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  1. I think Bryson is the most charming and adorable kid I've ever seen across these franchises. I even thought he was adorable taking Robert's hat at the airport when Annie arrived. I hope he never loses that sparkle in his eyes. ❤️
  2. That's one of hilarious memes I referred to in my earlier post...I laughed way too long when I saw it because it was so on point 😄 Jihoon's Micropenis featuring the Clean Anal band.
  3. Nothing changes about Darcey, does it? Except her appearance. She's like that woman in the Seinfeld episode where sometimes she looked stunning and other times she was dreadful. I thought season 1 Darcey looked ghastly with that black hair, orange skin, and flesh struggling to escape from her outfits, especially those jeans with holes in them. Then when she showed up with the lighter hair, had apparently dropped quite a bit of alcohol bloat, and cut back on the bronzer at the tell all, I thought she looked amazing. In fact, I never would have guessed it was the same woman (until she spoke, that is). Then she started reverting back with the way too much bronzer, way too inflated lips, ratty looking extensions, and I thought she looked dreadful again. Same with this last season. I thought she probably looked worse than she did in even her first season. She looked like an animated figure from Madamd Tussauds. Now on the B90 Strikes Back, I think she looks really good again (again, until she speaks, because she doesn't seem to have any humor or wit at all). It's kind of crazy, but I look forward to seeing how her appearance changes over the seasons, especially since nothing else about her fiance-chasing life changes at all, she just swaps out one man for another.
  4. Well, damn, I got all excited hoping that big neon EXIT sign meant he was leaving. Then I realized it's Tom, and he couldn't be dragged kicking and screaming from any chance at the spotlight. Ugh.
  5. Probably an unpopular opinion, but what really irked me was the reaction of Janice to the apartment Bini was trying to fix up for Ariela. He's one man. He has two arms, two hands, and two legs. He works at night as a dancer at a club. He is, presumably all on his own, been working on fixing up this second apartment in his spare time. Instead of offering to hire some of his local friends to help him get it done quicker, she just informs him that this will be at least a 30-day job and likely much longer. I was sitting here saying to myself, "Bitch, crack open your wallet and hire people to help the poor guy." Ugh, at least he's TRYING, which is a lot more than most of these chucklefucks do. Yeah, I'm not a big fan of Janice, either. This is the life her little fair-haired girl has chosen. Let her live it. She'll probably be back before the baby's first birthday anyway.
  6. I've seen a couple of great memes floating around on Facebook with the different ways Jenny says "Sumit," complete with pictures. They're pretty entertaining. It crossed my mind when I kept hearing her call him "Smit" this time around that she's seen those memes and acted accordingly. Of course, it's that old fool Jenny, who can never stick with any one pronunciation of his name even though he is the love of her life 🤢 I wonder if ensuing episodes will treat us to her calling him "Smut" or "Smeet." If she starts calling him "Smut," I may just chortle myself into oblivion. Maybe she'll just start calling him Smitty and save herself all of that confusion.
  7. Absolutely correct. I worked at a women's health center, and NO biopsy result appointments were made for a Friday, be they positive or negative, because the docs didn't want to drop a positive result on a patient and put her in a position of possibly spending the entire weekend without any emotional support. Sometimes patients would seem to take a positive diagnosis well, but once they were at home and had time to start to process it, they would be overwhelmed. I thought it was an excellent policy. Also, no results, positive or negative, were EVER given over the phone. Everything had to be done face to face to make sure the patient understood whatever the diagnosis might be and the next step in treatment program. Even those with a negative biopsy were instructed on followup care, which the docs preferred doing face to face with a personalized handout explaining everything in detail. I think Angela must have been given the biopsy results before she left for Nigeria, too, and this was just a reenactment in front of the cameras for "dramatic" effect. Probably a TLC hired "actor" to play the part of the doctor. But then again, I'm still eye rolling and laughing at those perfect lab values 😂
  8. I, too, noticed that Jenny is now pronouncing his name without the "u." All this time and she still cannot pick a pronunciation and stick with it. So we've got Sumit and Amit. I'm waiting for a third brother, Dimwit, to show up. I knitted and halfway listened. This episode needed some Kenny and Armando. I can't wait to see the proposal next week ❤️
  9. I also did some knee-slapping laughing when that "doctor" said her lab results, particularly her lipid panel, was "perfect." As you pointed out, she is morbidly obese and she didn't get that way eating healthy, that's for sure. I was hoping she'd had pulmonary function tests, too, because I wanted to hear those called "perfect" as well. 😂 I also questioned the "doctor's" delivery of her results. I've had biopsies done along with blood work, and each time the doctor started with the biopsy results which were of the most concern, then went on to say everything else was fine. Of course, I was being treated by real doctors and not some TLC paid hack.
  10. I wasn't. I belong to a few FB 90DF groups and that abusive prick Geoffrey showed up in one of them posting. Almost immediately a few women in the group started throwing themselves at him, defending any criticism of his abuse history, and doing whatever they could to get his attention. Attention from that piece of shit, and there they were, fawning all over him like he was some sort of prize decent human being. It was positively stomach turning. Fortunately, he was met mostly with disdain and left not too long afterward. I'm sure those women whoring for his attention probably privately messaged him, or he privately messaged them. Thus, I'm not surprised to see Pole has his "fans." There are a lot of lunatics in the world. 🤢
  11. Larissa needs to get a refund on her "$10,000 face." She can use it to get her own place...in Brazil, preferably, and she can take her buddy Jess with her. People in Facebook 90DF groups (who apparently have a lot of free time) are posting up-close shots of her psoriasis/lice/dandruff that was on display atop her scalp last night. Maybe Eric was correct in his assertion she doesn't like to shower (or take care of her personal hygiene in general). She looked like she slept on a city bench the night before in a lot of those scenes.
  12. Well, but Kyle can just remind them all of the fact that Brandy is a bastion of truth and never lies. It might be worth the price of admission just seeing Kyle have to eat some crow after that ridiculous assertion. She must think the viewers are as dumb as she is a box of rocks.
  13. Any other posters remember his appearance on the OC franchise, when Gretchen was asked to perform with the Pussycat Dolls and Mikey was in charge of the rehearsal.... And discovered to his extreme dismay that Gretchen could neither sing nor dance. 😂 At least with Erika, she does seem to be able to dance, so I guess he lost the proverbial battle with Gretchen but won the war with Erika.
  14. And one of my favorite shit-covered jewels, Valentine. A horror film but so full of unintentional giggles I watch it any time it's on. Not related to your post but regarding Sutton spreading "gossip" in her talking head, I believe those segments are filmed after the rest of the season's filming is completed. Thus, she wasn't spreading any gossip at all, surreptitiously or covertly. By the time that segment was filmed, I'm pretty sure every single person had heard the rumor. I felt Sutton was just demonstrating that, although she had heard the rumor herself, she didn't give the rumor any legs and kept it to herself. I'm not a huge Sutton fan, but I'm cutting her a break on this point. I like to think one of these heifers has a scintilla of character, so I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt on this one.
  15. They should have paid we the viewers 😮 That scene was just cringe inducing.
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