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  1. Junior High where I went to school was grades 7-8. High school is four years, grades 9-12. I always get startled when I hear a school’s grade 9 is still junior high. Neither is wrong. It is what it is. But what’s the point of being called a freshman if you’re still in the jr high building?
  2. The later seasons are not popular, but I like the episode where when Willie gets married and Harriet disapproved. The end was a nice moment when Nels told Harriet that his mother didn't want him marrying her but it was the best thing he ever did. And then they danced.
  3. It seemed like a lot of tv shows featured an orangutan during that era due to the movie Every Which Way But Loose. It always seems forced though. Like they knew it's a stunt to get through for the paycheck. It doesn't help that I never thought orangutans are funny.
  4. I think I need to watch that one again. I don’t remember any of that.
  5. I don’t remember the entire town being kidnapped. What happened in that one? I remember Mr. Oleson getting kidnapped.
  6. That Halloween ending is still horrific to me even as an adult.
  7. I don’t watch the episodes whenever an Ingalls lose their babies. Caroline, Mary (twice!), and Laura. Also the episode where Caroline help her friend with birth and gave her baby to another couple after the friend dies. I think that’s the story. Or maybe she gave her friend another couple’s baby? I don’t remember because I haven't watch it after the first viewing.
  8. I skip Albert is addicted to MORphine. Ma's infected leg, but only because I'm squeamish. The acting was excellent. Gambini the Great Mr. Edwards lose Grace and family because of his depression and alcoholism. Episodes that focus on James.
  9. I always love the storytelling trilogy episodes. And this time had an extra about Maggie!
  10. I dislike the storyline where Fonzie became a teacher and the new students. But I really hated when Roger and Fonzie moved from teaching at Jefferson to that other school with the "delinquent" kids.
  11. Some of my classmates still had feathered hair in 1984. I agree the 80's didn't start until the mid 80's. But the 70's look is really noticeable starting in season after Richie and Ralph left. I noticed even Mr. C's trousers look 70's last night.
  12. I don't mind Roger and Jenny but Roger's brother was pointless. Did they ever said what happened to him, or did he disappear like Chuck and never mentioned again? Hmmmmmmm. Small town secrets...........
  13. Susanne Sommers and husband are in their 70’s and 80’s. They are over 20 years older than me and I’m starting to be terrified of stairs and usually take them one step at a time nowadays. A few years ago, I slipped on empty stairs and damaged my arm for months. It happens.
  14. When the movie came out, I added up the value of one plate multiplied by guests. I don't remember the exact cost but it was in the six figures. And that's only for food! My financial troubles will be over for what George paid for food that he didn't even get to taste. In the sequel, George sold the house. Didn't he pay $100,000.00 cash to get it back? Rich people are rich. I can't identify. Still love the first movie though. I wanted to wear lace sneakers if I ever got married. Alas, I never married.
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