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  1. Ashley keeps acting like Bar's legal issues are just a minor inconvenience. Girl, get a clue before you end up being charged as an accessory at some point. Jade's parents can't even clean up after themselves, why would she trust them to care for her?
  2. So why couldn't they pick up Jade's prescription on the way back to the Air B-N-B? Also, why couldn't the doctor call in the prescription to a local pharmacy?
  3. Kail isn't fooling anyone! She invited Devoin on Coffee Talk or whatever the fuck it's called to be messy! Jade brought a bunch of drug addicts to Miami to help care for her while she is basically incapacitated? What could possibly go wrong? Leah's period talk should have ended with her discussing it with Victoria and then Leah giving a follow up that the talk with the girls went well. Ashley...Ashley...Ashley. First, it's a DUI, then it's gun charges, then it's you putting money on Bar's books and taking long ass car rides to the prison to visit him while he does a 10+
  4. We all know it would be WWIII if Jo bought Isaac a phone without consulting Kail first. Leah fashion and make up choices...from that Coffee Talk get up she had in that scene on the phone to those Groucho Marx brows she sported while talking to the girls in their room! YIKES! Ashley appears to have some drive and is wasting her time trying to play Build-a,-Man with Bar. Holly is adorable and you can tell.you is she very bright child. Ashley would do better focusing on herself and maximizing Holly's potential. Sean will fully moved in by the end of the next episode.
  5. Did I read that in Arnold Schwarzeneggar's voice? Yes...yes I did! Somebody please give Jade some Cymbalta or something!
  6. Forget the above the eye tattoos, the teardrop tattoos are what's disturbing.
  7. Briana's garage looks like something straight out of Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. When the show is over and the opportunities dry up, Kail is going to be pissed at all the money she spent moving every 5 minutes! Drug abuse is so normalized for Jade that she doesn't realize that she needs to cut her junkie baby daddy out of her life and never look back.
  8. No one is jealous of Diet Frank Gallagher, Jen!
  9. If my wife's druggie deadbeat POS ex called her names and picked on the child that I am raising as my own, I would be livid too! If Amber's 300 grand salary weren't at stake, she wouldn't give a damn if Leah wanted anything to do with her, matter of fact, she would be relieved.
  10. McKenzie commented on SM that Broncs takes medication for a heart condition. Sadly, one of the side effects is that it causes advance tooth decay.
  11. Love how Carol reiterated to Gary that Leah is completely justified in feelings regarding Amber. I don't know about other communities, but in the black community there is a running joke that with silver capped teeth are wild as hell. 😂😂 Broncs having a majority of his teeth capped and shitting on people's floors...well!!!! I wish Tyler and Catelynn would stop having children and focus on the two they have. Nova is already lagging behind academically .
  12. Zack's brother, Conner...call me! Boy is finer than frog hair! About damn time Kristina put Amber on blast. She has gone above and beyond for Amber( i wish I would clean another able-bodied woman's home) , treated Leah like her child, supported Amber through her legal trouble and Amber in true Amber fashion gives Kristina her ass to kiss!
  13. Someone said that Amber is trying her hardest to imitate the mom from Beetlejuice with her swatches and now I can't unsee it! Poor Bentley. The sex talk especially the mechanics of it has to be addressed especially if he is going to a religious school but not on TV. Was that a rare moment of Ryan not being high as a kite? I don't think we've seen him this animated and engaged in years! Ryder continues to be so adorable.
  14. Ryan has gone full hobo! Boy did he look rough! I want to be in Cheyenne's family. Everyone is just so pretty, put together and always having a party.
  15. I could have gone without that visual reminder that Cate is dehydrated. Ryan and Mack continue to be dumpster juice!
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