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  1. I remember that too, but LeeAnne made so many more comments than Brandi. I was more offended by LeeAnne than her, and Brandi is one of my least favorite HW’s.
  2. I actually enjoy Andy a lot of the time. I think he's quite funny. But I really hope the reunion isn't shallow. I don't like beating someone up for a bad joke or a little ignorance, but LeeAnne took it too far. I'd feel the same if someone spoke like that about the gay community, black, Jewish, etc.
  3. I hope the tension doesn't continue, as I really enjoy this group of women.
  4. I liked how she tactfully tried to speak up for LeeAnne, and her reenacting what she saw at the show was hilarious! She really is quite funny when she wants to be. I’m so curious how Andy will approach all the Mexican comments... Stephanie continues to be a sweetie pie.
  5. I always enjoy YNB. She's kind of the way MM fancies herself-intelligent, quick, and strong. A true tough chick.
  6. According to Brandi. I’m not sure if I believe it personally. There are a lot of ugly rumors about Joanna, but people can be vicious toward women as pretty as her.
  7. I am fairly certain Yolanda become a RH before Joanna Krupa did, which would have made Yolanda the new housewife. Hmm. Joanna was adamant she never had anything with Mohamed, but their friendship never made sense to me.
  8. I don’t know a lot about him, but yes!!! If Paige were a Brady, she would have been kept around and become a more beloved character. I remember speculation she’d be Frankie’s. I’ll be forever griping about this. I thought the actress was so cute and charming too. Paige reminds me of myself as a teen-innocent but drawn to a bad boy (though not at all consumed with chasing after boys). I don’t think most of us can relate to Claire, Gabi, Jordan, or saint Abigail. Paige was truly good.
  9. Ahh, I see. I can get that. Ditto about Shania. I'll have to watch the episode. Her story is indeed full of highs and lows. She's such a strong and inspiring woman. I hope you and everyone else have a great Thanksgiving too! :)
  10. Jeannie's friend Shannon Boodram is a "sexologist." Tisha also knows her, and Adrienne follows her on Instagram. The topic was her secretly watching people on dates, giving cue cards to help them know what to say, and giving makeovers. As soon as Adrienne finished explaining, Loni said "white people." Then the girls went back and forth on what color she is. Jeannie explained that Shannon is a feminist who wants to empower women, very passionate and educated about intimacy, and that she has a lot of good advice about how to communicate and that she would be a big help if you need assistance in these areas. Loni said if you need someone following you around on a date, you need to reassess yourself. Tamara, Tisha, and Adrienne kept out of the tension. Tamara looked uncomfortable and covered her face at some of the stuff Loni said. Loni asked how much Shannon charges, and none of them knew. Loni made a face and was like y'all are her friends and don't know? Jeannie looked hurt by that and said to check out her Instagram because she has a lot of good tips that you can get for free there. I don't think Loni meant to be hurtful. I think she was just trying to get a laugh, but I get Jeannie being offended and taking up for her friend. If I were Jeannie, I wouldn't want my friend to be mocked on my show.
  11. Ditto. I’m always excited to watch when Brigitte is on. As soon as Marie said that, I cringed too. I think she’s a sweet woman and don’t think she meant it that way either. I’m glad she immediately clarified. I’m all for being socially aware and respectful but feel bad if someone who means will gets ripped apart. I’ve noticed a lot of criticism of Marie but haven’t heard anything hateful straight from her mouth to deserve it.
  12. Exactly. Ana’s respectful to both her coworkers and the audience, is able to make jokes, engage in topics without making it about her father, doesn’t clutch her pearls if there’s a sex discussion, doesn’t refuse to speak if the topic isn’t something she’s passionate about, the list goes on.
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