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  1. Betting Senator Dickhead would classify the Wakandan arm an enhancement so VA disability benefits could be cancelled retroactively...
  2. By the time next episode airs, HBO will have paid a ransom and returned Darius to his home....
  3. The guy in the catfish photo cannot be ruled out either...
  4. Walker is chasing Karli through Central Park. Before he catches her, a TVA portal opens in his path and sucks him into...
  5. He ripped the eyeball out of that dude in Germany so Barton could unlock the door
  6. And not like it was an obstacle from American Ninja Warrior either...
  7. Did Katie play basketball? The coach killed her. Not sure if he was the coach 25 years ago. Katie- sexually abused by coach- threatens to go public / attempts blackmail, ends up dead Katie discovers that coach is predator / dealing drugs, ends up dead
  8. Is this like The Mentalist? So that Zabel is from the PBI?
  9. Who would die first? Smitty or an innocent bystander?
  10. Besides Guy Pearce, Evan Peters is the highest profile male actor. Therefore, HE is the killer. All of the denizens we have met have no obvious motive to kill Erin outright. Besides age and location, Katie and Erin are an unlikely pattern for a standard Criminal Minds unsub. 2 killers twist.
  11. The serum gives super strength without major growth in bone and muscle. Steve Rogers added at least 100 lbs of body mass.
  12. She would have finished her rookie year and immediately be recruited by SWAT.
  13. Surprised that there was no Ladyhawke joke...
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