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  1. Jade plans to fly home, but Briana attempts to convince her to return to Orlando with her instead. Kail reveals heartbreaking challenges around a recent medical diagnosis. When Addie struggles with online learning, Leah makes a tough decision. Airs June 22, 2021
  2. I'm looking forward to Adam supping up his Jeep and making a complete fool of himself riding around in something like this:
  3. Danielle and Adam should practice what they preach and teach the quints how to be kind. For example they can teach them to say thank you and please.
  4. We find out everything about them because they post every move they make on Instagram and on their Instagram Stories.
  5. Jade's recovery gets even rockier when tensions rise between Sean and her parents; Ashley and Bar make a tough wedding decision as he faces another court date; Leah plans a birthday party for Addie, hoping Jeremy can make it. Airs June 15, 2021
  6. What happened to them saving for college for their 6 kids?
  7. If Anna decided to purchase all the top of the line equipment that no talent, no experience, no personality Jonah purchased (most likely with his parent's credit card) Amber and Trent would call the cops, the ambulance and have hard working compassionate Anna committed. Locker Room Round Table has 4 episodes: February 6, 18, 20 and March 2. Looks like he quit already.
  8. Adam and Danielle are trolling us. "Definitely planning a trip with the whole family ASAP. SO MUCH FUN!"
  9. I never understood why they didn't give the van back to their church who could donate or use it.
  10. I give Adam credit for explaining why Hazel wasn't going to camp. Danielle said in her Insta Story yesterday that Hazel would rather be lazy on the couch at home.
  11. I had brown paper bags too. My school didn't allow lunch boxes because they were made of metal and the nuns were scared we would hit each other over the head with them.
  12. They must think Mimi should be grateful for the exposure. I feel bad for both the sister's kids and other cousins. The Busby kids are treated like the stars all the time. I guess that's what the other parents get in return for free trips. I think that's why one of the twins and her family aren't on the show that much. It seems like they can afford their own stuff and don't want to deal with the Busby egos.
  13. Wait until the day they want something and are told no.
  14. What's with the bathroom pictures?
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