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  1. ^ I hope both your husbands stay safe. Yes. It's been awhile since I've seen the Elijah McClain footage (very difficult for me to watch), but I think I would have been able to tell he was a harmless guy.
  2. True. I still appreciate police so much as a scaredy-cat. They run into situations the rest of us run away from. Also, I appreciate all the people who take on the other occupations as well. Even though we were just discussing feminism, I'm not the kind of feminist who thinks women have it worse in every way. It is not lost on me that so many of the most difficult, dangerous jobs are done by men and they make up the majority of workplace deaths.
  3. Agree. I know the vast majority of police are underpaid, under-appreciated heroes. It's just not a job where it's okay to have bad apples.
  4. My family was relieved when my grandfather finally stopped driving.
  5. ^ Yup, I took the discussion to chat in case anyone else wants to discuss.
  6. That's one argument I've heard against maternity leave actually, that it will lead to discrimination against women of childbearing age. Do you think they should offer just as much paternity leave so women don't get the short end of the stick there? I also get the small business side of not being able to pay employees who don't work. I don't have the answers, just trying to learn. In your country, is it three years combined parental leave? Also, is it each child? What if someone has several kids? Do they really get paid to spend so many years at home? I do have European family and friends, incl
  7. I wonder if Hef picked up on Holly being more insecure and easy to manipulate? Bridget always came across as a confident, happy person who just wanted to have fun. For whatever reason, Holly seemed like she sought validation more. I don't know if this has to do with their families, upbringings or what. I feel like if Hef put down Bridget, she'd just leave and go be with her family or do something else. Holly was more like, I must be good enough for Hugh Hefner! Yes, Holly definitely regrets that. I get it sucks to spend so many of the best years of your life with the wrong person. But it
  8. It's nice to see Ana looking well.
  9. Responding here from Pet Peeves since we're getting OT. I don't get it, and it was a police officer. Even if they don't know she has dementia, do they have to rough up an old lady the size of a kid? In the footage I saw awhile ago, she seemed very out of it and just said over and over "I'm going home. I'm going home." :( Why not protect the elderly instead of Walmart over $14? One seems much more vulnerable than the other.
  10. Oh I totally got ya! :) Agree with you. I was just trying to be clear I have a heart for people who really are just doing their best. It's the folks who can park properly and don't who annoy me. There was a 5 foot, 80 pound 73-year-old woman dementia who left Walmart without paying for $14 worth of items. She was violently arrested and ended up with different injuries, including a dislocated shoulder. It broke my heart.
  11. Aw I'll bet. I think Kim is just going to be beautiful forever tbh.
  12. Really? I can't imagine why anyone would be shocked by this subdued, reserved bunch.
  13. For sure. Like I don't get Blake Shelton's appeal. Maybe it's because I think he's a bigot? IDK, but he just looks like a normal dude to me. I think Kim is still a beautiful woman, but it's sad someone so naturally pretty felt the need to do anything. Nature was so right on with her imo. Kim as a little girl, so precious Kim beautiful with & without makeup She never needed to change a thing.
  14. Kyle sold their Bel-Air home that's been on and off the market since 2017. It was initially bought for 3 million in 2011, has had a lot of renovations and just sold for 6.1 million. https://www.tmz.com/2022/01/18/kyle-richards-husband-sell-bel-air-mansion-6-1m/
  15. Aw my heart goes out to elderly who are just doing their best. I only get annoyed by anyone who's a healthy, able-bodied person and just doesn't care.
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