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  1. I mean, I don't know that Cole was a "sign putter upper". I think he worked in the general traffic systems field, and probably higher up on the food chain.
  2. The funny thing is, that was never really what Cole's background. He, like Chelsea, has a white collar professional father (Cole's dad is an engineer and a professor) and Cole has gone to college and probably graduated. He was never a humble "country boy", but a basic upper middle class kid like Chelsea. Really, Chelsea is starting to act a little like Leah, she needs to have constant help and attention to get through the day. I, for the life of me, don't understand why Chelsea agreed to move further from town. She is a social, needy, anxious person.
  3. Actually, Corey gave a pretty good explanation here of why he can't attend every appointment for Ali in the article, he doesn't have the vacation time to waste. Most employers aren't as forgiving as MTV, and I assume Corey has to work for the benefit of Ali as well as the rest of his family. Sucks, but you can't always tell a job to go fuck themselves, cause most employers could give three fucks. And truthfully, if Ali's prognosis hasn't changed dramatically, there really isn't a reason to attend every appointment like it will be Ali's last.
  4. I'm pretty sure I spotted a female Twi'lek in the background of one episode. And we don't actually know if baby Yoda is a girl. Plus the cast and trailer does include female characters, so I'm not going to get up in arms yet. Plus, the Armorer seems pretty commanding and badass, so hopefully she'll get more screen time.
  5. On one hand, it's weird for them to bring back baby Ed Jr when the show has effectively forgotten that Jerry and Andy existed. Not that I was ever clamoring to see any of the youngest offspring of the show, but still. On the other hand, the dynamic between Ed, Ed Jr and Dan sounds like it could potentially be very interesting. Plus a dash of Crystal. Though I do wonder if they will acknowledge Lonnie and Angela, Ed and Crystal's other kid?
  6. Right? Shit, I'm trying to get a state/city job where I live, but there is a lot of competition for them because of the steady pay/hours/room for advancement/benefits and the pension. So Cole quitting his state/city job when TM2 is on a huge, possibly show ending down swing, is freaking nuts to me. Even if Cole and Chelsea have let say, 1 million+ in the bank, that's not going to last them the rest of their lives. They may not be throwing around money like Kail, but Chelsea and Cole definitely don't strike me as frugel at all. And as someone else said, once TM2 ends, companies won't be hanging on their door to put their names on cheap crap. Dumb dumbs🙄.
  7. Can I just say, it's pretty freaking dumb for Leah to put out a book so late in the TM2 game. She needed to jump on the train six or seven years ago. Now she's going to be lucky if those books don't pile up and put her house back into a horders paradise of previous years.
  8. I don't believe much of anything Leah has to say about Miranda. She's been petty and jealous towards Miranda almost since Cory and Miranda started dating. Which is ironic, since Leah never really wanted Cory in the first place, but Leah can't be second best. My guess is that Miranda doesn't let Ali and Grace run wild like Leah does, and so they 'hate' her. I couldn't see Miranda being an evil stepmom without Cory and Jeff, to start, having a problem with it. Frankly even if there is a kernel of truth to it, Leah is the one who looks bad for trying to drag this out on SM. Miranda hasn't even been on TM2 in a few years, and she doesn't have much of a social media presence. Leah should approach it like an adult and talk to Miranda in person. But then, Leah is a coward who is only strong when her followers/yokrl family back her up.
  9. Thanks for making me laugh lol. Seriously, though, I doubt Kailyn was anywhere near Javi's place when shit went down. She just wants attention and money and her sad "relationship" with Chris isn't doing it.
  10. Kailyn is one hell of a hypocrite. She is a cheater to, jumping dicks like it's musical chairs, while any given guy she was dating/married to had their backs turned. Frankly, piece of crap that he is, I hope Javi fires back. Just because he is/was a cheater, it doesn't justify her shitty actions. And damn, she looks old without makeup!
  11. Really. If Barbara is short on cash, that is her own damn fault. If she hasn't used her former substantial paychecks to save for her retirement years, that is her own fault. She was the one lecturing Jenelle years ago about saving her money for a rainy day. If she doesn't have enough savings and her retirement isn't enough, she needs to just get another job.
  12. Well, on the bright side, maybe Victoria's baby daddy number three has a friend that can be Leah's baby daddy number three. Keeping it klassy, y'all.
  13. Frankly, I barely count Teen Mom has being employment. Hitting the lottery, maybe, but to me it's nowhere near a real job. Kail would be screwed if it went away.
  14. So Lux is in preschool? Isn't he only 2 or so years old? That's rather young. Any excuse to pawn the children off, huh? Not like she is actually working a real job.
  15. I agree, and have to say, abuse and neglect aren't the only reasons homeschooling should be regulated by the government. There is also the fact that there are people who use homeschooling to isolate their children, usually for religious reasons or because they don't want their children associating with "undesirable" people. I think of people like the Duggars and how they use homeschooling to indoctrinate and control their children. And frankly, while I admit governments are often flawed, living without any kind of government is a scary proposition to me. No government means no laws, and the survival of the fittest. Nope, I don't want the Davids and Jenelles of the world running completely buck wild. Shit, I'd have to get a gun and improve my aim lol. I'd rather have police to do it for me.
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