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  1. Wendy is an evil bitch who should have never gotten approved to adopt those innocent kittens. Maybe people just don't watch her show anymore because I really thought she was going to get backlash from the gossip sites but nothing.
  2. I guess they are the newest main characters on Teen Mom OG. Fame Whores.
  3. druzy


    To celebrate I am gifting all of you with a pleather pocket shirt for the holidays! You get a pleather pocket shirt! You get a pleather pocket shirt! Everyone gets a pleather pocket shirt!
  4. I want to make my feelings clear. What Amber did was wrong. No one should be abused. Andrew is a victim of abuse and Amber is an abusive piece of garbage. Andrew's post makes me wonder. He seemed fine accepting MTV paychecks when Kaiser was being abused.
  5. Andrew posted a list of the sponsors and their twitter accounts: I have a feeling that Amber is going to get a sweet plea deal ☹️ and Andrew was made aware of that fact. If the sponsors do pull their ads and Amber gets fired that will be 2 parents out of a job. I hope Andrew has a plan and is working on his resume.
  6. Adam and Danielle just got back from California last week. I wonder if Danielle will be going with Adam to LA for 2 weeks. Vidsummit
  7. A topic was created last Thursday.
  8. This is creepy. Cate's a fool for posting this: This is what she posted with ^^^
  9. Beth Stern must be happy she didn't take Wendy's call.
  10. Did Wendy just say she only left enough food and water for 1 kitten today because they were hiding? She's a monster 😡
  11. I'm confused too. I thought it was a duck 🤷‍♂️
  12. You should call your local news station, I'm sure they would be interested in your story.
  13. Sean pleads with Jade to let him see Kloie. Jo throws a wrench into Kailyn’s vacation plans while Leah considers what this Hawaii trip could mean for her and Jeremy. Briana wants to take her relationship with John to the next level. Airs October 15, 2019
  14. Someone posted this before and after on Reddit. I hate these animal abusers!
  15. Ok Amber so we are just going to forget everything you did. Fake fuck!
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