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  1. I also love his knowledge of the LA area. He seems to know every street in that city and the back story on every home on each street. He amazes me. A kid born and raised in LA, born in to money and a family with all the right connections. He is one lucky guy.
  2. Ya know, that might be a really good idea for Wendy!
  3. Rachel should have kept her cheating on her ex to herself. It happened a long time ago, she was much younger then. Why bring it up now? Stupid move. Jose ain't gonna forget that. I've been with my hubs for 28 yrs. There are a couple of things he doesn't know about me from my past many, many years ago from before I met him and he never will. It has no effect on our relationship what so ever. It's not a crime keeping some things to yourself.
  4. Kevin and Sharina moved to Florida! Just one big, happy family!😋
  5. I think both Harry Hams and Rinna are obsessed with being thin. He looked really nice all cleaned up and in his suit when he entered Dorit's fake bridal show (with all of 5 dresses) but in regular clothes he's skin and bones, face is sagging and I'm sure the rest of his loose skin is as well. You can really see it on Rinna's stupid IG dance posts when she's dancing around Harry and he's tending to his garden and ignoring her. He has a great head of hair, though.
  6. Twice a month if they are both chipping in or taking turns paying which married people do then I don't see it as a big deal. Twice a week with only Gil paying, then big deal. That's not what she's asking for. If Gil wants a woman that is happy staying home every night and going to Wendy's once a month then maybe that's why he is (or was) still single.
  7. I don't think Jose is gay. I think he is a weird little short guy with a Napolean complex who feels important when he shows the world how organized and sharp he is with money.
  8. I agree with most of this except now way was Kevin making her dinner. He was too busy at the side pieces house, leaving Wendy alone to bother with that. Wendy always used to talk about going to the grocery store and telling us about all the weird stuff she liked to buy and eat. Hell, she even taped an after show where she went to the grocery store in the city and bought all kinds of crazy shit back when she was in her vegan phase. Also, when Wendy and Kevin first split, remember Wendy pretending to be a Sex and the City single girl? Hanging out with all her new besties, The Kardashians,
  9. What kind of "ongoing treatment" do you get for Graves disease? I think now they are using Covid as an excuse for her newest breakdown. I swear this show that refuses to be cancelled and Wendy have 9 lives. They just keep going on and on and on.......
  10. Beth, leave Jamie alone. He's working. Working hard so you don't have to. She's such a child. Virgin crying conversation with Erik about why they should divorce. Too private to have a camera in their face. Erik looked like he couldn't wait to be done with the whole thing. He already had his mind made up.
  11. Something about the way he talks really bugs me. He sounds like a 5 year old when he speaks and he is not articulate at all. All nervous and twitchy. He keeps looking around and not directly at who he is talking to. He is just as weird as Michaela. I did have to laugh when she was looking at him like WTF is he saying? Gil, honey, going out to dinner twice a month and brunch one weekend day per week is not much to ask. Ease up, buddy. I think he complains too much. Omg Stone face Ryan. Could he be any more boring? Not sure what Brett sees in him. She's cute and sweet and is trying w
  12. That was everything! They had Dorit and Kyle laughing before long, too. Wonder what Ice Queen thought of that little segment when she saw it.
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