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  1. I'm not sure it's just Eid. I don't watch regularly but from what I'm reading and have seen, Chicago Fire also does stories over and over again. Either it's the nature of the show or Dick Wolf or the showrunners aren't the most creative for either or all of the above. TV Line listed the best and worst rated shows so far for each network before the holidays and Chicago PD is NBC's number 2 scripted show, doing slightly better than Fire in demo and is broadcast's number 4 rated drama. I was surprised myself but I don't think it's going anywhere any time soon.
  2. That's just wrong. (But I guess that happens when you employ writers and don't care if they're aware and considerate of the show's and characters' past).
  3. I'll reserve judgement for after I've seen it. At the moment, I'm not sure I like the idea since I like that we haven't met Dad and that they haven't put a face to a figure that is different for everyone. But maybe they'll go the route of Mom and it's not Dad himself but the body he inhabits. I wouldn't have any reservations about that.
  4. I said the same thing when they had blueberries on hand for the pre-heat. At the very least, I think they get hypotheticals, kind of like "if this were the task, what would you be most likely to do". Weren't they all professional bakers? I'd expect a professional baker to know how to do a checkerboard cake. (I'd even expect that a home baker who applies for the show is well-versed and has a certain knowledge, otherwise, I don't think they should apply). That could be how they edit it. (Although, I don't think that they just decide what to do on the spot either).
  5. I believe it was in the last episode that one of the bakers added mulled wine to their dough and said that she didn't know how much because she didn't want the dough to get too wet. Seriously? A) if you're a professional baker, shouldn't you know those things and b) shouldn't you at least have one dough in your repertoire that uses liquids? I'm not sure if they add these comments for drama or if they're real. I'm mostly watching for the visual aspect anyway. I really loved a lot of the "use the cookie cutter in a different way" designs on Monday, especially the Christmas mouse one. (And I didn't mind the textured icing one bit, it was a mouse hole after all).
  6. What confuses me even more is that they don't try out how the dough might behave if they don't chill it. They know they're going to have to bake cookies, so I'm sure they spend some thought on what recipe they could use. Even if they don't settle on what dough to make until they know what they have to make, I'm sure that there are only a small number of recipes they're considering. So, if they make the dough anyway for cookies that they plan to sell, cutting out one cookie of doughs that need to be chilled before chilling the rest of the dough, should be possible.
  7. Ah, okay. I thought you meant Bebe Neuwirth because she left the show early and one never knows regardless of what is publicly said. 🙂 As far as Nadine is concerned, they kept in touch. In S5 (I believe "The New Normal"), the NASA administrator asks Bess if she's heard from Nadine and Bess mentions that she has and is doing good.
  8. She said she was asked. https://twitter.com/BebeNeuwirth/status/1203915656699293697 But, yeah, I agree, it would have cost a fortune and I don't think they had much money to work with to begin with.
  9. I googled the play and I don't think there is more to the story. She was headlining a four-actor play that ran from Oct 18 to Nov 10. Filming for the last episode was from Oct 31 to Nov 13 (and the outdoor wedding scene was filmed on either Nov 4 or 5). A four-actor play that one headlines does not sound like a play where you let your understudy take over. And since they filmed the outdoor scene outside of NYC, I'm assuming they would have needed her for two shooting days, so it doesn't sound like they had any chance of working something out schedule wise. (Even if they were shooting all of the wedding scene with the guest stars on one day, I don't think the show had much flexibility since it was the last episode of the last season).
  10. She tweeted that she was doing a play in Philadelphia at the time.
  11. The actor who portrayed Walter Nowack (the nuclear expert from the 1st floor) has passed away today. May he rest in peace. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/ren-auberjonois-dead-star-trek-benson-actor-dies-at-79-1260677
  12. One more, with quotes from Leoni. Contains mild/vague spoilers. https://www.tvinsider.com/832275/madam-secretary-series-finale-tea-leoni-tim-daly/ I thought what Leoni says about not having been interested if it had been Madam President from the start was interesting. I can see where she's coming from, although, I think, considering what we've seen, this show would have been able to write engaging and non-generic stories for a president as well, especially since she'd be/is a female president and that alone would not be/is not generic.
  13. Leoni, Daly, Bergen and Ivanek reflect on the 6 seasons. It contains a seconds-long (or brief) scene from the finale. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=25hSTS1bKuc
  14. A couple of articles/interview about the show and series finale. They all contain spoilers. Interview with Barbara Hall Entertainment Weekly with quotes from Tim Daly https://tvline.com/2019/12/06/madam-secretary-series-finale-spoilers-season-6-episode-10-tea-leoni/
  15. P/C made mistakes in their step sequence.
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