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  1. I watched a good chunk of the beginning, then caught the last five minutes. Tori Spelling had waaaay too much screen time for her hammy shit. “Eye-on” Ziering and BAG have had rather desultory careers, I could do with less of them too. I also don’t get why these washed up actors would get bodyguards etc. It’s a shame that Shannen only gets crumbs, she’s by far the most talented one.
  2. Everyone on Suits (the Meghan Markle show) was dressed like this. The women looked sewn into their clothes.
  3. Nightmarish. I think the ending will involve something like this
  4. They’ve got 4 washing machines and 4 dryers, which is about right for 20 people. Plus if they sorted clothes by color or wash temp, they don’t need to wait for each separate load to finish, they can do 4 different loads simultaneously.
  5. And that’s why I’ve never felt duggar laundry duty was an odious chore. They don’t beat them on rocks down by the river, they put clothes in one machine then put them in the other.
  6. Is Houston just that ugly? It’s not even like he mentions 6000 years once, he does it several times in one sample. And I don’t think he understands animal eating behavior at all. Cows eat all day, if they don’t get fat it’s because they’re lactating and/or they’re eating grass, which doesn’t provide much energy.
  7. Think of it as a football team with a university. The coach is probably the highest paid person working there. But the athletes work for free.
  8. I agree that rinsing off largely makes it safe, but on the other hand, bubble bath doesn’t need to be pasteurized and refrigerated, and it doesn’t turn into yogurt, and Amy would be less likely to end up drinking cranberry juice.
  9. Is that like cow milk milk? It’s gross and unhygienic if it is.
  10. This being AHS, the characters wouldn't even hoof it a mere five miles for help.
  11. Cody Fern is remarkably untoned for an aerobics instructor.
  12. He’s not John Bolton, that’s enough for me.
  13. 10 weeks of slasher film nonsense does not sound fun.
  14. Duggar girls’s lawyer replaces John Bolton.
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