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  1. Ah, okay. I thought you meant Bebe Neuwirth because she left the show early and one never knows regardless of what is publicly said. 🙂 As far as Nadine is concerned, they kept in touch. In S5 (I believe "The New Normal"), the NASA administrator asks Bess if she's heard from Nadine and Bess mentions that she has and is doing good.
  2. She said she was asked. https://twitter.com/BebeNeuwirth/status/1203915656699293697 But, yeah, I agree, it would have cost a fortune and I don't think they had much money to work with to begin with.
  3. I googled the play and I don't think there is more to the story. She was headlining a four-actor play that ran from Oct 18 to Nov 10. Filming for the last episode was from Oct 31 to Nov 13 (and the outdoor wedding scene was filmed on either Nov 4 or 5). A four-actor play that one headlines does not sound like a play where you let your understudy take over. And since they filmed the outdoor scene outside of NYC, I'm assuming they would have needed her for two shooting days, so it doesn't sound like they had any chance of working something out schedule wise. (Even if they were shooting all of the wedding scene with the guest stars on one day, I don't think the show had much flexibility since it was the last episode of the last season).
  4. She tweeted that she was doing a play in Philadelphia at the time.
  5. The actor who portrayed Walter Nowack (the nuclear expert from the 1st floor) has passed away today. May he rest in peace. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/ren-auberjonois-dead-star-trek-benson-actor-dies-at-79-1260677
  6. One more, with quotes from Leoni. Contains mild/vague spoilers. https://www.tvinsider.com/832275/madam-secretary-series-finale-tea-leoni-tim-daly/ I thought what Leoni says about not having been interested if it had been Madam President from the start was interesting. I can see where she's coming from, although, I think, considering what we've seen, this show would have been able to write engaging and non-generic stories for a president as well, especially since she'd be/is a female president and that alone would not be/is not generic.
  7. Leoni, Daly, Bergen and Ivanek reflect on the 6 seasons. It contains a seconds-long (or brief) scene from the finale. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=25hSTS1bKuc
  8. A couple of articles/interview about the show and series finale. They all contain spoilers. Interview with Barbara Hall Entertainment Weekly with quotes from Tim Daly https://tvline.com/2019/12/06/madam-secretary-series-finale-spoilers-season-6-episode-10-tea-leoni/
  9. P/C made mistakes in their step sequence.
  10. I read a TV Line interview with Soffer a couple of days ago and he said they have mostly new writers and, apparently, they don't expect them to be familiar with the characters (he was asked if Halstead's relationship with Lindsey would make him wary of getting involved with Upton and he said he doubts that on the writers' minds because they're mostly new). I guess, that could explain why Burgess is reverting back to not communicating. I'm usually not a fan of pregnancy stories but this has the potential to be interesting because of how they've started writing it. I like when there are conflicting emotions in a character. It'll be interesting to see where they take it.
  11. Some thoughts on the episode. I agree with everyone, I'm not thrilled about the investigation. I'm not thrilled about the hack story either. Mostly, because I don't think they had to go there. I read that they didn't do the campaign because the primary campaigns are ongoing and they didn't think it was what people wanted to see but I'm not convinced. First of all, they could have done whatever they wanted, so they could have easily kept the campaign above the belt and gone for clean campaigns. Second, if they thought viewers didn't want to see a campaign, what made them think that they'd want to see an investigation? To me, it sounds like CBS had a say in the matter or, at the very least, that CBS' decision to cancel the show played a role in their choice of story. I'm also torn about them showing the presidency in the first place. Bess getting elected at the end of the show would have felt like a nice conclusion of that chapter of hers as Secretary of State. Now, they've kind of opened the next chapter but we're only going to see a very small part of it. On the other hand, I do like that we get to see it. I'd just have liked to be able to see it for longer than 10 episodes if that happened. Maybe it’s just me but what was up with the many times that they referred to Bess as commander-in-chief? I know that she is the commander-in-chief, I just thought they overdid it a little. The stylist did not need to refer to Bess as that, for example. She could have just said she got the President to sign off. I thought that was a little odd. Bess and Henry dancing was a cute moment and made me smile. (Although, for a second, I thought they were going to start making out :P) And Bess pulling Henry away from the couple to keep him from telling his joke made me grin. Nice call-back bringing that joke back. I wasn't 100% sold on Henry's involvement with the arts. Yes, he wrote books and is well-read but it never seemed to rise to the level that would make me think he'd be interested in making the arts one of his issues as First Gentleman. I think it would have been nice if they'd dropped a sentence or two tying it his interest to Allison and her career choice. I don't think they'll have many "jobs" after this one, so Henry's wish to have jobs in their house from now on may not be that much of an issue. (That exchange made me curious as to what they'd do after her presidency. I find it really hard to guess with the two of them). I love Colbert and I loved him even more when he got to say that the word for guys like Henry was annoying. He's certainly spoke for me, at least, with regards to Henry's many "talents". I wonder if it was weird for Colbert though. I mean, he's had Daly on the show and suddenly, he had Daly on the show as his character Henry. I’m not sure if they did it on purpose, but I thought it was an interesting contrast, switching from Henry at Colbert to Bess in the Sit Room. Very defining of their current roles. I get what Mike B said about wanting to work behind-the-scenes and it's probably right with regards to his character, (and I think Kevin Rahm killed it when he was talking about relationships with people) but I absolutely loved the dynamic he and Bess had in this episode and that we got to see a couple of different dynamics between them. I thought that he had to correct himself as he addresses Bess came across as very authentic to the character. Loved the exchange after Bess emerged from the bedroom