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  1. I don't recognize half of those names in the spoilers. I'm going to have to suffer through this entire season again before the finale just to put names to faces. I'm curious about the Daryl and Carole spinoff, but I'm not so sure I'm curious enough to actually watch it or just read the spectacular posts and live chat here on the forum. I'll be tuning into that angsty World Beyond, though, just so I can read the glorious snark I know I'll find here. 😄
  2. Yes, I believe that was the name of it. I can't remember which company made it, though. Mine was blue with orange or yellow bristles. I was so excited to get it, only to be disappointed. Ungainly, definitely. Heavy, awkward size, and even after wrestling with it for an hour, my thick curly hair STILL wouldn't be dry and definitely wasn't straighter. I don't think I hung onto mine for more than a few months, yet there's David, showing off his relic 50 years later 😂
  3. Ugh, this show is so boring that sometimes I even forget to check this thread. I wanted to talk about David's antiquated blow dryer/straightener he displayed a couple of episodes back. I wanted to confess to my fellow posters that I owned this piece of crap...In 1971/1972 when I was a pre-teen. That thing is roughly 50 years old...and David still has it. Good gawd almighty, it was all mangled and burnt looking at the bristles. I wonder if the simpleton is still using it. If so, I hope he keeps a fire extinguisher handy. *shudder*
  4. Well, for whatever it's worth, at least 2 people on the FB Savage pages I follow have posted up pictures taken with Geoffrey at the local bar/pub. One of the posters said that he arrived with Mary. No Varya sightings reported by either of the posters. While I'm hoping Varya grabbed her TLC paycheck and ran back to her native land ASAP, where she is now living her best life with just about anybody other than Geoffrey, she could very well still be in America on her visitor's visa. Maybe she is here until the pandemic is controlled but not necessarily with Geoffrey.
  5. Mini Persnickety wanted to get a tattoo of a fairy on her hip. When I pointed out that her hip fairy could change in shape and size as she aged and gravity took hold, eventually reaching proportions that would make it look like something from a horror movie that could frighten small children, she changed her mind. I was grossly exaggerating in my explanation to her, but she got the point. She's now looking for something more delicate on a different part of her body. That hopefully won't eventually frighten small children.
  6. Oh, that's a good point. I hadn't thought about it for identification purposes. I'm assuming Darcey doesn't have the condition (or at least not on her face) because her eyebrows seemed to be intact whereas Stacey's didn't. The lack of the eyebrow piqued my curiosity because I was wondering if it was a fashion statement, but I couldn't recall any such trend in the 90s. And absolutely, plenty of great brow enhancers, foundation, concealers, etc., around during that time period. Maybe she chose not to cover it because it was the single thing on which the twins didn't match and let her be unique in her own way.
  7. A while back, I had posted in one of these bimbo's threads questioning Stacey's lack of a right eyebrow in their high school pictures. Last night I got my answer...she has vitiligo on that part of her face. Now if only it were that simple to get an answer to the question of what she sees in Florian.
  8. Good question. I'm leaning towards probably not, kind of the way they never mentioned Geoffrey and Varya (or whatever her name was). Plus what with having the Colt posse in attendance, there probably wouldn't be time to squeeze in a comment about Pole and Karine 😄
  9. I'm positively swooning just thinking about having Charlie as a stepson. And having that obnoxious Jenn that apparently isn't safe to take out in public because of her mouth as a stepdaughter. Ah, to be a Potthast even if only by marriage 😂
  10. When Darcey and Stacey refer to Georgi and Florian being so HOT, all I can do is think they need to invest some of their TLC money into LASIK eye surgery. I think Florian looks like a heroin addict and Georgi looks like he's auditioning to be Corey Feldman's stand in. Blech.
  11. Yeah, I'm pretty sure the three who aren't included are the three for whom Chucklefuck didn't pay child support. Apparently those children no longer exist in the Potthast universe. I guess in Chuck's world, if you don't discuss things like pesky older children and pesky lawsuits for being a slumlord, those things do not exist.
