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  1. I never thought she was a genius, but I was one of those who thought she was a reasonably smart person. Not so much anymore. You need a strong memory if you're going to lie so much. Does anyone remember when Erika was asked if she was the one who told Yolanda about the Lyme discussion regarding her kids? Erika said it wasn't her initially, but she later copped to it and said she just didn't feel like talking about it after her performance. At that time I thought she seemed nice enough and believed her. Maybe she just lies and forgets things like being on camera or evidence being out
  2. Thanks to everyone who posted information about 50 Cent. Yikes.
  3. I've posted this before, but loving to bake and not having anyone to bake for anymore. Prior to covid, I'd sometimes take cookies into work or bake for parties. My circle of folks is either diabetic or super into fitness, so the main person who consumes my treats is me. I recently baked cookies, and I ate almost all of them. 😳
  4. There was another one last week she said she thinks her struggles are overlooked because of her beauty. I'm curious if she's referring to casting or people in her personal life. I don't know anyone who thinks rich or beautiful people are exempt from abuse or pain. I don't think anyone makes it through life unscathed. I also think love can be trickier for attractive people, but the vast majority of us do not get a fraction of all the breaks Halle's had.
  5. Most people when they call in sick to work: I'm not feeling well today and won't be in. Erika: I'm as sick as a dog. A friend of mine died so I'm grieving. I just realized I'm having aches from a car accident where my car flipped, but I thought I was fine. Also, I have a migraine, and it's that time of the month so I'm cramping. Maybe I have covid too. You have no idea what I go through at night!!!!
  6. lol you don't think she's Gone with the Wind fabulous? Wishing Amanda success on DWTS!
  7. I don't follow 50 closely, but it seems like I hear mixed things about him as a person. Some people really dislike him, but lots of people say he's actually a super nice man IRL.
  8. I'm midway through the show, and I think Carly is lovely.
  9. Yaaaaay! I hope Adrienne has her little one, one of these days too. I know she's been trying for years now.
  10. I don't doubt Carla's probably had stuff done to preserve her looks, but I said I thought her beauty was natural as a young model because in all the younger pictures I've seen of her, her nose and everything else looks the same to me.
  11. You might be referring to Erika and Rinna. Kyle's dress isn't my favorite, but regarding her body, I do think that's what large natural breasts look like, even on a woman half her age. So many women, especially in this group, have implants that some people forget real boobs have a hang to them. Hey, at least they're not pushed up like crazy! She has this confessional look where my boobs hurt looking at hers.
  12. It's hard to figure out. I remember season one Kyle was really hurt that Kathy and the rest of the Hilton clan didn't show up to Farrah's college graduation. I forgot what reason they gave, but they did give a "very generous" amount of money. When Nicky got married, I don't think Mauricio and the two younger girls were invited. I think that may have been due to The Agency, but not sure why it affected the kids. Kyle always talks about Paris and Nicky so affectionately, it would be weird for Nicky to not want all four Umanksy cousins at her wedding. Not talking for so many years sta
  13. I'd probably say Crystal looks best. I like her hair, makeup, and the dress. She really does have such a nice body.
  14. It's so sad. I hated what he said with cameras rolling, I can't imagine how much worse he might have been off camera.
  15. I try to be this, but I struggle!
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