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  1. Right!!! And Tommy won't allow Reza to meet Shams but MJ and Reza keep pretending to love each other and want to get back to being besties for life. After all the horrible shit they have said and done to each other. I hate their fake from the heart scenes!
  2. Miles still living at home with his pants hanging off his ass. Good job Simone and Cecil. I can't decide if I like Anila or not. Scott is acting all kinds of crazy/shady but the ladies have NO business prying in to their lives and questioning Scott like that while trying to eat dinner. It's between Tessa and Scott. Butt out, bitches!
  3. Why did Kalani feel the need to confess to Asuelu about seeing the attorney? Keep that shit to yourself, and keep the attorney on retainer. You may need it one day.
  4. Angela has been and always will be disgusting. For that matter, so is TLC. They go low. All for ratings. I will, however, continue to watch!
  5. That was sooooo ridiculous! As if any co-op or condo board would approve such silliness. These fake scenario's are what turns me off to Ryan and Fredrik. Like so many of us have already pointed out, we don't need to see the fake open houses and the stupid costumes, diving into pools, dressing in flippers and capes. The real estate porn and the difficult buyers/sellers are enough to keep interest.
  6. Ryan was on WWHL the other night and said his mom laughed and told him off camera that she doesn't want to live there! He also said his mom and Emelia's mom have become best friends. He loves all of Emilia's family and doesn't mind them being around. More power to him, I can't stand anybody in my home longer than 3 days. I want to be able to go in my bedroom and watch all the TV reality garbage I record in peace and not feel like I have to sit in the living room entertaining people. I'm such an anti-social weirdo.
  7. This is true but when people are spending gazillions of dollars on a home it's pretty much expected they are going to want to change things. It's the norm. They are seldom happy with the seller's taste. It looks like Steve's hair is growing back. Something about the way he moves, walks, and wears his clothes that I think is so sexy. Must be from his modeling training days. I also like the way he keeps his cool when dealing with his clients unlike Fredrik and Ryan who seem to get so agitated and end up yelling and screaming (mostly Fred) out of frustration.
  8. Sloppy editors didn't catch that, I picked up on it, too! Sadly, there must be some storylines that are specifically scripted for the show. Did Anisha really freeze her eggs? lol Didn't Vishal say that he wasn't allowed to stay at Richa's mom's house when he visits, he has to get a hotel room? That would piss me off, too. So I guess Richa stil lives at home? I don't know much about Indian culture but it seems that the moms have a very strong presence in the household. They are the bosses and everybody better stay in line. Kids and husbands alike and I love it!
  9. Crystal is a bit of a drama queen. Kathy needs to cool it with the bossy comments to Sutton about her store. She may be able to treat her sisters like that but it's not ok with other people. I think most of the time Kathy lives in a Beverly Hills bubble not relatable to the rest of mankind. Can't wait to see what kind of a party she throws and what her house looks like.
  10. Shawniece can not have a conversation with Jepthe. She has to go off the rails yelling and screaming. He tries to keep his cool. She must be really frustrated with the realationship and possibly there is a lot more going on that we aren't aware of but to react that way every time he wants to discuss an issue in the marriage is exhausting. I can't believe Eliz and Jaime are thinking about a baby. She is so damn needy she is going to have to change her priorities big time.
  11. He doesn't have to buy her anything. She surely has the money to buy it herself. As far as building the home, that's what contractors are for. He doesn't have to do any of the hard stuff. As far a taking care of land, she can hire a lawn service for that. It's easy when you have money. I find it to be a very strange dynamic. Man crush indeed. I don't blame Amy one bit for being uncomfortable with their friendship.
  12. Possibly they remember how badly Natalie treated Mike when she first arrived. She complained about everything. His looks, his weight, his IQ, the food he liked, his home, his drinking, his uncle, his cat, living in the country. The list goes on and on. I have no sympathy for her at all. Sometimes you get what you give and she certainly got hers.
