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  1. "Married at First Sight Season Six Star Shawniece Jackson Expecting First Child Ahead of Finale" http://people.com/babies/married-at-first-sight-shawniece-jackson-pregnant-expecting-first-child/
  2. Exactly. When Cody informed Jamie that, up until the very moment he learned he was getting married, he had had sex EVERY DAY, my immediate thought was... you mean with your hand, right? Or maybe with farm animals? I mean, this poor guy has NO GAME whatsoever. There's just no way he was scoring with actual human woman on a daily basis.
  3. Someone was speculating that Ashley was preggers? Check out her Pinterest -- looks like she's already had the kid: https://www.pinterest.com/ashleypetta/
  4. Yup, I was right --> http://razor.charlesbullock.net/bullock/arthur/carol/kurt/kurt.htm
  5. Nick's father? I believe this may be him: http://bailbondcity.com/hendry-inmate-PENDERGRAST/1673
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