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  1. (Interior: Enterprise-D Bridge) Riker: Wesley, your shift ended 5 minutes ago. Why are you still here? Wesley: Unknown sir. Computer, locate Ensign Gates. Computer: Ensign Gates is in Replicator Station 3.
  2. Then Neelix almost killed the organic plasma fuel with fungus released from his cooking.... replicators online again
  3. Did Picard fly the smallest available shuttle to Romulus? Why are only 2 survivors grateful enough to stick around? Or is there a contingent of Romulans living at Chateau Picard, but these are the only 2 that get screen time?
  4. Dex ordered it a diner....so it likely was a slice ... Just like a pie, the remainder went to the freezer.
  5. Are there more than 2 Humpback whales on Earth? That probe will be really angry in another 100 years....
  6. This utopian society must still frown upon under-age drinking.....
  7. Yes. B-4 fatally crashed due to memory overload. The giant lab clearly had no storage space and needed to put a failed prototype in a drawer.
  8. How can they afford flying sprinkler units? Their wine cannot be cheap.....
  9. Did Lex trap Ivy? So Harley would be Ex Communicado if she launches a rescue op....and an excuse to get the "crew" back together. What is up with Batman? Always taking the bait of saving her, but not hitting on her??? Not like he has a "no villain dating" rule....
  10. Family angst anvil for Miles. Daddy is a big shot criminal lawyer. Daddy issues ahead...
  11. Only a fool would refuse an opportunity to spend LESS time with McCain....and double dip vacation pay with acting salary at the same time.....
  12. Hoffman put a tracking transmitter on the Porsche. Grey found it and placed it on an ice cream truck. Hoffman yelled at Grey for that. Grey replied that the tracker was so poorly hidden, the gang would have found it and immediately kill him. Hoffman needs an arrest more than dead Grey, so likely bad judgement as opposed to an intentional burn notice.
  13. Lex Luthor in the new Harley Quinn animated series is Moff Gus....but does not appear until a few episodes in....
  14. Explosion in San Francisco. Beamed home when stabilized.
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