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  1. How creepy. The ad for “orange is the new black” appeared after I read the “orange is the new cheese puff” from Andrew ... 🤭 Big brother...
  2. I just nearly cried reading this. I’m not in my 60s (mid 30s) but I’ve had a trying life and no matter what I do I can’t seem to have a stress free existence but I still strive to do what’s right versus what is wrong. 2018 was a HORRIBLE year for my family, but you putting barbs life into perspective for me told me I need to just keep fighting through. However, does that mean I won’t see any peace soon, not even in my 60s???? Sorry guys. 😔 In a bad spot right now and need some positive vibes sent my families way. I cleaned out our nearest healing crystal shop hoping to make some luck happ
  3. Because they’re all posers. I bet these assholes have not seen one film of hers OR know that her name is really Norma Jean Baker. Amber is going to forever regret dressing up as Marilyn for that infamous stage stomping she did with Farrah that one reunion. Haha. Arrrgh. I love that bathroom. It pains me to see how they’re living while I’m holding down two jobs while my daytime business starts picking up (started a whole new career in July ‘18) and watching my hubby work overtime just to live yet alone have a stunning bathroom like that. & I co-sign, who’s going to clean that
  4. Is that supposed to be Jenelle in her sexy courtheels and white dress pants searching through the singles ad?? 😅
  5. Oh please. Apparently Tyler was the one that got up every 3 hours to breastfeed Nova (just used a crane to lift Catelynns boob for Nova to feed off of while Cate slept) and dealt with the nonstop crying for various reasons, hunger, dirty diaper or just for the hell of it. Toddlers are just happy energetic kids that are so eager to explore even if it’s just tossing a roll of toilet paper around. After my experience with three newborns I’ll keep toddler over a baby any day lol. Speaking from a mom with a toddler on the spectrum, too, Newborn stage is the PITS!!! You’re basically tied down w
  6. Oooooh. I forgot about that. Let’s all tell the universe he needs jail time for his bad behavior. 🤗🌎
  7. I never agreed with a post as much as this one. Dumb bitch riding on the “you don’t want to give me a voice and show me the way I really am, like funny and stuff” wagon, meanwhile MTV has no effin hand at this gem that she gives away for free. EF that Byatch!!! And I co-sign the men in black alien reference. 👽
  8. I just watched the Jenelle and Amber live videos (better than watching the actual shows, lately) and Fuck you Amber. Amber kept saying that she’s the reason Jenelle started getting paid well, Amber, how about Jenelle is the reason YOU’RE STILL GETTING PAID because Jenelle has been carrying BOTH shows. People watch train wreck Jenelle, Jenelle brings the crazy, you just sit on a couch. In the event that you get up to act all badass you’re still boring because we’ve heard the same shit from you all the time. Jenelle gives variety. I hate Jenelle so I’m not trying to defend Jenelle I
  9. It wasn’t just a bathtub video with addy sitting down with bath toys, she was standing up dancing in the shower with her whole backside exposed while smiling for mommy’s phone probably unsure if she’s recording a video or just holding the phone. I don’t know what goes in Leah’s head sometimes because I KNOW she loves them girlses. I also hope she doesn’t let the girlses run naked around when the new boyfriend is around with his son.
  10. Thankfully it’s not on her instagram or Facebook as not too many older men have Snapchat (not saying younger men can’t be pervs, but it just narrowed the viewership down a bit).
  11. It’s on Snapchat so I wasn’t able to see if other people asked her to take it down. I’m going to check her Instagram and Facebook to see if anyone mentions it. Also, I stop taking bath photos once the kid reaches three/four for my own personal preference. Smartphones are super scary, you’re absolutely right, what if the phone was loss or stolen? Or what happens when we take the phone in to get repaired by the Service Technician who has access to the phone? 😬
  12. I just looked up her age and she’s five years old and in school. I don’t want to pull up the video for you guys but the kid is standing up covered in suds and smiling while Leah jokes about bathing her. I know between Leah and Addy they are just having mother daughter fun but to old perverted men (or sex traffickers) this isn’t innocent. Smartphones have made it easy for predators to get their eyes on children. 😔 Sorry, I’m just sensitive lately after hearing about the large bust that went down in Michigan with all of the kidnapped children taken for sex trafficking and that
  13. Ugh, I follow Leah on Snapchat and today she posted a video of little Addy in the shower with her bare bottom soaped up for the perverts out there to see!!!! How old is Addy now?? I know she’s of school age. I’m always rooting for the Leah but that made my skin crawl that I quickly exited out from feeling weird having it on my phone screen. I have my own personal videos of my kids in the bath (private’s covered by bubbles) and would never share with 2 million followers!
  14. For a premier episode?? I wasn’t expecting that low of ratings for TM2 that’s why I didn’t bother checking it myself. Wow! They’re getting low like TMOG. I mean, I did fast forward most of the episode and I usually only do that for TMOG and Brianna’s scenes. Time to cut the show loose. Leah and Chelsea are settling into stable lives and don’t need cameras in their faces and it’s only enabling Jenelle and Kailyn to continue getting pregnant and being assholes. Stop funding UBT. Times up on Teen Mom franchise.
  15. When I watched it it almost seemed like they were both joking around because Amber didn’t get mad. But then I saw the tweet with her and Cory “arguining” where he says “you new what you signed up for”. Can anyone confirm if Cory and Amber were really arguing on twitter or were they doing that fun banter like they did in the backstage episode? TL; DR Why do I care? 🤪
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