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  1. Dong Along Song How long is that dongie in the satchel? The ween that was once of Ji-hoon.. Where is that dongie in the satchel? A witch has sent it to the moon.....
  2. For those of you avoiding the Colby Blinding Teeth Review, he had Keith explain what they are required to carry when they leave camp... the camera equipment, safety kit backpack, cross body purse holding their sat phone and yellow locator transponder... Sorry, but not sorry Whiner Keith but Jordan managed to bag a moose last season by carrying all that gear, all you managed to do was snare a tainted squirrel that you boiled and roasted into your Million Dollar Mistake.
  3. He etsy'ed himself some dangly earrings. His Self Tattoo that he had to correct by scrub-a-dub because he got over his skis by 3 dots.
  4. Note to self....squirrel is not the other white meat.... Karma biting Keith in the ass for faking the tap....buh bye Keith’s Room Rater 3/10...2 traps, horn and pelt. Anyone else notice he resembled Robin Williams? Mark hope Frebreeze was one of your 10 items...eeewww Too much fat in his diet causing poo to gush from his rectum....Guess too much of a good thing can backfire (pun intended) Callie, wish your shelter was closer to water and more sturdy. Hazard trek come ice and snow. Nice coil and pinch pots. Roland cracked a smile over his 2 fish. Colby Is blurry.
  5. Tania further humiliates Syngin by making him carry her purse holding his balls....
  6. I misread it as "carries his dong around in a satchel"... Let me go clean my glasses.....
  7. I would be polite and says she smells fermenting.....that ewwwy tangy sour smell of milk spit up in the car seat creases in 100 degree temps.
  8. Googled tipping in Jordan.. Tipping in Hotels "Hotels from the midrange to top-end categories generally add on a service charge of 10%. For bellboys and porters, JD 1-2, or US$ 2 is customary to give. If you stay at a hotel more than one night it's good idea to give a few dinars or dollars in advance to the room service personnel and the cleaners." Britt is the type of girl that doesn't have to open her wallet since her cuteness gets things like tipping taken care of when she par-tays at home with her date takes care of the hotel... I will be generous and guess she didn't have any cash with her...She could have offer the front desk staffer and then the bellhop stiff shots of Patron for compensation....
  9. I would err on the side of Jihoon's poor vocabulary and interpreting E-Lisha's loud screeching, dropping f-bombs, outlandish over reactions to his mom's driving as angry when he meant loony, cray-cray and wholly inappropriate in polite, subdued S. Korean culture.
  10. Timbo's blubbering, weepy, schnotty true confession TH was quite the performance. We will have to see the special sauce between him and his Colombian sweetheart to see what's what...maybe he is going to donate one of his kidneys to her father.... Yazoo's hand in her face, furiously hollering ENOUGH ENOUGH ENOUGH full throated at her then expecting Britt to be lovey dovey by gazing into his eyes (as he drove) and holding his hand is a giant red flag banner waving, flapping and fluttering and the best example of her Jordanian life with him..every action, thought, utterance will be judged, chastised, punishment doled out then she expected to push her thong aside to have sexy time with him. Stupidly she thinks he will cut her slack as an American, her promising to be serious about Islam was to entrap him to cooperate with the filming...oh, BTW she didn't even file for her divorce and the papers she is going to show Yazoo's Dad is a certificate she downloaded online. Britt is an ugly crier and we will be seeing all that on our screens again and again this whole season...
  11. To quote the Church Lady...Well, isn't she special....... Putting things in perspective...Deavan needs to save her kids from her mother's asinine utterances and influences...
  12. Thanks for the info. Timtimtimmy is the best guy she met when stateside? What is wrong with her...how is she so emotionally damaged to accept that he cheated on her and she still wants him to come be with her?
  13. 5 most uninteresting things about Timmytim. 1. His stupid nickname. 2. His milquetoast personality 3. His secret...some chick offered her hallway and you threw your hot dog down it...yawn... 4. Teaching your cat...the cat was just messing with you and wanted to see you crawl on all fours 5. How you got a Colombian to fall in love with you online...she wants to be on teevee...duh
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