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  1. Maria is now doing cameos. She goes by "Maria Divine" and she's quite the bargain at $25. I think I laughed way too hard and way too long about this. Happy Tuesday 😄
  2. I was so busy watching that baby murdering piece of shit and his body language that I never noticed this. How eerie and heart wrenching. I wonder if that piece of shit even noticed the images on the TV and, if so, if they had any impact on him. I'm assuming probably not, because I don't believe he has any conscience (nor a soul).
  3. Go here. Don't know if you're adverse to spoilers, but there are spoilers in the couple's threads. Welcome!
  4. Well, there was not a dry eye at Casa Persnickety when Father Armando came rolling up in his red VW. And we're pretty jaded and hard hearted about shit like this (especially shit like this on TLC). It was an extremely rare moment. As much as I'd love for them to have their own show, I sort of want TLC to let them disappear now. I want them to have their happy ending of literally driving off into the sunset into their best lives without any orchestrated TLC shenanigans. Thanks for not fucking that up, TLC.
  5. And the neighbor with the security camera, who stood by quietly and listened while Watts fidgeted, squirmed, and lied his ass off...then waited until was out of earshot to inform them that Watts never backed that truck up into the garage to load it and pointed out that Watts was acting really oddly. Kudos to both of them for doing the right thing immediately. Those are the kinds of people I want in my corner if I should ever go "missing."
  6. Oh, also in that nearly 2000-page discovery document, they found where he had thrown sheet(s) away in the trash that appeared to have dirt on them and a couple of other things that jumped out at me. I'm not sure what to make of the discarded sheet(s), whether he had them in his truck when he got home and took them back into the house to throw them away or what type of dirt was on the sheets (I haven't gotten far enough in the document to see if the dirt matched the gravesite). As soon as work slows down, I need to get back to reading that. It's really fascinating. Absolutely soulless piece of shit that he is, I wouldn't be surprised to find out he was planning on sending those "LEAVE ME ALONE, I'M FINE, I NEED TIME TO MYSELF" texts to her family and friends like a lot of other murderers have done. Also, so much for his fuck-and-awe tale of how the girls went quietly. On autopsy, one of them apparently had a busted swollen lip and had bitten the inside of her cheeks. I can't remember if it was Bella or Cece. It made my physically ill to read that part of the discovery document.
  7. I think he forgot about it, too, which is why he tried to tell her friend she had taken the girls on a "play date," which sent up the red flag immediately, especially when the car was still in the garage. I remember hearing her on the body cam saying something about "I don't know what's taking him so long to get here" and I had a shiver down my spine since now everyone knows why it was taking him so long. I also wanted to scream when he pretended she was mad and had left her wedding ring by the bed, and that it wasn't out of the question she was seeing someone else. What a piece of shit. Ugh. I assumed her hands and feet were probably swollen after her flight and she had taken off the ring and put it in a dish by the bedside. But there's that piece of shit, insinuating she may very well have been cheating on his rancid ass. LOL, my parents used to drop by unannounced to check on me in the next town over. Well, until the morning they dropped by and found I had had overnight company and were all sorts of weirded out by that (even though at the time I was 25 years old and had been living completely independently of them for years). After I had Mini Pernickety, I made it a point to never live closer than a 1-hour drive just to make those "drop by" visits a real pain in their ass. 😄
  8. I'm old and mean, but I still suspect Ari had it in her back pocket as plan B that she had time to fly back to the states to give birth. Obviously if that was her plan, it fell to the wayside 😂
  9. I also think her quick-acting friend really threw a monkey wrench into his plans. I'm sure he thought he could go back home, put fresh bedding on the beds, do the laundry, and all the other post murder cleanup. I can only imagine his reaction when he had to rush home straight from dumping the bodies, the police were already there body cams rolling, the friend telling the cops everything she knew, and the neighbor with the security camera and his insight into how Chris had never before backed his car into the garage to load it for work and that he was acting really strange. After watching so many ID Discovery programs where someone says, "It was totally out of character for her not to show up somewhere," yet never made a move to send out an alarm, I hope all of us have a friend like Nickole in our lives and I hope we're all someone's Nickole and would take action quickly if that person turned up "missing." Watts is a monster. I hope he sees the faces of his beautiful children every single time he closes his eyes for the rest of his miserable life.
  10. I'd love to know what type of tea cookies Candiace served. They looked delicious. This is my favorite of the franchises and has been for a couple of seasons now. I can find something to like about all of these women, unlike a few of the other housewife franchises. Plus, at least for me, Potomac has more of a feel of authenticity than the others at this point. I don't post much in here, but I read and enjoy everyone else's insights. ❤️
  11. Totally off topic, but I remember buyers of the Amityville Horror house had constant problems with gawkers. Even tried putting up fences but tourists would just climb over them to peer in the windows and take pictures while the owners were trying to eat dinner. I don't think I could put up with that, either. Looking up from dinner and seeing mouth-breathing tourists pointing cameras at me whilst I ate dinner would be more terrifying to me than the murders that occurred there. Talk about GET OFF OF MY LAWN!!! Ugh. Now to drag myself back on topic, I noticed TLC was marathoning this show last night in preparation for tonight's finale, I work today so I'll be watching later from the DVR. I've already got dinner in the crockpot and some peach and honey moscato chilling for this shitshow fucktastrophy. I hope everyone has had a fabulous weekend ❤️
  12. I would. I'm a total ghoul. I always wanted to book a room for a few nights at the Cecil Hotel but alas I didn't get around to it quickly enough. Oh, I think the whole Georgi sideshow story is for them to lock down a season 2. I'm fully prepared for Darcey-zilla planning her ridiculously over-the-top and tacky fairytale wedding next season. While waving around her $70 promise ring. The one daughter bears a strong resemblance to him, while I think the other daughter resembles Darcey. (Although I think both daughters are more attractive than their parental units.)
  13. Oooh, that makes sense! I had thought maybe they just filmed them as a backup couple and hit a jackpot. I can't imagine enduring this much batshit crazy in one afternoon, but with Heather involved, it seems anything is possible. I can't even remember any of the words or I'd try it myself. I found it odd that she said she would write down quotes from books she found entertaining...and yet not bother to jot down the name of the book or the author. Things that make you go hmmmm. But I haven't had a full cup of coffee yet 🤢
  14. I definitely enjoy the occasional cocktail and love a good glass of wine a couple of times a week with dinner, and I totally agree with you. What is up with a lot of these women constantly having an alcoholic beverage in their hand, whether it's a simple brunch at another housewife's house or over lunch? I remember when Ramona Singer was trying to hawk her Ramona Grigiot and in nearly every single scene, she was bolting down a glass of it regardless of the time of day. Was Jill Zarin the only housewife in the franchises who consistently ordered a diet nonalcoholic beverage? I've seen Bethenny Frankel order water rather than alcohol on occasion, but even on earlier seasons of RHNJ, there was Jacqueline pouring Bailey's into her coffee in an early morning Skype chat with her brother. I've read Bravo encourages the drinking because it helps lead to drama, but I'll be damned. If I drank even one-quarter as much as these women do, I'd be hugging the porcelain altar and begging to be put out of my misery. I'm not sure whether I admire or am appalled by their ability to drink most "regular" people under the table...and even before lunchtime. That being said, I can't help but wonder if Braunwyn is setting herself up for failure by keeping all of that alcohol on hand. In my world, that would be tantamount to being on a diet and keeping tasty, easy-to-grab French pastries on the counter. Too much temptation if there's even a small bump in the road.
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