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  1. The sharks could capture Atlantis by using Clayface to order its surrender.
  2. How did she find the safehouse? How many people did she bribe with home baked cakes for the address? L.A. has really good bus service to get her there and back. She has met 2 versions of Magda but does not seem to sense any extraordinary darkness.
  3. Diego is a flyweight, Reilly is a heavyweight. Even the most corrupt judge would fall off the bench laughing when Diego makes his allocution.
  4. Not a federal Congressman. He is the Republican Assembly Speaker for Wisconsin state legislature.
  5. Patterson: They look like detailed schematics for a chemical weapons system.
  6. In the first 10 minutes of the following episode. Tiago walks into an interrogation room and stops Reilly.
  7. John should drop his Adam Driver obsession for a while and replace it with a weekly Tucker Carlson roast.
  8. Which D.A. is going to waive the Death Penalty for 5 murder counts? Confessing WITHOUT naming co-conspirators / accomplices provides no incentive for the State to keep Diego alive.
  9. Diego admits to 5 murders in exchange for what??? Not getting raped and killed before execution?? That surfing scene was extraneous...Kurt is a racist...shocking!
  10. AIRING JUN 7 / 20 Molly visits Tiago at his apartment; Dottie and Lewis confront Brian; Elsa and Frank move in with the Crafts; Alex and Townsend discuss how to defeat Councilwoman Beck; Lewis enlists Tiago to join his covert operations; Maria summons Santa Muerte.
  11. Does Springfield have a sushi place? Homer never seemed to be a raw seafood eater...but I have missed a lot of episodes....
  12. Whatever Force sensitivity she has is insignificant in a Palpatine vs. Yoda cage match...
  13. Is there some early version of Oscorp? Norman is not around, but maybe some other Osborn developed an experimental Green Goblin serum that only works on chimps that was stolen before human trials could start.
  14. Google Trevor Noah George Floyd Choose link to Facebook - no geo blocking issue ETA: Cheaper than paying for VPN
  15. Best Little Mermaid song ever.
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