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  1. RealHousewife

    Girls Next Door

    You’re dead on about Kendra. Aw I love that about Holly. I also read she was very appreciate of her Dancing with the Stars opportunity. Lots of the stars complain because dance is difficult, they practice a ton, their feet swell up, etc. It’s not all pretty costumes and spray tans. I think it was Carrie Ann who said Holly was very sweet and showed no diva behavior at all. I remember her blog! I wish she still did it. She does YouTube now? I didn’t know! I’ll have to check that out. Yeah Holly should really work in beauty if she doesn’t perform. Interesting! I’ve never seen Bridget’s ex. I remember lots of people were shocked she was technically married but also Hef’s girlfriend.
  2. RealHousewife

    Sex And The City

    She’s an intelligent woman. I’m surprised she didn’t request to have the line out too.
  3. RealHousewife

    Jersey Shore

    I’m also enjoying this season more. Part of it is because there is more going on. The show has always had drama, but Mike’s wedding and then going to jail is definitely not something that happens in every episode. You could see how much they do truly love the guy with how devastated they were. I’m curious what Jenni will say in the next episode. It’s very sad how ugly things got between her and Roger. They did produce some adorable children.
  4. RealHousewife

    Girls Next Door

    With Kendra and Hank, it almost seemed like a case of opposites attract. I get what you mean. Honestly, I liked all the girls. Even with Kendra’s foul mouth, I don’t think she’s a bad person. I hope she does find love and security. Haha I don’t blame you! I’m sure Holly must love that she has fans who wish she’d perform again or do another book. She always seemed appreciate of fans imo. I missed Peep Show, but I’d love to see her perform and am sure she’s great. And yeah I think Holly kills all things beauty and style related. I’d love a book, a beauty blog, YouTube channel, anything from her. I also hope she finds a nice guy. I know she enjoys a certain lifestyle, but it’s not worth it if the guy’s not genuinely loving. I think a nice, age appropriate doctor or something like that would be better than someone way older or who may be involved in get rich quick schemes. Bridget definitely got herself some nice arm candy! Good for her. I’m curious what her ex husband was like.
  5. I'll minimize my reply since we're off topic, but I find age shaming quite icky so I wanted to clarify that I wasn't referring to LVP when I used the term elderly. :) And back to Dorit, I just saw this article on Radar. https://radaronline.com/photos/arrest-made-robbery-rhobh-dorit-kemsley-home-stars-usher-realtors/
  6. RealHousewife

    Girls Next Door

    I did really like Hank. I thought he was a hottie and seemed really devoted to her. I was honestly surprised he took to Kendra. Kendra was a very cute blonde, and I could see her making him laugh. But initially Hank seemed out of Kendra's league to me. He was this handsome athlete, came from a good family, and didn't have Kendra's foul mouth and such. He came across as a much more wholesome person than her. Then there was the scandal where who knows what happened... I wonder if Kendra will remarry. I think Holly will get remarried and have more kids.
  7. I also think there’s something fishy here. Sounds like someone is looking for a pay day out of the blue for something that wasn’t the result of anything consumed at Sur.
  8. RealHousewife

    Bachelor in Paradise in the Media

    Chris Harrison has some interesting favorites.
  9. Exactly. I don't expect someone who's elderly to be as "woke" as a millennial. LVP apologized for the joke and has shown a lot of love to the LGBT community. That's good enough for me. If she went around saying trans people disgust her and are going to hell, entirely different story. I don't think she's one of the bad guys regarding this issue at all. And that's exactly it with the dialog. It sounds corny, but I truly believe only love can conquer hate. If you're quick to jump down people's throats for bad jokes or not being PC, it makes it that much harder for us all to come together. I cut folks slack until I see they're not changing and continuing to be offensive. Ever since I was a child, I never cared what color, religion, or background someone was. However I grew up around a lot of diversity and know not everyone does. I also know that despite me not having a bigoted bone in my body, I can put my foot in my mouth too. I'd hate for someone to define me by a poor choice of words. I also know that when I'm older, I'll probably be considered backwards by the younger generations for some of my views. Such is the nature of life.
  10. RealHousewife

    RHoBH in the Media

    The others! I liked RHOM, but that got canceled unfortunately. Cannes would be a great trip to watch. I wonder where the BH ladies will go next season.
  11. Ahh I forgot about that. I still think LVP is genuine in her support of the LGBT community. I don’t think she means to offend. I don’t have a homophobic bone in my body, but sometimes I wonder if it’s offensive to say “gaydar” or whatever. Sometimes you’re an ally, but you don’t always know better. It’s like a lot of these women saying “my gays.” I don’t think they mean harm, but they talk about gay men as if they’re accessories. It’s ignorance to me, not hate. Andy’s told them to try replacing it with “blacks,” to see if it would fly, but I still hear them say “my gays” or “team of gays” or “gay village.” Sometimes it’s said with affection or to be funny, but I can see how it is offensive too.
  12. RealHousewife

    RHoBH in the Media

    I don’t watch the other housewife shows, but their trip to France was amazing! What’s second best as far as travel porn?
  13. RealHousewife

    S06.E06: Week 3, Part 2

    I don’t get this either. Demi knows who she wants. Why are they there? Good for the show for being woke and all, but it’s not making sense with the process of the show. Is it all about a same sex couple drawing in ratings?
  14. RealHousewife

    S06.E06: Week 3, Part 2

    I don’t know if I’m on either one’s side. Caitlin was bad mouthing Kristina but then approached her friendly, and Kristina was immediately defensive. She had no idea what Caitlin said, right? If she did, I guess her reaction would make more sense. I didn’t like Caitlin’s fakeness or Kristina’s aggression. Totally agree with needing to retire the constant “women should support women.” Forgive me for my little rant, but this is actually a pet peeve of mine. I can’t stand when people say this, especially in certain circumstances. I do expect women to back up other women more on circumstances of sexual assault because most of us have been there on some level at some point. Men will never know what it’s like to be in our bodies and deal with the things we do. Perhaps some women are ugly towards their fellow woman, but that’s not most of us. As far as I’m concerned we’re all just people who should be kind to one another. Women are allowed to not get along with other women and have issues with them. It doesn’t make you antifeminist. I also find it quite corny to throw around “support women.” I’ve heard it used for everything from getting me to watch entertainers I don’t enjoy to watching women’s sports. I don’t even watch men’s sports, so please leave me alone about not supporting women. Just because I have the same genitalia as half the population doesn’t mean it’s all that determines who I vote for, what I watch, and who I like.
  15. RealHousewife

    S06.E05: Week 3, Part 1

    I’ve known so many jerks who say girls don’t appreciate nice guys like them. Few folks see themselves as the bad guy. Are there some nice men who aren’t appreciated? Of course, and it happens with women too. But a lot of the time, if girls don’t like you, maybe you’re not that nice or are unattractive for another reason.