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  1. Am I the only one thinking John's new friend is awfully convenient? She shows up damsel in distress, needing help(housekey) and instead of saying she's at The Smith House or something, she says the green one. I dunno; it strikes me as it could be hinkey . But I won't remember this convo come October lol!
  2. I know nothing about cops but it seems odd to me that after just one year, a rookie can graduate(?) & become a TO or a UC. I would have thought that would take more years on the force.
  3. Lori looked a bit pissed at the scrubbie trio. Rightly so imo. I just use a dollar store brush to knock food off plates, etc before loading into the dishwasher. Cost a buck. I'm with the person above --not one of their better, more entertaining episodes.
  4. I'm talking about Tom's trips to Thailand, etc. & Alexina's trips to wherever learning complex dishes. Tom is FOH & I can't remember what Alexina & Mike did for a living.
  5. How have they managed to travel & experience fun, fine dining, buying high quality food back at home plus all the fancy culinary equipment? Are they trust fund babies?
  6. Oh geez, I'm an idiot. I have never read/noticed those vanity cards before. I thought you all were talking about the dedication notices at the end of the show. Mea culpa.
  7. I'm puzzled. The vaccine is free. Why the big la-di-da party by Richard about free shots?
  8. I thought the message was due to the 2 peoples deaths that were on the vanity card. I just figured they both died from colon cancer.
  9. Oy that matte system was awful for all the reasons above! The tray Barbara mentioned made much more sense. Crikey what a doofus idea. I don't have pets but I can see the fur grabber thing as the next scrub daddy. It should do quite well. I was confused that Dr O didn't invent the eyelashes. That got glossed over too quickly. I wanted to hear more about that.
  10. I had to laugh at probiotics guy who seemed concerned about the planet when he had 8 kids. Yeesh, dude. Plus, get yourself some pants that were made in this century. I wondered about the possibility of frozen deliveries vs just cold deliveries. If ice cream had to compete with milk. How does the temp control work then?
  11. I do put my hair on the shower wall when I shampoo as I don't want it to try to go down the drain. It's shoulder length and falling out like I have a virus or something (I don't!). Anyway, I just wipe the hair with a square of tp when I get out of the shower. The milk--can it be frozen? I never drink milk but sometimes need milk for baking (sweet & savory). I wouldn't want to toss $4.00 per half gallon (?) of milk if I'd used only a cup. Glad to read someone brought up Mad Rabbit's confusing logo. It's like the Allbirds wool shoes. Great shoes, but wha??
  12. Drinking while hunting? Great idea! As if hunters don't already have a bad reputation.
  13. I think the beer idea was so that the drinker could smell the beer better due to the large opening. But, as others mentioned, pushing a lid inward is gross, the opener had a steep learning curve & it's stupid. I was surprised that Mark didn't go all woo woo-- health claims on ice hat guy WRT migraines. Usually Mark wants to see documentation. I love the idea of the hat for hot sports days. 100degrees of summer baseball is a killer!
  14. Loved Henry's rhubarb etc cake. I'm a rhubarb fan so was delighted to see that. I would like to know how he made those edible rhubarb strips. That was a fun show.
  15. That was so fun. I appreciate all the adaptations that were made due to covid. Bravo/Brava to all involved. Way to go, Alex. I thought Bart was going to be the winner. I hope we see him and Santosh on future episodes.
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