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  1. Nev opens each show by giving a brief overview of the week's profiled crime. He's only on for a couple of minutes. Dometi Pongo, who is a MTV journalist, is the one who researches and interviews people affiliated with the cases. The show is centered around his search for the truth. I've watched every episode so far and it's interesting because even though the cases are ones that have "gone viral," I've only heard about one so far. It happened in the Chicago suburbs near where I live. As far as last night's Catfish, the dad sounds like a huge asshole. Lying about, and to, his kids. I'm glad things worked out because Sparkayla sounded mostly estranged from her father and half-sisters. She yearned for a steady family connection.
  2. Just came here to say I'm glad people are still watching this show. I missed reading the latest posts. LOL. I haven't been a regular watcher, but decided to give it a try this season. I like Kamie as the co-host.
  3. They're some of the best things about this show, TBH. (FWIW, I love the show in general.)
  4. My favorite part of the show was Dembé sketching the owl.
  5. Same. I was thinking Ramirez would pop up from behind, or from the side, and slit his throat. I was happy when it didn't happen. In some sense, Bobby was the Final Girl, er, Boy.
  6. Given the number of years Abby spent around The Deuce and getting to know the denizens and trying to use her privilege for good, I've seen it speculated that she could have become a criminal defense lawyer. I could see that being the case.
  7. In other forums, many seem upset by no one caring about Lori, but that was the point: she literally had no one. Viewers might have grown to care about her, whatever, but she was basically disposable in their world. Even Eileen/Candy kept her at arm's length.
  8. I felt happy, but bittersweet, when they showed all those who had died. Apparently, "The Sidewalks of New York" is an old standard written in the late 1800s. It's been covered by a handful of contemporary entertainers. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Sidewalks_of_New_York
  9. I guess I'm a sucker because that ending worked for me. *shrug*
  10. I'm relatively sure he was in this week's episode: the neighborhood meeting scene with Abby. I thought the camera showed a shot of his head from behind, but perhaps I'm imagining that.
  11. I was really hoping that Lori might be one of the few who would have a happy ending.
  12. I'm still of the belief that Red is Katarina Rostova.
  13. It's probably too late to hope she winds up being the hero. Lol.
  14. Thank you. How many horror franchises exist with a killer that never dies? Don't forget Jason Voorhees.
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