  12. I'm not even sure I'll bother watching the Tell All. Between the fake Colt/Larissa/Jess/Eric/Vanessa bullshit and what I'm assuming is going to be all of them screeching over each other, I don't think my stroke-addled brain can deal with it. Those assclowns will eat up most of the air time and the other couples probably won't get much at all. I'm still recuperating from that lengthy leaked Tell All video where Usman and Lisa never shut the fuck up. I don't think my brain can handle this cacophony of famewhores.
  13. No word on when it's going to finally be released. It was supposed to air late last spring/early summer.
  14. I don't think Florian is telling the truth, either. Under what guise did that woman get him to take off his shirt and apparently lie in the bed with her, all snuggled up, just to take a photo? If this were just a couple of obvious "fan" photos out in public with him completely dressed, I *might* believe his story. But the guy was at least half dressed in a couple of those pictures. Oh, and did I hear correctly that he told Stacey the woman had lured him to her hotel to have...coffee? These two women are so hopelessly delusional that they'll believe anything their paramours tell them so they can keep up the happily ever after facade. BTW, whoever that woman was on video chat with Darcey is so goddamned thirsty that even IV hydration wouldn't relieve her dehydration. Horrible acting, even by TLC standards.
  15. With her online T&A shows. Which she could very well do back in Brazil.
  16. Ugh, his ass doesn't need to come back, either. Everyone knows Vanessa is his real girlfriend now and she isn't in need of a green card. He has no connection left to get on any of the 90DF franchises. TLC needs to cut him from the teat, along with Larissa, Jess, Colt, Carmen, Vanessa, the entire fraudulent crew. Of course, as I type this, I am fully cognizant that the reason for Larissa and Eric to "move in together and start a new life" is to keep their greedy asses on the TLC teat, since she still needs her green card which I suppose qualifies her for the show, and next season TLC will the trials and tribulations of poor Larissa and Eric..."Will she deported before they can get married?" fake horseshit. Ugh, ugh, and ugh.
  17. Darcy talking about COVID: Something about the grocery stores being empty but she was glad restaurants were staying open. Production: The restaurants are all closing, too. Darcy (incredulous): Restaurants are closing, too??? 😮 Me: Dead. I don't think I've ever seen someone who was so thoroughly entrenched in their own little bubble of delusion. All I can say is...well, bless her heart. 😂
  18. Right? And Dorinda spews it out there like she's some sort of criminal for doing so. And her comment to Tinsley, the "I hate your life" spoke volumes to me about how petty and vindictive Dorinda can be. I don't think she's a monster only when she drinks. I think perhaps she's always a monster but the alcohol just exacerbates it.
  19. There sure is! It went from "coming soon" early last spring to being postponed due to editing issues when COVID hit. TLC, Bravo, CBS with the Bold and the Beautiful, and apparently even the chucklefucks over at AMC have managed to get things back up and rolling, so I'm impatiently awaiting Netflix to get season 2 edited and available for viewing. I'm just stymied at how editing can't be done safely. Granted, I know precious little about the process, but I would think staying 6 feet apart and wearing a mask wouldn't be much of a challenge for the editing process. But it's early, it's Monday, and I haven't had even a full cup of coffee yet, so maybe it's more challenging than I realize. I just want my Black Summer season 2... And of course, I'll be watching this Danielle shitshow like it's my job, too.
  20. I'm sitting here seeing a bunch of people without masks and definitely not 6 feet apart. That being said, how can TLC grind out this tripe, COVID be damned, but goddamned Netflix can't seem to figure out a way to edit and air Black Summer season 2, using COVID as the reason. Ugh.
