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  1. I loved the entire Spears/Braithwaite episode, too. And it made sense in that Spears was dying at that point and I'm sure many things from his past were haunting one, and shooting Braithwaite was undoubtedly at the top of the list of things he regretted. And poor Boone. When they first arrived at the ridge but the lodge wasn't there, I thought at the worst he was just a touch crazy and imagined the whole lodge/airstrip scenario but he was harmless, so why kill him? I was glad Anna stepped in before Rose could shoot the poor guy. I never did hear Rose offer up an apology for her acti
  2. Thank you, that's exactly how I wanted to describe it but couldn't find the right word, "campier." I can appreciate well-done humor in a horror movie (I thought Shaun of the Dead combined the two elements extremely well), but there started to be too much camp in Z Nation for my taste and I lost interest. In my re-watch of Black Summer season 2 with Mini Persnickety, we're up to the airstrip finale and will be watching that episode tonight. I've warned her the action is nonstop so she needs to be fully awake and watching every second of the episode to make sure she doesn't miss any
  3. Tom definitely has a type. Short ladies who have had a ridiculous of plastic surgery and fillers. At least Darcey is cute and at times very attractive. The profile views of Mariah with her grotesquely overinflated lips made me cringe. They distort the entire lower half of her face from her nose down. I agree with you about him courting her to stay on the show. And I love the insider info about his living arrangements. 😂 I've only seen half of S2 E1 as I fell asleep, but I'll definitely be catching up on this mess. Thanks for starting the thread, @mamadrama!
  4. I think so, too. The little smiles and laughs they exchange, not to mention the way they imitate each other, tells me there is genuine affection between Gwen and Yara. I suspect she was deliberately over-talking him with the screaming and expletives to ensure he never got a chance to get a word in edgewise. Even the IT dude (who was GOLD) said he never heard Michael's voice during that entire call. Maybe she was afraid if she stopped to take a breath, Michael would have said, "What are you talking about? I just talked to you yesterday!" And really, calling him
  5. Had you seen Deadset, too? If so, I'd be curious to know how you thought the two compared. I'm with the Brazilian version, Reality Z, but Deadset was good, too. If you haven't seen Deadset, I think it's definitely worth a watch.
  6. Hey, Michael, Angela just doesn't need you any more to stay on this show. She can now sashay her ass right on over to The Single Life where she can, for lack of a better word, have a one-woman show. I would not be in the least shocked to learn she's already negotiating and perhaps even already signed a contract with TLC for that franchise. She's achieved her goal to be reality TV "star" and is done with you, Michael. Better luck next time. Glad to see Ronald's handy work building that dark, windowless, claustrophobic cell for Daniel. All it needed was a stainless co
  7. What a delicious hot mess this season promises to be. Daonte, despite his time in the Marines, doesn't have even a smidge of common sense. And Nicolle Jr needs to never, ever be shown on my TV screen again. I did love his friend's comments, even though those comments fell on Daonte's deaf ears. I wonder if 4 foot-10-inch Rachel will think "it's cute" when her 6-foot-5-inch inmate has her pinned against a wall, towering over her, filled with rage, and "flexes." I'd call her an idiot, but I think her particular brand of crazy goes beyond idiocy. That poor kid, apparently spending
  8. I agree. This show was already a couple of seasons in when I started watching it. Uplifting story about a morbidly obese woman who loves to dance and living her best life despite her weight challenges. I thought I'd give it a shot. And lo and behold, what did I find? An insufferable asshole telling all and sundry that she could "do anything a skinny bitch can do." And then spent several seasons showing us that she couldn't really do anything a "skinny bitch" could do. Couldn't even walk in a relatively short distance marathon, couldn't even rub cream onto her own thighs, cou
  9. She could be really extreme. I was kind of horrified when she was going to kill the guy (whose name escapes me) who took her and Anna to the lodge. Even if he were batshit crazy and there was no lodge and no airstrip connection, why kill the guy? He wasn't a danger to anyone and he'd done nothing inappropriate towards anyone, including her and Anna. I was hoping if she killed him, she would then see the top of the lodge in the distance or something similar so she could feel some guilt because that dude had done nothing to warrant execution. I watched several random episodes of Z
  10. Precisely. I cannot understand why that justice didn't have him at the very least suspended when the situation his name was dragged into came to his attention. Those victims even had proof in writing and on audio of what Girardi was telling them, that the justice would not allow disbursement of funds at that time. Although the justice did make the statement that he was not in way involved with distribution of the settlement, why in the fresh hell did he not see that MASSIVE red flag and take immediate action? I mean, even if not immediate disbarment, at least suspend his practici
  11. Ugh, and the way he manipulated that burn victim and his family with all the platitudes and "I'm a good guy, I'm on your side, but the justice won't allow me to release funds to you," all the while blowing through that man's (apparently $12 million) settlement was downright revolting. He should have immediately been disbarred and investigated when this bullshit was called to the attention of that particular justice and said justice had to make a statement that he had absolutely zero control over the distribution of the claimant's monies, that was between the claimant and Girardi.
