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  1. Good news for Ohio. I’m out now driving in SW Ohio and I must say there are far more cars in the road than I expected. Not sure that’s a positive. Yes!
  2. Yes, we dropped cable a few months ago and switched to YouTube TV and I am satisfied with it. Huge savings and we can still watch most of the same shows.
  3. While young man aren’t dying at the rate of the elderly, some ARE dying and they don’t know exactly why. Just don’t chance it! Especially when you’re pregnant and already have a toddler at home.
  4. Weren't the Seewalds at "family night" with dozens of other family members and randoms?
  5. Wait - even elastic is hard to find now? We are on more trouble that I thought.
  6. Yes, but most aren’t pregnant with a very young child at home.
  7. If only they worked! And sure I stayed very fit at that age, but didn’t take pics of myself or boast about it to others.
  8. At one point Austin said (paraphrasing) “We’re all going to get it anyway so get used to it.” SMDH.
  9. Not just tone deaf, but apparently just traveled to Missouri and interacted closely with who knows how many. Austin thinks he is some kind of expert. And what about pregnant Joy’s health?
  10. They really are ignorant twats. Good luck with that pregnancy.
  11. It sure will be “manly” on that ventilator.
  12. Who is writing this? And Jana spends time curling her hair for the perfect ponytail to work in the yard?
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