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  1. That issue wasn’t about money though. It was either give Jackie and Becky a chance with the restaurant that Bev already owned, or rent it to the guy who can pay the rent. The choice that Darlene made, with pressure from Dan I might add, was ridiculous. However, Dan was never going to get any money out of it.
  2. Yes, I got the impression that Darlene wanted to help her Dad out with Ben’s money, which is just wrong. I think that was pretty much confirmed when Dan said she didn’t have the money, but Ben said, “But we do.” I don’t like this plot, as Darlene was finally moving forward with Ben. I don’t want to see another back step just to keep them all in the same house, but that seems to be where the show is going.
  3. The bank scene was a little weird. They made the guy sympathetic, but Louise seem to be a little angry at him. I can forgive Dan’s tone because I could believe that he was just angry in general, probably at himself. The grab for the ham was a bit strange. Why on earth would he grab for him at that point? I honestly thought it was to remind Dan to grab it, but then they had Louise grabbing it with a glare. Then they also made a huge point about the new bank company being “Mwa ha ha ha” evil. Just looking at Dan’s life and finances would indicate that he’s not going to get the money (since the characters don’t know if they are in a sitcom). Instead his life was put into an algorithm, the results were spit out, and this is treated as a horrible thing to do. Then the guy goes on how he’s barely holding on to the job because the bank wants someone cheaper, younger, and apparently, less experienced...or maybe they just don’t want a guy who takes bribes. I feel for Dan, but that just felt mixed and awkward.
  4. I don’t care for Dan and Louise. She said she was willing to wait, then decided it was long enough. While I can understand that, her blaming Dan for “stringing her along” was terrible. I like that Dan doesn’t know how to date, but the drunk bar scene was uncomfortable to watch. I felt bad for the other guy who was put in an uncomfortable and rather creepy situation. Given what they did with his character both when he wasn’t and then was available, I wouldn’t blame him if he wants to stay away.
  5. I don’t really blame Harris or Mary. Mary is young. Sure, she could do better with keeping in contact with her Bev, but that’s on DJ for not pushing/reminding her. Harris certainly made a mistake, but she‘s had a lot going on recently. When she first saw her Bev, she was happy to see her. Bev was the one who treated her awful by rejecting a hug from her own great granddaughter.
  6. Boy I’m glad they didn’t have Mark give Harris the money. I thought they were going to go there. The title of this episode is really annoying, given how badly Bev was treated. I cannot imagine stranding someone at the airport, let alone a 92 year old woman. Jackie has made jokes about killing her mom in the past, but in this episode, it felt like she actually meant it. I do feel bad for Harris because her own grandma didn’t want to hug her, then teased about giving her money. Good on her for not wanting to steal from her grandma. It’s sad that on this show, that’s an actual compliment. She might have decided on a different grandma name for her great grandkids, and everyone started using that name. It’s just a guess, of course, but that’s exactly what happened with one of my grandmas after my son was born.
  7. Well, that was really underwhelming. I realize some contestants didn’t do so well in losing weight, but the re-introduction of all of them felt so blah. It just looked so cheap. Then the Bob talk because...why? To be honest though, I always feel like the Bob talks are about Bob. Otherwise, why is it that, and not they’re talking heads. Why can’t these people share their own journey without the Bob commentary? Why didn’t we see each get a weigh in with a “My Journey” segment. This does provide a rather perfect opportunity to let the show be what it really should be. More long-term with more realistic results, success or failure.
  8. This will show my ignorance, but what are they doing wrong? I never liked that machine, and based on this post, I guess I know why. LOL (Sorry about double posting, but I couldn’t figure out how to add this quote in the first post. When I tried to quote into the edited version, it just made a new post.)
  9. True. If they did it right, it would be a great part of the show. I suppose I just don’t trust them to really do it right, and I’d rather they leave it out rather than give the wrong information.
  10. Personally, I don’t really mind them not talking about food. Maybe it’s just my bad memory, but it seems like talking about healthy food in the past were usually promos or greatly exaggerating the calories of unhealthy food. Even food challenges in real life setting were off because it was too extreme.
  11. Wow, the aunts were both horrible as people and as characters. Believing that is Becky a seductive slut who carelessly got their nephew deported was so awful that it took away any sympathy they had. Expecting her to fix it, whiling conveniently forgetting that she and the baby need him more than they do, just hammered the point home. They are terrible people. As characters, they are awful for perpetuating the stereotype that people talk in their native language to talk bad about others.
  12. I felt bad for the European team. They were slaughtered. The one guy who did the best just took his time on everything. Wasn’t he the one who waved? Maybe he gave up team-wise and just enjoyed himself. I don’t particularly like or dislike Drew, but I didn’t mind him going through. The moment he was injured, I think the rope climb was out. The points should mean something, but is a headstart fair? Wouldn’t that just give the win to whoever has the headstart? Maybe all the points should be 3 for first, 2 for second, and 1 for third. As much as I felt bad for the Europeans, I also was basically rooting against them in three final round because I don’t think it would have been fair to displace the Australians after getting, what, like one win needed, wasn’t it?
  13. They are pretty common in mud runs. Jumping in without knowing where the bottom is, that’s on Teri.
  14. She seems less crazed when she’s not trying/desperate, and to be honest, when she’s away from her family. Any storyline where she’s happy and having her own life (and I don’t count The Lunchbox) is good with me.
  15. Now I’m curious, since you don’t like her. She’s one that has passed under the radar to me. Her stepping up while her hands and, I think, arms, seemed like a good way for her to fall on her face. Better than emotional issues getting 99.9% of the blame. 😀
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