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  1. If I were Christine ( or any of the other non legal wives) I’d want to be a beneficiary of a life insurance policy on Kody. At least if he dies, they could get something— as well as keeping his/Robyn’s name off off any property I lived in.
  2. I didn’t watch the last two episodes because it seemed as if they were repeating the same issues. When I do watch, I can never make it through the whole epi without changing channels. I do come here for the comments and pics, though. It really irritates me that Kody expected Gabriel to “suck it up and not be a drama queen” about moving to AZ, but had to rescue poor Aurora? from her panic attack. What glaring favoritism from the douche.
  3. The reviewer’s tone of voice kind of irritates me, I don’t know why— so it’s hard to listen to the whole thing. I do take issue with his assertion that Kim is more toxic to Jimmy than he to her. Who is more toxic? Is it a competition? Is the addict or the drug more toxic? In my opinion, both people are making their own choices and are responsible for the outcomes. Yes, perhaps they are a bad combination, but Slippin’ Jimmy existed well before Kim. And stubborn, damaged Kim existed before Jimmy.
  4. Oh Kim, please don’t marry Jimmy/Saul! Notwithstanding all of the self-destructive things Kim has done so far, marrying him would be the worst thing ever. The flashback did give me some insight to Kim’s behavior, but I wanted more. I have the feeling something else happens with her mother that perhaps we will see. Kim was always stubborn, it seems and has her own sense of “ justice.” Does anyone else think eventually Howard is going to wind up sitting alone repeating “serenity now” to himself? Also, the restaurant scene called to mind a scene from Beverly Hills Cop.
  5. Oh, Jeremy, you did a good deed today by giving me a good giggle. It’s chicken coop—not coup. My silly mind kept picturing chickens running around the farm with helmets on and wielding bayonets.
  6. Her ponytail doesn’t bother me, but I do want some backstory as to why she is willing to risk her job and reputation by getting in the middle of a pissing contest between two stubborn people. Kim went to law school and worked for HHM without getting herself into any major trouble (that we know of). She got Mesa Verde as a client and went out of her way to get herself hired at the new firm. Now she’s willing to throw it all away for a grumpy old man (who, btw, is wrong)? As a viewer, I want to know why— what is her motivation? This is more than a cheap thrill.
  7. I didn't watch, and now I'm glad--I might've thrown something at the TV. Kody gets my blood boiling often.
  8. We just had a first confirmed case in my area of PA. I'm not sure how scared to be--I'm not young, but not immuno-compromised, either. Don't want to live in a bubble (unless I have to) but don't want to get sick or make others sick, either.
  9. Kim’s ponytail never bothered me, I find it interesting that some people are annoyed by it, though. Also, I noticed that the show gives the ponytail some close-ups, so I guess they mean it to have some symbolic significance? Jimmy/Saul’s hair (or hairpiece) bugs me more than Kim’s. On another note, is it just me or does it seem as if Kim does not communicate well with Jimmy? She has had a couple of times this season where she went off on someone (Howard and Ackers), but with Jimmy— mostly pursed lips, a nod of the head, and an “Okay” or “Sure.”
  10. I thought the same as I was watching the episode. Howard may have deserved to have been told, “No, take your job and shove it,” but he didn’t deserve to have his car vandalized, much less potentially have a bowling ball bean him on the head. It was a very immature and reckless act, imo. Jimmy/Saul is emotionally stunted. Ymmv Also, how did Saul know that Howard doesn’t park his car in the garage? A house that size likely has a three-car garage.
  11. I don’t understand what she sees in this mush-mouthed clown, either— much less having another baby with him.
  12. It's the Starbucks section at a Barnes and Noble, from what I can tell.
  13. My mother had a couple of “conversion-disorder type “ episodes when I was a child, but I think they called it “hysterical blindness “. Also, a few times she temporarily lost her voice under stress. She never went for therapy, only to a family doctor because she was old- fashioned and thought it would stigmatize her to go to a “shrink.” I didn’t watch the episode, but from what I’ve read, Robyn sounds like a child with entitlement and magical thinking. Why couldn’t they rent a 3 or 4 bedroom house for a couple of years, especially if Robyn co-sleeps with her youngest? Can’t the three girls share a room (bunk beds and a twin) and Sol and Dayton share?
  14. I have said this before, also— that Meri may have privately apologized to Kody and we didn’t see it. I don’t imagine Meri would apologize in front of all of the wives much less on camera, though.
  15. Yes, I did make that assumption when Meri said she has to "do more research" before she decides. However, I don't disagree that it is also about control and attention--I do think that is Meri's M.O. often. I do not think Meri is easy to get along with in the family--I am not a Meri fan based on the show, really. However, I have to see some side of the story from her point of view. In my opinion, KODY is a large part of the problem regarding the communication in that family. He changes plans mid-stream and then acts as if everything must be done NOW. And if one of his wives disagrees, she is accused of not having an open mind. If the plan goes sideways, he blames the wives. If the wives get along, he is not happy and thinks they are "ganging up" on him. If the wives disagree, he is not happy and "stressed" out it.
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