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  1. I know Bill gets carried away talking about diet, but in his defense, I don't recall him saying eating right and being a healthy weight kept you from getting the virus in the first place. He's not wrong that obesity is a major factor with how likely you are to be hospitalized or die from covid.
  2. So far I can't find anything other than what I've seen in the thread, but the drama made it to People. https://people.com/tv/rhod-tiffany-moon-speaks-out-against-attacks-from-costar-kameron-westcott-family/ Yikes! I didn't remember that. Ugh Kameron. :(
  3. That depends. Is the doctor part of her tribe?
  4. Honestly guys, I believe Kameron. I remember LeeAnne in particular literally treating Kameron like a child and scolding her in Thailand over the ping pong show. Kameron asked "why are you yelling at me?" IRC, Kary was very domineering too. However, I'm still disturbed by everything else. Unusual indeed. Does anyone have all the tweets? It went from typical RH pettiness and tweeting to multiple Wescotts bullying Tiffany and threatening her career?! Nothing happened in between?
  5. Not at all! I’m the most feminine feminist you’d ever meet and totally agree with your post as well. :)
  6. E! used to have fun guilty pleasure shows, then it became all Kardashian, all the time.
  7. I always wonder what she's looking at. Is it a producer telling her to behave? Is it Ben telling her what to say? Is Liberty there? She's said she doesn't do pets, and her cactus can't walk. What is she looking at?!
  8. LMAO! I love Joy. I don't know how the heck Meghan has the gazillion friends she talks about. Sunny said once she's softer IRL. In my experience, the only people someone like Meghan could be friends with is either someone she's too starstruck or intimidated by to mouth off to (maybe an Erika Jayne) or someone indeed her polar opposite. Someone too sweet and non-confrontational who won't talk back to her, like Abby. I'm sure Abby probably never adored Meghan in actuality but is too kind to just cut her off.
  9. Ugh, I thought Court was one of the nicer house husbands, very disappointing. Why the heck did him and his brother even get involved in Housewife pettiness? I'm all for Kameron defending herself if that's what this is about, but she's a big girl. Unless there's something I've missed, no reason for them to harass Tiffany like that. :(
  10. That's always how I've seen it. I'm not so PC I think we can't all poke fun at our own. It should just never be hateful. Yes, I see where you're coming from too actually. I see nothing wrong with good-natured teasing. Most of my friends imitate their moms, immigrants or not. There are actually a lot of silly, funny videos out there on TikTok and such. But you're right it can go too far and feed into stereotypes. True. Even though when I saw the video I didn't think racist, I felt bad for her mom much of the season. Also, like you said, despite how Tiffany talks, she's spent almo
  11. I'm not even that proper, but sometimes I feel like a granny among my own generation. That reminds me. A pet peeve of mine is extremist attitudes. Why can't we be liberal but still appreciate civility? Few examples: I consider myself sex positive. I don't think people should be shamed for being sexual. I bat for LGBT. I don't think people need to wait for marriage or love to have sex. That's not good enough for some folks though. I still think we should all have standards and be safe and be respectful of our partners. That shouldn't make me part of "purity culture."
  12. Oh absolutely! Ellen herself expressed regret with her whole "be kind to one another" schtick. I think most people can't stand phoniness. I just don't take it to the point where I prefer the asshole who's got a soft side to the nice person who isn't perfect. I've never watched her show on a daily basis or anything, but I generally find pranks and scaring people quite mean. I always thought maybe it was just my personality being more sensitive or something, but then I found out others thought the way she treated her guests was kind of messed up too. Also, I'm not someone who thinks
  13. Ditto. Don Lemon says it sometimes too.
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