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  1. I think I’ve read them all... 😬 and they all basically sucked. Leah will probably suck the most. (Not sure what is up with the comment boxed up there, sorry!) Those nails are nasty and I can’t stop thinking about what bacteria and other crap is under them 🤢 Leah’s whole life has been one big escape from reality. She should google “Allison Mack” ASAP.
  2. I haven’t looked at her Instagram in a long time but she used to post a lot of photos I found unflattering, especially making that stupid squished mouth face that makes her nose look huge. I’m not sure she even knows a flattering picture from an unflattering picture of herself. “Telivision.” How? Does her autocorrect not work? And the one thing she’s managed to do with her life is be on television and she can’t even spell it correctly. 🤦🏻‍♀️ And she makes more money than most. 🤦🏻‍♀️ She’s the type of woman who would’ve joined Nxivm. That guy knew exactly what he was doing when he hooked up with a “tv star.” Now he’s gotten a free trip to NYC, at the least, out of it so far. That book title is a fucking joke. And she should’ve just given her kids those names, as cheesy as I’d find it to be, instead of making them middle names and giving the twins those horrible first names. Especially since she uses them all the time. At least the book isn’t called #AAA. I hope it’s some kind of legit memoir and not supposed to be about how she has “broken generational toxicity” or any sort of advice book, for obvious reasons.
  3. While it’s possible to OD on Klonopin it’s pretty hard to actually do unless there are other substances mixed with it (like alcohol and opioids) so I don’t think she was ever in any danger and I think she knew that. People who abuse benzos know they can take A LOT. She swallowed a handful for dramatic purposes, to distress and “punish” Andrew, IMO. I do think Amber is at legitimate risk for completing suicide some day but I also think she uses threatening it as a weapon to basically shut people up. That must be hell to deal with. And, why the hell is someone who “used to” abuse Klonopin (we saw her begin her prescription of them on the first season on TM and she later said she abused them and became addicted) in possession of them? I assume she’s prescribed them or there would probably be more charges but that’s really bizarre. Most people with addiction backgrounds are not given benzos, at least in my area, because they’re extremely addictive. Klonopin can be prescribed to help with manic bipolar symptoms (though it’s mainly for anxiety) but there are a lot of other options. It’s odd she’d be given the exact drug she had a problem with. Exactly...how the hell would he know anything, other than what Amber says and that would be “listening to what one person says” or however he phrased it about not listening to “just” Andrew. We should all take AMBER’s word about her own actions over a filed police report? 😆
  4. I just saw this meme and immediately thought of Kailyn:
  5. Probably and hopefully but I meant I’m wondering what she was screaming, as in what was she actually saying screeching while she did it.
  6. If she “barely“ hit him then what was the point? Have you ever known anyone in a fit of rage to “lightly” hit someone with a shoe? Fucking absurd. We’ve all seen your rage, Amber, we all know you become unhinged. She probably hit him with it as hard as she could. I wonder what he recorded her yelling?
  7. That’s annoying if she hasn’t already been charged with DV. I wish it could still count against her! It really differs depending on who you’re taking to. This is a good article about the differences and different opinions: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/tyrannical-minds/201907/psychopathic-sociopathic-or-antisocial-personality But I don’t think any of those apply to Amber, just Jenelle. I see classic borderline behavior in Amber. I’m not necessarily convinced about her bipolar disorder because it’s hard to know what behaviors are from drugs and which are organic. Definitely agree that Amber is a raging asshole with nothing to offer anyone. I go back and forth on who I hate more, Jenelle or Amber. EDIT: I just saw your other post and I get where you’re coming from. I’ve definitely called Jenelle a sociopath a million times on here and I do mean that I think she has a legitimate disorder but there’s no point in feeling sympathy for her, unlike people with other disorders. It’s just easier to call it sociopathy than APD because everyone knows what a sociopath is. And when I was in school we used that term (Criminology especially). I’m not trying to downplay disorders either if it comes across that way! Also, I have never used my BA in psychology in any professional way, just for “fun.”
  8. Amber was charged with the lowest level domestic violence felony. Doesn’t she have charges for the same thing from Gary? This only mentions unrelated charges. There should be some sort of modifier for her being a repeater... It sounds like it wouldn’t have even been a felony had James not been around. I wonder how valid the flip flop story is? And whoever brought up Jenelle’s stupid wall flip flop is a genius! @Christina sociopathy = antisocial personality disorder, basically. Psychopathy is still its own thing to many, though it’s not in the manual. Some also say sociopathy and psychopathy are the same thing. It’s also different in criminology than psychology. It’s confusing. I totally agree that they all have personality disorders and/or other mental health issues. I wonder about Andrew’s dependency issues...he stalked a woman and two women took out restraining orders against him. That kinda screams “I have trouble letting go.” I’m not sure he’s gonna leave Amber. And if there’s no order in place they’re probably at her house together. Though, hopefully his family bought him a ticket to California and he already took James there.
