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  1. Geraldine Chaplin was a bit too wrinkly as Wallis Simpson....but what can you do? Charles Dance is fortunate to have maintained his strong, steady, clear voice..from GOT to The Crown.
  2. Enjoyed the doggies and horsies cast for this season, what beautiful animals. Completely bought that Phillip and Lillibet were hot for each other, good acting by OC and TM. HBC plays Margaret big and bold. Those dangling fuchsias totally saved that Jubilee outfit....love the attention to detail of the costumes.
  3. Tony knows which side his bread is buttered... If he forfeits through divorce his career as the Royal Photographer then he won't get the "royalities" (pun intended) to license his photos to grace things like teapot and tea towels with his sister in law's face and the newspapers and magazines. Anyone else think OliviaC's Queen looked like a boxer who has to unflinchingly absorb blows to the face without a whimper.... OC has to walk the fine line to show a reaction with wider eyes and an emphatic blink..her flat affect, thousand yard dead eye stare and halting phrasing while conversing indicated great displeasure.... I kept saying.....Wait for it.....
  4. I am stuffed from the binge. I can’t believe I ate the whole thing.... The 3rd season has terrific looking vintage cars, military uniforms, royal robes and tiaras, castles and palaces but the everyday clothes of the Queen and royal family in the 60's and 70's...ugh. The beige hat that looked like a carved cantaloupe that covered her ears she wore at the investiture of Charles in Wales was the worst.... The supporting cast is chock full of awesome actors you will recognize from their work in other Brit series, the main cast is working hard for us to buy in their portrayals of the royals so I will play along. A couple episodes dragged but still an enjoyable season. BTW, Olivia Colman needs more script...her Queen is just reacting to Prince Phillip(convincing lip locks that the Queen and Duke like each other), Margaret, Charles and the various PMs. The horse trip to France and Kentucky let OC shine.
  5. Wowza..what a great show to binge on a transatlantic flight. From soup to nuts it was fantastic.
  6. Austin always seem twitchy at Any lame-o Duggar’s party...am sure he leaves his truck’s engine running so he, Joy and Gyddyup can dash out when the filming stops.
  7. Did everyone else shout out at their TeeVee along with Chelle when she said "I mowed my lawn in a bikini!" That story is as tired, old, outdated as Her hair do...... Looking at her now it is unimaginable that there was a time in her past when she could actually fit into a 2 piece... her overhang, multiple layered rolls, back fat, cellulitis, saggy pouch for birthing all those critters is not bikini friendly....Bleaching my mind's eye....
  8. Everything Bin spews from his pie hole about NYC comes from the rom-coms he watches to escape his poo smelly hell...Enchanted, WHMS, Maid in Manhattan, You've Got Mail, Kate and Leopold...
  9. The next batch of Dugg marry-ables (excluding Jana) are 5 hillbilly chuckleheads who are to be released to court the females in their vicinity...church elders....lock up your daughters! The spokesman/ring leader, Jed is the worst looking with his mange inspired facial fuzz, speaking wisely with the courting experience of a voyeur....his older brothers as examples...I rolled my eyes so hard they tipped out of my skull.... Jere is the better looking of the twins(very low bar) but, bless his heart, he doesn't have two working brain cells to rub together.... Sleeping in the limos to save money... think of the bodily fluids on the seats...ewww
  10. Pastor V repeating San Fernando Valley 4 times in a row...the only way it could be more irritating is if he said it with a pretend Mexican accent...like... fine Corinthian leather.... The Volvos get permission to touch the HOLLYWOOD sign... from the website... The Sign has over 13 cameras including motion sensors, infrared cameras, and loudspeakers protecting it and is monitored 24/7 by the LAPD.
  11. On behalf of the fat cows as their spokesperson, cows would like you to know that they are in better physical shape than that blobby obese chimney and drunkard known as Ange. Cows have primarily a vegetarian diet with plenty of grasses and grain, an outdoors lifestyle, clear eyes and the heifers have their eggs and ability to tote them too....
  12. Calling BS Brandy...you didn't have one sober moment while on camera... TannerBananer will be having Kate's snapper if he continues to be heroic and be a take charge guy.....
  13. The hosts, Mrs. Orgasmic Noises as She Eats and Mr. Man of Few Words, of this charter are too polite to complain about the skimpy food the chef is giving them..."the perfect portion" may be a dig that he isn't shoveling out enough to grub to keep the guests from getting hangry and asking for pigs in the blanket an hour after dinner.... I would have expected to see Neptune's bounty... in mass quantities....not a 3 inch square of frozen filet, 2 shrimp, and canned crab dollop... I would deduct from the tip...and put the blame square on the chef who failed to serve the dinner I requested....
  14. Brandi acted inappropriately from the first step upon the Valor so either she is a Fame Ho hogging the camera with her bizarro act...note that the episode is named after her...or is in a constant state of being high as a kite or a drunkard.. Captain Lee should have guessed that the EMT would eventually be needed.... Tanner Banana-er, ex lifeguard stepped up and took care of Brandi when she crashed on the beach..Kate will reward Tanner by banging him.....
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