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  1. They'll still have kids. It's just that Lily is taking care of the baby full time off-screen. Until they need the kids for one of their schemes, that is.
  2. I think they should have shown the documentary after the episode. Any fuzzy and nostalgic feelings I got watching the documentary quickly faded watching the actual show. Sad that a once great and we'll written show went out like that.I At least it's not the worse series finale in the history of television.
  3. Since I'm working from home, I'm able to catch episodes. I saw the Return of Nellie. Loooooove that one. She brought back a spark to the show. I also caught Mrs. Almanzo Wilder. Harve was clueless at best but I think he's just a jerk for stringing Eliza Jane along. He can't be *that* clueless about women, or even people in general.
  4. I don't know anything about tattoos but why would Harris need the money? She's working in a tattoo parlor. Can't she learn as an apprentice? She can also save her salary if money is indeed needed. It's not like she has any bills freeloading in Dan's house. Mark was being snarky, but she can also make money with her pot cookies. I don't blame Mark for calling out Darlene regarding her favoritism of Harris. He works hard and is nice and respectful, but gets the shaft. Bev backed the right horse. His own mother doesn't back him up so somebody else has to.
  5. Becky named her baby Beverly Rose! Now it looks like there was ulterior motives for that since she treats Bev pretty nasty now. It just goes to show the Conner's love is conditional and they only care about Bev when she gives them money. Bev is right that Darlene stole from her to fund the Lunchbox. Bev should just blow all her money on herself, minus the money to Mark. Darlene is getting worse and worse. I can't stand her now. How did she think they were going to keep it from Mark anyway? Was she going to lie and say grandma changed her mind? Bev was right to throw Darlene under the bus before Darlene did it to her.
  6. The aunts may love babies but even before they started badmouthing Becky, I was horrified that they think force feeding to make overly fat babies is healthy.
  7. I figure Mark and Mary are in school in the morning so they don't need a babysitter or be babysitters. There's at least one adult home in the evenings. Where's grandma Bev? I'd rather she babysit than the horrible aunts. Maybe she's too old? How about Crystal? They can have a throwaway line about her watching the baby so the actress doesn't even have to be on screen. I just hate those aunts.
  8. I understand the aunts' feelings but I still hate them. Like the poster above, I hope to god they don't overfeed Beverly Rose or take over raising her and undermining Becky.
  9. Becky and Mark were also willing to live in a trailer trying to be independent instead of sponging off her parents. Can't say the same for Darlene right now. If a retail job (a perfectly honest job) is not good enough for Darlene despite having zero income, a trailer certainly won't be good enough. She's lecturing Becky to go back to school to study hospitality and look down on her waitress job, but Becky was the one with her own apartment.
  10. Exactly. The other magazine is at least established and people are used to it. Why would anyone need two magazines about the same criminals? If they insist on starting a magazine, at least start with an online one. Bloggers can earn a lot of money if they catch on. And yes, Darlene pissed me off acting like she's too good for a retail job. If you're so "desperate," then do your freaking job that is guaranteed a real paycheck instead of using business hours doing some pie-in-the-sky dream. How desperate is she anyway living with Dan? Even a minimum wage paycheck can help ease a few utility bills. Yes, Price Mart laid off their workers, but they didn't know that at the time of Darlene's slacking off. Also, the workers who did their jobs will at least get a good reference. Maybe they'll even get hired back if the robot idea fails. And where's David with child support?
  11. I know where you're coming from. A sad lesson I learned is do not be irreplaceable. You will never be promoted because they need you right where you are.
  12. Uncle Lucas owns Hollingsworth Manor so does that mean Twin Oaks came from her mother's side of the family? Or does the Hollingsworth family just have many estates that got passed down? Why does Blanche have struggles with money? It contradicts with many things she says regarding her childhood and married life.
  13. I'm glad Ben shaved. I hated the beard and think he's so much better looking now. YMMV Was that still Jennifer Grey? I recognized her last time but I kept looking and listening and wasn't sure this time. Weird.
  14. It reminded me of the episode where Bart joined the Junior Campers and learned from Flanders. Homer was a jealous jerk in that episode too even though he had no interest in Bart. That said, I still liked several moments in this episode. I always like when Bart find a real father figure and become a better person.
  15. I'm disappointed they ended Dr. Lewis' character that way. It seems they were setting him up as Dr. Frost's rival, but decided they need a bigger name to save the show (Kelsey) so they sacrificed Dr. Lewis. I'm sure Kelsey and Frost will butt heads over Carol soon. It would have been interesting to have all three on the show.
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