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  1. Yes but Pole IS Pole. That's the point. Mother Pole knows he would try to take full advantage of any nice thing she does for him. She's been through it with him all of his life it seems. Time for him to stand up like a man and I'm glad Mother Pole has grown some balls!
  2. Except Coltee keeps dragging Debbie in to his relationships and decisions. He won't move out of the house and he tells Debbie too much information about problems in his relationships. He admitted that. They are co-dependant. He says Debbie will fall apart if he moves out. Well, he has to do it. She will get used to it and all will be ok after a while. I was really surprised when he went to Chicago and didn't tell Debbie he had a girl there but once the relationship starts going south you can bet he will give Debbie an earful.
  3. I'm ready for some new pillow talkers. Molly's friend is screaming too much. Molly was unusually quiet this episode. She couldn't get a word in. Annie and David are becoming a bore. Tim cracks me up with his dry sense of humor, his comments are funny. Robert has some great one liners, too. There are sooooo many past people from the 90 days show, they should be able to change them out regularly.
  4. Vanessa? Which millionaire was she hooked up with? I watched that mess of a show and don't remember her at all. Kalani is just as much as a loser as Asuelu. She picked the jerk, had not one but two kids with him and now she's miserable. In fact, she was miserable before she married him but went through with it anyway. Unpopular opinion but I was team Debbie this episode. She made it pretty clear that she is well aware Coltee is very impulsive, jumps in to relationships, makes bad decisions with women and apparently lets them use him for money. I'm not even sure she is that possessive because she said she wished Coltee would find a woman like Vanessa. It's not too much to ask a mother to want her son to stop being such a pathetic pig. I love Andreii's dad. He brought flowers to the airport for Libby. He was so sweet to her when he visited them in America, too. He dearly loves his grandchild and Libby, too. He's always dressed nicely and has nice manners. How did he raise such a neanderthal? I'm pissed at Karinne. She said she expected Pole's mother to treat her better. WTF? Did she mean she expected a handout, money, a free place to stay from Pole's mother? Entitled much. Another one that knew what a loser Pole was long before she came to America. Then the icing on the cake was she said she was treated better in Brazil. Ok, hun. She misses her mother kissing her ass, and helping with the baby. If she was so happy living in those piss poor conditions in a hovel with no electricity or water then go on ahead back home. Enough with Mikull and Ange. Why can't he come straight out with it and tell Ange that if she can't tote a baby he will most definitely have to find a second wife to give him one. Not maybe. Definitely. Either she can learn to live with that or she can't but it's going to happen. Stop dragging this nonsense out.
  5. I'm convinced they don't .It's apalling to see the chipped finger nail and toe nail polish and over grown toe nails, too! It's disgusting! Anybody can do their own mani's and pedi's if there is no other choice and your job entails being on air where you know damn good and well your hands are on display and if you are selling shoes that day, do your toes!
  6. She has a beautiful, think mane of hair and doesn't have a clue what to do with it. Toned down color, tons of conditioner and a great cut is what she needs. C'mon now, Ant. Do better!
  7. Is Dorinda for real? Standing up at the Halloween dinner table with glass in hand making a speech about Ramona's bad behavior? Sit down, woman. Enough of you.
  8. I like Leah's daughter. Mama ain't fooling her. Not one bit. My parents were pretty normal aside from my father's occasional mood swings so I always wondered what it would be like to have messed up parents raising me in a messed up household. Leah hasn't been in a long term relationship since her baby daddy 11 yrs ago? I get it with her, she's a wack a doo but what's up with baby daddy? He's been solo just as long. I don't know if maybe he has had long term relationships because Leah makes it sound like he hasn't.
  9. Sonja said herself in a episode once that she looked like Phyllis Diller. Yes, she said that. Now I can't unsee it! Especially when she's a drunk mess. Which is usually always.
  10. Jane Tracey is the most annoying human on the planet. She was presenting yesterday's Philosophy TSV and I swear the woman did not take a breath. Jumping around, speed talking, laughing like a loon. Seriously, what is she on? Somebody over there needs to talk her down from the ledge. I don't understand what has happened to this woman. Oh, and she took a pretty nice TSV and ruined it for me. I couldn't wait to change the channel.
  11. Loved it when Josh said he was channeling his inner "Steve Perry" from Journey. Then they showed a pic of Steve in his prime. Nice touch! I'm a huge SP fan girl!!
  12. I couldn't take any if Imani's photo's seriously because of those.....NAILS! Horrible super long talon claws. Why do women think that looks nice? I hope that look goes away soon.
  13. Of course she does! He is living in America! Land of the wealthy. Everybody that lives here is rolling in money! These people really need to do their homework. As for Asuelu, he fell in to a bucket of butter. Kalani's dad appears to be quite well off and has financed her entire existence way before she ever met Asuelu. I don't think she ever really had a job. Asuelu needs to think about that and not blow this easy peasy gig. All he has to do is help with the kids and turn his part time yogurt selling job in to a full time one and all will be fine in the world. Daddy will be there to supplement their income always. Of course, he's not smart enough to understand any of that so he will blow it, move back to Samoa and probably hardly ever see his kids. Kalani will continue to live under Daddy's thumb and her mom will help her raise the kids.
  14. How in the hell is Larissa still in this country? Seriously. She is divorced from the American that brought her here, has no job, no green card, and has been arrested 3 times. I suppose she could use TLC as her job but still Howwwww is she still here??
  15. So this season's edit is going to be poor, sweet, put upon Tania and Syngin the alcoholic loser that can't keep a job. Quite a 180 from last season. Also, how did they qualify to rent that house when neither has a job and limited amount of money saved up? When I was a property manager if you didn't have verifiable jobs you needed 12 months rent in the bank and pay it all up front. Saved us alot of headaches when eviction time comes around. They have only been there a month and already worried about paying the next month's rent.
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