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  1. humbleopinion

    MAFS Social Media, Spoilers & Speculation

    Betcha MAFS wishes Derek Schwartz would stop using his twit connecting him to the show.... https://www.marketwatch.com/story/president-donald-trump-labeled-as-racist-in-chief-after-his-latest-tweetstorm-2019-07-14
  2. humbleopinion

    S02.E06: The Bad Mother

    Maddie dancing in her wedding dress to Ed’s choice of song...total cheese ball...actually felt bad for Reece. Master Bation diary...is that a thing? 160K...Juliette...”other services rendered”...16 times or 32 times or 64 times or 128 sexy times with Gordon...guessing $500 a tryst.... My eyeballs rolled out of my head and under the couch.. Best news...next week is the finale...this was not a worthy piggyback to an excellent Season One of big little lies. Celeste has to mount the white horse and save herself....
  3. humbleopinion

    S.09 E.06: Real Life and Real Wife

    Big Red Chardonney: ding dong... Hey neighbor! Iris: Hi yourself...Come on in.... BiggieBeth: Can I borrow a cup of KY ?..... Iris: What's that? BiggieB: Oh.... I forgot...I'll wait until Amber gets home from school.... Iris: Lemme ask you a question...How many boxes of condoms do you go through in a week? BigRed: So far we have been averaging one or two Costco sized boxes very few days.....we would probably need more but we have been having weekend brunch with the Fam and Daddy seems to find a reason to park his ass on our couch every evening hanging out until midnight... Iris: Just wondering.... BigRC: Well..gotta go get sexy for my man coming home from work...I am wearing too much clothing Iris: Yeah, I barely recognized you with your boobs covered and tucked inside your blouse....
  4. Returning home to Charlotte, N.C., from their honeymoons in paradise, the four newlywed couples are faced with real-life issues, including moving in together.... new twist...All 4 couples are going to be neighbors in the same apartment complex
  5. humbleopinion

    The Casketeers

    Kaiora plays the straight man to Frances' vanity and many grand projects...his decorating with 2 or 3 of everything, his dandy suits, his love of a bargain like that junky packers' van ...oy vey! We all need a Kaiora in our corner, she does the computer work, the finances, the voice of reason and is the eye roll when Frances gets too big (or in his case, shrinking) britches...taking care of 6 boys+Frances, her 7th boy... A well deserved second oy vey! and two (of course) fisted props bump to her and her loving charm... In the THs, Frances embraces his many foibles...as does his family and staff. But that's what we love..the humaness, the love me as I am.... His high pitched hyena laugh is so far from his solemn funeral director demeanor...it is startling the first time you hear it... His love of pies....cheese and meat... When visiting NZ last fall, the pies sustained us for brekky, for a snack, for fun.....the venison with mint and lamb curry ones...ahhhhhh What a show.....
  6. humbleopinion

    The Casketeers

    Lapping up this gem of a show......gentle humor, great humanity and a fascinating window opened to us. Frances’ love for his cleansers, trolls statues to cheer his staff and showmanship are endearing. Scottie’s emotion break for the twin Jeremiah is heartbreaking. Fiona is a star. Glimpses of worlds that we are usually not privy... Binged every episode in ONE sitting like France's beloved leaf sucker..... Wonderful and heart warming....
  7. humbleopinion

    S06.E05: The Kill

    In your best Boris and Natasha voices...let's all say...Moose and squirrel.....
  8. humbleopinion

    S06.E05: The Kill

    What was outside Nikki's camp with the good sized paws with toenails and drag tracks? Throw out your guesses....
  9. humbleopinion

    S06.E05: The Kill

    When Nikki was just about to lick her knife.....I held my breath...until she came to her senses and didn't.... Happy 45th birthday, Nikki and thank you for not cutting your tongue off on camera...cheese and crackers, lady.....scared the crap out of the viewers... The moose died relatively quiet compared to the hare who did make whimpering noises into the mic before getting its neck snapped and of course, the loud suffering squirrel........ Woniya making the rabbit skin rope...anybody else think that when she went off camera to hang her fur strip that some animal was going to swoop in and steal the skinned rabbit from her campsite.... Jordan...feasting on his moose bounty...The half million prize money is his to lose....no way he can lose unless he injures himself, food poisons himself by not smoking and preserving the moose meat or a predator fights him for his food cache... Jordan can just be a Sam and lounge around waiting for the others to starve and drop out or in one case set herself on fire ...again.... Jordan brought down a bull moose with one arrow while filming himself and field dressing it with a small knife..this is why we watch Alone....not to watch someone win by squishing mice in dead fall traps and living off their bulked on pre drop off body fat... Brady stated that one moose is worth 100 fish....guess he has 99 more fish to catch since he decided to forgo a bow for snares, traps and fishing lines as the way to feed himself... Jordan's feat will blow all the others' minds when they tap out and find out about his moose.....but whoever traps the wolverine in the tease is pretty badass, too
  10. humbleopinion

    S02.E04: She Knows

    Laura Dern gave the universal sign for Botox injections.....
  11. humbleopinion

    The Duggalos: Jinger and the Holy Goalie

    Staged chopstix usage...just use the fork... Even Flea-Flea is giving her mom the side eye for faking the stix action....
  12. humbleopinion

    S02.E05: Kill Me

    If Ed was going to boink anyone it would be Bonnie...lots of friendliness going on with those two... but that is neither here nor there BLL is turning into Peyton Place (how's that for a 40 year reference) when setting the world back on its axis is completed by Ed and Tori having sex...um, no... The 2 cheatees making it right with retaliation sex for what their cheater spouses did a whole year ago....lazy script writing.....
  13. humbleopinion

    S02.E05: Kill Me

    Where were the teachers/teacher aides working recess? They would have stopped the bullying from escalating to a beat down.... Kayaking is not a reward, Ziggy ...yes, your father was a rapist... but look an otter!.....
  14. humbleopinion

    S02.E05: Kill Me

    Corey needs to work a side job to afford rent to live in Monterey Bay....dude is delivering GrubHub to the police station....where's my tarter sauce packets to go with my endangered, unsustainable Chilean bass?...
  15. humbleopinion

    S02.E05: Kill Me

    Poor Ed. Dude can't go on a bike ride or have a cuppa joe without Nathan wanting to pick a fight. Now he has to fend himself from Tori's advances, implants and an invitation to some kind of tit for tat sex scenario....yes, pun intended....