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  1. What the fresh hell is Rebecca pushing around in that shopping cart? Judging from the contents of the cabinets and refrigerator, it's not food.
  2. Years ago, a patient at the hospital I worked had weight loss surgery (when the gastric bypasses were a relatively new procedure, and the hospital I worked at had a specialist from San Francisco come in and perform them about twice a month). This particular patient had the surgery, was doing well postoperatively, and was sent home after 3-4 days. She came back via ambulance that same night with excruciating pain. The SF specialist was still in town and immediately came in to evaluate her. He could find nothing wrong with her incisions, her vital signs were normal, etc. Upon further questioning, this patient revealed her family had a "welcome home BBQ" for her the afternoon she came home. She admitted to eating bread, ribs, and potato salad at the BBQ. The very day she went home, she started gorging. The surgeon was mortified. She earned herself another 3-day hospital stay. I don't know what happened to her after that. When Whitney was talking about weight loss surgery, I immediately thought of the patient above and how I could easily see Whitney behaving in such a way. I believe the only way she would have weight loss surgery was if it was to keep feeding from the TLC trough. Not for any of the right reasons, just to get herself another season or two. And a huge WTF with her and Ryan at the dog cafe not 6 feet apart but masked up...and yet they were clearly drinking beverages, which would require the mask to be lifted up even using a straw, and then the bare hand-holding over the table at the end of their talk when just in the last episode she made Ryan, who was masked up, stand about 15 feet away at the foot of her stairs before she would even open the door to talk to him. That scene bugged the hell out of me. Also another thing that bugs me is all of these men (supposedly) on the dating sites sending her messages calling her fat, lard ass, etc. I really wish one of those chucklefucks (who apparently have too much free time on their hands) would skip the immature weight insults and instead tell her, "Hey, I've seen your show and you know what? YOU'RE A HYPOCRITICAL SELF-ABSORBED ASSHOLE." She already knows she's a lard ass, so why waste time pointing out the obvious. There's a lot more to pick on than just her weight. And being reduced to tears trying to guilt Buddy the Barnacle to stay in Charlotte with her. Ugh. Whitney, there's a reason you have no friends in Charlotte. ^^^ See above. It's because you're an insufferable asshole.
  3. Does anyone know if this is episode 1 of season 10 or just a freestanding special devoted to Briana? If it's all devoted to Briana, I'll do a hard pass.
  4. 100% this... And the same advice to Mike with Natalie, but Mike knew what kinds of food Natalie preferred. Rebecca should have asked Zied what he'd like to have available. It's not rocket science. WTF is wrong with these people? Ugh.
  5. A pairing that I will never understand, made even worse with the reboot. A fictional character who managed to suck the joy out of just about every situation in which he was involved. Ugh. Again, I'm rewatching season 6 and any episode involving Buddy has him sucking the joy out of any situation by bringing up his drug use, his drinking, his potential relapse, how he feels, ad nauseum. Shut your gobbler, Buddy. Just because you're struggling does not mean your friends aren't allowed to enjoy themselves and have fun. Again, ugh. Regarding Neeshie, 2 days ago, I adopted an 8-month-old chihuahua from a rescue (she's so stinking cute and tiny!). She's settled in and made herself at home, already happily learning to speak, sit, and sit up. Of course, she's been at my side 24/7 since I picked her up and I constantly engage her. She even sleeps with me at night. Of course, chihuahuas, I believe, have a different temperament than poodles so maybe Neeshie just needs more bonding time. I believe Whitney does spend time with her in a physical sense and she is obviously cared for, but I just wonder if Whitney spends any time in really engaging and bonding with her. I wish she would take her out to exercise more often, as her condo backyard area looks pretty small for a dog of Neeshie's size to really get much exercise. It seems most of Whitney's time is spent lying in bed and letting Buddy wait on her, so maybe Buddy walks Neeshie for her. She's a lovely dog, though, and definitely looks like she's quite mellow.
