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  1. As a long time viewer.... you have Early Onset MAFS Fatigue. With 3 or more regular episodes, then 1 or 2 Decision Day episodes and then the Reunion episode...you have hit the wall early. Hard to say what concessions are being made for Covid filming. The Lifetime site says 16 episodes and a Reunion show...how they slice and dice them is unknown. Consider not watching the next 2-3 weeks because it is the doldrums of the season with fake urgency of the upcoming Decision Day to annoy you... You are not in the mood to watch the sausage being made...so don't. The hard headed will be here.
  2. ChristinA and Henry have progressed in their relationship...It is clear that they are not forever marrieds but a truce is in the making...they will cooperate to finish the season's filming. Not as much anger and disappointment registering on their faces. Unlike Brett and Auntie Olivia...where her resentment and disappointment oozes out of her pores...I can see one of them abandoning ship. Amelia said her relationships have been short lived because mama is a rolling stone...moving every couple of years for school.
  3. From a 2005 NYT article..."The Allure of Beaded Curtains" Bead curtains give a gentle sense of separation. They filter light but allow plenty through. They give a sense of privacy while providing a view. They are the ultimate noncurtain, whether used in a window or doorway, or as a room divider. Perfect for Benmelia...A pocket sliding door would be too harsh of a barrier. A kind reminder to the production crew that they stay on the "public side" of the beads. The sensual texture of strings of beads appeals to their tactile senses...Shades of Grey? The sounds is a nudge to that part of their brains that are musically developed.
  4. https://soapdirt.com/married-at-first-sight-henry-rodriguez-revealed/ Henry is local parish royalty. Ran against his gas bag dad for Parish President. Henry IV. Tinder-er since the early days...2013 and possibly sooner. Serial dater like Brett who is more like a rabbit with 45 dates in a 2 year period post broken engagement versus Henry, a tortoise, a cool turtle in the dating app game.
  5. Amelia was clued in for a surprise and figured the knock on the door was it. Anyone who shows up at the Krischner/Fatsi household with gold gilded paper horns twisted around the head of a pipe cleaner bespectacled singer/guitar player accompanied by The Madonna with celestial crown or a blue accented vayjayjay is granted a hug by Amelia who figures if it isn't one of her quirkster friends it is one of Bennett's.
  6. I noticed but I wasn’t sure. thought it was maybe a dermabrasion or different make up. Good for Amani. She looks terrific. Cool Turtle/ChristinA are done as marrieds but they can be friends and just ride out the next 5 weeks and go through the motions. The real train wreck is BOlivia...and we will see their misery splattering all over our teevees in the weeks to come.
  7. Some bookeeping to clean up.. One shrug dance from Woody at "date night". Those two really do like to dress up and look nice. Description: More of a upper body jogging, shoulder shrugging, arms cocked and pumping slightly movement. Yet another dinner out by another couple to make Olivia jealous....since she's stuck at home eating Brett's home cooking.... Anyone else notice Woody hasn’t worn any hats...all still on the Wall of Hats back at Granny’s...
  8. The preview will have Brett's bench warmers fleeing. Olivia confronts him and his Dickishness reaches a new high or low in terms of character. BOlivia is a dumpster ready for a match to light it up.... Cool Turtle/Chins are having a run of good days...the meds must be working!
  9. Amelia is exactly who I would want to have as my primary. Olivia would be someone I would want as my RN.
  10. Bennett's TH: "(I have) Reached a place where I really adore her. (I feel) Warm and gooey like I'm close to my melting point with Amelia." How lovely.
  11. Bennett in the nicest, most respectful way confirmed that they had sex.
  12. Amelia likes the mustard muumuu tossed on the floor in the corner...rawr....
  13. Bennett shows his appreciation to Ameila for her TLC when he was sick for 5 days.... Cook a tofu entree dinner with roasted asparagus...no boogers, please Get a woman with twisted paper horns around her face to sing like an angel in a beautiful song duet with a blue costumed leech looking outfit or The Madonna to Amelia knowing how much she appreciates singing, original songs, and guitar.... Better than a bunch of flowers....
  14. Amelia has major feels for her husband, no matter how hard Bennett tries to sway her. Even calling out his own worst failings...picking his boogs and B.O. Ameilia brushes them aside and admits she forgets her deodorant upon occasion. Do you remember what her younger brother looks like? He could be Bennett's brother...for all we know Bennett could resemble her father... Amelia even faced the serious rebuke from Bennett of not washing the outsides of the drinking glasses when she does dishes with an okay.... Bennett is matched with the one person messier than himself, has a looser grip on hygiene than he and is not grossed out by his worst habit and after some very lousy couples on MAFS, they are fun to watch...
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