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  1. HeySandyStrange

    S03.E09: Heroic

    Well, if this is true, Hulu just needs to wrap this show up or they need to bite the bullet and pour some more money in this show. Because ten seasons on extreme close-ups and June's internal monologues isn't going to cut it. I'm not even asking for any large scale battles or multiple locations, just a little insight into the rest the world. Even a scene here or there would break up the monotony and give the plot a boost forward. Hell, they could easily have Moira, Emily, Luke and baby Nicole flee to safety in Alaska and they wouldn't even need to change location from Canada.
  2. HeySandyStrange

    S03.E02: Season 3, Episode 2

    There are still too many characters for my tastes, tbh. Nothing against Isabella, the Mom and son Molly house duo, or North's young protege, but they seem superfluous and I can't really work myself up to care about them. The mom and son feel like the should be apart of a less crowded season, Isabella's story feels thin, and I like the protege, but still it's overwhelming. I was glad to see North and his common sense back. Now I'd just like to hear an update on Mrs. Scanwell, Violet, Amelia, and Hunt. I'm still loving Emily Lacy trying to transform herself into a shrewd business woman. I wonder if all this America talk is setting up for something, maybe next season. I feel like Charlotte is really playing with fire. And I hope Lucy doesn't get to comfortable with the mother and son, I was afraid she'd say something about her killings during the game. Do Isabella and Charlotte are still occasional friends with benefits? I feel like that might not end will, because I can see Isabella catching feelings. Oh, and her daughter is a moron, I have to reiterate.
  3. HeySandyStrange

    S03.E01: Season 3, Episode 1

    I might be wrong, but I think towards the beginning of the episode there was a throwaway line about Will having gone elsewhere to compete in boxing/street fighting matches. I guess he took his and Margaret's son with him as well, maybe to teach him how to fight.
  4. HeySandyStrange

    S03.E01: Season 3, Episode 1

    There was a lot going on in this episode, maybe a little too much for my tastes, and I did miss the missing characters, but still, I'm glad it's back! Isaac seems like he had the potential to be an interesting morally gray character. Charlotte and him facing off will be fun to watch. I have to say, I'm really impressed by Emily Lacy. She seems to have really wished up and by educating herself, is playing a longer game then most of the other characters. She might even be able to parley those skills outside of the world of harlots and bawds. I wonder where they are going to go with Isabella's character, since her story seems pretty wrapped up from last season. Her daughter is naive moron, and someone needs to knock some sense into her.
  5. HeySandyStrange

    S03.E08: Unfit

    We really don'tknow enough about OfMatthew for her total breakdown after a little bullying to make sense. Hell, we don't even know if she had truly drank the Gilead coolaid or if she was playing the long game. So her total flip felt unearned imo. Honestly, I still can't get over how cheesetastic and over the top the last scene was. Like, OfMatthew and that every so symbolic and angsty artsy near back flip she did when she got struck by that bullet-I get it, she's a small women and she likely got hit by a large bullet, but come on! And June with her god complex and smirking face close up-do I really need to be intimately acquainted with Liz's moles? Are they trying to make an Emmy reel, too? These writers need to be replaced if Hulu hopes to keep this show around, and not just as a joke.
  6. HeySandyStrange

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    Legally, she shouldn't be able to. But because this is Jenelle, a near literal piece of shit who's mere presence can bend the laws of time, space, logic, good taste, and general humanity, I'm sure she'll get out of this with being rewarded more, especially if her favorite judge is on the case. Hell, they'll probably take custody completely from Nathan and Doris, and while they're at it, complete ly rip Jace from Barb's arms so he can live full time in that hellhole, too.
  7. HeySandyStrange

    S03.E08: Unfit

    So, what the fresh hell did I just watch? I couldn't make heads or tails of Lydia's backstory...is she a repressed lesbian, was she just a jealous biddy who feels like she never got her perfect life, or is she just fucking nuts? Also, the what the every loving fuck was with that ending? Does June now have psychic juju powers that can make people go insane? It was so pointless and melodramatic that I laughed out loud. But not in a good way. So, I guess the episode had that going for it.
  8. HeySandyStrange

