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  1. I am so uncomfortable watching these men.
  2. I am 67 and recently had to move into an Airbnb with my 2 dogs for 4 months while my place was being built. The host was a lovely young man (31) also with 2 dogs. Luckily it worked out beautifully but I was glad “Fear Thy Roommate” didn’t start until I was settled in my new place. I just know it would have put suspicious thoughts in my head. Lol
  3. Married at first sight Australia season 6 is the best reality tv I have seen. Off the charts!
  4. I like Britt’s step dad. And, I like Britt.
  5. Density really disgusts me. All this accusation of lying. Pot meet kettle.
  6. Oh man, those lips look like they are ready to explode!
  7. I binged season 6 https://shvideos.net/tag/married-at-first-sight-season-6/ here so can find the episode you missed. See above post. I’m not very good at this but wanted you to know.
  8. Chris is even worse than I could have imagined. Just stone cold.
  9. If Buddy has some awful secret about Whitney that she is so desperate to keep off camera, then why does she treat him so poorly? Shouldn’t she be doing everything she can to keep Buddy happy with her so he keeps the secret?
  10. Except for Kary’s behavior and the arguing with D’andra, I really enjoyed this episode. I actually laughed out loud several times. We don’t get a lot of fun times with the RH franchise anymore. ☹️
  11. Excellent point! I hadn’t looked at it like that.
  12. Whew! I made it but ready to snark even though I am out of breath.
  13. I think the title should have been “ Whitney learns how to get dressed”.
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