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  1. Activating LMD!Coulson has to be the branch point of the alternate timeline...he needs to die in a 12 Monkeys style double time loop that resets the O.G. timeline...Enoch implemented Dr. Strange non-disclosure to prevent the team from saving Coulson at the critical moment.
  2. Yes. She had been in the morgue around 24 hours before Perry viewed her.
  3. Only because Libby decided to "Red Reddington" monologue,, no need to make Sara drop her gun first...she wasted a perfect kill shot
  4. Ennis has killed everyone else involved in the conspiracy. If Mother/ Sister were involved, they would be dead. Holcomb will manufacture some evidence against Ennis that also exonerates Emily, then kill him and present the evidence to Mason; thereby becoming the hero that L.A. deserves, but not the one it needs right now....
  5. Libby is a boss level cat burglar...hope she is getting other stuff that can actually be fenced...
  6. [Interior: Courtroom] Mason: Detective Ennis, How many men do you believe were involved in kidnapping Charlie Dodson? Ennis: 3. They all died. Mason: Who is Rollo Tomassi?
  7. Are you saying this gave you indigestion???? Or your auto-correct is defective???
  8. Is John Schuyler Moore related to the sisters from Hamilton? Maybe that was answered in S1 thread but I never watched then so have not read old posts.
  9. Betting that there is a time jump next season so a detailed explanation need not be provided.
  10. Literally, Perry still has that thread sample which remains a loose [dead?] end....
  11. Surprised that "Fat Jack" was able to follow all of the big thesaurus words Lazlo was throwing around. I expected more repetition getting progressively dumbed down,,,
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