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  1. Perhaps another flying red-soled Loubie??????
  2. No preview hour this week of tomorrow night's episode? Fucking TLC...what a blow we've been dealt!!!
  3. She probably was listed as his contact person. I can't remember if she said the police had given her his shit or if the prison had, but I'm thinking it was the police (she already had all of his shit in her car when she left the visitation...I'd have to watch it again to be sure, and I'm just not sure my stroke-addled brain can fend off another round of this much stupid in an hour). But, yes, @cooksdelight...frighteningly enough, these loons are out there sharing our oxygen. That might be scarier than anything I've watched on ID Discovery. 😱
  4. Bravo! And...how about when she came out of the jail saying in her gravelly voice, "Well, I tried to break up with Tony..." Bitch, please. "Tried"? All you have to do is block whatever number he's calling you from and you'll never hear from him again. On another note, I don't believe for one second that dude she hangs out with is in love with her or romantically interested in her in the least. I think he's a nice male friend she has filming with her so she has someone to talk to during her scenes...clearly Tony bounced once those halfway house doors hit him in the arse and now he's in jail, and she has to have some sort of filming partner. I will give props to Tony for avoiding ever having to give tomb-voiced Angela the hot beef injection once he got out. Well done, Tony, well done!
  5. I'd like to know if she has a cabinet chock full of coffee mugs, etc., with the ex's face emblazoned on them or if that particular idiosyncracy started with her Zied obsession. Both Rebecca and Avery look like they've packed on more than a few pounds since filming started. Must be some good food in Tunisia and Libya. Some of that stuff looks delicious. 😄 (I think I need a donut and coffee now...)
  6. Ooh, that reminds me. Was it Josh or Alex who said last night they had to lie and say they were on lock down just so they could play a game of handball? Nothing says stage 5 clinger like being IN PRISON and having to lie about lockdown just to get a couple of hours to yourself. I think in most of these cases, that's what draws these participants to the inmates...knowing where they are every minute of every day and controlling them through money on their commissary accounts. Do these people seriously have nothing going on in their lives that they can just sit around and wait to chat with their inmate "soul mates?" Crazy!
  7. And there are no boundaries as to what lengths they will go to try to secure another round at the TLC trough of greed and idiocy. Nicole being continually ghosted and humiliated by Assin'. Angela with the beyond ridiculous "baby totin'" and donor egg story line. Ashley taking Jay back (snort) yet again. The list goes on and on. I guess the Z list fame and "easy" (if you don't mind selling your soul and dignity) money are highly addictive. I really think maybe TLC needs to make all of these bozos "one and done." Maybe the following year they could do a special 2-hour followup "Where Are They Now?" episode. Otherwise, the participants are too camera aware and get a little bit too "creative" to secure their spots.
  8. I'm so relieved I'm not the only one to see the resemblance. Care to book a seat on my bus to hell? 😄 😄 😄
  9. Precisely. And at least two couples I can think of offhand had come into the franchise stating their intent to wait for sex until after marriage. They certainly didn't snuggle up in bed together and "touch and kiss" and then roll over. What Tim says and what he does are out of synch. It makes no sense that he wouldn't have told Jeniffer his view on premarital sex at this point in his life before he went over to visit. It makes absolutely no sense that he would lead her to expect sexual intimacy and then just roll away from her or lie on his back "in my head." I still think the dude has performance issues with an underlying psychological disorder as a contributing factor. He's just trying to do a little revisionist history and claim he wants to wait until marriage to do the deed. Note to Jeniffer: If you marry this dude, better invest in some Viagra because I have a sneaking feeling he's still going to be "in [his] head" on the wedding night...or too worn out from the wedding to stay awake.
  10. Thanks for taking one for the team, @Kangatush. At least he's attempting to do something productive, so kudos to him for that endeavor. I would use it more, too! They do have one available for an actual post in the emoticon section I recently discovered (because I'm sometimes completely oblivious and it's probably been available for eons now). 🤢 I'm looking forward to tonight's Adventures of the Chucklefucks. I'm waiting to see Alex tell Glorihallelujah about his "real" girlfriend. Stocked up on pinot noir and popcorn and ready to go!
  11. Grazi, @Azubah. I never know these people's last names. 😄
  12. Is "Malcolm" actually Tim? I think the dude has performance issues probably exacerbated by some underlying psychological disorder. He never told Jeniffer (that we were shown or apparently not that she's aware of) that he wanted to wait until marriage. In fact, he's a tease because he leads her to believe they will be intimate, then feigns exhaustion or being "in my mind" (whatever the actual fuck that means) as being the reason he couldn't perform. Dude needs to shove a Viagra down his piehole and man up or be honest tell her his interest in sex is pretty much zero. I'm sure it's a huge mindfuck to Jeniffer, having him claim to love her and want her, but then never laying a hand (or anything else) on her in an intimate way. And he's full of shit about people feeling differently if he were a woman. If the roles were reversed, I'd be of the opinion the woman either needed to upfront and totally honest about her lack of interest in sex and stop leading on the guy to believe intimacy was going to occur and then feigning sleep or give in to it and go with the flow. The dude needs a therapist to figure what his underlying issue really is. He protests way too much about his aberrant behavior.
  13. All along I've believed none of this shit is real with Angela. In addition to what you said above, Angela is also obviously addicted to reality TV paychecks (hence her two appearances on Jerry Springer or Maury or whatever shitshow it was). I'm of the opinion this entire ridiculous baby/egg story line is just that...a story line she crafted just to keep her repugnant ass on the show and get that easy TLC paycheck. I don't even think she intends to legally marry Michael or bring him over to America. Now, whether Michael is in on the end game or not, I cannot even speculate. Sometimes I think they're in agreement to use these shenanigans to assure their spot on the show and get that almighty paycheck. Surely he can't keep putting up with all of her abuse and keep hanging in there for the green. I also never lose sight of the fact he was a Nigerian scammer when he hit on the biggest, smelliest, lowest lying catfish in the internet ocean, so anything is possible, including the two of them being in cahoots. Other times, I think maybe Michael isn't in on her end game...especially when I see him repeatedly apologizing for shit and I look into his eyes and see that same look Azan used to get, like a bit of their soul is flying away right before their eyes. They may prove me wrong, but I've always felt Angela is on this just for the paycheck and there's nothing too outrageous she won't do to get it. I hope they're gone next season, otherwise fucking Angela will say she's in training to run a triathalon or some such ridiculous bullshit.
  14. That was an interesting read. I wonder if TLC/Sharp cut him because he drew a line about how far he would play along with being head over heels in love with Darcey. Or maybe he again told you YOU RUIN EVERYTHING!!! Damn, so very much close we were to getting more gems like cut it on the bias, get out of my life, and you never loved me. What a blow we've been dealt.
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