and the moment when he talked to her about Gordon and we got to see his softer side. I like Blake as Bess' assistant, probably because he's been one more or less the entire show, so I don't mind that he's "ROTUS" (seriously?) but I'm with Mike. I'm not convinced it's a promotion. I think Morejon was the obvious VP choice. I don't know if they had plans to go there as far back but ever since the Christmas party in S4 when she pushed him to do the right thing about the landmines, I assumed that he might end up as her VP pick down the road. Why turn an adversary around otherwise? I'd have loved to see why Morejon decided to join the ticket. Of course, he was kidding himself thinking he could control Miller. If Miller became President, all he'd have to do was give an order and Morejon would have to follow it. But did he realize that? If so, what made him realize it? Or did he tell his wife about Bess' offer and did she sort of steer him into accepting? Darn 10 episodes. I liked when he acknowledged that he didn’t have Bess’ courage. It was one of my favorite moments of the episode and showed how far they had come and that no matter their disagreements, he really respects her. (And, I guess, he did have the courage after all). And speaking of, something else I'd have liked to see explored was Iran's response to the retaliatory strike. Especially since all we got was "Israel says it's Iran and we're saying it, too, so they did it". I wish they'd have had the time to spend some more time at confirming that Iran was actually behind the hack. But, I guess, since we didn't see any fallout we're supposed to assume that that was the case. Holding the press conference to announce the Iran hack is so very Bess but after all these years, did she really not see the response coming? I’m in love with the bedroom scene, when Henry comes in, Bess asks questions and then continues to talk until she expects Henry to answer. Whoever wrote that really did a great job observing life! And I thought it was brilliantly acted, too. (The whole episode was, really). I thought the look Bess gave Henry when she mentioned that people could talk about their sex life was priceless and I liked the call-back to the pilot right after. But I think it would have worked better if they had changed the end to the dialogue, with Henry actually saying the right thing this time. It felt a bit awkward this way. Although, I did love that he just gave back the remote. Who picked out the rusty wall color for the living-room/den and what’s more, who picked out that animal painting? Does that go with the mountain scene from one of the potential campaign headquarters they showed in the S4 finale? 😛 It does not look like something Bess and Henry would pick out. Whoever cast Miller did a fantastic job. That guy really came across as gross and creepy. I guess, the way they dressed him played a huge part in that. But I did wonder who’d want to have an affair with him. Ew! Loved when he sort of lost his temper with Bess and all she did was give him a look and he pulled himself together. Bess showing up at Russell’s was another nice call-back to the pilot when Conrad showed up at Bess’ place. And this time, they did change things a bit and I thought it worked really well. The dialogue was great, especially, the way that Russell greeted her and that he compared weeds to lobbyists. That is so Russell. And something about Bess apologizing for dropping in unannounced cracks me up. I think it’s the fact that she’s travelling around with a multi-car motorcade and dropping in unannounced makes it sound like she’s snuck up on him which seems rather impossible. I think the speech Bess gave at the end of the episode is one of the best they ever wrote, if not the best. And we got quite a lot of it, too. Loved it.
  12. My take was that he was embarrassed by the questions rather than his father's performance. I mean, who wants to hear about their parents' sex life and who wants it to be made fun of while you sit in the audience? I would have been uncomfortable in Jason's place, too. I'm also not sure why Jason had to go with Henry in the first place. Did he want to? She didn't. That's the stylist that Russell got her in the pilot (same actress, too!) and who, I'm assuming from what was mentioned throughout the show, she used until Alison took over. They mentioned here that Bess asked her to fill in for Ali. There's a tumbler account from someone who looks up the fashion from the show and if she found the right dress (which I think she did), it costs more than $1,000. That said, I wasn't a fan of it either, mostly because of the belt that was tied around the waist. I'll never understand haute couture. Until someone starts arguing over whether they want dark, milk or white chocolate and if white chocolate should even be an option because it's not "real" chocolate. 😉 It could also get very sticky. And as someone who doesn't like banana, I couldn't stop staring at the already sweet banana covered in even more sweet chocolate. And he ate it, too. 😛 If there's a tape, is it really a smear? Sounds like the newspaper was reporting facts. Would the tape be part of the divorce records, though? A while ago, I read somewhere that they'd then lose their syndication status. I don't know if it's the same for every network and if it's still true today but that might be why they decided against it. I knew and it was still weird. We left her announcing that she's running and all of a sudden, she is President and she wasn't just elected, she's already been President for 100 days. It felt like she and everyone around her had those 100 days plus the transition to get comfortable with the idea whereas we, the viewers, didn't. To them, it was normal, to me, it was not. Hall and/or McCreary said that it felt a little bit like doing a pilot and I can definitely see why they said so. Jay was a great policy advisor. I'd have loved to see him as a senior advisor but I don't mind that he isn't her chief of staff. I just don't think he was the right kind of person for that job. He just seemed too nice and diplomatic. Yes, Bess ran as an Independent. She never belonged to a party. Russell says so in S3 Ep 2. They also mentioned a second opponent in the flashbacks. Hubbard, I think. From what they mention, he doesn't seem to be doing too well, so, I guess, it's possible that as they get closer to the election and after Bess announced her choice of VP, he slipped in the polls and Miller was her main opponent.
  13. Not going to happen. He needs to hook up with Upton before he can be killed. 😉
  14. The actress who plays Gabby.
  15. I thought he got unusually close in a fairly short amount of time with Kasie. It just seemed odd and out of character. Not sure why they felt the need to include that.
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