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  1. I have Sam rage like y'all, but she is not responsible for Alexis drinking. That is 100% on Alexis. Does Sasha own any clothing that is not clingy knits? Nelle being Nina's daughter would be way more interesting than it being Willow. And they even look like they could be mother/daughter. Nelle is a decent actress so I don't mind if she sticks around.
  2. I'm disappointed that the synth saviors sent worms with scissors. Agnes saying "make it so" ....no. So, Data's consciousness is in B4? I can't remember where we left B4. I want Spiner in next season whether it is as Soong or Data. Um, when did Rafi/7 couple up? Why not let Picard decide if he wants to be immortal or not? I have a hard time believing the synth ban is over just like that, since they came this close to destroying all organic life! I enjoyed the season but hope season 2 is more in the spirit of TNG.
  3. Brooke really did her best at the last tribal to save herself. I would have been shocked if either Sharn or Mo bought into it though, cuz, come on, the jury is mostly made up of her friends and ousted alliance members who have been falling all over themselves with glee every time she had the immunity necklace on! I think she deserves to play again, but this time she did not play hard enough early on strategically. Wow, David has emotions. LOL It was good to see, and he better win. Sharn has made so many enemies on the jury. And for no reason! Mo really hasn't done that much. She is more of a legend in her own mind with her invisible game. I am also surprised that she has not been good at challenges this whole season. She doesn't seem especially warm or friendly either. I don't know why the jury would pick her over Dave. I really wish they had a final three, cuz I would love to hear all of their arguments for why they should win. And a final two means Dave will be out if either of the girls win the next challenge. I do not like that the winner of the final challenge basically decides the final two. Didn't like it in US survivor and I do not like it here. Why are they making us wait a week for the finale! Ugh!
  4. I'm ready! In the meantime, Masterchef UK is on now and great as usual!
  5. He then glared at it with the Jason death stare, so it knows to back the fuck off. I want to play poker with Jordan some time cuz her "Who me? Hiding something?" face is the worst. Her eyebrows deserve a daytime Emmy. And Curtis would never be this stupid about TJ. Hey y'all, just read on another message Board that GH's statement is: They have enough episodes until at least April 19. As of now, the cast is on break until April 10.
  6. As I mentioned, I did not have the sound on, so what that eatin' sounds like and whether she is burping and shit, I have no idea. Enter at your own risk.
  7. I did not have the sound up, but you got out just in time @patty1h, cuz she starts eating and it is fucking Oh, and poor Boof is there. So much for social distancing!
  8. Were they getting reading to cut Max's head off? Really? Carrie sneaking up on a Taliban camp with a pistol with one clip. Yeah, that'll do it. I hope Yvgeny knows about the Curse of Carrie.
  9. THANK YOU Yes, Remains of the Day. A pigeon flies down the chimney and everybody stands there ineffectually while Christopher Reeve steps by them, puts a towel over the bird and rescues it. --This had to be an omage to that.
  10. I just watched the finale of Curb Your Enthusiam and Josh has a pretty big cameo playing himself. It was fun to see him in another context!
  11. I think my favorite part of this season was Larry's tangential conversations with his lawyer. I wish they would have kept that up. I really enjoy his smaller conundrums, like how to eat an apple or sit on a daybed, versus the OTT stuff. Too many big names in the finale for me, but shout out to Josh Mankiewicz, cuz I do love my Dateline!
  12. I thought Max wanted to be thought she was a photographer, has that been dropped? The piano bit at the beginning went on too long. Duke taking charge with the owl reminded me of when Christopher Reeve's character took charge when a bird got in the house while everyone else freaked out. Was that The Bulter or that one where he goes back in time and meets Jayne Semour? Anyway, the scene defined his character in the movie brilliantly and I thought they were doing the same for Duke. Then five minutes later she loses her shit when her friend is injured, so then I was like, huh? Sam physically forcing Phil to spit was super uncomfortable. This season seems to be bits and bobs of things with little storyline.
  13. I did not know Brent Spiner was going to be on until he walked up. What a great surprise. Hope they keep him ongoing. I thought he might make an appearance as Lore, but I will take him however we can get him. Um, if that was the Admonition, then aside from feeling sorry for that decomposing fox, I did not want to blow my brains out over it or anything. It's too soon for Rios to have a love interest! He needs to Kirk around for a couple seasons. Picard promising to protect the synths is just what he said to the Romulans who he then could not protect. So yeah, I would not put my eggs in his basket, either.
  14. This was indeed a repeat with a brief update. They really were living an idyllic life, weren't they? And trying to do good for their community. I would have lost my mind if I were either of them through that ordeal. The kids are beautiful and amazing. The older boy seems to be as exceptional as his father. I really wish humans had never invented money.
  15. Just caught up on first two episodes. Oof, some of the bakes were a hot mess. There is some potential though. Have to say I do not care for this host. Is he new? He adds nothing, isn't funny, and his interactions with the contestants are mostly awkward or cringe-worthy. He makes Jesse Palmer look like Tom Bergeron. : D
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