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  1. Love the Bessie Stringfield cameo. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bessie_Stringfield I couldn't help of think of Garnet from Steven Universe when Afro Alien Sis appeared on screen. Ruby...Ruby...Ruby! Why are you still entertaining Christina's shenanigans?
  2. I wonder if Christina is telling the truth about the real William? So Ruby slept with a white woman disguising herself in the body of a white man...talk about a mindfuck! So if the transformation is that messy, how did Christina transform into William so quickly and cleanly last episode?
  3. Stair sex took place at Willstina's house. Remember, Ruby moved out of Leti's house.
  4. We know all will be forgiven once he pays her the slightest bit of attention.
  5. Lauren continues to live rent-free in Kail's head and I love it. Kail spent all that money and inconvenienced the dads who do give a shit to be closer to the dad who doesn't give a shit! Bravo! I doubt Mail would play nice with any woman Chris impregnated. Also, if I was said woman, I wouldn't want anything to do with Kail. When is it going to sink in for Briana that Luis doesn't want to be a consistent presence in Stella's life? Chelsea is a walking, talking Pinterest board. That clothing collection was super uninspiring! Watson is so adorable with his little glasses. Why is Jeremy being messy? Really? No work on the pipeline?
  6. Chuck and Co. going on about peasant food when it's highly likely they are descended from European peasantry themselves.
  7. I find Tammy and Lenisa's " we're not greedy leeches, we just play one on TV" even more disgusting than if they were greedy leeches. What a way to put a negative spotlight on Samoan culture.
  8. I think Christina and William are the same person.
  9. Creed's skin tone and hair color don't surprise me at all considering he is the son of a man who is only half-black and a white woman! Anyway, I guess Miss Piggy Porn is a thing.
  10. I am not defending Tammy because honestly, she is very punchable in the way she interacts with Asuelu and Kalani. I just think that ever since Asuelu came to the States, she along with the other sister have had to pick up the slack of supporting their mother . I get the feeling that the deaf sister contributes but not much since all the kids we saw at the house belong to her, I believe. Now, that leaves Tammy to pick the slack which would explain some of Tammy's ire toward Kalani because if she hadn't gotten pregnant, Asuelu would still be providing the bulk of support to their mother. Mom is probably bleeding Tammy dry with not only her upkeep but also the money that has to be sent back for the "church" and she is fed the fuck up!
  11. Someone commented in reference to baby Creed's name and his mother's penchant for sex with Community Property Chris, "With legs wide open" and I can't stop laughing
  12. Another stupid name. What else is new. Poor kid will have his name attached to a band that no one wants to admit they liked or bought their records. Anyway, so "guiding principle" Let's home it guides her to to believing in science and vaccinating the fruit of Chris loins!
  13. Interesting that she hasn't announced the birth of Lux: Part Deux yet.
  14. I see Entanglement is still in diapers.
  15. https://www.theashleysrealityroundup.com/2020/07/15/kail-lowrys-baby-daddy-chris-lopez-reveals-if-he-will-be-in-his-unborn-childs-life-talks-about-why-he-keeps-having-kids-with-the-teen-mom-2-star-more/ Lol! Kail after this article
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