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  1. I think Bond villains would be jealous of Wheatley. Bond villains usually have a weakness (either women or their ego or both) and with the occasional exception, once they're dead, they're dead.
  2. CheshireCat

    Tennis Thread

    I read that he said his agent/manager had filled out the form. Yes, he would have signed the document(s) and he should have looked them over before signing but in the US, the prosecution would have to prove that he knew of and condoned the false statements made on his behalf. So, if laws are similar in Australia, a judge might accept the argument that he knows he should have looked it over but he trusted his agent/manager and he was wronged, too. (Bla, bla, bla 😉)
  3. The place to discuss spoilers for and speculate about upcoming episodes, couplings, the 2nd season and everything else.
  4. I liked that, too. Don't recall if we've seen Angela before (she seemed new to me) but I like her and I hope we see her again (though not a body bag after Katia murdered her, please). Callen and Rountree partnered up at the end in episode 2 or 3 of the season. As for Sam and Rountree, a few weeks ago I caught a rerun of season 11 (I think). It had a really slow-going episode mid-season where the characters pondered their future and Sam was talking about how he'd like Callen to become Hetty's successor and they'd get a new agent that he (Sam) trains. I had forgotten about this epis
  5. CheshireCat

    Tennis Thread

    I'm trying to remember if I had a stamp from Switzerland in my passport and I don't think I did. I'm not even sure if I needed a passport. Could be that they have an agreement with European Union states that allows travellers to enter with an ID, especially since there likely are a lot of people who live in one of the neighboring countries and work in Switzerland or vice-versa. I could be wrong as it was years ago but it's possible that he doesn't have a stamp or anything in his passport if Serbia has an agreement with EU countries. It's also possible that he has two passports. But t
  6. Sarah Hughes and Adelina Sotnikova also won on their first try.
  7. It's entirely possible that he didn't care. But it's also possible that there are rules with regards to which dogs can be used as a pet and/or as a pet around children.
  8. I wondered the same thing. Also, how much money does the account Gibbs set up for Kelly yield per year since Vance said that he's helped multiple agents. Good point! At first, I thought they were revisiting a version of McGee has bank/hacking/computer troubles but once Palmer also said he'd gotten 10k, I wondered if Gibbs had something to do with it. I just couldn't figure out a reason or where Gibbs would have gotten the money. I thought the episode was fairly predictable; I wondered if the fiancée was involved right from the start, although, I thought that she was ma
  9. Gabriel Basso and Luciane Buchanan have been cast as leads. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/tv/tv-news/netflixs-night-agent-casting-gabriel-basso-luciane-buchanan-1235049822/
  10. I caught a rerun of the Pilot this morning. I'm not a dog person but boy, what an adorable dog Jack is!
  11. Donna ended up as the First Lady's CoS, so I don't think she would want to have children within the next 4-8 years. However, I do wonder how much she and Josh would actually see each other.
  12. It's not difficult per se but ideally, you adjust the icing consistency for whatever it is you work on and that takes time. If I did a competition like that (which I'd never do because I wouldn't be able to deal with the time limit) I'd probably mix two consistencies when I mix the icing - one a bit stiffer, one for flooding. But normally, you'd adjust as you go. Humidity and temperature also play a role with royal icing and can affect the consistency and/or the end result.
  13. Definitely. Liquid also affects the consistency but I don't think they have it at the show. Yeah, reds and pinks taste bitter although there are a couple of reds that have no taste. I've never had a problem with blue or green but I think if you use too much blue it can have a metallic taste.
  14. Did they film that one before the episode with the bee-wreath? Because that was the last episode where they had royal icing transfers... What did they have against the lady who made the giraffe and duck? Those cookies were adorable and they sounded like they were looking for a reason to say something negative about them. I bet if she had focused more on the chimney, they would have said that it distracts from the giraffe. (The cookie was supposed to be about the animal, so I don't get the comment anyway). I thought either the lady who did the Santa riding on the polar bear or the lad
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