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  1. Yes, it’s called the predicate nominative case. In spoken word, it sounds formal, but it is correct grammatically.
  2. One of the main things that irritates me about Mariah and her sermons is that she assumes most of her audience is uneducated and unenlightened. That the public must hear from the "wise woke womxn of the Wasatch" to understand what is going on in this world. Many of us here may be older, but we're not stupid nor uninformed. We've been around a while. Seen things. Lived through things. Perhaps Mariah's ramblings resonate with a younger crowd, but to me they sound preachy and self-serving.
  3. I stated it because it NJ where my family lives ( I live in eastern PA) the local news had a story about a car crash in Lincoln Park, NJ. It happened where the driver was continually wearing an n 95 mask and passed out. So it may be unlikely, but it does depend on how long and what kind of mask is used. A good friend works for a power company In NJ and wears an n95 mask while reading meters, but she takes the mask off in the car while driving for any length of time. not trying to discourage mask wearing in public, just stating that there is absolutely no reason to wear one while driving alone
  4. Really— you shouldn’t if driving alone or with others from your household. Wearing a mask too long (especially a thicker one) could result in inhaling too much co2. The other day I saw a man riding a motorcycle alone with no helmet on, but he was wearing a mask— why? No head or eye protection, but thought wearing a mask while going 40 mph on a country road was necessary? Smh
  5. And how many F-bombs did she have to sprinkle through her non- answers? Can’t she talk to her fans without cussing? She said she had her children with people she intended to stay with, yet she says she was “in hell” the whole time with Javi. So why did she marry him in the first place, let alone get pregnant by him? She is talking out of both sides of her mouth. Also, regarding Chris, did she really think he was intending to stay with her when she got pregnant with Lux— Chris supposedly had another girlfriend at the time. This time, she had a restraining order against Chris and got pregnant— intending to stay with him? Talk about f’d up, Kail! And she had the nerve to call Brianna “messy”— smh
  6. Right, Kody really is to blame here more than anyone else. He even met with Janelle without Meri knowing about it at first--to discuss his "calling" and Janelle's "testimony" that she should be his wife. When couched in religious tenets, it would be very difficult for Meri to veto it--especially her being a relative newlywed and still in love. Kody's father wanted Janelle to marry Kody's brother, but she said no, Kody was her choice. Also, Meri and Kody's first choice for another wife had fallen through shortly before this--so I can see how Meri was less than thrilled about Janelle.
  7. Maybe she wants to go into politics, or have her own podcast? I really can't see her working with the "unwashed masses" who may or may not agree with her worldview.
  8. I take it they quarantined in AZ. Who was “running” the farm? 🙄
  9. It's almost as if she is co-opting or appropriating others' struggle for her own purposes, rather than actually doing anything constructive.
  10. I have to agree with you here. As much as I think Audrey is a phony twit, it is not Jacob’s place to call her out publicly, imo. Their family gatherings must be fun 🙄. And Jacob lives off of his rich white parents, as far as I know. This affords him the luxury of attending protests and traveling around in his van.
  11. There are bad people in the world in every profession, race, socio-economic class, etc. Same can be said for good people--hopefully they outnumber the bad. I have personal examples where I was grateful for the assistance of the police--I also have a couple where I ran into an officer who must have been "having a bad day." When I was a 18, I had to go to court to testify about an incident I witnessed where plain-clothed policemen were alleged to have used excessive force on someone. BTW, it was on a white male with long hair (aka a "hippie"). I have two relatives that are LEOs--one just retired (thankfully) and one (my BIL) is still active. He gotten called into Newark as part of a rapid response team the past few nights even though he doesn't work there. He is a person of color (Puerto Rican). My sister is scared witless about him when he goes to work. But he goes without complaint. And he is one of the kindest, give-you-the-shirt-off-his-back people I've ever known. Mariah makes broad generalizations and inflammatory statements--not helpful at all.
  12. Rioters allegedly beat a shop owner to death. How does Mariah know who is instigating violence? Where are her “receipts?” One of many things that really irritate me is when Mariah accuses others of doing the same things she is — making assumptions, generalizations, biased judgments, etc. Also, Mariah likes to preach and pontificate— she loves using the word “you”— telling others what they should do, how they should feel. Who made her judge and jury? If I “don’t get to criticize” then she doesn’t get to preach. How would miss woke feel if it were her or her family’s property or business destroyed? The communities that will suffer the most from looting and destruction are the very ones that she claims to be concerned about.
  13. What does Mariah mean by “dismember” in this case? Is it a typo? Riots are not the same as peaceful protests, and looting is wrong, full stop. Where is Mariah, anyway? Still in Utah? Would she go back to Chicago and Join a protest in solidarity?
  14. Does Mariah think it is ever OK to use "he?" Or does the person have to specify that they want to be called "he?" If she is walking down the street and a person attacks her, will she report to the police that "they" attacked her, even if it was only a single person? If the police ask if was a male or a female, will she say, " I don't know what gender?"
  15. Mariah, in the words of Bugs Bunny, “ahhh, shaddup!” Without getting too into religion, the story of Jesus and the temple merchants has absolutely nothing to do with the riots now taking place. If Mariah wants to talk about racism, police brutality and the riots, fine. But she should try to say something thoughtful and intelligent rather than just opening her “woketionary” and picking out random words.
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