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  1. You can find a lot of UK and AU cookery shows streaming online. I'm currently watching Great British Bake Off and Masterchef AU Junior --which is nothing like Gordon Ramsay's US version. The kids are amazing cooks and no costumes or drama. Masterchef UK: The Professionals will be coming up soon. That's my favorite! If anyone needs help finding them, feel free to PM me. See you all for Holiday Baking Championship. Hope they get it together for that one!
  2. If they are going to make Dev evil, then it might have been a more effective story to reveal that Cyrus pulled him in. Dev really wanted to be involved with Sonny's mob, but Sonny said no. So it would make sense if Dev decided to go elsewhere to get his come up in that world. That could be a good soapy shocker. When the new detective was questioning Carly I almost got the feeling that maybe Nelle is in witness protection. Maybe she survived her fall and told the feds that the Coninthii Mob tried to kill her. I also loved bitchy drunken Alexis basically telling Sam to fuck off.
  3. That's what I don't get, he really took this to the end of the line, still claiming the wedding was on and all was well. I mean, did he just want it to end in a big disaster at the palace? That would surely become news and shine a big light on him as a con. He could have just told her a couple weeks before "oops I'm gonna stay with my ex" which would have pissed her off but not become a media story. I don't get it! I cut this woman more slack than the delusional Dr. Phil ladies, cuz this guy actually was who he said he was, was spending all kinds of time with her, was taking her on trips, and spending a shit ton of money on her. He clearly WAS into her ...just as a side piece.
  4. Episodes like Helene make me think rapists should get life sentences.
  5. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-8848799/Wendy-Williams-lets-deafening-belch-television-blaming-Puerto-Rican-food-mishap.html
  6. I am aware of the case, but I was not aware of the show Dirty John. Is it good? I should preface that by saying I can't stand shows that do re-enactments.
  7. For those missing new episodes of Dateline, I can recommend the first episode of The Con airing on ABC. I was expecting it to be some stupid "older woman gets catfished" Dr. Phil crap, but it was well produced and totally intriguing. The woman is not stupid; she met him as a reporter doing a story on him as a ground-breaking surgeon ~not on a dating app!
  8. Interesting show. As a Dateline/ 48 Hours watcher it was good to know that she wasn't going to end up dead. The show makes a good point about how easy it is to be conned by someone who appears to be sane and successful. She met him while doing a news story on his ground-breaking surgery; it's not she met him on a dating app. He clearly had money and connections around the world, so when he started embellishing bit by bit, it was easy for her believe. I have the same question they all had at the end... what was his end game? Maybe these guys just like the thrill and don't think about that.
  9. A lot of sibling and athletic teams, but no youtube "sensations" or Big Brother teams, so I am happy. But dang it, I really wanted the catfish team to stay. A lot of the other teams seem like have already enjoyed some adventure in their lives, what with being pro-athletes and/or having more money to travel, so I was really rooting for those guys.
  10. Skipping to the bottom of comments cuz I have only watched epi one. I like the gong immunity. That would be fun in the adult version. These kids are amazing. Maybe too amazing. A 12 year old has been making pasta since she was I and has wanted this for a long time. Um, I was playing in the mud with my pet turtle at 8. I liked all the kids. They do seem very "camera ready" though. I guess that is the thing with these next generations. They are so used to having their every moment video taped and put out of social media that it is just normal for them be on camera and talk to the camera. It's the way of the world, but it makes me kind of sad for some reason. Anyway, I'm in!
  11. WTF was that? Who can't hear someone singing at the top of their lungs 10 feet away through an open door? I thought maybe they were going to do a whole "Singing in the Rain" type story with Amy providing BL's vocals, and BL getting a big head cuz it's a success and insisting Amy stay in the shadows, then being exposed. It's like some stories last 3 days and some last 3 years.
  12. As a choc lover, this was a pretty disappointing episode. Those brownies looked like a 3rd grade home ec class made them. I only knew what a babka was because of Seinfeld, @ElectricBoogaloo! The white chocolate cakes were mostly just... white. I'm still waiting for a showstopper that wows me.
  13. Totally revolting how that whole group of men (and women!) seemed to just go along with KR's "women are the cause of every injustice in the world and must be punished" class. Surely some walked out or challenged it? Nippy really seems to own that he bought into a bunch of really fucked up shit and that's on him. He has the shock and rage of someone who has woken up from a self-inflicted nightmare. But I would like to hear how he was able to make that sick misogynistic shit okay in his mind, and why Sarah's "branding" was his breaking point.
  14. I saw some of Hot Topics today. She was saying how the guy who shot Megan the Stallion was getting way too harsh a sentence. He should only get a few years cuz he just shot her in the feet. Then she giggles throughout the story like she often does when commenting on a horrible crime.
  15. Was that Carole Baskin epipsode a new one Monday night? I am so sick of all things Tiger King that I just skimmed to the end in case there was some new development. Nope. It seems like everyone connected with that stupid show is nuts!
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