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  1. Funny you say that; I was wondering during the show what he looked like as a marine. https://www.wearethemighty.com/articles/star-wars-adam-driver
  2. I thought this show was great, too. Agree that Cheer was the weakest. The number of times that the audience gasped/groaned is always a sign, for me, that the show is pushing the boundaries. (My favorite SNL commercial is still the Keds one with the Heaven's Gate-type footage and Keds, "worn by levelheaded Christians.") I can't remember the last time almost every sketch was funny to me.
  3. I loved the juxtaposition of Paige, sad and lost and meriting a hot beverage, with the supremely confident Missy getting her cold beverage from the fridge.
  4. In introducing Sandra Bullock, Ricky mentioned The Bird Box about people trying not to see anything, like all the people who had worked with Weinstein.
  5. And he mentioned Holland Taylor. Boy, Awkwafina looked flabbergasted to win.
  6. I think that these special award speeches do tend to go on a little long. In addition to summarizing their own lives, the awardees also mention the person it was named for. I liked it. I liked her walking off with her arm around Kate's shoulders.
  7. Lizzo tweeted a picture of herself dressed as the Statue of Liberty when she worked as a sign spinner for Liberty Taxes, along with an SNL publicity shot. Quite a journey.
  8. Yes, the first thing I noticed was that the dark circles under his eyes were much less noticeable than they have been in the recent past.
  9. I heard her say "I'm Gumby, damn it," but I know I missed some stuff. That bear-killing-the-elves sketch was so strange; loved Eddie as the witness. "GIRL THEY DEAD." This mostly lived up to my expectations. I don't like Colin and Che's year-end jokes, though. I did laugh at Pete Davidson saying he had $30k on him and how could Colin not; "What if Scarlett wants to go to lunch?"
  10. "Oh my God, Mikey!" "I think that was maybe Alex." "It's the same thing."
  11. They had to do a photo area and a "tablescape," which took me right back to the good old TWoP days of ruthlessly mocking Sandra Lee's semi-homemade show.
  12. I'd agree with you about the focal point except that was explicitly part of the instructions. I think that if Rebecca had done the hammock she talked about, she would have been okay. Justine said hers would be the doors, and she did the doors and they were great. This was me; I thought oh cool, you can go look through telescopes, but I didn't realize that you didn't have to go look; she had made them into windows where you could just sit and have a view. And her flower floor was to die for. Just gorgeous. I was very happy with Justine's win. She had the best idea for the "photo booth" -- you really need to be able to DO something for the picture, like sing into the mike or play the guitar. Lilly's was my least favorite, partly because I think "finally making your daughter sleep in her own bed at age five" isn't something I'd want to celebrate. I wonder if they had the party task for last just so they could use it for the finale party.
  13. I think it was just a bit they were doing, since they were spoofing the talking head parts of "The Office." There was really no reason for Nick to choke up, so Amy was just acting when she looked around awkwardly.
  14. I don't think I laughed at anything but "Hoops."
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