    S03.E04: Boy, Bye

    Not every woman cares, or should care, about whether random men find them hump or date worthy. And any man who categorizes women as such are probably not much to write home about, either.
  9. HeySandyStrange

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    So how exactly was all the evidence of neglect and abuse, collected both by the families and CPS, so easily dismissed? Does Maryssa, being eleven or twelve, at least get a say in where she wants to be? So it is A-Ok to violently murder animals in front of your children now? Well, fuck, this is just fucking terrible. The fuck is wrong with this judge? Was she paid off or something? Fuck the judge, I hope she gets copious amounts of hate. Honestly, I think I'm going to avoid any Jenelle and UNT related news from now on. Unless they file bankruptcy, lose their kids, go to jail, or have to do something humiliating to make money. I'm fed up with these piles of dog excrement always weaseling by while actual good people get fucked.
  10. HeySandyStrange

    S03.E06: Household

    Not to mention, you'd think that reporters and documentarions from around the world would be swarming the American refugees in Canada, chomping at the bit to get in on probably the biggest story of the century, the takeover of America by the dictatorship know as Gilead. And of course the struggling American government should be using the experiences of their refugees to leverage as propaganda to win the hearts and minds of the world. Yet, in season three, the outside world is is all but non existent in this universe. It makes me wish that Margaret Atwood had written a series of books about Gilead, so the writers had a much better framework to use. Because they are sucking on their own.
  11. HeySandyStrange

    S03.E06: Household

    I don't think it's impossible to believe that the remains of the US govt has some military power left. After all, in real life Alaska and Hawaii house large and important military bases. I think the writers are just refusing to confront any of these wider world building issues, since they seemed to be obsessed with June facial close ups and the inner workings of some of the smallest fish in Gilead, excluding the criminally underused Commander Lawrence. It's pretty obvious the writers aren't up for the task and are trying to fool us with angst and "art" to ignore all the many plot holes in this show.
  12. HeySandyStrange

    S03.E06: Household

    I can't be the only one who saw how handsy high Commander so and so was getting with good ol' Fred, right? I'm curious to see how that will turn out. This was a slow ass moving 50ish minutes. I did like the scene between Aunt Lydia and June. Dare I say that Aunt Lydia is starting to experience some regret and disgust with the state of things around her. Don't really care about Nick's secrets, unless he turns out to be a double agent. How the heck is Gilead so powerful? They seemed to have destroyed most of former America's biggest industries, I'm pretty sure they've ran off a large majority of the richest and most influential citizens (like Oprah, for instance), no one really wants to trade with them, large swaths of the country are radiated wastelands, and they are still battling for control of other areas like Chicago. The fuck writers? How does that equal powerful?
  13. HeySandyStrange

    Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    Even worse, she is third choice after Briana, and maybe even Kail. I would be ashamed as hell to be someone's sloppy thirds after those two lazy, useless skanks.
  14. HeySandyStrange

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    I believe the house incident happened when he was a child/very young, most probably before he lived in a group home and perhaps even before he was getting the full treatment he needed. And I have never heard anything else to imply he had been violent towards anyone else. So I'm willing to cut him some slack for setting his house on fire, I don't think that it means he is inherently more violent then anyone else, especially because the behavior hasn't repeated itself. We also don't know if he is around his nephews and niece when he is having delusions. His delusions haven't really been violent but paranoid. I have a lot of sympathy for people like Colin, with schizophrenia and similar conditions. As scary is it might seem to us, it is hell on Earth for the person suffering. Most of them are not violent, they are mostly misunderstood and there is still a lot of fear surrounding the condition.
  15. HeySandyStrange

    S03.E03: Useful

    I'm really fucking confused by Lawrence. Is he evil? Good? Somewhere in between? Is he for or against Gilead? Is he putting on an act, or what? I don't know if his character is an actual sign of good writing, or that the writers are throwing everything into this character to see what sticks. The actor is great, and the character is compelling, but I do hope they settle on some type of direction for him in the coming episodes.