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  1. My DVR cut off before it said where the children were placed, can someone fill me in. I've seen this story a number of times, and it always breaks my heart. That wonderful couple and their happy life ends in the most ungodly horrific way possible. Skylar in that last interview: "I'm generally a good person. I'm nice to everybody." I wanted to punch that bitch in the face so bad.
  2. And now sensitive hero Jason is the "Mike Whisperer." ... Jesus God.
  3. "Harry and Meghan will no longer use 'His and Her Royal Highness,' Buckingham Palace says" Bill should give them a shout out next week for taking his advice!
  4. TVbitch

    NFL Thread

    "Report: Tom Brady 'embarrassed' by salary, plans to move out of New England" --This showed up in my "recommended for you" google news feed. I'm like, damn, even google knows I hate Tom Brady! KC playing the Titans tomorrow is turning into a tiny Sophie's Choice for me.
  5. Good show. Bill was in a good mood and everyone seemed to having a good time and lots of laughs. I feel the same way as Bill about the "royals" so I enjoyed the new rules. Pelosi is a great speaker. ...of the house and in general.
  6. I can only pray that they are showcasing Victoria like this cuz she has a big fall coming that will make for great TV. And also that they are holding back acknowledging one of the very good always "safe" designers because the judges/producers can already see they are the front runner and want to keep the competition interesting.
  7. Since I already concur with everything said about Bethany, I will just point out that in this episode I noticed that on the wall at the weigh-in station there are 2 paintings by Thomas Kinkade. I find it amusing that Dr. Now is a fan of the prolific "painter of light".
  8. Hey now, Sonny just wants to spend time with his severely declining father in their old neighborhood ....and, you know, take a meeting with mob kingpins while there. What's the biggie? I hope they didn't just bring Nelle back to have someone murder her. Cuz against the Corinthii, I am team Nelle.
  9. Why is Detective Chase being paged to the scene of a minor bar scuffle? I hate that slack jaw thing CD does with his chin. It makes him look like he is always thinking "duh". Well, damn, I was hoping Shiloh's twin brother, the heart surgeon, would show up at the memorial and get a job at GH.
  10. Laura multi-tasks in a visit to the police commish to say she wants to clean up crime on the waterfront, and make it clear she stands by Nik no matter what crimes he's committed. So far she is not impressing me as mayor.
  11. ... ... I completely forgot Neil existed! I would take Spinelli and Georgie back if we can have Ellie working at the hospital. It pains me to see Anna so absurd, but at least they are keeping Robert true to form.
  12. Wendy is super best friends with her staff now dontcha know. I wonder how totally bummed Suzanne was to get that call that SHE had to organize and invite people to an event at this restaurant ON HER DAY OFF so that Wendy could breeze in at 6:01 and out by 8PM and take credit for supporting the place, cuz it's been on TV. Suzanne did all the work. I'm pretty sure Suzanne and Brendan would rather have spent their day off at home watching the NFL playoffs or something. Then Boof still has to bring her food between flights so she can take a couple bites. She didn't even let him in. Isn't there food delivery now that will do that for you? Those poor people.
  13. TVbitch

    NFL Thread

    Note to Ravens: KC is how you respond when you get punched in the face. I am still so disappointed in them. I don't think Russell Wilson could have given any more. I'm trying to decide what would make for the best Super Bowl. Probably 49ers/Titans. But that's not bloody likely.
  14. Glad I'm not the only one ragging on Andrea this week! @iMonrey My dad collects rocks and the one that popped into my mind when I saw her necklace was rhodonite. It can be dark pink to purple. @Whimsy do you know if there is a forum for it somewhere? I still can't get it out of my head.
  15. TVbitch

    NFL Thread

    Oof. The Ravens just did not look fired up. They didn't seem to have it in them to respond once they realized it wasn't going to be easy. I also did not appreciate Lamar acting all "what is going on" like he wasn't part of the meltown. At least my Steelers friends will have a good time bagging on me. All in all a pretty boring day of football yesterday. I do hope today will be more exciting.
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