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  1. LOL Do it! I bet it would be the dramatic, amazing season ever! Agreed. Jealous, threatened women want to make something out of nothing. If you're shy and reserved, or even just a direct person, you may be called standoffish, cold, perhaps even bitchy. If you're smiley and friendly and positive, you're phony because no one is that happy and nice. People who want to dislike someone will always find something.
  2. Have they ever had a woman around 36 or so with a bunch of early 20's men fighting over her? I haven't watched the franchise that long, but I doubt it. My thoughts exactly! They didn't say she was mean to the other girls or had a boyfriend back home or that she didn't find Peter attractive and just wanted to be Bachelorette. If she's a little different once the cameras are on, who cares. I'm sure most people want to come across well on TV. This isn't a crime. I did however find it strange that she wanted to keep it secret that she and Victoria knew each other. That still wasn't enough for me to think she's this terrible phony woman.
  3. Meghan calls herself pro-life, but I prefer to call her anti-abortion. Ditto anyone else with her views. If you truly value life so much, you'd care more about protecting it than freaking out over anyone restricting access to guns, choose life behind bars over death penalty, be more passionate about peace and diplomacy and protecting the military and innocent civilians rather than supporting all the wars and simply giving props to soldiers, and not be so against programs that literally help people stay alive. By most people's definition, I'm pro-choice and not pro-life, but I strongly value life. I remember it bothered Joy that there's this implication she doesn't value life, but I don't recall anyone calling out Meghan for her inconsistent views.
  4. Tiffany Haddish is hilarious and delightful. How is Candace Cameron Bure prettier now in her 40's? Amazing.
  5. Jessica Simpson wrote a memoir. She was apparently abused as a young child. I'm curious about the details. https://people.com/music/jessica-simpson-reveals-drinking-pills-new-memoir/
  6. There was a stunning blonde that I don’t think we got a peep out of.
  7. I can’t judge her for most of it. 😂
  8. Her double standards drive me crazy. Joy is a comedian, and a lot of her sex jokes crack me up. They’re never even that vulgar. Meghan just doesn’t appreciate it since Joy isn’t conservative or cool enough for her. She considers Erika Jayne a goddess. For those of you who don’t know, Erika is a Real Housewife who loves cursing, the c word in particular, and says she sells boobs and ass.
  9. It is definitely disappointing. I haven’t watched today’s episode yet, but I can’t say I’m surprised. However I did think Joy was a big Bernie fan. She had a crush and even named her dog Bernie. We’ll never know the truth about what Elizabeth Warren alleged he said. However, isn’t she the one who attacked his character first? I voted for Hillary, but I’m not her biggest fan and tbh don’t think she’s better than that. I think some of these women on the show and elsewhere are trying to get other women worked up about Bernie. If he is short with people sometimes or may have not articulated himself perfectly, those aren’t huge deals to me. He’s nothing like “the guy in the White House,” and I don’t buy that he’s this horrific person nobody likes. I wish they’d talk more policy for those of us who are open to all the democratic candidates and just want to learn more. I’m convinced it’s how she gets her jollies.
  10. Very dark film. I was uncomfortable watching much of it. I don’t remember the last time I was so disturbed by a movie. It’s possibly the most disturbing movie I’ve ever seen. As much as I didn’t exactly enjoy Midsommar, I would absolutely see another film by Ari Aster just because his work is so unique. Whether you like his movies or not, they leave an impression. This isn’t a movie you forget once you see it. It stays with you.
  11. Good points. Some of the Instagram models I’ve seen are ridiculously beautiful, but they’re not always the tallest, thinnest, or youngest. A lot of them have looks that men to crazy over (busty sexpot types), but they wouldn’t make it as high fashion models or ever become supermodels.
  12. I can see Hannah Ann successful as a print model. I don’t see her doing runway either due to her height, but the camera loves her face. She’s got very photogenic features. There are endless gorgeous influencers/Instagram models. That’s what I don’t get. How do so many of them make good livings when they competition is so high?
  13. Oooh thanks! I remember during GND she mentioned using Cinema Secrets foundation, and on Holly's World she mentioned being a fan of MAC's eye cream.
  14. Ohh that's a really good one! There are meat eaters who say unless you're the strictest of vegans, why bother. Really? I am actually pretty good about not just my diet but also lifestyle. However, I'm not perfect. If I'm traveling or somewhere I can't find anything vegan, I will eat eggs and dairy. The all or nothing attitude will really turn away a lot of people who struggle enough not consuming meat. I'm not super wealthy, but each time I get a promotion or am given a lot of money by my grandparents, I'll donate a small amount to charity. I totally agree that everyone just do what they can to help out, and that goes for animals, the homeless, the environment, anything. A little something is better than nothing, and if each person would do a little more, there's definitely a big impact. Things like meatless Mondays and the occasional volunteering are wonderful. My opinion is that people secretly feel bad about themselves when they see others trying to make a difference while they do nothing, so they minimize other people's efforts. That said, I won't lie that as an animal loving vegetarian (mostly vegan), one of my pet peeves is people who hold dogs in much higher regard than other animals. The kind of folks who cherish their dogs as human children but feel nothing about the pain and torture of other animals and judge people of other cultures. It's the high and mighty attitude that rubs me the wrong way. If you do what you can without pretending to be so much superior to people in China, that's different.
  15. This is so disappointing. I wonder which tweet it was.
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