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  1. Crazy Bird Lady

    S03.E05: Rage

    And extremely unlikeable.
  2. Can't be all that "temporary, considering she was filling in for the guy who just declared he was suing the Chief, the Department, and the City.
  3. I've always loved this show, but this episode turned me off to it. I'm sure I'll watch it again, hoping it gets back to the awesome show it once was --but I'll skip at least a couple of episodes!
  4. I agree with that. I disagree with the premise that Bob was "stalking" her by finding out where she lived so he could bring her a pair of free compression socks, like he had promised he would. There is some obvious stalking that took place on the second episode-- it was perpetrated by Abishola's greedy family! Bob respectfully told Abishola's ridiculously intrusive relatives that he didn't want them arranging dates for him, he was only interested in how Abishola felt about it. She said --OK, they could meet, but only for tea-- but when she showed up at that bench at the agreed-upon time, she very rudely informed him that he could keep the tea and she wouldn't be seeing him anymore. (Yes of course, that was Abishola's choice to make. But it doesn't make her a nice person!) Abishola can do Abishola. I'll do me and find something better to do with my time.
  5. I totally agree about Abishola being rude and nasty. It's way more than a "little" bit sad. I realize this show is supposed to be an "equal opportunity offender" when it comes to racist jokes-- but fat older white men seem to be fair game for every possible type of cruel treatment-- like [supposedly humorous] race-biased "comedy", repetitive fat jokes, jokes about greedy money-grubbing relatives with blatant plans to take advantage of the fat old lonely white man, and everything else).
  6. Honestly, I don't care how they "find their way back to each other". I won't be watching again. I enjoyed the pilot episode, but Abishola doesn't deserve a guy like Bob. I tried to warm up to her-- but she's just a mean, soulless bitch.
  7. The last little bit of tea that was shared, is that Jamie got a job with Google and he and Elizabeth are either expecting to move or have already moved to California. Congrats on the New job, Jamie! That could certainly explain why Elizabeth chose (and/or was "strongly encouraged" by her father/parents) to stay with him. [...that's even if it means staying silent whenever Jamie is verbally abusive to her.]
  8. You saw exactly what I saw! Was it a two-month separation, while she got away from Jamie and focused on her dog? I just don't buy it, that they're staying together. Not indefinitely, at least. Beth has apparently 'learned' to stay silent while he's abusive --but is the reverse true?? I doubt that very much.
  9. Apparently, Jamie has trained Beth not to say anything when he's being asinine. He wanted to have her dog put down, instead of spending the money for Doggy ICU. Beth drew the line at that (as she should have!) but then she "repented" and took the asshole back. I truly hope these two divorce soon.
  10. I still hope that's not true, but it probably is. They must be trying to improve their chances of getting at least one marriage per season that lasts past the final reunion (lol). I think it sux, too many personalities to keep track of imo, and probably only "awwww...." and high drama will even be shown (as the cameras will be switching couples constantly). Yuk!
  11. Agreed. I'm bored with both of them. She [Iris] has a big 'issue' with 'just' being friends, so Keith needs to stop trying. That marriage is over. Move along. And, MAFS, stop putting it on TV!
  12. ...And I heard that next time, there will be 5 couples instead of 4! (I really hope that's not true.)
  13. ☹️ ...And drunken Matt will be sleeping at so many women's houses --without using protection-- hustling women as a big TV star and a pro basketball player, and making dozens of pathetic mini-Matts who won't even know their father's last name. 😬 Matt = 💩. 😉 Keith, on the other hand, would be a great hubby and an amazing father, married to someone besides Iris, and I wish him well in that quest!
  14. YES!! MAFS workers, if any of you scanning social media sees this, do it!!
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