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  1. You said it far better than I could have put into words! I recently changed churches for pretty much this exact reason: a dynamic priest with enough charisma to get the congregation excited about his community service programs. The mark of leadership for good, common purpose. Maybe Ben would be a different person in his element, who knows. His girlish giggle really put me off right at the beginning.
  2. Honestly I'd be shocked if a beginner pastor makes anything close to 50k. Maybe a leading pastor at a big church. I don't think he's a bad guy, per se, but as we've all said, he just isn't in any position to bring a bride to the U.S. I can't stand these types of dweeby guys and I'm betting the lustre will wear off quickly for Akinyi.
  3. Totally agree. I see Akinyi arriving in the U.S., excited and eager to explore, as anyone would be. Then there's Ben, earnestly explaining that they can't afford anything, "disappointed" every time she makes a mistake, suggesting that church and prayer are the answer to any problems. I don't believe a new pastor makes much money, I've known some to work regular jobs outside their pastoral duties. Akinyi has NO idea how hard life in the U S will be without sufficient income, sending money back to her family will not happen unless SHE is working.
  4. I'm not watching any of it either. Andrew is right. Amber abused a baby. Her own infant. Sickening, disgusting, every bit as bad as Jenelle and UBT.
  5. Lord have mercy, I hope she's okay. I'm very likely in a minority here, but Pol's behavior during Pierre's birth changed my view of him. He seemed to do everything right. Then on the tell all he obviously had compassion for Corey. At least he admits his failings; to me that's more likable than someone like Tiffany, who feels she's a perfect mom and gets angry when anyone questions her.
  6. I'm convinced the reason Evilyn doesn't want to move to the U.S. is that she far prefers her big fish in a little pond status in Engabao. She can surf, meet random strangers, lord her "hot girl" status. Living in the woods with Corey would be boring.
  7. I just want her to ask if he's ever going to throw out those stale candy underwear.
  8. We need Caesar there too, calling people out.
  9. I realized this entire season was just a set up for her to return to the US; everywhere they went, problems. The dangerous apartment, the hospital, even that awful "park" they took Daniel to, all a set up for her "decision" to return home. Planned from the beginning.
  10. Aladin apparently was in it for money the whole time. I still believe he could have found an American woman closer to his own age to sponsor him, he's nice looking, speaks good English, and has shown himself to be a pretty caring guy, IMO. I still believe he was at least partially telling the truth about her losing her shit all the time. She comes off as reasonable(admitting she wouldn't be able to have children), relatively quiet, but then there's the whole crazy side. I'm looking forward to Liams comments. This hour covered almost nothing. So next week we might get 2 minutes of Jenny and Sumbitch, right at the end.
  11. Will Tiffany EVER cover her shoulders, even her backstage loungewear is cold shoulder.
  12. I like that they're getting into it with each other. Yes, I have a seat on the bus to hell.
  13. Dying at this convo! And the look on Ronald's face when Aladin was on the hot seat!
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