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  1. CheshireCat

    Spoilers and Speculation

    Minor spoiler, minor character, but DS agent Matt won't be back next season. I'd have loved to see him back regardless (mostly because he's fun on Twitter) but it makes sense that he won't considering that it's not Diplomatic Security that protects presidential candidates. https://twitter.com/mattmeinsen/status/1139594974746619904
  2. CheshireCat

    Madame Secretary In The Media

    MSec premieres October 6 (No big surprise there, me thinks) https://tvline.com/2019/06/13/cbs-premiere-dates-fall-2019-young-sheldon/
  3. CheshireCat

    S05. E15. Between the Seats.

    It's volatile and also a region where certain people have a huge problem with women in power and where, I would think, terrorists would be highly motivated to try and assassinate her. Probably even more so after this controversy broke. Like you said, it was weird. In S3, she stated they hated when she came up on the roof and in S1 they didn't even want to let her go to her daughter's high school soccer game. So, it makes little sense that they would allow her to take a stroll like that. It's understandable that she would want to and I think it's fine that she was outside. But they should have done a better job making it look like she's secure and I think they could have done so even with budget constraints and without additional security. (Let her not walk on the side of the fence for starters, and also, have her detail closer to her/maybe one right beside her).
  4. CheshireCat

    S04.E14: Refuge

    I just rewatched and out of curiosity, I googled Abkhazia. I just couldn't get over the fact that they'd use one made up country when every other country they've used to far was real. Turns out, as made up as it sounds, the Republic of Abkhazia is a real country (a partially recognized republic) located in the Greater Caucasus. I guess, TV does educate ;-) I had completely forgotten about Jason's story in that episode. When Kat says she is co-parenting, does she mean she's not living with her child's dad? But if she's not why would he have followed her back to DC? It's a little confusing. I still like the call-back to the Iran deal but wouldn't the media have covered the execution at the time considering that there was a protest in front of the WH? Kat strikes me as the person who would have known about that. I'm also still loving Bess in this episode. It's rare that we get to really see her as the boss/this side of her. I want to say I wish we'd see more of that but at the same time, I also love all of the other moments that we get. I guess, episodes should be longer so we can get everything ;-)
  5. CheshireCat

    S16. E24. Daughters

    You can always break out, I guess, but I really hope that this threat is of a different nature. This story wasn't one of my favorites. I noticed Ziva was wearing a necklace. It doesn't look like a Star of David, though, so, now I wonder if it's a deliberate choice or just a necklace.
  6. CheshireCat

    Give The Devil His Due: Lucifer In The Media

    S4 interview with the showrunners. It also mentions when they expect to know about a possible S5 and they say they expect to hear within the next couple of weeks. https://tvline.com/2019/05/24/lucifer-season-4-best-scenes-renewal-timeline-for-season-5/
  7. CheshireCat

    Does Your Eyeball Unlock MTAC?

    If it was just Gibbs imagination then it would be possible. He could rub his eyes and then Ziva's gone and was just a trick his mind played on him, for example. Sure, it would be ridiculous to bring her back for this one scene but when it comes to TV, my motto is "you never know". (I was also on a different board a while ago and many there considered every piece of information about an upcoming episode a spoiler. I guess, I adapted to that :-)) And even though we know she will be back, I'm still not ready to accept it as fact that she is alive. It's still possible that the note left for Bishop was a fake and the Ziva we're seeing is just Gibbs' imagination. I think that would be a sh*tty move on TPTB's part but then again, this is TV. I don't trust TPTB.
  8. CheshireCat

    S16. E24. Daughters

    There is a chance that someone else wrote the note. But I do believe she is alive - I think it would be a bit too much if Gibbs first saw two dead people in one episode if they intend for him to remain sane. But this is TV and you just never know (unfortunately).
  9. CheshireCat

    S16. E24. Daughters

    Last year, it was reported that de Pablo and Weatherly were developing a cop drama together at CBS. I don't know if that's still ongoing but it doesn't sound like she had/has a problem with him specifically. I wouldn't go as far as say we know it for a fact but there are strong indications that she might be alive. (Not only because of "She" but also because they never truly shut the door on that possibility in Tony's final episode).
  10. CheshireCat

    Does Your Eyeball Unlock MTAC?

    Major spoiler for the S17 premiere. https://tvline.com/2019/05/21/ncis-cote-de-pablo-returns-ziva-season-17/
  11. CheshireCat

    S16. E24. Daughters

    This just made my day. It wasn't so much that she was dead but that her death was pointless (it didn't add anything to the story and she wasn't even the target of an assassination) that I was never quite able to get over. But this seems to confirm what "She" suggested and it makes me happy.
  12. CheshireCat

    Spoilers and Speculation

    I think it's not about the episodes but more about the time that they have to cover. It's 1 1/2 years until the election, roughly 1 if they pick up in October, and then it's another few months until the Inauguration (fingers crossed that that's what they decide) and she is in a unique position as an Independent, so there'd be a lot of stories to tell. The way they have written this show, they could probably fill 5-10 episodes with the transition alone, so, I think that what we will get will be good, I just don't think they can tell all the stories that they could tell in 10 episodes and I'm not sure how that'll translate. Good point. I guess, not every viewer is as interested in the "behind-the-scenes"/journey as me and wants to be kept in suspension. :-) As far as an election night episode is concerned, I think that could very well be the last episode with (hopefully - sorry, I'm not trying to drive home my point, I just don't want to jinx it ;-)) an Inauguration to conclude with. I think it would be smarter to end it like that and focus on the campaign instead of also including one or two transition episodes. I also wouldn't object if they sort of skipped ahead a year, covered the last couple of weeks of the campaign and then spent most of the time on the transition. (I'm so glad I don't have to make the decision because I don't think I could.)
  13. CheshireCat

    Spoilers and Speculation

    That sounds like it would feel rushed ;-) I'd actually love if they started with Bess as President in whatever way and then told the rest as "flashback" episodes. Not flashing back and forth during the episodes but that they're all something she remembers. That way, it would make sense that we're only seeing "snippets" and not spend more time on the primary months, election and transition. I really hope not.
  14. CheshireCat

    S01.E01: Pilot

    I just watched this episode again. I think it's the episode that I have watched most of all the shows that I watch and I don't think I'll ever tire of watching Conrad arrive at the farm and Bess' reaction when he tells her that he wants her to become Secretary of State or that conversation between Henry and Bess when she wonders if they made the right move and starts to talk about her "masculine energy". I know what is coming but it still cracks me up. And the rest of the episode is pretty good, too ;-) But each time I watch it, I wish a little more that they'd have shown us how Bess tells her family about Conrad's offer and some of the confirmation process. I would have loved to see how she would have handled the public and congressional scrutiny. I thought I'd get over it a one point, but it still annoys me that Conrad says "now" he has to go with Russell after the botched rescue attempt. The first attempt happened the way it did because Russell would not allow her to proceed as she wanted to, so the way I see it, that was on him and they went with him that time as well. And the conversation with Conrad in the Oval Office after Bess makes an unofficial move confuses me to this day. It seems somewhat disjointed, as if they cut out some dialogue for time and now it doesn't quite fit together. But I love how Bess' first instinct is to handle this like she (probably) would have at the CIA and that they created a story that allows her to do that and that establishes that her non-conventional thinking can be an asset.
  15. CheshireCat

    Madame Secretary In The Media

    The Association of National Advertisers has honored Madam Secretary with its SeeHer programming award. https://www.cbscorporation.com/cbs-madam-secretary-honored-with-2019-seeher-programming-award-from-association-of-national-advertisers/