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  1. There is so little to say about the episodes lately. Mostly, I get annoyed with stuff but content/story wise, there isn't much there. Anyway, can someone please tell Pride that it's okay if he does not feel fatherly to a kid he didn't know about for 17 years and that he can need some time to process the fact that he has a child with a crime boss? And please, can he start to push back when people blame him for Sasha's prison time and stop letting people dump on him? He did not tell her to commit any crimes. It's not his fault in any way. Connor must be the only 17-year-old who does no
  2. I missed the few episodes before this one but looks like I didn't miss much. About Conner not knowing why his mother was in prison: am I really supposed to believe that not a single local news report covered the prison release of the member of a New Orleans crime family and even if Conner didn't see it, that it didn't make its way to his school? This is the age of the internet, so I don't think so. (Did they say where Conner was while Sasha was in prison in the previous episode? Was he in a foster family? If so, would they really allow the kid back into the care of the boss of a crime fam
  3. Those things are so not practical. First of all, things have to always look neat and organized and second, once you've gone on vacation, you have to clean all your dishes because they just sat there for so long. Sometimes I wonder if Hillary and David know what the homeowners are leaning towards. Adding space is almost always not possible, for example. And if you need more space then it's likely you'll want to try and sell the house. There are also homeowners who go on and on and on about why their house doesn't work and even though Hillary wasn't able to do a so-called key thin
  4. Same. It was really great at the beginning but once something went wrong with Hillary's renovation in every episode, it became annoying. I'm pretty sure the thing that goes wrong is staged and the homeowners are prepared for the possibility that whatever happens might happen but that's exactly why I hate it. It's predictable and the reaction of the homeowners each and every time is annoying. More often than not, they live in an old house. Old houses have issues. I'd much prefer if Hillary included what could be lurking behind those walls in her initial talk with the homeowners when she gi
  5. That was the guy behind the video who they arrested before the shed exploded. Good point about the NCIS gym, though. It wasn't the NCIS gym, but why wasn't she at the NCIS gym? (She had to meet the guy, obviously, but it would have been nice if they'd told us why she chose to use that gym).
  6. It would have been nice if the guy in the gym had not had an ulterior motive for a change and would have been legit. Not every date has to lead to romance but why do these pop-up love-interest characters always have to be so predictable? When Nell told Sam and Callen where they need to go, I wondered when the person in Hetty's position started taking over Callen's job. Then again, the chain of command has been a mess as of late, so I guess, they wouldn't have considered it weird :-P Let me get this straight, Nell had figured out the deep fake video capabilities and then she found out
  7. I saw it in the early 2000s and have to admit, I was underwhelmed. I recognize what it meant for the time and that the ice dance that I enjoyed in the 2000s wouldn't have been possible without them, it was just so very different from what I was used to (especially as an avid Anissina/Peizerat fan at the time). I also find the Bolero a very hard piece to choreograph to in general. I adore it as a piece of music, as a piece to choreograph to it's a tough nut.
  8. Anticipation for The Lady In The Lake Reading past the headlines: All things Media In other news: Small Talk S01E01: TBD
  9. Apple TV, Limited Series Everything he didn't tell me: Small Talk The Last Thing He Told Me Revealed: The Media Thread Anticipation for The Last Thing He Told Me S01E01: TBD
  10. Design is part of baking though. I don't think anyone would pay for a non-decorated or sloppy looking cake/cupcakes/dessert at a bakery or in a café or in a restaurant. Even cheesecake is often served with a little sauce or whipped cream on top (to be more appealing).
  11. One thing that I won't miss is the giggling. Maybe Natalie was nervous but boy, was her giggling getting on my nerves in that episode. Why didn't they edit it out? Did they think it was cute?
  12. That we only get so little of the judging is one of the things that I don't like about this show. The German equivalent of The Great ... Baking Show is twice as long and I really enjoy how much time they're able to spend on the judging even at the beginning of the show. I almost feel like I learned something every time whenever they do judging. As far as the dense cake is concerned - if you do a tier cake, you want a fairly "sturdy" cake. The fluffier, the less stable, so I don't get their concern. I think Duff was the only one who gave constructive criticism every now and
  13. How was Keya's pre-heat cake any more spring-y than Derek's? They were both brown-ish with spring decoration. And how is blueberry and white chocolate in any way a special/stand-out flavor? I don't think Natalie's ladybugs looked alive. They had no pupils and did they have black dots on the red? I also thought the fairies looked a little bit like something a young child would cut out of paper and color in. Why did they ding Derek for not having spring colors but didn't mind a zebra pattern as a surprise inside a spring garden cake? Last I checked, zebras have nothing to do with
  14. To be fair, making a statue would take up a lot of time already but there's no reason she couldn't have done a ferry boat, for example. Or a city scape and a ferry boat in the foreground.
  15. I love to use it because so many detailed possibilities. But I always take it off the cake before I eat it. I use a butter-cream cheese cream (I don't like the sweetness of regular buttercreams) so I have to put a thin layer of ganache on the cake before adding the fondant because the cream cheese has too much moisture and sweats, especially when it's warmer. But the chocolate ganache makes it easy to peel the fondant off once you've sliced the cake.
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