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  1. The poor little guy alone for hours missing his mom. So tragic. I hope but sadly don’t expect a good ending for Naya after missing in a lake for so many hours.
  2. When Alison's book was published, she made an appearance at my local library to promote it. I always regretted that I wasn't able to attend.
  3. I saw the first days of college episodes and Jo was acting awful. She refused go to the financial office and admit her parents were poor, and refused to accept money from Blair. So what did she go to Blair for? It's not Blair's fault and she also can't fix it if you don't tell her what you want. All Jo did was put them both at risk for expulsion.
  4. They had several episodes about how you shouldn't make fun of overweight people because it's cruel (at least three) so I don't know why Harriet was fair game. I don't think she was overweight either.
  5. I'm not a fan of Chuck either but I enjoyed it when both actors showed up on one of the televised reunions.
  6. There's an article that says he lost 80 pounds for the movie Here Comes The Boom. I guess the weight loss was difficult to keep off once the movie finished. I always cringe reading about actors changing their bodies for a movie. It's done too quickly and rigorously. If the change is for weight loss, it will not last long term.
  7. I agree they should have kept Jenny Piccolo off screen. The actress did the best she could but how can she live up to the stories they told of a previously unseen character?
  8. I don't usually like the dream episodes either, but I find Laura's dream of the Olesons being poor funny. I remember Nellie looked prettier without her curly wig.
  9. I don't remember the unsuccessful spinoffs listed above, but I still fondly remember Out Of The Blue which was about the angel named Random.
  10. I actually like it and didn’t mind the new characters. But it went downhill for me when Fonzie and Ashley broke up (off screen), and then Joanie and Chachi came back and broke up only to get married in the last episode. The writing went from just bad to worse.
  11. I don’t think Roger got blamed, but I believe Ted McGinley is jokingly referred to as the guy who shows up when a tv show is past it’s glory days and is about to end.
  12. Maybe Natalie didn't want her parent's money (I'm including her dad because he was a doctor and most likely set up a college fund) since the whole point was gaining life experience and travel before college, and taking money didn't fit into her view of that. Of course in reality, she's still sheltered and she knows her mom and the others are there if she fails, but still.........
  13. I'm not someone who minds Tootie even though I can understand those who find her annoying. I just wish she didn't huff before speaking in a shrill voice. She didn't do that when she was young, and she did it less as she got older. But those middle years are hard to watch.
  14. I spoke too soon in the above post. Today's showing put back that scene but they silenced that word. Superclam, as you probably already figured out, the speech I was talking about is at the end when they arrived in Walnut Grove.
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