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  1. She fancies herself a wild one and ohhh sooo cool. Alcoholics hide their drinking and don't brag about it as a rule. She talks about her wild self too much. She is a wannabe something. I am not sure but oooooof, who the fuck cares. Love you girl!
  2. I get it that ABC wants the View to have spice, sparks and make a splash on the talk show landscape. That is in the reality show constitution. Nicole was too gathered up and Meghan is a bag of scraps. There is a happy medium in there but is that what ABC wants? I don't think so. I don't think sending ABC feedback does anything much. Social media takes the temperature not network feedback sites. They exist to make us feel we have a say. I think all the comment are dumped, especially in a show focused on politics. There will always be outrage from both sides.
  3. Thanks for the link @ChicagoCita. I gave them feedback.
  4. From before she was born. Get it right! Geeeeze Are their some she doesn't? The View has always allowed them talking over each other. I am surprised that has not changed. It is irritating and tires me.
  5. I agree that Dylan believes it happened. She developed an actual memory of it.
  6. I was saying Mia might have misinterpreted what she was saying and got on a roll with it. I don't believe anyone coached her.
  7. It is time to change the percentage of votes the viewers give vs judges. The judges should have a majority vote. This is nuts. .
  8. I suspect that more was going to happen after the show ended but Phil didn't want to excite the man. This is way more than those treatment places can or should handle. I think she will be approached to file a complaint and get him arrested. There is no guarantee that he would stay at the treatment center and not leave and hunt her down. It would have to be court ordered so he would be watched.
  9. They are all beyond therapy. You have to want help and do the work. A therapist shines a light to guide you. They cannot "fix" anyone. LOL! Of course you have to have the baby at home, unassisted! That way you can claim stillborn when you want the "pregnancy" to end. Come sit here and adore the crazy with me! I have snacks. I love them!
  10. Joy won't go, she will say she has to wash her hair. :>
  11. I just finished watching. I am VERY disappointed that they didn't get to talk about their movie more! I read here what Meghan did but I had not realized it took up over half their time until I watched! I am a Queen fan and I was looking forward to their appearance. I intend to watch the movie despite the poor reviews.
  12. Oprah was speaking in a southern accent as she spoke of what Otis was told by the locals. She spoke in her normal voice when the story was over.
  13. Not on here yet but I have to scream at Meghan just reading about what is going on today. AyeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
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