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  1. That’s Poli? Thank you HBO! Why can’t we have Michael Aloni in every scene? Holy Macaroni, this makes all the nastiness between Jonathon and Mira fighting and arguing fade away with the hunk from Shtisel….
  2. Agreed. Boo on the bakers who don’t play to their strengths…Juergen will never come to the tent unprepared but will always be very disciplined with a plan and with time management. Technicals will be interesting if they are far out of his wheel house. Nothing worse than slapped together, burnt, slopped on royal icing when you see the intricate finishing decorating skills of a past baker like Kim-Joy.
  3. Paul is being the meanie, the harsh treatment is just getting the audience ready for when the hammer eventually comes down on Maggie. While she must be a good home baker and passed all the auditions and interviews she is clearly is not doing her best because of the pressure of the tent, the cameras, the need for speed and the frustration of not doing her best. She is not the only one cracking under the stress but she represents all our beloved grey haired Nans and to see her well up and get teary eyed, tugs at our heart strings more than the others cast members.
  4. Having binged the previous 4 seasons the past weeks, hearing the voices of some of this season’s crew versus the soothing tones of casts past is quite jarring and sound like fingernails on a chalkboard with screeching cats yowling. Watching 40 episodes in succession means I’ve finally gotten accustomed to Noel( his changing hairdos does not hide his giant face)and while Sandi was an okay sidekick, their shtick got old and their openings got too elaborate, ridiculous and annoying. Matt is a doughy man baby…benign. Be Simple and punny, give us gentle Brit humour.
  5. 9/26 Tonite’s episode shows CO Matt Holmes’s ATV getting slammed into by a speeding ATV on 6/22/20. As luck would have it, the first 3 people to come on the scene are 3 EMTs from a nearby town. Spoiler alert: Matt and his wife Meredith have 2 cute kids. His daughter with the red curly hair looks like her Daddy.
  6. Humongous Domhnall fan (exception Frank of Ireland) In Black Mirror Season 2 Episode 1 “Be Right Back” and DG is eerily reminiscent but not as humanly sweet as Ronan. ***Spoiler***Michael was ultra gentlemanly in his call the TooBusyHeather, who should have called it quits, stop stringing him along and been nicer on the phone. Boo her. Come on LOTS, Michael needs to get a girlfriend in Season 3...he is a terrific pot just needing the lid.
  7. The parents of the cast are stellar. The audience is rooting for them as much as we root for the cast. We want them to see their sons and daughters find love from good people. Cian has given us another excellent season with a cast we wish the best.
  8. Michael, my favorite from Season 1 continues on his path to romance. Ronan will steal your heart. Jayden has edgy charm. Pity the sound guy had a heck of a time during Teo's segments. You cross your fingers for Mark and Chloe, both from Season 1. You will binge because the cast is compelling and you want for them to succeed.
  9. https://mafscasting.castingcrane.com/ Time for San Diego singletons to crawl out from under their rocks where they've been hiding and out from under the bottoms of barrels! Hoping for San Diegans dating losers who aren't looking to find spouses to Check all their boxes, aren't Stage 5 Clingers, aren't looking for someone as a rebound, and can mustard up the energy after working out to rinse off your Downtown districts. Good luck...Snark you later!
  10. You're so nice to give 'em the benefit of the doubt....unfortunately, Myrla's are not spectacular
  11. When Was this in the episode or was it in the Unfiltered?
  12. Hey Crazy, you are absolutely right. Gil loves that his wife puts herself on a pedestal....for now. Gil's admiration will turn to contempt soon enough.... The perfect drink as we watch Gil get frustrated and short tempered is mojitos.
  13. Bao's insecurities doesn't allow her to feel good about Johnny liking her...not even for one second.... She has to throw a wrench into the love machine by pushing his fanatical showering button. Yes, she may be tired on the rare occasion where she may not want to shower after a long day at work but that's well down the road when she and Johnny have a more stable relationship and he loves her even in a state of unwash... Bao Chickee bow wow....cue the tandem shower scene where Johnny washes Bao hair and well you know the rest.....fade away to a cloud of steam... Using her un
  14. Yes. Everyone except Zack and Michaela knows that their days married to a stranger are numbered.
  15. Unfiltered: Jose’, Myrla, Johnny, JOtis Myrla is feeling muy chula and shimmied her tatas for us in her cute pink dress, pink shoes, pink lips…. Jamie trying and failing in her sizes too small green jacket paired with her too tight too short LBD creeping higher and higher into her lap. She’s all rolled up like an armadillo, sit up straight lady… Divine Miss M is not wrong to decline to be a dog mom if she is not feeling it, the care of Hype is on Gil. I was distracted by coveting those Chanel slippers hanging off her toe during their dog conversation while eating chocolate chi
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