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  1. I watched a bunch of "The Listener" episodes over the last few weeks, and tonight they showed the series finale but they edited out something big! They had a shot of Dev leaving his super computer out and Tia looking at it, but they cut out where she used it and they also cut out I thought that there was something odd about Tia looking speculatively at Dev's laptop. I found the whole episode on YouTube. I have no idea why Ion would cut that out in syndication.
  2. This time around, Billie reminded me of Dakota Johnson, but that might be because I saw Dakota the other night on Jimmy Kimmel's show. I laughed all through the apple picking sketch, again.
  3. What is going on with Seth's eyebrows? I don't watch his show regularly, so I don't know if someone in the studio fixes them and that person can't get at them now, or what. They look like a half an eyebrow each. I can hardly focus on anything else (other than how many books are on the table next to him).
  4. Don't let Jake and Amy and Bruce Willis see this, even in jest.
  5. Holy moley that baby was big. I guess parents, even stage parents, don't want to hand over actual newborns for a tv show. For no good reason, I was hoping for a Lin-Manuel Miranda guest shot. I did like Scully and Hitchcock coming up with the birthing room.
  6. I think that Georgie meant to replace the money without telling anyone, and that's why he didn't report it. If baby Dale hadn't come home early, he never would have known.
  7. She started out with that high voice, too. It took her a while to get low.
  8. Boy, Dale looked absolutely evil at the end. Poor Georgie. He was doing a great job. That actor is so good. Not enough Missy, but I guess that Sheldon has to be the main character *sometimes*.
  9. I just saw my tivo'd episode with Jennifer Aniston and I really loved it. One thing that this shelter-in-place thing has done is to let us see people/celebrities when they don't have to promote anything. Just being themselves. If I'd thought of it, I would have known that of COURSE Jennifer Aniston has friends that she has jokes with, and she sometimes orders the wrong thing on Amazon, and she'd be gracious and appreciative to a nurse fighting on the front lines of COVID-19. But this is the first time I actually got to SEE it.
  10. I didn't like it, and I thought the "caper" music was inappropriate. This wasn't a caper; it wasn't smart or funny. Josh the front guard did surprise me, so there's that I guess. eta: that wasn't directed at you, preeya: I wrote my post before I saw yours, sorry.
  11. I would've loved to see Cathy Anne on WU.
  12. I was wondering if maybe a few things got cut for the tribute for Hal Willner. It seems like they should have some material all ready to go if they do another of these.
  13. Kate' cat Nino has a twitter account (maybe also IG but I'm not on that) https://twitter.com/NinoMcKinnon?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author I wonder if they got the idea from a Scottish sportscaster who's done sports commentary on his two dogs; first one and second one I agree with whoever said that the popcorn kernels were oddly compelling. And I guessed right!
  14. Or Bowen either, right? At least not in any kind of sketch. eta: Ah, thank you, Dev F! I've never even noticed that before!
  15. I liked it and appreciated it. I laughed at Heidi/Bailey saying that Emma stole from Clueless. I was baffled at her promo for Louis CK though. Pete Davidson might have found his niche as a home performer. Go, Pete's Mom! And that tribute to Hal Willner was really moving.
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