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  1. Or they shot a drunken karaoke duet of her with Bishop... And had to toss it
  2. This is some kind of bone marrow/ stem cell donation... not an organ... just some pain... but now the deal is donate [and get paid] or die...
  3. Why would anybody sign up on a donor list just to back out? This is the second time.
  4. If you spend all your credits on clothes and after-market Vespa parts from Watto, upgrading your implants is impossible....
  5. Bindi Irwin must be #1 Blacklister for rescuing all the pets abandoned by other Blacklisters...
  6. That stick belonged to Chief Tusken. Boba still has his own when he walks away the next morning.
  7. Bib was The Outer Rim equivalent of Neville Chamberlain... He appeased the 2 strongest competitors by splitting the region into thirds... If Bossk had been around then, Bib would have died
  8. No. I agree with you that the Warren Commission Magic Bullet Theory is wrong! Harrison was stalking Dex in the woods- but not on murder day.
  9. It is a Bacta tank. Bacta is a healing liquid. A combination of constant clone cellular degeneration and combat wounds require daily treatment. Especially because he recently spent years without it in the desert...
  10. So why is someone scarier than the Hutts coming for Boba? Mystery Boss could have taken over when Jabba died instead of waiting so many years.
  11. If the season was longer, Douchebag Billionaire would have paid for the coverup... Influencing State Police & FBI to close the case quickly and quietly... because he has been in love with Angela for SO MANY YEARS... ETA: Angela & Audrey move into his chalet... Flash forward 15 years to bearded Harrison working on an offshore oil rig drilling through the most environmentally sensitive area of Alaska
  12. Guessing that Sexy Boss put Jimmy in the truck BEFORE shooting him. A bloody loading dock is harder to explain than an MMA fight floor
  13. The flipside of this observation is how Maximus Spartacus Wookiee failed to kill Boba within 30 seconds
  14. Antonio Banderas and Enrique Iglesias will show up as mysterious allies for Boba carrying guitar cases...
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