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  1. Is android Picard still alive? Only He can rebuild the Federation in a super crossover event!
  2. Probably thought of Organ Grinder & Monkey but got confused...
  3. Maybe his frequent shirtless scenes reduced his facial flexibility
  4. Actually, Chris Rock was not in that scene...It was most of the Cannon crew in a holding cell
  5. How is Georgiou supposed to run Section 31? There is no infrastructure and no obvious source of funding.
  6. Any reason that made him drop the tedious Olsen Twins bit is divine intervention...
  7. Leti has NOT forgotten how to run...was worried that she would WALK back to the human sacrifice...
  8. A season of George Freeman 2 struggling to write a sequel (insert Game Of Thrones joke here)
  9. So milk and sugar in coffee gets you killed, but a good sundae will save your life... hopefully, Nadine made it out alive... How does Ethelrida survive to narrate this story??? She is too stupid...surprised that nobody followed her to the hotel.
  10. They are villagers that lived near the mansion - the white lady that Ruby morphed into was one of them The one that saved Dee is the same one that saved Tic from the cops. It was linked to his invulnerability spell that Montrose [luckily] read correctly.
  11. Hippolyta could be the next Tony Stark... She has prosthetic technology decades ahead of anyone. She could build a suit. Looks like Dee is going to break a lot of pencils...
  12. The Mayors of those Sundown towns near Ardham must be really in financial trouble or everyone is too scared to be a cop...
  13. If Book is really an avatar for Harrison Ford, this is what saves Indy & Miriam from face-melting...
  14. Whoever holds the Dark Saber rules Mandalore. Moff Gus should die sometime this season...so Bo can return as Queen but there will inevitably be some Game Of Thrones intrigue, Cara might be head of the Queensguard...
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