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  1. It premieres September 1, 2020
  2. Preliminary Hearing The grandparents are there
  3. They (production probably) rented an RV and are leaving for a road trip today.
  4. Adam explained on his Insta Stories why they HAD to get a beach house for a few days when they came back from their vacation. They are in the middle of renovation and their stairs were being redone and all the girls rooms are upstairs (their Master Bedroom is on the main floor). ETA: The family is going on another trip next week.
  5. They are at a beach house now with their family 🙄
  6. #Photoshopped #Filters 😄
  7. They are here now (just the parents and their friends) Here are a few comments from this post:
  8. I'm curious to know how everyone feels about kids sticking their tongues out. When the quints do it, (especially the twins) the parents think it's cute.
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