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  1. CheshireCat

    The NBA

    I was wondering how that was going to work/if there'd be travel exceptions for non-resident players. I guess not.
  2. ^Enjoy! My cake preparation last September didn't last long enough and then I got distracted/busy with other stuff, so my rewatch was cut short. Oh well, all the more reason to do another one. 😉
  3. The season was only 10 episodes long, so all of the episodes were released within the eligible time frame 🙂
  4. I don't think actors find out that far in advance before an announcement. (I also see no reason to keep it if a decision has been made and everything's been negotiated and is a done deal). CBS and NBC have announced renewals, the other networks haven't, as far as I know. (Maybe they have to crunch numbers a bit more or are still trying to figure out if it's worth investing in a new show at this point?)
  5. Not entirely sure but here's some more information. https://www.starsinthehouse.com/ I watched the reunion on YouTube. Really enjoyed it, there were a lot of laughs 🙂
  6. Yeah, I'm kind of loving that little side effect. I'm not a fan of the cliffhangers anyway. Sometimes, they feel so contrived and unnecessary. Drama just for cliffhanger-drama's sake. I liked the episode overall and especially, that they surprised me at the end. I thought for sure that the quick response team would stop the killer and not a member of his team. The biggest issue I had was that they let Sam call the shots. I know it's not the first time they've done it and I roll my eyes each time they put the least impartial guy in charge. (Although, I probably do that more when they put Sam in charge because he's not normally in charge, so they go through the trouble of putting him in charge even though he's biased). Yeah, the guys asked for him but if the Navy really wanted an impartial investigation there is no way that I believe that they would've let Sam have any say in the investigation itself. It should have been: do as you're told or get assigned a different case. I would have preferred if they hadn't named-dropped Gallagher. The show has never been all that realistic, so connecting it to the real world felt kind of weird. What was Fatima doing in Hetty's office? I think they should let us imagine that Hetty's around somewhere and not put a new agent into her office and raise the question of why Hetty isn't there when they're not prepared to address that. All in all, I think it was a good way to end the season, though.
  7. And not only did she overstay her visa, she was also denied an extension. And suddenly, she comes up with a husband. That ought to be enough to make someone at DHS or State very suspicious. I would think that her chances of returning to the UK and trying to pull some strings to get a new visa are better than being granted a spousal visa. (Although, I don't consider her chances great to begin with).
  8. Sunday at 8 is a good one. 9 is still okay. 10 is the "death slot" because of football overruns during football season. I don't think the Sunday shows started on time even once this past fall. Viewers are unlikely to watch a show that starts at around 10:30 and lasts an hour when they have to go to work the next morning. (I also read something about how many people have the resolve and still manage to go to bed on time on Sundays).
  9. She'd have to know someone who knows someone who is a high ranking State Department or Department of Homeland Security official or someone in the White House. Also someone who has the authority to say "grant her the visa". Anyone else could merely do an inquiry and maybe put in a good word. (Although that can be enough. Just like involving a member of Congress can be especially when it comes to speeding up the process. But it doesn't make for as good a story, of course 😉 )
  10. CheshireCat


    Yes, both Alina Kabaeva and Irina Tchachina were banned and stripped of their medals back in 2001.
  11. Love the idea. The serialized aspect of the show could then also revolve around something that has to do with either June or her husband.
  12. Don't think I need the Pink Panthers in there. They were probably my least favorite part of the series (I think because they moved the series away from their original premise and the "white" collar aspect too much). I think I'd prefer something along the lines of Peter tracking Neal down because there's an international art thief (or a group of them) who they can't catch (however that would work as a series) or something like the music box story minus the personal aspect. But as long as the quality is there and the story is compelling, I'd probably watch anything. I would be surprised if Mozzie were still in New York after all these years though. I kind of imagine that he would have joined Neal in Paris once he/they considered it to be safe. It just seems that there's too much art in Europe for Mozzie to be able to stay away for long. 😉
  13. Didn't Vance always call Abby "Ms Sciuto"? After McGee handed the phone to Torres and Torres, of course, said something he wasn't supposed to, I thought it would come out that Torres was actually behind those calls. I remember that we learned the date of the attack on Pearl Habor in US History during my time as an exchange student. I would lie if I said I remembered but I'm from Germany and I do know when WWII started. While I don't want to know how many Germans don't know that anymore either, I think that someone who works for a government agency should know something like the date of the attack on Pearl Harbor and even more so when it's an agency that is related to the military/part of DOD. Dates like that also get mentioned in the media all the time. X anniversary of event X. On a shallow(er) note, Gibbs/Mark Harmon in a suit is always one handsome fellow!
  14. So, they have a woman who talks about being tired of having to work twice as hard for the same things as mediocre guys and the other woman on the team says she wants to help investigate. But then, she doesn't and instead, it's the guy who helps and another guy who delivers a crucial piece of information and in the end, we have one dude who tells Tammy that he's impressed with her skills and another dude who tells Hannah he's impressed while the first guy has a lot less experience than Tammy and the second only just joined the team. Alrighty then. When Hannah said she wants to go public I thought she meant the media not some Senate hearing no one will ever care about. As he said, a guy like Van Cleef is well-connected, so the only way to protect against him is to get the story out there. Not only would it have given the others courage and there probably would have been some who would have backed Hannah but who knows what the media would have dug up additionally. (I really want to know what happened to the agent who died, for example). I also think the Van Cleef story should have been an arc over a few episodes (with Hannah and Tammy investigating after work and digging up more than what they did. It would have been nice to have someone else get an arc for a change and not have that story cramped into an episode with two other stories that all seem to have had equal screen time). I did like that they gave Pride and his ex the opportunity to sort things out and that they didn't do it in a wedding episode. Would we have gotten a wedding without the virus? If so, I feel robbed. 😉
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