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  1. I know there is a new HW show coming out: Salt Lake City. They need to just scrap OC altogether and get another new city. I have a feeling BH will be on the way out after this next season, too. I don't want to see Dorit on my screen and from the gossip sites Lisa Rinna has taken on the mean girl role. Not interested. What will Shannon Storms Beador do now?
  2. Melissa knew who Manson was. She's at least 6-8 yrs younger than Teresa.
  3. Yes! Sooo much! Thinking about Meka, she was not comfortable before the wedding, freaking out and crying over her dress, then pacing back and forth saying she couldn't go through with the wedding just before the doors were about to open. Something about her just rubs me wrong, as if she was looking for anything to get out of this. Doesn't excuse Michael for being an ass, though. If he really said what she claims.
  4. This infuriates me! This is why I can not stand Dolores and her freakin' stereotypes of how Italian families are. I come from an Italian family, both sets of my grandparents came straight off the boat, one of them never learned to speak English and my parents spoke fluent Italian when they didn't want the kids to know what they were talking about. Having said that, NONE of the men in our family would ever, ever think to talk to their wives like that! It was unheard of. If anything, we were taught to show respect for the women and mother's of the family. On to bougie Jennifer. How dare she call Jackie cheap? The woman invites you to her beach house, stocks the refrige and leaves goodie bags in each room. She tells them all, "If there is anything you need, please let me know". Jennifer owes her a huge apology. How does this Dr. husband of hers stand to be in the same room as this shallow, vacant, miserable woman? Oh, that's right, he works a lot and likes to sleep in the pool house.
  5. Exactly! Zach should have been matched with a younger gym bunny and Mindy should have been matched with an older man that actually knows what he wants and is really, really ready to get married. Mindy is taking this very seriously and I don't blame her for that. Still, I think she has alot of insecurity issues. So far I'm only liking Derek and the pretty one that married Brandon (can't even remember her name)! Meka and Michael will bail soon, then we will be back to 4 couples as it should have been all along because damn those marriage's and receptions spanned over 3 episodes, 2 hrs. each and I was bored to death, fast forwarding through most of that.
  6. What is going on with Scheana's awful raspy voice? She was on WWHL last night and Andy was replaying a funny montage of her craziness over the years and her voice was nothing like it is now. She was also really cute back then with light brown hair instead of the witchy black mess wears now.
  7. I agree. It was awful! It was long, a bit too wide and did point down. Nassif is usually conservative with his nose jobs anyway and I appreciate that about him but with this one maybe he did not have much to work with because her nose was so botched to begin with. After all, he had to take cartilage from her rib to build up her nose! I don't think Meghan is going to be happy with it, I also don't think another doctor could do any better. I hope she leaves it alone.
  8. I used to enjoy Stassi's podcasts. Now it's all about Stassi. She doesn't have many guests on anymore because then she would have to actually work and ask them questions about themselves. She only has friends on that will kiss her ass, tell her how great she's doing and how they just loooooove her and how gorgeous she is. Even more recently she has Beau on all the time. Just Stassi and Beau. He doesn't come off as interesting, smart or funny. She is determined to drag him with her every where she goes and with everything she does. VPR, podcasts, her tour. He's right up in there with her, enjoying his newfound easy fame. I wonder if he's still working as a casting assistant. The latest podcast with the house buying discussion was very telling. Yes, the house is only in Stassi's name. She made a point of saying multiple times "it's my motherfucking house". Oh, this does not bode well. Especially since Beau kept trying to justify his existence by saying he will pay the utliities, and "fix" things in the house. Yes, Beau, you are a grown up. A grown up assistant to Stassi. It's only gonna get worse. He spends his free time when he's not following Stassi around all over the country on Pinterest looking for decorating ideas and shopping at Home Depot for remodeling ideas. He says they don't need a decorator because he has good taste. It better be Stassi's taste. She says she doesn't have time for this so basically he can do it all. I don't know about these two.
  9. Ok, I see where this is going with this pretend romance. Whit and Chase are madly in love but hardly know each other yet. The cracks start to show, reality sets in and Whit sees the true Chase. Chase becomes too jealous and controlling and then to save face Whit breaks up with him because she needs more space. Fake storyline over. End of engagement. End of season.
  10. If Sandoval is jealous of anything it should be that the new people are getting 90% of the camera time. In fact, all the OG's should be fuming over that. I would be shitting my pants wondering how I'm gonna pay for my new 2 million house with what's going on with the shift in the cast. They're all acting like it's no big deal but deep down they must be worried. It's also interesting that Scheana is the only OG that's in soooooo many scenes. Why, BRAVO, why? Like she's really going to have the new girls to her home to alter their ugly tshirt dresses or that we care about her stupid hookups with the new guy.
  11. That picture of Chase and Ryan standing naked and holding hands pretty much tells us everything we need to know. There are no straight men on planet earth that would do that. Now we know for sure Chase is hired to be Whit's boyfriend.
  12. Even with the older two, you can't trust them to get up and out of the house on time. Well, Dayton is in college now so he can handle it but all the others I say get your lazy ass up and make sure your kids are ready for the day.
  13. I don't know if anybody else caught this but either this episode or last Janelle said that she and Robyn have opposite schedules. She likes to go to bed early and wakes up at 5am and Robyn goes to bed late and doesn't wake up till noon. Ummmmm who can sleep in till noon when they have 5 kids? Who gets them breakfast and ready for school? WTF? Robyn must have off camera live in help which is why she needs so many bedrooms. I thought her cousin wasn't moving with them. I always thought she was lazy now I know for sure!
  14. Andy Cohen was really grilling Ashton with the questions on WWHL. Damnnnnn it was uncomfortable to watch, he was so on the hot seat. And deservedly so. He sounded really down, embarrassed and remorseful for the way he behaved. Too late, bruh. Capt'n Lee said he would never work with him again. Bye, bye Below Deck career. Why did Rylee start in on Kevin at the market for no reason? She really is a bitch. She pokes at all of them constantly, as if she really truly doesn't want to get along with anybody.
  15. Yes, it really does boggle the mind. If the properties were listed in the MLS, then any realtor with interested buyers would show the homes. Janelle does not have to be there. The buyers agent would do the showings and only has to call Janelle with any questions. The paperwork can all be done long distance. Honestly, these people are idiots. If Janelle is so stupid that she did not put the properties in the MLS then no wonder they took so long to sell. There would not be enough exposure for the properties. Then again, she would possibly do that to save having to split the commissions with another agent. Hence, driving her own fat ass to LV every weekend to show the properties herself and have open houses.
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