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  1. Sunny doesn't really bother me with this, but I must say, Sara is portably the sweetest cast member since Meredith. I don't recall her ever being rude or acting like a know-it-all. The people deliberately spreading their germs at this time do need to be punished. Unbelievable.
  2. I should not have used the word date. I meant I thought he was only predatory toward very young black females, based on that docuseries. I don't condone his relationships with minors or anyone who's significantly younger than him, even if it's legal. I'm curious what Sara's parents think about her taste in men and if they had heard the rumors about him at the time they were seeing each other.
  3. Why on earth?! Shame on him and everyone else who's behaving like this. It's not funny. It is cruel, gross, and dangerous.
  4. @Stats Queen & @LBS I'm so sorry very for your losses. *hugs*
  5. I would love Sara to return! She’s delightful.
  6. Selfishly I’d love more View, but I really want all the ladies to stay safe.
  7. I’m sincerely happy for her, but you guys are not wrong! My predictions... This is the craziest time ever in history to be pregnant! My pregnancy is more special than other pregnancies because I’m over 30. There’s this taboo about breastfeeding! You think you had it bad nursing? My nursing bras had to be custom-made! And we will get “my baby” instead of “my father.”
  8. 😂 Thank you so much for cracking me up! Honestly, I always thought Meghan wanted kids but was just scared. She's not my favorite, but I am happy for her and wish her well with her pregnancy, especially at this crazy time.
  9. Ditto! I'm fine but bored out of my mind. It was nice that there were new The Real episodes to watch, even if they appeared to have been recorded before things got scary. It's a bit weird to watch a show not discussing coronavirus. I remember the first time I saw Tamar I thought wow! Beautiful. The most pretty women are never happy. Maybe because they're still picked apart.
  10. She's lovely. Thank you for posting this. I'm so ready for the new season, especially if we end up stuck in the house for awhile...
  11. I wish we knew how long this is going to last. I'm already getting depressed. 😞
  12. I don't condone what Tommy did. It was wrong. What Reza said didn't excuse it. But if I had to pick a guy friend between Reza or Tommy, Tommy it is. He strikes me as someone who'll leave you alone as long as you leave him and his loved ones alone. Reza is vicious, and I'm not sure he's capable of love. Is there one person in his life he treats well? MJ isn't perfect, but she is capable of love. I get that intelligent people are more interesting, especially for a reality show. You want to watch someone who has something to say and keeps things going. But I'd much rather have to personally deal with someone dumb and boring. It could be a personality, experience, and generational thing. I'm anxious, a private person, and already have trouble trusting. As much as simple people bore me, a vindictive person who has no problem putting my most personal business on blast? No thank you!
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