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  1. I just rewatched episode 7 from S4, the one where Sara and Peter have to take intimate photos. I had completely forgotten about that scene until now but it's such a gem. They're all so hilarious. I laughed out loud. I really love how awkward Peter is with all the romance in general and that Elizabeth is always cheering him on and encouraging him.
  2. They've hinted at the possibility that she's still alive from the beginning, though. (No body was found, the photo Tony found, that he told Gibbs he needs to believe what he needs to believe or something along those lines).
  3. A bunch of photos and a promo (that tells us a lot less than everything else that's already out there). https://www.tvinsider.com/gallery/madam-secretary-season-6-premiere-photos-promo-president-elizabeth-mccord/#16
  4. https://twitter.com/SpoilerTV/status/1172256308906680320 From the sit-room photo, it looks like Susan Thompson stays Sec of State. And that looks like Mike B in Russell's chief-of-staff seat. (Sorry @deaja 😉 ) And why does this sit-room look like the old one again and not like the one from S5? I'm confused. Now, I'm also very curious as to Russell's role.
  5. I'd rather they're not regulars than watching an episode and wondering why they're in it. If memory serves, Matt wasn't in every episode last season either and he had a couple of episodes when he had only one scene. If only Stevie and her love life weren't regulars either. I mean, we only have ten episodes, why waste precious screen time on something that really isn't relevant to the show's story? 😉
  6. https://tvline.com/2019/09/11/riverdale-season-4-casey-cott-kevin-returning/
  7. https://tvline.com/2019/09/11/riverdale-season-4-casey-cott-kevin-returning/ I could do without Stevie and her romantic life (eating up any screen time) but at least, they moved away from Stevie and Blake. I'm grateful for the little things 😉
  8. I actually feel about Alex the way you feel about Sara. I don't think she could have ever trusted Neal completely and vice-versa. When they saw each other, one of them always had an angle and/or wanted something from the other. They never met just to be with each other. The show is currently keeping me company while I make decorations for a cake and like Mozzie said, Neal and Alex were convenient. As far as Sara is concerned, I think, the time would have come when she would have had to choose between her head and her heart. She seemed to have genuine feelings for him, she just also knew who he was and she needed to deal with. If the relationship had gone on, she probably would have had to decide if she's willing to accept and live with that or not. I think she was intrigued/attracted by who he was. Could it have worked out? I don't know. But I liked them, so I like to believe it could have. I bought it. Or, I guess, I'm willing to believe it was real. But we never got to see a lot of their relationship in general, so it's very hard to say. Although, if Kate conning Neal would have been the route they wanted to go, they probably would have hinted at it. I think they were more alike than they seemed to be at first glance. Sara didn't mind coloring outside the lines, she said herself that she often operates in grey areas and stretches the law. I don't think she ever would have become a criminal or if she would have been able to accept that the Neal she got was the Neal she got and I don't think Neal would have completely changed either. But the life he had built in New York and/including Sara were the reasons Neal had so many doubts about leaving New York when they had the Nazi treasure. I think what was most important to Sara was that Neal was honest with her; she wanted him to trust her and let her in.
  9. Casting news: https://tvline.com/2019/09/05/madam-secretary-wentworth-miller-cast-season-6-senator-mark-hanson/ I guess, doing it without an overzealous member of Congress would have been too much to ask. At least, unlike when Russell brought in Craig Sterling, Bess does have the support of some pretty cool people.
  10. Another romance. How original. They've never done that before. (Although, if it's Atwater and if it lasts then it's fine).
  11. TV Line put out spoilers for a whole bunch of shows https://tvline.com/2019/09/04/fall-season-premieres-2019-tv-spoilers-preview/ There isn't much that wasn't in the article from yesterday. It sounds a little less like Henry will only be involved in politics, so here's to hoping. Leoni also says that they went with someone different for who she picks as VP. I've seen a couple of photos that include Susan Thompson (who replaced her as Sec of State) and I was wondering if she was the VP choice but hoped she remained Sec of State. For me, it works that the MSec universe elected a female Independent President. It's kind of a continuation from Conrad's run as an Independent. But those voters also rejected Conrad when he admitted that climate change exists on the debate stage and went for a man who's the complete opposite of him. Someone like Callister also had enough support to be a viable opponent. That makes it very hard for even me to suspend belief enough to find it credible that the MSec universe voters are ready to elect not one but two women.
  12. Well, to be fair, I'm not sure if I'd want my dad (or other men I know) to do any of these things... 😉 I hope they throw in something that addresses that. Unfortunately, they only have ten episodes, so, probably not.
  13. In case anyone wants to see the throw Leoni is talking about. https://twitter.com/daniyrselfclean/status/1164314987088752641 I'm glad they addressed it because I was wondering about exactly that. Looks like Mike B could be getting a new dog. https://twitter.com/MadamSecHQ/status/1165866214121455616
  14. Henry's cause that ties in with legislation should prohibit someone without any intelligence training to do anything other than intelligence gathering. They certainly shouldn't be a handler or supervisor of any sort. 😉 Sarcasm aside, as long as they don't manage to let his cause overshadow Bess presidency, he can have as many causes as he likes.
  15. CheshireCat


    I was never convinced that Meredith was there only for Alexis. Her reasons seemed a lot more ambiguous. Didn't she also say something along the lines of being there to check out Beckett at the end? (It's been a while since I watched Castle. Castle is one of the shows that I can't just watch one episode of, so as much as love the show, I tend to avoid a rewatch because it keeps me from doing things that need to get done 😉 ) I think that Castle could have let Meredith stay but he should have asked Beckett before he agreed. And Meredith definitely shouldn't have paraded around the apartment in her sleepwear and the nutmeg incident also seemed highly inappropriate. I think both was intentional on Meredith's part and meant to provoke, though. I also think that Castle should have told her to please stop doing either and that he would appreciate if Meredith respected that he was with Beckett now. That said, as I mentioned, Beckett could have just agreed to stay at the hotel with Castle. Yes, Castle screwed up but there was nothing either one could have done about it, so why not grab the opportunity and appreciate that he's trying to make up for it? I think the majority of the jealousy episodes weren't as black and white as they made them out to be. Usually both contributed to the situation but often times, it was only Castle who got blamed. Yes, I like them at the beginning but then TPTB kind of didn't seem to have a plan for them. I don't mind that they didn't become a couple at the end but I wouldn't have minded if they did. Me too. For the first few seasons, it felt like their relationship was foreshadowing Castle's and Beckett's relationship a bit. Too bad they didn't keep with it in later seasons, too.
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