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  1. LAPD jurisdiction extends to Guatemala??? Rogue rule breaking cops are back!!! Too bad that Voight & Upton are in Chicago and on NBC... Otherwise, they could tag along and break more laws.
  2. Captain Marvel has a lot of free time to kill Ultron since her Skrull buddies are not enslaved / oppressed in this universe.
  3. Did some of these animators work on Shrek? Thor looked a lot like Charming
  4. The sequel has to be a "Thames Jungle Cruise" so the Rock has to learn about London... Instead of supernatural pirates, there will be G-Rated Guy Ritchie Holmes style gangsters everywhere... maybe a reunion with Statham
  5. An Ancestral village protected by a magic dragon beats a few farms inhabited by some oxen and dogs...
  6. Trevor needs a rimshot drummer... is Dave Grohl available????
  7. Stane is guilty in both universes. Only Stane could supply The Ten Rings with Stark weaponry.
  8. What If... Killmonger stole the droid schematics from Mickey Rourke???
  9. In Mexico, abortion was recently decriminalized by its Supreme Court... In 2019, approx 60K abortions were performed in Texas. Hopefully, those Mexican clinics have the capacity to handle U.S. demand...
  10. Will there be a Terminator plot twist where Picard has to save Zefram Cochrane? The year of First Contact was 2063. Unless Q is not following canon?
  11. Vision should have killed all the other zombies including Wasp before ripping the stone out of his head
  12. If Armie Hammer had not become problematic, he would have been better than Cruise...
  13. Bucky should have grabbed the Falcon jet pack...
  14. If Georgiou is running Section 31, her Number One must be Commander Bauer...
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