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  1. I think Annette is probably guilty but then again I remember what happened in "The Game Night" episode. I looked up her case and saw that the defense submitted a motion with 2 exhibits from a lab but I think that motion was denied. I still don't understand why the prosecution didn't use the hair and blood evidence. I have no reason not to believe Jessie and her mother. You can tell how guilty her mother felt for not speaking up. Regarding the candles, was Annette known for having black candles, because like you said, they are not readily available. If that is the case I missed that part and I think that would weigh heavy towards the circumstantial evidence.
  2. Re: Annette Cahill Annette: We had sex in the truck, on the truck, in the treehouse, at the bar, on the bar. We had sex 20 times a week. Detective: I only asked if you knew Corey. 😕 I wonder if the hair and blood evidence were inadvertently disposed of. If not why not test them? I don't think there was enough evidence to convict her. I think she will win her appeal. The first courtroom looked like a school cafeteria.
  3. She told that "story" so she can let everyone know that 15k was chump change for her family.
  4. She posted a sonogram but it said "link in bio" so it's probably clickbait- I hope.
  5. No-lol. He's in Mexico. Imagine asking a stranger to take that picture for you.
  6. TMZ It's not for the sake of Ensley. When has it ever been for the good of the kids?
  7. 😮 Maybe she should take a break from social media. People aren't going to be nice.
  8. I think that was Maci from Teen Mom OG. They all lie.
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