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  1. Episode Titles [Disney+] Filmed Before A Live Studio Audience Don't Touch That Dial Now In Color
  2. Hard to top Boardwalk Empire where an entire body was sent in a giant crate to Nucky Thompson... La Fiera will rat out [or kill] the local competition to Lopez and Junior will run point on the college market...
  3. 454 g was also rejected...
  4. Mid Season Premiere Fueled by his betrayal, Elizabeth Keen seeks vengeance on Reddington. Airdate: Jan 22 / 21
  5. I still cannot understand the AirBnB bit...She could afford a travelling doula and the expensive house rental...what was wrong with her own house??? ETA: If the main point was to highlight systemic OB/GYN issues, it would have been far simpler for the doula to be pulled over by Nolan while speeding to the hospital with an unconscious patient [Classic Cop Trope]. Thereby avoiding obvious plot holes and poorly delineated character actions / behaviour.
  6. The Return.... Called "16 Ounces," the winter premiere of The Blacklist Season 8 will air on Friday, January 22 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. It will have to pick up on the fall final that saw the deaths of both Dom and Katarina, with Red shooting Katarina right in front of Liz, who had sworn to Red that their relationship would be over if he killed her mother. Blacklist executive producer John Eisendrath already confirmed that a war is coming between Liz and Red
  7. The cousin is involved with something illegal.. then she will be homeless again and has to move in with Chen & West "temporarily for the whole season"
  8. No new girlfriend needed for Nolan...Mama in the house 4evah!
  9. How kids today change channels...
  10. Or his best friend, Fix-It Felix
  11. This is all coming out of her jumbled brain under stress...Wanda only has a flimsy tether to reality via "commercials"... Dick Van Dyke canon, sadly, did not survive....
  12. Mr. Hart was not at the talent show...did "Kitty" kill him at home???
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