  13. I think in some parts of the country a one story home is rare. It looks like in Oregon the norm is a two story. When I lived in NY it was mostly two story and in Charleston where I was once considering moving most of the homes there were also two story. Although Amy and Matt have enough money they could easily build their own ranch style home. I still don't understand why Amy didn't purchase a beautiful piece of land, a couple of acres and build instead of buying a home in a conventional neighborhood. She misses the wide open spaces of the farm so what does she do? Buys a home with very little
  14. It's a shame to see Sonja's treatment of Ramona. Ramona loves Sonja, considers her one of her best friends. I may have a short memory but I don't remember Ramona dragging Sonja behind her back or even to her face. Sonja is a terrible friend and Ramona puts up with her shit. She treated Tinsley the same way. Jealousy has taken over Sonja. She's jealous of both Ramona and Lu because they didn't piss away their divorce money the way she did and I think she was jealous of Tinsley for the same reason.
  15. I had to FF through the pageant. Grown women dressing like fools and pretending to have a good time. I hate that shit. These women are too old for that! We are being punished enough with Leah, now she's dragging her sister back in to the fold. Please, no. I don't see much if any difference in Leah's before and after nose. Ramona looks great this season. Lu is looking gorgeous. I would kill for that thick, full head of healty shiny hair. Thank god Sonja ditched the ratty extensions from seasons past, her shorter hair looks good on her. It must have been very, very difficult to
  16. I don't see that they give any love to Jonah. He is kind of hard to love, though. They were probably excited about the podcast thinking that finally they may get him out of the house if he earns enough money. As expected, Amber shows little excitement for her Valentines gift. At least she mustered the courtesy to go around and hug everyone. I must have missed what Eliz is doing with her nursing degree. Did she stop going to school? Settle for a certificate? I get the feeling she wants to marry her boyfriend and start a family above having a successful career, then a family.
  17. She's the worst. What an attitude. She definitely is bossy with Zied. Maybe she should boss him off the couch, get some exercise, put the video games aside and look for a job.
  18. OMGosh Zach, Tori and their kids. I can't. They bore. Kids are cute, though. Chris and his friendship with Matt seem so fake to me. Chris is still not comfortable in front of the camera. His relationship with Amy is weird, too. He is going to miss having his 2 nights a week alone at his house. That whole soup night scene with their friends was for what reason? To show how normal they are and all the many other friends they have? I'm sick of Amy's soups! She does alot of them on her cooking video's.
  19. If Natalie would speak and tell Trish to her face that she is upset about being called a hooker but instead she prefers to stare out the car window and pout refusing to tell Trish what is really bothering her. She certainly has no problem telling the camera what the "bug up her ass" is. She would rather play games. "My mother told me not to talk to you". WTF, lady you are 35 yrs old! Also, Nat told Mike what Trish said (if she really said it) so Mike should have approached Trish and asked her if she said that. He let it go which was a really shitty thing to do. It's like something is missing
  20. Because Natalie is just as awful in her own special way.
  21. When they showed that montage of everything Reza has done/said/lied about over the years to GG, MJ and pretty much ALL of his so called friends he is lucky to have a single friend left much less a husband (however gross Adam may be). Reza is deplorable and I'm convinced most of them are still speaking to him because of the show and the paycheck that comes with it.
  22. Can not stand Natalie and her childish acting skills. I want to punch Mike in the face. Momma Mike is a hillbilly with no class. Momma Mike's roommate was the only one with manners at that pitiful Thanksgiving table. Someone at the TLC production table must have told Kalani and Asuelu to stop with the fighting, crying and complaining and start pretending to want hot sex with each other. I prefer the fighting.
  23. So GG has a nanny and also her mom is living with her full time and GG doesn't have a full time job? At least the baby is very well taken care of. I had my doubts about GG high on weed 24/7 and taking care of an infant. Or toddler. Or teen. Her mom probably realized she would need help right from the start. GG is a lucky woman. Reza is a malicious, jealous, petty, hateful, untrustworthy asshole. However, he is right about Mike. Thing is they will be best friends again by the end of the season. The never ending Shah's cycle continues, no matter how vicious and spiteful they are they will
  24. Makes perfect sense. That's why he chose a woman like whatshername. She treats him like a punching bag, too. It's all he thinks he deserves.
  25. Supposedly her new man is from Paris. Of course she will try to learn the language. Just like she was going to convert to Judaism when she was dating the jewish guy. I can't wait to see this new season because it must be all scripted BS, right? I mean I always heard the French people do not like FAT. Especially Fat Americans.
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