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  1. Donna and her husband were a solid couple. Nice to see them happy and laughing. Thank god that guy will be under supervision. I mean, the dude tries to kidnap another girl while awaiting trial for two previous counts of kidnapping/assaulting women! And they are going to let him out again?! PS. I think depending on how, where and in what generation you were raised, "gentleman" is just the way you were taught to refer to men. I use it all the time and it's just ingrained, I don't think about it. For me, it doesn't mean anything more than "male I don't know".
  2. Regarding the guy who was shot at the strip club, it always pisses me off when the detectives berate, belittle and shame someone who is afraid to talk or testify cuz they have to live in that neighborhood and are afraid of retaliation. It's so easy for the detectives to say "do the right thing". They just want to solve their case and are not going to do anything to protect these witnesses. They don't have to live in the hood as a snitch every day looking over their shoulder and face that retaliation which is very real, or face putting their family in harms way.
  3. My understanding is that in addition to avoiding side effects, going off your meds can be enjoyable at first, before the hypomania turns into full blown mania. One can feel smarter, more awake, very confident, sexual, euphoric, etc. That is why Carrie Matheson repeatedly went off her meds on Homeland.
  4. Carly telling Sam about how wrong and sad and hurtful it is that her husband has an emotional attachment to another woman. How her husband is showing loyalty to another woman over her!! ...Please tell me as Sam walked away, she grinned like a Cheshire cat and whispered, "How does it feel, beyotch!"
  5. BLQ and Chase's chemistry seems more friends/brother-sister to me. The sarcasm, little digs, and teasing thing they do does not help. Okay, at the risk of sounding like Jan, I'm sick of everything being about Marshall, Marshall, Marshall!
  6. TVbitch

    NFL Thread

    Cardinals never fail to meet my expectations. I don't think Murray is an NFL quarterback, just like Josh Rosen before him. KK does not impress me either. I knew they were going to lose, but that was pathetic. As soon as they showed KK's face before the game even started, he looked like a dead man walking. Hope the Niners pull off a miracle next weekend!
  7. OMG, half the show was Hatman and/or people talking about Hatman! I hate this fooking guy and he's taking over the show! And now we have to suffer through some feckless romance between Hatman and Piph! ..Barf!!! No way would Britt get all up in Nina's love life and try to use her to manipulate Sonny for Brad. I just call bullshit on that whole conversation.
  8. Keith and Rich are becoming quite the comedy duo. I bet Rich is going to get a ton of letters after episode three! Glad to see Rose getting a bigger role this season.
  9. I agree, but at least it the right ones went through to the finals. For me, it was the right winner. And I still enjoyed seeing the others' work, even if it wasn't on the same level. Also liked having 3 challenges each episode, as it kept things moving. Tajh seems to have some talent, but don't know if I could put up with a whole drag race season of him thinking he should win and pouting when he doesn't!
  10. Did anyone else watch? I enjoyed it! I especially liked the non-elimination format that allowed us to see more of all of the contestants work.
  11. TVbitch

    Tennis Thread

    ... ... Did something happen? I've never seen this forum so busy! : D ESPN3 plays a lot of matches for free. I just counted and right now they are offering 6 different matches. You can access it through the app or online at their website. You can watch live or they are all there for replay after the matches have finished. You just log in with your cable provider info and you are good to go. Looking forward to some tennis!
  12. Dateline did 2 hours on this not long ago. Was hoping there would be more new information at the end. I do watch 20/20, but it totally annoys me how they have to chop every freaking sentence up and have three people say a little bit of it. I do not enjoy all the quick cuts to a new talking head every fifth word! I guess they think it is more exciting that way.
  13. Vincent put up some incredible bakes along the way and was a worthy winner. So sweet of him to say the plate belonged to all of them. Usually the first two bakes in the finale reveal the front-runner, which was Aimee, for sure. Then for someone else to win they either have to do something amazing in the final bake, or the front-runner has to stumble ~both of which happened here. I feel bad for Aimee, but she seems resilient and had a wonderful experience, so it's all good.
  14. I don't know if they killed him. But they certainly did not kill him by sitting on his chest. (Like those two would come up with that!) HOWEVER, they were having an affair. And it is very suspicious that he died literally the night before changing his will. It was unclear if she knew Ted was changing his will, or if Ted knew about the affair. I do think the guy was trying to steal Ted's silver, and she wanted to cash in on his death as best she could. BUT, the fact that she saw Keith and flagged him down to tell him how she was doing is why I really don't think she killed him
  15. Shouldn't Sonny be upset that Ms. Woo did not complete her part of their bargain and kill Peter? She should have to finish the job. Sam and Drew have more chemistry that Sam and Dante, so I hope they just go there. Dante can bow out nobly, cuz it is best for Scout. ...and it would be hilarious to watch Sam's head explode if Carly also decides she wants Drew.
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