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  1. Was she being deposed, being tested for disease, or attending court?
  2. Jill must be hedging her bets regarding her fertility. Not with science, but any and all gods.
  3. It’s called Easter. Are you declaring a war on Easter, Josiah? Do you hate Jesus and Christianity?
  4. This was literally an episode of filler with a tantalizing teaser tacked on. Kyle looks off. I feel like I’ve seen these women walk the runway in the same clothes about 5 times now. The trip to the “go-go” club was a failed attempt at getting someone to call Erika a whore. They should’ve just named it “Cindy Crawford Tequila”.
  5. kokapetl

    S03.E05: Genre

    I thought she only gave a shit about Aaron Paul because of how he gave her first aid. She starts limping around the time she offs Glasgow smile guy, and Glasgow smile guy’s robot replacement mentions that she’s hurt “badly”, and I don’t think she (or that stupid superbrain) could’ve predicted that Caleb was coming back. He’s basically a designated unreliable flake. She never sees or meets Caleb until she’s in that tunnel. The bad guys initially rico app him to gig courier something to them, which I forget what is at this moment. It takes an angsty walk talking to the recordings of his dead com
  6. kokapetl

    S03.E05: Genre

    Dolores wasn't the terminator a few of episodes ago, she took a couple of bullets to the chest, received an actual blood transfusion (!), and it worked (!!). I always assumed the red blood was just for show, and that “mortally wounded” robots were just programmed to play dead until the maintenance crew could reset them.
  7. kokapetl

    S03.E05: Genre

    You’d think the supercomputer would’ve rebalanced society to have less class tension and inequality, but it’s heightened it, which is obviously bad for stability and predictability.
  8. This. Jana, from what we’ve seen, is a very dull person. She draws pictures of cute frogs and fuzzy little ducklings in her spare time.
  9. @doodlebug A patient on a ventilator is sedated to the level that that he or she is not able to attempt to breathe, correct? So heavily sedated. The cerebellum, responsible for breathing, the most basic part of the brain, is sedated?
  10. kokapetl

    S03.E05: Genre

    Because the writers think it sounds cool.
  11. kokapetl

    S03.E05: Genre

    So WestWorld is basically a spin-off of it’s own self. It was about theme park androids becoming self aware. Now it’s all about a Google-Facebook data mining supercomputer that predicts the future and also controls everyone’s lives. Brought to you by the Singapore Tourism Board.
  12. Ratings still not great https://tvseriesfinale.com/tv-show/westworld-season-three-ratings/
  13. How can the Charlotte from last week plausibly be the Charlotte from this week? She was the exact opposite of Dolores but now she’s a clone?
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