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  1. Clay was the crier missing his boys. Nathan has 5 kids so must be relishing the peace and quiet. Jordon is the one who had a daughter that died. Matt misses his wife….perhaps another Mike who was out of his mind missing his Barbara…
  2. Yes, Nate got a Bolete mushroom stolen when he was drying some he had foraged.
  3. Matt Gnarly Teeth and Michelle are both already too thin less than 2 weeks in. Meanwhile Biko looks like he’s maintaining his bulk weight by eating plants sez him…okay, pal. Biko, you are no Ethel Merman…stop belting out in song…STFU and show us what you are secretly eating….your shelter is coming along nicely, your bark side paneling will be flying projectiles in the first big wind. What has Rose been doing? Brushing her hair and….? The rod and reel was for show only….it was ill conceived and nonfunctional. Her flimsy tarp shelter sez it all…I’m outta here first big wind stor
  4. A countdown to the 25 most memorable moments from the Atlanta season.
  5. Hahaha...what are they going to do put a game camera pointed on Liz's bed...then she and Brice can have sex on the couch, in the laundry room, in the garage...quickies if they want...who sez sex only happens at night when Brice sleeps over. Liz will just promise no f*cking Brice to stupid Amber and dopey Trent to just shut them up but realistically can't do anything to stop them, it is her house. Brice will be turning a new shade of red during their sexy time....lucky boy.
  6. JamieO flies to ATL to celebrate her 35th birthday both Dougless and kidless so she can enjoy herself with her BFFs from Season 12 (minus Clarabelle). Jamie's friends are the most recent cast of MAFS? Didn't they Zoom mostly? Her birthday gift to herself is being out of the Florida to avoid sex with Doug...but she'll have to brace herself for Father's Day sex because that's what he'll want and not a $500 Yeti cooler... https://screenrant.com/mafs-jamie-otis-birthday-celebration-season-12-cast/
  7. You've been sufficiently warned. Raise your hand if you think JamieO nominated and campaigned for herself and Doug for each category....
  8. 12 seasons of former favorites, showcasing some of the best moments with nominations to the MAFS Hall of Fame, including categories "Favorite Fairytale" and "Least Likely to Succeed." JamieOtis hosts.
  9. I picture Chip cackling when he gets his Travel Channel paychecks for literally phoning it in....
  10. My hat’s off to you for watching MAFS:The First Year when it was on the FYI channel, your tv viewing and memory is to be applauded. MAFS:TFY Available on Hulu, Sling and AppleTV for those interested. Clara needs to up her game if she wants to squeeze blood from Lifetime’s stones and get them to pony up for Wedding Deux.
  11. Can't wait to hear Amber's excuses for Jonah's failure.... If Anna had shot Amber the finger like Emma, Amber and Trent would have called the police and have Anna arrested.
  12. I am still playing the long game and eventually religion will come into play for Ryan.
  13. History channel Alone show website. Theresa goes through her 10 items, she calls the food item her emergency ration.
  14. Clara is fooling herself that Ryan is all in with their marriage because of the elephant in the room… The importance of religion in his life, his ministerial parents, his future children. Clara’s turning away from the church has not been reconciled and it must sit uneasy with Ryan. Ryan will divorce Clara unless she starts going to his parents’church, is an active member and will raise their children in the church… Methinks that RyRy will quietly separate from Clara over their differing religious lifestyles and is one of the reasons why they are not cashing in on Couple’s
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