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  1. On top of that, I can’t help but wonder where all the multiverse Dianes are, in the universes where Beth survived childhood. Seems like a few Dianes should’ve survived.
  2. Really good episode. Like the expansion of Big’s character from goofball comic relief to goofball with a good heart who is ultimately looking out for his community. Cheese is still a big sweetie. The Deer Lady was cool. Makes me wonder if Willie Jack’s uncle really does have dirty pics of her lol. I enjoy the small touches of magical realism/surrealism in the show.
  3. I Yeah, I enjoyed the sense of realism that the setting of the show has. Actually filming in Oklahoma instead of on a lot in Hollywood or Toronto really added something to the show. This show has a really great balance of humor and genuine heart. Cheese just might be my fav; his story with the old lady in the second episode was especially touching without being overdone. I really hope this show gets some awards notice next year.
  4. Yeah, her squeaky voice was an odd fit for big, brawny Teela. SMG also seemed to be lacking some of the natural voice acting talent of the rest of the cast, which didn’t help, but I rolled with it. Speaking of Teela’s brawn, I appreciated how jacked she (and really all of the main female characters) were. It’s nice to see warrior women who actually look like they can kick serious ass. I think Cersei Lynn is my fave so far lol. Funny that she’s been friendzoned by Skeletor for all these years. Yeah, it was pretty telling to me that a) He-Man wasn’t in the title of the sho
  5. I finished the series a few days ago. I appreciate how it presented a more realistic portrait of a working class, struggling family that wasn’t tv perfect. But man, while I appreciate flawed characters, the dad Benny was borderline unlikeable. However, at least the show was willing to have him called on his behavior and it not made light of, and the relationship between him and Regina wasn’t presented necessarily as healthy. Regina was awesome, though, flaws and all. Really liked her, Bernard and Benny’s other young son. Benny and Regina’s oldest daughter was a bit of a typical bratty you
  6. Funny, I thought I heard that David Sutcliffe was retiring from acting, or at least stepping back from it. Guess not lol.
  7. My read on Kate from the book was that she mostly considered “plain” because she didn’t match the standard of beauty of the time (dark hair and eyes, tall, full lips), compared to her sister, who was the refined blond beauty archetype as well as graceful. So I don’t have have really have a problem striking actress playing her.
  8. I mean, I definitely can agree that Jenelle’s upbringing wasn’t the best, but I would say that while Barb is by no means a healthy individual, emotionally or mentally speaking, she doesn’t seem to lack emotions and she doesn’t appear to have been a complete monster of a mother. Hell, she was an abused woman herself, who pulled herself out of it and seemingly worked minimum wage jobs to take care of her family. And pretty well, because when we met Jenelle in 16&P she appeared well taken care of. So Jenelle lacking those emotions and empathy seems to be on a deeper level to me. Personal
  9. I hate to be a contrarian asshole, but honestly, out of all of the girls, Jenelle has always struck me as the most cold and lacking, as far as emotions and basic humanity goes. Kail is a stone cold bitch a lot of the times, Chelsea is a bit spoiled and dim, and Leah is dumb as a box of rocks, but they all, even Kail, have some sort of emotions and ability to feel. Honestly, I’ve always thought that Jenelle is pretty close to being a psychopath, in the sense she doesn’t experience more the very shallow emotions, seems to lack empathy and is extremely selfish. So while I can see her upbringing d
  10. I’m cool with Enrique being poly and positive representations of polyamory/non monogamy are great,but I’m tired of that trite line about, “People aren’t hard-wired to be monogamous,” that gets thrown around. Yes, some people people aren’t hard-wired for monogamy, but plenty of people are. And cheating does not mean the cheater is non-monogamous usually, it is typically a character flaw or situational thing. It was a pretty insensitive line to throw at the brain tumor patient’s husband IMO.
  11. I see the dumbass realized real quick how expensive the mortgage and upkeep is on a huge house like that. Doubt she’ll unload it anytime soon.
  12. All I can think of, is how can these idiots afford a three story McMansion now that they aren’t going to get their six figure paychecks anymore? They better hope that the tacky deer print isn’t going to bring down the house's resale value.
  13. Late to the party, but I will say, it is somewhat surprising that Chelsea and Cole have quit TM2. Especially giving the shape the world is in currently and C&C are allergic to work. I agree with other posters in that they won't be able to live off of TM2 saving for an extended period time, especially not with having four kids, a huge new house, a petting zoo and with neither of them being frugal or thrifty. I also think that they might be holding out for their own show, if they aren't already in talks for one currently. I could see them getting something on CMT or some similar country
  14. I don’t mind that Gina maybe doesn’t know about the full situation and all (though, as former military, I know it’s hard, but not impossible for service members to keep up with their families while deployed) it just would’ve been nice for the show to give us a line or some acknowledgement of Gina. They made it seem like DJ is a single father with no other parent anywhere. It just seemed weird to me.
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