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  1. Has GF put on weight? Not judging, but she either looked quite a bit larger today or they are dressing her really badly. Noooo Ryan, don't kill that dude yet! I want this story to be OVER. And I want to see Maxie freed from Peter. ...after she eats a huge slice of humble pie. Jason: I don't need your help, Sonny, I have already figured out how to prove Sam's innocence. And I will also solve Drew Cain's murder. And expose Peter August. Then, after lunch, I am going to see about wedging myself into the baby swap story.
  2. I like Tommy too, but I would not want to go into business with him. He doesn't listen, and he gets fixated on an idea to the point he won't except any criticism, even from the client. I thought it was pretty absurd that there were any orders for either product.
  3. TVbitch

    S39.E04 Plan Z

    This is the second week my DVR cut off the end bit. Can somebody fill me in on what Chelsea had to say about her outser? You could tell Probst was trying not to smile after Noura got benched.
  4. Vertical Pie? ... ... 😐 ... ... I thought David's tarte tatin looked delicious. Carmelized purple carrots are going to look dark, and purple. Get over it, Prue! Wasn't she upset just the other week that blueberries looked mauve? What is her deal with the short end of the color spectrum.
  5. I have never owned a cat in my life, but even I know they get really upset when you leave them and/or make a change in their environment. What is she gonna do when they pee in her suitcase?! And to think starving them will teach them! Jesus God. I will give the show props for having KG on. (Although, I'm sure it's cuz they literally could not get ANYONE else!) It is pretty crazy what they did to her. I mean, did all the other people involved in that professional photo shoot and at the magazine also get blacklisted? I'm guessing no.
  6. The only thing I rewound and watched twice was Carrie Ann falling off her chair.
  7. Finished Celebrity MC and was happy to see Monica's restaurant! That food looked so good. As for the outcome... All in all, I enjoyed the show. Now bring on the Professionals!
  8. Today Wendy told a story about a reporter for Vogue admitting she was unprepared when she got a last minute call to interview Rhianna. Wendy's all: "Come on, you should have 25 questions for Rhianna off the top of your head!" Then she said that when she does an interview her producer always has questions written on cards for her ...in case her (also written for her) teleprompter goes out. That is her amazing level of preparedness!
  9. Is Bill's interview with Howard in that book? I also wonder what their beef was about. Howard gets too raunchy for me, but whenever I have seem him in an interview, I've always found him to be intelligent, well-spoken, humorous, and willing to be candid. All of which I appreciate. Bill is also very intelligent, well-spoken and humorous, but less candid, so although I like him too, he comes off more aloof. Bill is getting older and maybe he is feeling like he's not gotten enough appreciation, which is never a good look, but a lot of people in the autum years of their vocations feel that way. The difference is Bill makes unfortunate passive-aggressive comments to the audience and has conspiracy theories about why he hasn't gotten an Emmy, while Howard would just come out and say how he feels. Which is why Howard is easier to warm up to, and Bill might actually benefit from therapy. (Just a little bit, Bill, not 30 years! ❤️)
  10. Lucy actually gave a decent speech about atonement. But then Sasha's first act in her long atonement process is to lie to Nina some more. Mikey has decided he can roll with another liar though, so it's all good. So, is Neil evil? Will Julian save Alexis from him? Neil seems overly imposing about having Brad bring Lucas in after he found out who the baby is.
  11. Who fucking calls 911 to report they drove into a ditch on their way to commit a murder. That is a new level of stupid. I'm gonna cut Dateline some slack, y'all, cuz of course they are going to try to make a mystery out of it best they can. At the end of the day, they are making true crime entertainment. I thought Denis was awesome. Whatever bullshit she said about being human and making mistakes, he kept bringing it back to the fact that she was a remorseless killer who murdered two people. Can you imagine if Andrea got that interview? She would show up in skinny jeans and 4 inch heels and be like, "What did you think when Tim called you at 4AM, were you like, oh my god!" :) Why would any lawyer let that chick do an interview?
  12. I agree there are not a lot of standouts this year talent-wise or personailty-wise. Noel was really excited and energetic his first year, but I can imagine after a couple years you have made all the baking jokes you can think off and it all starts to seem a bit repetitive. I mean really, if we have to endure the Sandy in a burlap sack bit one more time... Thanks for alert that Australian Bake Off is back on. I will have to find it! I am just saving Canadian Bake Off for later, cuz I can barely keep track of one batch of contestants, let alone 3!
  13. Not as many stand out characters as previous season but it is early days. I did not see a "meet the contestants" episode, so it's hard to get a handle on them. The ice pops with the rosemary sprigs... yuck!
  14. I'm all for it! Let the contestants be the stars. Thank god no Curtis or Poh! They have credentials, and hopefully they interviewed them enough to know that they have good personalities. They men are not bad to look at. I will kind of miss Matt and Gary, but the truth is, they were played out. ...based on the articles, the woman might be trouble. Looks like they are doing...
  15. So glad poor Masterchef US watchers are enjoying the show! New season should be up next after Celebrity Masterchef finishes. I am watching that one too, and it isn't half bad as "celebrity" versions go.
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