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  1. I weep for the days of yore when RHONY used to be worth watching. Gah! No one has a brain; they are all pickled & the fights aren't entertaining. I miss Bethenny & her quick wit I guess. The remaining women have devolved.
  2. Romaine was already given to lettuce?
  3. Hmmm...I thought Clare's mom was kind of a brat. Kind of "all about me." I was gobsmacked over her pucker in her otherwise lovely red gown. Seems an odd error for Clare. Matt's pleather & brocade gown was sewn beautifully & I, too, wondered if it could be made with darts (?) in mind for a woman. I don't ever remember kilts on this show before so I enjoyed it. Loved the math & the picture of Patrick! I'll miss the show too.
  4. I may have missed it but did they confirm the rapist had hazel eyes?
  5. I agree. This was really brought home on last night's episode too. It's a bit...exhausting. And I like her! I'm hoping this doesn't put off new viewers. These cases are so sad and need to be solved. I wish more time was spent on the math. That's so baffling to me.
  6. Clare wields the right handed scissors so well for being a South paw. I wonder if that's due to being a physician or just growing up in a right handed world. I would blink at first at her 1940s style of dress/hair if she were popping into my sick room at the hospital. I'd wonder what happened to me!
  7. I love lamb chops but don't care for ground lamb. Ground taste very sweet to me. the cauliflower dish was interesting to me. Not sure about the zucchini as I find it pretty tasteless.
  8. Bridget is from the town where I now reside. Finally on Friday there was an article in our local newspaper about her appearance on this show. Seems late to me as this town has fewer than 50k people & I think her dad was the mayor a long time ago. Her mom still lives here. Anyway, I thought her appearance was a Big Deal. Also, Tyler was thru here a few years ago for an episode of Great Food Truck Road Race. I'd like to think he & Bridget would have spoken about this place.
  9. I have one of those tablecloths. Gah! Imagine my horror. I was hoping Liz would win as I thought Clare had a surprising bit of clunky sewing at the back (?) of her dress. It was cute tho and I preferred it without the goofy Masonic apron--ha! loved the blouses--even Nicole had a good start. She just didn't think the buttons/button hole through with that fabric. It was gorgeous tho.
  10. I wonder if she did anything with that cheese topping she scraped off. Is it edible?
  11. rhys

    S03.E18: What's Next?

    Thanks for this. I thought that was Sam! Balls, I wasn't paying attention at all!
  12. rhys

    S03.E18: What's Next?

    I must have blinked and missed it. How did Rumor Willis's character get saved?
  13. Kid's carseats are almost impossible for me to unclick & I don't have arthritis. They were not designed with a woman who had nails as Lori said. I found that invention genius! One for my purse, one for my son's car.
  14. How those 2 don't know they aren't walking in circles?? Yikes
  15. I didn't think that was the real Katy Perry. Plus I didn't know Jai acted. He's good.
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