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  1. I'm under the impression that Ari invited Leo over to tread the waters to see if he had any interest in reconciling. When he did not, she turned her story around to how much she loved Bini with all of her heart, blah, blah, blah. I think had Leo shown any interest in rekindling their relationship, she would have been out of there with the quickness. And LOL at Bini's little bye-bye message to Leo 😂
  2. No, you're in good company. I was rooting for one of them to slide off the deck just to hear someone yell TROLL OVERBOARD!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe they're hoping that hot guy from the new Sonic commercial will show up. That would be some tasty takeout.
  3. That poor lovely poodle is on its third name. First was its rescue name (name #1), which Whitney apparently didn't like and changed. It went by that name (name #2) for a while. Now it's being called "Goose" (name #3) for some apparent reason. No wonder the dog is confused. Add in the fact that the poor dog doesn't know Todd at all and is being called by yet another name and no wonder it's hiding and not wanting to come in. Ugh.
  4. There's a new episode of this up on D+. The description shows it's the damned Potthasts, the most overexposed chucklefucks in the 90 Day universe and, I think, Pao and Russ. I didn't even bother to watch it.
  5. These story lines are so blatantly scripted and poorly acted that I don't find it even remotely entertaining. I think they should stick with Love After Lockup and jettison this Life After Lockup fuckery. Once these assclowns get a taste of that "easy" TLC money, there's nothing they won't do to create ridiculous story lines to keep feeding from the TLC trough. The over-the-top scenery chewing is beyond cringeworthy. I'll keep tuning in but admittedly will be perusing Facebook on my phone the entire time. 😴😴😴
  6. I watched the preview. My little black heart got all warm and fuzzy with the Armando and Kenny and family scenes. That hug between Armando and his dad was so real and full of love. I love Kenny, too, but Armando was 100% right. This was neither the time nor the place to announce their wedding plans. Kenny needs to slow down and let this family heal, and it looks like they are well on their way to doing just that. Let things unfold naturally, Kenny, and everything will fall into place in their own time. This was the only segment I can remember. The rest of them wer
  7. What work ethic? The twat has to show up so her broke ass will get paid 😂 And avoid those deadly Pasadena switchback roads at all cost.
  8. And don't forget the bullshit Lenny storyline where he shows up out of the blue and spends the night and also makes her breakfast the next morning, all sans mask. As with everything Whitney, she talks out of both sides of her ample ass.
  9. I believe at one point she was bitching that Colt wanted a blow up doll.... Ironically, this is what she is turning herself into.
  10. Regarding the marital status of Ari and Leo:
  11. I agree. The only thing I'm in agreement with Whitney on is that Babs should not be driving in the interest of public safety. I believe she's had a couple of episodes where she's either completely passed out or come close to passing out. If I were in Whitney's place, I'd probably want her to relinquish her keys as well. Other than that (because it is a matter of public safety), Whitney needs to get out of their business.
  12. I saw a different side of PK and started liking him and his sense of humor a couple of seasons back. Dorit had bought some jack hideous dolls and was unwrapping them to show PK. He had some brilliantly snarky comments about them and I believe Dorit dropped one of the dolls and it broke. I wish I could remember which season/episode this was, but it was hilarious. And I totally agreed with PK in that those dolls were hideous and creepy. I still haven't made it through all of this episode, but I'm definitely looking forward to the PK scenes. Also, WTF with that word sala
  13. According to Google, Ashley is 5' 7'. I'm raising an eyebrow to the claim of 225 pounds. I think there's a bit of shaving going on there. At that height, I'd place her much closer to 275 pounds. She's not a small woman by any means.
  14. I heard "Kathy," too. My first thought? Who the fuck is Kathy? I don't ever recall hearing her mentioned before. I can't believe Chase is still willing to associate himself with this bullshit. That TLC check, however small, must be too good to pass up. And poor Blur. I show a lot more interest in this tasty glazed donut in front of me than he does in Whitney. While the story line is nothing short of ludicrous, it surely makes for some extra tasty snark this season.
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