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  1. Um, Sonny might want to read "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish" to the baby instead of unloading on the baby about his father's end of life issues. I do enjoy a sweaty shaggy Al Pacino Dog Day Afternoon lookin' Dante. I hope he is coming back. So, the only thing that happened during the break was that Olivia became totally unreasonable? Really? "It's just a company?" Ned is supposed to toss it to the curb and devote himself to your Dante pain.
  2. She was ready. I hope the rehab gave her some skills to help her deal with being without a partner, cuz she needs to be single for a while.
  3. Just binged season 13. For sure, Korina was not the most humble and likeable person in the world, but I was shocked that she got booted before Char. Karina's look was not nearly as bad as Char's in that last challenge, and Sean totally steered Char to the win in the one-hour face off challenge. Char never won a single challenge (for good reason) and she was just not on par with the others designers, including Karina. Kini and Sean said it in their talking heads, it was only Karina that said it outloud. Tim used his save on Char cuz he liked her. Then he gave her the extra 10 minutes in the other challenge and Char was put into the finals even though that last challenge did not merit it. Char seems like a lovely, well-liked person, but if I was Karina, I would probably be pissed off too. Karina should have stuck gone in the direction of her Native American designs which were super cool, but the judges wrongly steered her away from. I was perplexed.
  4. Finally finished up the show. Some fun characters. They all seemed to really want to cook to the best of their abilities. The blind gentleman was so amazing, how does he even do all that without cutting or burning himself?! It was very inspiring watching him navigate the team and restaurant challenges. I'm also glad they introduced his sighted helpers. When the winner was introduced as a youtube sensation, I was like, UGH!!!!! But he turned out to be a great guy who really had a passion for cooking, and it clearly meant the world to him to be on the show, so good on him. I've still got the Bake Off: The Professionals finale to savor, but then my cookery programs will have run dry. So if anyone has any recommendations, let me know. I did find one place that has a bunch of old season of MCs from around the world, so if you want that, PM me. Can't wait for MC UK: The Professionals this fall!!
  5. I thought for sure the husband would have at least have hired the guy to do it, cuz he was just such a dry tears, crime scene defiling, red herring throwing, cheating piece of shit. He was the kind of guy who immediately turns your stomach, before you know anything about him. I still think even if he didn't have anything to do with the murder of his wife, he was relieved to have her taken off his hands. The TV guy said he was totally ignoring her, and he admitted to having an affair ...but, you know, what was the poor guy to do, his wife had gained a bit of weight from her depression medication and hadn't had sex with him in weeks. WEEKS, y'all!
  6. Jim Carey is exhausting. It reminds me of Robin Williams' super manic energy during most interviews, which I suspect is some kind of cover up to the real personality underneath.
  7. Exactly. I used to enjoy watching Top Model until Tyra decided that what we really wanted to see was MORE TYRA, so she starting eating up a lot of airtime with her horrific songs being part of the challenges, or her next attempt at a catch-phrase ("potledum" anyone?) or Tyra being the photographer, or mentor, or actress. Ugh.
  8. When will the bunnies stop crying?! I think I would probably starve to death before I would be able to club a crying bunny, but then I have not been tested in a starvation situation, so you never know. Mark didn't really have a choice, but I am continue to be flummoxed why these guys do not put on 30 extra pounds for this adventure. Joe did not use his time wisely earlier on when he had more energy. You are only going to get more weak and tired, so why put something that strenuous off. Go Callie!
  9. This was not a satisfying episode. I need more insight. When Robin was talking about his rehab stint, he said how they dug down deep inside him and brought a lot of things to light, but I was like, um, what things? His biggest challenge in life seemed to be that he was insecure about being a bit short. One would think doing great in school, becoming a success in an amazing dream job, making some good friends, marrying, and having kids you love might level out your self esteem. But then he got lonely when away from his family for a few days doing his dream job, so he had to drink to the point of losing everything. Whuh? I was thinking, well, maybe he just likes to drink. I was an alcoholic and I get that. ...but then all of the footage of him drinking, he was the most miserable drunk ever. He just stared into space looking sullen, sat a picnic bench drinking warm beer, or fell all over the place. He never seemed to have any kind of high, relief, or even peaceful oblivion from it. It was weird. I couldn't figure him out. Maybe he has severe underlying depression that went untreated or something.
  10. I remember that one @andromeda331, but I forget why he killed his mom. For the money I would guess. The killler this week was also really stupid. The guy claimed he shot his ex-girlfriend (who was coming to see him and on his porch) from inside the house through a window. He said he thought she was a burglar trying to get in and he was defending his home ...but oops all but one of the six bullets he pumped into her were from an angle of him standing directly over her and they found shell casings outside.
  11. TVbitch

    NFL Thread

    After seeing Alex Smith's amazing 30 for 30 on ESPN, I'm not at all surprised he might try for a comeback. Dude was a rockstar mentally and physically in dealing with his life-threatening injury. His doctors were blown away by his effort and spirit, so if he is fit for it, I think he deserves a chance.
  12. I can only watch one or two episodes of Hoarders a season, cuz they get very similar to me. And the looooong sorting of the stuff is just too boring. Carol strikes me as a sociopath and hoarder, who was probably more savvy when younger and was assertive enough to take control of Dave. Dave is an easy mark, clearly a really passive guy who is going to let Carol wear the pants and make the decisions. He doesn't seem to understand or care that she is taking advantage of him. Maybe he did at one time, but some guys will still choose such a relationships cuz for some reason they want/need a dominant partner to run their life. My dad is the same way. I understand hoarding is a bona fide disorder, but I have never seen an addiction interventionist give so much coddling and control to the addict so that they wouldn't freak out or shutdown. It is always: This has gone too far, you are ruining lives, and you are going to treatment or else here are your consequences." Chatting with a hoarding specialist for a week is not going to cure a hoarder.
  13. Maybe they told Roland not to give away that he won, and he has been overdoing that directive with the stone face. I do not think Joel appreciated Roland's matter of factly saying he knew an elevated meat cache would not work. : D I totally relate to Joel struggling with being home. When I do a month alone at our forest cabin, re-entering the city is like that scene in clockwork orange (or Lost!) where they prop the person's eyelids open and bombard them with sound and images and shit. Just the noises inside my condo feel so instrusive! When the landscapers come it is like a full on attack! I have to wear ear plugs and blue blockers. I think most people are in a state of passive over-stimulation which may be why there is such a problem with anxiety disorders and such.
  14. TVbitch

    S07.E07: Snared

    Joel has expressed that his only regret is that he did not take a couple days of rest before deciding if he could continue. I was thinking that if he was going into full ketosis, there is a transition period that can make you feel extremely weak and like you've seriously hit the wall, until your body adjusts. I think that is why his legs kept failing him.
  15. When Colby was talking to one of the girls and Mark about Karma and they were both waxing rhapsodic about it, I was like, oh I hope he also asks Roland, cuz his answer will be hilarious! : D
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