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  1. I don't even like Beau but his TH description of why he loves Stassi was really sweet. I still think as their relationship progresses Stassi will beat him down in to being her doormat. There are already signs. Having children will be a game changer for them. Hope it works out.
  2. LMAO!! I bet the other 3 won't even "go there" which automatically makes Robyn the favorite.
  3. Interesting opinion. I don't agree with that at all but we are all entitled to our own. No harm, no foul.
  4. Then saying to Alexi "look at me, I was sooo pretty and skinny". Omg shut up, Loren. I'm enjoying Anny's comments. She and Robert were funny and Molly and friend were on fire. Usman, keep going, put that hag in her place and don't give in! Also, America does not need another rapper, your career will go nowhere here.
  5. She's trying sooooo hard to keep/make her spot on this train wreck. Trying to be funny, quirky, loyal, die hard friend, savvy business woman, etc... You name it, she's tryin' and it's annoying AF with her fake fur, colored wigs and over the top Elton Johnish sunglasses.
  6. Not a fan of Chris but when did he ever say that? I can't picture him actually admitting that he likes having a famous girlfriend. Really? She's head over heels in love with Chris. I don't remember her ever being that way about Matt.
  7. I get the feeling the serial killer is coming back for Erin.
  8. Molly does not live near Amy. She has a full time job and a husband. She and Amy have the same birthday and celebrate together. She doesn't want to be on the show. I'm sure she has a good relationship with Amy. I have never seen any indication that the kids don't like Amy. Zack lived in the house with both Amy and Matt. He was a brat because he had alot of growing up to do. He's still lazy. What does he do for a living? You can blame both parents for that. He got lucky and found Tori. Good for him but that has nothing to do with him not loving his mother. Jeremy is an entitled jerk, he's gone because he and his wife think they are better than the show, also he would not help Matt with the farm but sure wanted a peice of it so how is his being gone Amy's fault? As for Caryn being a nice person. She cheated with her boss. She knew the bosses wife. As for her giving and not criticizing, her talking heads sure do show her doing alot of criticizing. Of Amy.
  9. Caryn is waiting patiently and putting on a good show for Matt. I am convinced she is only in it for his money. Why else would you love a creep like Matt? Amy married him when he had nothing. Would Caryn do that? Hell, no! The only thing I can't figure out is why the kids all seem to like her. She is one damn good actress!
  10. Reza with all that crying at GG's house about how hurt he was and felt so alone. Way to make it all about you, Reza. Dirty POS. And of course in the end they alllllllll rally around him.
  11. Are these two really together? I'm shocked! I never thought that relationship would see the light of day. There was some serious malicious fighting between those two during their season. Goes to show maybe alot of this on camera stuff is exaggerated by what production tells them to do. They seem to get along great on CC and their comments are funny and on point.
  12. You were responding to Duke2801 post. Don't know how my name got on the quote.
  13. Exactly! I hope she, Ramona and Lu don't go overboard and try too hard to prove the franchise doesn't need B. See, we don't need B! We're cool all by ourselves without any help from B! Being themselves is enough, they are funny and crazy and nasty enough to fill the void without over doing it.
  14. First episode in and I'm already sick of Dorinda's drunk mouth. Regarding John, I think the break up happens later in the season. Same with Tins getting back together with Scott. So new Leah (and her daughter I assume) has dinner with her ex 3 times a week and acts like that's some hip and cool thing she does. I'm sure any new man in her life is going to love that. Maybe chill on that a little bit and let your daughter have dinner alone with her dad. Boundaries, people!
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