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  1. I'm kind of enjoying all of the accents this year--although I do have to put captions on. I like Freya except for her vocal fry. Lizzie is fun to listen to --I like to see how much I can understand without captions. Maybe I'm strange, but I like slightly overdone ("ooverdone" in Paul's accent) focaccia. If it is too soft and spongy it is unappetizing to me. Also, if they wanted a loaf as part of the showstopper display, the should've said so--the viewers do not know what was written in the brief (if it was)--they could've asked for a highly decorative loaf included in the sculpture o
  2. And Dayton is no longer a teen--is he 21-22? The other two older "kids" are 17 and 19, I believe and Sol will be 10 in a couple of weeks. Kody just doesn't want to go on some of these trips with the rest of the family unless is for the show.
  3. I thought maybe she did that instagram hack where you shave the ends of your eyebrows then draw them on straighter for the "foxy eye" look? Supposedly it opens up the face more
  4. Ron White, the comedian, had a similar routine where he says De Beers’ slogan should be “Diamonds— that’ll shut her up”
  5. I’m not a huge fan of Matt in this show, butI loved it when he was asking Paul if he felt paternal towards George. Anything to ruffle Paul’s feathers is a win in my book. More of that, please. Jurgen’s eyebrows are a mood all of their own. He does seem like a very skilled and calm baker. I am liking him so far. I don’t dislike any of the bakers, though. I am a fan of cookies, biscuits— whatever you all them—and all of the bakes looked pretty yummy to me. The “jammy biscuits” looked like a biscuit version of a Victoria sandwich cake.
  6. Adiba

    The Royals

    Sort of like William the Conqueror in 1066, no?
  7. I’m a “Mimi” because that’s what my grandson calls me. I was calling myself Grammy, but when he started to talk, he kept saying “mi “ or “Mimi” instead. He came up with it— although he also calls me Grandma now as well. Because “Caca” doesn’t sound as nice? 😜
  8. I don’t mind Matt too much, but I don’t think he is the best fit for the show. I agree with the rest of your post, though. I saw all of 5 seconds of the opening and fast forwarded past it.
  9. The thing about missing person cases is that they can be very tricky— some people “go missing” on purpose. If one does not have family members, next- of- kin to advocate for an investigation, it is highly unlikely that much will be done. Add to that the fact that if the missing person is an addict or sex worker— good luck getting much or any attention. Many people of all ethnicities, races, gender, ages go missing every year— most do not get widespread media coverage. Itis true that cases that do get covered by the media tend to be those that they feel will garner the most vie
  10. That is a heartbreaking story— sadly, there are too many stories like this 😢.
  11. I appreciate what Mariah is saying, however, it’s a little tone-deaf imo. The issue here is really about domestic violence, particularly against women— all women. This case happened to get a lot of attention because if the bizarre circumstances of the case—her boyfriend returning home without her in her an and clamming up—and because of social media. If one of Mariah’s loved ones went missing, especially Audrey, you can’t tell me Mariah wouldn’t be using her “fame” and screaming from the mountain tops to bring attention to it. And nary a word would be said about people of Color.
  12. Well, to each their own— people marry for a variety of reasons, and I know many people who would never go on a motorcycle even for 15 minutes—much less on a long road trip. The other “biker” women in Chris’ group may be spoken for or not interested. Whatever works for any couple—no right or wrong way to have a relationship or marriage, imo
  13. Just speculation on my part, obviously: Chris and Amy have the fact that they have been cheated on in common. And yes, I know there is not public “proof” that Matt cheated, but Amy seems to feel so. Chris likely feels secure with Amy because he believes she would never cheat on him— nor leave him, probably. She also appears to enjoy the motorcycle road trips with him—which also seems very important to Chris.
  14. Of course there are things that can be proven as false, that is not what I meant by my peeve. I more meant what you were stating in your first paragraph. However, I do have a peeve about people who state something as “fact” when they themselves have no basis for it— no studies, journal articles, etc. and get angry and dismissive when questioned about said “ fact.” Science is based on questions— without questions, there would be no science.
  15. Does Chris having another baby with someone else have anything to do with him joining the show officially? Makes for more drama, and he's gonna need the money especially now that he has 3 kids to support and he's on the outs with Kail.
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