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  1. I agree. If Kail hadn’t got knocked up by Jo on prom night and then later by Javi— she’d not have this show and the fame and $$. Kail shouldn’t think she’s Oprah (the “Oprah effect”). Not any special talent nor hard work— just getting pregnant and the luck of being chosen for the show — so Kail can shutty. It would be funny if Jo or Javi commented, “You’re welcome, Kail.”
  2. Right? Cheese and fruit platters, kabobs, pears and blue cheese--very common and have been around forever. Personally, even though I'm from the northeast and have heard and seen cheese with apple pie, I do prefer a scoop of ice cream on warmed apple pie.
  3. Anyone notice how all the wives are barefoot/socks and Kody is the only one with shoes on? Was this on purpose--is he insecure about his height?
  4. Adiba

    S9b.E30: Bear

    You have a point, there. When watching, it looks like Kail is having a quiet, private chat with her sons-- but really there's at least a producer, camera person and sound person there-- not to mention the TV viewing audience. Isaac is of the age where he realizes that many people will see this, not only strangers but those he knows and some who he may not want to see it.
  5. Adiba

    S9b.E30: Bear

    Last fall we lost our Golden retriever due to a hemangiosarcoma. Same thing—panting constantly and started to urinate in the house. The vet said they’d see what they could do, but it turned out to be metastatic. We made the decision to put her down after work, but she died before we could get to the vet’s. Thankfully, the kind vet laid down with her at the end. It still breaks my heart that we didn’t act sooner and weren’t there. So regarding Kail, as much as I dislike her personality, in this case she did the right thing, imo. Chelsea was calmer than I would’ve been with grandma Donna. Donna just wants to somehow “fix” Adam by engineering daddy/daughter time and family togetherness. It doesn’t work, anyway. Adam needs to fix himself and make the effort on his own to have a relationship with his daughter.
  6. Yeah, I don’t think Dr. Oz pays guests, and Jon wasn’t hawking a book, so I don’t think he made any $$. Hopefully, he asked Colin if it was Ok to talk about him. I do feel a little squeamish about it, but maybe Colin wants his side of the story out there. After all, his mother did publicly say he was sent away for behavioral issues— so it wasn’t a secret.
  7. If just for the sake of Kaiser, I do hope that this divorce is real— but something feels off here. If it is real, I am really surprised that Lurch hasn’t gone off the rails, but perhaps he’s yet to get nasty and vindictive. Ymmv Kaiser is the child I feared for the most in that family (although none of them are in an ideal situation,imo). At least being away from Lurch is an improvement, but I don’t trust Jenelle not to get into another toxic relationship.
  8. Or like Angus from AC/DC,lol. And in that outfit above, Meri looks like she's an old groupie backstage at one of their concerts 😂
  9. Yeah, it happened so quickly after Jenelle was in NYC and talked to MTV. And David didn't go ballistic (yet)--he was more angry at strangers on social media in the past than he is over this separation and divorce. When papers are filed and legal action is taken, I'll start to believe it, but not completely. When Jenelle has a new man and is showing PDA (not just a hug or peck on the cheek) as well as David getting a new woman to live on the Land with him (because neither would agree to that even if this is a PR stunt,imo) then I'll start to believe this divorce is real and permanent.
  10. Wonder if she lived with Kail --free room and board? When Chris came back into the picture, Bone was probably kicked out.
  11. I'm still looking askance at this whole situation. Did Jenelle formally file any papers? In NC, for a separation to begin, you have to get a "divorce from room and board" first. Is she filing in Tennessee? As for restraining orders, anyone can say anything for a temporary one--they have to go before a judge to get it permanent and give evidence. I will believe it when official papers are filed/finalized and Jenelle has a new boyfriend.
  12. I'm clueless because I thought substituting the "x" had something to do with the fact that "xx" is the female chromosome.😕 I guess if the government wants to know whether you were born with a male, female, or intersex reproductive system, they could ask that separately from gender identification? Why official forms would need to know sexuality, I don't know--but as I said, I am clueless.
  13. I wish they would’ve shown or explained more about Jane’s method for getting the image inside her cake without twice-baking it. Did she have to push the cutter all the way through the cake and then insert the shapes? I’m really curious as to how that would work without destroying the cake!
  14. So Hailey 2 is out of high school? I saw a pic of her on Instagram with balloons in the shape of 18. Is she older than Matthew? Does Matthew go to school, have a job, or a car? I agree with others here that Hailey 2 got pregnant on purpose (Tanya said 3 months after they got together) to perhaps land a spot on the show. I think she found out that H1 and Matthew were selected for the show (they mentioned it on their YouTube channel) and inserted herself into H1’s life. Kinda reminds me of the movies Single White Female and All About Eve. I, too would like to know what Caelen has or hasn’t done to warrant the wrath of family McKayla. Grandpa Tim seemed to be very angry, but why? And Shannon, shut up— you’re not helping.
  15. Welp, that’s a pretty cozy photo ^ above for two people who are not dating, imo.
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