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  1. I'm so enjoying the series on the CW. Love the contestants even though I don't know them. I can't imagine doing the clever things they do. I read that the CW didn't pick up any other "years."
  2. rhys


    It's shocking to my time addled brain that next Sunday will be the last episode. This series has flown.
  3. That was so enjoyable and way too short! It seemed to fly by. I thought Gethin or Matt would win. Too bad about Gethin's illness as he was doing well. Nice to see Riyadh win, tho. Honestly, I didn't see that happening. I thought he made a couple of mistakes early on (that I can't recall now lol) but his last couple of meals were fab! Good on him.
  4. For some reason, I've always thought Dorinda is a multi-millionaire. Also, so glad to read that others didn't understand Ramona's sign about the living room. That was odd.
  5. A blind celebrity chef?! Wow. This may be extra interesting.
  6. Crikey, I missed the comma in Grizzly 's post! What a dope I am.
  7. Zach plays football? How did I miss that? All his model & nipple talk--yech. Totally missed any mention of sports. I do think he's a fairly decent cool but it's still early - ish.
  8. It was funny when Ellie "proposed" to Will. Good on her to turn the tables and show Will how ridiculous he sounded last week. Jack remains an ass. I hated when he told Mrs. to sit down. Grrr.
  9. I've forgotten. How did BSM flood? I hate that awful green room, too. Baby poo indeed.
  10. I weep for the days of yore when RHONY used to be worth watching. Gah! No one has a brain; they are all pickled & the fights aren't entertaining. I miss Bethenny & her quick wit I guess. The remaining women have devolved.
  11. Romaine was already given to lettuce?
  12. Hmmm...I thought Clare's mom was kind of a brat. Kind of "all about me." I was gobsmacked over her pucker in her otherwise lovely red gown. Seems an odd error for Clare. Matt's pleather & brocade gown was sewn beautifully & I, too, wondered if it could be made with darts (?) in mind for a woman. I don't ever remember kilts on this show before so I enjoyed it. Loved the math & the picture of Patrick! I'll miss the show too.
  13. I may have missed it but did they confirm the rapist had hazel eyes?
  14. I agree. This was really brought home on last night's episode too. It's a bit...exhausting. And I like her! I'm hoping this doesn't put off new viewers. These cases are so sad and need to be solved. I wish more time was spent on the math. That's so baffling to me.
  15. Clare wields the right handed scissors so well for being a South paw. I wonder if that's due to being a physician or just growing up in a right handed world. I would blink at first at her 1940s style of dress/hair if she were popping into my sick room at the hospital. I'd wonder what happened to me!
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