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  1. I am a fan of them actually and don’t think they stole Kim’s house but have supported her for years. The allegations against Mauricio are ugly, but I do want to hear his side of the story. I don’t know why it’s taking this long to clear things up if he handled things ethically, but I don’t have legal/real estate expertise.
  2. Do you think Andy treads softly sometimes so as not to lose a housewife? Kyle is the only OG on the show. Maybe he didn’t grill her more at the reunion because he can’t lose her after losing LVP.
  3. I wonder if we’ll get Mauricio’s side next season... I’m all for leaving young kids and spouses who remain in the background alone, but he’s used the show to promote The Agency. Can’t blame viewers for wanting to know the truth.
  4. I’m not an atheist, but I hate the whole people of faith=good, and everyone else=bad. I’ve known good and bad folks who are religious and not. I’ve noticed most of the atheists I’ve met are more intelligent and better at debating. I know so many Christians and people of other faiths who can’t make an argument without bringing in the Bible and Jesus or whatever religious book or prophet they believe in.
  5. I think D’andra is a beautiful woman, and I’d be a happy girl to have skin like hers at 50. However if she gets work done to look the way she does, why would anyone want to use her skin care?
  6. Joyce and Katherine were pretty classy. Joyce liked talking about “peepee’s” a bit much for my taste, but I loved her otherwise.
  7. Ditto. That's exactly me too. I get that playing around in Sephora with all those luxurious brands is fun. It's hard for me to resist the store when I'm at a mall, and it's one of my absolute favorite places to shop. But I have friends who have quite limited budgets and prefer Sephora to Ulta. I try to explain that with Ulta you will be able to stop with your points and to look out for all the frequent 20% off deals, but some of them don't seem to get it. They'll spend full price at Sephora for the exact same items you can find at Ulta, often for less. If you want Charlotte Tilbury, Make Up For Ever or Dior, you gotta go to Sephora. For NARS, Urban Decay or Benefit, Ulta all day unless Sephora's having a sale.
  8. Are you asking if I meant ONLY women 30 & up are allowed to be sexy? Of course not. Lots of people don't want to see women (particularly mothers) the age of the RHOD wearing lingerie. Kameron also mentioned she was the youngest but the most modest at the party. I thought it was great that the women were confident and having fun with the theme of the party.
  9. I see both sides of the lingerie topic. I think women 30 & up, including mothers, have every right to feel sexy. Would I personally go to a party like that with my entire butt out? No. But good for the ladies for being confident and having fun. I was amazed at how fit LeeAnne is.
  10. Being told I look tired. Thanks for telling me I don't look good!
  11. You and me both! Whoopi was on fire today.
  12. Sounds like we agree about Kameron. It’s not that she’s perfect and we’re not seeing the things others have brought up. It’s just that she was disrespected too, and she apologized profusely for saying trash. Maybe aggressively cursing at people is no big deal on RH, but for a lot of us it is unacceptable in a friendship. My sister is the type who turns into a cursing pit bull when she’s upset, and I can’t stand it. I think it’s ugly. My heart goes out to LeeAnne because her childhood was horrific, but I’m with the ladies and am over her bringing up her past and saying she had it the worst. My issue with it is kind of similar to what’s going on with Kameron and the other ladies. We all hurt. It’s true some of us have it worse than others, but being dismissive of other people’s problems and feelings isn’t the way to become friends with them. I noticed the incorrect use of I too!
  13. Ohh okay, thank you! I wished we learned more about this at the reunion.
  14. I completely agree about that. A lot of Kam’s behavior make her difficult too. I think they’ve all got some issues that would make it difficult to develop close friendships. Stephanie is such a sweet person though. My heart breaks for her.
  15. That’s not racist because my makeup artist is gay! 😉
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