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  1. I was mortified when he said that. He knew about Prince all along. Hell, the kid was calling him "dad" on their video calls. If he knew he wasn't interested in parenting her son, how the fuck dare he waste her time and allow that little boy to form some sort of attachment to him. He just becomes increasingly odious with every episode.
  2. And Laura if she can't get back into Canada or America. #winning
  3. Sweet baby jeebus, thanks for this post. I feel validated. Dude has ZERO light in his eyes. It's like the wheel is spinning but that hamster is not just dead, it's heading for rigor mortis. I've always cringed watching Kalani interact with him. I've always wondered what gratification she can get from someone like Asuelo besides sex. I fail to see how there can be even a modicum of intellectual gratification. I realize he's a grown-assed man, but I question his intellect and thus his decision-making abilities. I sometimes feel like Adult Protective Services should take a look at the Family Kalani situation. I find this dynamic far creepier than Ed/Rose or David/Lana or any other pairing. *shudder*
  4. Oh, it's an actual 1-hour show. This was the second episode. It airs after Pillow Talk. I think it's a filler for the slot left open by Sister Wives. It's pretty much a waste of time, but I have a lot of time to waste with this quarantine, so I watched the first episode and skipped the second episode which included Jesse. Jesse might have been right about Darcy, but I still can't deal with his egomaniacal bullshit
  5. I remember on RHOC, one of the housewife's sons was being filmed at college. He had no idea when the production crew showed up to film one day that his mother would be making a surprise visit...and he wasn't happy about it (Michael and Vicki). These production crews can be pretty creative at setting up "surprises" for the participants 😄 Hopefully, TLC starts vetting these people more thoroughly, though, so they aren't surprising potentially dangerous monsters like Geoffrey.
  6. Yes, and now at Casa Persnickety, Ed is referred to as "Sonic." Could someone PM a bored fellow poster a link to this shitshow? I've dug around a bit and can't seem to find it. Grazi in advance ❤️
  7. It should have been Darcy, in all of her boozy blubbering glory, on that show, not Jesse. I would have loved to see viewers vote for her next dalliance 😄
  8. With Tom's ego, he's probably convinced himself TLC would make his scintillating segments an exception to the rule. And since TLC is desperate enough to give that godawful sMothered a second season, he may be right. 🤢
  9. I thought about that, too, but decided to give a benefit of the doubt that he was also filming with Thirsty Mary and they may have thought they were filming their own snoozeworthy segment. I really hope V was given a substantial TLC bonus for letting herself go from a smart gal who pretty much dodged a bullet to an inexplicably lovesick woman showing up on his doorstep in America to "win" him back. Ugh.
  10. I was so relieved David got to meet Howdy Doody Lana. Her hug was as wooden as her marionette face. Anyone watching Find Love Live? I was beyond pissed that Jesse and his ego were the "surprise TLC guest" last night. Goddammit, it should have been drunken, slurring, blubbering Darcy on that show. Americans have put up with her woeful romantic adventures for about 4 seasons now. We've earned the right to pick her next date. It's on my DVR but I won't watch it. I have less than 1/4 of a fuck to give about whom Jesse pretends to "love" next. Well, she acted like Williams was real for 7 months, so I guess drinking invisible coffee for a few minutes was easy enough, even for her dimwitted ass. I'm going to go out on a limb and presume it's a TLC bonus check for bringing the drama. I suspect it's not that monster she wants. It's the TLC exposure and paycheck. Thirsty Mary is thirsty.
  11. Oh, Big Ed...better luck neck's time, you douche. I admit I wanted to stand up and slow clap for Rose when she dumped him and bounced. It speaks volumes that someone living in abject poverty decides that life is better than whatever you have to offer in America. I'm glad after the humiliating comments he made to Rose that she dealt the final death blow to that "relationship." Poor Varya really let that monster sucker her into feeling guilty at the airport. I wanted to reach through my TV and physically hold her back from going into the airport and apologizing. That dude is a total prick and guilted her so that he could have the upper hand and end it with her before he boarded the plane. What a manipulative abusive piece of shit. I'm hoping that Avery bounces on Ash. From what country is he originally from? Mini Persnickety wonders if he used Sian as his Australian green card and is now trying to use Avery for his ultimate goal, an American green card. Interesting theory and perhaps not untrue. Erica, tell that heifer to book herself a car to the airport and get the fuck outta there. My personal musing is that Stephanie is not bisexual but used that as her hitch to get onto this shit show. She's boring as fuck, and I doubt her in a hetero relationship would have been interesting enough to get her a season spot, so she became "bisexual"...I do believe, however, that she never informed Erica of this fact. Run wild and run free, Rainbow Bright. You can do much better than this hypochondriacal self-absorbed basic broad. All that shit being said, I can't wait to see the next 1-1/2 hours of this dumpster fire tomorrow night. Time to start chilling the pinot! Hope you're all staying healthy and safe, my fellow posters ❤️
  12. I'm certain the collective IQ in that household would be far less than their collective ages. The illiteracy is palpable.
  13. If I recall correctly, Molly talked about Kinsley having a particular syndrome during her season. I can't recall exactly with what syndrome she was diagnosed, however. I'm pretty much loving this shit show. The Darcey/Stacey segment had me laughing way too hard and way too long when Stacey was using pliers to remove Darcey's extensions. I could not possibly care less about Cortney and think she created this trapped with Andy scenario just to get a spot on the show and that TLC paycheck. I was on idiocy overload during her season and really don't care to see how she's doing now. Ugh. Did someone up thread say Yamir will be on this franchise? I'd really enjoy seeing an update on him. Hard pass on Chantal and Pedro. They're grossly overexposed as it is without having a segment on this franchise. No symptoms but allegedly losing her sense of smell, and then saying she didn't want to have to go to the ER? Bitch, please. You're in nursing school and are debating taking up room in the ER when you're basically symptom free? GTFO. Glad to see Steven appears to be growing up. Olga is just adorable as is their son. The salmon dinner he made looked delicious and I was surprised at how attractively he plated it. I wouldn't mind seeing more of them. Hope everyone is hanging in there okay with our own quarantines. It looks like things are slowly beginning to reopen, so I'm optimistic at the moment that in a few months this entire COVID situation will be but a mere memory. ❤️
  14. Thanks for the tip... Off to seek out movie-size boxes of Junior Mints on Amazon 😄
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