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  1. I agree, but I wonder how much of this is not happening in the first place is due to funding. Which leads me to another thing I want for this show: more funding! Hulu being cheapskates is not doing their one prestige show any good. I'm not asking for Game of Thrones level spectacle, but give some more world building, which would mean more sets and actors, would go a long way imo.
  2. Some things I'd love to see for season 4: 1. Let's see some of Alaska and Hawaii, what the US government is up to, who's in charge, what they are doing about Gilead behind the scenes, and how normal Americans are living. If the showrunners are too worried about shifting precious time away from June, how about having Moira, Emily, and Luke end up in Alaska, which is similar enough to Canada they wouldn't really have to change sets. Then we could get insight into American operations and have time with the part of the cast that has largely been ignored this season. Maybe they all can join the Americans/rebels in actually doing something to bring down Gilead, like putting out the truth about Gilead. 2. More Marthas! I want an episode or at least a few flashbacks dedicated to them and the role they play in the resistance. 3. More resistance in general. Show us Chicago and the who, why and how of their resistance. Show us something about the Gilead military, and the American military such as it exists. 4. Give us some insight to what's happening in the rest of the world and their thoughts and actions towards Gilead. Has the world been destabilized? Is the world more stable? Has their been a rise of another superpower to take America's place? 5. I liked the idea of some have had about seeing some tidbits about Gilead. Someone suggested showing us how the various dresses for the different classes of women are being made. Or more about the lives of the Econofamilies. Basically I just want less of June and much more of everything else.
  3. HeySandyStrange

    S03.E13: Mayday

    I will admit, the ending got to me a little (I blame the Mazzy Star song). But I wonder how the hell Super June will escape the Wall this time. Not to mention how Lawrence will explain why all his Marthas disappeared. Glad to see Emily for all the five seconds she earned for the last episode. I really hope, after filming their three scenes a season and picking up their paychecks, Samira, Alexis, and Luke's actor can find some roles that actually showcase their talents. They are being wasted. The first scene showing the women being rounded up and carted off, Gilead style, was very chilling and maybe one of the most real scenes this show has had in a long time. Seriously, will no one think of Janine?!?! Geez, slap the cinnamon roll on the plane, dammit. Glad to see karma catch up to Serena. It's about fucking time.
  4. HeySandyStrange

    Spoilers For the Hulu Show

    Yeah, she was in on/helped plan the initial terrorist attacks that destabilized the US government. Once they find that out, they can arrest her for treason. There is also the fact that she directly participated in the rape of June a few times, once when she was pregnant and when she basically forced June to sleep with Nick. So just the few things we know if could equal charges of treason, rape, and terrorism, to name a few.
  5. HeySandyStrange

    I Can See For Miles: The Kids Are Alright In The Media

    I don't know about Liz Meriwether, but I know JJ Philbin, daughter of Regis, is also attached to Single Parents in a co-creator/executive producer role. So maybe the got a renewal through name recognition. I feel for Tim. He's been in the business along time and paid his dues, and the quality of his work should've accounted for way more then ass kissing. Even though it sadly looks like the show won't be picked up anytime soon elsewhere, hopefully Tim will be able to produce more quality content somewhere else, like Netflix.
  6. HeySandyStrange

    S03.E12: Sacrifice

    So I guess June got her Walt White moment, eh? Watching poor, sweet Mrs. Lawrence die? Lol at this show, thinking it can pull off some Breaking Bad ripoff like the writing or acting is anywhere near as good as BB. And didn't stone cold June the killer think that this could backfire on her? A majority of the reason Lawrence was risking this grand escape was for his wife. A blow like this could easily make Lawrence lose his will to attempt June's cockamamie scheme. The household could've easily taken turns guarding Mrs. Lawrence. I'm hoping Spy Guy is playing the long game and is trying to get both of the Waterfords to turn on each other. He's dangling carrots over Serena's head in the form of Nicole and freedom, and setting up events to constantly remind Fred is wife betrayed him and he's fucked. I can't see a logical way Serena will get out of this scott free, as she did collude with Fred and the rest of the Gilead terrorists in their initial attacks, amount other things. I'd guess Moira and Luke are in on it, because no way in hell would they let Serena see Nicole, and I doubt Luke would've just been allowed to visit Fred it there wasn't another motive. Of course, the writers might sink to new lows and have Spy Guy fall madly in love with Serena and whisk her to Hawaii to live by the ocean with Nicole.
  7. HeySandyStrange

    I Can See For Miles: The Kids Are Alright In The Media

    So apparently the head honchos cancelled TKAA because, on top of it not having steady enough ratings, it didn't have a strong enough fanbase. Now how the hell they can argue that a mediocre show like Single Parents has more potential to grow then a quality, highly rated show like kids, I don't know. It sounds like they are trying to do a little damage control after Tim Doyle, perhaps rightly, implied that it was all a popularity contest at ABC. https://deadline.com/2019/08/abc-karey-burke-on-the-kids-are-alright-cancellation-tca-abc-1202661658/
  8. HeySandyStrange

