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  1. Didn’t watch, but why did Kail say she started harvesting her eggs before she found out she had PCOS? Didn’t she think she was going to have fertility issues before getting pregnant with Lux? She makes no sense. There is so much bullshit that comes out of that girl’s mouth she should wear a diaper around her head.
  2. I agree with you here—I personally wouldn’t get married again at this stage (I am happily married, btw) should I become single. I don’t see the reason for it. Amy, however, wants to get married and it’s her choice— so to each their own, I guess.
  3. Because Matt and Caryn are not planning a wedding. If and when they do, let’s see if Matt doesn’t steamroll to get his vision.
  4. Well, because it is “Alcoholics Anonymous “ one would not see any meetings on camera. I’m not saying that Matt is alcoholic— only that we don’t know either way.
  5. Wonder if Janelle was affected by the Flagstaff flooding? There does seem to be much ground cover where she is camping to absorb heavy rainfall.
  6. When he chuckles about pushing Amy’s buttons or putting on over on her, he reminds me of Rumplestiltskin in the children’s story.
  7. Sol looks more like Robyn, imo. It’s nice that Meri has a good relationship with Sol, but what about all the other “bonus”kids? Why post this blatant favoritism? Is she trying to score points with Kody?
  8. I will agree that Amy’s cooking videos leave a lot to be desired; I can’t get through them. However, many chefs/cooks do peel asparagus (I don’t) so that they cook more evenly. Jacques Pepin does so that there is less waste in taking the ends off. It makes more of the stalk palatable, in his opinion. We have grown asparagus in our garden in the past, and I found differences in the amount of wasted spear varied and depended on the age of the spear, the size, and even rainfall.
  9. It is a nonstandard variation, but one sounds like they’re talking to (or like) a little kid when they say it, imo. The correct spelling and pronunciation is “pumpkin.” I’m not saying Amy doesn’t mispronounce certain words, but it seems as if Matt is given a pass when he does. There’s a “bitch eating crackers syndrome” in regards to Amy, imo.
  10. I’ve heard Matt say “punkin” in the past for sure— before he had grandkids. My mother-in-law says it the same way, that’s why it stood out to me.
  11. I would make that a stipulation if I were them--sure, I'll sign it--if you also sign one. Kail wouldn't be able then to talk freely about them on the show, on a podcast, etc.
  12. I “love” Lucy! 😜 Janelle once camped in a tipi (tepee) on Kody’s dad’s property when she left her first husband. Maybe she likes camping— but I hope this is a temporary situation for Savannah’s sake.
  13. Yes, I think she mentioned it in her book that she had an abortion sometime in the past. For someone with 7 pregnancies before 30, I doubt she has fertility issues.
  14. I think Janelle was shunned from Merlin's family when she joined the AUB from mainstream LDS, and that's why they didn't mention her in his obit. AFAIK, Carrie is still mainstream LDS so I guess she got to be included. It says that Janelle's mother was sealed to Janelle's father in the LDS temple, so does that mean she goes to his planet and not Winn's in the afterlife? Or does it not count because she converted?
  15. Adiba


    I had to chuckle at "husbands" (plural brother husbands?) and "roll" 😜
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