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  1. I forgot this started last week so just caught up. My big take away was that Kelly really looks rough. Like maybe she drank her way through the pandemic? Didn’t help her disposition either.
  2. It’s against the law to take Xanax while driving even if prescribed.
  3. Since we are admitting what we read incorrectly, I read “perennial pawn” as “perineal pawn” and I thought wth does THAT mean?
  4. Thank you so much! I knew it meant self evict but good know know what those darn letters mean.
  5. Could someone please tell me what “DOR” stands for? I read the sub on BB abbreviations and unless it’s been added recently, it’s not there or I just missed it. TIA
  6. So if we sign up for Paramount+, then we automatically get the live feeds on our tv? Or lap top?
  7. I am so uncomfortable watching these men.
  8. I am 67 and recently had to move into an Airbnb with my 2 dogs for 4 months while my place was being built. The host was a lovely young man (31) also with 2 dogs. Luckily it worked out beautifully but I was glad “Fear Thy Roommate” didn’t start until I was settled in my new place. I just know it would have put suspicious thoughts in my head. Lol
  9. Married at first sight Australia season 6 is the best reality tv I have seen. Off the charts!
  10. I like Britt’s step dad. And, I like Britt.
  11. Density really disgusts me. All this accusation of lying. Pot meet kettle.
  12. Oh man, those lips look like they are ready to explode!
  13. I binged season 6 https://shvideos.net/tag/married-at-first-sight-season-6/ here so can find the episode you missed. See above post. I’m not very good at this but wanted you to know.
  14. Chris is even worse than I could have imagined. Just stone cold.
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