  21. I think that's what Sonja does on RHNYC, too. Buys it on the cheap from a distributor in China, they sew in a "Sonja by Sonja Morgan" (or whatever she calls it) label, and then she resells the crap. Not that she'll be doing that any longer for Century 21, as they've apparently permanently closed. I don't see anything particularly wrong with this practice, either. What I do think is wrong is the Silva womens' fashion taste when it comes to purchasing ugly-assed shit merchandise to resell. Ye gads. 😂
  22. Small detail, but I also noticed that they've apparently traded up from their twin Nissan rides to twin black SUV's. I couldn't catch the make or model, though. At first I thought Stacey was driving a rental, but there are clearly 2 twin black SUVs parked in that driveway on the exterior clips and Darcey was cleaning a black SUV in the last episode. Daddy Silva is probably silently giving thanks that the pandemic saved him likely another $100K or so from bankrolling these hapless twits when their Ho11 most likely went up in flames yet again.
  23. I think it's beyond creepy that Dorinda seems to know what each and every housewife is up to, especially when they're not filming. She asserts that Ramona is out on the town every night. Maybe she is, maybe she isn't, but I got the feeling Dorinda has at least some receipts to back this up. She asserts that there was no "Bruce" and that "Bruce" was actually Scott all along. Maybe he was, maybe he wasn't, but the way Dorinda presented this (and it turned out to be true) was as if she could have provided receipts to back up this assertion as well. There are other examples of where Dorinda has presented information that a *normal* person (not that she's normal) wouldn't be aware of. Anyone else remember when she said she had a dossier all about Sonja? I've often pondered whether Dorinda has a PI on the payroll who stalks follows her co-workers in case she can get any dirt on them to reveal during filming. Put together with her rage, envy, and obvious issues with alcohol, I think perhaps there's nothing Dorinda wouldn't do to "win." For the sake of all the other women who had to work with her, I'm glad she's gone. Toxic doesn't begin to describe Dorinda Medley.
  24. I thought the same exact thing, she looks about 5 months' pregnant. The last thing those chucklefucks need is another child to not take care of. I'm looking forward to next week's episode to see how the situation with Brittany's mother plays out. I thought maybe they were teasing viewers and she had just taken the debit card to run out and buy formula or diapers or something, but in the season previews I seem to recall it showed her all sorts of fucked up. I find Lamar, Andrea, and their kids all sorts of entertaining. I loved the scene of the kids in their bedroom talking about the whole situation with their mom and Lamar, the movie, etc. During the scenes with Michael and Sarah, I found myself wondering if Megan is off licking her wounds somewhere, never to grace my TV screen again, or if she might appear at some point during this season. I'm hoping for the former. I used to work with a woman who was a chain smoker (this was back in the day when people could smoke at their desks). She even kept a pack of cigarettes and a lighter on the back of her toilet so if she woke up to use the restroom, she could also have a few drags from a smoke. I think she was up to 3 packs a day. I think Angela smokes more than my former co-worker did. I kept wanting her to go dump her ashtray because it had FIRE HAZARD written all over it (and I'm in California where the state is burning down, so I'm extra vigilant about that shit now). Good episode, though. Now to wait for next week and The Mystery of Brittany's Mother. Happy Saturday, fellow posters 😄
  25. Anybody else remember in season 1 of RHOC when Jo had to go introduce herself to a table full of her new castmates with no introduction at all? (ETA Kimberly might have been the only new co-worker, but there were several country club type women at the table). Bravo didn't even try to pretend she knew any of those women. It was all sorts of awkward and strangely entertaining. Maybe Bravo needs to go back to that approach and stop trying to make their casting decisions seem "organic." I was working while this reunion installment was airing. I heard bits and pieces. Sounds like Andy kept handing Dorinda a few feet of rope at a time and she kept proverbially hanging herself with it. I think I'll find it even more enjoyable knowing how it all culminated. And I'm hoping to not see Leah (and her sister who is apparently attached to her hip) next season. Outside of her drunken bullshit (which I personally find deplorable), I don't feel she brings a single thing to this show. Happy Friday, everyone 😄
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