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  1. The drawing room stageplay was entertaining. Finn must have driven REALLY fast over there since they left the house when Liv started her sentence and basically arrived before she finished it. : ) I think Maxie and Dante do have some chemistry (more than Dante and ER's Lulu ever had). They simply must get together before Lulu wakes up, that is just the best soapy option! Plus, she kind of loosens him up a bit. Whereas Sam would suck the almighty life out of him.
  2. That serial killer specialist interrogator was so skilled. It was amazing to watch him work. Caitlin needs therapy stat if she is thinking that she would have rather it be her and would trade places with the victim if she could. This is not her fault. She actually did all the right things.
  3. It's interesting to contrast these kids with the kids on Bake Off Juniors. I'm kind of over the parents thing. I don't mind the judges talking to them or them hugging the eliminated kid, but having them in the room getting stressed out cuz there kid is making a mistake or running out of time. I just don't need that anxiety on top of the kids' anxiety!
  4. Not sure I agree with potter of the week. Or with the chop. But really glad to have the show back! Alan is a cutie pie, but I don't care for his "I want to stay, so I can do more crazy stuff, even if the judges are skeptical!" thing. He can have fun but also should be there to learn ...and win!
  5. The second group was a bit of a mess, and were the judges really eating all those bakes that had fallen on the floor?!
  6. So... Sonny's just gonna take a room and wash dishes and wear plaid, even though he knows he's married and probably has a family out there. Cuz, I might, you know, ask the police for help identifying me, or have some news stations run my picture or, you know, put my fucking face on social media so someone can recognize it. But hey, working at a bar with no customers and only talking to two people is good too. Jesus God.
  7. I'm shocked she brought this up on air! She always ALWAYS tells the celebs.... "if you had just not clapped back, it would have gone away, but now you've called attention to it!" She did not need to call her brother out. I don't think very many people feel that not going to a funeral is disrespectful or a huge disgrace or anything. I will probably never go to another funeral. They just totally traumatize me emotionally, and I don't see the need to put myself through it. It doesn't mean I didn't love the person.
  8. TVbitch

    NFL Thread

    Brady wanting to high five the ref after his QB sneak TD and the ref stone facing him was hilarious. At least Brady loosened up a bit and was smiling (or trying to smile, cuz, yeah, his face was totally not moving when he talked to Erin Andrews). I wanted the Bucs to win this one, but I might have to root for the Packers next week. Aaron has had a twinkle in his eye all season and seems to be enjoying the hell out of the game again. I've enjoyed watching him, and they're gonna be hard to beat.
  9. TVbitch

    NFL Thread

    Well dang. Browns had their big chance with a huge side helping of concussed QB and couldn't capitalize. Chiefs are the worthy winner. I'm glad his team stepped up after Patrick was injured. ...Browns should have done the same in that last drive! What I hate about Romo (since y'all broached the subject) is that everything he says is "the key to the game" or "what this game is all about". He can't complete a sentence without adding that at the end.
  10. TVbitch

    NFL Thread

    Dang, I thought Bills and Ravens would be a much better game. I felt bad for Lamar. He was playing pretty well, but as a whole they just couldn't find that extra gear last night. I guess I wasn't the only one who noticed Pam Oliver slurring, but as to why seems to be a mystery. I'm rooting for Browns and Bucs today. I would have never thought in a million years I would be rooting for Tom Brady, but away from the Patriots, I have come to admire his unquestionable skill and passion. And plus also, I just never could get into Drew Brees and the Saints.
  11. TVbitch

    NFL Thread

    Why can't Goff scramble and run more? He is 25! I hope Wolford gets a shot somewhere else, he was more dynamic. WTF with Pam Oliver with the coaches comments after the half. She was either super drunk or had dental surgery during half time.
  12. That was disappointing. Colbert blew Bill out of the water with his coverage, rants and comedy this week.
  13. Ugh. Sweet Jesus. What is next? Sonny pulls a pregnant woman from a fiery car crash and delivers the baby himself. (She names the boy Mike.) Then he volunteers to cook his 5-star chef meals for the local homeless shelter. Afterwards, he adopts a blind rescue dog.
  14. Yeah, when Julian is dying he gets tormented by Connie and Duke who urge him to go on and die already! When Sonny is dying he gets Angel Mike who hugs and encourages him. I guess God wuvs Sonny, but Julian is going to hell.
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