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  1. Johannah AKA Hannie. It could also be four babies in a trench coat.
  2. A covenant marriage divorce just has long legal separation periods, like 2 years. Regarding JimBob‘s control over courtships, Derick is the one he had the most control over. Derick is the only one who approached JimBob and let him basically assign Derick a wife. Derick is a weird person.
  3. What a dickhole. And shouldn’t he have presented this in some expository form?
  4. Everything looks kinda heavy and basic and bourbon glazed, but there’s two poke bowls. It’s just odd.
  5. Is this one of the many things that makes Jill anxious? ETA: I’m being serious.
  6. Derick’s last real job was as a Walmart accountant, and that ended back in June 2015. What have he and his family been living on for the last 4 and a 1/2 years? If TLC/JimBob weren’t paying him, who was? How did he buy a house? Has he been living off his mother’s tit the entire time?
  7. I wish Noel Fielding had quit. He looks funny, but he’s not really funny, and his antics annoy me. From what I’ve seen of him, Ayoade is funny in sitcoms only. They should pay and do whatever it takes to get the original hosts (and judges) back. It sucks that the most replaceable original cast member, bitch judge Paul Hollywood, is all they managed to retain.
  8. I also must have Viva brand paper towels.
  9. I can see how it works in Washington, but not in Springdale. They don’t number by blocks or anything, it’s based on how far north/south or east/west of a certain road or county border or something, and most of the residential roads are short and cul-de-sacs, and inside 20/30/40 acre subdivisions that don't link up with neighboring subdivisions, and all those subdivisions are developed in a patchwork manner. I just find it weird that cul-de-sacs with ten houses can have house numbers like 6590.
  10. I looked up Jed!2020’s address from the filings. His street has like 12 house, but the house numbers are like mid to high 2000s. Why not 1, then 2, and so on? I know the house numbers are based on the distance from some geographical point or street, but what’s the advantage?
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