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  1. She (WoodenBarbie™) would never take over Intelligence. If Voight leaves, I believe Jay would be next in line or they would bring in an outsider to run the unit.
  2. Next week, or when she gets back from her honeymoon after marrying Halstead? (lol) The reaction on Jay when she said they should get married was priceless.
  3. I should have said "Burgess suspects" instead of Burgess knows.
  4. Thanks. So basically the entire force is looking for someone who is dead & buried. Two scumbag cops. ETA: Also based on the ending of this episode, I'm thinking that Burgess knows or at least suspects what is going on.
  5. Pardon this, but I wasn't watching with undivided attention and I don't recall last season's finale. What is the big secret that Voight & Haley are hiding/covering up?
  6. preeya

    S41.E01: A New Era

    Let "WOKENESS" prevail!
  7. preeya

    S05.E01: Da Da

    Once again I must reiterate, I hate, hate, hate drama shows where they add babies into the mix. It's always a distraction that adds nothing to the storylines. The only saving grace coming out of this one was Dr. Cain is gone.
  8. How many angry faces can one FBI Agent (OA) make in one one minute scene? Talk about taking it personally.
  9. This show has turned into a potpourri of junk (i.e. $hit).
  10. They should have taken the NOLA crew and moved them to Hawaii. These people are not believable. And yes, it was boring.
  11. Well that's a wrap. See ya again next season.
  12. My picks for tonight: Kelsey (only because she seems like the chosen one since the beginning) #2 - Autumn #3 - Suu. I'll be rooting for Suu for the upset, although I wouldn't be unhappy if Autumn pulled the upset of Kelsey.
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