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  1. I appreciate the “mishaps.” Better that than staged BS.
  2. Yes! I never trusted her and reported her to the mods, lol.
  3. When I was in my early 30s I had a rule that I could date people up to 10 years older or 10 years younger. And I did.
  4. BUT - most other parents aren’t sharing their posts with literally millions of complete strangers. HUGE difference.
  5. My elderly mom still hasn’t received her $1200 stimulus check. We have checked the site multiple times and it just says she is eligible. I called a couple weeks ago and they said to call back after July 4, so I’ll soon be trying again. It’s a good thing she didn’t desperately need the money!
  6. Is acne a dirty word? And why didn’t she give some to Nathan? And if Plexus helped people lose weight, her husband wouldn’t be obese.
  7. And look how big Jill’s hand looks next to poor Sophia’s tiny body.
  8. Signed up for what? What were you supposed to get out of it?
  9. And clearly they don’t understand the use of hashtags, either.
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