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  1. I know she's been on Bobby's IG cooking show, but I agree. They need something concrete. They're so much fun to watch.
  2. It's also why I enjoy the moments shared between Heather and Bobby, since they openly articulate their respective husbands' weaknesses. They're nice with what they say, but they know. 😂
  3. Yeah. I thought Samantha owned it, too.
  4. Easily the best line of the episode. It's funny how we're all telegraphing future plotlines. Maybe we should all be hired on as writers?
  5. Exactly. I like Harper, but am not looking forward to this storyline.
  6. And I'm sure we haven't heard the last of Jason, unless Bailey gets written off the show. He'll, somehow, get his sentence reduced, and be released (for "good behavior" since he's a narc). I'm sure his next step will be to attempt to murder Bailey. The cops should have let the Southern Front kill off Jason, if they wanted an actual end to Bailey's suffering. She and Nolan still have no chemistry, but that doesn't stop the showrunners for giving him these implausible romances. LOL. Since Nyla has had difficulty getting pregnant in the past, I suspect she might lose this baby. I d
  7. A midlife career switch vs a woman you've been dating for, what, six months? I've been involved with a narcissistic sociopath, and while what Bailey said about his treatment tracks, she needs to get her life in order before jumping into a new relationship. Jason's a dangerous and sociopathic malignant narc, which is pretty hardcore. And, of course, Nyla's pregnant by Donovan.
  8. I sensed you'd show up, and boy did you deliver. 😂
  9. I like Seema too and would like to see her character developed more. Although I was disappointed she needed to make up a fake boyfriend. I feel she's much better than that. I always liked Samantha the best, but I'm fine with her not being in this series. I can't even imagine how her character would have worked given the writing so far. The writers might have ruined her character in some way. One major thing missing is the humor from SATC. I'm starting to like AJLT more, but it's mood is more melancholy and serious. Not everything about aging is depressing. It's a privilege to
  10. Geez, Ressler. Why don't you be an even bigger dick to a child.
  11. Technically, they've only known each other for a few months or so. FWIW, I prefer to know whether a guy I'm seeing is still married, even if we're just dating.
  12. Bailey's a firefighter and ex-military, yet they've turned her into a simpering dope. Her character would be interesting if she were realistic (imperfect) without being a "damsel in distress." I'm not sure any of the show's writers knows how to create a decent love interest.
  13. 💯 And this show, I believe, has many more fans than SATC. Deservedly so. I still catch the reruns, which run on so many different channels. 😂
  14. I'm loving this show more than the OG MDLLA (right now). I really want to hang out with Bobby and Heather all day. Just chillin' out.
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