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  1. I had to ff thru Toni and Birdmans date. I couldn't understand what he was saying and apparently neither can Toni!
  2. featherhead

    Wynonna Earp

    And what happened to the baby???? The whole episode was kind of chopped up and confusing to me.
  3. featherhead

    Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta

    And don't forget Freako Nikko is there too!
  4. Every time I see people in the hot tub I think of Paulie peeing in it. Eww.
  5. featherhead

    Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood

    Does Moniece understand that when someone calls you a bad mother, they are not dissing your child, it is not about the child at all. It's all on you boo!
  6. featherhead

    Basketball Wives LA

    I'm pretty sure only Jackie and Angel Love were wearing Angel Brinks.
  7. featherhead

    Basketball Wives LA

    Jackie was getting more and more pissed as each girl arrived and she asked them who the designer was of the outfit they were wearing and it wasn't Angel Brinks. LMFAO!
  8. featherhead

    Basketball Wives LA

    WTF did I just watch? Wacky Jackie returns! Tammy looked like Thema from Good Times. Dyn-o-mite!!!
  9. featherhead

    Basketball Wives LA

    Tammy looked beautiful in that shag wig when she was doing the auditions with Duffy. Just don't call her "sweetheart" unless you want to get popped in the mouth!
  10. featherhead

    Ghost Adventures

    It was two weeks ago. I don't remember the name of the episode, but that should help you.
  11. featherhead

    There Goes The Motherhood

    I don't even have children but the parents who lock the children's doors really bothers me. They have enough space in that house for a children's wing with a nanny if they want adult time. I think I am going to enjoy this show especially when I learn their names.
  12. featherhead

    S08.E03: The Biggest Boob

    Andy has lumped Sonja and Lu Ann = Sue Ann. Since they have not filmed with the other howives. He does a weekly GrHeeey Gardens on them.
  13. featherhead

    S27.E04: Corneesa

    I was so glad they still had the elimination challenge even though they lost two teams, just to get rid of Camilla. What a pita she is.
  14. featherhead

    S27.E03: Camilanator: Judgement Day

    So mad! My DVR only recorded two minutes of the episode. Demand only has episode 1 . Mtv won't play on my kindle and the next time they are repeating the episode is next Wednesday. I even checked YouTube. Anyone know how I can watch the episode sooner than Wednesday?
  15. featherhead

    Kristen Doute: Cigarette Sally

    Kristen said on WWHL that she is dating Alecs from Below Deck and he will be on Vanderpump Rules. Since Rocky supposedly works for him, I wonder if they will hang out?