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  1. TVbitch

    All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    Yeah and how on earth was that child returned to his father?! The kid said dad tried to KILL him. And then next thing was the uncle came down to help care for him on the farm, which implies he went right back there! WTF? Also, did Dateline run this episode for Father's Day? If so, that is fucked up.
  2. TVbitch

    All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    I also did not care for the mother saying to the killer in her victim's impact statement that she knew Kayci would have forgiven him, so she would to. Ummmm, that was a bit presumptuous. For the record, if I am ever murdered, please do not forgive the murderer on my behalf.
  3. TVbitch

    All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    @cooksdelight Not only that he will actually be elligible for parole. ....Seriously?
  4. TVbitch

    Survivor in Other Countries

    Feegle! I am surprised with how popular Survivor is that there are not more watchers of the English speaking foreign versions, which are all better than US survivor.
  5. TVbitch

    All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    I wish they could have found some evidence. Did they even test Jason's hands? Did they search his place? Did they track his phone? He would have had to go dispose of the gun and then come back to "discover" the body. What a shitty fake robery that was. Why not take the money and jewelry? The husband's pain seemed very real. And he hired his own detective. And he spent a million dollars pursuing the son knowing he would never see a penny of the judgement. That all suggests he is probably not the killer. Jason shot his mom with his dad's gun. I'm sure he was hoping dad would get nabbed for it. Still though, Jesus God, it seemed like they had a decent relationship. I fucking hate my dad and I can't even imagine harming him in any way.
  6. TVbitch

    S06.E02: Tainted

    Not gonna miss Donny too much. He was a little too camera aware for me. I actually liked him better after he dropped the "manly man/I have no weaknesses/ain't no heart attack keeping me down" persona and started snot bawling. Nikki has a voice that grates. She sounds like a whiny teenager, and she laughs at her own jokes, which aren't funny. I was kind of hoping she might go, too! Jordan has a legit beef. That would piss me off, too. Ray is my fav.
  7. TVbitch

    S17.E14: Finale

    My faith in PR is officially restored! I think it was probably very obvious early on that Sabastian was a star and the winner and the whole season was designed to try to keep us guessing a bit, keep it interesting.
  8. TVbitch

    Survivor in Other Countries

    Jacque goes from being dumb to being smart to being dumb to being smart, and I like that! Yes good plan, well acted. I can't really keep track of who is who until it gets down a few more but I appreciate that there are no "made for TV" personalities.
  9. TVbitch

    Masterchef (AU)

    George is my least favorite judge (and I know he can't help it, but I do not find his sweaty head amusing or endearing). Matt can be fun sometimes, and I can relate when he CANNOT stop eating the food. Gary has turned out to be my favorite judge, cuz he has a sense of humor and he is actually the real mentor. He is always challenging the cooks: Do those flavors work together? Why are you changing a classic, there has to be a reason. Is that too much going on? You don't have time for that." Gordon is trying to change up Masterchef US this year. I've only seen one episodee but I wonder if his visit to MCAU was a scouting mission to incorporate some aspects into the lame US version. I'm DVR'ing it, but it will have to go into the queue behind Bake Off: The Professionals, Masterchef Canada, and Best Baker in America!
  10. TVbitch

    Masterchef (AU)

    Talking heads: Tim is the new Abby who was the new Steph who was the new Tim. I'm glad Abby is gone, just so I don't have to hear her say "aromats" one more time. Mentor Matt's OTT gesticulating and even trying to mentor the guest chef during the immunity pin challenge was a bit much. Dude, it's not about you. Simon is adorkable. Did I hear the judges say "or eh gih no," all American like, instead of "or uh gan o"?
  11. TVbitch

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    I'm all for Shiloh having a brother to keep the actor. For fucks sake, just do his hair a little different, have him put on 10 pounds (don't worry ladies, he can lose it later!) and bring him to town after his brother is killed in the upcoming whodunnit. Nelle and Ryan could make a great supervillain team.
  12. TVbitch

    All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    I remember a previous Dateline where it turned out it was a campus cop that abducted, raped and murdered a college student. And I believe it was his first crime. Yikes.
  13. TVbitch

    S31.E09: Let's Split!

    Excellent episode of the Amazing Race. These last few episodes have been good and this one was classic. Tough tasks, missing gnome, airport bickering, lots of team order shuffling, gorgeous scenery, plenty of suspence, adorable greeters. Colin and Christie put the fear in me, but the way Colin handled the gnome mishap proves that Colin's transformation runs deep. Him doing a quick meditation in the cab was so cute. Those two are perfect for each other.
  14. TVbitch

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Are we to believe Kim climbed Mt. Kilamanjaro in a fucking pocket T with a little scarf tied around her neck. This show. And what was with Drew trying to sound like Oscar with that meek wimpy voice. OMG, it's painful. Meanwhile Maxie is taking a break from endangering Dante and Lulu and is now trying to get Joss to have a fucking seance to talk to her dead boyfriend. She's lost her damn mind! I thought we were supposed to be taking Joss' "grief story" seriously. And to the Our Gang criminals: If you are devious enough to give a man a seizure, steal his kidney, transplant it into a woman under false pretences, and then put the guy in a coma... just go ahead and fucking kill him! That said, I'm glad they didn't cuz Ryan makes me laugh and brings energy.
  15. TVbitch

    S05.E02: Smithereens

    I watch The First 48 and the first thing detectives do now is look their suspects up on Facebook. Chris' LONG-awaited conversation with Bauer didn't seem to bring him any satisfaction, relief or closure. What he really needed was a conversation with a therapist! A more interesting story might have been Chris going to these dramatic lengths just to have a real conversation with someone. Or about the Bauer guy losing control of his creation and having to live with it becoming a monster. When he started talking about that, I got interested for a second. But then Chris told him to shut up!