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  1. Jake is just itching to break out his Jorts that he can roll up Daisy Duke style....rawr..... He packed a pair of white elastic waisted neon triangled shorts that he didn't have an occasion to wear on the honeymoon.... What a f*cking shame...thought no one.
  2. Haley is a product of her friend group, bet one of them suggested the fore mentioned ill advised red lipstick. Her large friends group act as her Greek chorus, the mirror that she holds up to compare and judge herself. Her hair trigger reflex to immediately look for flaws to dismiss men that she meets is her pre guessing how her friends will judge them. She susses men harshly in anticipation of her friends doing it when they meet each man and run them through the gauntlet.... Her need for their approval paralyzes any common sense and intuition in picking men. MAFS picking her mate absolves her of yet another poor selection. Her best match would be the widow of one of the gal pals who had an early unfortunate, tragic death...dude is already vetted, he is part of the group and she wouldn’t have to stress over him knowing his place on the group dynamics. A Retread husband with pre approval is Haley’s dream spouse. The Haley and Jake match is cruel stunt casting, in the vein of Neil and Sam.
  3. https://www.newsweek.com/married-first-sight-season-12-1573849 Strong hate you-know-who memes....
  4. Clara is in reality complaining that she hasn’t had seen him pantless...shirtless is just the gateway to nakedness and to her getting her razortip fingernails below his Mason Dixon line...if you get my drift.
  5. Ginny Strong Jello shots get you drunk faster and less trips to the toilet to pee since the volume of fluid is less than mixed drinks/beer/wine/etc. The jello flavoring makes grain alcohol or white lighting booze, the 190 proof stuff like Everclear which is not to be consumed straight go down the right pipe because it tastes like battery acid so I’ve heard..... Clara Girl is so hot for her hubby than he dresses with a locked bathroom door so she won't enter and accost him. She needs an operation called a Leforte (1,2,3) they break the jaw to realign her jaws so the Trans Mandibular Joint is smoothly working instead of catching and realigning which happens so often she looks like she's chewing a cud...
  6. Jake doesn't try to meet Haley half way in an actual give and take conversation. He wants to give clever conversation stopper answers than float like lead balloons. He doesn't want to listen and answer.... he's swinging for the fences with answers that are just irritating, he thinks it is because he's so smart... but he makes people backpedal away from him and he blames others for him standing alone at social gatherings. He's repelled people who actually converse. He comes up with the weirdest shit because he's WILLFULLY OBTUSE.
  7. Trying a new format of replying....please click on Read more for the full entry...
  8. In the tease for next week we see Haley bringing Jake some big blue bags that we all hope are filled with new, well fitted clothes for him... Grampy Jake needs to hop into the Hot Tub Time Machine and wear clothes that human males are wearing in 2021... Predicting Jake will return in kind with a tacky 80's outfit fresh from the Goodwill for Haley that she will have to burn then fumigate the condo..... What the hell...Why why why do we have to see PO$ and Paige sitting in the same camera shot...they must be filming to fulfill their contract. I'd rather see Mercedes and Paige hang out with the brides and trash talking Po$.....Ginny will be the bartender.
  9. Jake needs to get over his need to be right and justified about perceived slights, inflating situations like his invitation getting lost in the mail to the cocktail party downstairs at the casino on the last night in Las Vegas. He thinks he is holding his tongue, thinking before speaking in measured tones but it comes off as hostile. Haley to switched airplane seating because who wants to listen his poor, poor pitiful me grievances the whole flight home. If Jake would just lay down his sword, he and Haley could just friend zone and stop stressing us out.
  10. Po$ Chris mispronounces “feelings” as fillings...as in dental fillings. Was he expecting Mercedes and Paige to cat fight over him...he’s just a egotistical jack hole.
  11. Unfiltered: Briana, Jake, Paige, and JamieO More sad music for Paige moving into the apartment alone. Jake and Bri think PO$ made a dick move to go to Chicago. Like that Paige had Haley’s back and Jake admitted to being too vicious in expressing his feelings about being left out. Briana’s laugh....heh heh heh reminds me of Bevis and Butthead laughing Haley doesn’t want to hug Jake to give him any hope of sack time. These Unfiltereds are so boring but I watch so you all don’t have to.....they are nothing burgers with nothing fries and a nothing drink. Unfiltereds used to showcase the cast off script, showing their personalities but they are just scripted yadda yadda yaddas....
  12. Paige can’t block him from her lady parts any more than she can block his phone number...
  13. Typical...Jake’s “hugging” caused his revolver to empty the chamber of bullets Haley is going to count it and cover her Bingo “Had Sex” square
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