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  1. This was my initial feeling too. It wouldn't shock me if she turns out to be a con artist.
  2. If you were raised by a narcissist, this storyline hit differently when you have a female character making excuses for the mother. That said I'm looking forward to the continuation of López vs La Fería. This storyline definitely intrigues me.
  3. Thank you. I wasn't aware. As soon as they showed the next episode preview, I thought to myself, wonder if they'll have her miscarry.
  4. This show is only on its third season. They're going for a pregnancy subplot already?
  5. Ressler is a bumblefuck character, but yeah, Diego's cute. I would do dirty things to him.
  6. Same. I'm stuck on Red being Katarina because my intuition tells me this is it. It's really wacky, but it also works. I have yet to see another character come up where I'm like "Nope. That's actually Katarina." Red has been saying things for the past few seasons or so that seem like things only a mother would say, especially when he's talked about his childhood. I can't remember those scenes word-for-word, but that's how I got stuck on the "Red is Katarina" theory. I haven't budged since.
  7. I'm still of the mind that Red is Katarina.
  8. Apparently, five crew members tested positive for COVID, but production isn't shut down. That's a bummer for those involved. Five Crew Members Test Positive for COVID
  9. I like Fredrik, but his presence on this show throws off the balance.
  10. I'm guessing that she, and her husband, are involved with bodybuilding.
  11. There was a MDL Miami. For one season. It wasn't that interesting and the brokers featured were annoying. The clients were meh. Although, technically, it was the first of the franchise to feature a female broker.
  12. Yep. I knew Fredrik wouldn't beat him at his game. Sure, Fredrik has been in real estate for years, but like Josh said he hasn't been working the LA market for all those years.
  13. I loved it. While I was initially iffy with Fredrik being on the LA version, I did enjoy the rapport between him and Flagg.
  14. That's fair. I missed seeing the first couple of seasons, so I'm not entirely certain what he was like back then. This season he seems fine. Before he was all right. Has his snobby moments, but I love his knowledge of architecture. Also, I loved seeing Edith.
  15. Given what we've seen of (and know about) Josh, that kind of charge seems unreal, and you think, why would someone in his position need to steal artwork? I'm glad the charges were dropped.
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