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    Dean's change from a somewhat sophisticated city slicker to a country bumpkin was just another example of ASP and the writers lack of character/story continuity. They put the plot over character development often. Well, at least he faired somewhat better in the revival. I wish his original storyline on the show had ended with him and Rory staying broken up, with them mending fences right before they graduated and Dean living town , without a pointless teen marriage.
  2. I mean, I'm very sympathetic to people suffering from anxiety and panic attacks; I'm a life long suffer myself. I've had anxiety and panic attacks so bad I was unable to leave my house for days at a time. But ya' know what? I got meds and went on with my life. I've held jobs, went to school and had my family. So it's hard to sympathize with Chelsea, who has all the time and resources in the world to deal with her shit and get it under control. Personally, I think the major source of Chelsea's anxiety is mostly being in the public eye, but that's on her; she could've quit TM2 years ago, if she and Cole had been willing to live more modestly and, a very revolutionary idea her, get jobs. Who I really feel for are the kids. I'm sure they, especially Aubree, are feeling the effects of being in the public eye and it's effecting their mental states, and the poor kids have no choice in the matter.
  3. It would have to be some fiercely crippling anxiety that doesn't respond to treatment, for her to get SSD. I have had anxiety so bad I couldn't leave my house for days, but medication made it manageable. It's not all that easy to get SSD, even if you have a real, debilitating condition. You often have to try for years to get it. Plus Social Security isn't nearly enough money for Chelsea's champaigne tastes.
  4. I agree. I appreciate that the show didn't frame it as the big, mean, macho man trying to force the strong, independent woman to become barefoot and pregnant. I do feel for both of them, but I do think Richard had some good points about Sutton's flightiness and how she can be self-centered. It's nice to see a main character get called out on their shit without the other person being made out to be a complete asshole. I also think Sutton could be shying away from motherhood because of her own shitty mom. Therapy might not be a bad idea for her. Maybe she realize she actually wants to be a mom, maybe it'll cement why she doesn't want to be a mom, but girl could really use it, either way.
  5. It's been cancelled. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/amp/live-feed/harlots-canceled-at-hulu-1297258 Bummer, but last season wrapped up well, at least.
  6. I knew Keiko was closer to Lauren's age, but 34?! That would've made her older then Lauren. I thought she was in her late 20s at the beginning of the show.
  7. I mean, at the end of the day, acting is just another job, if a very unique one by average standards. They are basically playing pretend for however many hours a day. For instance, there's Keiko and Alexis-they made pretty convincing on screen friends, but they really aren't close in real life, going off what I've noticed over the years. Actually, I don't know if Alexis is particularly close to anyone from GG, except maybe Lauren and Kelly, and even then I don't think they hang out that much. I figure actors are just like any other co-workers, sometimes they form deep friendships, and sometimes it's just a professional relationship. The impression I've gotten of both Scott and Lauren from limited sources over the years is they both have fairly "big" personalities. I can see them clashing, or at least not melding well together, outside of the set. I could see both of them being potentially difficult people (and I've heard unfounded rumors about both of them in that potential asshole vein). Could be why Scott is so profuse in his praise of Lauren and why Lauren is lukewarm.
  8. How about the whole episode where the family was discussing DJ's "self-love" habits lol? Plus they did joke about sex a lot with each other.
  9. Wow, okay! Thanks, I got excited and ran to Google to look up the books lol.
  10. So wait, this show is based on a book series? I did a Google search and found nothing.
  11. Yeah, I agree. If someone wants a bio kid, no amount of stepchildren, nieces and nephews, and friend's kids is going to fill that space. So I completely understand Ben wanting his own kid. But realistically, Darlene should realize she doesn't want more kids, especially at her age and with the situation she's in, and Ben and her should probably break up.
  12. I'm absent a few days and all this Leah malarkey comes out! I'm gonna' have to call, no, shout "Bull shirt!" about Leah having wanted to be Corey over Jeremy. She NEVER, especially when they were married but even before, acted like she wanted to be with Corey. She spent most of their relationship obviously neutral on him, at best, and pinning over that loser Robbie. Yeah, maybe she regretted leaving him for a few seconds, but it didn't have anything to do with him being the love of her life. It was probably just a blow to her petty ego to have to lose Corey's attention, Leah is an attention whore over all else. She seemed pretty proud of herself to have bagged Jeremy, being that he was quite a hillbilly catch. I don't know why she has been trying to rewrite her history with Corey these last few years, but it isn't working with me. I'm sure Corey and Miranda are loving that she is including Corey (and I'll bet Miranda) in the BS book. I hope they got some say in what she said about them.
  13. I thought the older guy with the main blonde girl was her dad, so witches probably do marry human men and have children. Also, I'd bet a crisp $20 that male witches/magic users will be a plot point if this show lasts. Perhaps they've been repressed/hidden/side-lined by their dominant female counterparts.
  14. On that note, I'd argue that most of the literature consumed by the well-read characters (Rory and Jess, particularly) wasn't especially challenging. It was mostly the well-known big hitters of literature, not anything particularly unique, subversive, or diverse. Did we ever see Rory read many books by non-white authors, or off beat, unique or obscure literature? I feel like her choices were mostly very safe and WASPy. So, to be honest, I wouldn't say Dean's choices in literature said anything about his intelligence, just because he didn't read Tolstoy or Austin (who I don't see as especially challenging writers and I don't think it says much about Rory's intelligence for reading them). Yeah, Dean had pretty impressive mechanical skills. There is more then one way to be gifted or intelligent, and in the real world, Dean could've become a mechanical engineer. But in ASP's world, if you aren't a college bound reader and incredibly quick-witted and make obscure pop culture references, you are a moronic loser. Unless you own a quirky business, of course.🙄
  15. Yeah, in abusive families there is often a scapegoat child and a golden child. Poor Gabriel was obviously the scapegoat. If that's the same older broad I'm thinking about, she seriously pissed me off when she tried to lob blame off on Gabriel's teacher for letting him leave her classroom at the end if the day. Like, bitch, that poor teacher was calling your worthless asses everyday to report the abuse she was seeing. She was doing her job, to teach children and be a mandated reporter. Short of kidnapping him, there wasn't much else she could've done. And sadly, even if she had kidnapped him, she likely would've gone to jail and Gabriel would've gone back to his abusers. Infuriating.
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