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  1. Hahaha.....dying laughing at the mental image of working an extra office shift(in the U.S.) for more money. South Korea, from what I've read, is extremely competitive business wise. Full of go getters. Jihoon and Deavan are doomed unless he gets a full character transplant.
  2. I don't think she could say that now, what income do they have? They haven't had any reliable income in over a year. Although it's my belief that able bodied adults really aren't eligible for benefits except maybe food stamps, they might get some limited cash benefits because of the kids. Either way it won't be much.
  3. I think Jihoon's parents were embarrassed by Alicia and Deavans behavior. That apartment was fine for a month. Poor Bibi. He's going to end up feeling like anything he does will never be good enough, Ari's American expectations will become more and more pronounced, he'll feel frustrated and sad. Rinse and repeat.
  4. Annie has looked really good the last couple of episode; last week the yellow top and red lipstick were really flattering too. Maybe she's getting image/fashion advice. David and Annie are probably aiming for their own show, he got the new hair, she looks good, they're a popular couple. More going for them than that awful Family Chantal mess, I would undoubtedly watch at least a couple episodes.
  5. This right here. I loathed Kalani in her original season because she acted like Asuelu was solely responsible for the second pregnancy. Lady you were there too, not under any duress as far as we know.
  6. Will definitely be watching "Extraordinary People"! That Indian woman little person is famous there, I've read about her before.
  7. This guy's mom looks a lot like Molly, on Pillow Talk!
  8. Right? Michelle's incredulous "are you EXPECTING" makes me wanna hurl things at my television.
  9. I keep thinking of all the Olympic marathon runners.
  10. Armando and his daughter are a breath of fresh air.
  11. Elisha needs to cut that hair and adopt a more natural color.
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