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  1. ridiculosity & nut-fuckery - two great adjectives and yes, she is totally delusional Both EP & CAPT have gone to her head as MH & OB.
  2. This is borderline for me. The only reason I'm watching is because Blacklist was moved aside for this. Denzel vs Hornsby; Denzel wins by a landslide.
  3. Actually, it's a miracle that SVU is still running and we're still watching and commenting. Sainthood for OB?? Definitely not, although she's anointed herself to that lofty position.
  4. In total agreement with all of this ↑. Just wondering as an afterthought: was this case intended to mirror the Antonio Brown case(s)? Brown is in deep doodoo with the NFL because of rape allegations and his weird behavior.
  5. As mentioned before: there is very little reality on this very bad show. Even more-so that they had Abrams agree with the "plug pulling," although I did enjoy Choi getting chastised.
  6. ↑↑ THIS ↑↑ ITA, but I watch this with the mindset that this is a very bad show. I have many fun moments coming to this forum to see all the reactions and comments. There is very little reality in the show but many LOL moments.
  7. Choi eating crow was the best thing I've seen on this show. Abrams really gave it to him. And Halstead's "lack of brain" disease kicks in once again.
  8. Chicago "FEUD" feuds again, big time.
  9. And they made light of that fact, which made me go nuclear. Come on guys, instead of some lighthearted banter with JG, we should have seen her being court-marshaled and DD'd.
  10. Should she move in with him, it's inevitable that the son will make a re-appearance. He'll likely be broke and looking for some $$$.
  11. If they time jump to 06/02/2024 they'll all be dead and we'd be able to move on.
  12. An attempt to clarify doesn't, here: https://tinyurl.com/rkm4yjh
  13. Showtime announces 11th and Final Season of "Shameless" to Premiere This Summer. Read it here: https://tinyurl.com/ukzkg33
  14. Like I said previously I'm thinking there will be a twist so it could very well be - DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUNNNN!
  15. Yes, that's what piqued my thoughts, but I was thinking some kind of a twist, like perhaps Declan (??) who is the ultimate sleaze. That covers the sister, what could he/they have done to the wife (Ray's mother), other than taking Mickey away from the family.
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