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  1. So this bad-ass Lincoln guy would have been a great candidate for Five-0 had the series not been coming to an end. Chuck Norris - WTF! McGarrett would never like NJ. Anyone think the cipher might be some kind of a joke? (although Doris wasn't the joking type)
  2. I agree with most of this ↑ in theory, but can't see a need for adoption as Sylvie is the baby's half sister. Also, no need for DCP to be involved.
  3. This is true↑, but they'll spin this into some sort of drama. Like he's not able to care for the kid, he's unfit, he's not the father, he doesn't want to, etc. This baby storyline is in its infancy (pun intended).
  4. I continue watching just to come to this forum to see the, mostly comical, reactions to this "so called medical drama." To answer your question, it is a resounding NO. Also the most interesting characters have either left the show or are hardly ever seen (Dr. Latham, the neuro doc).
  5. preeya

    S07.E18: Lines

    She seems to be "getting away" with it quite well, and Voight is definitely a hypocrite. Let's see how well Haley does working with [squeaky clean] Omar at the FBI.
  6. preeya

    S07.E18: Lines

    The pot calling the kettle black: used to convey that the criticisms a person is aiming at someone else could equally well apply to themselves. I can't believe Voight actually said to Haley "do you understand, you crossed the line?"
  7. Called it. Mother dies, Brett has half sister to raise.
  8. This week's lineup of conflicts: Halstead vs. Charles Manning vs. Crockett Choi vs. Crockett Goodwin vs. her ex Goodwin v. Halstead And a late entry is (wait for it): April vs. Choi
  9. The night that you left, I KISSED CROCKETT Waah, waah, waah.
  10. The manner in which Cain's character has been built, you can't know or even attempt to read into what he said to Ezra. First off I think it's all bullshit and he just said it as an "admittance" to keep Ezra from turning him in. If there is something, I'll bet it is much more serious that just some instruments that weren't cleaned properly. I wouldn't trust/believe anything that comes out of his mouth.
  11. Screwed up royally = HE (Ezra) SHOULD BE FIRED & BANNED FROM PRACTICING MEDICINE & SUED BY THE PATIENT'S FAMILY! ETA: Cain should also get the same since it was his coercion that actually caused this.
  12. Looks like "the RED ROCK GOONS' are starting to butt heads. This should be interesting and enjoyable to see them take each other down.
  13. Then they would have to re-name the show "The Dead Good Doctor" 😉
  14. No and Reznick "call me a bitch" can join her.
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