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  1. I'm positively swooning with puppy love over Mika. What a cutie! 😍
  2. She "dated" Andrew as a way to get on this shit storm, IMO. I think they were in cahoots to get on the show. I still think that. The fact that she's now showing up as a publicity-hungry freak just reinforces my belief. At least he thankfully seems to have crawled back into oblivion.
  3. My daughter read me the transcript. Sounds like a pretty typical relationship one has with an out-of-control alcoholic. No surprises there. I remember on one of the 90DF D+ shows, he freely said he would choose alcohol above a relationship with Tanya. That's pretty damned pathetic. He's every bit the asshole most of us thought he was.
  4. I came "thisclose" to signing up for MK because they have quite a few products I really like. I just wanted to sign up to get the starter kit and discounts for my own personal use. Then someone directed me to pinktruth.com. Talk about an eye opener. I'll just buy what I need or want from a rep. Not worth that bullshit for the discount that comes with signing up. Yikes.
  5. Does anybody know what's going on with the new season of Murder in the Heartland on ID Discovery? Someone posted on FB that the new season had dropped on December 28th and the internet also shows the drop date was December 28th, yet it's not up on D+ yet. Goddess knows I need something to watch tonight while I party at home with knitting and champagne 🥂
  6. My Puerto Rican auntie made the most delectable arroz con pollo I've ever had. Perfection on a plate. I tried to get the recipe from her. Yup, no measurements. She had been making it so long that she could just tell by looking if the quantity was correct. I asked her, "How much XXX?" Her reply unvaryingly: "Until it looks right." 😢 I finally just used her list of ingredients (without any measurements) and made countless attempts to replicate her arroz con pollo until I finally got it right. This thread has reminded me that I need to actually write down the
  7. First thing I said when I saw that scene was, "That girl can RIDE." I was impressed with her ability. I think Caleb was expecting an Elena Gant (Little Women LA season 1).
  8. I loathe Usman (and always have) with the fire of 100,000 suns. That being said, I have to hand it to him. He managed to get his expensive gifts from this idiot Kimberly and not even give her a kiss in return, much less have sex with her. He got to take his goodies and go back to his own room totally untouched. Well played, Usman, well played.
  9. Caleb is a real piece of work. His bitching about his arm getting tired from pushing her wheelchair, etc., was just rude as hell. Then that awkward ride to the hotel where he barely spoke to her and started yawning and looking out the window. I knew he was going to claim he was just too tired and go to bed, which he did. He put her on the bed before he left the room, but was her friend there to help her? She would need to get off the bed to put on her pajamas, shower, turn the bed down, etc., and Caleb never gave that a second thought. The very least this asshole could have
  10. Oh, I remember that quite well. They were both absolutely insufferable entitled assholes. As soon as Jasmine mentioned her kids, I dubbed her Larissa 2.0. It sounds like she and Gino might be made for each other. Ew.
  11. I was hoping Janelle was going to shove that rake up his selfish ass. Maybe next time 😂
  12. I respectfully disagree. I have a raging case of cellulitis and was hospitalized for 7 days of IV antibiotics (which ultimately did not work) and attempted pain control with IV morphine and oral hydrocodone (both narcotics). The pain still was not fully controlled on discharge, when I was transitioned over to oral narcotics only. I battled pain so severe even with the oral narcotics that I was in a state of near tears every waking moment. And that was with hydrocodone on board. What finally worked was a non-narcotic, gabapentin. My PCP had prescribed it on the off chanc
  13. You know what else pissed me right the fuck off? These women sitting around bemoaning how they wished they could have been there to support Christine and Ysabel but, oh no, the dreaded COVID prevented that. I'm no doctor, but I'm pretty damned sure COVID did not stop them from preparing meals for Christine and her family and leaving them on her doorstep so she could get some much needed rest. How much trouble would that have been, when all of their asses were supposed to be home 24/7 quarantining (as they claim) anyway? Prepare it, take it to the car, drive to Christine's house, pu
  14. Excellent point. Perhaps because of the polygamy status of their relationship, Kody's name was not on the birth certificates of some of the kids so he can't take out insurance policies on them. That being said, there's no law stopping him from divvying up funds to Janelle and Christine to have funded health insurance for their minor children. Honestly, the term "prick" doesn't even begin to be harsh enough to describe this ass.
  15. To double down on that, isn't that why Kody married Robyn, to ensure HER kids had insurance? And yet he couldn't fund Ysabel's insurance? I'm not sure about the intricacies of insurance policies, but it seems to me that Kody could have taken out a policy that covered Ysabel since she's his biological child. If not, he could have given Christine the funds to sign up for one. I will never understand how this jackass wastes so much money on utter bullshit (like Prairie Plague Pass), yet he's so fucking irresponsible he doesn't ensure all of his minor children have insurance.
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