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  1. I hope it comes back too. Does such a short season mean anything when it comes to renewal? Anyway, if it doesn't come back, I'm still satisfied with the ending. Sure there were loose ends but nothing I would lose sleep over, like if one of the characters were in an accident or something.
  2. Glad Will and Tracy are over, and also glad it doesn't look like they'll turn her into an evil ex. They could have easily done it since she doesn't like Sophie or Angie. They're just at different stages of life and broke up like adults.
  3. Yeah I don't like the dumbing down of Emory. I was confused when it started happening because Emory was played as the same, or almost same, level as Evan in terms of intelligence previously.
  4. I didn't know it was Lecy's idea but it makes sense in hindsight. It was a nice break from Darlene's drama. Even Harris was ok and didn't annoy me for once. Wyatt started out ok. Awkward but ok. Both sides were making digs at the others teams and the Connors were fine with it (it's sports!). Dan would have looked past him being a Packers fan if he was respectful and treated Becky well. But Wyatt became a condescending jerk and lecturing how their feelings were wrong when he was a guest in Dan's home. Where was Beverly Rose? I would think Dan wants her there to make her a Bears fan as early as possible.
  5. I thought I heard the announcer say only three episodes left (which included this one)?
  6. I always bugged me when Dorothy told Lucas that she doesn't go on blind dates. She went on blind dates at least several times.
  7. There's only two episodes left so I'm watching to the bitter end. But I agree with you. There have been other characters with those traits but they're in on the joke or have redeeming qualities. Jessica had those in the early seasons. There is nothing likeable about her now. It's a shame the show started focusing on Jessica and less on Eddie.
  8. I liked it too. I'm also happy this is becoming more of an ensemble and not just about Carol being old.
  9. Yes, that was before she was in LHOTP because I recognized "that girl from Father Murphy" when she became Jenny.
  10. I had to turn the channel within the first few minutes. Can't stand the way Jessica treats Honey. I really wonder what is going on behind the scenes. The writers seem determined to destroy the character of Jessica and make the audience hate her. It's hard to remember how she was the breakout when the show first started.
  11. Father Murphy was where I first noticed a little actress named Shannon Doherty who was only in one episode. Say what you will about her as an adult but I thought she was cute and memorable as a child.
  12. I remember an episode after Laura was married and she was mad at Almanzo for hanging out with an old girlfriend. The B plot was a running joke that Pa kept needing to buy new glass window panes because they kept breaking in wacky ways. Imgine my surprise and delight when I stumbled on an episode of Bonanza which had the same running joke.
  13. I saw it back in the day. I was young can't remember anything about it except it was the usual Melissa Gilbert acting. I also saw Melissa's version of The Miracle Worker and thought it was pretty good. Then I saw Patty Duke's movie and was completely blown away. I need to read Patty's book again because I remember she wrote interesting stories about both versions including a bit about Melissa.
  14. Yeah, Laura as an adult was quite harsh. In addition to yelling at students, she didn't act too fond of Almonzo when she worshipped him before they married. I think it's because Melissa was still young and didn't know how to play mature so it came across as bitchy. I liked her scene during the Nellie reunion though. She had a bit of her old spark back.
  15. I agree there's no point of Will's girlfriend because while she *does* suck, she's not so evil that we (love to) hate her. We simply don't care about her.
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