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  1. Kylie, who is the youngest of them all seems to have it more together than any of them. She is the one I thought would never amount to anything. Always living in the shadow of her more beautiful sister, Kendall. Not tall enough to model, not pretty enough to get any attention. She went out and fixed her face, got some business sense, didn't care too much about being a famewhore and off she went. She even became a mom at a very young age and didn't make a lot of fanfare about it. Was I ever wrong about her.
  2. Wow, they really turned Jill's boyfriend in to an annoying doofus. He was not like that when they met. He was cool, yet sweet and he knew how superficial Jill was and had no problem pointing that out to her. How stupid for Marjorie to not be seated at the table. She was cheated out of hearing Bonnie's heartfelt (for once) speech and I thought that really sucked. Instead they all hovered around Jill in the bathroom waiting for her test results. Like a bunch of high schoolers. So badly done. It must have taken the writers all of 30 minutes to put this episode together. They could ha
  3. Delores is full of shit. She wants the ring. Would she turn David down if he proposed and gave her a beautiful rock? I think not. That said, it's her business how she handles her relationship. She obviously loves David and doesn't want to give up on him. I don't blame her for wanting to shut the others down by constantly asking her about it. Enough prying, ladies. Does Frank ever date? Does he have a girlfriend? Or does he just sit around Delores' house all day waiting for her to come home so they can film? Does he really live with Delores? Can't he afford to live on his own? Sorry
  4. Disagreed with most of their opinions. They all like Virginia and think she and Erik have a chance in hell to make it? Only Beth questioned Virginn's drinking. They really came down hard on Erik. All in all at times it seemed to me like none of them actually watched the entire season. They didn't rag on Chris near enough. I thought they would tear him apart limb from limb. I also thought they pretty much gave Haley a pass. Karen and Miles should have had much more to say about Ryan and Clara and the no sex situation since they have been through it. The women did look st
  5. Angela is disgusting. Mikull is never coming to the US. Wasn't he denied once already? Some shady reason he can't come here which they never divulged? I don't give a rats ass about her surgery. I wish TLC would be done with these two. At least we know why Ronald was denied. He has a criminal record and for them to pretend he will be able to come here on a spousal visa is absurd.
  6. I remember Andrei and his friend saying the police force was corrupt and Andrei had to flee the country when he quit because he feared something would happen to him.
  7. That's because she's in jail. For child molestation.
  8. I think the reason Marlo will never be given a Peach is because she's not really willing to open up her life for the camera. She's better off as a friend of, going to other people's parties, homes, not having to host anything where we can actually see her life. Kenya please shut the fuck up and stop talking (shouting) over everybody that tries to answer Andy's questions. Lord knows Andy won't tell her to shut up. Why was Shamea there? Cynthia not adding much except about her Covid Wedding.
  9. His baby mama name is Mercedes. Is that who you meant?
  10. I hope she is pregnant and decides to raise the baby on her own.
  11. I'm skeptical. Was there ever really a pregnancy or was this all a big scam for the camera? I put NOTHING past Chris.
  12. Yes, but Baker said that long after the incident happened, after several meetings about what to do about the incident. You would think that would be the very first thing they checked.
  13. I don't know if the incident with Jamie occured at Penn Station or Grand Central but you mean to tell me either station there were no camera's? Why didn't Frank immediately have the footage pulled to see exactly what happened? We all know nowadays there are camera's EVERYWHERE!
  14. Yesssss! I may be wrong but I thought she said that on WWHL, too. In which case if she did then shame on Andy for not bringing that up. Problem with Hannah is that she has a goal of being a stand up comedienne, however, she is not funny. Her comments that she thinks are funny always fall flat. Maybe she should go back to tennis and forget about famewhoredom. Luke is extremely handsome when he's cleaned up. Beautiful jawline and bone structure. I can see why he was a model. Lindsey was hanging all over him. Something is gonna be brewing with these two next season. Danielle is
  15. OMG Bonnie. Stop Yelling! Stop being pissed off at anything and everything!
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