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  1. How those 2 don't know they aren't walking in circles?? Yikes
  2. I didn't think that was the real Katy Perry. Plus I didn't know Jai acted. He's good.
  3. I'm wearing my comfy feet Denver Broncos slippers as I type. I *think* I saw them on ST a few years ago. Hmmmm.
  4. Did Paul order the drugs for his girlfriend? Wouldn't he wonder about that high dosage of the " pms drug?" He didn't know Casey was trans? Come on!
  5. The first thing I thought of was Noodles & Co! Glad to read it wasn't just me. Yes it's not fresh pasta but it's decent & at a price& speed I find dependable.
  6. I so wanted to see the whole green screen commercial.
  7. Yeah it's hard to believe that the protocol for that infectious disease thing is just one phone call to the ordering doctor. There should be far more mechanisms in place once the lab guy discovered the infection.
  8. I have never heard anyone talk so fast. That was amazing!
  9. Well if it does come back it should be up to us to re-title this nonsense. It can't be: Lincoln R hunt for bone collector anymore. any ideas? LR: hunt for car destroyer???
  10. I thought she was thinking about how to help patients who had lost limbs.
  11. Ack! Judd 's dad's teeth! He looked like a piano. Gah! Why do people do that?
  12. Has Morgan exhausted all treatment options? It seems she went from two drugs -------> surgery. I'm thinking there could be more drugs to try first?? One of my kids has Psoriatic arthritis & it took a couple years & 3 drugs to find the right one.
  13. Grrr. I so hate the toilet construction. I want to see something pretty with far less engineering.
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