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  1. I'm not surprised Eileen is, kind of, defending her. "I don't know if we can ever get it right on these trips." -Truest words Erika has ever spoken.
  2. I guess I'm supposed to ignore that Kyle's psychic, Rebecca, was lingering around Lisa and Erika when LVP was talking about Pink Dog. 🙄
  3. I like Eden too, but RHOBH was not the show for her. I'm not sure she's nearly as bratty as the others.
  4. I might be blanking out, but did Lisa ever explain why she refers to her husband by his full name? We all know who she's married to. That said I think they're one of the most genuinely in love couples on this show.
  5. I'm halfway through Season Eight and this is completely annoying me. I do wish Camille would come back, though. She was a bit pretentious in the first season, but I expected her to be much worse than she was. Back on topic: I'm blown away by the shit stirring Dorit is engaged in during the eighth season. I mean, they all do it, but she's playing the Rinna "I don't remember saying that" and two scenes later "You know, I've given it a lot of thought, and if I think hard enough, I probably did say those things." 🙄 Dorit's gaslighting is so egregious.
  6. I'm thisclose to Season Eight. Am I the only person who laughed her ass off when Eden went off on Rinna?
  7. Exactly. Even true assholes can be right. I can't disagree with the truth, regardless of whose mouth is saying it. I'm trying to be active in the convos, but I've also gone back to watch early seasons because I'm unfamiliar with the progression of certain HWs. Initially, when we first meet them, they appear to be on the level and tuned in, but it doesn't take long for the complex personality traits to surface. I do think Tom was an asshole toward Erika. I didn't care for the way he spoke to her as if she were a stupid child. It was weird to see her so submissive to him. Right no
  8. Her face looks super long in that photo. It's kind of disturbing.
  9. I think I was feeling a bit of guilt over agreeing with her about some of the other HWs. She's an asshole, obviously. 😂
  10. I don't want to get slammed for saying this, but Early On Erika is the kind of woman I would have easily befriended because she wasn't judgmental, was loyal to her friends, and for the most part, observed the drama instead of participating in it. Yet I know what came out about her and Tom. She's a shitty person for making it about herself when it's about his victims, and how much she actually knew. It's messing with my head because I've only started watching it from the beginning. I'm finally on Season Seven. 😂
  11. Her house was ugly and dated. The yard, however? Fantastic.
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