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  1. Does she forget the part where her POS son in law made it damn near impossible for Jenelle to film? That the crew were afraid of him? Does she forget that the outrage from Nugget's murder caused sponsors to pull out, thus messing with MTV's bottom line? If she wants to place blame, it lies squarely on the shoulders of her daughter who became too much of a liabilty!
  2. So now David euthanized Nugget? If only someone would euthanize him!
  3. Victoria is lucky a baby is the only thing she got from her vacation hook up! So Victoria has a daughter named Cerenity! Jesus God! The names in this franchise!
  4. Well played, Kail! Well, played! Eta: I use to think Issac looked like Kail but boy did he morph into Grandma Janet.
  5. Well at least he isn't trying to put out a mixtape.
  6. Someone should donate under ,"David Eason: Sea Janitor at your service." I guess you're not allowed to use white trash because I thought for sure, " white trash that won the lottery" would be one of the first names used. I think what started all of this is Swamplings received another child support enforcement notice, prompting them to push for custody. Notice how both of them have mentioned his "insane child support amount". Raise your hand if you read "F**KIN DONATIN" in David's voice!
  7. Do I want to break my personal rule of limiting my involvement with these people to discussing them on the internet?
  8. Someone commented, " the outfits aren't well here!" and I am mad I didn't think of it first! Lol I just can't...I really can't with that "late 80's/early 90's" Friday night at the working class neighborhood bar" couture.
  9. Friends don't let friends walk out of the door, looking like these two!
  10. She claims it was due to harassment. Also, someone claims to have an email from the coach, stating that they pulled Kai because Favid wouldn't be allowed to coach. The screen shot is blurry so I can't confirm.
  11. Lol! Actually, your wife pulled him off the team, most likely with some "strong" encouragement from you!
  12. There is a debate on Reddit if people are going to far with this. Personally, since they're still trying to ride the wave of Jenelle's Teen Mom fame with the clickbait, make up line and reporting every going on in their life on social media, they get what they get!
  13. I find it hard to believe he is doing anything in any official capacity because Pop Warner does background checks.
  14. If Lauren has any shred of pride and self-respect, she should take Eli and hightail it back to her home state and never look back. Cheating is terrible, but cheating in the home you share while your partner is home is a particularly visceral type of disrespect.
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