  6. Random observations whilst viewing this episode. *Hazel has even less personality than the potted plant behind her. Please shove these 2 over to the Discovery+ shows. Boring doesn't begin to describe them, but coma-inducing might come close. I'm sure these 2 are counting on being huge hits on OnlyFans. Ugh. *Freezing on the porch and requiring a blanket is somehow better than sitting at the dining table indoors to chastise Brandon and Julia? Interesting. *Amira is going to irritate her eyes using that tissue to "dry" nonexistent tears. The poorly acted dramatics between these two just make me cringe. *Andrew really needs to check out an antidandruff shampoo. That big white flake on the top of his head was really distracting. I wondered if he had even bothered showering whilst he was (supposedly) awaiting word from the dry-eyed Amira. *Andrew's meal of a huge cheeseburger and fries reminded me of the scene with Flap in Terms of Endearment (his wife was in her hospital bed dying of cancer, wife's mother was trying to gag down some cottage cheese and fruit, and then Flap enters the cafeteria with a tray heaping with food). *Natalie, please take a seat on your IQ bullshit. I was extremely advanced at about age 8 and pulled out for IQ testing. My test results were a 157. If you want to brag about your 110, which is high average, at least make sure it's worth bragging about. Having an IQ of 110 does not mean you're not an idiot any more than my IQ of 157 means I always make good choices in life. Ugh. *Parents Brandon, Julia was up at 7:30 a.m. (it showed the clock) whilst you all were still enjoying your coffee and hadn't yet started the "chores," but by all means, tell her there's no time for her to make herself a cup of tea as Mother Brandon carries her mug of hot coffee outside. That's all I have for now, but I'm pretty sure I'll think of more later.
  7. That poor pooch has the same look on her face that my little chihuahua had whenever I got out the nail clippers. She loathed nail clippers. Ugh, I had forgotten all about "boyf" and "girlf." 🤢
  8. What lap? 😂 Regarding Whitney's "quirks," this is a little off topic, but again watching season 6 yesterday, the Alaska trip. Anybody know what the bloody hell she kept calling it "AlaskER"? Between that "AlaskER" and clERB," her weird bullshit drives me crazy.
  9. Well, that's interesting and you are 100% correct. I was watching an episode from season 6 last night when a few episodes were basically about Buddy and his addiction and potential for relapse. This asshole said she knew nothing about addiction and was bemoaning the fact that she couldn't do more to help Buddy. I distinctly remember it because I told Mini Persnickety "she can miss me with that bullshit, her weight proves she has a food addiction!" I didn't realize she also had an Adderall addiction. Hypocritical lying asshole, that's our Whitney.
  10. I can't say as I blame them. Just like they had to grasp their cans of White Claw to cover the name, probably for the same reason. I used to watch a gem called "Downsized." The main guy (the dad) wore Under Armour shirts all the time...until the company got word of it and made him cover their name and logo on any of their products he wore on camera. 😂 That being said, what a cheap-assed gift for "Uncle Whitney" to give her "niece." I've dropped more at one time kicking in for co-workers' gifts than she spent on that Barbi. Even if it had its packaging, that huge bag was far too big for the contents and was probably really misleading for Harper. She was probably expecting something grand and glorious and instead pulled out that doll.
  11. Whitney Thore - The weeble who wobbled but did fall down.
  12. Her sitting posture is becoming very close to that of the 600-pounders. I hope she gets desperate and does a crossover to visit Dr. Now. I'd love to hear him scoff at her supposed "I only eat once a day" bullshit and tell her how delusional she is if she thinks an extra 200+ pounds isn't doing harm to her health. Not to mention how she can't work out because of "panic attacks." A little humility would do her a world of good.
  13. A huge thank you to TLC for opening this episode with the clip of Whitney falling flat of her face again. Maybe the production crew enjoyed it as much as I did. They should play it at the opening of every episode. At the end, too. Anybody else notice what appeared to be a big abrasion on her right elbow area during the pool scene? I wonder if she sustained it in her fall from the last episode. Loved the shade Ryan threw about her hair and how it looked "exceptionally full," even though she claimed it was her own hair. I was looking at her skeevy hairline and it looked like a wig to me, too, Ryan. Well played. And WTF was up with the gift for Harper? I wondered if she just grabbed it from the dollar store what with the way it had no packaging and was just stuffed randomly into all of that tissue in that huge bag. Whitney, there's a reason you made zero friends whilst living in away from Greensboro. It's because you're an insufferable asshole.
  14. Ye gads, the horrors of that monstrosity! My mother left me under it too long and melted about 10 plastic rollers in my hair using that abomination.
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