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  1. My dad signed up to get vaccinated. I'm so relieved!
  2. Have you tried reading books or watching YouTube videos about positive thinking and law of attraction? I used to be negative too. I'm not as good at being positive as I should be, but I'm no longer a negative person. I know some folks find these teachings and beliefs kooky silliness, but they changed my life, maybe even saved my life. I was extremely depressed. Religion didn't help me. Therapy didn't help me at that time (though I do believe in it so long as you find the right therapist). I didn't want to take antidepressants either. Understanding being positive beyond the basic, dismissive way some people push transformed me.
  3. Are any of you actually going out on dinner dates and whatnot? I haven't bit the bullet and gotten on an app yet, but now I'm thinking maybe it's actually a good thing to date during covid (with precautions). I detest dating. I'm super self-conscious when eating. I'm a vegetarian which complicates things. I don't like feeling pressured to mess around right away. I could go on about the many dating things I hate. But I was wondering if anyone was going on walks or anything where you can keep masks on and just talk. It would actually be really nice to get to know someone without some of the usual stressors. I got asked out at the grocery store again. I used to always say no to stuff like this, but now I wonder if I should be open to it if the guy seems cute and nice. I do find it kinda hard to tell if someone will be attractive with the masks. That's why I'm surprised to be getting hit on more. I don't think I look pretty with them on.
  4. Meghan is freaking weird with Joy. It's almost like she's got a crush on her and wants her attention and enjoys the bickering, kind of like school boys and immature men who neg. Her treatment of Joy reminds me a lot of the way a former coworker of mine treated me after he was rejected. He'd pick on me for everything, wasn't that nice in general but especially an asshole toward me, yet he was still sensitive about how I saw him and if I cared. Remember how butt hurt Meghan got when Joy said she missed her zero? lol I also want a conservative at the table, just not a rude one like Meghan. Trust me, I want to hear all sides, and I'd much rather not tune in to someone like Laura Ingraham or Liz Wheeler. If I could get a conservative perspective while I enjoy Joy and Sunny, great. Meghan's just such a partisan brat. I prefer Ana to her too, but there are so many other conservatives out there. I also think if Whoopi or Sara were to go, I'd want that seat replaced with a progressive, maybe someone like Krystal Ball. I enjoy Sara and think she's smarter than she's given credit for, but I know politics isn't her schtick. I wish I could have her on The Talk because she really is enjoyable when she's discussing various life topics.
  5. And the pandemic is especially hard for republican mommies! Did Megan ever get that crib?
  6. As soon as the show started I noticed Meghan's sourpuss face. She was not happy. No. She hated hearing about this and wanted them to shut up. I don't think Meghan give's a rat's booty about Americans who don't think like her. In Meghan's mind, only republicans are Americans, and only members of the military and their families are patriots. Everyone else might as well be in another country. She does not care. She really worked my nerves with what she said about Ted Cruz. I agree there'd be no way in hell she'd ever defend a democrat like that. Sometimes I want to stop watching because I hate that this brat thinks she's the reason for the ratings. NOOO!!! I may rant on the boards more when she's on, but I 100% prefer to watch without her toxicity on the show. And Meghan, when Joy is talking about various people in government on the right, she's not talking about you sweetheart. You're not that important. You run your mouth on The View because of your famous daddy. A TV personality who talks politics is not a politician. FFS stop taking everything as a personal attack. Sunny's my girl, but did anyone else notice her stuttering a lot today? Lots of uh and um. I notice the more folks I listen to who talk like this, the more it affects my own speech. I don't know if that's why I just noticed it or if she was nervous today.
  7. Hope you are all having a good new year so far. 😀 Catching up so commenting on old episodes... When they were discussing the SATC characters, I totally thought Sharon would be a Samantha because they're both kind of outrageous. Samantha was sweet though. I wouldn't say I'm exactly like any of them, so I'd probably have the same answer as Carrie Ann and Amanda. It's so cool Elaine went to NYC to get that Carrie Bradshaw life of excitement though! I always envisioned living in LA or NYC when I was younger, but I don't think I'm cut out for it anymore. Elaine seems to have Carrie's eccentric style. I can absolutely be friends with folks who have different politics. My dealbreaker is someone who shoves their beliefs down your throat. Every time Carrie Anne shares the story of coming down a pole topless in a g-string in front of her dad and his business partners, I have secondhand retroactive embarrassment. lol I don't even like to show cleavage around my dad. Sheryl reminds me a bit of myself. She can have a naughty humor, but I think in truth she's actually kind of innocent and traditional. Gwen Stefani is still so beautiful. Nothing against the new ladies at all. They're lovely. But I kinda miss Eve. I know she didn't bring a different energy or sparks to The Talk, but she was so lovely I could see myself being friends with her. Hope she is doing well.
