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  1. I just watched this, and while it was entraining, I did not feel like we were watching a proper prequel. To be fair, I don’t think that was the intention. It’s just a fun mobile. As far as Pongo and Perdita being actually related, I don’t care. It happens. It takes multiple generations for problems to happen, and animals just do what they do. My cousin took in a tortoise that turned out that be pregnant, and well, while she was surprised when more tortoises were created, she realized that the tortoises don’t care.
  2. I so glad they ditched Sid’s mission I hope they ditch her next. It sounds like she is still screwed then over. They should ask Rex for tips. I was wondering if it was Gregor, and I soon as I heard that laugh, I knew. 🤣
  3. This might be my crime lord naivety talking, but why in the galaxy did Cid think it was a good idea to walk back into her bar right after stealing the spice? She seemed to think all was going to plan before the Pykes questioned them, so she did not seem worried about what Roland told the Pykes, and going in so soon after just put a huge “We did it!” sign on them. I suppose she expected them to be gone by then, but she didn’t really give them time to be gone. It was probably just a temporary solution, at least, that’s what I assumed. Many flew off, and they could just return and breed
  4. According to Wookipedia, in the Syndulla clan article… “5,929 members of the clan were taken as slaves for the Hutts.” That is so messed up, and we saw the beginnings of it here. Orn Free Taa was may have ended up being a puppet to the Emperor, but his anti-Chamism push help set that off. Rebels Spoilers…
  5. I admit I spent the first half of the episode squealing over young Hera while my son gave me strange looks. Then the Bad Batch showed up, and I remembered it was their show. Then I went back to squealing over Hera. I should probably rewatch the episode. 😂
  6. I felt that the Bad Batch was captured too easily. I would have preferred a “it was part of the plan to locate Muchi” reveal.
  7. Here I thought Echo would be sneaking out, and the guy would be wondering where his new “droid” went off to. Instead, he just walks out. Huh. Easier than I thought while still keeping the money.
  8. The way Wrecker gobbled down his food because he expected more reminded me so much of my son. Given how immature Wrecker is (compared to the other clones and even Omega at times), and that the clones were aged prematurely, he really seems to have a child’s mind in a man’s body. He even had a stuffed animal (a security toy?) that he passed down to Omega after her first mission. That’s just really depressing, and it shows how cruel cloning can be. If the Kaminoan leaders are to be redeemed, they have a lot to make up for, and being a thorn in the empire’s side because they are looking out f
  9. Great start! The mention of Depa immediately had me (and I am sure many others) thinking on the lines of “Alright! Oh crap!” I admit, the Bad Batch’s confusion on who Omega might be, asking about her family, had me laughing. She has the same face as most of the other clones. I was surprised that Echo was still so pale. Right after his rescue, I took it as a sign before of how malnourished and sickly he was, but he is still very pale. However, who knows what was fully done to him. ETA: The details of the exact aftermath order Order 66 for Depa and Kanan were changed a bit fr
  10. Did anyone else think Omega threw the ball outside the fence on purpose? I don’t mean to intentionally cause trouble, but in a “this will give me an excuse to explore” manner. I didn’t check, but did Cut have a scar? Since Rex already came and went, I would think he would have had the chip removed by the time the Bad Batch arrived. I didn’t even consider gender stereotypes. I thought it was a nice contrast between Cut and the other clones. Hunter probably did Omega as another soldier, even if it was just subconsciously. I do wish Omega’s return hadn’t been so last minute. It
  11. I haven’t been following up on Joss, so I admit, while he lost me with some of his arrogance, that he cheated on his wife took me by surprise only a few days ago. That he blamed the woman (or women) he slept with was gross. Now this. That he made the work place toxic is just disgusting. Michelle’s comment that they could not be alone...again... Ick. That being said, I don’t want everyone feeling like they have to comment. NB’s statement feels forced and unnecessary. I don’t blame him. I blame the pressure put on him. The same goes for if Michelle wants to clarify or not. Even i
  12. Cloaked mysterious figure in black. Was anyone else hoping for a Barriss? Probably just me. I also misremembered her lightsaber color, or rather, mixed it up with Luminara’s. Does this mean that if they had done nothing, Luke would have essentially come in and saved Grogu anyway? Imagine if he had “won” the dark saber? 😆
  13. We don’t know how Wolfe or Gregor had their chips removed, so maybe Rex succeeded in saving two of his brothers. In another episode, Rex said he kept some information from the Empire, so aside from Operation: Brother Rescue, he may have returned to try to minimize Empire damage. Let a prisoner escape here. Misplace some equipment there.
  14. Meushell

    Mulan (2020)

    I think that was part of my problem. I knew it wasn’t a remake of the cartoon, but I did go in thinking that it would follow more closely to the original ballad.
  15. Meushell

    Mulan (2020)

    Overall, it was entertaining, but I didn’t feel for most of the characters. I accepted that they replaced Shang, but he had crappy replacements. Honghui had potential, but I think they needed to do more with him. He didn’t even feel like a love interest, but just someone who became friends with Mulan. That would be fine if that’s all he was meant to be, but he wasn’t. Then there was Yong, who was just sort of...there. Shang was both commanding and inspiring to his troops. Yong was...meh. They kind of did the same with Shan Yu. He was absolutely brutal, strong, smart, bold,
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