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  1. I had the volume very low at the beginning. Did they say why they brought back two bakers from last? season? I don't remember which pairing it was but the cookies of the bakers who cut them out after baking looked burned. I guess they weren't though since the judges didn't say anything. Otherwise, there were a lot of cookies which looked so good (before they were decorated) that I wanted to taste them! How can a cake with compote inside be dry? Unless you spread a thin layer of buttercream or chocolate on top and on the bottom of the cake, it makes absolutely no sense that somet
  2. I did a quick search because I was curious and apparently, it became popular during the Great Depression because recipes didn't call for eggs and many didn't call for butter either.
  3. Out of respect to your fellow posters who like to remain unspoiled, please remember that we have a spoiler and speculation thread or to use spoiler tags.
  4. Yeah, I thought so, too. Why not just start with one less baker if they need to send two home? I was underwhelmed by the winning pie of the first round. It looked kind of boring. I did enjoy think the judging had improved, though. It seemed to be a lot more constructive criticism rather than personal opinion. Funnily enough, I read just yesterday that it was a popular 1920s flavor. (For whatever reason, I guess). Speaking of, I appreciated that none of the judges took an issue with the flavors. The other judges often seemed to take issue with it and not in a constructive crit
  5. I can understand that to a degree. If you make any kind of craft that you plan to sell, you probably want to get started in late summer. The baking shows have too many contestants to start later. Maybe it would be better if they did some shows with two less bakers (so, they could start two weeks later)?
  6. I would interpret that as we care more about the show and characters than they do (which is not something I'd want anyone to say about me if I had a show).
  7. Not sure if it's a spoiler or not so I'm going to tag it to be on the safe side. I guess they want us to see how Joelle is dealing with her amputation? I don't know. I really wish Joelle would go back to her family. Yes, I want to get rid of her but it also seems like the perfect opportunity. She seems to really love them, so why won't she go to be with them and be happy? I liked Joelle as Callen's girlfriend, now, I just find her annoying. Probably because I never found this whole spy thing to be believable starting with the fact that the CIA is strictly forbidden from operating o
  8. There are a number of S11 episodes which I missed but I caught this one this morning... What.Was.That? I'm usually good with finding the positive but this was so unbearable that I couldn't even watch until the end. My biggest issues were that, as someone else pointed out, an insurance investigator was able to find out that Ops does undercover work (I mean, what? In what universe did that make sense to TPTB?) and that Sam and Callen just let this investigator run the show. Since when do they act that way and let an outsider dictate the terms? This was just plain awful! (The only fun t
  9. I recently rewatched the episode and it suddenly hit me: Joelle says to Callen that he has no idea how scary it is to have a gun pointed at you. Okay, but how on earth did Callen explain his scars from his shooting? They are a very distinct round shape, so other than that he got caught in a shooting, what would or could he have said? I buy that Joelle would not have thought about that in that moment but Callen didn't remind her that he got shot either. (I'm pretty sure they just forgot about the shooting or didn't want to deal with it, still, I'd love to know how they'd explain it
  10. And after everything she went through and had finally found a good guy who loved her the way she deserved to be loved, she was killed instead of getting a happy ending. If Duff hadn't wanted her there, he could have found a different way to write her out. Killing off a character is almost always the most convenient/simplest way to go, therefore, I find it lazy, which in turn, I find disrespectful to the character. When someone creates a character, they do create a human being and I hate when they then do something simply for the drama and/or shock effect without any respect or considera
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