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  1. RM...just shave to your knees...BigEd wants you to be smooth like his co worker Kara... If he asks to shave you himself, that's extra pervy...punch him in his snout and walk out the door....
  2. Anybody remember the "Everybody Loves Raymond" episode where Doris sculpted her lady bits and no one had the guts to tell her......how do you integrate your "fun bags art" into the decor of your home....next to the fridge's beverage and water dispenser? Or in these Covid times... The boobs as a place to hang wet sanitized N95 masks to dry and maintain their shape as the solution evaporates...one mask per boob...
  3. Little Pony=BigEd Mare= His Mommy Filly=RM Pinto=Prince and any future foals Gelding=Ed post vasectomy, shooting blanks thankfully....
  4. RM, hold out..Do not seal the deal....say NO to the horizontal hokey pokey, no nutty buddy, no bumping with his ugly... RM, milk his horniness...um... trembling anticipation...maybe strategic dry humping, over the clothes feel ups...you are not ready to see a naked BigEd and his itty bitty eddy.... RM, you are at your most powerful position now to negotiate with TLC to pay for your trip to San Diego. Notes for the pitch meeting with the producers for your season on 90D....Guaranteed Rating's Gold: Meeting Little Pony's Mare Mailing packages to Prince with Big at his favorite UPS clerk...you drive the scooter, Ed behind you holding on with his dog in the backpack Awkward meeting with Doppelgänger Kara High Noon at the OK Corral encounter with Ed's Hostile, reluctant daughter Additional Production Segments in San Diego for filming: Visit a geneticist to give the facts about the chances of future offspring having BigEd's affliction Office visit to the sperm bank with Ed being sent into the pocket door bathroom with a specimen cup to produce swimmers using well dogged ear Playboy and Hustler Magazines as motivation...hilarity ensues... Big Finish for the Finale: Snip Snip...Vasectomy! I'd watch all of this.....
  5. Poor RM, time to be the piper.....gag....barf
  6. Raise your hand if you think RM and the little ed will mesh and mash their last night in Milan....just threw up a little in my mouth..... Even less chance of them getting sexy time on that mattress on the floor in the back of the store with Prince sleeping within ear shot....
  7. Covid Dabbing is what you do in these current virus times to stop the spray from a sneeze from getting on others nearby...by sneezing into your elbow... Dabbin is put your arm over your nose as if you just sneezed and the other arm points where the dabbing arm is pointing. Originally it was named from the act of sneezing from smoking concentrated THC (marijuana) oils
  8. Google Translate has a feature you just hover your phone over the words you want translated...David's a programmer ...he should know about that useful feature as do most people who use the app and travel international.
  9. BigEd needs to gift RM a boat load of cash as hush money to keep RM from telling her sister and Dad that BigEd hurt her heart by asking her to take a sex disease blood test because he is afraid she is a diseased and dirty girl... She owns BigEd's ass...there went his chance for sex in the Phillipines...she can just deny him until marriage and her K1 visa... Does she still want Ed? He is dishonorable and not protective of her reputation... RM, wait for a better option...American or not... once the show airs she will get more offers from better men...
  10. No, he has 2 drawstring sacks instead of the bucket....one to cover her head and one for his head in case HERS falls off during their sex "performances..."
  11. Revolting what RM has to do to make a better life for her son....
  12. LGB And SJB are in the Deluxe Suite Chalet....The bucket may be considered an upgrade.... Uses of the Shower bucket.... Holds the hand held shower head, keeping it off the bathroom floor eco friendly...holds and saves the water leaking from the hand held. Rain forest waterfall effect....fill the bucket and pour over your head and shoulders for a refreshing cleansing...preferred by SJB after sudsing his face and head...he looks so happy when scrub a dub dubbing himself....the last time we saw joy on his face since LGB landed in Nigeria Used to Soak her hooves feet since LGB’s feet are swelling like puffer fish in the Nigerian heat
  13. Betcha her pits, lady bits are hirsute too..... BigEd better not “Bungle in the Jungle”...betcha he wishes he had a neck when doing that in the sack.
  14. Pavlohrad is an industrial town of 100K so despite bad roads and a war these obstacles will not stop David from finding...Lana, the Friendly Ghost. David is determined that the camera crew and publicity of an American teevee filming in Pavlohrad will suss his soulmate out into the open so he can get on bended knee to give her the CZ. Anya is a decent person who sticks out from the rest of the usual motley crew that inhabit 90D Land.
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