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  1. The episode showed Jacks mother visiting him and his family so he clearly wasn't worried about her "spilling the beans" about anything. She was unhappy while she was there. That's not on Jack. Does that make him a bad guy? Sometimes spending time with parents can be uncomfortable when you are an adult. It depends on the relationship. After my mother died I didn't like talking to my dad much for reasons I won't get in to. You can still love a parent but seeing them triggers unhappy memories.
  2. Looking so forward to Part 2 when they start ragging on Lala for being the "other woman". Pompous bitch!
  3. Yup. Could also be a reason for his rage issues. Coke is not a good replacement if you're an alcoholic. Weed is not either but better than coke. So why exactly couldn't Lala and Tom/Katie be in the studio? That was never made clear. We know Lala and Katie think they are too good for this cast and will always be devoted to Stassi, Brittney and Jax but that's not reason not to earn your check and show up in person. Raquel went a little too far revealing their sex life. James was embarrassed. Nobody's business. But now that it's out there... anybody thinking what I'm thinking that mayb
  4. The boyfriend said when ever he had the cat it would always escape and go back to the cousins house. The cousin didn't want the cat.
  5. I just don't get all the St. Jack hate. There have been many episodes showing Jack with all his flaws. The series clearly shows that time and time again. Alcoholism, bad decisions, stubbornness. With all that, he was devoted to his wife and kids and they adored him, flaws and all. Milo is a good actor. I can't imagine any one else in the role. On to this episode... I for sure thought when the family arrived back home and walked through the door, somebody would be carrying Cat Benatar in with them. Would have been a nice touch. Rebecca was lovely with Jack. She knew what to say
  6. I would much rather see Luke than new muscle guy. Where is Luke?
  7. I don't think hot Italian model Andrea is so in to Paige. He's doing that for the show storyline only. I could never really warm up to Paige. I think she's selfish, shallow and spoiled. I hope she doesn't hurt Craig because I like him. Sober Carl is still a doofus. A super tall six foot five big eared doofus. I don't get why the girls were going on about how hot he is. Kyle and Amanda will divorce. They are the type of couple that will drag the miserable relationship on and on for years, though. I just wonder if they will have a kid before they finally split. The bottom line is if
  8. I know there is a lot of father love here but I don't think he was around all that much. The parents divorced, they had a brother that died in his early 20's from cancer which devastated them (I don't know if that was before or after the divorce). The father traveled often due to his job. He must have made good money because the house is big and CT is one of the most expensive places in the country to live and property taxes are insane. He was working and living in China and had a chinese girlfriend when the pandemic hit and he had to come back to the US, then China shut down. That is why he
  9. Yes, this is going to be very interesting to see how this new family dynamic plays out. Meri will bend over backwards to feel wanted and Janelle will just go along to get along.
  10. I think Kody expected Christine to fall in line with Meri. Hang on for dear life and settle for what ever crumbs he feels like throwing her way. Surprise Kody! Not happening!
  11. All the yelling and crying in the world isn't going to make Jen innocent. Everybody sure has backed down from their suspicions, though. It's much more important to find out why Mere and Mar weren't on that damn bus! Meredith has a sick relationship with her son. Were they having their girls pole dance party in the basement of the house? That would have bored me to death. It amazes me how they can spew such accusations and hate for each other then go have a blast like nothing ever happened and all feelings are erased. How does one do that? Jen and Meredith both screwing
  12. Christine should not ever question certain things she has said. I hope she doesn't start having regrets. She was being brutally honest and I commend her for it. Unlike Meri and Janelle who are in denial about how Kody feels about them.
  13. Are we supposed to be believing Kody and Janelle are still having sex? I don't for a minute. I think they are good friends and Janelle still somewhat loves the skeezeball but intimacy? Hell, no. Stop lying. Kody and Sobbyn were stupid to think her nanny and husband were following their protocols when they were on their own, living their lives. What dumbasses. Sorry, I think Ari is a little pain in the ass.
  14. Emily said Nicole was on Baywatch but I think it was just drunk talk. It's not the same person. Nicole James is younger than Nicole Eggert.
  15. Terry Dubrow used a different last name when he and Heather confronted her about the lawsuit. Maybe she was married? Why in the world would Emily be standing right next to her at the party and say she used to be on Baywatch? Nicole didn't deny.
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