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  1. I would LOVE to sit in a field with 'roos!
  2. Leopard pants. Hand sanitizer. When is she going to sing for Rainbow Brite?
  3. That's one of his things: makes the woman feel bad about herself so he feels he's got the upper hand.
  4. Could she possibly be any more out of place??
  5. Guuurrrl.....if she doesn't I will eat my proverbial hat..
  6. Did he really just say he's " here with an open heart"???
  7. This woman makes Angela look like a graduate of Miss Porter's school for young ladies
  8. Like she was never supposed to know any previous men? Kick his lying, sociopath ass to the curb. This is all part of his need to control her.
  9. I loathe Geoffrey and his self righteous crap. You are completely full of shit with your crocodile tears.
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