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  1. I think Fred and Ryan are both 6'4. Steve is 6 ft and looks short next to them. Fred's gorgeous hubby Derek is even taller than Fred. I know this trivia because I like tall guys, too!
  2. Boohoo I'm sick of hearing about Braun's awful childhood. Every. Single. Episode.
  3. We were actually posting about Pole's reaction to seeing the baby but this could apply to Jihoon, too.
  4. Ahhh yes, because the newborn baby just one minute out of the womb looks just like him!
  5. He was practically growling at her! Now Karini is all good with Pole because why? She's as gross as he is. I really want an answer to this. Deavon is an entitled brat. Where is all your money Deavon? And if I hear one more time from any of them:" I gave up everything to come here......." Laura's discussion with Aladin while waiting to choose the lamb for slaughter (which was disturbing enough) was cringeworthy. No jiggy jiggy lately. Poor Laura. The sex is so bad she dug her purple friend out of the garbage for future use!!
  6. Wendy on WWHL was a mess! First of all, Norman was there behind the bar and was super nice and Wendy's sister was there in the audience. The camera panned over to her sister. She looks like a nice lady and nothing like Wendy. I didn't know her sister was an attorney. Wendy had to tell everybody that she is now friends with CardiB and Bethenny Frankel. She calls her friends her "team". Sure Wendy. Keep being delusional. Andy asked her if she was still seeing the Dr., she said she is seeing lots of men and had that sly look on her face. She really thinks she's cute. Except she's not.
  7. Plus he and Emilia purchased a massive 7 million townhouse in Brooklyn which is stunning as is but of course they are renovating it. So yeah, stfu Ryan!
  8. From what he said on WWHL, Steve and his girlfriend are not married yet and he implied he is in no rush. How is she able to stay in the country? What type of a VISA did she have to apply for to be able to come here so quickly. It just doesn't add up. Maybe it depends on the country you are coming from?
  9. And she's going to make the Bishop "court" her before she gives him sex is just so Lady Mae. She kills me!
  10. I'm still trying to absorb the fact that convict lovin' Angela and her BFF Tommy went to grad school.
  11. Are we back to unreliable wonky TV scheduling again? Where is the show? It's been on and off the air all season. Surely the last episode wasn't the season finale, was it?
  12. Thanks for filling me in! I don't remember that at all. I must have been fast forwarding, lol
  13. I think it's the box for Blu that REBKY is asking about.
  14. I saw her in the footage of some of the upcoming episodes. Maybe she will still be on the show as a "friend of". So all is right in the world with Brandi and LeeAnn? No. That's not how it works. There was too much hate and vitriol last season for that to be believable. What stupid producer decided that they should be friends now because we know that can't be real. DeAndra said she is the breadwinner in the family so what exactly does her husband do? Nothing?
  15. That was a real dick move on Micha's part to wait until the party and in front of his family to announce that he's not going to Harvard. He couldn't tell Charley in private days before the party what he was up to? The kid always has the worst timing and his disrespect for Charley makes him look like a priviledged, entitiled jerk. Kind of like his aunt.
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