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  1. She couldn't put her daughter in an outfit that would coordinate with the cheer dress?? Of course not. Jenelle's " mothering".
  2. That sucks. He owes it to this woman to be honest; his short stature could be a deal breaker! I'm sorry if it seems shallow but the one thing I found most men exaggerate online is their height. Being a semi-little person is significant.
  3. blubld43


    You and me both. When I was 10 my best friend and I were already babysitting as a team. Granted we were on a Navy base, with our parents 5 minutes away, but we did it. We however had relatively normal parents. That said, no way Sophia should be involved in this nonsense at her age, what does she bring to the table that's so special? Sadly this little girl has one of the worst possible examples of a "mother", and frigging Debz OG is no better. Nor is Michael, supporting Farrah 's trashy lifestyle.
  4. Well I'll be watching! Although I think this Aussie woman is in for a rude surprise. She doesn't seem to understand how reality shows work, "kind and loving" has no place here!
  5. Exactly, lol, I am already cringing.
  6. Bingo! He thought he was the player, wrong Tom! He is going to be on the new season, at least for a while, but we already know they're not together any more so what's the point?
  7. I have a friend in her early 60s, she's been engaged to her fiance for at least a decade. They're both financially successful, own a house together.....but no wedding.
  8. Oh boy, Jesse, Laura, Corey and Evelin.....happily ever after???
  9. Sasha thinks WAY too much of himself; I don't find him attractive at all. Emily could do a lot better. No way anyone should have to care for his son while he's in the gym all day, at least not until if and when he's getting paid for it. He and Tania should get together, they both think a lot of themselves, unjustifiably IMO. I'd watch the crap out of a show where the two of them try to make a relationship work.
  10. I have a cousin who had a complete, psychotic breakdown in college, she was subsequently diagnosed with schizophrenia. She is SO smart, speaks 3 languages, has a master's degree. What she's done is start her own tutoring business, she's quite successful at it, and she sets her own hours and works from home. It works for her because her illness is managed with medication and she has great family support. Natalie might well be intelligent enough to have a degree, but I can just see her working in the real world: breaking down in tears when her boss doesn't praise her enough, stamping her feet at her coworkers, nobody around to pet or soothe her when she gets miffed. I know I couldn't tolerate her antics in a work environment at all.
  11. All of this. I spent most of my career working with the mentally ill. I'm not a Dr., but I'd bet my life you're correct about the personality disorder. From the minute we saw Natalie, she displayed symptoms, the airport suitcase ride, the clinging to her mom at 35, the way her mother rushes to soothe her when she starts getting upset. My guess is she will always be exactly as she is now: childlike and demanding. I really pray she doesn't get pregnant, I don't think she could handle it.
  12. Natalie is a nutjob. Why on earth would Mike sleep with a dear friend the night before her wedding, we've seen nothing that makes that story at all believable. As Spike said, that's a level of trashy that's something special. Blake's friends need to back off, they can see she's just got here and getting her footing. Invite her out for something besides a bar/rap show. Blake needs to never wear those blue contacts again, it looked creepy. Otherwise I find him pretty likable, with an endearing smile. Emily really does look fine with her "extra" weight, but she doesn't know how to dress herself at all, the outfit she's wearing is so unflattering.. Those ankle booties don't work with that dress at all. Surprisingly Grangela looks good, for her, her hair is styled, the botox looks to have settled, and her outfit is fairly restrained, at least the top part. I'm sure we'll be seeing her again.
  13. Give it up already! This is not a solvable problem, IMO.
  14. Not a fan of the contacts. I really like Jasmines outfit though, I wish she'd stand up so I could see it better.
  15. I was surprised at how nice Jasmine looked last night, elegant outfit, she actually seemed human. Reminds me again just how much the editing really does matter. Tania and Syngin, I give them two years, tops. They argued before the marriage, they're arguing now, when most couples are in the honeymoon phase. She takes zero responsibility for any of her bad behaviors, puts herself first always. I think Syngin is here for the green card, once he has that on lockdown, he'll tell her to kick rocks. I hope. this season was a snooze, I am SO ready for the return of Darcy.
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