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  1. TVbitch

    Masterchef (AU)

    I enjoyed the one season of MCAU Professionals. I wish it would have taken off. It was a LOT of Marco, but I came to appreciate the show quite a bit. I think MC UK Professionals is in the fall, but that would be great if you watched along with me @Myriad, and anyone else! I also like MC UK regular. These shows are only about 20 episodes, so it's not as big of a committment. I highly HIGHLY recommend the last season of MC UK Professionals. I actually wept! WEPT! for one of the male chefs who was utterly brilliant and stoic throughout the whole competition, but could not compose himself at one point. I shant say any more to avoid spoiling it. Oh, and there was a LOT of eye candy that season. Mhmm.
  2. TVbitch

    Masterchef (AU)

    Hi @PepperMonkey, I was wondering where you went! ...okay, I am old and senile, but have the "mentors" not been around for a couple weeks? I still miss Shannon. I think Gary, Matt and a guest judge would be good going forward. What other cookery shows do y'all watch? Masterchef UK The Professionals is my favorite, but sadly that forum only has me and a tumbleweed in it!
  3. TVbitch

    The Wendy Williams Show

    Andy Cohen seemed genuinely happy that Wendy is finally away from Kevin. The thing about today I found entertaining was Andy wearing those beat to hell shoes, cuz he forgot there was shoe cam. Wendy said now that she is older, she doesn't need gifts, and prefers to give back. ..Wasn't it earlier this week that she was begging the audience to send her gifts? In any case, we can be quite sure girlfriend still wants princess level attention and then some, and even more on her birthday. What did she called those teeny white shorts she was wearing in the pap photos, something like "panty shorts". If I left the house in those, my neighbors would call adult protective services, cuz they would think I had early onset demential and was leaving the house in my underwear.
  4. TVbitch

    Masterchef (AU)

    Why is George closing a successful restaurant? Is it cuz of the scanadal? I did enjoy him putting Larissa on notice after she casually called him "mate" in the kitchen. If I've learned anything from Gordon Ramsay, it's that the chef is only to be called YES CHEF, while subordinates may be called "Lari" or "mate" or "stupid fucking donkey." I found it strange that they were doing this really important five course dinner, but the chefs didn't even get to talk to each about what they were making and how it would flow. Oh Simon, this is not the time to bad week! I will say his hair was very generously tousled at The Press Club. Tim made a mashed potato dish. Is it me or is that is a weird second course in a five course menu? His tears were a bit over the top. LOL at Larissa walking by and looking over like WTF?! (She did give him a hug though). For me, this is not a super strong final five, y'all. I'm still mad at all of them for the abysmal performance last week. I hope somebody* really smashes it next week so we can end on a high. *certain restrictions apply.
  5. TVbitch

    S07.E02: Our Competition's Not That Smart

    They could definitely use a Kent and Vyxsin!
  6. TVbitch

    The Wendy Williams Show

    You welcome @chenoa333! It's good to know my suffering is not for naught. :) Did y'all know that Wendy is #livingherbestlife? ...I just wanted to make sure you were aware. Cuz sometimes a couple minutes will go by without her mentioning it. I can't remember anything else she said today. Except that she LOVES the Bachlorette, cuz the gal is having lots of sex, just like Wendy. Uh huh.
  7. TVbitch

    S12. E06. Art of War

    If they are going to do something really niche like the cross-stitching, why not bring in an expert who can show some of their work and give a few mentoring tips. Instead we get confusion and mostly shit tattoos. It would just be so easy to make this a much better show. It's being made pretty clear this season that the judges do not respect Dave's opinion.
  8. TVbitch

    All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    I heard "dicking" too, and was like whah?! Agree about polygraphs. I am low thyroid and even though I live in a super hot climate, I rarely sweat, even when exercising. That little girl is lucky to be alive.
  9. TVbitch

    Masterchef (AU)

    @Myriad I am the same, NEVER watch the previews and skip over the opening bit where they pretty much tell us everything that is gonna happen in the episode! Also, I have always preferred men with longer hair, especially if it is charmingly disheveled. Tim put one piece of bone marrow on the plate with inedible crackerbread and a puree. I swear if he makes it into next week over one of the remaining people, I will Anuska's says her problem is she is "always short." She meant time-wise, but I could not help but . Ah, she loves "the kids" --you know you are middle-aged when you start referring to 30 year olds as kids. I found her post-show work --wanting to use cooking to help people with mental health challenges-- interesting.
  10. TVbitch

    S06.E05: The Kill

    Felt bad for Nathan, still think the guy got a raw deal. Felt bad for the moose and hares. Did not feel that bad for Brady and his cramps. Jesus God dude, I know those hurt, but that was some dramatics. Also, please tell us your stick is suppose to be a guitar BEFORE you start stroking it.
  11. TVbitch

    The Wendy Williams Show

    Wendy: "Who am I?!?!" Norman: "I know, Who are you?!?!" Indeed. Wendy says she has been told that HER life is what we really want to hear about. She also made comments about next season, so sounds like she will be back. She does seem healthy, but her personal stories continue to make little sense and are totally boring. She tells us about all these things she is invited to even though she didn't even go cuz she was tired, it was too hot, she wasn't given enough notice, etc. But she was invited, y'all! A five minute story about her flight and how the attendants wanted a pic with her, but she only gave them a wink, cuz she didn't want to cause the masses to go crazy. Sizzling topic.
  12. TVbitch

    Survivor in Other Countries

    Still watching, we have finally reached the merge!
  13. TVbitch

    All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    Then there was that other case where the ex wife convined her new boyfriend and her two barely adult sons that the ex husband/dad must die. The boys were caught disposing of bags on their dad's bloody clothes in a park. The whole family was tried together, although the cops were never sure who did what. ...I forget how it all shook out, but of course the only defense was to point the finger at the other people involved as the actually murderer, even though they were all clearly involved. I know some of them went down for the murder though. How is Ms. Tan at the least not guilty of obstructing justice, lying to the police, failing to report a murder?
  14. TVbitch

    Tennis Thread

    Well. Fuck. It was like Picard vs. Borg! ESPN's replay had Boris Becker commentating and he shed a bit of light on Dj, having been in his camp through 6 major titles. He said Dj is VERY emotional and has to go robot mode to contain himself. And he had to work hard and get help to cope with the fact that the crowd was never gonna root for him with Rafa and Fed around. But it still hurts him. I get it. I mean, can you imagine working THAT hard, your whole life, climbing to the top of your field, becoming #1 in the world ...but everybody wants you to lose! ...Okay, don't flame me, I'm just an old softie. Both men seemed extremely quiet today. I did not hear a single "come on" or see a big fist in the air from either. Hardly even any grunting. Or facial expressions. Fed was even more deadpan than Dj! Damn those guys are fit. A lot of the 20 year old's would be panting and doubling over, but both of them were barely breathing heavy.
  15. TVbitch

    All Episodes Discussion

    You really didn't get how intensely evil Leon is until you heard that voice message of him screaming death threats at his ex-girlfriend. He plays it so cool that even knowing his guilt, it shocked me.