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  1. I could have sworn the daughter was the one with sleep apnea. Then it was mentioned there were rumors people saw the wife alive after the kids would have been murdered. I might be wrong here. I watched the first three episodes late last night. Lol.
  2. I genuinely do like Fredrik, but drama seems to kind of follow him and after a while, you get bored with it.
  3. Me too. I like Fredrik, but am not looking forward to this drama.
  4. I thought the Altmans might go cringe, but was pleasantly surprised. I, too, enjoyed the whole episode.
  5. Same. I love looking at the big houses, but wouldn't want to deal with the upkeep. Ishmael and Priscilia's house was the perfect size. I know some might think it's on the smallish side, but thinking about its upkeep doesn't throw me into a panic like the Razor House.
  6. Maggie Tolliver shows up and gives no real evidence that she's Katarina Rostova, but Lizzie believes her without question, while always riding Red's ass about the truth. (I'm still of the mind that Red is Katarina.) If I saw Lizzie coming toward me, I'd run as quickly as possible in the opposite direction. Every time someone comes within 100 feet of her, (s)he winds up dead or hospitalized with terrible bodily damage. Ressler's animation looked nothing like him. I appreciate that the crew wanted to finish the final episode, but his likeness was so off. Same with Spader's, somewhat. Park's was on point, though. I'll add to the chorus about how adorable Amir's dog is. Also, I miss Samar.
  7. You reminded me of when Ron Perlman played Luther Braxton and his character hated Red. At one point he tells Red, "What are you going to do? Talk me to death?" I wish the writers hadn't killed off his character and instead, had made him a recurring one.
  8. I also loved how Moira, before she and Johnny got into the SUV, checked with David and Alexis to make sure they knew the proper way to ship her wig collection. I already miss this show.
  9. Ashley's friends seem like genuinely good people. I think she's a lost cause though.
  10. After the In Memoriam segment was finished, the first thing out of my mouth was "They forgot Luke."
  11. This is the part they made me feel sorry for Jamie. That's a difficult thing to hear in the company of others, especially after she confessed to being in love with him. I know how that feels, although I've never given men any money.
  12. William is a shitbag. Akirra seems like a decent person. Sweet. But I actually felt sorry for Jamie too.
  13. I semi-panicked early in the episode thinking it would turn out to be Jesus' bff.
  14. I think this is the only episode that truly had me in my feelings. I can't get past how people can be so cruel (and evil). I'm glad, too, that Jesus never gave her money and he looks to be doing much better in life. Thank goodness. He had a rough start to his life.
  15. As much as I don't want to rush time, I'm really looking forward to Season 3.
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