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  1. It’s ridiculous and unfair, but at the same time not surprising. He hitched his wagon to a Duggar for the “fame” and this is what he gets.
  2. But it mentions Jeremy’s soccer “career?”
  3. Who are these people? Cut them out of your life.
  4. He could say he wasn’t married, or forge her signature. I’m not even sure if such a note is still required. It’s his body, after all.
  5. Alcoholic cereal milk sounds interesting! I would check out that Venice Beach bar if I could. Doesn’t sound at all up Jinjer’s alley, though. An odd pairing that makes no sense.
  6. They are all worthless excuses for parents for continuing to exploit Bentley on this show, instead of supporting him with jobs of their own. Period.
  7. He can easily look up that information, lol. Each day on our local news they tell us the average temperature for our area on that date, as well as the historical highs and lows.
  8. I would love to read those “75 more replies.”
  9. I have no idea why that added that. I absolutely hate it.
  10. Sure Jeremy. Because that’s what counts . 🥲
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