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  1. I'll bet Dixie is just adorable. Miss Lucy is about 8 months old and the rescue had just picked her up off the street and straight to the vet for spaying, shots, etc. She was only about 3 lbs when I rescued her (she was really emaciated and malnourished), but I've gotten her up to a whopping 4-1/2 lbs now and she's the picture of health. She's so tiny I don't know how she ever survived on the streets. And speaking of our beloved pets, does anyone know if Whitney still has that beautiful poodle? I don't follow her on IG and haven't seen any social media screen shots on the forum of h
  2. Quogue would be the location of Cindy Barshop's dreadful event where she did not serve Ramona her pinot grigio quickly enough. Apparently none of the housewives wanted to trek to Quogue. This event is also what precipitated Sonja's meeting with Cindy to discuss the "pecking order" and how Cindy had failed Ramona by not having a glass of pinot grigio in her hand waiting for Ramona's arrival. I remember way too much about this show.
  3. I'm hoping it does, too...that's why I was checking to see if the next season had been announced yet 😂 Yes, that's Miss Lucy, my little chihuahua rescue I adopted after I lost my 15-year-old baby girl on NY Eve. The grief was killing me, so it's more like Miss Lucy rescued me ❤️ Yeah, I was wondering that, too, if perhaps they aren't announcing the new season because they haven't decided if they can come up with enough fake bullshit after the Chase debacle material to warrant another season. Part of me would love to see the proverbial rug yanked from under her, but the ot
  4. Apparently TLC still hasn't confirmed there's going to be a season 9. Is it unusual for TLC to begin filming without a commitment to a new season? https://nextseasontv.com/my-big-fat-fabulous-life-season-9-release-date-tlc/
  5. It would appear TLC has not confirmed a season two for this disaster. I'm hoping these people won't be back. https://premieredate.news/tv-series/7055-the-blended-bunch.html
  6. Between Leah's "Ray of Light" moment last week and the title of this week's episode, my 80's spoiled mind went here.
  7. I was rather shocked the first time I saw Jill in a regular top, jacket and jeans. I had thought she was much heavier but, nope, it was just the clothing she (or that assbag Brad) was choosing. I was amazed by how relatively tiny she was. One of my favorite episode moments from season 2 (?) was when Alex thought she was going to become a supermodel and was bragging about her perceived great genes...and then going to a gathering later that night in full hair and makeup from the photo shoot. She and Simon were both so lacking in self-awareness. That being said, I don't think the
  8. I agree. She used the word "like" so many fucking times that I momentarily thought I was watching Teen Mom or 16 and Pregnant. I was almost hoping that atrocious pink bow at her neck would come untied and render her the 2021 version of Isadora Duncan (albeit without any of Isadora's talent or charisma). Blech 🤢
  9. Ravelry, as in the crafting website? I'm on Ravelry but had no idea there was a section like this. I want to read more about this story. I just go there for patterns and now I'm thinking I might be missing a whole new world at that site. Can you message me with a link to the story on Ravelry if it's not allowed to be posted here? It sounds fascinating. Grazi :D
  10. I belong to a couple of FB Instant Pot groups and some of the shit people try to cook in it just astounds me. One was trying to figure out how she could cook an omelet using the Instant Pot. As my eyes were rolling backwards wondering why anyone would even want to attempt cooking an omelet in a pressure cooker, someone replied with "Why would you even want to? It takes 5 minutes to cook one on the stove. The Instant Pot isn't meant for everything you cook." And, fair warning if you join one of said FB groups, some of that slop people post looks just as bad as what Janelle posts.
  11. One of my very favorite scenes with Aviva. The audio is kind of wonky.
  12. I was watching their original season over the weekend. Kalani kept using the words "he got me pregnant." Yes, Kalani, you had absolutely no say in the matter. He impregnated you all on his own. (insert major eyeroll here). You're right, these folks aren't real big on accountability.
  13. Oh, it could very well have been diabetic rather than asthma. My jaw dropped as soon as he said "and Jenny is old," so I may have misremembered what he said just prior to that. 😂
  14. It's crazy to me, too. I guess the stores figure if it's a customer who spends a great deal of money throughout the year, then taking a hit on a handful of returned unsalable garments is worth keeping their business. Large upscale department store chains can probably afford to take such hits, but I sincerely hope smaller boutiques refuse these types of returns as most of them likely couldn't absorb those types of losses.
  15. Same here. I spent my Mother's Day kicked back knitting in my recliner and watching Season 3 of this mess. It was almost like an early Christmas when I saw TLC finally dropped all of the seasons. Luckily for me, the kids love the 90DF crap, too, so a good time was had by all 😂
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