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  1. Was Friday night's episode about the sinus doctor a rerun. I didn't remember it until the end with him in the tent and slicing his throat, and then it rang a bell. In any case, I had a bit of trouble feeling sorry for the wife. She really enjoyed the planes, trips, jewelry, boats, and having 3 elaborate weddings in different countries without worrying about just how he might have been making all that money ...until he scammed her, then she needed justice!
  2. I'm glad Alex didn't go home, but what on earth was he thinking presenting a totally different concept than the one that Marc raved about?! And if you are going to go vegetarian, do not slip bacon into one of the dishes and then not list it! Both menus actually looked tasty and photographed well. WTF with Erica? Last week when Josh was in the bottom she was all huggy with him, "come back to me!!!" This week she is in the bottom and is like "Get the fuck away from me, I'm pissed!"
  3. Does everyone in this town live 30 seconds from the hospital? Today it was Brooklyn who got there and back before Valentin finished his brief conversation with Ned and Mikey. So.... the plan was for Sonny to break into Elijah's office while she keeps him distracted, but he's just downloading a program onto Elijah's computer, so that Nina can then break in later and print out a bunch of his documents?! Why not just have Sonny get the documents?! I know the alarm went off and he had to change it up and make it look like a robbery, but why was the office left open after the police were ther
  4. I didn't care for any of the engagement rings. I didn't like Sonny's twisted rope band. Would that even be comfortable wearing every day? With Hugo's, the diamond almost got a bit lost with those equal size maple leaves on each side. Tam's whole "looks like you dug it up" might be cool for some people, but I don't want to have to explain that to people who think it just looks amateurish. Dan's had a bit too much going on. I kind of had the feeling they wanted to get rid of Dan this week, but then he did well, and the client chose him, so.... But Sonny did not really belong in the final a
  5. Thanks @humbleopinion for your post about the final leg being a good watch for those of us that bailed. I was able to jump back in for it unspoiled! Very happy for Marilina, what a champ! I saw Autum's elbow crisis, but missed her legendary vagina meltdown. Now we get some wrist hysteria: "You guys just don't get it!!!" And her way too dramatic sobbing good-byes and "I love you's." Sheesh! She's exhausting! Hearing how much production was involved in this show, I can't help but wonder how much better it would have been if all the teams had done the same course from the beginning. Th
  6. Bringing a new person in and an old person back only to fire them after one task is just stupid! This show had almost no credibility to begin with, why make it worse?! At least this episode had a well defined task and Bethenny gave decent feedback, but then she again totally crumbled when it came time for the "you're fired!" This is episode 5 and I have no idea what business skills any of these candidates have. I only know which ones coddle Bethenny to the degree that she likes when she is around.
  7. That was the first thing I thought about the unicorn coat. That the tale would get wet and heavy, and would stay damp for a long time. Don't know if I would have given Farie the win again, but I totally trust these judges to be fair and impartial. Sad for Adam, he's such a positive, spirited guy. Hard to say who is the front runner, cuz they all seem to have pretty big highs and lows.
  8. The rehab was pretty vague about why Ami left the second time. Something like, she didn't like the feedback she was getting and it became clear that this wasn't the right place for her. Huh? You're a rehab and she's an addict. I was wondering if the teacher was secretly in love with Ami or something. I want to give him the benefit of the doubt, but I just can't these days. How was his behavior not frowned upon by the school? His wife didn't seem to keen on it. I like that the Canada episodes still use the black screen and "5 Steps".
  9. I like Dante's Serpico look, but he is smoking hot all suited up too. His hair was so shiny and silky. He should tell Sam what conditioner he uses. Don't care how many times the show tries to convince me that Willow and Michael can barely contain their desire to fuck each other ~they are about as hot as frozen tater tots! It's still lame to me that Curtis dumped Jordan. Next he will dump Portia for not telling him about her patients. (I know, Jordan kept more from him than work stuff.)
  10. I don't understand TikTok. Are you actually supposed to be able to recreate those looks based on a couple flashes of various stages of them. They had a TikTok challenge on Design Star, too. Like people are going to be able to build a piece of furniture after seeing 15 seconds of the process! I wish they would have had a double elimination and then spared someone who had more talent later on.
  11. Bethenny is exhausting and totally in love with herself. This show sucks! Why does she have 10 different outfits on to do her talking heads for one episode? Why am I still watching?! The Apprentice New Zealand just started a new season, hopefully that will be better!
  12. Did anyone watch the Weekend Mystery rerun they showed Saturday night? I'd forgotten how it ended. Still can't help but think Bambi and/or the boyfriend had something to do with it.
  13. Watched the elimination episode. So much green granita. So very much. It's all an icy blur. Oh, and I guess Wynona got eliminated for not making green granita or something. : D MC UK just ended their regular season. If you'd like help finding the episodes online just PM me. MC UK Professionals is usually not until fall.
  14. Carly and Joss are officially the same person! They can now support each other in being outrageously selfish but not feeling any sense of responsibility for their stupid choices. Peter throws the nurses wallet, in tact, into a public trash bin. Brilliant! Britt, why are giving Jason a big cup of coffee and then telling him to go to sleep! Had to laugh when Maxie threw Sam out. Sam, take a hint! Stop trying to butt in to everyone else's drama and go home to Monica's and be with your kids!
  15. She seemed totally out of it during her 90-days later confessional. I don't think she was using at that time, as she was still at the rehab, but I think they had her on multiple drugs to attempt to deal with her pain without narcotics. And probably some psychiatric drugs/sleeping meds to boot. She seemed more like a med zombie and looked pretty miserable. I don't think the medication management was where it needed to be, and she should have stayed at the rehab until they got that to a stable and tenable place. As it was, it did not surprise me at all that she went back to her own treatment pla
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