ghosts would put on clean clothes so they don't stink, and Pete would have removed that arrow by now.
  12. In the book, The Long Winter, the town almost starved because the train with food and supplies couldn't get through. Maybe the restaurant can get regular deliveries from out of town suppliers. They may even have deals from the local farmers. They already buy eggs from the Ingalls and other families.
  13. Seeing the food issue spelled out, I guess opening Nellie's restaurant makes business sense in a small town after all.
  14. I agree about Jackie's behavior. I find her sad and cringy now. She was great when she acts normal and the voice of reason. She literally slapped sense into Darlene and Becky but is blind when it comes to herself. Throughout this episode, I kept thinking she needs Rosanne to yell out some hard truths. I think she needs therapy. She's been lost without her sister. On a lighter note, I didn't wear my glasses and was wondering why Mary was so small.
  15. I love when Natalie said about her new roommate, "She's got her rocks." That's one of the best episodes about the girls bonding and how they really became a family without even realizing it. A shame the channel skipped it.
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