  8. I could never be friends with Kary. I feel like she'd expect to be ready to share a bed the first night you meet to get close. She'd want you to pour your heart out to her Bachelor contestant trying to be vulnerable to get a rose style. Then when you'd talk about real hurt and its consequences, she'd be dismissive and say she's had problems and managed to move past them. She'd want you to party when you want to chill. She'd tease and tease even when she knows she's met the tease quota for the day. Yes, on a positive note, Kary's body is banging. I'd be thrilled to have that figure now, much less 50. Good for her. Yes! I remember that. I would have been mortified. I'm always surprised when folks are so loose with sexual innuendo in front of their parents and in-laws. Yes, they're both too much. Their personalities being a little similar causes clashing, much like Kary and LeeAnne. I thought Tiffany was trying to guilt trip anyone for daring to not try something. I found it really off-putting. I'm the first to defend other cultures because I know a lot of Americans do have bad attitudes and think our way is the only way, but respect goes both ways. You can't say, well in my culture we eat this, so if you respect me you MUST also. No. Being respectful is not mocking other cultures and knowing much of what we consider normal is the result of social conditioning. I always find it strange that some Americans worship dogs but could not care less about the pain and suffering of other animals. I'd elaborate on that but don't want to get OT. I have friends of all different backgrounds, including Chinese. We're all friends and all have different diets. I'm vegetarian. I have friends who eat like the average American. I have friends who eat things that are more exotic for the average American. No one pushes their ways onto anyone. Exactly. I know no one would appreciate me forcing my plant-based diet onto them. I feel respected so long as my dietary restrictions are taken into account when I'm at someone's place or we're selecting a restaurant. I don't even push nutritious veggies onto people! lol
  9. Stephanie's my fave, but I agree with this. Tiffany's worked damn hard, and it's nice seeing a hard worker with humble beginnings enjoy the lifestyle she has. And I certainly enjoy seeing her beautiful things! LOL! Yeah Stephanie is queen of the humble brag.
  10. Yeah just because you're on someone's side doesn't mean you can say whatever you want and not receive backlash. I totally agree with you about recording with phones. I don't recall what he said though. For me, the idea of being recorded all the time is annoying. I've been in various situations where people randomly start recording. I hate this. Sometimes I just want to be. Now for people who are committing crimes, 100% bust out those cameras. The footage of George Floyd was heartbreaking, but America needed to see it. As I've said, I still like Bill and his show despite not agreeing him on everything. I'm not sure why so many people who can't stand him are still watching the show, but to each his own.
  11. This is so true. Carrie is cute, charming and has a killer figure. She's definitely attractive, but she isn't a show stopping beauty, yet she dated all kinds of attractive, successful men, the kind who'd typically go for more conventionally pretty women. She's the exception though. It's usually the men who are partnered with hot babes no matter how unattractive they are. It's like you're an attractive, smart, successful woman, be lucky just to have a man who has SOMETHING going for him. He'll either be cute OR be successful. Attractive, smart, successful men must want a 20-year-old Instagram model or something. How dare you as a woman expect someone who's actually at your level?
  12. I honestly don't mind that he brings those folks on sometimes because it means I don't have to watch the likes of Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, etc. I like to hear what all sides are saying, just not from hateful, rude people. Bill may not be perfect, but he's night and day from the TV personalities on Fox, OAN, and Newsmax. A lot of them really are assholes, and I don't regularly tune into their shows for that reason. I do think it's good to watch a little bit of news that gets you worked up, I just don't want to give ratings to anyone I think is a jerk. This, and I'm so glad you're on here! lol I almost feel like I shouldn't bother posting on his board at all since it seems no one who likes him is posting here. I have family and friends with different views, and much as I don't get them, they're beautiful people. I think this attitude of not forgiving allies who say/do stupid things sometimes is exactly what makes some people go further right. I don't agree with some of the stuff Bill's said lately either, but I do agree with him about this point. He made a crude comment to Rose McGowan, and then he can't be an ally with MeToo. He used the n word because he was stupid and thought he was down enough to say it, he's the biggest racist ever. As far as I know, Bill's never raped or assaulted anyone and has always taken up for minorities. The only thing I remember him doing back in the day was being rough when talking about Islam, but it wasn't from an "anything not Christian makes me uncomfortable" view. He's said dumb things, but even the smartest, most well-intentioned person is going to when regularly being on TV for decades.
  13. There's actually tons of sketchiness about Melania that her fans would not let slide had she been a First Lady of a different party. She's lied about her education, how fluently she speaks different languages, and even the way she became a citizen is sketchy. That made her being a birther all the more rich. I was personally really turned off hearing how she talked about kids at the border and expecting victims of sexual assault to have evidence. She's a beautiful woman and probably nicer than her husband, but that's it and not saying a whole lot.
  14. ME! I still love his show and glad I'm not the only one. I think Bill is funny, interesting, like that he's not about being politically correct and that he platforms all kinds of people. I totally get why some are annoyed by some of the things he says, but again I like that at least he's not catering to specifically to one crowd. I don't tune in to any show only to have the host share exactly the same thoughts I have. I don't agree that his audience is now all rightwing now, but agree to disagree with all those who do. Sometimes my thoughts on this forum are very similar to other watchers (like The View boards), but I don't think Bill is this awful host who caters to the right. Trust me, he says a lot I disagree with, but I'm still a fan. I don't see eye to eye with my own family on everything, and if I think a host or his show is that terrible, I stop watching. *shrug* The only person I regularly watch on TV whom I can't stand is Meghan McCain on The View, but I watch that show for Joy and Sunny. I wouldn't watch her own show.
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