  12. I went through a wrongful death suit regarding my husband's death against the hospital that was involved. I got an attorney with an excellent reputation and, even though it took a few years, finally was awarded a decent (big but not huge like Girardi's victims) settlement and received my check from my attorney within about 20 days. The entire time I was watching The Housewife and The Hustler, all I could think about was the mess I would be in today if my attorney had been a thieving, lying, manipulating, piece of trash con man like Girardi. I, too, tend to take what he's done
  13. And here is his most recent mug shot along with the arrest details. I hope there's such a thing as Kitty Karma and it comes at him with a vengeance. What a piece of human garbage. I only need to look at her lips to realize she tends to make bad decisions which obviously carries over to her choice of men 😳 I feel really badly for her kids.
  14. Oh, let me know about the final scene with Anna. I thought she had pulled over in that area but then drove off again. I'm doing an episode-a-day rewatch with Mini Persnickety and we're only up episode 4, I believe. The action was so intense that it's entirely possible I just thought she had driven off. I've had a couple of Google articles come up on my phone where it's getting great reviews and requests for a season 3. This season really delivered.
  15. In case any other posters would like to address concerns about Shane's inclusion on this shit show, I just sent my complaint through this link. https://www.wetv.com/contact-we I never, ever do this, but I also tracked him down on IG and left comments tagging @wetv about his arrest. His most recent picture was holding the baby. I commented that I hoped the baby didn't scratch him, tagged @wetv and added a few appropriate hashtags. Ugh. Nothing gets my blood pressure boiling except for animal and child abuse. 😡
  16. I agree. I'm of the opinion that anyone who is capable of animal abuse is also likely on the rapid path to child abuse. I'm going to track down WE TV's "contact us" link and let them know they need to get this prick off of their program. It may not do any good, but I would think they wouldn't want to showcase this POS.
  17. Those zombies are horrifying, from the way they look to the growling to the ability to run faster than humanly possible, and their tenaciousness all add up to make them my worst nightmare. LOL about Freddy and the firewood. Having had to rely on a wood stove for heat, those 3-4 small apparently pine logs he grabbed wouldn't last for an hour's worth of heat. And why the fresh hell wait until DARK to go fetch the wood? I mean, yeah, the zombies are going to be out there no matter if it's day or night, but I'd prefer sunlight and the ability to see where one is coming from so I can run
  18. This will always be one of my favorite episodes of this farce. There are pretty close seconds with the whole skiing debacle and the jitney-riding parade, but the Hawaii episode will always make me laugh the hardest 😂
  19. I marathoned all 8 episodes today. It even exceeded my expectations. I hated having to wait so long for it, but it was definitely worth the wait. I LOVED the way they opened with Lance...and then watched his scenes with my jaw dropped. I'm doing a rewatch with Mini Persnickety over the next few nights. The zombies in this series are very reminiscent to me of those in the 2004 Dawn of the Dead by Snyder and Gunn. Mini Persnickety and I had taken off work/school the day it opened, the noon showing at the huge mall theater. I was almost afraid to walk out of the theater
  20. Maybe the Hamlins are still battling that rat problem from a couple of seasons ago 😂 I thought Rinna being overrun with rats in her own home was just so...symbolic, on some level.
  21. I watched the Housewife and the Hustler last night. The Girardis are absolute scum. Then this morning, this article popped up in my FB feed. "We believe we’re going to be able to prove that Erika was incredibly involved in not just the law firm, but also, he was loaning money to her company 10s of millions of dollars to her company," Edelson said of the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star, 49, on the "Reality Life with Kate Casey" podcast on Wednesday. "And we think that money came from client funds." Edelson vowed that he and his legal team are "going to l
  22. Do you have FB? If so, check out the Savage pages for this show (I don't think WE TV live streams on their page). There are a couple of 90DF Savages who live stream that show so maybe the LAL Savages do, too. Hope you find one!
  23. During her season, I initially thought she was really pretty. Then someone posted that she looked like a spider monkey, complete with side-by-side pictures. Now every time I see her, I always see a spider monkey 😂
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