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  1. Finished the series. One comment: it was like watching a Lily Collins fashion show. Almost every scene a different outfit.
  2. It's not so "lame-ass" to want to help out team mates and perhaps he just might be a "nice guy."
  3. As the saying goes: "there's more than one way to skin a cat" But, of course since it hasn't been or likely never will be made public, we'll never know.
  4. Just wondering here. Murph said he felt awful for not getting the $60k for his team. Perhaps he dug $50k out of his winnings ($200k) and gave each of his Savage mates $10k each. That would be an awesome gesture.
  5. IMO, Linda would have made a better showing in the finale than Myles. Was it really that difficult to unravel chains?
  6. Good observations. That said, IMO, Danny has been the standout player since Day 1 and deserves to win. We'll see if "height challenged" can beat "military ad infinitum"
  7. My big criticism from last night: The tie breaker was to determine which "TEAM" would win. Why wasn't the tiebreaker a competition between the teams (6 people against 6 people) instead of one against one??? IMO that's a big fail on TPTB.
  8. Phil said, if there's a tie there would be a tiebreaker. With that said, I'm waiting to see the tiebreaker (it is so obvious).
  9. I thought for sure someone was going to get a foot or a leg smashed.
  10. preeya


    Isn't there always a mole in the FBI. I'm getting bad vibes about "new boss."
  11. preeya


    I watched the first episode of S03 and I'm not sure where this is going. There were a few mentions of S02 but it seems to be disconnected.
  12. I don't think she could survive in the real world, which would be nothing like she was accustomed to, prior to incarceration.
  13. He said "I need to speak to Agent Porter at the DEA right away, please."
  14. Doofus? I'd say loser. No matter where he goes or who he's with turns to shit.
  15. Dean is one big pain in the ass. Hopefully, he'll get his "comeuppance."
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