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  1. Vulgar situations call for vulgar commentary. Why is your cooch still getting wet for a guy who tried to give up his rights your your kid and whom you claimed abused you repeatedly? Hell, why was he in your home in the first place if a PFA was in effect?
  2. I guess any attention is good attention because the trolls as they say, stay having their foot on Kail's neck.
  3. No idea what happened? You got knocked up from a romp on the kitchen countertop and decided not to get an abortion! Lol Chris tried to discharge Lux like the kid be was debt and she is complaining he doesn't do anything for him? Hello?
  4. Lol @ Jerry Springer pregnancy. I can only imagine Kail relaying the news to Jo, Vee and Javi and them doing everything in their power to stiffle a deep sigh and eye-rolling.
  5. Excuse me! These people are delusional! Do they forget how Kail bitched when Lauren was listed as a contact person for one of Lincoln's sports team?
  6. I think the ship has sailed for Kail in regards to attracting a "decent" MOC. Chris-type guys or the David Easons of the world are the best she is going to get.
  7. Her books were ghost-written, a bachelor's is bare minimum for someone who makes 6 figures having her life filmed 3 days a month and only has her kids half the time. Let's see, anyone can have a podcast pretty much and headed to law school??? When and where? Also, I would love to see her try to bring Un-vaxx 1 and Un-vaxx 2 to a law school class.
  8. Thank you! Not only that, but it's common knowledge that Chris Lopez dick is community property. Does she have enough sense to want to protect herself from STD's. There are drug-resisitant strains of gonorrhea being passed around for Christ sake!
  9. Just what everyone needed, another ugly-ass, unvaccinated kid with a stupid name!
  10. Which baby daddy since you have so many? I swear with each passing day, she sounds like she should be on Jerry Springer.
  11. Kail's crazy was on display for years. He has no one to blame but himself. Someone said their relationship is so twisted that Kail takes comfort in the fact that CL can't be with other women while in jail and that she'll probably be the first one to put money on his books.
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