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  1. How I feel about Krispy Kreme. I love em, but they taste better fresh.
  2. Is there any food more comforting than warm cookies? I think not.
  3. Feminism is by definition equality. Unfortunately now there are a lot of negative connotations to it. I see nothing wrong with a career woman who wants to be single and have lovers like Samantha, nor someone who wants a committed relationship and even wants to be a housewife like Charlotte. Different lifestyles make different people happy. I don't know why there's so much judgment toward both sides. I vaguely remember that scene. I definitely don't think Charlotte was a hateful racist, but she wasn't "woke" like Kristin Davis is. I picture Charlotte as the type of person who thinks racism is a thing of the past because she seemed all conservative but would ball her eyes out over George Floyd or Elijah McClain because she was softhearted. Yeah the funny thing about Charlotte was that even though she wasn't Samantha, she got around a fair amount to be such a goody two shoes. In my circle, the girl that hooks up with someone she doesn't know at a wedding and has a painter do a portrait of her hoo-ha IS SAMANTHA.
  4. I like that Meghan tweeted about how to get justice for Elijah McClain. I can’t get the footage of that sweet boy out of my head.
  5. Denise Richards is on The Talk today. Eloise is now calling Aaron dad. :)
  6. I'm a Charlotte fan but found this interesting. https://screenrant.com/sex-and-the-city-things-about-charlotte-that-wouldnt-fly-today/
  7. I found the love discussion interesting. Sharon has a point about how the word is thrown around so loosely. I'm guilty of this. I love this candy. I love this dress. I love this, I love that. Now I've never been someone who used it loosely with people. I've definitely experienced being not the receiving end of phony I love you's. It's a pet peeve of mine. I have a friend who started saying I love you early into our friendship. I think she "loved" going out and having fun with me. She has not checked on me once during the pandemic. I'm with Sheryl on McDreamy! I don't care if I'm healthy as a horse, Patrick Dempsey is welcome to give me house calls anytime. :)
  8. It’s a shame because a lot of good, wholesome people just want to entertain.
  9. I thought Eva made some not so nice comments, but I didn't want to be harsh without remembering clearly. Didn't she give dirty looks when they discussed Keanu Reeves' girlfriend? It sounds like she'd ruin the feel good factor of The Real. I'm honestly fine with the four of them too, but I'm not opposed to another co-host if it's one I like. lol
  10. I feel like I constantly hear about Adrienne and the Kardashians losing weight. lol That looks like some hyperpigmentation to me.
  11. I'll start this by saying I don't know much about Chase Rice. For all I know he's a nice guy with good intentions who made a mistake. That said, I was surprised Marie defended him having a concert like that. Is she a friend of his who felt bad he got backlash or something? It was strange to me that she didn't think he did one thing wrong. Getting close to someone unmasked isn't breaking the law of the land in some states. That doesn't make it an intelligent or kind move. She talked like someone who had never been to a show. People aren't great at social distancing at the grocery store, and she expected the fans to do so at a concert where everyone is always so excited and notoriously fights their way toward the front? She's a performer!!! I love live music more than anything and have already missed some shows. I get that people have bills to pay. But what about the ripple effects? That same person who goes to a concert with that many people is the same one who goes to the stores unmasked and can possibly give some poor worker the virus. It's not just employees of perfumers who matter. There are so many people out there who are high risk and/or can't afford to get sick. I wish everyone would think of them before they excuse gathering in huge crowds like that.
  12. I am not familiar with the sports anchor and analyst. I love the idea of Rachel Lindsay being on the show. I haven't seen a ton of Eva since Top Model, but she doesn't seem as intelligent or sweet as Rachel imo. I also adore Yvette Nicole Brown.
  13. I know. 😞 I didn't learn about Elijah last year, but it's amazing how few people conveniently still haven't heard of him. All the folks I know who aren't for BLM say they never heard about him. It's such a tricky time. Vast majority just want to show support, but then are attacked for being part of a hate group. I wish it weren't all so political. TBH I don't even know what we can say about BLM on this forum. Is it considered political at this point? I'd elaborate but don't want to break rules. All I know is my heart hurts. I know. I do like that she's at least coming around and showing she has a heart. That's more than can be said for some others. People look at me as a white chick and sadly a lot of the time let the racism really fly. Even the dismissive comments annoy me, and they're never said when obvious people of color are in the room. I do have some African blood, date men of all colors, and many black people as part of my family and of course friends. Not everyone knows that though so I constantly hear anti BLM stuff.
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