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  1. I don't think she was suing, she was negotiating a deal. A portion of the insurance money for custody.
  2. Me too. I really don't like Jane Lynch; never have.
  3. Not so much the law, but the internal procedures each bank has in effect for Safe Deposit Operations.
  4. Thirty five minutes in before we see any real action, which lasted for about three minutes. Terrorist plot? One guy with an exploding door popper. WTF! Callen & Sam reiterating their life's choices ad infinitum. I don't care about Kensi & Deeks pregnancy "issues." Three months isn't reason to panic. If so, go to a fertility doctor. Nell and Eric's antics are boring and childish. Put Hetty out to pasture. Her absences create more drama than her presence. Showrunners: Either re-vamp the show or cancel it.
  5. THIS ↑ and Nolan's partner not acting like a dick.
  6. An observation: For all the Grey's Anatomy fans. Does anyone beside me think Shy Baldwin and Maggie Pierce could pass for siblings?
  7. Outside of Paulie being a huge pain in the ass, this was a very good episode.
  8. preeya

    SEAL Team

    THIS ↑ I also had reservations about the arrest and the manner in which it was handled. The cop never ID'd himself and just grabbed her from behind. The twist to the whole incident will be that he's (the cop) friends with the two scumbags and Lisa will be in deep do-do when they make it look like she was the aggressor. That is until Sonny comes to the rescue.
  9. I'll second that. Much too much over the top. When you sign up for these shows you know beforehand you'll be away from family and friends for more than a month, so there is no need at all for the "reuniting shit."
  10. The scenes in the motel room(s) took my mind straight to the Bates Motel.
  11. No Debbie, no Lim, no Carley. Football guy should never play again. Bye, bye Shawn's Papa, "burn in hell." Hope that ends that arc. Glassman: Shawn is not your mirror image. Don't inject your feelings on him, he's unique.
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