  9. They won’t allow you to do it in some places if you don’t already have a certain number of kids? Yikes. I have two friends whose husbands have had vasectomies. One had two kids (and a unknown third in his wife’s womb at the time of said vasectomy...so good thing he had it done 😮) and the other only had one child of his own biologically but had a stepson too. Now I have to be nosy and ask if they were questioned about kids. That’s messed up to me....people like Adam and Ryan (amber and Jenelle..) should (especially!) be allowed to have a vasectomy or tubal whatever if they choose. If they already have even one kid they're not parenting why stop them? And people make irreversible (though, I think it is reversible?) decisions they’re then “stuck” with all the time (like plastic surgery or say, HAVING A KID) without being refused... Anyway, Ryan should’ve had the procedure done.
  10. Mackenzie really wants to be on this show, as a main player. Or get a spinoff. She’s doing a “well” job of it. Unlike most of the new wives (Miranda, Vee and Kristina over there making sensible choices!) Mackenzie’s doing her job at being the biggest train wreck possible. And she knows Larry and Jen will always pick up the pieces for Ryan. It’s really shitty for this baby and their other kid, to have Ryan for a “father,” with everything that entails, but Mackenzie knows they’ll never go without due to Jen and Larry. I think this was a calculated decision on her part. It’s also, theoretically, harder for Ryan to leave her, if he was “fixin’” to do that any time soon or in the future, since there will be two kids for everyone to bring up that he’s ditching. Ryan and and Maci seem really fertile, despite “obstacles” - Ryan knocked Mackenzie up while addicted to opioids and while seemingly never watching to touch her and Maci despite her PCOS and did a doctor tell her she couldn’t have more kids? - I wonder how many kids they’d have now had they stayed together this whole time?
  11. The problem is the shitty companies who choose to work with her at this point are shady as hell and don’t care, their products are crap and they know it, IMO. I’ve (and many others) been messaging companies (and, having my bf log in and I message them from his account too 😬) about this sort of thing for awhile and the shady ones don’t even respond. It’s mostly a waste of time but it still makes me feel a bit better. 🤷🏻‍♀️ My prediction is that the diet teas and similar crap products will be her only option now. She’s not going to be getting anything legit. That still means less money for her but it sucks she gets to make any this way at all. It’s so gross she still has almost 3 million followers. The way the world works I wouldn’t be shocked if she got more followers due to everything. I’m afraid to check. 🤮
  12. I’m imagining Jenelle and David are (or were) mostly acting in a scary fake “sugary sweet’ “we’re just so happy you’re all home, buddy” way, like we’ve seen David do when he’s picked Kaiser up from Doris’ or whatever. That would, if I were Maryssa, terrify me even more. Because she knows it all could drop at any moment and their true selves will come out. It’s got to be a real mindfuck and I assume she’s been having to deal with that for years, even before Jenelle was involved. Dad is ‘great’ until he’s not. Jace as well but at least he knows he gets to leave and not come back for 2 weeks, not that his fear shouldn’t be recognized too. Kaiser is probably slightly too young to fully get it but he surely remembers that David has been “mean” to him before. And Jenelle neglectful, if not mean herself. That’s got to make them all nervous, no matter what they’re doing. They’d probably be uneasy at Disney at this point. 😞 Jace getting to leave is mainly why I think they’re probably on their best behavior right now - they knows Jace will be leaving and he’s the only one with a real way to “tell on” them (if that even matters...) because the others are more secluded. And they know everyone is especially watching right now, why else post all this bullshit online? They ARE too dumb to realize they still don’t look good though, so maybe they’re already being full on assholes in an upfront way. David probably thinks he’s god now, so it could go either way and both ways suck for the kids. I feel like the justice system just gaslighted them all. Sorry for rambling, I cannot stop thinking about this situation. EDIT: this post got severely messed up...I can’t comment between the quoted posts so I deleted the content where I could. I’m not able to delete the quote boxes or Nathan’s tweet! Sorry!!
  13. Jenelle is a piece of shit. Posting about her FAT tummy tea. I sent them a message this morning about how sick it is that they are still sponsoring her posts and paying Jenelle, even though I know it’s a waste of time. Because they’re not even a legit company. I also pointed out how stupid it is, on top of morally fucked up it is to support an abuser, that they have a bloated asshole who recently gained weight talking about how she’s using their product and it’s made her stomach flat. Assholes.
  14. My thoughts exactly. 911 was smart to implement text messaging in the event of an emergency, especially for abuse situations. And not that Andrew is that young (I think he’s a bit older than me?) but since everyone is so used to texting these days it might have just been reflexive to do that instead of calling as well. I literally NEVER use my phone for actual talking. 😆 You’d think but it must be pass once 20 years ago and you’re good for life because most of the cops in my area are about 300 pounds. I had a party when I was 16 that got the police’s attention and like 5 of my friends hopped a fence and the police couldn’t follow so they completely got away while those of us trapped (it was my house, I couldn’t leave, I was screwed either way) in the house got underage drinking fines. And I got contributing to the delinquency of minors even though I was a minor because it was my house. Those are my only “charges” (not really, they’re just citations). I’m a badass like Amber.
  15. I just read that Andrew actually stated that he believed James’ life was in danger! If it was “just” that she kept attacking Andrew while he was holding James it would’ve been pretty impossible for him to type the message during that, which makes me wonder - did Amber actually threaten to harm James or do something to indicate she would prior to attacking him? Or maybe she was trying to leave and take James somewhere, most likely intoxicated, because they were arguing and when Andrew wouldn’t allow her to take James she started attacking Andrew? Neither is good but if she actually attempted to harm or threatened to harm a toddler? 😱
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