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  1. TVbitch

    S08.E06: The Iron Throne

    I feel for those poor folks who have to listen to BRAN give speeches. Pack a lunch people, cuz those will be ungodly slow and monotone. So Drogon gets woke and melts the throne. He was fine torching innocents in the streets, but now he's gonna let Jon live and calmly leave. What the fuck was Jon's plan if Drogon went apeshit and started killing everyone? He had none, of course. Bran accepting the throne: "Why do you think I came all this way?!" Oh you, how cheeky, but um, if you knew in advance, maybe you could have given everyone a heads up about the massacre. Just saying.
  2. TVbitch

    Better Things

    I can't blame the kids for being selfish entitled brats. My two nieces are the same... worse even. I never spend time with them cuz they are insufferable. My brother is beside himself about how difficult they are, and how they don't act like adults even though they are now in their early 20's. Everytime he complains, I remind him that he was basically a crap parent and he created this situation and it isn't going to fix itself just cuz they aged into adults. Sad but true.
  3. TVbitch

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    So Ryan got the jump on Curtis and Laura, but instead of just killing them like he did the lady, he decided to carry their unconscious bodies to chairs, tie them up and rig the place to explode. You have to admire his one-handed can-do attitude! And he took the dead lady somewhere else. Maybe she will pop out of a cake at the Nurses Ball or something. I guess nobody misses the mayor.
  4. TVbitch

    All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    I think 20/20 did it. They all seem to follow the same cases. I wonder how they choose their cases. I think Liam's statement to the movie director kid sums it up: "What am I gonna do, live some boring ass life?" It seems like SOME young people are pretty empty inside these days, and are looking for the sort of excitement they see on the TV or video games. At the same time, they seem more aimless and lazy, but still want life to be comfortable for them without working for it. Not all of them and not to that degree, of course, but I even see it in the young adults in my family. Um, none of them are murderous though.
  5. TVbitch

    S17.E10: What Do You Care About?

    I did not like the winning look. Thought it was an "old" blah color and a done-before ruffle and the glitter faces looked juvenile. Also Dimitry made looks that were two faces meeting that were better, so I am biased. I would have had Sabastian win. His concept was genius, the execution was cool, and his t-shirt was great. What does this guy have to fucking do to win?!
  6. TVbitch

    S19 Ep7, Family of Addicts

    Donna had her hands full with that family, and she handled it well, but I cringed when she asked Sean to go with her to drugtown to find the interventionees. Dude was already hanging by a thread.
  7. TVbitch

    S08.E05: The Bells

    Is it too late to have all that torching business be just a moment's thought that goes through Dany's head, and next week she is still behind the men on her dragon as the bells toll? No? ....how about the whole winter is just really a snow globe?
  8. TVbitch

    The Wendy Williams Show

    Wendy seems almost TOO happy lately. I have to give the woman credit. It's like she has no shame, and it works for her. First she acts like a mess on air but says nothing is wrong, then she lies repeatedly about what is going on, then after the soberhouse shit comes out she makes a weird partial "I'm seeking support" explanation for which she is heralded, then after the actual truth comes out, she stonewalls us, then a few weeks later it's like, oh hey, I know y'all know everything, wink wink, cue standing ovation!
  9. TVbitch


    Just caught up with this series. Can't say that is has the same magic as the season one, but it's still entertaining and the acting is great. I had some laughs at the feral girl episode, but like others, I thought it was a dream sequence or something. I was kind of put off when it all turned out to be real. I mean, of course, this show is already absurd and often campy, but it kind of stayed within certain defined boundaries of that. That is why last season still felt so real and pulled on my emotions quite a bit. The feral girl thing breached those boundaries and kind of pushed it to another level that made me see the whole thing as more of a cartoon that even the actors are winking at.
  10. TVbitch

    S08.E05: The Bells

    PS. So very thoughtful of all those people in Kings Landing as they are dying and burning to leave a perfectly straight and clear path for Arya to ride out on her white fucking horse. Jesus God.
  11. TVbitch

    Masterchef (AU)

    Just finished week 2. Can't believe both of them used immunity pins this early in the game! If they don't think they can outcook 15 other contestants what are they doing there?! They judges give more advice than the new mentors. During the final phase of the elimination challenge, how is it fair for Gary to taste that curry dish (when the cook failed to taste it themselves, even) and then tell them it sucks, and go to advise that the guy "don't try to fix bitter, you can't" and that he needs to start over! The bitter curry dish could have been the worst if he hadn't redone it. Was failed panacotta woman given equal help?
  12. TVbitch

    All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    Sooo, the girl is obviously going through something and dad threatens to "blister her butt" and that's when she tells about the abuse. And then the mom questions her certainty and talks about how it will destroy the molester's life and how it will be really hard on the dad. Hello, what about your child?! I can't imagine what was going through her mind being so terrified that the molester was going to come back and kill her, only to find out that, no, someone else she probably thought was friend was actually going to kill her. She must have had a very bizarre and confusing moment of "Wait, what, you're the wrong killer." Andrea Canning continues to BUG ME. When the officer was crying over having seen the body, she goes.. "It's okay, I know how hard it is". No Andrea, you don't.
  13. TVbitch

    Tennis Thread

    Yay for the Golden Greek! That was an amazing match. Bummer though that Stefanos won't even have 24 hours to recover, while Dj is pretty fresh. I don't see how he will be able to bring the same intensity again tomorrow afternoon. But I will be rooting for him!
  14. TVbitch

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Wherever they are, I am grossed out by Maxie and Peter and all her mixed signals. They need to decide they are better off as friends, pronto. Shiloh is a good actor but there is no way they can keep him around. Even if he is being controled by a bigger evil, he is still a rapist, and they can't possibly go about redeeming another rapist so soon, right? RIGHT?! (I know they are careful to not explicitly call him a rapist, but he drugged women and had sex with them, so he is a rapist.) Are we really supposed to believe the MAYOR of Port Charles can disappear to Canada and commit fraud on some undercover mission and no one in her office, nor the press, is onto her? Jesus God.
  15. TVbitch

    S17.E09: The Stitch Is Back

    Do not get the Jamal love. He wrapped a bed sheet around a model a couple challenges ago and won. This time he wraps a comforter around a model and gets top 3. And they called it "interesting volume with draping" or some shit. I actually liked Tessa's a lot. I hated the judges acting like fucking high school teens giggling and making suggestive comments about the male models. That was inappropriate and juvenile. Only the costume designer guest judge was professional and respectful.