    Derry Girls

    They tend to do they same thing with Gerry, too, even though Gerry, like James, is a perfectly nice, normal, person, husband and father. Actually Gerry seemed like the sanest person in the room many times this season, but sometimes I'm waiting for him, and James, to blow up. Other then that, I thought the second season was pretty great. I actually liked having more focus on the parents, as they are all very funny and relatable. Mary and Sarah are funny as hell, especially together like at the wedding/wake. I think the show really does a great balancing act with all the characters. Sister Michael is awesome. That is all.
  9. HeySandyStrange

    S03.E11: Liars

    Even though I saw it coming (I mean, did Fred really think the US government wasn't going to take their chance to capture one of Gilead's head hanchos?), it was satisfying to see the troops surrounding him, Spy Gut reading off Fred's many crimes, and the line of uniformed US officials giving him the fuck you! glare. As usual, June fumbles and bumbles along, while others do all the heavy lifting. I guess somehow, she'll use her superpowers to somehow not end up on the wall for murder and her Black ops shit. I kind of love the Marthas, man. More then ever I want a Martha episode. It feels like it's been forever since we've seen our peeps in Canada. I hope next week they will be celebrating Fred's capture.
  10. HeySandyStrange

    S03.E03: Season 3, Episode 3

    Apparently Charlotte's actress had been cast in another show, I believe it's a USA channel production. So I guess that's why she got killed off. I'd love for her to still be alive, but as it was pointed out elsewhere, she'd likely be paralyzed, at least. It would be horrible to be paralyzed in that time period.
  11. HeySandyStrange

    S03.E10: Witness

    I wouldn't be surprised. They call babies that are born with birth defects and other illnesses "shredders", which implied to me that they are subject to "mercy" killing, since Gilead only wants to deal with healthy babies. I wouldn't be shocked if children and adults who are found defective in Gilead, physically and mentally, are quietly gotten rid of, or accused of some kind of crime to have an excuse to murder them. It is something I think that would be vastly more interesting to explore that aspect of Gilead then constantly giving June a platform to emote, but the writers seem to want to piss that opportunity away.
  12. HeySandyStrange

    S03.E10: Witness

    Well, color me shocked, a surprisingly decent episode. For the most part June didn't annoy this episode. Hell, she was actually the voice of reason, and convincingly so. The ceremony scene between the three was powerful. I don't know why Lawrence doesn't think to ask for immunity or at least a light as possible sentence for turning over is likely vast amount of intel on Gilead to the American government so he can get out. Unless American has gone straight to fuck this, balls to the wall let's destroy Gilead and put their head's on spikes, they'd still follow law and are probably in desperate need of information to potentially fuck Gilead over with. My poor, sweet Janine. Someone better think to save a place for her in the great Gilead child escape, along with her baby. Seriously, fuck Fred and Serena. Fuck them, fuck them, fuck them. I hope Mr. Spy lures them into a false sense of security, and just when they think they are going to skip down the road with Nicole, a they are put under arrest by the American government for treason. Of course, with my luck, the Spy will hand Nicole over and not even get some useful information because the writers have a love affair with the assholes Waterford. I do wonder what inspired the Marthas on this suicide mission. An episode about the Martha network would be awesome.
  13. HeySandyStrange

    S03.E03: Season 3, Episode 3

    Hol-e-fuck, did not in a million years see that ending coming. I'm not sure how I feel about this. Poor Charlotte 😢.
  14. HeySandyStrange

    S03.E09: Heroic

    Well, if this is true, Hulu just needs to wrap this show up or they need to bite the bullet and pour some more money in this show. Because ten seasons on extreme close-ups and June's internal monologues isn't going to cut it. I'm not even asking for any large scale battles or multiple locations, just a little insight into the rest the world. Even a scene here or there would break up the monotony and give the plot a boost forward. Hell, they could easily have Moira, Emily, Luke and baby Nicole flee to safety in Alaska and they wouldn't even need to change location from Canada.
  15. HeySandyStrange

    S03.E02: Season 3, Episode 2

    There are still too many characters for my tastes, tbh. Nothing against Isabella, the Mom and son Molly house duo, or North's young protege, but they seem superfluous and I can't really work myself up to care about them. The mom and son feel like the should be apart of a less crowded season, Isabella's story feels thin, and I like the protege, but still it's overwhelming. I was glad to see North and his common sense back. Now I'd just like to hear an update on Mrs. Scanwell, Violet, Amelia, and Hunt. I'm still loving Emily Lacy trying to transform herself into a shrewd business woman. I wonder if all this America talk is setting up for something, maybe next season. I feel like Charlotte is really playing with fire. And I hope Lucy doesn't get to comfortable with the mother and son, I was afraid she'd say something about her killings during the game. Do Isabella and Charlotte are still occasional friends with benefits? I feel like that might not end will, because I can see Isabella catching feelings. Oh, and her daughter is a moron, I have to reiterate.